FTN 083020 - August 30 2020 - FTN 338 RNC Takes A Knee

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Announcer 00:19 Often imitated never duplicated. This is the one and only Fash the Nation, your guiding light in a sea of degeneracy.

Jazzhands 00:43 Hello and welcome to FTN 338. I'm Jazzhands McFeels, joined by James Allsup. I'll just apologise in advance for any slightly diminished audio quality concerns that people might have but doing our best here, hope it sounds pretty good. If I didn't say anything probably nobody would even notice but James what's happening guy?

James 01:05 I would notice the difference. You sounded pretty crisp and smooth yesterday on that Shure SM7B gotta join the club man.

Jazzhands 01:13 I'm going to. Yeah, that's the next upgrade. We have the DBX and now I gotta get that mic dude ! I don't know, I forget what Jesse calls Mike's mic, but it's got a funny name. And I just don't like that mic anymore.

James 01:28 Yeah, I think it's colloquially known as the donkey dick, in the industry.

Jazzhands 01:34 Jesus Christ ! Yes. It's served me well, for a good long period of time, but you just slowly do these upgrades and then you end up with a better gig. But I need to come up with a better portable audio solution. This Audio Technica what 2000-something is okay. For like a $150 mic that plugs into your laptop it's not bad and you just apply whatever. But yeah, I got to come up with a better solution that doesn't involve taking everything with me wherever I go. But in the age of Corona, you don't have to worry about going too many places. So in any case, we got a lot of ground to cover today. We're talking about Kenosha and Rittenhouse and the dead Jooooish Antifas. But we're just going to sort of give the quick summary there and then do the updates because I know people have been talking about it. I was on TDS on Friday. We talked about it there as well. So we'll just give the updates. There have been a few updates on that as well. And we're going to talk about as well how DA rigging, a topic that we've been talking about for years has started to come to the surface in these protests. And you can see now what the long term shot of that was. We're also going to talk about Trump's flip flop on public housing, because it's a big one and also just doing some cleanup of some audio from the RNC, some really funny stuff that that you put together, James. So very good. But we'll start with the most important topic, which is Kyle Rittenhouse. And the latest news on this is that he has what seemed to be a formidable set of actual attorneys representing him. Before he had a public pretender. Whenever I heard about that I wasn't too excited about that outcome, because that meant that he didn't have the resources or, you know, whatever. But probably it's because they weren't allowing this guy his usual civil rights and abilities to get in touch with people. So they probably just assigned him this public pretender. And then he got in touch with whomever he needed to. And so now he's got a pretty nice legal team. I think I saw John Pierce is the guy that gave the statement last night. And then there's Lin Wood as well. So yeah, apparently and this is good news. This is white pill right out of the gate, an authentic white pill is that his attorney John Pierce, one of his attorneys, released a message last night saying that Kyle would be taking the self defence track and he would not be doing any plea deals not doing any other BS. This is a pretty solid reaction. I'm trying to find the actual text of this thing. I had it yesterday. Yeah, here we go. Bear with me here, folks. This is late breaking as of very late last night he said : "Kyle did nothing wrong" Where's the lie ? "he exercised his God given constitutional common law and statutory law right to self defence" John Pierce said. In a lengthy statement, the lawyer for Kyle Rittenhouse, John Pierce said prosecutors "rushed to judgement" in charging his client to appease "divisive and destructive forces" without analysing Tuesday's events. This was not a serious investigation Pierce said. Rather after learning Kyle may have had conservative political viewpoints, they immediately saw him as a convenient target, who they could use as a scapegoat to distract from Jacob Blake and the government's abject failure to ensure basic law and order to citizens. Now the only thing I would quibble with Mr. Pierce is that it wasn't Kyle's conservative political viewpoints, it was his skin colour. And then everything else fell in line right behind that and it was on what team he was standing as well. So other than that, this is a very forthright defence James I was kind of concerned that they were going to sort of cower and cuck to BLM and whatever else and it's doesn't appear that is going to be the case. So this is good news as of what 11 o'clock on Friday night is when the statement was released.

James 05:48 Yeah. And it's remarkable what that can do for the psychology of someone who's been arrested and is facing charges like this. Because if you are in that position and you feel like there is no hope for you, there's nobody coming to save you, there's no support for you, you're going to be of the mind that you just want to get this resolved as quickly and as painlessly for you as possible, which will oftentimes be taking a plea deal. And they've charged him here with one kind of intentional homicide, one count of reckless homicide, and one count of I believe, attempted murder, and then also the unlawful possession of a firearm and those ancillary charges. So there's a lot there that they could try to do a plea deal with. They could try to get you to, maybe, drop the intentional homicide and still charge you with, or convict you of the reckless homicide, maybe a reckless endangerment. All said this could add up to 15-20 years in prison even with some bargaining. And if you feel like your case is a lost one, and nobody cares, people just are going to try to wash their hands of you - like Republicans are doing - and paw you off on someone else and forget about you. Maybe you'll take that deal. But when you have the massive....millions of people, and this is not an understatement, millions of people across the country, even people who are not overtly political seeing this and getting energised by it getting inspired by it, feeling like finally they've seen someone take action against this human refuse, this scum that they have wanted to see cleaned off the streets for years. And this guy has millions and millions of people across the country in his corner. But equally as importantly, he has at least two very competent and attorneys with good resumes that are supporting him too. So yeah, this is going to be huge for Kyle and hopefully he does stick this out and gets away with no charges as he should. It would be the correct decision.

Jazzhands 07:46 Yeah, it would be the correct decision. And the reason why this is so popular, I know this has been talked about quite a bit, people have been starved of retribution for so long. We've been watching these acts of violence by blacks and Antifa unfold across the country now for years, and really nothing has been done to push back. We elected a president in 2016 who said that he was going to do that, but here we are on the eve of his re-election campaign in the middle of summer 2020 and we're told that this is "Biden's America" , classic Finkel Think. It's clearly not but that kind of an argument can fly with conservatives. And I've seen the memes going around, the Biden's America bit has gotten picked up and run forward. And it's incredible too because these are the very same people who were blaming Barack Obama for the financial collapse instead of blaming Wall Street. It's just the usual convenient sort thing that they follow. But yeah, these kinds of arguments fly really well in a culture and a political society where people have lost the ability to not only think critically but are slowly losing the ability to think rationally. And so you can sell people contradictions in the Jewish dialectic and people buy into them. And so, Rittenhouse did what the political system was supposed to have done a long time ago. Kyle Rittenhouse has effectively stolen the spotlight from even Donald Trump. I thought it was hilarious that this happened in the midst of the Republican National Convention because that clown show,that circus, that charade that was being put on virtually was supposed to be the big bump for Trump right ? Heading into the Labor Day weekend and into the actual true election season, the final lap, you could say it was supposed to be all about them. We're gonna be talking about how fake and gay that was later in the show today. But the fact that this Kenosha situation blew up at the time that it did, and you have this, I'll call him a hero, Kyle Rittenhouse the hero, taking out these Antifa when he did. He is the one who has actually done something. In that one act he has done more to push back on Antifa than Donald Trump, than BAGPIPIN' Bill Barr and everybody else. So I think he's a hero. And moreover, I think all of these things are going to accrue over a long period of time. I just hope Jews realise this that all of these wrongs are going to be corrected at some point. And I think it's.....I hope Kyle gets off. I have some level of optimism that he will because the case is so clear cut. There's so much video evidence. But I think there's more justice that needs to be done. I actually think that the DAs, who come forward with charges like murder one, because if there wasn't the solidarity in America backing Kyle, these murder charges would stick. Or maybe he'd take a plea deal or whatever. And I think that is the biggest crime of all is the fact that you can charge someone with a crime that they did not do. And because of the way that the system has been constructed, and the way that Jews are in so much power to control messaging in America, that they can get an outcome of murder one for a guy who was had the audacity to defend himself. And that I think is the the height of criminality and something should be done about Those people who do this sort of thing, and it has to stop, it has to stop and we have to stop things like.....it should just be well known that a guy like Kyle can go out and defend himself from terrorism, which is what he's doing. But moreover, these D.A.s need to be addressed. And very quickly they need to be addressed because this has to end. This has to stop. And there will be retribution for each and every act that happens like this. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be 10 years from now, but it's coming. So these people must win. Or there will be retribution for all of this. This cannot stand.

