Key Players In Understanding The Assassination Of John F Kennedy

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Below is a list of key players in the John F Kennedy Assassination and subsequent Coverup, using a criminal investigator framework as laid out on this page. Click the names/words that are hyperlinked (blue) for more information on each player. Some players may fit into more than one of the below sections; in such cases, I have tried to indicate which other section the player could fit into. The sections are:

See Israels Central Role In The John F Kennedy Assassination

Permindex Connection:

Clay Shaw

Evidence of involvement with:

Lee Harvey Oswald
David Ferrie
Guy Banister
Louis M Bloomfield

Louis M Bloomfield

  • long-time intelligence operative and a in Montreal-based Front Man for the Bronfman Family
  • One of the biggest names in the Israeli lobby in Canada
  • one of Israel's leading international operatives,
  • chief shareholder of Permindex Corporation
  • worked closely with the CIA.

Tibor Rosenbaum

John King

Mossad Connection
David Ben-Gurion

Yitzhak Shamir

Menachem Begin

Luis Kutner

  • a Chicago organized crime lawyer
  • was long time and close associated of Jack Ruby
  • was off and on attorney for Jack Ruby
  • international intelligence operative
  • adviser to a US pro-Israel lobby group

A L Botnick

Arnon Milchan

Shaul Eisenberg

ADL Connection

Dal-Tex Building

David Weisblat

Morty Freedman

Jewish Dallas elite Connection

The Citizens Council

Sam Bloom's critical role in facilitating the John F Kennedy Assassination:

After Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, Sam Bloom persuaded Elgin Crull, Dallas' city manager, to pressure Jesse Curry, the Dallas Police Chief, into taking several actions that would facilitate the murder and silencing of Lee Harvey Oswald. Sam Bloom, via Elgin Crull, had Jesse Curry
(1) ensure that Lee Harvey Oswald was accessible to the press and,
(2) moved Lee Harvey Oswald publicly from the Dallas police station to the city jail.
Without these Sam Bloom-orded changes, Jack Ruby would not have been able get Lee Harvey Oswald into a kill zone to silence. Several sources, including the Dallas FBI Agent, James Hosty, who confirmed that Sam Bloom and his backers were the forces behind the changes that made Lee Harvey Oswald accessible to Jack Ruby.
Sam Bloom's name, address and telephone number were found a slip of paper in Jack Ruby's home when it was raided after Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald.
Dallas FBI Agent James Hosty stated that he believed that Sam Bloom and his affiliates arranged for the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Julius Schepps

CIA Connection

Rudolph Hecht

James Jesus Angleton

David Atlee Phillips

E Howard Hunt

Guy Banister

David Ferrie

Marita Lorenz

Frank Sturgis

The Novos Brothers, Guillermo Novo and Ignacio Novo

Victor Marchetti

Robin Moore

The Lansky Syndicate Connection
Meyer Lansky

Carlos Marcello

Seymour Weiss

Santo Trafficante Jr

Sam Giancana

Hyman Lamer

Johnny Rosselli

Mickey Cohen

Marilyn Monroe

Jack Ruby

  • carried out the Lee Harvey Oswald Assassination arranged by Sam Bloom
  • a long-time functionary for the Lansky syndicate
  • was the Lansky connection man in Dallas
  • engaged in CIA-linked gunrunning to the anti-Castro Cuban exiles
  • his sudden "death" is probably not what the Mainstream Media reported it to be

Jim Braden

Al Gruber

The Bronfman Family

French OAS and SDECE Connection

Charles DeGaulle

  • like John F Kennedy, was working to block Israel from developing nuclear weapons
  • target of multiple assassination plots by French forces who were working with the Mossad
  • faced insurrection from the Secret Army Organization (OAS) and some French intelligence
  • targeted by Mossad and Mossad Assets in the CIA via French proxies because DeGaulle had granted independence to Arab Algeria, against the wishes of Israel
  • Permindex, which was critical in the John F Kennedy Assassination, laundered money to DeGaulle assassination efforts in France

Georges deLannurien

Michael Mertz

Jean Soutre

Thomas Eli Davis III

  • international mercenary linked to Jack Ruby's weapons smuggling business activities
  • shortly before John F Kennedy Assassination, he was arrested in North Africa along side Mossad Agents supplying weapons to the anti-DeGaulle French OAS.
  • his release from prison was reportedly secured by the CIA's assassin known as 'QJ/WIN'

Geoffrey Bocca

Christian David

Preemptive Disinformation Agent players

The Stern Family, Edgar Stern and Edith Stern

Johann Rush

Robert Morrow

Frank Mankiewicz

Reactive Disinformation Agent players

Drew Pearson

Jack Anderson

Jack Newfield

Oliver Stone

David Scheim

John Foster Bertlet (also known as Chip Bertlet)

  • 'journalist' with connections to the CIA
  • open collaborator with the ADL
  • a leader in a major propaganda campaign by the ADL to suppress Final Judgment

Peter Dale Scott

James DiEugenio

Anthony Summers

House Select Committee On Assassinations

George Robert Blakey

... was hesitant to confirm that there was any type of conspiracy to killed John F Kennedy
... steered toward a version of "The Mafia Killed JFK" Kosher John F Kennedy Assassination Theory
... claimed, that if there was a conspiracy, that New Orleans boss, Goyish Front Man Carlos Marcello most likely ordered the assassination
... found no CIA or Mossad role in the John F Kennedy Assassination

See also Israels_Central_Role_In_The_John_F_Kennedy_Assassination and John F Kennedy Assassination Researchers for a list of people who were not part of the Coverup, but who did not publish things they knew pointed towards Israel.