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Jeffrey Edward Epstein, January 20, 1953- August 10, 2019), was a spy master in the Epstein Spy Ring for the Israeli Government, specializing in sexual blackmail and bribery of major officials.

He was at the center of the largest sexual blackmail scandal in modern history, operating with over a billion dollars worth of assets furnished to him by Billionaire Zionist Jews from the United States and Israel.

Jeffrey Epstein also helped hedge fund managers hide their money trail, facilitating money laundering for Zionist interests. Epstein also blackmailed hedge fund managers whom he had entrapped with the means provided to him by Jewish billionaires in the Epstein Spy Ring.

Jeffrey Epstein and Alan Dershowitz were long-time friends, and Dershowitz was the lead attorney for Epstein, arranging the sweetheart plea deal with [Barry Krischer]] for Epstein in 2008 which resulted in less than 13 months time served, most of which was on work-release where he continued on with the Epstein Spy Ring

Head of a billion dollar operation that was set up to lure in elite members if society, such as opinion leaders, politicians, corporate bosses, powerful, influential people, into into sexual relations. Epstein posed as one of the elite, financed by Israelis and other Jewish billionaires. He was given what became Epstein's New York City Mansion, the most expensive residence in New York City, for a token price by Les Wexner in (!!!year?). Other Jewish billionaires set up Jeffrey Epstein with a series of cover jobs that appeared to be his source of wealth, and he posed as perverted billionaire, someone other elites would feel comfortable being perverted around, because of the image he had as a fellow elite who would lose everything if exposed.

According to victims and what we have learned from court cases and criminal proceedings, Jeffrey Epstein had a fetish for underage girls in the 12-15 year old age range.

The mainstream media's journalists all describe the funding of Epstein and his spy ring as a mystery, but it's apparent that he was bank-rolled by Jewish billionaires, such as Les Wexner, members of the Mega Donor Group, including the Bronfman Family, and their foundations and 'charities'.

HISTORY: Epstein attended New York University for a time, but he dropped out before he could obtain a degree. Epstein liked to tell people that he had attended Stanford University, which he did not. Epstein was a life-long con man, and achieved his criminal successes only through the network of Mossad connections provided to him by Ghislaine Maxwell. He repeatedly got himself into trouble, and Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell would always get him out of it. Epstein was a teacher at the Dalton School from 1974 to 1976, where he taught calculus and physics. He was hired by Donald Barr. Students there called him 'the creepy professor'. Shortly after Epstein was hired, Barr resigned as headmaster and Gardner Dunnan became the new headmaster. Epstein was forced to leave the Dalton School in June of 1976 amid allegations that he was molesting underage students. Dunnan was also later removed as headmaster, like Epstein, amid allegations that he was molesting children. Epstein was hired as a tutor by the head of Bear Sterns, Alan Greenberg (Ace Greenberg), for his son, Ted Greenberg. In 1981, Epstein was hired to a position at Bear Sterns. This was a cover job for Jeffrey Epstein 's other activities for Israel; nobody knew what Epstein's job title or function in the Bear Sterns investment bank was. Epstein would tell people he was a hedge fund manager, but his sole ostensible clientele were just Jewish Billionaires, who were funneling money and resources to him with this cover job at Bear Sterns Having billionaire 'clients' like Les Wexner was the explanation Epstein gave to people when they asked him the source of his wealth. One of the real job roles for Jeffrey Epstein from the 1980s onward was to launder money from Jewish billionaires, often with the money and resources coming from their organizations and foundations, to politicians in Israel. One of the major money laundering jobs was the laundering of money from Les Wexner and the Wexner Foundation to Ehud Barak.

According to his will, Jeffrey Epstein was worth about 560 million dollars at the time of his death. His wealth was nothing more than a Slush Fund to fund his Mossad Blackmail Ring, facilitate investment schemes that profited rich Jews, and launder money to and from Israeli politicians.

One of Jeffrey Epstein 's favorite activities was to set up limited companies (Ltd companies (Ltds)) in Bermuda and in the Caribbean, and carry out pump and dump schemes with them. He would do such pump and dumps with ltds for himself, as well as for companies, such as Bear Sterns.