James 12:41 That's right. And this gets on people's radar when it is a high profile national case, like Kyle's is. But the same people that are charging Kyle and the people of that ilk that are over-charging him, that are attempting to ruin his life for defending himself or defending his community against terrorism. These people are running the show at district attorney's offices, at State Attorney's offices across the country. And that is what people need to know. People are incensed about this, that he's being charged as they should be. But they should also take a look locally and take a look at their region and see how this is being done around them as well see what rule their local DA's and local state attorneys are playing in allowing this unmitigated black and anarchist criminality in their cities, because it's not just happening in Kenosha. Remember when Baltimore we thought that was going to be an isolated incident or St. Louis or Ferguson? These were just wow, like, sure is great that it's happening there and not in my town, wherever your town is. But now it is happening in your town. Now it is happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin, or your small town in California, or wherever you are, it's come there and we'll talk later about how it has been exploited there. And what's been done to facilitate that. But these are not just crazy liberal DA's.... I mean that's something people will say, Republicans....this crazy liberal is overcharging them or this crazy liberal, like Kim Foxx with Jesse Smollett, this crazy black democrat..... it's more than just crazy black democrat, this is all part of a plan to pervert the criminal justice system in such a way that common sense, rational, morally just, in fact morally righteous actions by white men are punished or made illegal and where blacks and anarchists are given licence to burn, to loot, to terrorise to murder even whites indiscriminately and they will be covered for.

Jazzhands 14:49 Yeah, this is ultimately Jewish terrorism. This is not just one of your colleagues from across the aisle who happens to be disagree with you on just a few issues. This is an enemy infiltrator who does not belong in this country, who has no loyalty to this country, has no qualms about your children being murdered, raped, filled up with illegal drugs and illicit substance, these people want you dead. I mean, it's the old Sam Hyde bit right? These people want you dead, your children in jail and raped and murdered and whatever and they think it's funny. And they do think it's funny, but they will not stop until it's all finished. And so I want to continue with this Pierce statement and we'll do a little bit for the Rio-Rhinelanders just to bring them up to speed. Anybody who was just...I don't know....maybe you were in a coma for the last two weeks or something. Pierce said Rittenhouse was armed and decided to protect an auto mechanic shop across the street from a dealership that he heard was largely destroyed during the riots the night before. He said the weapon did not cross state lines but did not say where Rittenhouse got the gun. Demonstrators largely ignored an 8pm curfew. See this is once again I mean if anybody wants to say this Jewish blood is on anybody's hands, it's on the governor right? I mean, Rittenhouse would not have to have done this, and I would even make the argument that Jews would make in a situation like this that Rittenhouse, he was traumatised by this incident. 17 year old having to defend himself and defend the country, which is what he did. I mean, this is a traumatic thing and could have all been avoided if the governor had actually upheld the rule of law. And this by the way, I will say this interjecting on my own bit with Pierce here is that this has become very unpopular. This has been growing in unpopularity for a while in the last few days, I would say because what was it ? Don Lemon was coming out and suggesting that Biden needs to start telling people that burning and looting and the violence is not protest. Biden himself, I think came out and gave some sort of a comment like that. I think the long term shot, they wanted these protests to be done. It's very easy to make an argument in favour of Trump from a very normie brain sort of way. And these are actually starting to become very difficult for them to weather on their side, it's showing up in polling. And so that's why you're starting to see Don Lemon and Joe Biden coming out and saying, Yeah, you know, we got to push back on this because I think they wanted to have all this stuff wrapped up. They wanted to have it wrapped up in a nice, neat little bow and then Kenosha happened, because there was still stuff going on in Portland and Seattle and a few other places I think, very minimal right James ? I don't think there was a whole lot going on before Kenosha blew up in everybody's face.

James 17:52 No, it was on its way to being being wrapped up across the country like Minneapolis. It was over. It wasn't happening. In Chicago there were like isolated incidents here and there. But it wasn't like it was back in early June, mid June. We were just getting a deluge of video every single day of like swarms of black looting stores, of people being beaten in the streets. It had calmed down. In Portland and Seattle. I mean, that's what you're gonna get in those places. So that's not much of a surprise to people. But this was almost wrapped back under control until this started. And I've heard that there have been corresponding protests across the region, as well in honour of felon rapist child abuser, Jacob Blake.

Jazzhands 18:39 Yes, one of many felon child abusing rapists. We'll get into that here shortly. John Pierce continues : another attacker struck Kyle from behind as he fled down the street. Kyle turned as the mob pressed in on him and he fell to the ground. One attacker kicked Kyle on the ground while he was on the ground. Yet another bashed him over the head with a skateboard. I guess Rittenhouse was trying to help out injured people. Of course he was, he was a good guy, Rittenhouse was trying to help out injured people and to render aid at a nearby gas station and when he tried to get back to the auto shop. This is when the mob chased him and recognised him as the person guarding the shop they wanted to destroy. This is all from the Pierce statement, several rioters tried to disarm Kyle and in fear for his life and concerned the crowd would either continue to shoot at him or even use his own weapon against him Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds toward his immediate attackers, striking two, including one armed attacker, the attorney's statement continued. The rest of the mob began to disperse upon hearing the additional shots. According to a criminal complaint, Joseph (((Rosenbaum))) 36 of Kenosha followed Rittenhouse into a used car lot and attempted to take his weapon from him. Rosenbaum was shot in the groin and the back according to the medical examiner, and Rosenbaum and Huber were both killed as we all now know. Yeah. So one interesting thing is apparently, this is from talking to Alex and being on TDS yesterday is that apparently Rosenbaum might have been killed by friendly fire. So when he said "Shoot me nigga" somebody may have just taken him up on that offer. So, I mean, somebody who was not Kyle,

James 20:33 Right ! a nigga might have....

Jazzhands 20:35 Because I did not see Kyle shoot Rosenbaum.

James 20:41 And there's no video of it and neither did the reporter from the Daily Caller. And that's actually something that is going to be a question and is going to introduce, in a fair legal system would introduce more than enough doubt into this process to get Kyle off. But yeah, if you look at what the Medical Examiner reported. He was saying that Rosenbaum was shot five or six times I believe including in the front, in the groin and then also in the back of the head. Like the back side of his head, which does not correspond to where Rittenhouse would have been. And also according to the reporter for the Daily Caller who was there, just a few feet away from them as this all happened, before Kyle fired any shots there had been Antifa shooting into the air, shooting around, just licking shots in every direction. And Rittenhouse did not shoot until after that had happened. So it's very probable that Rosenbaum was done in by one of his own. And also you can look at the damage to Rosenbaum compared to Grosskreutz. The guy got his bicep blown off. And what happened to Rosenbaum there and his head looks much more minor it looks much more like a small calibre.

Jazzhands 22:04 Just a grazing is what it was. Based on what I heard that isn't ultimately what killed him. And I mean some of that has to do with the restraint exercised by Rittenhouse. I mean you can see the moment in the video where he decides to shoot that other guy. Not in any deadly shot but shoot him in the arm instead. I mean so yeah.

James 22:30 And so they have not done a ballistics report here. They've got released ballistics findings yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that Rosenbaum was actually killed by small calibre handgun fire, not .223 which would do some serious damage to somebody's head or groin or leg if that happened to them at close range. Just see the pictures of what happened to Grosskreutz there and his bicep.

Jazzhands 22:54 Yeah, it's pretty gnarly stuff there. But you know, it's fine. I think all of this is not only justified, I'm glad it happened. It shouldn't have happened, it shouldn't have NEEDED to happen because in a civilised country where we control our own law enforcement, we control our own judicial system, where we control control our own political system, these things don't happen or at least they happen in a very minimal way. And we should be able to rely on police and law enforcement to protect us. This is our country or at least it was but that's the world that people are living in now. And this is the sort of thing that becomes very necessary. And if you're in a situation like this, I will repeat what Mike said yesterday, we don't encourage anybody to go out and look for situations like this or to engage in any violence, but if you're in a situation where you have no choice but to have to defend yourself better make sure everything is on video and all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed, because they're going to throw the entire way to the Jewish system at you. And Kyle is in a very fortuitous position, probably as fortuitous as it could be, to defend himself and mount a legitimate defence and he has the backing of everybody and that solidarity is extremely important. A lot of people like to play games with the solidarity and try to find reasons why certain groups of people should not support someone or whatever because of "bad optics" or something. But no, no, the solidarity is what is going to help Kyle the most and get the support that he needs because relying on the GOP or Donald Trump to do these things ? Just not happening. Has Trump come out reluctantly, in support of Rittenhouse yet ? See now that's going to prove my point. So I said yesterday in a conversation that if he does at all, and it sounds like what you're about to tell me it's the opposite, it would be reluctantly. So if you're looking for a litmus test, if you need yet ANOTHER litmus test to see whether Donald is there for you or not, this was such an easy layup shot to make for a politician who is on the ropes, who is not doing well in polling, who's having a very difficult time. Just come out and support Kyle Rittenhouse. Could you imagine the Kyle Rittenhouse bump that Trump would get in the polls if he just tweeted non stop everyday about Kyle? We're gonna get him the support he needs blah, blah, blah. I mean, these are federal charges as far as I know, because the guy went back into Antioch, Illinois, so cross state lines becomes federal charges. Trump could immediately pardon Kyle and say fuck you to the DA's. That's what everybody voted for in 2016. But what do we get instead James ? This is brand new to me, so....

