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FTN_090320 FTN339 SUMMARY KEYWORDS trump, rittenhouse, police, election, mcdonalds

Announcer 00:19 Often imitated, never duplicated. This is the one and only Fash the Nation, your guiding light in a sea of degeneracy.

Jazzhands 00:42 Hello and welcome to FTN 339. I'm Jazzhands McFeels. I saw today actually James that TDS is on 639. It's not often that the numbers align like that, where they're exactly 300 episodes ahead of us but that's how it be with two episodes a week versus three but uh how you doing nnguy? Got a pretty full show today don't we?

James 01:06 Yeah doing well, everything's going well, nothing to complain about. Got a new barbecue, tested that out last night.

Jazzhands 01:15 Nice. Gas ? What are you gassing or are you wood....

James 01:19 It's charcoal, my man.

Jazzhands 01:21 Oh charcoal, there you go.

James 01:22 Charcoal with a little spot for the wood chunks to put in there as well. So you can do some smonking of meats and I think that's the plan for this evening and so far so good, have not lit my house on fire, so no need to summon Johnny with the baking soda.

Jazzhands 01:40 I missed that part. I was busy doing another thing that was not so great. But that's what happens in Funland stays in Funland, I suppose. But we got a very full show today. I'm gonna be talking about just generally all the narratives that have been taking place. We have a lot to talk about with the shift, the Trump comeback as it would seem. We also have some fact checking to do, quite a bit of it. We're going to talk a lot about some opinion polling on how people feel about certain subjects. We're also going to talk about what the shot is with the Israel UAE bit. We've already talked a little bit about what the shot is, there's some additional shot to fill up. And then we've reserved at least I would say 20 to 30 minutes of this pogrom to some bottom of the stack stuff which is full of Jewish stuff. Haven't done that in a while. We've got a lot of stuff, a lot of Cringe Bro to talk about down there.

Jazzhands 02:49 But I want to talk about this because these are some of the more meta narratives that have been talked about for a while. I know TDS has been talking about it, talked about it with Mike and Jesse and everybody all weekend and the fact that the violence has not been very popular. And this has actually been true for quite a while, the violence has not been very popular. And we said even back in June that yes, people are putting black profile pictures up on their social media. This has reached a point where there is White sympathy for black issues, fake astroturfed "black issues" that's higher than it ever has been. And then we highlighted in several polls, how that has fallen off. In fact, it's gone back to 2014 levels, if not, to the point where even Whites are starting to get very tired. Everybody has Negro fatigue. It's always a fundamental aspect of this and they know that. They know that it's a short burn, they usually use it to try to inject some changes or try to get something transactionally out of the system. And they they did this and it was a convenient thing that they did. And now it's old. It's tiresome. Everybody's worn out. And they've been looking for a way to wind this down for a while. They tried ramping up Coronavirus, but when you put infinity blacks out onto the streets, 400,000 blacks, however many and they're not going to do anything about that, then that becomes kind of a dead issue.

Jazzhands 04:20 And the other thing they tried to do was, at least for a week and a half or so, was the Postal Service stuff. Which we talked about how fake and gay that was, and how they put that on the top of Google News and Apple news and everything and they were desperately trying to shift this message away because they knew, based on private polling, that this was not good. And so the shooting that happened in Kenosha, the moment that Whites defended themselves, the moment that Whites had the audacity to fight back, then all of a sudden there is very grave concern about violence and even race war as DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has said that she is worried that America is descending into a race war and that the violence has to stop. You had Biden out over the weekend saying that Trump can't stop the violence. He's lost control. Donald Trump is toxic. Looting and fires and destruction is not protest. And so it's very unpopular. It's very obvious. But the question is, and I know Strike and Mike have talked about this. We're only talking about it briefly as a setup for something else. But when we want to make the point that they are in a very difficult position because to Antifa Joe Biden is like Jeb Bush would be to us, right? So Biden comes out and says, Let's stop all this looting and setting shit on fire and the revolution is not protest. And Antifa is like Shut the fuck up. They don't want to listen to this guy, they have no interest in any of this. And so the question is how do they dial the violence back when you have police shootings that continue to happen. In many cases, in fact in all cases that I've seen so far, have been totally justified. That's going to kick another 55 gallon drum of gasoline all over the shitstorm. And they want to wind this down. And I don't really know how they're going to do it, except that the one thing that they're trying now, you see this being pushed out into the media, is the vigilante shit tests, right? Like now that Whites had the audacity to defend themselves, all of a sudden we're gonna have grave concerns about violence. We're going to have very grave concerns, very Deeb Goncerns about vigilantes, and the fact that people are going out and handling business on their own because the police have stood down and are not defending the interests of the communities that they ostensibly serve. So this vigilante shit test, I don't even know if that really works that well because everybody's cheering these vigilantes on, these guys are heroes, right, James? So I don't know how do you wind this down? Coronavirus isn't going to work. This is something that I floated as a novelty take, that they would try to ramp up cost Coronavirus but in order to do that, you'd have to have, to the hundredth power level of hype than they've done before because nobody gives a shit about it. Everybody's tired of it. So what are they going to do to wind this down? I don't have a good answer.

James 07:17 And the Coronavirus stuff, especially when you have the CDC numbers coming out this last week showing that only 9% of the deaths have been solely from COVID. And the others have been deemed they were due to preexisting conditions, diabetes, heart disease, etc. So yeah, I think that is falling. There was a time when people would have really taken that seriously. But I think people have gotten to the point as more information has come out about the extent of that, that you can't really scare people back inside with a second spike. You can scare away maybe some of the liberals that are the people that love wearing the mask, the people that are really passionately pro mask or people like that, who are different than the Antifa. These are people that are going to be like Biden-liberals and people that were out at the riots for one day to take a selfie, to put their fist in the air, to hold up a sign that Black Lives Matter, and then go home and just return to normal life. But you're not going to be able to rein in the professional activists in that same way. And the anarchists and many of the like street blacks that are just in this for random violence or for looting or whatever they're doing, and certainly not the Antifa. And the partisan appeal is not going to work for on Antifa either because Antifa as it exists now it's a recent evolution, but they've been active in the US for a long time. And that includes under Democratic presidencies. I mean the 1999 World Trade Organisation riots that happened in Seattle, which is fitting because that's where much of this anarchist agitation is once again happening, Seattle and Portland, that was under Bill Clinton. So the idea that this is something that is only going to be restricted to a Republican president, or that you can get them to stop based on chiding them, that they're going to hurt Joe Biden's prospects. A lot of these people just don't care. And they've been allowed. It's like when a child has been given permission to do a bad behaviour for a long time, you let your kid watch three hours of TV every night. And then you tell the kid Okay, no more watching TV, they're going to react very poorly to that. And so once when you have allowed these anti social people, these viscerally anti-White people to go out, and they've been allowed to beat Whites wantonly for years now, and now they've been allowed to shoot Whites with relatively little repercussion or coverage. It's like telling them that they can no longer do that all of a sudden, and they're not going to respond well.

Jazzhands 09:49 Well on top of that, too, is that in the metaphor of the child being given things and being told yes over and over again, is very apt. Go one step further. I would say that these people think that they are going to bring about a complete and total revolution. And they think that this is the next time, this is the next big thing. Now some of them that have been around for a while, are more steeled in their resolve and they understand that it's going to take a longer effort, but they don't realise that they're just being used by the establishment as just Jewish shock troops. And that their job is just to go out and suppress White nationalism, it's not to bring bring about a socialist revolution, where all of this thing, all of the patriarchy, which is really Jewish at this point, the Jewish good old boys club, like all that is going to be torn down tomorrow, like Wall Street just going to be crumbling in the ruins. It's like No, they're not going to let you do that guys. You're just there to shoot Whites and beat up Whites and intimidate Whites and scare Whites from coming out because what they really fear the most, more than anything else is tens or even hundreds of thousands of people, White people coming out in the streets, because that's what Antifa is supposed to be kind of the hedge, it's supposed to be the insurance policy. And so these people think that they're supposed to get something transactionally out of it. So it's even going even beyond the child metaphor, it's that these people, even if they were allowed to protest all day long and destroy things and burn things down, there are limits to what the system is going to allow them to do. And so those people have excess pent up expectations about what their revolution is supposed to accomplish. And Shlomo has no interest in allowing them to do that. Because Shlomo is really the power structure that they are being turned toward, to pretend that it's Whites or something like that. And so that's the reality with Antifa. Sooner or later, they're gonna realise. Nnow, I don't know whether they're eventually going to turn on the system, but that's what's happened in the past. We have a lot of examples in the past where that's happened. And sooner or later, it's not like these people are suddenly going to side with Whites. But it's that anecdotal example that Mike pointed out, I think on the Monday TDS about that Antifa, who I guess was casually involved in Antifa for a while and then realise that it's just like, all fake and gay. And that it's really just defending the Jewish establishment and just went his own way. I think that's more of an exception than the rule. I wish it would be the rule. But I think these people are going to become very disillusioned at some point, because the system isn't going to give these people what they want. It's not going to put these people in charge. It's not going to put these women who like don't shave and fucking like, you're going to be in charge ? No, no, that's not happening. So.

James 12:49 Maybe and that would be the case I think, definitely for people that get into it for ideological reasons. But the other way that Antifa is different now in 2020, than it was 21 years ago is that there are many more cultural inroads for one to get involved in Antifa action and Black Bloc action than there were before. Because then it was reserved really for people that were ideologically, communists or anarchist. But now there has been this culture built up through the indie music culture through facets of skate culture, and other places where these cultures that are antifa adjacent, where people who are not, like hardcore political, and I grew up in Seattle, in that area and I know a lot of people that ended up sort of in that milieu and these are people that were never really passionate about politics, but it's like, oh, I like to listen to Built to Spill and chastity belt and the world is a beautiful place and I'm no longer afraid to die. So therefore I do Antifa now. And so this culture has become sort of its own thing. And I think getting people to break from because you're not only breaking ideologically, but but to break from that you have to abandon this entire way of being. So I think you can break the people that are like ideologically, maybe Marxist or something. But I think a lot of these people, they're going to be disillusioned. But ultimately how does the system let them down? If they do really care about change, what do you do with them ?

Jazzhands 14:25 And they become disillusioned much more slowly than people say on the right would because the system, if you're on the right wing, and you believe in immigration restriction, and you want legal immigration cancelled as hard as illegal immigration, and you want a White country, you want a country at a minimum where you have a political voice and you can exercise your rights as they've been laid out for hundreds of years, you're going to be up shit Creek, because that system has no interest in indulging you on any of those things. But if you're an Antifa and you like butt-stuff and you like fags and paedos and you like committing crimes and you like being gay and doing crimes and committing fraud and beating up your wife and......Just read the Rosenbaum rap sheet. That's the political platform that will be indulged for those people. And so those people think whenever they get the people coming out and fighting for additional gay stuff and paedo stuff, it's like, Yeah, actually, it's harder for those people to get the solution because they feel like the system is giving them some of those things on some level, but that's about as far as it's willing to go whenever there's a parallel sort of mutual interest, mutually beneficial interest. Yeah, they'll get what they want. But that's why I've always said it's dangerous for the right. If they're so concerned about Nazis and so concerned about another Holocaust, then the fact that they don't give people on the right wing anything at ALL transactionally it's like, you're just gonna end up with hundreds of thousands if not millions of disillusioned people who say the system is fucking fake and gay. And welcome to 2020 because here we are, you told the police to stand down and so now there are armed vigilantes out in the streets. What the fuck did you expect? So we'll get to the Trump audio where he's like, I prefer the police do this job. So we all would. Forming a militia, and going out in the streets and defending private property is supposed to be a last resort. It's going back to the founding of the country, people were leaving their fields and leaving their work, leaving their workshops, leaving their craft, their trade, whatever it was to go defend their town. They were giving up their livelihood in order to go do something that shouldn't have to be necessary, but if it is necessary, they will do it. And so the fact that the police are going to be stood down and then all of a sudden, it's like, oh, god clutch the pearls at the vigilantes. Well, what the fuck do you think is gonna happen right? And so then you have DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, I just want to highlight some of the stuff because they use this constant refrain of people from outside of the community are coming here and doing this. It's like somebody else.... like our community literally dindu nuffin'. But the funny thing about DC is, if you've ever been to Washington, DC, it's a very small geological landmass. It's very small, you can walk across it in a very short period of time. And so she tried to trot out this notion that the violence is coming from places outside of Washington DC. Well, yeah, Virginia and Maryland. It's like you're counting those two? She did and listen to this. Most of the people who were arrested in DC, which there have been riots there apparently in the follow on to Kenosha is 44% were arrested in District of Columbia. So you can say most are from outside of the area, but then 27% are from Maryland, 12% are from Virginia, and 4% are from other states in the US and 13% they had no idea. So let's just say illegal immigrants are blacks without ID. But 83% if you add the numbers together are from the DC metropolitan area. So I mean, in the end, people believe this stuff. Not people on our side, but people believe this stuff. Oh, it's people from outside of the community, people crossing state lines with scary AR15 weapons of war. It's like No, those weapons of war have been on the streets for months and months and months. And they've been in the hands of Antifa. It's been in the hands of leftists, and these people are not coming from outside of the community. These people are defending themselves in the same setup for Kenosha and the place in Illinois where this Rittenhouse are from Antioch. That's right. Antioch, Illinois. It's the same kind of set-up. When you get close to borders, if you live in the United States like the Quad City DJs nnguy, you have Tri-State Area, Tri County area. These are statistical metropolitan areas. They are essentially the same place. DC suburbs are in Virginia and Maryland. They're not in Washington DC. Like the District of Columbia has neighbourhoods, but I would not consider those suburbs. Those are still the city of DC. Some of these other statistics about DC. The Office says that it has aggressively charged 121 criminal cases between late May and the beginning of August when all this bullshit has been going on, including charges of assault on police officers, federal agents, arson cases, destruction of property. This weekend, the office brought criminal charges against five more people. Wow. Five whole people. But Bowser said, they submitted all these affidavits. Anyway, the long and short of it is they just decided not to prosecute anybody. Like they arrested all these people. And then they said, Yeah, nah, we're not gonna do that. So the people that they arrested from outside of the community who are troublemakers they didn't prosecute. So shut the fuck up Muriel Bowser and surrender your city back to White people.

James 20:53 Right, and the idea that these people also if you're judging where they're from, based on their driver's licence, I would be willing to bet that probably over 95% of these people arrested do live in the DC area, because how many people in the DC area live there and work there but are like from somewhere else and have out of state driver's licences or something. So this metric itself I think is.

Jazzhands 21:16 How many dual citizens are in the Washington DC area ? People who are from outside of the community who are meddling in our laws and things that we should control but we don't. Like the people from outside of the community are the greatest threat we face I agree DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. Its just, you know, I'm talking about people who are from Levant, the Levantine area.

