Jewish Hijacking Of Black Organizing

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Powerful Jews, including Jews from the ADL, the Zionist Organization of America, the World Jewish Congress, and the American Jewish Congress, and AIPAC have been working to ensure that black organizing in the US has been led by Jews and Shabbos Goyim of Jews. The NAACP was one of the primary means of hijacking black organizing to serve Jewish interests.
Marcus Garvey was one of the first major black figures to organized blacks in the Americas for blacks, as opposed to for Jews, founding the Universal Negro Improvement Association. The Jew-dominated NAACP, and its parent organization, the ADL, would not tolerate a black organizing movement not led by Jews, and Joel Spingarn, the Jew board chairman of the NAACP, began the “Garvey Must Go” campaign to destroy the Black leader, and called Marcus Garvey 'Anti-Semitic'.

This ADL/NAACP campaign to lynch Marcus Garvey pulled in support from most of the Powerful Jewish Organizations In The US, and led to Marcus Garvey’s arrest and subsequent show trial in New York. Half of the members of the jury were Jews, the case was prosecuted by Maxwell Mattuck, a Jew district attorney, and with a Jew judge, Julian Mack, presiding over the trial. Perhaps the most powerful Jew in the United States at the time, the judge, Julian Mack, gave Marcus Garvey the maximum sentence at the end of the show trial. These Jews had Marcus Garvey deported from the United States after having locked him up in an Atlanta prison.

“When they wanted to get me, they had a Jewish judge try me, and a Jewish prosecutor. I would have been freed, but two Jews on the jury held out against me ten hours and succeeded in convicting me, whereupon the Jewish judge gave me the maximum penalty.”