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Ryan Dawson is an independent journalist, independent political researcher, author, and film maker who is most famous for being the most reputable and most successful 9-11 Researcher to date. Ryan Dawson is a subject matter expert regarding the John F Kennedy Assassination, Jewish Organized Crime, the Iran-Contra conspiracy, the 9-11 Attacks, as well as contemporary and historical geopolitical affairs. On November 20, 2019, Dawson was kicked off from PayPal. He has been studying and reporting on Zionist corruption since the 1990s, and he has been reporting on Jeffrey Epstein since 2007.

Films (Go To Ryan Dawson's website, ANCReport.com (https://ANCReport.com) to view:


Example Ryan Dawson quote:

" Zionism is a parasite, and a cancer. It's not good for Jewish people, and it's a lot bigger than Palestine's occupation. These Neocons created the Iraq War, and the War In Syria. Refugees aren't a side effect... they're a premeditated weapon... it goes back longer than just 911. I'm working on a JFK documentary.... that's when they really got their claws in the US. "