James 21:40 This is funny too because suddenly there's this insistence that those doing activism must be from the area when we have known the protests that have happened in Stone Mountain Georgia, for example, for two years now, where there are armed Antifa show up from around the country, and show up in Stone Mountain Georgia wave their guns around, burn shit and they did this in 2018.

Jazzhands 22:05 Media sleeps, shit libs sleep, Democrats sleep, nobody's saying anything. Republicans sleep, we were all concerned about violence and things being burned down. Nobody says a word. All of a sudden Whitey defends himself, all of a sudden it's a problem. It's a problem now. Got to deal with these vigilantes, White people have to stop defending themselves. That's what they say right ? This toxic environment where White people had the audacity to defend themselves in 2020. Did you know that homicides are up 26% this year ? I did not know that when I was looking into this stuff. It's like, Well, why wouldn't you be out defending yourself? The murder rate is increased 26%. So I wonder how that happened.

James 22:50 That has directly to do with many of these Soros funded DA's that we talked about on the weekend show and this is a common thread in many of these areas. And that is part of the problem when people will say maybe we should "Machiavellian" support defunding the police because then Whites can defend themselves but that's not what happens. What happens when you get the Defund the Police candidate like Larry Krasner in Philadelphia is they stopped policing blacks, they stop policing anarchists and they double their efforts at policing Whites so you end up actually in a worse position because all of those resources that were at one point trained on black violence on anarchist violence, to the extent they even were, are now redirected to you. So defunding the police is definitely not the light switch brain answer here.

Jazzhands 23:39 (grug voice ) Ha ha,bro, are you still clinging to this idea that the system is morally just and morally truthful and that Soros has to give DA's money to sway their decisions about things that they do? The "Soros funded DA" I think we're gonna have to come up with a new buzzword : the "Soros installed DA's" or something because people thought we meant that Soros is like putting Manila envelopes in DA's pockets and then all of a sudden they're like doing Jewish....No. Soros is funding the campaigns of new DA's to replace legacy DA's that can be reliably trusted to uphold a Jewish system in a very systematic way. They don't want rulings like they've gotten in the past.

James 24:36 Alot of times Soros doesn't even have to cut the check to the campaign or one of his controlled organisations like is in the case with with Mike Graveley in Kenosha where this guy just starts going to Beth Hillel temple meetings and is brought into that.

Jazzhands 24:52 Going to Israel for police training and everything else. We call it a Kritarchy for a reason and the system has been fucked for a very long time. But the reason why Soros is doing this is he can't light switch brain this, the system is fucked. There are still judges out there that they find to be problematic. And they want them replaced they want the DA's replaced, they want the whole system. They want the ability to do these protests in every major city, every medium sized town, every Township, every village in the fucking country and not a single ruralite can stand up and say Fuck This ! because if you do your local DA is going to be some fucking Jew shill. So anyway.

James 25:34 Because they would run into the problem, and this is how you know that this sudden concern about crossing state lines and crossing localities is bullshit because they were having apoplectic reactions when people...

Jazzhands 25:45 (((They))) cross state lines with underage children for sex trafficking every fucking day. They stuff cocaine inside Aztecs and send them across the border in caravans. Don't tell me about crossing state lines you fucking Jews. Sorry, I'm getting carried away.

James 26:00 And these are just imaginary lines on a map, right? I thought they were just imaginary lines but when people from that city like we saw the video from Snohomish, Washington where the guys got in their lifted yoders and their pickups and lined the streets, this happened in Couer d'Alene, Idaho as well, happened in Bellevue, Washington. When these anarchist riots were kicking off in Seattle, people went out in their communities, in their towns, a block away from where they live, to defend their cities, defend their communities, and they still got a very similar reaction. So this is how you know that and if you give any credence, and we'll get into some people that are giving credence to this idea later, that there's something wrong or illegitimate or immoral, about moving someplace or travelling someplace to engage in community defence you are falling hook, line and sinker for another one of their tricks.

Jazzhands 26:57 Yes, you are. There has been a very real reaction to the fact that police have stood down. Over 40% of all firearms purchases this year alone were first time buyers. Right? Homicide rate is up 26% in 2020, 40% of all firearms purchased this year were first time buyers. Let me give you some examples. This is in the Washington Post talking about the "vigilantes". Alot of this stuff is huge asterisk citation needed. But they give some examples of how there has been solidarity between the police and armed civilians which they do not like. Apparently in Kenosha, in a video that was recorded shortly before the heroic shooting, in which Kyle Rittenhouse downed two Jewish Antifa and injured a third. It said although it is well past curfew police passing in an armoured vehicle offered a group of armed civilians bottles of water and some friendly encouragement, saying over loudspeaker : We appreciate you nnnguys we really do. As protesters marched against racism and police violence in cities and towns across the nation, they are being confronted by groups of armed civilians who "claim" to be assisting in showing support for police battered and overwhelmed by the protest. I mean, look, if the media want to think that these people are secret Nazis, let them do that. But these people are genuinely out there thinking that they're helping, and their motives are in good faith. In fact, our motives are in good faith. And nobody out there is a bad faith actor except the Jews and the Antifa. The confrontations have left at least three people dead in addition to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Both incidents have drawn complaints that local authorities abetted the violence by tolerating the presence of the self appointed enforcers with no uniforms. So get that James. If you're a cop, and you follow the stand down orders and you don't shoot or injure or maim armed civilians who come and rise up in your place you're responsible for everything that they do. So, when you're told not to do your job, and somebody else does your job for you, then you're the fucking problem still. It's like you can't fucking win if you're a cop. So.

James 29:21 And this is just so fake. Oh, they were "breaking the curfew". Yeah, like Antifa and BLM has been doing in every major city, basically every night since what May 5, or whenever this all kicked off early June. This is all like tactical rule enforcement, they want to perform. So what is the option? What is the answer for the cops? If the cops want to get the approval of the Jewish press what would they have to do? They would have to leave Antifa unmolested, unlike their child victims, leave them to do what they want. Leave them to riot and burn. Meanwhile, enforce with an iron fist curfew laws firearms laws basically just mow down every White person that's out there on the street with a gun that is not Antifa. That's the only like acceptable answer. That's the only way you'll get credit from this Jewish press. So that's the task before you if you're in law enforcement and you want to make them happy. Anything short of that is going to be perceived and reported on as abject White supremacy and you will be an enforcer of White supremacy if you don't do it.

Jazzhands 30:32 My advice to police is either you're there to do the right thing, do the thing that you signed up for because I know police who honestly believe in protecting their community. They're not doing it because of any other reason, these guys are usually motivated by by protecting and serving and so on. Some of them are motivated by fraud and graft andwhatever but that's usually a few and far between. But listen, this Jewish tripe just continues : "the stated motives of these vigilante actors"....again this implication that these guys are out there for some other nefarious reason...."who are virtually indistinguishable from one another masked on the streets." Oh, should they wear uniform? Are you disappointed that they're all White ?

James 31:25 Are you mad that they're all wearing meeeeasks and you want them to be more identifiable? Taking off their meeeeeasks is what you want ?

Jazzhands 31:34 ......range from protecting storefronts and free speech to furthering White supremacy and fomenting Civil War. It's like no, I think actually, if you guys are concerned about White people finding solidarity with one another and a fomentation of civil war, hey, you're doing that quite well on your own. The best thing that these people could have done would have been to have the police put all the shit down. And I wonder if, in the back rooms where these people have their discussions in the Shul, if they're considering that maybe we should have taken the piss and just had the cops roll these protests up before they got out of control. Because now what you gonna do Shlomo ? So, many sheriffs and police chiefs including in Kenosha have disavowed armed civilians, saying police don't want their help. Kenosha County Sheriff David (((Beth))) said he responded Ah hell no when asked to deputise civilians. Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian said this week "I don't need more guns in the streets in this city when we are trying to keep people safe". Well, John, you're not really doing that guy so there's gonna be guns in the street. In Snohomish, Washington the police chief was ousted in June after welcoming dozens of armed men including one waving a confederate flag who responded to false internet rumours that Antifa looters planned to ransack the town. Referring to a loosely knit movement of far right.....you get down to the minutiae of this stuff and it's like, wow, these guys showed up because they heard Antifa was going to do what Antifa has been doing in every other community in the country. And then it turned out to be a rumour. Crisis was averted then, right ? So.

James 33:27 Do you think there wouldn't have been looting and rioting if they hadn't been there? Come on, Sohomish is really not that far away from Seattle. I didn't know that the police chief had been run out. I would be curious how that happened. If that was the city council or the mayor or who made that decision and who was leaning on them to do so. But this is just so flipped on its head. The idea that a police chief would be oustered for allowing armed citizens to protect their community. So what is the purpose of the policeman ? To facilitate and allow for the rioting and destructions ? Apparently so.

Jazzhands 34:06 Yes it is. The police are there to forcibly prevent you from protecting your community and allow this to happen. It's the clown world has been flipped totally upside down. And the op ed that was written by that former....is there even such a thing as former....FBI agent about how the police the police are very closely intertwined with White supremacy groups. They have this other article they're talking about. Police officers who have been photographed smiling and fist bumping with members of far right armed groups even in Kenosha, individual police officers seem to welcome the help of armed civilians, including Rittenhouse a member of police and fire cadet training programmes, who said on video before the shooting, it was our job to help protect people and property. Well, it's true. I mean, where's the lie?

James 34:58 Your average police officer is making like between 40-70,000 a year so they're by and large working class. And the guys that are coming out to do this are also working class. So these people have so much more in common culturally, socio economically politically, in most cases with the people that are in these militia things or with average citizens defending their storefronts. They've so much more in common and they're more sympathetic to them than these Antifa. And so the idea that they're not supposed to take sides, this is also a new and novel and very tactical position they're taking because they would love it, they would have no problem, in fact they DID love it when the police were taking the knee with the rioters. Remember this back in June ? This was like so great and beautiful and amazing that the police were showing their support for advocates for social change. And now when caught fist bumps a dude out defending his property this is like tantamount to "White supremacy". It's just so disingenuous.

Jazzhands 36:04 All those photos of cops kneeling it's like Do you see what the apology got you faggot? How many times do we have to repeat this lesson over and over again? Never apologise, never cuck, you're not going to get ANYTHING transactionally out of it. I don't even know what was going through those cops heads. But I guess they thought if I do a good photo op..... Cops, I think, almost have the same mentality that they have foisted onto Whites where a lot of the messaging that Trump does on like, African Americans and Hispanics and gays and all this stuff is to make Whites feel good. It's not actually about converting non-White voters. And this goes back a long way. It's something we've been talking about for a long time. But the same is true for cops, when you impugn police generally as a group and make them the bad guy and the Police are subjected to all this bad press. I noticed this sort of phenomenon where police are now trying to prove that they're not racist and prove that they're not the bad guy. We're not what you think we are. We're not what the Jews say about us on TV. Why the fuck do you fall for this trap over and over and over again, and all it results in is kneeling on camera in front of everybody to like, prove that you're not a racist, to prove that you're not a bad cop? It's like, being a White guy in uniform, now you have this kind of complex thanks to the Jews that you have to go out and prove that you're not. Like I'm gonna prove how totally not racist I am by allowing this building to burn down and not arresting anyone when I really should. That's how broken this shit is. And it just takes a little bit of balls, takes a little bit of courage to say no, I'm gonna do what I think is right. Deep down in my heart. And if this job isn't for me, and I can't do this job by doing what I believe in, then have the courage to fucking quit. But don't get involved in this devil's fucking....deal with the devil where you just keep doubling down and tripling down. Think about what cops were allowed to do 50 years ago and be that guy. But the shot is they're coming after the vigilantes. They don't like Whites defending themselves, this moralises White people in a very serious way. So you have Mary B. McCord, who is a legal director at Georgetown University's Law Center's Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection ( and Talmudry ). That was a mouthful and why is this person weighing in ? Ohhh "...the bloodshed throws into sharp relief, the danger posed when private and unaccountable militia groups take the law into their own hands". McCord has called on police and prosecutors to enforce laws that prohibit private militias from usurping law enforcement functions. Yeah Jews just want to tie Whitey's hands back behind his back again because we didn't like how this worked out. In her letter she noted that several provisions....Well ackshually and then she does a deep dive on Wisconsin law and how it can prohibit private paramilitary and unauthorised law enforcement activity. It's like, yeah, this is the level that we're at. You have Georgetown professors doing deep dives to tell cops and more like prosecutors, DAs and whatever else to start figuring out how to prosecute the people who show up to stop their homes and their businesses from being burned to the ground. Oh, and they want to keep their lives too. Is that too much to ask? I guess so.

James 39:42 Yes, yes it is.

Jazzhands 39:45 Yeah, apparently it is.

James 39:46 People can get mired in the constitutional law aspect of this and talk about the Second Amendment and the right to a well regulated militia. And that's all valid I guess in the legal context, you could have that debate but I don't think that's really even the debate that is relevant at this point. What's relevant is these are average Americans that are fed up with what has been allowed to happen, what has been happening to them, what's being done to them, and they are fighting back. They're fighting back against Antifa, fighting back against BLM. They're fighting back even if they don't know it. They are fighting back against Jewish tyranny and (((they))) certainly know that ! Those that are orchestrating this certainly perceive it that way, which is part of why they want to quash it so bad. It doesn't behove you to start splitting hairs about whether he travelled across state lines or not or whether this is technically his community or not. None of that matters.

Jazzhands 40:52 And I don't think anybody's concerned about that. Whites did something to oppose the system and now they're looking for ways to remove that ability. It's kind of funny to listen to the astute, deep insights from deep thinker Raul Torres. This is I guess, the district attorney down where that guy shot somebody else over the Juan de Oñate statue, I guess. Torres filed a suit against the militia seeking to block it from assuming law enforcement duties. I mean, listen to this guy, just the very deep observations. "I don't think a lot of Americans understand how fragile democracy is one of the early signs of a troubled democracy is when people decide they are no longer going to address their political differences at the ballot box or in elected legislatures or in Congress, but they are going to do it in the street and they're going to do it with guns". It's like yeah, guy. Everybody understands the system is fucking fake. And it would be one thing if the system was fake and voting didn't matter but you could rely on the police to protect your community. But when BOTH of those things are true, people are going to fucking show up. So let's not : "I don't think a lot of people understand how fragile....." yeah we do. People fucking get it. When they see a cop just standing there as a building is burning in a downtown area, they understand how fragile things are guy. So fucking Torres.

James 42:27 I would wonder too how many of those 40% new gun purchasers are Antifa as well, and how many of them are going out and getting firearms because they recognise that there was no reaction to punch a Trump supporter at inauguration, there was no reaction to punch a Nazi or throw concrete bottles at a Nazi at Charlottesville. And there's been no reaction to march armed through the streets of Stone Mountain with firearms. So there's been no reaction to John Brown Gun Club, to Connor Betts Antifa mass shooting. Like there's been no crackdown on them for this so far. So how many of them are just following that to its logical extent?