James 25:59 Well instead you get Kellyanne Conway in what I believe is her last statement as a Trump admin official before she leaves to deal with her absolute harlot of a daughter. She responded to the reports that Rittenhouse had been to a Trump rally, saying the White House is not responsible for the private conduct of people who go to rallies. nothing we can do about it.

Jazzhands 26:21 Wow ! Yes. Very interesting. Kelly. I mean, this is Kellyanne Conway, who allegedly beats her child, the harlot of a daughter that she has. If you look up Kellyanne Conway's daughter, I mean, it's just like, Whoa! So, yeah, I mean, dude, these people are just a disgusting fucking mess. That's your Trump White House. Right? Let's leave her a statement aside, let's say it never happened. That would still mean that what 72 hours later, maybe even more than that by now, it's been total radio silence from The White House on this issue. So if you're a "Serious Guy", you can't even make the argument that oh, well, Donald ....he's just waiting for all the facts to come out and then he will........Oh, that's what Donald does now ? He waits for all the facts to come out to take a position on something ? This would be such an easy political layup for him to make. And this sort of confirms everything that we've been saying for months now about his strategy.

James 27:26 Right, and the video is out there and it's been out for days now, it would have been so easy to...that would have been such a great moment, at the RNC to open his speech on the last day with words of support for Kyle and everyone else fighting against Antifa. This would have been so easy to do. And it would have if you believe in the theory that Trump just likes to trigger the media. You imagine the meltdown that would have happened if Trump had defended Rittenhouse and how much that would have galvanised support, not only for Kyle, but for Trump. And he could do something, like the opportunity for stunts are endless here, donate your salary, like he does every quarter to his legal defence. Like there's so many things that could be done here, that would be very effective, would boost Trump's popularity. And if he were a president trying to win re-election, you might see something like that.

Jazzhands 28:22 Yeah, I mean, there are no concerns of, let's say that these were non whites ( well they were "non-whites" ) but let's say they were blacks that got shot by Kyle. And you want to play this cope like, Oh, well, he can't do that. It's like, Well, why not? I would ask, but it's really the perfect scenario because these are Antifa that Trump is constantly railing against, his administration, Bagpipin' Bill Barr constantly railing against. They constantly make comments about Antifa and anarchists and people in the streets causing this violence but never do anything about it. So it shows you that they're not interested and then when someone finally DOES do something about it, and does it in a way that...Actually let me black pill some people here, anybody who's still plan trusting on Trump, they're ANGRY that this happened. They're angry that Kyle did this. They're going to be angry that Kyle got away with this because they would rather have something like this end up where these Antifas get some sort of justice. Now I know people are going to be like : Jazzhands what the fuck are you talking about? No, this is inconvenient for them. Kyle stole the spotlight from Donald Trump during the RNC. That's what happened. And beyond that, someone went out and did something that is gonna rally the base in a way that they do not want it to be rallied. They do not want the base....like I said, these people have starved of retribution for so long. They do not want them to start feeling like there's a hope to win, that you could take steps to move forward. Many have said if the government wanted to roll Antifa up they could do it in one weekend, it would be done, it would be finished. But there's no interest in doing that. And so what Kyle did was he actually struck out and caused a problem for some Jews in a movement that had been the shock troops of the establishment. And that's Donald Trump's establishment too, because Antifa is a convenient foil for him to point to and say, Oh, this is Biden's America, you know, look what they're doing. But these people are all playing for the same team. And sooner people realise this then the better off you're going to be.

James 30:44 And they especially don't want people starting to find hope outside of electoral politics, yet they want your energy, your anti-Antifa sentiments to be channelled into voting for Don for another four years because THEN he'll start doing something man, THEN it will get serious. We're gonna go ham, Trump is gonna crack down on them just wait, he's gonna declare them domestic terrorists. I've seen this from many, many people in comment sections. But all of that hope just hanging out there, that unsprung load just hanging out there waiting for people....that becomes a lot less appealing when it's okay, I COULD trust that plan or like: Kyle-Gun Go BOOM ! Somebody's actually doing something right here in the immediate sense so I'm going to be more excited about that. And I like that people like that more too. People like just the entire package here. This kid being 17 years old, being like a literal Boy Scout, and being in police explorers and volunteering to clean up graffiti and administering aid to people like this is the perfect American boy and he's fighting against communists, against Antifa in the street, this is going to be very appealing for people. Much more so than like Donald Trump.

Jazzhands 32:05 Well, it's not very appealing to Chris (((Wallik))) Jewish Fox News Sunday correspondent, I think he's one of the longest serving guys over there. He got into this battle with Katie Pavlich. And not even Breitbart will opine on this. Breitbart is just like, look what Katie did with Wallace. But that's it. I don't know what's changed in the last 24 hours. But conservatism has been very slow to get on board with supporting Kyle, the GOP is not doing it as far as I can tell. Maybe there have been a few that will reluctantly release statements, but again, with a political party that is starved of any sort of path toward accelerating and boosting their own side they seem to want to run away from things that would be very popular if they did. But Chris Wallace apparently said : "I've got to push back on something we said at the end of the last segment, because there seemed to be the implication that somehow vigilante justice was understandable or justified by the lack of sufficient police action and authority and presence in some of these cities. Just as it is fair to say that rioting and looting is completely inappropriate response to George Floyd or Jacob Blake, vigilante justice is a completely inappropriate response to the rioting in the street." Listen to this Jewish justification. "There is no justification for what happened in Kenosha and vigilante justice is a crime and should be punished as a crime." It's like no, Chris Wallace, you're a fucking crime and you should be punished as a crime like you do not belong in any position of power, having any authority over any sort of narrative, talking to anyone let alone millions of people doing this false moral equivalence between burning looting and destruction of property and someone defending their own fucking life you Kike !

James 33:57 Yeah, I mean Chris Wallace won't admit his true motivations for defending these rioters. Because he can't just come out and say, well as a fellow Jew I'm standing up for these people. But some people are saying that. There's a writer for The Jerusalem Post, Hen Mazzig who says Kyle Rittenhouse murdered a Jew, Joseph Rosenbaum gave his life fighting for black people in the legacy of Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner who were lynched for registering black voters in 1964. I don't know if that's even true or what happened there. But Jews will always stand with black people in life and death.

Jazzhands 34:41 It's just more of this usual garbage that they do. I think it was on TDS that Mike was saying that you're only two points of reference are the Jewish mythology that you've been taught about World War Two and the civil rights movement. And that's all it is. It's like, this situation that just happened is exactly like this situation that you were taught about in school. And here are the examples. And then this is supposed to hit people in the fee fees. And it doesn't hit me in the fee fees. No, you know what, Chris Wallace on television telling everybody that defending your own life is unjustifiable. It's exactly the same as destroying the city, is sort of the same thing like Weimar. And there was a reaction to Weimar wasn't there ? So yeah, Chris, maybe you should shut your fucking lying mouth ?

James 35:32 Yeah, and speaking of shutting up, Breitbart has nothing on their front page about the shooting. The only thing they have even closely related to it is Trump : Blake shooting is quote, "not a good sight". I'm looking into it. I didn't like your side of it. I think most people would agree. So that's what you're getting.

Jazzhands 35:53 Wait ! Hold up ! So Trump is saying that most people would agree that the Blake shooting was bad ?

James 36:01 Right.

