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Michael Collins Piper (July 16, 1960 – May 2015) was born Michael Bernard Piper. He was an independent journalist, author, and researcher.

His most famous work was "Final Judgment", a book about the role of Israel, Jewish Organized Crime, and their Agents and Assets in the John F Kennedy Assassination.

Michael Collins Piper's great grandfather was a full-blooded Native American. On one side of his family, four of his uncles fought in the Second World War on the side of the allies.

ADL attacks on Michael Collins Piper:

The Orange County Community College John F Kennedy Assassination Seminar:
The Los Angeles Times, on August 21, 1997, published a front-page article describing an the unrest created by the announcement that Michael Collins Piper would be addressing a seminar on the John F Kennedy Assassination at an Orange County community college. The Los Angeles Times article stated that the ADL had stated that Michael Collins Piper was
"... a proponent of Holocaust Denial and that his claim that "..the Israelis killed Kennedy..." was "ridiculous". The ADL did not cite any evidence of of these claims.
Michael Collins Piper reflected on the article by writing:
"...evidently the ADL considers that [accusations of Holocaust Denial ]the ultimate kiss of death and that such accusations are fair game when trying to silence anyone who runs afoul of its agenda".
After the ADL had sicked its Agents and Assets in the media against Michael Collins Piper, the seminar on the John F Kennedy Assassination was canceled. Many of the community college officials, as well as many others said publicly that they were, as is written in Final Judgment, "concerned about the implications and consequences of the ADL's heavy-handed pressure campaign to restrict freedom of speech, particularly in an academic forum. Nonetheless, news reports about the affair appeared in newspapers nationwide, even including a Newsweek commentary by George Will, a strident supporter of Israel".

The Los Angeles Times published a second article on Michael Collins Piper on August 22, 1997, in which Piper is quoted as saying, "The Anti-Defamation League has not heard the last of Final Judgment. The door has been kicked open. There is now going to be a lot of debate about this book".
The Los Angeles Times articles quoted Gerald Posner, the author of "Case Closed" (in which Gerald Posner claims that the Warren Commission Report was, except for a few minor errors, and was correct in asserting that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone). Gerald Posner, whom Michael Collins Piper described as a Cosmopolitan, was dumbstruck that the Orange County community college seminar was happening (before it was canceled), according to Piper. Gerald Posner stated that, "This strikes me as being similar to the notion that the Holocaust was a hoax." This happens to be precisely the propaganda line now promoted by the ADL which has said that if people believe there was a conspiracy behind the JFK assassination, they might also end up believing that there was no Holocaust".
The media ADL blitz against Michael Collins Piper included an article from ADL National Director Abe Foxman, titled, "Outspoken Experts Explode the Myths"[Antisemitism in America Today]], in which Foxman wrote:"

"If segments of the population are really willing to believe that President Kennedy was killed by the military-industrial complex because he was too soft on Communism . . . then it is not hard to imagine some of these same people falling for the lies of Bradley Smith or the fabrications of Louis Farrakhan and Leonard Jeffries. "All of these conspiracy theories share the core feature that the `research' which supports them—little more, in fact, than a compendium of anecdotes divorced from their original context—is rigged to arrive at predetermined conclusions, not historical revelations or insights."

In a later edition of his book, Final Judgment, Michael Collins Piper responded,

(The aforementioned Smith, by the way, promotes the view, held even by so-called "mainstream" JFK assassination researcher Jim Marrs, that the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust has been over-stated. (Farrakhan and Jeffries, of course, are outspoken Black figures who have documented a major Jewish role in the slave trade and have given the ADL much distress.) In short, if you believe in any JFK assassination conspiracy theory, you might actually believe something else about another matter—such as the Holocaust or the slave trade—that the ADL doesn't want you to believe.