Jazzhands 43:11 Well, I'm sure that there are the casual cocktail liberals who have gone out and purchased firearms legally, which account for 100% of these transactions are legal firearm purchases, because they're on the radar. They're a statistic. But I think that probably a lot of Antifa firearm purchases are totally illegal, totally on the black market and would not show up in these numbers. So I would actually say that there are probably a lot of firearms purchases that have been happening over and above the 40% that aren't even registering on the radar because they're all illegal. And that's usually the case. That's why they probably won't control the gun show loophole. Got to keep Antifa armed right ? So it's not for you ! So I just want to touch on this really quickly. I did say that because of the state of Trumpism Trump isn't going to come out and do a full embrace of Kyle Rittenhouse immediately. And Alex said, Yeah, I mean, how great would it be if Trump did that? Just give the full context Alex didn't say that like he was hoping that Trump would or plan trusting but you're just making the observation that wow, gee, wouldn't it be a really great political windfall that this happened, people love this. It's moralising Whites. It's electrifying the base, Trump could easily embrace Kyle Rittenhouse from day one and defend him as vociferously as anyone on the other side of the kosher narrative. They would come out and defend someone who is in Kyle's situation. You would have wall to wall television programmes and the President doing beer summits in the fucking Rose Garden and all kinds of other shit. But no ! Instead, what you got was 10 days later. And I said that if Trump says anything about Kyle Rittenhouse, it will be reluctant. It will be sort of a an aside that he sort of discusses like as a casual dispassionate observer. And that's exactly what he did and because people who are still trusting the plan are so desperate for scraps falling from Trump's table, they want to read into this was support for Kyle Rittenhouse. Of course, the media frames it that way so people fall for that. But let's listen to what Trump actually said, here we go. We don't get a commercial

Question 45:55 Are you going to condemn the actions of vigilantes like Kyle Rittenhouse ?

Trump 46:02 We're looking at all of it. That was an interesting situation. You saw the same tape as I saw. And he was trying to get away from them, I guess it looks like and he fell, and then they very violently attacked him. And it was something that we're looking at right now and it's under investigation, but I guess he was in very big trouble. He would have been, he probably would have been killed, but it's under it's under investigation.

Question 46:30 Do you think private citizens should be taking....

Trump 46:32 ...law enforcement take care of everything....I think everything should be taken care of law enforcement. But again, we have to give our cops back, our police back their dignity, the respect they're very talented people. They're strong. They're tough.

Jazzhands 46:46 Yeah, blah, blah, the usual usual stroke job that we get. There's a presumption of not just innocence, but almost sainthood whenever a black gets shot by the cop. You can be a black person and walk up to a federal agent and throw gasoline on their face and then hit them with a blowtorch. And you're a fucking saint until proven otherwise and it will never ever be proven. How hard would it be for Trump to say Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defence against two violent Antifa ? It's not like this was asked 65 minutes after it happened. It's seven days after it happened, 10 days after it happened. How hard would it be to say, Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defence. It's being investigated. These were violent Antifa, they never should have been in the streets. They've been running roughshod over the country for months now. Nobody's stopping them. And then you know, this is Biden's America or something. But it's just : I don't know, you saw the same video I did. I'll leave it open to whatever interpretation you would like to have or the courts. That's my complaint with it, if you're saying that Oh, at least he didn't condemn him, like wow, a refusal to condemn is now a white pill in this world, somehow.

James 48:15 Right or even the test balloon strategy like we saw with Lara Trump, make a statement about Jacob Blake's family. They couldn't even be bothered to send a surrogate out and introduce it because.....and if they had that would have been massively popular. That's the thing. They did the bit with Lara Trump saying, Oh, we'll meet Jacob Blake's family, and everybody hated that. It's like that that image : everyone disliked this. That's what happened with that, Blake didn't like it, Ben Crump didn't like it. We didn't like it. But with Rittenhouse you would have seen a massive moralising of Whites. People would have would say like, yes, this guy is sticking up for us. It would have been very effective campaigning.

Jazzhands 48:54 What about Aaron Danielson !? Not a fucking word ! No test balloons for Aaron. Right? You just do tests balloons for Jacob Black. Let me tell people what the shot is. So they get it. I mean, you had Lara Trump go out on Fox and Fags or whatever that morning and said the administration, we're looking at meeting with Jacob Blake. And within what, 20-30 minutes you had the family saying Yeah, Oh, hell no, we're not doing that. And what that does is that allows them to feel the waters out a little bit so that Trump doesn't announce I'm going to meet with them and then they burn Trump. It's a way of them getting sort of away with this and saying, well, at least he tried or something like that.

James 49:41 And for Breitbart to run the headlines like, Whoa, Trump is reaching across the aisle.

Jazzhands 49:47 Except for Aaron Danielson, not a word. Not a thing. And Aaron Danielson, I'm sure loved Donald Trump. I'm sure this guy had no misgivings. Except he got killed for Trump and Trump is, as usual with his supporters, just leaves them hanging and it's no different for Kyle Rittenhouse. That's the most you're gonna get. That may be the ONLY thing Donald Trump ever says about Kyle. Right. So this idea of putting yourself into doing these things on behalf of Trump and making Trump the rallying point for this thing. I like what Mike says, make you the rallying point. Make sure that you're doing this for you. If you're going to do this, do it for you. That way, you can't be disappointed. Because you will be if you make Trump your avatar.

James 50:41 And anybody clinging to the hope that Donald can pardon Rittenhouse. That's not the case because these are not federal crimes. So Trump has no ability to issue a pardon for a state crime.

Jazzhands 50:54 So it's not a federal crime even though you cross state lines ? I mean, they're making a big deal about that so.

James 51:02 Well, not yet. I mean, if the feds were to bring charges, then yes, or if they were to bring hate crime charges, for example, then yes, it would become federal. But his act of crossing state lines doesn't necessarily....and unless the crime was committed while those state lines are being cross like kidnapping, for example, if you kidnap someone and then cross state lines, then it becomes federal. But the fact that he crossed a state line and then did a crime doesn't make it federal. The charges were filed in Wisconsin and he was arrested. He was arrested in Illinois by Wisconsin authorities and extradited to, I believe, to Wisconsin, so no, there are currently no grounds for Trump to issue a pardon.

Jazzhands 51:40 If they did want to do the legal trickery, which in this case we would totally support but it's not going to happen. What they would do is have the feds take over and elevate these to federal crimes, thus effectively dropping the state charges, make it a federal case and then have the feds dismiss or if he were to be convicted have Trump pardon. But you haven't even seen that talked about. So that's not going to happen. Well, the one thing that well, not that anybody here is hoping for that to happen. On the weekend show I said, this is something that Trump could do, because my understanding was that cuz he's 17, and my understanding is also that he can't legally carry that gun in Wisconsin. So the moment that he crossed the state line he was in violation of law, I don't know the laws in Illinois. It doesn't matter, like Trump isn't going to do that. But if these were federal crimes, this is what the other side would do for their people. In fact, they don't even have to have the president pardon. They just have the DA not prosecute. You just have the guy not go to jail and not get arrested. And that's how the system does it. But in this case, no, it's going to be not good. I don't know how the trial is going to go. I don't want to make predictions. We don't really know. If Kyle were being tried in a jury of his true peers, in a system that was just, in a system that was not one flagrant human rights violation after another,which the United States justice system absolutely is, he would get off because the video evidence confirms beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was acting in self defence. And at that point, yeah, this guy deserves like a Medal of Freedom or something. Some interesting 4D chess would be to charge him with a hate crime so that it becomes federal and then pardon the whole thing, but that's not happening. But watch, watch, just because I said that, like, somebody is going to either say, hey, it goes without saying somebody's gonna say that, I believe that that's going to happen, at least, you know, 50 people say that and somebody else will say, you know, this isn't an option in front of them. It's not gonna happen. But then if you get charged with a federal hate crime by Bagpipin' Bill Barr, it's like, oh my god, if that becomes the 4d chess, it's like Listen, you guys.

James 54:02 The problem is that the charging of the Federal crime doesn't automatically invalidate the state charges. Right? So what would have to happen is the feds would take over and turn the entire thing into a federal crime, maybe introduce some evidence that state lines were crossed in the commission of the crime.

Jazzhands 54:19 That's what I'm saying, that they would take over the case so that they could pardon it under whatever.

James 54:24 Oh, watch as now people gonna say you're advocating for Kyle to be charged with a hate crime.

Jazzhands 54:29 Oh, of course, but who cares? You know, people can do what they want, and flick that switch back and forth all day. It's not up to me. It's not my electricity bill. So yeah, so some people were saying that Kyle's not hero, as I understand it. Um, is that the case? germs?

James 54:51 Yes, I think so. Like we alluded to earlier, reinforcing this idea that Kyle was wrong or somehow improper or it was cringe to cross, to go 15 minutes away from where he lived, in fact where he worked, because all the evidence we have now is he actually worked and spent a lot of time in Kenosha, being a much bigger city than Antioch. And for him to be there was a waste of time, he should not have done this. It was throwing his life away to defend his community. That's the read we're getting from some. And it's funny. We made the joke about Wein-Nats defending Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz and Huber. Two of the three of which were credibly accused, one of them convicted of sex crimes. It was either Grosskreutz or Huber was convicted of choking out his girlfriend so rap sheets on all of them. But I made the joke that Wein-Nats would be compelled to defend those guys and, you know, they haven't quite gotten to that point but they certainly are attacking or in other ways discounting what Kyle did suggesting that he shouldn't have done it.

Jazzhands 56:02 Well, it's a lot of good faith wrapped in bad faith or no, it's actually bad faith wrapped in good faith is the proper way. Its not good either way but here we go with a little bit of Nicker 1.234 Theatre.

Nick Fuentes 56:16 So for all these people that see the story, and they say, we got to be like, in easy heroes, we need to meet force with force. Yeah, that's great, until you wind up in that situation, and you end up like I said, either dead or in jail forever. And when that happens, all these people that are there riled up and cheering you on talking about another Civil War, there'll be nowhere to be found. They'll not pay your legal bills, they will not go to your funeral. They'll tweet about you, maybe if you're lucky, but you really got to keep that in mind. What are you really doing and this guy, hopefully he walks but let's say he doesn't, he's going to jail for the rest of his life. Life ruined. If the charges stick, he dies, his life is over. Is it worth it? You go out there to one defend a gas station in a state that you don't even live in. You go out there to one get in a scrum with random protesters. There is a way to make your life count

Jazzhands 57:02 Zionism ?

James 57:06 There's a way to make the bank balance count, money from Ghislaine Maxwell.

Jazzhands 57:12 Well, exactly. It's kind of it's kind of funny, it's actually a very sophisticated narrative. It's far more sophisticated than : Vote for Trump, you have no other choice, don't be a Wig-Nat. Like, this is actually pretty sophisticated, where he's playing on the fear tactics. Because the goal of the system is to stop vigilantes from coming out, to stop armed civilians from going out. And the purpose of this is to make it seem like Totally Cringe Bro. And fill you up with fear. We're not saying go out in the streets with guns. That's up to you. If your community's under attack and you feel like your life and your property and your family are under attack then you have no choice but to defend yourself. And if you feel like you should be in solidarity with others, I don't think that's a bad thing. But I'm not going to say everybody out in the streets and go do this. But at the same time, I'm not going to say, Oh, yeah, people think he's a hero and think he's great. Again if you're rallying around Trumpism as an avatar, that's a bad move. Your your motives then, even though you might not know it, and I realised a lot of these MAGA's don't know it, they don't realise that Trump is not actually authentic. It's not a good thing. It's better to do this for yourself, because then you are invested in this, and you can't let yourself down. But it's a personal consideration. It's a thing that you have to decide. But the ultimate goal of this little high pitch diatribe is to convince people that there are better ways to do this. And I think we're getting to the point where what other ways are there ? The ballot box ? Voting for Donald Trump? Going to CPAC ? Putting back on the MAGA hat ? Defending Chuck Weinstein? Where should we start on this list of better things to do because based on the reaction that we saw to Kyle Rittenhouse, this is not good for the establishment. They do not like this. They do not like Whites being moralised. This was a huge win probably the biggest win of 2020 for White people I would say. And I don't think that's hyperbole at all. And so I think they would actually fear more of this. But I don't think people should be putting their lives in danger unnecessarily. But if you feel like you're need to defend your community, your family, your own life, then that's just what you need to do. And do it lawfully and don't do things that are stupid. Bbut again that's up to each individual person, and I certainly don't condone violence, but violence is different than acting in self defence. They're two totally different things. They're gonna call it the same thing. Chris Wallace goes out and attacks vigilantes and does the moral equivalency and then all of a sudden it's like, wow, are we ever gonna get a non Jew as the debate moderator ? He's now the moderator for the Joe Biden Donald Trump date on September 29. I didn't even know they're doing debates I guess they are. But Chuck Wallace, he's the guy saying , and everybody else is saying Yeah, moral equivalency, don't do vigilante, don't be a hero. Don't go and do that. There's a lot of other ways like tuning into the debate and live tweeting it you know, guys.

James 1:00:40 And the other element of bad faith is the idea that if you do something like this, that you will be abandoned, and you will not have people standing up for you. If you take any action at all, if you form anything if you do, for example, like what RAM did and you train and form a group and you do martial arts training, and then you go to a protest and you defend Trump supporters against Antifa and BLM. And you go to Charlottesville for a legal permanent protest. The idea being forwarded here in this clip is that if you do anything like that you will be forgotten, you will be abandoned, nobody really cares. And that you're just going to be like a flash in the pan thing. I think that is probably the most insidious element here. Aside from the furthering of the idea that that what he did was a waste or that he was somehow throwing his life away. But this not even breaking solidarity but breaking the idea that solidarity can exist. And dismissing the idea that there's anything bigger than just you. It's reinforcing the idea that you are just an atomized individual and not part of a community and that there is no broader movement here when the reality is there is and Kyle Rittenhouse is not being forgotten. Kyle Rittenhouse is being celebrated across the country by millions of people as a hero. And there are millions of people that are going to be in his corner, as his case proceeds, defending him, advocating for him, helping out with his legal defence, demanding that his case be dismissed or he be treated fairly. So you will not be just thrown away, you will not be forgotten. And that idea is actually something that crowd itself, these sort of Ironybros crowd has done, which is anyone that has taken any kind of action like this or done anything meaningful, has done it in a cringe worthy manner thus, we can't defend them. We can't be seen with them, we can't associate with them, and they have to be thrown by the wayside.

Jazzhands 1:02:43 At least Nick was having a moment of honesty, I suppose, because it shows me he doesn't believe in building a community and having solidarity. He just believes in cooms like this is all coom-brain sort of stuff. What's in it for me? How do I derive personal satisfaction out of this ? You should be deriving personal satisfaction out of something. And if you want maximum cooms, you just stay home, and nobody's going to be there for you. You have to be there for yourself. And it's just this mentality is....at least it's honest, it's what they actually believe.

James 1:03:17 And every dollar that goes to the legal defence fund can't go to Super chats and D-Live contributions.