Jazzhands 36:02 Wow.

James 36:03 Yeah. Jacob Blake who was in the process of being arrested for raping a woman in bed with her child in bed with her, and he breaks into her house at six in the morning and rapes her, and in violation of a protection order, by the way, and then he goes back to the house later. And this was in May when this original incident happened. And he was back at the house last week, in violation of that protection order. And police responded and tried to arrest him. Police are saying now he had a knife on his person when he was being arrested, refused commands, was tased, kept walking away and then reached into the compartment of his car, where a gun would be kept, reaching into the door pocket there and justifiably got his fucking vertebrae ventilated, as he should have.

Jazzhands 36:56 Yeah, he should have had his vertebrae ventilated. So here you have this just perfect, perfect way to illustrate it. So 2016 Breitbart has its own section on black crime. It has non-stop wall to wall implicit white nationalism, in some cases, explicit white nationalism. And you have America on fire in a way that it hasn't been, it certainly wasn't in 2014 and 2015. This makes that look like childsplay. And instead of defending Kyle Rittenhouse, you have a statement from the president defending THAT guy ? The guy who did what he did, I don't even want to repeat what he did. But Jacob Blake...the thing that he did to the girl I mean, that's that's your level of defence right now. On top of letting Alice Johnson out of prison, which we're going to talk about that too.

James 37:52 Yeah, dude. Breitbart.....they keep coming. Black voices for Trump helped to clean up BLM chaos in Wisconsin. RNC featured diverse lineup of black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and handicapped speakers and so on and so forth. And the only thing about Rittenhouse is buried at the bottom of the page and it is about Twitter locking Ann Coulter's account because of her spicy tweet about Rittenhouse where did somebody say like I want Rittenhouse to be a cop and Ann Coulter quote-tweetd and said I want him to be my president.

Jazzhands 38:27 Yeah, it's just so bad dude. It's so bad. Oh I guess Hen Mazzig deleted that tweet that you read earlier that Kyle Rittenhouse murdered a Jew. Apparently he deleted that but the replies are pretty funny.

James 38:44 Yeah, not surprising. Well, but there are more. He's not the only Jew that's out saying this. There are people saying that they're mourning.....people in Ivanka Trump's replies, saying that she should be mourning the Huber family and their son Anthony (a fellow Jew) brother Huber died seeking justice for all, accompanied with two very "jooooish" looking photos of him. This take from another Jew Everett Haber says : men like Kyle Rittenhouse stood guard at Auschwitz. They marched 1400 Jews into Lapucawoj forest, they arrested their neighbours in the Eastern Bloc. Yeah. Mike mentioned this on TDS that people are very......some lizard brain switch in the Jewish brain is triggered by Rittenhouse and it really do be like that.

Jazzhands 39:32 It really makes them upset. Yeah, well, I mean there's a lot of details on Rosenbaum and Huber and the others. Definitely check out Dissident hyphen Mag. There's an article entitled Kenosha Antifa attacker "JoJo" Rosenbaum was a registered sex offender. I also dug into the Kenosha court records and found that JoJo Rosenbaum also had an active court case open in Kenosha as of July 20, in which he had been charged with assault and battery, and then jumped bail on that case, so not only a registered sex offender, not only an arsonist, not only Jewish, not only a repeat felon, but also a fugitive because if he jumped bail on an assault and battery case then...his face is all over those videos. He's literally a fugitive at that point. Sex Offender fugitive on the run. Well, not anymore. He's in the ground or soon will be, you know, per Jewish custom. He's probably already buried within three days. So in any case, yeah, and also National hyphen Justice. We have the hyphens all coming in here. Check out the article Kenosha all three anarchists rioters shot have violent criminal histories. Definitely check that out, as well. But yeah, Kyle, apparently I did not even know this. Apparently he was working as a lifeguard in Kenosha the day the shooting and then went to clean up vandalism at school after work. I mean, this guy is just like the model dude at this point.

James 41:07 Yeah and I think that's going to come into play when prosecutors are going to try to make the case that he crossed state lines to commit this horrible act. But I don't think that's actually the case at all. And the reports that I had seen are that the gun came from a friend of his who lived in Wisconsin. So at no point was a gun transported across state lines. At no point did someone cross state lines for the purpose of doing crime, which is part of what has to be there in order to make it something federal. So for now, these charges are just in Wisconsin. He's being held in Antioch, Illinois, they're waiting to extradite him to Wisconsin. And that's going to be part of the challenge, right with these being local level offences. With these not being federal crimes. They're going to have to try him at a venue. Presumably if the legal system functioned as it's supposed to, they would have to try him in Kenosha. Now they could try to get the venue moved but it has to be somewhere else in Wisconsin, because these are state level crimes. So they're gonna have to try to find a place, and they will, they'll try to find a place that is diverse, that is full of non whites, it's full of shit libs or something in order to get a favourable jury.

Jazzhands 42:24 Oh bro, they're gonna fill up that jury with Jews. They're going to put that jury full of Jews. I don't even know maybe if they can figure out some way to claim that there was some state lines being crossed or the fact that he physically lived in Antioch and crossed state lines. I don't know. They might even move this on down to Chicago and have Jews Jew-up the jury to make sure that the "victims" are represented not Kyle. Yeah, this thing's going to get very, very ugly. I like what I'm seeing so far from Kyle's legal team. And I hope that they are prepared for a very long battle filled with Jewish tricks because that's what's coming.

James 43:15 Yeah, that's right. Well, yeah, and thankfully he's getting some broad base support like we mentioned earlier and people are seeming to rally behind him, even people with whom we have had past disagreements, but that's fine. I mean, that's not what matters right now. What matters right now is rallying around this kid and supporting him. Credit where it's due Gateway Pundit has done some very good reporting on this issue. They wrote the story about I believe they found the Facebook posts where Gaige Grosskreutz, not the skateboard, he was the bicep guy, saying his only regret was not killing the kid and hesitating before emptying the mag into him. So Yeah, I mean, dude, this narrative is falling apart for the prosecution thankfully. And you have College Republicans coming out saying the same thing. You have not the national organisation but these chapters, chapter ASU saying they'll be donating half of their funds collected this semester to his legal defence fund. You have like non partisan reporters this guy Patrick Henningsen saying Yeah, man this is pretty crazy. This guy with a gun ran up on him and Rittenhouse shot him in self defence, clear cut, plain as day, open and closed. So this is uh, this is good.

Jazzhands 44:34 Yeah, I mean, look, I don't want to rain all over anybody's parade but I would like some acknowledgement from these people that are supporting Kyle Rittenhouse and seeing that there's no support from the president. No support from Republicans. Because this is going to fade and then a week from now it's going to be back to the same old usual bullshit. I'm glad that they're taking the right side in this, they really have no other choice in many cases, but I just want them to make note of the fact that the President and all of the media apparatus, Breitbart, Golan Heightsbart, Fox News, nobody is taking his side except for Tucker. Tucker has done this. And that's good. I'm glad to see the Tucker's doing that, they have to have a pressure relief valve somewhere to do that. What will happen in the long run on that I don't know. I would expect continuous coverage from Tucker on this, because there will be a concerted effort by conservative media to continue to memory hole this because that's the only option that they have at this point. It's going to be a bad Look, if Chris (((Wallik))) continues to tell people try to do the false moral equivalence. And it's going to be better for them if they shut the fuck up about it, but I don't think they're going to be able to, it's too inconvenient of a narrative for them. So yeah, do you want to pivot to the DA rigging now?