In the 1980s, during Iran-Contra, Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell brought Jeffrey Epstein into the arms trade to sell weapons to Iran. However, Jeffrey was incompetent at the arms trade, so he and Ghislaine Maxwell got into the sexual blackmail game, forming the Epstein Spy Ring. Douglas Leese introduced Steven Hoffenberg to Jeffrey Epstein in the 1980s. In 1987,after Jeffrey left Bear Sterns, Steven Hoffenberg hired Jeffrey Epstein to a position on the Tower Financial Corporation, where Epstein headed the Tower Financial Ponzi Scheme. This, however was not the end of the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Bear Sterns, as he would go on to do things such as set up SIVs, structured investment vehicles, for them in the future. In 2008 was the first conviction pertaining to the Epstein Spy Ring. The primary source of Epstein's funding was the Mega Donor Group, the largest funding being specifically Les Wexner, who was involved in the modeling industry with underage girls, just like Jean-Luc Brunel of MC2 Modeling Agency]]. In laundering money for Jewish billionaires to Israeli politicians, Jeffrey Epstein set up front companies, mostly Ltd Companies, to launder money to Israeli politicians like Ehud Barak. Les Wexner also had Epstein launder money to Ehud Barak through Reporty (later re-named Carbyne

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were present at Chelsea Clinton's 2010 wedding.

Death: William Barr, the son of a man born to a Jewish father, Donald Barr, a famous ultra Zionist, is the Attorney General at the time of Epstein's death in prison. William Barr says he will get to the bottom of the death.

SPYING: Epstein first entered the service of Israel, as an agent for the Mossad, Israel's intelligence services, after being introduce to Robert Maxwell Robert Maxwell by his daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell. Robert Maxwell provided her daughter's new boyfriend, Jeffrey, with connections and gave him his start in the Israeli intelligence racket selling weapons to Iran during Iran-Contra.

Insider Trading Schemes: Jeffrey Epstein was involved in the St. Joe Minerals Corp Insider Trading Scheme with Edgar Bronfman Sr.

Ponzi Schemes: Tower Financial Ponzi Scheme At the time, the largest Ponzi Scheme in US history, was carried out by Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Steven Hoffenberg. Epstein and Hoffenberg acquired the parent company of two insurance firms, and then siphoned funds from the insurance companies in a bid to take over Pan-American Airlines, causing the insurance companies to become insolvent. Epstein didn't face any consequences, despite Epstein having been the brain of the operation. The cover run for Epstein was so bad, that by mid trial, they stopped using Epstein's name, and the court began referring to the perpetrators as "Hoffenberg and his co-conspirators, and others", so that Epstein's name would stop being brought up. Former Secretary of the Navy, John Lehman was part of Tower Financial Ponzi Scheme.

CRIMINAL CASES: First Criminal Case Epstein was first convicted in 2008. Alan Dershowitz led his legal team, which was entirely Jewish, with one exception, a late addition, the token non-Jew, Ken Starr. See wikipedia Attorneys were:

Alan Dershowitz arranged for Jeffrey Epstein (Israeli Intelligence Agent) a Sweat heart deal with the State Attorney Barry Krischer, Dershowitz being a long-time friend of and lead attorney for Epstein in the case in which Epstein got the sweetheart plea deal in Palm Beach.. In 2008, he was the only one in the sexual blackmail ring indicted, and he got a sweat heart deal. When he was (again?) indicted in (year?), he was again the only one indicted.

Second Criminal Case: Attorneys: Martin Weinberg Reid Weingarten (!!!Spelling? 'Finnick' (who got in a twitter war with Dr. Duke)

LAWSUITS: There was a sealed settlement, in the millions, in which underage girls were paid millions. Ryan Dawson, at 11:32 in episode 1 with David Duke, said Ghislaine Maxwell was almost definitely involved, and probably Sarah Kellen and many others as well. Epstein was given immunity, along with any future co-conspirators by Barry Krischer

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