Jazzhands 1:03:23 And God knows where that money goes. That solidarity is the thing that was able to create pressure on the system with Kyle. Like if nobody gives a fuck about Kyle, then what happens? The fact that this was popular forced conservatives to shut the fuck up about it. It forced Trump to actually reluctantly go out and say what he said because if everybody was just focused on their own assholes then Trump would come out and condemn the vigilantes and do everything that the conservatives really wanted to do. But they saw people united behind Kyle and calling him a hero and it actually made a difference. There are some things that you can do in this system that make a difference. Solidarity scares the fuck out of them. They do not like that. Voting for Trump ? They're not scared. Falling for Finkel Think ? They're not fucking scared. The people that think that they're gonna get out of this by participating in the establishment. No, Jews are just laughing. It's like, yeah, the schmuck is fucking tricked. And we love keeping people tricked. And so that's where this message is coming from. Pivoting on to some of the meta factors in Trump's re election. Something that we've been saying is that it doesn't seem like Trump wants to win the election. And we've pointed out a lot of stories that have backed up that point of view. And you can even find them out there today with the black pilling of his supporters and not doing what he would need to do. If the election had been held on, say June 2, and I use that as the date for a point of reference, because that was the date that people put their black profile photos up, that was like the high watermark for BLM sympathy. If the election had been held at that point, Trump was in a very difficult situation. And I think still is. I have to be careful about this, because the overarching theme of this show not only in 2020, but ever since we've gotten off the Trump train, is that the ultimate outcome of the election doesn't matter. Transactionally it's not going to change anything, you're going to get more Zionism or more Zionism. It just depends on what colour suit that Zionism is going to be wearing in the White House. So it ultimately doesn't matter. But people are still getting very caught up in making predictions and getting hung up on the things that we we did in 2016. And I'm not being a hypocrite because I readily recognise that that's something that we used to do. But I'll just say this, it's September 2. Most of you'll be listening the show on September 3, meaning what 60 days until the election, its still a long way off. We don't really know what's going to happen but there are different sort of meta factors that we're going to talk about that seemed to be breaking in Trump's favour and not much breaking in Biden's favour. But we didn't predict on June 2 that Trump is definitely going to lose. I've always couched this with "based on the data that we have available today", which on June 2, Trump was, and still I think is, behind Biden in all of the battleground states. He was down by double digits back in June. We pointed out many polls that showed that evangelical and Protestant and other White support had collapsed by double digits. We have polls that show that even now, many of them actually in the wake of the convention, which was focused on blacks and Hispanics, and everybody, but Whites, you actually had a dip in White support coming on the heels of the convention. But there are a lot of factors out there. And it's tough to say what's going to happen one way or another, but one thing that I will say is that unless it's a landslide one way or another on election night, and I mean total, like 1984 style landslide, where Reagan won every state except for Minnesota. We're not going to know the result of the election for a long time, after November 3. And if we don't know the result of the election on November 3 it's going to be very protracted, it's going to probably get very ugly. Both sides are going to be doing hardcore manoeuvring to determine whatever that outcome's going to be. And I was looking at this today, the VIX the volatility index at the stock market uses to predict whenever there's going to be like rough, troubling times. Apparently the US election is priced as the worst event risk in the history of the VIX. So the market is indexed on the election outcome as being a very unstable event because they don't know what's going to happen. I think people are banking on the fact that it's going to be very close and we're not going to know the result for a while. Some are even saying we might not even know it by Inauguration Day. So as far as we're concerned, and as far as like our movement is concerned, we have NJP. So we're not GOP, we're not Democrats. We're not interested in the two party political ping pong machine. So, the bottom line is we don't really know what's going to happen. Keith Woods has a video out titled the Trump Comeback, I would say a lot of factors have broken in Trump's favour, the biggest of which we've been talking about for the first part of the show is the violence the Democrats can't turn off. Strike and Mike have talked about it. We've talked about it. It's a problem that they haven't quite figured out how to solve yet. But you have a lot of other factors as well, too but the reality is we just don't know, we're not going to know even on the day that the election is supposed to be decided. And even if you do know, what impact does it have on you? Probably not much.

James 1:10:06 Yeah, it's difficult to gauge any election, six months out three months out, even a month out in many cases. And if you take snapshots of certain moments in time, take that snapshot from early June, or even early May and this thing is over, like 300 electoral votes for Biden, most likely. If you were to hold the election today or this coming Tuesday, maybe it would go for Trump, it's very difficult to say. What we do know, though, is that there is a lot of time between now and November, things are obviously going to be changing. I think a good wildcard is going to be these riots and these killings, I mean killings of Trump supporters, killings of White people, which even though Trump isn't doing anything about that, he's not doing anything to put an end to that or to support the victims. He is still perceived by many people as being this implicit White security blanket. And that's an important perception alot of people still have.

Jazzhands 1:11:11 The safe candidate even though that's the style of campaign that the Biden campaign has been running, HE is the safe candidate, HE is the White candidate, right? As we talked about with the left, the anti racist Finkel Think, there's been a polar switch, where now Biden is supposed to be the conservative candidate who's not a socialist, who is not going to raise taxes on anyone, who's going to be the safe option, has a long record in Washington, a return to normalcy, we're going to reject the failed politics of the past, which is what Trump is. And that's the way they're framing and so now Trump is trying to run this campaign where HE's the safe guy, he's not doing anything, he's not saying anything, not giving anybody any reason to get upset and yeah, he's shaving off some White votes but it's probably gaining him back the suburbs. I mean, the suburbs are at stake and that's what he's going for. We're not diving down into the analysis of vote trading and things like that, but it's been part of the rhetoric, it's been a decided pitch that he's going to do. If the guy genuinely wanted to win, we know what strategy that would look like, right? But one thing that they're trying to do is to fuck people pretty hard. I see that this Ohio Speaker of the House, Larry Householder, like you're speaker of the House and your name's Householder, he's a Republican, and they're fucking with swing states. This guy was arrested for bribery, and all kinds of fraud and who knows what else. And I used to think like, oh, they're just gay opping this guy. It's like, No, actually, this is probably a Republican who is deeply corrupt. And who has been in Ohio politics for a long time. And because there's really nothing that he can do. I mean, what do you do if you're a political party whose job it is not to represent the people's interests ? What do you do? Well, you start insider trading, you start doing bribes, you start doing fraud, you start doing all kinds of corrupt shit because you're not really there to enact change, you're there just to make sure the Zionist ship stays on course. But they're they're coming after these guys. I don't know why but it seems like they're starting to go after these swing states. They want to start kicking the support out from under, making some threats about you know, because all of these states are going to go into recount I'm sure. Many of them will because of how dicey this stuff is going to be. But let me talk about some of this stuff that is starting to trend in Trump's favour. So Coronavirus of April, May, June, stock market of April, May, June is looking a lot different than it does today. The stock market is almost back to Dow 28.8 ? But again, you can't just look at the Dow and say, oh, this is where things are. I think everybody recognises that, yes, they have managed to save the stock market. But we're at double digit unemployment. There are millions of people out of work. The economy's not adding jobs back because it's part of a major financial reset. But Trump can sell that as a positive for himself. There's going to be third quarter economic data that will probably be pretty good that's going to come out right before the election. I saw the CDC is also doing emergency approvals on a vaccine that may or may not work, but it's the headline that matters, and they're trying to push that for November 1. You also have the power of the president in office, and the fact that Trump controls the government and the apparatus, you saw what he was doing with the post office and stuff like that. Anybody making the prediction that Trump is either going to guarantee win or guarantee loss. I mean, we certainly haven't done that. It's way too far out. But what we did say is that it isn't looking good. And the guy doesn't seem to be doing the things that he did in 2016 that garnered the vote, galvanised White support for himself. So it's really kind of up in the air about what's ultimately going to happen. But things are starting to break in Trump's favour. The violence is helping him quite a bit. If they can announce a vaccine that's going to end up in a huge boost for the markets. And you know, superficial people out in Normieland do look at the Dow Jones and think that that's the be all end all indicator for market health and vitality and they'll just ignore the millions of people that are out of work and that aren't getting what they need. Then some of the things that are kind of weighing on Trump is the blue wall, essentially, is over. I think the title of this article is a little bit misleading. But what they really mean is that the suburbs have gotten very Brown. And the states that people are targeting are not the states that they would have in years gone by, is that right?

James 1:16:43 Yeah, that's exactly right, typically, in elections past the alignment has been states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine, these are all reliably Democrat states. Maine not as much but definitely Michigan, but as the Trump campaign's shifted their appeal in 2016, while the Trump campaign was about appealing to the White working class, union voters in a way that was unlike what Republicans had done before it brought these states into play. But at the same time, other states, such as Arizona, Georgia, Texas are now in play for the Democrats. So this typical arrangement of states in the the Midwest and Northeast that are reliably Democrat, they can't count on those anymore. So actually, more states are now swing states then have been in years past where typically you're looking at what Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, used to be Colorado, but that's no longer the case.

Jazzhands 1:17:44 Yeah, that's no longer the case. And I think ultimately the plan was to make Trump a one term president, because I think the plan was always.....We have to get past this notion like if you're out there trying to search, like Indiana Jones for that moment where Trump went from being based to being compromised. It doesn't exist. Trump wasn't even alive when that happened, the seeds for that were sown by his father, as we pointed out on many deep dives, and go back to the 70s, with Roy Cohn and all the things that Trump has done, and all the shenanigans that he did in the oughts, and Roger Stone. You know deep down that this guy has never been genuine in his support and his advocacy advocacy for Whites. This was something that was done as an election trick to get into power. And it's actually something that fake nationalists, kosher nationalists have done all over Europe. He was always their guy. It's just how long do you have to credibly keep up that act to fool people? And it sort of petered out halfway through the first half of his first term. And so this idea that Trump should get two terms. I think that he thought that he was going to do two terms. I think the system decided that's not what they want to do because they want to put this to bed. Jews want to get back to business as usual. They want to get control, they want to get Larry Fink in at the Treasury. Yes, they have Steve Mnuchin but they'd rather have Larry Fink. Steve Mnuchin does not control basically the entire fucking world via BlackRock and so no, they want their people in there. They want optics Jews back into the ascendancy. And this goes back to the age old debate between a hardcore Jig-Nat Zionist and optics Jew Zionist, they're both Zionist, but they disagree, in many ways violently, over how to get the job done. And the Jig-Nats are done. I'm reading a book right now called The Lion's den. Very interesting. I just want to share one quote from it. This is pretty funny. This optics Jew is critiquing other optics Jews. And in one part of the book, she says that ( I was laughing so hard ) that she says that Jig-Nats have always been the "nigger in the woodpile of the Levantine woodpile", and that's how they look at it. They honestly look at them as something that is getting in the way. Yes, they're Jewish. Yes, they believe in Zionism. Yes, their goals are more or less aligned for the most part. But they look at Trump as an encumbrance. They look at him as getting in the way of a larger system. And not only that, they look at Trump and Trumpism as something that endangers their long term 25, 50, 75 hundred year plans to get things done and to get things into place. And because Jews have had so many problems over the course of many millennia, with people realising that they've been tricked and getting very angry with the result, they look at too hard of a course into Jig-Nattery as putting hundreds of years of progress at risk, they didn't do all these revolutions in Europe, starting in Russia, well actually starting in the United States and France and then in Russia, and all these bloody wars and everything that they've done. They look at Trump, potentially, as putting all of that at risk. And so we know it's really tough to tell what the system actually wants. I honestly don't think they want another term of Donald Trump. I think the system was very comfortable going right back to the way that had been before. Now you can make the case that they need a Donald Trump every once in a while to bring out all of the people that support the ideas that Trump espoused in 2016. This is kind of a common tactic. People are sort of fumbling over why did the FBI put out the Protocols of Elders of Zion by accident? Well, we had a very astute caller into Jazz and Jesse, who pointed out that that was probably so that they could find all the people that were going to click on that link and go down that rabbit hole. Could have been a mistake, but I found the take that they do that as a little bit of a honeypot, I find that to be kind of spicy, kind of a hot take not very novel, very spicy. It's kind of what they have to do, they have to test the system. So if you look at whites as a threat, Jared Kushner out on the campaign trail going up on the stage at a Trump event for the first time and being shocked at how many White people were out there. Loving the rhetoric, the Finkel Think that Trump was about to pump out into that auditorium or stadium. He was amazed but he was also shocked and he also didn't like it because they view these large masses of White people as just teetering on the edge of Nazism if you let it go long enough. They don't look at anti semitism as a socio economic problem. They look at it as a racial ethnic problem. And people will not change, they look at Whites as unable to be salvaged, unable to be changed, and they must be eradicated. That's how they look at it. And so if you allow even a moment for that to foment and you start feeding that beast too much, you're running the risk of this spilling over and that's what they don't want to have happen. That's why you've seen this turn away from the rhetoric of 2016. You're not getting that anymore, even though that would be the easiest way to boost your numbers in an election but we're just not going to do that. And I would argue again, demographics are something that's playing against Trump. But as of right now, I would say his chances have improved drastically since June and Democrats have a lot of problems to solve and Trump really doesn't have very man. Like he doesn't have to worry about a market crash, he doesn't have to worry about Coronavirus coming back and wreaking the havoc that it did in April. He's just got to stay the course and if the election was held tomorrow, then we don't have a result that day, then Trump is going to do what Trump does best, which is just go out there and stir the pot day after day and whip people up. People are saying you know, if November 4 comes and then November 10 comes then November 15th comes and we're past Thanksgiving and there's still not a decision I can't even begin to think James about what sort of narratives the media is going to be putting out there. Could be nothing could be totally quiet. But given where we've been this year so far it's going to be: Trump is trying to steal the election, the election is rigged, and it's just going to go back and forth.

James 1:25:12 Yeah, I know. There's a lot, a lot of time between then and now. And that's kind of interesting point is usually that is viewed as the end of that timeline for the election. But in this case with Mail-in voting, the timeline is both moved forward and back in that people are gonna start voting as early as, I think in some states, like October 1, so we're only a month away from ballots beginning to be cast, and who knows when we'll be done actually counting?