James 46:07 Yeah, let's do that. And this is, I think, really important to talk about in this context, because you're right, people will get incensed about this. But if something new and shinier is put in front of their eyes by Breitbart and the other media sources they consume, then they might forget all about this. And that's not individuals fault, that's just what happens when you have a top down controlled media environment like we do. But this energy needs to be channelled I think, in a productive way. And one of the productive ways it could be channelled is addressing what has been done to DA elections across the country since around 2015. And this is something people picked up on at the time. But at the time, we didn't really know what the purpose of this was. And we might have had some general ideas, but now as we've seen over this summer, especially America descending into racial violence, anarchists being given free rein really in a way that they haven't before, much more so than they had before. We are starting to see what the real shot was here with these DA elections. And people will mention Soros and Soros is not the only player in this. But if we're being honest he is a major player what Soros has done and what the Open Society Foundation, the Tides Foundation, and other Soros controlled NGOs have done with DA elections, pretty substantial. So we start to look at this and they admit this on their website, they talk about influencing policymakers and pursuing justice and so on and so forth offering assistance. But over the last few years, Jewish billionaire George Soros has dumped millions of dollars into DA races across the country. Soros has used his considerable finances to challenge DA's that do not seem willing to do the Jewish bidding. And these DA's include, and they they're all across the country $400,000 for Scott Colom, millions for Andrew Warren, Kim Fox, Kim Ogg in Harris County, Texas, Orlando, Florida, Larry Krasner $1.7 million to him. We'll talk about him, Joe Gonzales in Bear County, Texas a million dollars. And cumulatively Jazz Soros and his Open Society Foundation has spent $28.1 million dollars in 2020 alone on what they describe as "justice reform" and "rule of law reform". So yeah, there's a lot of money being poured into these elections. And is it just to elect Democrats you think ? Democrat, crazy liberals? Maybe there's something more here?

Jazzhands 48:55 Yeah, there's something more here and this has been something that has been going on for a while. I mean, how many times have we heard about Soros getting involved in DA elections. And I would be remiss if I did not point out the fact that you had Finkel Think, Finkelstein and Birnbaum using Soros as an election tool in Europe and in the United States, and what Soros has been doing and everything else, but this DA thing, it's been brought up by conservative media outlets over a period of time. But I'm not hearing much about it now. And the fact that where we are right now, in the midst of all this violence that's going on, and the fact that you have repeated examples of Antifa in some cases being arrested, but in many cases where DA's as we heard, when the riots really started kicking off in what around Memorial Day and beginning of June, is that DA's in many of these cities, we're saying yeah, we're not going to be charging any of the protesters. So the message to police was you might as well not even arrest these people, go through the trouble of doing anything to these people, because we're not going to be charging them. We're just making a blanket decision not to charge anyone. And now that we see ultimately what the shot is, just radio silence from everybody. So George Soros is trotted out as this Boogeyman, this NAZI Boogeyman before every election. But then, when things are actually happening transactionally as a result of efforts that he has undertaken, it's just radio silence. Like, they don't talk about it at all. And this has been the pattern for quite some time. And that's why they're even trying to turn off the Soros critiques because anybody, any Republican, even Kevin McCarthy did, right before the 2018 midterms said something about Soros. I mean, these guys got their hands slapped because they don't want Finkel Think trafficking in anti semitism. And that is sort of the No Go zone. And it's what got Trump elected, but they're not doing that. This isn't 2016 anymore. But these are valid things to call out. Just you know, painting a picture of of Soros with devil horns growing out of his head and with like a Nazi armband. I mean, that's just fucking stupid. But why don't we talk about something important? Why don't we talk about something with substance? Well, we are. We're waiting for everybody else to. It's right out there in the open. So we'll continue talking about it in the absence of any real media that wants to so yeah. I was just looking into the research that you did on this and it's just pretty incredible.

James 51:47 Well, yeah, and you have to parse through a lot of garbage when you're reading conservative media about this because they'll tell you some of what is being done, but then they will dress it up and introduce so many mis-directs hoping you fall down. Like I saw one place that was talking about how this is ironic, considering George Soros suffered under the yoke of Nazi oppression and was a Nazi collaborator and just all of this dumb, stupid stuff about Soros that's meant to distract you from what's actually going on. And like others saying that Soros literally controls every DA in the country. No, not quite but he's getting close to that point, and I'm sure he would like to. But let's talk about what he's actually done. And the case of Larry Krasner. Chuck Krasner in Philadelphia is a perfect example, is the model case for what they're doing across the country. Larry Krasner, who is, of course, Jooooish, was supported with $1.7 million of Soros money, which accounted for almost all of the $1.9 million his campaign raised. In his first week in office, he was eleted in 2016, Krasner fired 31 prosecutors from the DA's office, including junior and career staff, up to one third of homicide prosecutors were dismissed. This was a total of 10% reduction in the number of Philadelphia assistant DA's. And as I was doing this research, these stories come back to you. And you remember all of these like aggreiving instances of how could a DA do this? Well, this is how and why a DA did this, because Soros put them in office. This is a guy who charged a SWAT officer with assault, reckless endangerment and "official oppression", which is apparently a charge there, and possession of an instrument of crime. When there was footage that came out of him pepper spraying protesters at a George Floyd protest. And this was in July of this year, and this is not unusual for Mr. Krasner. This is what he does. He has criticised Philadelphia cops for harbouring racists, and formed a task force to investigate more than 2000 arrests made in the demonstrations about George Floyd. So setting up a committee to expedite the dismissal of charges for people and maybe sift out any white nationalist in there and make sure they get hard time. When Trump said he might send federal agents to Philadelphia, Mr. Krasner said he might try to prosecute them. And this has caused a rift between him and the local federal prosecutor. Apparently on the night of Mr. Krasner's election at his victory party, there were a chants of Fuck the Police. So like, yeah, and this is the guy who's in charge of prosecution in Philadelphia. All right, great.

Jazzhands 54:46 Yeah, wow ! Sounds like the people of Philadelphia, their interests are being served. I mean, some people's interests in Philadelphia are being served, but they want to make sure that these cities turn into hellhole no go zones where you can't defend yourself if you live there. And it's particularly demonic of them to invite all of these white people to come into the city and gentrify those communities, and then set off these violent demonstrations and give these people no opportunity not only to defend themselves, like that will result in a murder one charge, but anybody who commits any crime, I mean, the pretence of why would I want to come back into a neighbourhood that had been controlled by blacks for five decades or even in some cases, 100 years and gentrify this community or spend $500,000 on a 400 square foot apartment in a very expensive neighbourhood that 10 years ago would have been worthless. You know, guess who is buying up all these apartment blocks and converting them into very expensive real estate and then reselling them to hipsters and White gentrifiers? You know, the enticement to come back in and live in that places is the implication is you're going to have police protection, you're going to have some semblance of a judicial system where it's like, you know, it can't possibly be the case that a woman would go out and walk her child around the neighbourhood in a baby buggy. And, you know, if something happens to her, Well, at least the police are going to protect her. Wrong ! Somebody's just going to walk to work and not get robbed or stabbed. It's like, Wrong ! And if that happens to you, your perpetrator is not going to be charged. And if you do anything to defend yourself, you will be charged. And so it's particularly disgusting to do this. I mean, think of the whole process of getting these people to come in there, kicking out the people who were living there in the first place. And you know, I don't give a shit. These people don't belong there at all. But these people took over the cities at the end of civil rights. I mean, this has been one big long Jewish trick where they're profiting from it and destroying "Whiteness", and they're very excited about doing this for a very long time. So what could Larry Krasner's motives really be about? And maybe he should be put on trial? Maybe we should start having these show trials. And Larry Krasner we just, jury of your peers ? Nah Larry, going to be a jury of us. And you're going away for a long time.

James 57:25 Dude, even a jury of cops in Philadelphia, that's how bad things have gotten. Even a jury of cops in Philadelphia, they were ready to string this guy up. I mean, they were ready to attach the tow rope to the police expedition and you know, get the party started because they're pissed at this guy. They're blaming him rightly for police deaths. You mentioned that if somebody were to be like walking their kid and they would be harmed that at least the police would step in. Well, in Jewish run America, what will actually happen is your attacker might be arrested, but then a Jewish DA like Larry Krasner will go back on the books for years in order to free the attacker and make sure they don't face the death penalty. That's what he's doing in the case of Robert Wharton, who is a double murderer. Krasner's DA's office has formed a task force to undo his death penalty conviction. In 1984 he broke into a house and the couple was black, but who cares, right? He broke into this house and drowned the parents and then turned the heat off, and this was in the middle of winter, so their six month old daughter would freeze to death. And this Jew is making it his mission to make sure that this murderer this would-be triple murderer, gets off and is released from prison and does not face the death penalty. So that's going on. They have given second chances to people with gun offences many of these people have gone on to commit murders with the guns they were caught with. Like Alright, great. The federal prosecutor has blamed Mr. Krasner for the death of a police officer. This case of Hassan Elliot, who was already in violation of parole on a firearms conviction when he was caught in possession of cocaine. But Mr. Krasner's office dropped the drug charges at a scheduled hearing in which Elliot didn't even show up for which usually that means bench warrant and you get picked up later but not in Jewish run America. A year later, Officer James O'Connor was killed trying to pick up Elliot on homicide charges that itself post dated the parole violations and cocaine arrest. So dude, it total lawlessness, total free rein for criminals to do whatever they want. And in fact, if the justice system in their perspective messes up and catches someone that does something violent, like yeah, don't worry, Jewish DA is there to pursue your rights to the fullest extent possible.

