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Welcome to the wiki page library that is being populated with all of the facts that are suppressed in the Mainstream Media and Social Media.
Use the Search in the upper right to use the built-in search engine on this site to find the information you seek.
Please use this resource as a 'here's the proof' tool to wake Goyim you love and respect up to what Henry Ford referred to as "the world's foremost problem".

Current Project: Extracting The Information From Ryan Dawson's War Is Always By Deception Transcription (Click Here For Transcript)

See FTN Links For FTN Transcripts is almost done being updated with my notes from Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment, so check out some of the new (almost complete) additions! :

Think Jeffrey Epstein was just a rogue criminal running a child rape ring? Think again: Epstein Spy Ring

Want to know about when Donald Trump hired a Cocaine smuggler as a helicopter pilot?...:


Want to understand what really happened on 9/11? Then check out War_Is_Always_By_Deception_Transcription

Also, check out Key Players In Understanding The Assassination Of John F Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination!

Some other good stuff: Sam Bloom, SOCCCD, Citizens Council, and Kosher John F Kennedy Assassination Theory

Africans, check out the entry for Marcus Garvey, Jewish Hijacking Of Black Organizing, and Jewish Domination Of The Black Slave Trade!

This is a free resource for everyone. I am going to be uploading a bunch more wiki library pages, and, once I have enough encyclopedia entries, I hope to start uploading all of the PDFs and images that serve to substantiate the wiki entries.

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