Jazzhands 1:25:39 I think we pointed this out too on a previous show that a lot of voting has already been done. I think they were saying by the first week in October, some very large percentage of the country will have already voted. And yet there still will be campaigning and bullshit and all kinds of stuff going on all the way up until November 3. And then it's probably not going to be decided for quite a while. Again it doesn't matter, ultimately what the outcome is. And we're certainly not predicting an outcome. But we'll keep checking in from time to time on where the meta is because you know, we have to adjust our narratives and encounter a lot of the bullshit that keeps people tricked. That's the biggest problem with the election is it's extremely fertile ground. If you think that Donald Trump was legitimate at some point, like he was based, he was /our guy/, he had our interests in mind. And then it gets closer and closer to the election and you're falling prey to media trickery and whatever else. And I'm not even saying our people I'm just saying people on the right, people that feel like they've been let down the 10 or 20% of Whites in these polls that have said, we're done, we're not interested. A lot of those people have changed their mind. We hear anecdotal evidence of people who were off the Trump train now coming back on, normies, people out wherever that were kind of disillusioned and it's like What other choice do I have sort of thing. And that's part of the Finkel Think. Biden bad, very liberal, but they're having a very hard time painting even Biden as this crazy wild eyed socialist. They really wanted to run against Bernie Sanders, or an AOC or somebody like that, that they could do the capitalism versus socialism bit, but it can't do that with Biden. It's very difficult to make Biden into like a menacing scary guy. He's just not. And that was totally the opposite with Hillary Clinton. She was an easy person to hate. You hear her speak and you hate her. You see her walk down the street and you hate her. She's not a likeable person. I don't know anybody, like genuinely, I think even the women who say they love Hillary are just lying. Women don't love other women, it's usually not the case and especially women in those circles. So Trump's got probably the easiest election that he could have against a Joe Biden, potentially in terms of Biden sort of not really doing much to disrupt Trump, but that's a good thing and a bad thing, I suppose. But what else? Did we miss anything else in this meta here? That can't shut off the kill Whitey spigot. Yeah, you got that in there. Right.

James 1:28:30 And the thing is once these people have been amped up, and that ties into Trump as being that security White safety blanket candidate, or that perception being out there, is that stories now of black on White, of Antifa on White, Jewish on White violence. These rack up as further reasons for people that believe that to vote for Trump because they feel that maybe at least there's a chance that Trump will do something about it. Despite Not having happened so far.

Jazzhands 1:29:02 There's one other headline here Biden outspending Trump 10 to 1 in TV, Trump pulls all the ads off the air. This might be another strategy. Because if Trump's strategy is different from 2016, which it appears that it is, and the convention was spent appealing to blacks and browns and everybody but White people, I think for somebody like Trump, who does have that just very loud, caustic personality, he's always everywhere all the time. Maybe a strategy that they're trying to pull here, maybe Trump is doing a little bit of the Hillary stuff here where it's like, okay, you know, if I'm so toxic, if you're going to say I'm toxic, I'll just not be around. I'll be on Twitter where my fans are. People who either love me or hate me are, but I'm not going to be on television, where the people who don't interact with politics are, who aren't on social media, aren't going to have an opportunity to see me or anything. You could argue that it's robbing him of an opportunity to get his message out there, but they have no message. The GOP has pivoted the full bore thinker Finkel Think. That headline from Drudge a couple days ago, for the first time in 160 years the Republican Party failed to produce a policy platform. And then it says Big Mistake. That's not a big mistake. It's like Democrats have been doing this for a long time, they have ditched the policy platform, and they have pivoted to just full Finkel Think like don't vote for the other guy, other guy bad, vote for our guy, he will stop Bad Guy who is other guy like that's it. That's the policy platform. What do you do television advertising about if your whole campaign is Finkel Think ? You can do all that from Twitter. So that's what he's doing. So people looking at this like oh, Trump is in full blown collapse, he's just pulling TV ads off the air. No, he's actually just getting out of people's minds and letting Biden be the guy that's interrupting people's Netflix. Well, not Netflix, but I guess whatever television shows that they're watching that still have ads. But Biden be that guy, because nobody likes political ads. People are tired of political ads. People are tired of debates. People are tired of polling questions and calls. I was reading an article the other day that even political speeches are being written entirely differently and may soon just disappear altogether because everything's electronic now, nobody sits and watches a speech. We didn't watch the RNC speech. Who fucking sat there for that entire thing ? Nobody. Nobody did. So the whole animal is just changing.

James 1:31:55 And people don't have the attention span, honestly, to sit through more than a few seconds at a time. So it's all being written for soundbites and when you read the transcripts, you can see that very clearly that things are written to be processed in like 10 to 15 second pieces of information.

Jazzhands 1:32:13 If you're a speech writer, you're just like putting together headlines and quips, right? You're a quip writer, you're not a speech writer. It gets to a certain point, like it did with Coronavirus where I don't even know what to say about this anymore. It's gonna keep going on for 60 days, things will probably get very exciting AFTER Election Day counter intuitively, because it won't be decided and things could potentially get violent and much worse than they are now. OR NOT ! But we're going to be talking about all kinds of other things, in talking to my Portuguese friend, we've just barely scratched the surface on some of these nndeep dive topics that we're going to cover. And I owe everybody the Bannon bit. We're going to do the Bannon bit, its still being baked, still in the oven. And the longer we leave it there the crispier it gets. And there's more to go and I'm glad because in the last couple of days, we found even more stuff. So that's coming. I don't know when but soon. So without further ado, take a break. We'll be right back with more FTN.

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James 1:34:14 Welcome back to FTN and we're gonna start this hour talking about this piece that alleges that the Trump administration is apparently cutting immigration by 50%. Is that right Jazz ?

Jazzhands 1:34:31 Yes. So this showed up in the comments on a video that we put up that was talking about the RNC taking a knee and of course videos like that bring out all the Jews that are trying to promote Trump and it started out like this. This Jew, it could be just somebody who's still trusting the plan, but somebody leaves this comment on the video, which I thought was kind of funny. Let me try to find the comment because it's fucking hilarious. Bro you got to vote for Trump. Legal immigration is down by half according to Forbes, no one has been able to disprove this, not even /POL/. And I took one look at this article from Forbes and I thanked the guy for citing the Forbes article because I'm going to disavow this cope on Thursday. And as promised, that's what we're going to do. At first I thought that this was an article that was being put out there to promote the fact that Donald Trump has cut legal immigration by half but then I thought to myself, well, that's not the shot anymore. That was the 2016 shot. The shot now is to not talk about these things. The shot now is to have a citizenship and naturalisation ceremony shoehorned into the Republican National Convention, with all brown people and Trump clapping like a seal for all those I guess, people who are totally not from shit-hole countries being naturalised into the United States. But No. What this article actually is, when I dug down to the data. First of all, there's the high level, the lie that they tell with the data, the big fudge, and we'll talk about that. But we'll also talk about the source and who is promoting this article. And the article is actually intended to convince people that Trump is bad. This is the target audience, as a Forbes reader, for this would be someone who is conservative or Jewish, who they're trying to dissuade from voting for Trump because Trump cutting legal immigration by half is very, very bad for the economy. And that's the article and that's the way that they're putting it out there. But they tell this big lie. So let me just start with greasing the skids in the beginning of the article : By next year, Donald Trump will have reduced legal immigration by 49% since becoming president, that will have significant repercussions for the nation's economic growth according to a new analysis. The cuts to legal immigration have come in several categories and it appears the Trump administration is not finished restricting immigration. Reducing legal immigration mostly harms refugees, employers and Americans who want to live with their spouses, parents or children. It also affects the country's future labour force and economic growth. Average annual labour growth, key component of the nation's economic growth, will be approximately 59% lower as a result of the administration's immigration policies if these policies continue, according to an analysis from the National Foundation for American Policy. Seems innocuous enough but they are people who tell you that fewer brown people come into the country is very, very bad and the economy is going to crash and it's oh so clutch the pearls and everything else. Economic growth is crucial to improving the standard of living which means lower levels of legal immigration carry significant consequences for Americans. And the other thing they're worried about is that the economy will not be very healthy. And when economy's don't get healthy, then you end up in Weimar Germany, and things get very bad very quickly. So this whole article is to tell you about how bad it is that Trump is cutting legal immigration by 50% since becoming president, and that you have to be very concerned about this because it's gonna damage your fragile Big Line. But the thing is the analysis that they did to get to this 50% cut in legal immigration is totally disingenuous. Similar to, I won't name the person who did this, the guy who was saying that Trump has deported more people than Obama, but only if you cherry pick the year that Obama deported the least and compare it to the year that Trump has deported the most. It's like the most dishonest thing that you can ever do. Obama has deported so many more people than Trump and you can easily look this up and compare the data any way that you want. But what they have done with this article in order to get to this 50% number is they compare the FY16 people coming into the country, which Trump was not president in FY16 which in government world, is what, it's always the year head. So, FY16 is really 2015. So this would have been all of the LPR's, legal permanent residents coming in under Obama ? Even so you can compare 2016 actual data 2017 actual data 2018 and it stays pretty much the same. If you look at the data, it's a million immigrants on paper in 16 17 18, actually increased from 16 to 17. Or coming in every year. And that's just on paper. That's the people who came in and are legal and got a green card. It's a million people a year and it's usually 1.1 1.2. Now that doesn't even count all the illegals and the people who aren't apprehended and the people who come in through the shadows and apply to be dreamers, that's all a separate bucket of facts. But what they've done here is they compare FY16 to FY2021 projected and FY2021, which is 2020, that is the world of Coronavirus, where there aren't that many people coming in. It's a decline of 500,000 fewer people have become legal permanent residents in 2020. So a big win for Coronavirus, I suppose. But the reality is that this is due to a lot of border restrictions. Now Donald Trump hasn't closed the border but people are travelling between countries, people aren't coming here because there aren't jobs. So this idea that Trump has cut immigration by 50% in his presidency, that's not true if you look at the trend, and only if you cherry pick 2016 data compared to 2020 Coronavirus data that shows that people have been weighed down. What's interesting about this is that even in Coronavirus, even with border restrictions, the one area that has actually increased have been employment based preferences which are up by 60% if you do this cherry picked comparison. So even when we're in the Dire Straits of bad jobs and Coronavirus, and everything else, there has been a 60% increase in employment based preferences which is H1B's essentially. So there's actually been an increase in those workers which is what we've all kind of said which is that with this Great economic reset, and you have all these firings, you're getting a huge influx STILL, even in this economic environment and pandemic environment of H1B workers. So this whole article is meant to scare you and make you think that Trump is going to wreck the economy. But no, it's not the case at all. And anybody who reads the article and tries to dig through the carpet for shards of a white pill to ingest, this ain't it Bud. It's not going to get the job done. This is totally dishonest and Jewish.

James 1:42:37 Of course some people are holding this up as an example of why one should vote for Trump. But the reality is that it's not any Trump administration policy, like this reduction in immigration, to the extent that it even exists, is not by design. That's as a result of the pandemic and as a result of the virus, not a result of Trump administration policies, when in fact, we've seen the administration's policy has been to expand immigration in every way. And it has presided over record setting levels of illegal immigration and caravans at the border too. And we use the old axiom that, you know, Stephen Miller actually himself put forward which is that for every one entry that is intercepted you have four or five that go un-intercepted. So when you have a surge again at the border, which we talked about two weeks ago, this new surge at the border, accompanied with the surges that happened in 2018 and 2019. The 2018 one being particularly egregious, then there's no policy. What Trump administration policy can you point to that limited immigration ? What their lifting of the visa caps, which allowed more people to come in, like they did with H1B and H2B's. There's nothing here policy wise that accounts for this change.

Jazzhands 1:44:06 No, and it's not real. I would love for this to be real, if this were the trend that started off....I've tried to put myself in the shoes of either people who are dishonest or people with not that much ability to think critically. If you look at this data, there are going to be people who say, well, it took Donald Trump this long to fight back against the system to finally get a result like this. You see, it has been a consistent 1.1 - 1.2 million legal immigrants a year, but he had to drain the swamp guys like he had to put Ken Cuccinelli in charge and Chad Wolf and get rid of I can't even remember her name now. Oh, Kristjen Nielsen had to get rid of her for there finally to be an impact on legal immigration. And, guys, look, now we've arrived, right in an election year, we've gotten this number. Now again, I say right in an election year, none of this was planned. 100% agree with you this is all natural causes, all due to naturally occurring phenomenon. The primary cause is not the intent to lower immigration. This is an unintended consequence of economic crisis and pandemic, and they don't like this. We saw a similar dip under the Obama administration in 2009, and 2010. And it was during that time that Obama deported almost half a million people a year because there weren't jobs. When there aren't jobs and economic circumstances aren't good people become more nativist in their beliefs and they don't want these people around because when they're milling about they don't speak Spanish, let alone English. They speak some sort of weird Aztec. But these people don't have jobs and they start to steal and commit crimes and it becomes a problem, implying that they aren't doing both of those things at the same time anyway, all the time. But yeah, this is not reality. And people are gonna get really hung up on these numbers and think that this is a sign of Trump going ham in the second term, or, you know, it took this long to get it done. And some of the copes that I've seen are ones that I used to do, which is like, Oh, come on, guys. We all knew that he wasn't going to do everything on day one. It was going to take some time to get this done. He's got to put all these things in place. But from me doing this programme for now five years, we've seen it all before. And we know how these things shape up and look, if you don't believe me, just wait until the FY22 and 23 numbers come out. Assuming there isn't some other kind of crisis. These numbers are going to rebound and they probably will even try to make up for this deficit don't you think James ? They're gonna look at this and think, Oh, my God, we're 500 million or 500,000 immigrants down, we got to keep boosting those numbers.

James 1:47:10 And they've been doing that when you look at the policy versus the outcome. The policy has been at every turn to try to increase the amount of immigrants they're bringing in, in the middle of the pandemic. I mean, remember the immigration shut down -Let's Gooo - that like, totally ended immigration forever, right, guys? Well, that was immediately followed just a month later, with DHS announcing that they would be lifting the H2B visa cap for seasonal guest workers by 35,000. As you have mass unemployment, as you have Americans scrambling to get back into jobs that they've lost DHS authorising an increase of 35,000. And it's actually even worse than that. Because these H2B visas are for temporary legal status for non agricultural seasonal workers. People that work in things like landscaping or resorts, all those people go into resorts, huge demand for these workers right now, which is usually capped at 66,000 a year, "capped" quote unquote. Congress gives DHS the authority to raise that cap by 64,000 visas a year. So they can actually go up to 130,000 a year. And in 2019, the Trump admin raised it by 30. So this increase of 35 this is actually reaching new heights for these visas under the Trump admin.

Jazzhands 1:48:30 New levels of chutzpah. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the very near future, they just get rid of the caps altogether. The only reason the caps are there are for optics, right ? To give the appearance that Congress has to ask for more and is held accountable to the people for asking for more but its an encumbrance to raise the caps and they've gotten to the point where there's no resistance. Let's think about this. They could decide tomorrow in a very bipartisan way, Chamber of Commerce, all Jewish kippahs on deck and just say : We're gonna pass this 99 to none, that says we're getting rid of the caps on these visas because the economy needs the freedom to expand and contract as necessary. And of course, it never contracts, it only expands and what would happen, you might get a strongly worded statement from I don't know, FAIR. I suppose these organisations do good work, you're wanting to give everybody F's on their immigration report card. No. There gonna be people in the street ? No, no. And so they're getting to the point where they could just do that, but there was a point in time where they had to keep this in place because people will not go for this but now people are very deeply invested in very Coom brain activities, which are not caring about the long term stability and sustained vitality of the country.