Jazzhands 59:54 I want Larry Krasner to have to answer for all of these crimes. And he will be answering for all of these crimes. I mean, the idea that people aren't paying attention to what's going on, and there is no record that's being created here, Larry? I mean, come on guy. I mean, you better hope that you guys win in your lifetime. You better hope that they make it this far because this kind of stuff, the things that have been done. This is Jewish terrorism. I mean, that's not hyperbole. This is Jewish terrorism, 100%. And what's happening in Philadelphia with Larry Krasner is not an isolated incident. This is not just one of Soros's guys that is going off the rails. This is in fact, the model for what this legal network, and it goes beyond Soros, which we'll mention here shortly. But this is the model they are attempting to export across the country. And we didn't understand like I said earlier, we didn't really know the full extent of the shot in 2015 and 2016. But we're starting to now in the context of widespread and unmitigated black and anarchist rioting. So this justice and public safety PAC and other groups, they've been spending millions of dollars on prosecutorial races in recent years. St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner, who was a Soros donation recipient drew controversy when she announced her office was bringing felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Remember those, you know defending their right to brunch. They're in St. Louis. Yeah, that DA was also Soros funded. Kim Fox in Cook County, Illinois, obviously, who drew national attention when she dismissed the case against Jesse Smollett, accused of faking the hate crime. He did fake the hate crime. And regarding what you mentioned earlier about protests, regarding ongoing protests in her jurisdiction, she has said that her office will lean towards dismissing cases coming from protests or curfew violations. "The question is um, to do it is it a good use of our time and resources?" Fox told Chicago Sun Times. "No, it's not." So, yeah, just break the law, right? Do what you want to do. Because when you look at her term in office there has been a 13% decline in guilty pleas or verdicts in felony cases and a 39% increase in dropped or lost cases after Fox took office in 2016. Guys sounds like incompetence and democrat run cities, right ? It's the usual thing Finkel Think that they do on on this whole thing. This is the "leftist socialist wild eyed liberals who are doing this, Demonrat runs cities." It's like, no, it's just Jewish run cities. And when they talk about Antifa being white liberals, it's like, no, they're just Jewish. And actually, the sample size that we have thank you to Kyle Rittenhouse. It's very Jewish. So who's surprised ?

James 1:03:01 Small sample, though, I think to be peer reviewed. I think that sample needs to be peer reviewed. Right? Some validity?

Jazzhands 1:03:08 Well, I mean, if you took a sample out of a swimming pool, and that test tube is like, you know, comes up three parts out of three gasoline I think you have a problem with your, your pH level there, nnnnguy. So, yeah, three out of three. It's kind of funny how that works. George Soros had to set this up, taking a step back to the 40,000 foot view on this just for a moment, this had to all be set up in preparation for what was coming. So it's a total dereliction of duty on everybody's part, to not have seen what the plan was here. Soros is just putting in DAs for the fuck of it ? Or is there some sort of intent to use this new set of the DA's and all these fire prosecutors for some purpose and it's like, wow, this violence started off in the middle of nowhere, came out of nowhere. And all of a sudden you get these results happening and it's happening worse I think everybody can agree that it's happening worse, worse than it ever has been in the past. It's even gotten to the point where it makes it very difficult then for them to get people that excited about the violence that happened in Charlottesville, the quote unquote, white nationalist violence when that was just more Jewish Antifa violence. But Charlottesville compared to what we're seeing all over the country now, it just seems like such a miniscule thing for them to get upset about. Like Mike said, 30 people have died so far in 2020 in these protests, and they'll get really upset about bikers in Sturgis without wearing their "meeeeasks", and spreading Coronavirus around the eight different states, which is what the articles I saw were saying. But when there are protests going on over all over the country it's like, Yeah, no, there's nothing, nothing to see here, nothing going on. No cause no effect. But this whole thing had to be set up and erected in order for them to pull this off in the way that they're doing it. And so over a period of time, you're going to see this increase more. So we can say pretty accurately to predict that this is going to continue even more. I mean, I know that there's this theory that this is only happening because Trump is in office and that it's just going to go away when Trump is gone. It's like, no, they wouldn't be making all of these preparations for this kind of a thing. This is going to be a common thread. Now it may be attenuated for a period of time, depending on how the political structure ends up going in their favour. I mean, for example, they're not going to do street violence to get rid of Biden, maybe. Maybe they will, I don't know. Maybe it'll be time to get rid of Biden after two years, and they'll do all this stuff. And this is a rejection of a white president. I don't know if they'll do that or not. I don't think they will. But the idea that this is just going to go away, and this is just like a one time summer thing ? No, it's going to get a lot worse. And I think I think that's a pretty fair statement to make. Well, they were trying to build a new normal and you'll see this leftover mentality from a lot of conservatives when they talk about this, that Oh, just you wait, their charge is going to be dropped or just you wait, the prosecutor overcharged him on purpose. And this like blind faith in the legal system, the infallibility of the legal system, that it will uphold justice that it will do right is this idea that a lot of conservatives still cling to and that had to be broke, that had to be made not true. That had to be changed because that was the case especially in many of the cities, places like St. Louis, they would elect tough on crime prosecutors that would put blacks in prison because people there, the people that were invested in DA elections in St. Louis, these are people that want these things to be reined in. Right? If you're voting in the DA election, you're not likely a black criminal, you're probably not someone that wants a lot of black crime. So they would try to keep these things more under control. But that's being changed and eroded now. And a few more examples of what the Soros mould is, dude, we both I think had the same impression when we read this name. Chesa Boudin. I think this was like, some Congolese French name or something. But Dude, you smash this guy's Google Images. And it's like, Alright, that's weird. And then you smash the Early life and find out he was born in New York City to Jewish parents. But wait, his parents were Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, who were Weather Underground members that were sentenced to 75 years in prison for felony murder of two police officers and a security guard as they were robbing a Brinks truck. And he was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, so yeah. Wow. Quite a lineage there. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn I haven't heard much about that since the Obama era. And that's when people were getting very close to talking about this stuff in the mainstream and suddenly that all got shut off. It's amazing how quickly that got turned off and..

James 1:08:38 Jeremiah Wright, chickens come home to roost right?

Jazzhands 1:08:41 Yeah. these are things that got people closer to the answer and then steered them away into safe avenues. But this is just proof here with Soros that you should not assume when people are talking about Soros and the Rothschilds and whatever it's not that it's fake and gay. It's not, there is some reality there. But then when they start talking about Soros being a Nazi and everything else, it's like, No, no, no, it's an opportunity to correct the record. You're right over the target, but you're not using the right tools to dig, I guess, would be the metaphor that I would use. And it's just getting people that close, you lead them right the rest of the way home. And it's easy to point this stuff out, and you have to break people of the "Democrat run city" stuff, too, because Republicans aren't there to stand up for this. Republicans aren't stopping this. They're more than happy to surrender the field of battle and watch people go into prison. And nobody is ever going to come out and criticise Chris Wallik for saying what he's saying. But essentially, what he's saying is, you need to surrender to this too, you need to not defend yourself. And if you do, we're going to have this system in place to take care of you. And what Soros has done here with the DA's is just a part of the larger plan that Trump and Kushner have pushed through with criminal justice reform. If you don't think criminal justice reform is about righting the past wrongs and Soros is about making sure that those never happen again. These two things are working hand in hand together. They are not mutually exclusive.

James 1:10:25 Yeah, that's the case : Philadelphia, St. Louis, San Francisco, this is part of the nationwide plan here Costa County, Contra Costa County, California, 4 C's. Diana Becton, another one of these Soros operatives, plants,funded candidates. She's the one who filed hate crime charges against the two white people who are caught painting over the BLM mural. Remember that ? This was a big case like a month ago?

Jazzhands 1:10:53 Yeah, out in Cocoa County ?

James 1:10:58 You said this yesterday when we were talking about this, you put it in a good concise way, in that it's like lawlessness for blacks, but new and novel legal innovations being derived to fuck over Whites.

Jazzhands 1:11:10 Yes. And that's what they're doing. And I mean, it's happened up and down the board. I mean, you have with this Monique Worrell. Here's the thing for people to understand. They don't always put Jews in these positions like Diana Bection is black, Monique Worrell is I believe black. And so when a black will suffice, they will take that path. I mean, it depends on the location. They can't shoehorn a Jew in every one of these positions. But when they can, they will. And eventually the plan is to have a Jew in every single one of these positions, but they like to mix it up. Because, you know, some of these Jews are obviously to most people just white presenting and they can't be railing against the system of White supremacy and then putting in whites into all these positions, doesn't really work. But the ultimate goal is to have whites quote unquote "whites" in all of these positions. They're just going to be Jews. They want to build a Sanhedrin. And that's what Soros is doing.

James 1:12:13 Yeah, and even the groups that present as being like FUBU, right, like, Yeah, man...like the Shaun King group that's doing this, Real Justice. We black led, we goin' get black leaders in place. Okay, cool, Shaun. Well, first of all, you're a white guy, but also, if this is a thing for blacks why is your board made up of people like Michael Kieschnick, Zoe Wong-Weissman and Zach Malitz ? Real, genuine grass roots skin of the teeth black activism here.

Jazzhands 1:12:45 Oh man, Shaun King is such a fucking Jewish trick. It just never ends.

James 1:12:51 So they also support the same candidates. This is like another way that Jews effectively launder money to these elections is they'll have 30 different PACS that all make big donations to the same candidate. And then you could be like, Look, George Soros only gave, you know, $10,000 or George Soros didn't give it all to this candidate. Alright, but why does this organisation that is funded by his money give to that candidate ? And also, it's like other Jews involved. It's not only Soros, this is how other Jews get their money into these elections, too.

Jazzhands 1:13:21 It also shows you that if you just wiped the map clean of George Soros, and many, many others, just imagine, like all of those PACS. Those aren't small dollar donations. You're getting from the momentum from the initial injection of cash that you're getting you'll get support for this stuff. But if you just wiped this stuff out, there would be no support for these things.

James 1:13:49 Jazz are you saying we should learn from Larry Krasner? Because that's how serious guys get elected.

Jazzhands 1:13:55 Yeah, I think so. Yeah. I may disagree with Larry Krasner on Zionism, I've never liked the Zionism but, ya know, there's something we can work with on this ya know...

James 1:14:06 There was a lot of overlap there between overt Jewish supremacy and anarcho tyranny and America First. In fact one could say there's no overlap because it's the exact same thing. So there's some other groups that do this, American Immigration Council, Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Faithful America. George Soros specifically gives money to all of these groups and other Jewish mega donors do as well. But I was doing some digging and I exhausted the googling and Duck Duck Going last night. I could not find any record of a Soros group backing this Kenosha County DA Mike Graveley, but he might as well have been because this guy is spiritually "Joooooish" to the core. There's a story from Kenosha news.com about Mike Graveley : some time ago, Kenosha County DA Mike Graveley came to a stunning revelation. He figured out in 25 years working in criminal justice, he had been party to sending more than 1000 people to prison. Wow, stunning. Realising that he went on a search, contemplating his impact on those lives and others. "Anyone who is a serious student of the criminal justice system, any veteran within that system will tell you there are parts of it that are broken" he said. Graveley went into the "community" in search of conversation, so on and so forth, which led him to a group called Congregations United to Serve Humanity, a local interfaith organisation, which has as its mission, the championing of criminal justice reform, in addition to open borders and legalising prostitution and other things. Thursday night, that group honoured Graveley with the 2017 justice advocate award. Now you see interfaith and you think, okay, it's just like Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics, Protestants all getting together. Yeah, no...this is Jews...Jews.

Jazzhands 1:16:03 It's like Habad orthodox and just a few different "interfaith" connections between Jews. Yeah, it just never ends.

James 1:16:13 the Reform. We're not just making that up because dude, these guys they meet every Thursday at the Beth Hillel temple in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Jazzhands 1:16:26 This is a shul, the weekly shul meetings that they have on politics. And just because there's no connection between Mike Graveley, whatever the fuck his name is, I mean, he's been there working 25 years in criminal justice. So they don't need to field a candidate if they already have one in place, it's kind of convenient. So you have to look at the areas that they're targeting. And then that tells you who would have given maybe even potential a fair ruling. And then those people are gone. They're targeting the problem areas. But yeah, we don't have to have a direct line on the Pepe Silvia wall from Graveley to Soros to make that connection and especially when you have things like this interfaith Jaaarsh community, giving them their full throated endorsement.

James 1:17:22 a direct line between the prosecutor's office and the Beth Hillel temple.

Jazzhands 1:17:26 Pretty much. Yes.

James 1:17:29 So it shouldn't be any surprise when you see this guy Mike Graveley coming out and charging Rittenhouse the way he did, or calling for a civil rights investigation into the cops, the white cop. The white like Chad cop that shot Jacob Blake. No surprise when you know who he's ensconced with and who he's meeting with on Thursdays at 5:30.

Jazzhands 1:17:51 This is why whenever you hear conservatives or liberals or any of the participants in the kosher dialectic bewailing the "egregious human rights" violations in China or Iran or whatever. I mean, nobody does human rights violations better than the United States do, let me tell you. Especially with stuff like this going on. I want to see Mike Graveley thrown into solitary confinement. And we'll have a not so speedy trial for Michael Graveley and maybe he'll be doing well when you pull him out of the hole for trial, maybe not. But I think the most egregious crimes being committed against humanity are charging people.... because you are put in a position of trust. He's obviously an attorney. Right? He's passed the bar exam, ostensibly somewhere. He has studied law. He's supposedly studied ethics, but chances are he studied Jewish ethics and those ethics are not compatible with ours and so he believes that there's nothing ethically wrong with charging someone with murder one at all. We just do that and he would sleep very well at night if Rittenhouse got murder one and he would probably go for the maximum sentence. They would do to him, they're going to do to Rittenhouse what they did to James Fields, and unfortunately because of the lack of solidarity in the broad right spectrum James Fields is serving a very long prison sentence, an egregiously long....like a Jewish cartoonish prison sentence and they would love to do that to Rittenhouse, too. They're gonna have a difficult time because of what happened. But arguably those two crimes are very similar. Both were done in self defence and so it's the same thing again and again and again and Mike Graveley has to pay, the people that put Mike Graveley in his office have to pay and it can't just be paid at the ballot box there needs to be swift, with due process, justice for everybody that has fallen into the Mike Graveley/George Soros machine and that's what the purpose is chew him up, spit him out.

James 1:20:19 Right, and they would love to give Rittenhouse 100 year life sentence for each of the Jews he murdered and you know 20 or 50 years for malicious wounding or whatever the standard is for what happened to Grosskreutz. Another thing that needs to be pushed back on, and it's good that people are showing support for Rittenhouse, that's excellent. But this notion I've seen from some in conservatism, some in the "serious guy" mileu on Twitter, saying that Rittenhouse wasn't even a racist, Rittenhouse wasn't even political. And so he should be getting off because he wasn't a bad guy.

Jazzhands 1:21:08 Jewish, that's a Jewish argument.

James 1:21:11 The implication being that if you WERE a racist, or if he were political, then everything that's happening to him would be justified. And it would be proper and right to throw away the key on this guy. And it may sound like, oh, you're breaking the solidarity here. No, what they are doing is breaking any chance of future solidarity. Because what they're then setting up, actually what they're reinforcing is the notion that if you are someone who is pro White, if you are someone who is political at all, in anything, with any view other than rank neo-liberalism, then you should be afraid of defending yourself, you should be cowering in fear. And if you are fucked over by the system, then everything that happens to you is justified. So anybody who is making that supposition or advancing that idea I saw Elijah Schaeffer on Twitter doing this who's a Turning Point guy or something? He claims to be like AmNat or whatever, I don't know his deal, but he's saying he's not even racist, like, Fuck that. I don't care if he was. And whether he is or not, it doesn't matter, because he's being screwed over by the same system that would do this to any White men. They would do this to any White man, regardless of your politics. And that's becoming clearer by the day.

Jazzhands 1:22:28 Yes, sir. Well, without further ado, I think we're ready to go to a quick break here. We'll be back immediately after this to talk about some very interesting things with suburban housing flip flops, and a little bit of RNC news roundup. Couldn't get faker and gayer. We'll be right back right here on FTN.