James 1:50:02 And you remember House Resolution 1044, which they called that the fairness for high skilled immigrants act. This is the one that removed the country caps for these visas. So it said, because they were having a problem with some of the more niche visas, because they weren't getting filled. Because each country was capped at a certain percentage of that visa and they're having a problem because when India is capped at 9%, or whatever it was, and China's capped at 9% then you're going to Senegal ? the Congo ? like where are you gonna get these people from that can meet these these very basic criterias ? you can't get them. So that's what HR 1044 and its corresponding bill which I believe was Senate 386 and this is the one that Dan Crenshaw was out there supporting and people made a lot of noise. I remember this programme back in 2019 made a lot of noise about this. And people on YouTube were doing videos about this and bringing attention to it. But it's like now, everybody that could do that has been censored, not everybody but they've gone a long way towards tamping down any opposition or any organised opposition to these changes, so they can do them even easier than they did last time where they got what 365 to 65 on the roll call vote or something like that. Or 361 to 35.

Jazzhands 1:51:33 Yeah, something insane and that's why they prefer whenever there's something that gets said like this, to just have a few NGOs in DC speak out against it. They don't want hashtags. They don't want millions of people on Twitter, they don't want people getting ratioed. Their version of democracy is when they can do Jewish tricks, everyone falls for Jewish tricks and there's no resistance. That's their idea of democracy, that's when democracy works really, really well. That's what they would prefer. And I saw today that 420,000 new jobs were created in the private sector. How many of those are going to H1B's ? How many of these are backfill positions for people who are let go from their jobs due to Coronavirus, due to office closures, due to whatever? I mean, why is there an increase in employee based visas? Because that was always what the shot was. Coronavirus may not have been the shot but there was going to be something that was going to cause an economic reset on the longest bull market in history in the US history. They have taken full advantage of it.

James 1:52:53 And there's more data too coming out about immigrants and employment now that the unemployment rate for immigrants is actually rebounding faster than it is for native workers. So the jobs that are becoming available as things reopen and things restructure and reorganise jobs are disproportionately going not to Americans, not to American workers, but to foreigners. You see the unemployment rate, which is higher for immigrants, by the way. Liberals will tell you, oh, immigrants are harder working and are more employed than Americans. That's not true. Immigrants right now have a 12.4% unemployment rate versus Americans have a 10.1% unemployment rate. But things got worse for immigrants initially, and then they've gotten better much quicker than they have for Americans. So yeah, as these jobs come back online, things reopen, especially these service jobs these kitchens are going to be Spanish speaking only pretty quickly.

Jazzhands 1:53:52 And they already kind of were I mean, you go into a halfway decent Italian restaurant. It's all Mexicans, cooking, cooking your food. It's like No wonder this tastes like fucking shit. Is there an Italian back there? But um, yeah, I was gonna say, Oh, yeah, then there's some polling data too amongst Democrats and Democratic leaning independents : 88% think immigrants strengthen the country with their hard work and talents. And just 8% say they're a burden. Those are some pretty legit Democrats this 8%. And Republicans republican leaning independents 41% say immigrants strengthen the country, while 44% say they burden it. That's a positive metric. If only we could get these republican leaning independents to unhook themselves from Zionism, we might be in a much better place. But the black pill on this is that these numbers have completely flipped for instance, since 1994. We've talked about this before. This is a Pew Research poll out as of August 20, so not that old In 1994 63% of Americans, all Americans, US adults, 63% found that immigrants were a burden, taking jobs, housing and health care only 31% saw them as a strength to the country. Those numbers began to essentially come into parity in the late 90s, and they stayed roughly in parity sort of ping ponging around all the way up until 2012 2013, when the Dreamer debate got really hot and spicy, sort of in before Trump. Then those numbers totally inverted to the point where today in 2019 2020, when this poll was taken, 66% say immigrants strengthen the country through hard work and talents, and 24% think they burden the country by taking jobs, housing and health care. So they have managed to totally flip the public opinion on immigrants in a generation totally upside down. And I don't know how you change that. Well, I know how you change it but I don't know how they have managed to do that other than with propaganda because the crimes, and the digital information age has certainly become more in people's faces. I mean, we don't even do those stories anymore, because what do you want me to say about some squat who kidnaps and rapes a white person in Texas and sets their body on fire. How many stories can you read like that? But 1994 you would have had to read that story in your local paper. If they printed it. Now. It's everywhere. It's all over the place. People understand this stuff. And they have managed to get people polarised in this way. I'm guessing a lot of it has to do with the same phenomenon we talked about with cops and White people in the first half of the show where a lot of these people are just saying that, they don't actually believe or have any deep understanding of immigrants making the country better through hard work. There's nothing to demonstrate with that statement. It's just an empty, empty response to a poll question of I'm totally not a racist. That's what these polls indicate. It's like how many people can we get to be very upset and very gaslit about being White racists that they totally don't want to be them? And that this is the answer that they get in a poll. So I would say that this poll is totally meaningless. To the extent that I would say that if you ask these polls the right way, you're probably gonna get the same answers that you got in 1994. But you would have to ask them anonymously and ask the polling in the right way, but now it's just like, Are you an evil racist to thinks that immigrants are a burden on the country? Yes or no?

James 1:57:55 Yeah, there's a similar phenomenon here too, as you see with like gun control polling where people will Say yes, they support stricter gun control. And then the specific provisions they say no, no, we don't want any of them. Same thing we saw with with Black Lives Matter polling, which we talked about at the time, when you ask people about specific provisions of the BLM Manifesto, or specific provisions about defunding the police, people reject all of those similar thing here because then when you ask people in this poll, which is very generalised, sure, people will say yes, I love the immigrants. I have a friend that's an immigrant immigrants are great, aren't they? But then when you ask people, like the Harvard Harris Poll does, very specific policy questions like, what, which direction should the US be going in terms of immigration more or less? Or what is your ideal amount of immigrants US would take in every year, you get very different answers. You get the overwhelming majority of people opting for some form of restriction, with many people actually saying we should be taking in zero or a negative number of immigrants should be going home. So when it's phrased in a direct explicit way I think you'll get a better metric. But how much of this is just due to intimidation? How many of these people are answering this question this way because they know it's the way they're supposed to answer it. And they fear repercussions for not agreeing. And bringing up the Dreamer effort, that's a good point, because how that was done and that flip in 2012 2013. A lot of that was due to effective messaging. And of course, the media is is going to do what they're going to do. But effective messaging from the White House and from federal action that's leading an effort to present immigration in a favourable light. And that's what the Obama admin did. They called them Dreamers they talked about children through no fault of their own, productive people, they want to have careers and jobs. And you could do something similar in the inverse, in the opposite direction. You could lead a federal effort under the Trump presidency to highlight immigrant crime. That's one thing they did. They could highlight the jobs that are being taken by immigrants. They could do all of these things and lead a national discussion on that. People will of course, say Oh, the media will criticise them, well, who cares? Because what they are saying will be convincing people and it will be popular. So if you had an organised and determined federal effort, I think you could have got these numbers trending maybe not totally in the other direction, but you could have got them going that way. And you could have been able to muster enough support to accomplish these goals. It's not as if immigration restrictionism is so beyond the pale, unpopular universally rejected that everybody would hate somebody that did it, in fact, the repercussions of it, and the outcomes would be very popular, but you need to be serious about it.

Jazzhands 2:00:53 If you did the right poll and became a pollster and started running these polls and established yourself, like what does that even mean ? You start putting out polling data and then publish your questions and show the results that you get. It would drive them insane. I mean, a lot of the polling community is predicated on the entire apparatus asking all the same dishonest questions and getting results that are more or less the same. But I could do a poll on this and get many many different answers. They're doing internal polling that are more in line with what I would do publicly. On the other end of that is changing people's opinions on it. With the Dreamers, it's almost like they chose that issue where, okay, we understand that the conservatives are worried about jobs being taken, and even our own people would be working class democrats are concerned about immigration, because it takes their jobs and puts their livelihoods in jeopardy. But we're now going to talk about children who aren't going to take your jobs. These are people who just want a chance at this country, we're going to tap into this American dream and hit people in the fee-fees with children "through no fault of their own", when we're really just talking about the same people who are ultimately just gonna lie about what date they came here and how old they are, right? You're not changing the dynamic at all, but they made it an issue where people started to feel this way. And they've had the advantage of the internet to propagandise in that way as well. And because people are not having to work in these jobs in these environments where they're interacting with these immigrants as much anymore these attitudes are softening. That's one downside to the virtualization of the workplace is you're not actually encountering these people face to face so you're going to be more susceptible to the propaganda to tell them they're just like, you, goy when reality is that's just not the case. So the immigration stuff, the reason why this caught my eye is this would be an article that you would expect to find out on Breitbart on any given day, this would be something that people would be tweeting around and trumpeting as a white pill. And probably we would even have said it's a white pill, if there was actually data to back this up, but there's not. And this is just something they're putting out there actually, in this environment as things have changed in 2020, to convince maybe some conservatives around the margins not to vote for Trump because he's allegedly doing something very bad, that's going to hurt the economy, and he doesn't like brown people, but that's just not the reality. And then you have Chad Wolf and the shit-holers did not know that the naturalisation ceremony would be used by the RNC. We sort of touched on this before but I guess Chad wolf was asked on one of the Sunday shows : did you know that this was going to be broadcast during the RNC? And of course they're trying to play gotcha with the Hatch Act and stuff like How dare you use the White House for this purpose, but he apparently didn't know anything about it or pretended not to know anything about it, and neither did the immigrants. But the funny thing is, the media was trying to get these immigrants to trash Trump and didn't because Trump loves immigrants, and he's done a lot for them. As you pointed out, James, and you had one of the pajeets was just like : it was very warm and welcoming. I told him it was such an honour to meet him and it's like, no Narayan Allahdawas Assad or whatever you're supposed to say "It made me uncomfortable being there with the racist president" but no, they were like enamoured with his presence. So the whole thing sort of backfired on them.

James 2:04:56 Yeah, when some of them are probably, depending on their acumen, might be afraid that if they speak up Trump is going to send them back. Or maybe the fact you were that one woman teaching in DC since 2004 and legal resident in 2012.

Jazzhands 2:05:13 If there's one person that has nothing to fear from the Jewish system, it's an illegal immigrant. Nothing to fear. Nothing to fear from Donald Trump, nothing to fear from the cops, nothing to fear from Antifa, nothing to fear from MAGA's, nothing to fear from anybody. If there's anybody in the country, when they talk about people living in the shadows, that's just American citizens. These people aren't living in the shadows, they qualify for all kinds of gibs, they will never have gibs shut off. They will always have a job available to them. And they will have unlimited access to micro finance loans for whatever they want, consume, consume. These people can go out in the street and say whatever they want, they can even rape and kill people and get away with it. Not that that's something that anyone desires to do, but it's the thing that they desire to do. It's kind of funny when you think about, the person that Jews say is just like them, hiding underneath the floorboards in Nazi Germany. No, not really. These are people that kind of have more freedom and more ability and more upward mobility than anybody else in the country. Yeah, funny how that works. Speaking of upward mobility and little metal tubes that have anti-missile defence attached to them, Look we'd be talking about here.

James 2:06:38 Oh, yeah, this little metal tube flying from the UAE to Israel, carrying some of the world's most prominent leaders on board, as Jared Kushner takes the first commercial flight between Israel and the UAE. And this happened this week as a result of the Israel UAE America peace deal that we talked about when it was signed that is really just a backdoor for Israel to gain access to UAE communications, cybersecurity, "anti terror". That's a backdoor for Israeli spy tech basically into UAE communications to give Israel ability to monitor the Palestinians. Of course, there's, there's more to it, which we'll get to but yeah, Jared Kushner was there onboard the plane. And there's this funny little picture. Well, two pictures here. One of Jared Kushner and the American delegation onboard the plane. Nobody wearing their masks, which I've yet to see incited, mask loving liberals comment on. Crickets from them.

Jazzhands 2:07:47 There's like one Jew, this looks like first class, there's like one Jew with a mask on but literally nobody else. None of the people on the plane are wearing masks and Israel is one of the places that shut down the hardest. So it's kind of funny how that works.

James 2:08:05

Sure would be a shame if any of these people were to get infected. But the mask isn't about protecting you, right? It's about protecting everybody else. So I  don't know what kind of COVID precautions went into this. But there's this other picture too of Kushner and Netanyahu at a press conference, which they did. They made joint statements to the press on Sunday ahead of Monday's flight, where Kushner is standing behind this podium. That's labelled Prime Minister's Office. It's like usually they would put up a little placard that says like US Ambassador or like the United States of America, but now he's speaking right from the Prime Minister's pulpit, which is actually not wrong.

Jazzhands 2:08:45 Bibi standing in front of one in Hebrew that probably says the same thing, I would guess. He is part of the Prime Minister's Office, the dual loyalty and the duelling American and Israeli flags is really kind of funny. So what's the shot here with all this? There's been some advancements in some of the things that we've been talking about on this.

James 2:09:15 So the flight is the public celebration of this and the reason they're celebrating isn't because of like Mideast peace. You read the headlines on this, the New York Times and others saying peace is being brought to the Middle East. That's not the way the Israelis see it, actually. When you read what the Israelis are saying about this, what Netanyahu was saying, is that this move sets up Israel to have a greater upper hand over the Palestinians going into the future. And you'll remember that the West Bank annexation was not cancelled. They're not forbidden from doing so. They didn't sign anything or agree in any formal way. There's nothing binding them not to annex the West Bank. The plans have just been put on hold until a later date. And there's a piece in the Jerusalem Post that explains the Netanyahu Likud Jig-Nat perspective on this where they say the Arab world is not waiting for the Palestinians to make peace with Israel before they do. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday in remarks to the press, for far too long the Palestinians have had a veto on peace not only between the Palestinians and Israel, but Israel and the Arab states. Yeah, it's all the Palestinians fault right then Netanyahu ?

Jazzhands 2:10:32 Like if it weren't for these people we would have peace by now. What he really means by that is what David Horowitz said about Palestine : what Palestine ? there is no Palestine, there are no Palestinians, their existence is the encumbrance to peace and peace is just Jewish hegemony. Let's just be honest here, there's no problem with genociding these people. They do it there and they'll do it everywhere else too, because Looking at Palestinians as sort of a microcosm for what they plan to do with the rest of the world, it's like, they took a people, and they stole their land. And they genocided them. And they did it on the world stage with very little resistance. And they framed anybody who did resist as a terrorist. And so if they can do that with Palestine, they can do that with anybody. Just to make that point very clear they're doing it right here in America. They're taking us this is our country. This is our land, regardless of what we think about the people who founded the country. It's still ours. We're Americans. And this is our land. I mean, so is Europe. But this is to and you know, that if they can do this to Palestinians, who have been there for a very long time, and have claim to that land, but not not more claim than we have our own. They can do this as well. That's another reason. That's another reason why it's very important for them to set this precedent. It isn't just About Empire. It isn't just about a Israeli colonialism, it isn't just about creating a Jewish state. It is about creating a precedent where anyone can be removed from their land for any reason at any time, if Jews say so. And that's exactly what they're doing. And they're, you know, even if they're putting the westbank annexation, on pause, just a temporary pause to move down the list on any of the other boxes that they need to check. And this is one of them. That's been in the cards for quite a while.

James 2:12:35 Right. And that's exactly what they're doing now is checking those boxes and buying off or intimidating or otherwise getting these other Arab and some African states on sides with them. So they don't put up resistance when they eventually do move in and take the West Bank. That's exactly what Netanyahu says this is about. He said that if we had to wait for the Palestinians, we would have to wait forever but no longer. He also said that in addition to the meeting that were made public in recent years, such as with the leaders of Omen, Sudan and Chad. There were many more secret meetings with leaders in the region who seek to strengthen their ties with Israel. He says the day will come it won't be far away, when we will ask how it could have been any other way. Today's breakthroughs will be tomorrow's norms. He said. So and you see them exerting this leverage on Lebanon right now with the attack on Lebanon and and Israel vowing to ramp up their attacks on Hezbollah. In Lebanon, this is attempting to remove another potential threat from the board before they move into move into the West Bank and further expand into the Golan Heights. That's what this is about is is reducing any regional because, you know if they if they're kind of on the fence about what they can get out of America if they realise that, that it's going to be politically destructive in America to involve the US in another another war Israel would like to remove As much as much foreign, foreign military support as necessary as they can, in order to just do this on their own, or they'd like to be able to just do this on their own without experiencing any Israeli casualties, and without having to expend the capital in the US of getting the US involved. So if you can take the UAE off the board, take Oman Sudan, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Iran, eventually they would like to take Iran off the board as well then that makes it that much easier for them when they do decide to go forward with this. And he says that explicitly here he says that they will not allow the tyrants of Tehran to scuttle peace and endanger the entire world. Like stop it in yourself.

Jazzhands 2:14:43 Yeah, Oh, man gets me every time. It's always funny. I don't know why. It's just like funny that the country is like, And this is another insidious reason. We hear about, oh, the United States is drilling more of its own oil and becoming a net oil exporter as opposed to a net oil importer. It's like Yeah, that's great and then we saw what happened with the Coronavirus downturn. And we covered extensively about how all these oil companies that were doing the bit on energy independence in the United States taking out all these loans, just like endless fucking debt, and many of them are going tits up. Now they've stabilised the oil prices quite a bit and stemmed some of the bleeding but it's a tough point to argue because it's like why would you be against energy independence? Why wouldn't you want why wouldn't you want Americans to drill its own oil and not to be dependent on these countries? Well, that gives Israel leverage when Arab oil producing nations aren't getting the export income from their oil production then they're in a more tenuous financial position. And this has been the shot all along. Like everybody that looks at pictures of Dubai and how it's grown over time. And it's like, call me when they run out of oil because you see these pictures of them having like the Lamborghini police cars and stuff and it's just like, yeah, this is typical, like desert, Dune-coon shit, where they do this kind of stuff, they're all dependent on oil money and when that all dries up what are they gonna do? And I did that from the perspective of being anti muslim, anti Arab. When all that dries up, well, they're going to be just like every other country that has to come hand in hand to the Jewish financial system, needing bailouts, needing help, because we have to stabilise the region and then these people become financially leveraged. That's the shot ultimately, that these places end up beholden to the Jewish financial system and that's the biggest reason that the US is opposed to China, and Iran and North Korea and Venezuela because these countries have been not really part of the Jew banking system and they don't like that. And they don't have to do wars with these people anymore, they conquer them financially. And this is what they've been doing for a while and when that doesn't work, that's what they're doing to Iran right now. When that doesn't work they have to up the ante, they do terrorism, they attack oil facilities and everything else. They always try to punch these people, it's always a kick in the balls with the Jews. It's always a sucker punch. These people never show up and fight in actual war with Iran because they lose and so what they're doing here is....listen to the episode with the Herb Meyer guy where he was talking about that the future in 2050 is that there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken on every street corner in Africa and the Middle East that these guys have access to Best Buy and Buffalo Wild Wings and everybody's happy consumers and they're not thinking about anything, unlimited pornography, like the list goes on and on. They're gonna do to the Arab Muslim world what they have done, and they're already doing it, what they have done to to European Christians. These people are going to be divorced....now I'm not a big proponent of of going back to Christianity, people can do whatever the hell they want....but it's worked out really well for Muslims for a long time until Jews started fucking with their territory and now you have gay ops and everything else. And so, they're going to tear all this down and they are going to normalise Arabs and it's already happening. I mean, you can see rife examples across the internet of Arab bug men, it's already starting to take hold, and they know it. I mean, they know it's coming. And these countries like the UAE are kind of here we are, we're ready to do business with you now we are not going to hold out anymore. And this is how it happens. This happened in Eastern Europe a long time ago and it's going to start happening in the Middle East now too. So.

James 2:19:25 And this is why they also oppose nuclear so hard in the US and there seems to be this weird bipartisan opposition to nuclear energy, which is, by far the cleanest, actually one of the safest forms....much safer than the coal mining for example, and much less environmentally destructive than some others, less intrusive than hydro. There's all a multitude of benefits to nuclear, but it's SO efficient, that if you start doing too much of that, then you get to the point where what do we even need any oil imports. And natural gas is similar. They never fight the war they want to fight. They always, like starve children and make people homeless and terrorise civilian populations and just slaughter people in order to bring about the change.

Jazzhands 2:20:23 It's the Jewish signature. It's what they always do. So, yeah, should we pivot to the bottom of the stack before we run out of time ? I don't want to break any promises here, but uh, yeah, so yeah, I'll let you do the first one. Since that one's that's something you added here.

James 2:20:38 So this is the news out of California that the University of California School System must stop using SAT or ACT scores, while making admissions and scholarship decisions a judge ruled Tuesday. So isn't this funny? In the US we see at the university level a diminished focus, in fact no focus now in UC Schools, on test scores, which is typically been like a bastion of white supremacy, because, your Asians will do really good in the math and the reading. And they got rid of the essay writing like 5 or 10 years ago in the SAT because whites were consistently at the top, and then you would get Jaquarius take the SAT and get the 500 points for writing his name on the paper. And that would be a score. So this was a big problem that they needed to solve. So you have a decreased focus on test scores, as you have an increased focus on what they call holistic admission which is where it's like solely about the letter that you write, the essay that you write, and the essay question. If anybody's applied to a college recently, you'll know like the essay question is almost always describe the hardship you faced in your life. And you can just write like, I've been black in America and you're accepted. So the problem that we're trying to solve though is when you have the guy that does that, like there was a guy at Harvard, right, who just wrote Black Lives Matter as his essay, and he got in, when you have people doing that with an SAT of 1200. And you have white kids talking about losing a parent and starting to work at 14 and actually experiencing hardship with an SAT of 2100 and they don't get in it's like, uncomfortable questions start to be asked. So this is part of what they want to do across the country, which is to move entirely away from any form of standardised testing, and make it entirely based on immutable characteristics, on subjective analyses, and have all of the gender studies and racial studies grads from that college working on the admissions board, so yeah, good luck getting into a UC school as a fucking white male.

Jazzhands 2:22:50 Pretty soon it's just going to be okay, submit your headshot here. Just smile into the camera and that'll be that They'll just base it on your picture. And they'll just be like, Oh, yeah, that person's coming. Nope, not that person. Because then they can do the Family Guy, Peter Griffin colour palette. They just do that. And they're like, oh, you're not quite white well, then you're in, you're good. But if you're not totally Brown, you might get pushed out for somebody who's browner than you, this is where that's going. Because if you drop the scores, I mean, it's already kind of a thing. GPA doesn't matter, bro. Why even bother doing anything? Well, because the whole system is just meant to take your money and credential you so that you can work in an even bigger Jewish system. And this whole thing is tiresome, and that's why I think what we do is is so interesting, and I get so much out of the deep dives, because that's like a doctorate in world history and philosophy by the time we're all done. You do higher level education in a university system in today's university system, that's like, how many deep dives would equal one PhD dissertation ? I think by the time we get done with all the founding fathers that could be a PhD dissertation in America's founding, the amount of time and research and energy that goes into that. And you come out with a better understanding, we come out doing the show and you as the listener comes out with a better understanding than a PhD student who focused on America's founding. When you look at what goes into those papers, and then you have to defend your dissertation to other rubes in the school. I don't mean to shit on the whole system, but I'm just gonna go ahead and do it anyway, that's just the reality. If you're an autodidact, for those in Rio Rhinelander I mean somebody who's self taught, yeah, you have a much bigger leg up. The important thing to remember is that if you learn all these things, this has given me advantages just being a part of this thing and understanding these things. Now I know how the world works. I wish I had learned this stuff a long time ago, but I'm not saying that I know everything, but I have a much bet....like most people walking around you are fucking clueless and have no idea what's going on. Their motives and their incentives are pegged to things that are fake and that aren't real. And so they spend their whole lives chasing after things that aren't reality. But once you become grounded in things that are truthful, then you can actually realign and recalibrate yourself to pursue things that have meaning. And you realise what a sad state of the world that most of the people around you many, many millions of people, and people have lived and died already. That's the blackest of black pill. spent their lives living in a system that was not real, they were living in a reality in a bubble that was not real, pursuing things that were not real, that were not valid. And they thought that they were achieving something in doing that. They thought they were being good. But no, in reality, they were furthering their own destruction and they had no idea, and that's the blackest pill of all. And the fact that we know, the biggest white converse to that, the biggest white pill of all is that we are here now. You're not somebody who's still asleep. You're not somebody who is still stuck in some fake and gay reality, like you have arrived. And it's a gift and it's a curse, but I will never look back. I don't know how we got here, but just riffing off of like the GPA and well see education. I mean, this is an education as much it is everything else and knowledge. I know it sounds cliche, but it's absolutely true when you're talking about the subjects that we study. Knowledge is power. So they are taking what was once an education system that made the rest of the world look like shit. Our education system used to be the jewel of the Western world and now it's just a joke, it's just a zoo is what it is. It's literally a fucking zoo. So if you're here and you can hear us talking right now you have gotten far enough where you can start digging into this and understanding this. I push back on the Light switch Brain stuff and everything that we do because it makes me sick when I see people getting tricked by Jews, and I don't like it. And if there's one thing that drives me more than anything else is the fact that I was tricked myself. I'm unchecking myself and if you've ever think like you've completely unchecked yourself, I mean you probably here's probably always something more for you to learn. So anyway, how do we pivot to Ron Jeremy charged with 20 counts of sex abuse from that ? I almost don't even want to , threst of these are really bad.

James 2:28:23 I was gonna say you're all Magna Coom Laude graduates of FTNU.

Jazzhands 2:28:28 Yes, that's right. Advanced white national studies, thats what we do. Pornstar Ron Jeremy charged with 20 more counts of sexual abuse in LA County. The pictures of this guy, it's kind of funny. His attorney Stu Goldfarb. Oh, my God. It's like, yeah, there's a reason why the Nuremberg laws existed. just pointing that out. I mean you know people it's like : the Nazis were creating these laws that were, you know, anti Jewish and discriminate. Well, the opposite, when you remove those strictures you get nothing but Jews in positions of power. It's like Jew porn star doing like very jewy shit with white women defended by Jews in Jewish system like news at 11. It never ends.

James 2:29:29 yeah, I've never heard of a Jewish male porn star that has not been credibly accused and convicted in this case of rape. The other one I'm thinking of is the guy James Deen who presents as like, just a real rugged rough and he uses the name James Deen for a reason, that's a stage name.

Jazzhands 2:29:49 Like Jimmy Dean. No Jimmy Dean is the breakfast sausage, right?

James 2:29:55 James Dean D-E-A-N was the actor from the 50's or whatever who was like the cool tough guy motorcycle v neck leather jacket and this guy does that same look but his name is actually Brian Matthew Sevilla and born to a Jewish family and then accusations come out that he like raped a bunch of chicks so it's like yeah him, Ron Jeremy. Oh Deen is a libertarian too...hilariou. Oh Deen is Jewish and identifies with Judaism as a culture more than anything else. Yeah really put that into practice when you were accused of rape in 2015 by dozens of women.

Jazzhands 2:30:32 Of course. Ugggh....it never ends. So "Chuck" Jeremy in a lot of trouble. Just doing a lot of stuff. Have Wein-Nats defended him yet ? I don't know, a "serious" rapist. But here's a guy who's always thinking about sex Ron Jeremy. So these are 20 new counts of sexual assault and groping - he is a groper you could say - including allegation of lewd conduct with a minor after dozens of additional women contacted law enforcement following the adult film star's arrest in June. Jeremy Groper, who pleaded not guilty in June to allegations that he sexually assaulted four women in West Hollywood now faces 28 counts, criminal counts, including five accounts of rape six accounts of sexual battery, and yeah, just a violent Jew. These are people that should not only be off the streets, but should be dealt with with due process. That's what we do. This is somebody who's raping and battery is going to continue in prison. Because I'm sure this guy is also a homosexual, as they typically usually are. But yeah, just a disgusting perverted fuckin sick fuck

James 2:32:02 And not only are his actions Jewish but this entire culture is Jewish. I mean his people will say well these women are sluts, they wanted it, but the existence of this culture at all of this community at all is Jewish. This is a Jewish industry. The porn industry has always been a Jewish industry. T his came out when what sort of Mia Khalifa did that whole like expose because she was like the top porn star or something. And then she revealed she only made like 1300 dollars from doing that in her entire career. And so this entire industry is predicated on taking advantage of economically insecure women and exploiting them and putting them on camera and ruining their lives. I mean the suicide rate for women that get involved in this is probably as high if not higher than transgenders because this does some serious fucking psychological damage to people.

Jazzhands 2:33:09 James Deen, Mia Khalifa, stats about porno. James you seem to know an awful lot about this whole industry. Yeah. I have never heard of any of these names before and you're just rattlin' them off. I don't know. I don't know what it is.

2:33:24 Yeah. Who knows?

Jazzhands 2:33:31 The greatest part about it is it's just another Me Too Jews statistic and I love them. I love it when they keep coming like this because I can't name a White guy who's been strung up on Me Too. I'm sure they exist, they did it to Roy Moore but after Roy Moore. Roy Moore was one of the early ones out of the gate. They was just like all Jews like Jew after Jew after Jew after Jew. Whatever happened to Chuck Weinstein by the way? Last I heard he had Coronavirus and they moved him out of Rikers and now we just haven't heard anything. Is that going to be another thing? Like where you just never hear about him ever again ? I mean that they would prefer that I suppose.

James 2:34:14 Right. Ron Jeremy 28 criminal counts for sexual offences in Los Angeles. 50 women accusing him Ron Jeremy is for Jewish sexual predator stats what 9/11 was for Islamic terrorism stats

Jazzhands 2:34:30 He's a Me Too Jewish 9/11 and the Jews did that one too. So ready for this ? Better secure those jim jams and barf bags have them on hand. Meals on Heels. That's right. I said it. You have Lady MAGA is delivering home cooked dinners as a part of San Francisco's clubs Meals on Heels service. Yes, this is in the Washington Post. And yeah, you've heard of meals on wheels, which is a nice thing that people do for old people where you deliver meals for them. Well, in San Francisco, if you're an old person or a young person, or I don't know what kind of a person you are, but not somebody I want to be around, you can get meals delivered by trannies now. Over 100 drag queens and kings have worked for this Meals on Heels service since 2015. They have gotten crowdfunding for part time employees. This gives people in and around San Francisco the opportunity to order dinner and drinks for delivery or pickup with a lip synching performance by a drag queen or king. "Some days I feel like the biggest idiot and then others I feel like I'm going to be the last person standing To keep this space open for the community if its the last thing I do !" Just so disgusting. Fuck !

James 2:36:08 Last person standing last person kneeling, last person hanging in the bathroom.

Jazzhands 2:36:13 Yeah, these are all options, but they all end up hanging in the bathroom statistically. But yeah, I mean, that San Francisco um and it's 100 bucks to like Dine and Dash or no what is it fucking called ? You go in and steal....Door dash, yes. This is getting something that you do not want that you pay for like it's the opposite of Dine and Dash, this is like getting a whole bunch of things you don't want for money. Yeah, this is disgusting. So yeah, but San Francisco, its great.

James 2:36:51 Set up in part by actor and director Sidney Goldfield. Very interesting.

Jazzhands 2:36:56 Of course. Yeah. Then this one is kind of funny. This is about McDonald's, which as many people have pointed out over the years, their advertising has been focused more and more on black consumers and black Pipo because White people are just checking out of Mickey D's. And so McDonald's Corporation has been sued by 52 black former franchise owners who accused the fast food giant of racial discrimination by steering them to depressed crime ridden neighbourhoods and setting them up for failure. Isn't that always the black complaint ? It's like you literally give a nigga a fucking McDonald's and it's "setting them up for failure". So listen to the Jewish lies in this, just hilarious. So this complaint filed by these 52 black franchise owners is seeking $1 billion in damages. The plaintiffs have said McDonald's has not offered profitable restaurant locations and growth opportunities to black franchisees on the same terms as White franchisees, belying its public commitment to diversity and black entrepreneurship. The plaintiffs said McDonald's saddled them under its standard 20 year franchise agreements with stores requiring high security and insurance costs, and whose $2 million average annual sales from 2011 to 2016 were $700,000 below the nationwide norm. Bankruptcy often resulted. Its systemic placement in substandard locations because they're black. Well, let me just tell you something. I'm not a McDonald's franchisee. I have known people who are in the business and when you buy a franchise, you don't hand over a couple of hundred thousand dollars, which is usually how much you pay. And then you have to pay for the restaurant and all the other shit. You don't hand McDonald's money and then they tell you where to fucking go. Like they have a map where they will put a McDonald's. You can't get a McDonald's franchise and then put it in the middle of fucking nowhere, there are standards that you have to follow. But I don't believe in any way that these people ended up in these communities because they were forced to by McDonald's. McDonald's does a very in depth, look at the cost benefit analysis, they look at the area where the McDonald's will be built, they will not let you build one in an area that's not going to be profitable. But they do want to build them in places where they're going to live up to this standard of diversity, equity and inclusion and all that bullshit. So you're telling me that these black entrepreneurs that probably got loans from Jews to do the restaurants in the first place, probably got a lot of free handouts, a lot of help doing this, that they didn't pick these neighbourhoods ? That they didn't want to put a restaurant in that community under the auspices of like, I'm going to get people good jobs and employment, right. We're going to be as good steward of the community, rebuild it. And then they find out that like, yeaah, the blacks in this neighbourhood are going to treat you just like any other black, and they're going to trash your store, they're going to steal your shit. They're going to require you to carry high security and high insurance. And, you know, surprise, surprise, people aren't going to be coming in to give you money that much. And so your sales are going to be shitty. And so now you're going to turn around and sue McDonald's, cuz like this shit didn't work out. This is another classic example of you're literally giving a black guy a fucking McDonald's franchise. And he turns around with Jews help and sues you for a billion dollars in damages. You can't fuckin win, no matter what. And I have no soft spot in my heart for McDonald's at all. But it's just like, another example of this is just not working out for anybody. Like Michelle.....Michael Obama always talks about these food deserts and the fact that Oh, it's only fast foods in the ghetto. How about we just get rid of that all together ? Let's just be done. I mean does anybody actually believe that these these blacks were forced to take a location in like the Inner Harbour, I don't know South Central LA or someplace like come on.

James 2:41:14 No, as a franchisee you have to find the location first to get one of these franchises you have to have the building they're going to use or a building you propose to build before the franchise is even approved. So yeah, it's not like you sign up for McDonald's subscription service franchisee mode and then they assign you to some location. That's just not how it works. And I would bet that these people most of them got into this thinking that they're going to do like the black entrepreneur bit and they got this franchisee agreement, and then they immediately took out a loan and bought a Jaguar, right and then like bought a Land Rover. I'm a CEO man !

Jazzhands 2:41:56 I gotta McDonald's nigga ! It's like no guy like you Oh, my God. Yeah, these

James 2:42:02 You have a very expensive bill coming when you have to pay your $200,000 franchise fee. And yeah, everybody's been dining and dashing you or assaulting your employees or shootings at your building every night and has to close down, or whatever, people trying to pay with snap.

Jazzhands 2:42:18 Yeah, and how much of your bottom line is being eaten up by you giving out free food to all your friends and your cuzzin ? You lost $100,000 because you gave away fucking free chicken nuggets. My guy. So yeah, that's what's going on. But McDonald's is probably gonna roll over. And the reason why they're gonna roll over is because if they don't, they will be accused of racism by a much bigger system than the ones suing them. And so yeah, this is just a shakedown of McDonald's, they shook down McDonald's. At one point in 1998, they had 377 black franchisees, that's now down to 186. But maybe that statistic is indicative of black performance and black entrepreneurship not McDonald's, because it's always going to be discrimination, right? Like the performance is always going to be chalked up to somebody did something to them, right? Even if you're a White person in America, let's say you're an immigrant from Norway, and you came here like 15 minutes ago, you still have White privilege because this black person has been historically disenfranchised by other Whites, so you have to pay that fucking price. And so now McDonald's has to pay the price for every bad thing that ever has ever happened to every bad black, every black person on the fucking planet and Jews are just like, yeah, we know this. And now we're going to do a class action lawsuit. And we're gonna shake down this restaurant for $1 billion and get a payday for blacks who aren't going to get a very big percentage of this lawsuit. You know, who's getting the biggest cut of the money? Of course, right?

James 2:44:07 Right. Yeah, McDonald's can pay it. They can strike a billion dollar check. No problem.

Jazzhands 2:44:12 Yep. So this last one is kind of funny. And this one actually should have followed the SAT bit, this is kind of ties in with that. The Super Bowl winning coach of the Seattle Seahawks, who's not Jewish. I thought he was but he's not Pete Carroll 68 went out in a press conference on Saturday and said that a change in attitudes was long overdue. Saying that White people need to be educated about what the heck is going on in the world. Sounds like a boomer. He said the team had decided earlier that morning to cancel practice and to all register to vote instead. Let's step up, no more being quiet. No more being afraid to talk about topics. No more I might lose my job over this because I've taken a stand here Fuck it ! And taking these statements entirely out of context, James. No more being quiet. No more being afraid to talk about certain topics. No more I might lose my job over this. It's time to take a stand. Fuck it ! This guy sounds like a real Wig-Nat, a real dissident here. But no, he's not. But I like his advice. I like his message. It's time to stop being quiet. It's time to stop being afraid to fact check certain topics, no more I might lose my job over this. It's time to take a stand Fuck it. But no he's talking about black people stuff and we got to learn about what's going on in the world and whatever and this guy has a history of saying things in the past. So this is his atonement for the things that he's done, this is him going to temple. We need a White guy to come out and talk to White people about changing their attitudes toward blacks. And so this guy who's had history of saying things that aren't so great, is now going to pay that price. You know, it's much better for them to do an actual fellow White then a fake fellow White.

James 2:46:22 I didn't know he had a history of off colour comments. I had not heard that about Pete Carroll. But years ago I was a sports ball fan, what, 10 years ago now. And they're just making it unbearable for White people. And the funny thing is Seattle sports are actually going really hard on this. Seattle in which what 3% of the city is black. All of their sports teams are doing this big black, every sports team in the country is doing this big push for blacks. The MLB is doing the big black lives matter. Didn't they have Black Lives Matter like written on the pitcher's mound at every game, and all the players took a knee except for that one guy, the one giants pitcher and one White Trump supportin' Christian guy down in San Fran. But I welcome this, make professional sports as hostile as you can to Whites. Pete Carroll in his comments here says the problem is with White guys that came over from Europe. All right, let's just amplify that message to everybody. Instead of doing the national anthem, let Pete Carroll and, what's this player for the Seahawks Quandre Diggs? Yeah, let Quandre Diggs and Bobby Wagner and these other guys, Rashad Penny, let's let them give a little speech about how they feel about Whitey instead ?

Jazzhands 2:47:46 the biggest problem is white people who came over from Europe and then forgot what it was that made them white people from Europe. And it's guys like Pete Carroll, who has a very rich White European history. He's Irish, Croatian, grew up in the Bay Area, grew up with a very nice life, things are going well. And he's got to give back. Jews gave him a very nice platform very, very, multi multi million dollar bank account. And he's got to give back and make sure that everybody knows that Whites are the problem. And you know what, Pete Carroll, you're just a fucking bigot. You're White, but you're a fucking bigot, to go out and say that White people are the problem in this country. No, you're just a fucking bigot, you're a piece of shit. You're worse than anything that they accuse White people of racism toward anybody else. You just do it to yourself, and that's actually the worst. You can understand somebody's having an issue with somebody else, especially when those issues can be justified and validated. But to be a self hating fuck like Pete Carroll ? No, you're just a piece of shit. And you know what these people are are not going to be remembered well by history in the long run Maybe today they have a very nice Wikipedia page with lots of gushing praise and how great he is and he's just like Coach Wooden. Just shut the fuck up ! He's a piece of shit. And this history is going to be rewritten at some point.

James 2:49:19 He's fired black coaches in the past Pete Carroll has I think it's time that Pete Carroll puts his sentiments into action and steps down and renounces his 20 million a year salary, or whatever he makes, I think it's like 12 million, and gives that away to blacks. Give it all away Pete, live in destitution, live in the same destitution you would like to see White racists having to live in and, you know, just really put some action behind those words.

Jazzhands 2:49:47 Yeah, this guy is naming the Whites pretty hard. I don't know what's going on in the background.

James 2:49:56 With GM John Schneider, I don't know.

Jazzhands 2:49:58 Yeah. The way that he is naming Whites so often and so pointedly, it's almost like this is a script. He talks about how we've been down this road before, follow the economics and rich White guys making money and they put together a system of slavery. No, jews did that. Those are rich white Jews that put together a system of slavery. It was Jews justifying slavery for hundreds of years in America, in their synagogues and carrying over into Christianity as well. It's just a Jewish justification for slavery. And they've done this for a long time. But count like how many times he said White, White people this, White people that, this is about racism, America that White people don't know. No, we know. We know very well. And we know, you know, who planted that black pill Pete ? Who did that? You're going to talk about White slavery. Going to talk about the Barbary pirates ? Oh, just shut the fuck up then guy. Because nobody cares about your fuckin sports ball either.

James 2:51:05 Right? And when you have what, 16 of the top 17 earning players on the team are all blacks making anywhere from like $25 million a year to $10 million a year, all these blacks making an extreme amount of money from this. And I don't know if John Schneider is Jewish or not? I don't think he is. But it's just so tedious. And this is something conservatives who kind of hit on back when the Colin Kaepernick stuff was going on. Here is this half black. I think Kaepernick is half Jewish, I don't remember. Here are these black athletes making this big deal about how oppressed they are, yet here they are living lives of luxury, beyond what most White people in America could ever live and far beyond what any black person in Africa could ever live. And so you're doing actually very well for yourself. And so these grievances and the economic circumstances and legacy of slavery, okay, where is it right ? And Pete Carroll saying that slavery never really ended like yeah I'm sure a lot of slaves are making $24 million a year like Russell fucking Wilson

Jazzhands 2:52:16 Well the other thing here too is this notion that White guys came over from Europe with a great idea about democracy and freedom, equality for all, it just never came to fruition. It's an interesting point guy, because the system where blacks get to use Whites as a fucking bludgeon, none of that would have been possible if it hadn't been for Whites to create the system in the first place. This is a system that Jews have taken advantage of and you are being used as a fucking tool under duress or however you like. You're basically taking a bribe to say this stuff. You probably actually believe it because you soaked up so much of this in your career. But none of this would be possible without the system that we built that has been taken advantage of, hacked and destroyed by them. And he's just being a tool for that system. And yeah, it's kind of funny too because Jamal Adams is like : Big Thank you Coach Pete, John Snyder and the entire Seahawks organisation for hearing us black athletes. This is a special place like I've said before, where everybody's willing to learn and understand what wrong is wrong and white is white, right? Or he says right is right. But that's what it takes to animate a black to gratitude and thanksgiving and, you know, happiness. It's just like, go out and talk a bunch of shit on White people. And all of a sudden Jamal Adams is out there tweeting their praise of you. Keep clapping like a seal Pete, fucking faggot. That's what he is. No legacy Pete, no legacy, your grandchildren will be black and nobody will fucking remember you, they'll piss on your grave for being a White person. And I mean, that's the thing, too, I'll just point this out as well, before we close, is that this cucking that Pete Carroll has done, all of the cucking that he has done, all of the shit talking on Whites that he has done ? In 100 years, if things don't change, and I think that they're going to, but if things don't change, this narrative is going to change in such a way they literally will be pissing on your grave Pete, because all of this grovelling that you're doing now is never going to be good enough to a future run by these people. Everybody will be destroyed including you. It's like the cop getting down on a knee and then being accused of being a white supremacist by the FBI. It's like yeah, they're just gonna destroy everything. So.

James 2:54:48 Yeah, dude Seattle quarterback named his kid Win.

Jazzhands 2:54:54 Who did, Pete ?

James 2:54:55 No, Russell Wilson. Win Wilson.

Jazzhands 2:54:58 Wow. Yeah, I don't even know what to say to that.

James 2:55:03 What a mess.

Jazzhands 2:55:04 Yeah, whatever. All right. You might as well just name your kid Tricked. That's what they should be named. Tricked. Because they're gonna spend their whole life being tricked. So anyway, Jazz and Jesse later tonight, later this afternoon I suppose, we're doing it early. Make sure you get on there so you can call in and talk to us and we'll hang up on you promptly. So, looking forward to that and hope everybody has a good Labor Day weekend. We'll catch you guys later.