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Jazzhands 1:24:29 predominance control authority hegemony, these are all synonyms of the word supremacy. Anybody following the kosher question, calm can see that the kosher certification industry enjoys all of these words and more as they pertain to the primary American marketplace for sustenance. A supermarket beer an American consumer wishing for some simple religious or personal liberty when you shop for food and cooking supplies. Well, guy, you're just out of luck, unless you want to become the grocery dissident You'll be forced to support the religious organisations that impose their will their laws in ancient particularism on almost every packaged item we buy, peanut butter, food wrap, milk, dish soap, oatmeal, coffee, tea, sugar, flour for all these items and more, much more, you will likely not find name brand products free from religious intermediaries and kosher intervention. And that is because you are living on the premise that there is hope in KC communities growing place where you can find products that are not kosher certified and proclaim occidental unnatural, because it's only natural that we've come to this point where we hashtag go free as we learn more from the kosher question.com

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James 1:26:07 Welcome back to FTN. Opening the second hour talking about something that we did a medium depth snorkel dive on a few weeks back with regard to public housing and this Trump HUD stuff that's been going on, on the flip flop that is now occurred. Jazz I'm understanding there's been a change in position by Donald Trump on this on this issue ?

Jazzhands 1:26:39 Yeah, actually, they were very much running forward, surprise, surprise, with the Obama era mandates in this nibbling around the edges as we pointed out on FTN 328 was really just for show, for the base and nobody is buying it. And so, this renewed interest in protecting "our suburbs" as you've heard this implicit White rhetoric from Trump. That's not real, it never was real. And it only started when he got into trouble. And quietly they've been continuing these things behind the scenes. But listen to the Finkel Think being done by Tucker Carlson at the beginning of his Tuesday programme, and now he's talking about the McCloskeys. And this is the couple in St. Louis who were out in front of their house with AR's and whatever defending their property, rightly so, from blacks who had broken into a gated community. But in the context of this Tucker's talking about, well, you just hear it for yourself.

Tucker Carlson 1:27:50 If you watched the programme last night you saw Patricia and Mark McCloskey on stage, so the St. Louis couple threatened in their home by an angry mob of Joe Biden voters earlier this summer. Unlike so many victims of left wing threats, the McCloskeys decided to defend themselves. And for that the media vilified them, denounced them as lunatics and racists. Last night the McLoskeys explained what they have learned from this experience. The Democratic Party, they said has declared war on the middle class Americans who pay their taxes, mind their own business with their families at home. Democrats want to punish people like this because they're too independent. They're not obedient enough. To do that the Biden campaign is pushing what it's calling a fair housing initiative nationally. That would mean no more single family zoning in your neighbourhood, that would mean Low Income Housing could be moved next door, whether you like it or not. It's not up you, its no longer your neighbourhood, it's controlled from Washington. In other words you've worked your whole life to raise your kids in a safe place but Democrats can make it dangerous overnight if they feel like it, and they may. Well you should know that all of this only applies to middle class neighbourhoods. There aren't gonna be any section eight apartments built in Aspen, or in Martha's Vineyard Oh no ! Barack Obama LOVES the idea of moving poor people from the cities to the suburbs. He just doesn't want it anywhere near him. Obama wants to live in the palest neighbourhood he can find and that's exactly where he does live. If there's one thing Barack Obama hates, its diversity. How do we know this ? Check out his real estate purchases. They always tell the real story no matter what they say. Now all of that is true and precisely because it is true you are absolutely not allowed to say it. CNN was OUTRAGED by the McCloskey speech. So the usual all moron panels swung into action to denounce them, the McLoskeys have no right to defend themselves. They have no right to private property, and neither do you bigot ! everything the McLoskeys...

Jazzhands 1:29:47 I give Tucker credit for defending the McCloskeys, but I give him F minuses for doing full bore Finkel Think. I don't expect Tucker to have read the manual on Finkel Think and understand everything that we've been talking about. But he actually should understand a little bit. And I would even say that he knows what he's doing when he's doing that rhetoric. Tucker is not ignorant Tucker is not dumb Tucker is not unintentionally and unwittingly stuck in the left right political paradigm. He knows exactly what he's doing. Because when he talks about both parties in Ship of Fools and everything else, and the establishment he understands that they work together, but suddenly when it matters the most, watch what your favourite pundits are doing and saying. And so when it matters the most, 2020, in an election year, violence all over the country, the rhetoric being used is Barack Obama, Leftists, Democrats, Democrat run cities, they want to do this to you. And the implication is that Trump doesn't. That's not so true. And furthermore, what I thought was funny is the way that Tucker framed Obama having the audacity to want to live in the palest neighbourhood possible. What did he mean by that James? I mean why of course Obama wants to live in the palest neighbourhood possible, that's sort of a priori knowledge at this point that most people do. And this is the problem. Tucker does. Tucker didn't build a studio in Detroit. He built it in Maine. Hey, aren't you in a middle class neighbourhood Tucker? Why aren't you doing that? No, of course. And I get the argument, everybody gets the argument that this fair housing rule that was put into place by the Obama administration that we covered at length in FTN 328 is something that is deeply insidious. It's about getting rid of single family zoning and putting up public housing high rises in little downtown areas in the middle of white suburbs. And yes, it's not going to happen in Aspen. It's not going to happen in Chappaqua or Chappaquiddick. It's not going to happen in any of these very wealthy neighbourhoods won't happen in Tucker's neighbourhood or in Hwhitefish. No Jews are moving into Whitefish. They love it there. And so yeah, it's not going to be happening in those places. Like we all get that but that's a misdirection. That's not the real argument, like the outrage the conservative : You won't do what they're doing to us. It's like, yeah, we get that contradiction guy. The point is that both parties are doing it to you. They have been doing it to you. Obama started it with the Fair Housing rule that he put into place, and Donald Trump has continued it in until it was politically inconvenient not to. And in fact, if Donald Trump had the Dow 30,000, Dow 35,000, no Coronavirus, record low black unemployment and everything else nobody would be talking about the suburbs. Nobody'd be talking about the housing rules and public housing, but all of a sudden that's become a big political issue again. And Trump has had to temporarily flip flop on it in order to gain some, I guess, credence or some support from his base. This is an article from Politico : Trump is going to war on low income housing in suburbs, but he once embraced it, and that's true. Trump issued an executive order in June 2019, establishing a White House Council on eliminating barriers to affordable housing and appointing Carson, the only black member of his cabinet as its chair. He directed that group to quote "Address, reduce and remove the multitude of overly burdensome regulatory barriers that artificially raise the cost of housing development". Now, this was all framed at the time as a guise of bringing down the cost of housing and various, you know, heroic sort of talking points and whatnot. But what it was really about is we're going to find out is this is in 2019. This is when the economy's doing really well record low black unemployment. all the bullshit that we were seeing going on back then, no Coronavirus, no problems, no unemployment, no issues with Donald Trump's re election, no concern where Donald Trump has to pivot back to pretending to care about White people and White interest in middle class homes in the suburbs. No, back then it was about getting rid of the barriers that stand in the way of developing public housing in suburbs. In other words, continuing the policy that had been put into place under Barack Obama. But every once in a while having Carson come out and cancel certain rules and cancel this and whatever. Because remember the whole shot of this thing was, is that these suburban communities that have been gobbled up by cities that are resistant to being annexed by cities were being denied funding unless they participated in all this fair housing bullshit where they logged into these tools and used these maps to determine how, okay, if you're going to take federal dollars for roads and everything else that you need, well, how are you going to make your community browner? And why is this one neighbourhood that you have on your map here 98.99999%. White ? And what are you going to do about that? What are you going to change about that? This is what Obama's rules were all about. And these cities have put into place some barriers that have prevented further development of public housing in place and as they should, they're trying to protect the residents. A lot of these councils are White and they don't want this stuff. They're also dealing with this problem of NIMBYs. For those of you out in Rio Rhinelander NIMBY stands for not in my backyard. It's been around for a while. And so Carson in 2019, as a representative of the Trump administration, and as a push instituted by Trump's executive order in 2019, to establish this White House Council on eliminating barriers to affordable housing. Carson repeated his longtime plea that Americans abandon their not in my backyard mentality that lies behind the support for exclusionary zoning rules, according to attendees, Secretary Carson was very eloquent in making a solid case against restrictive zoning, both on civil rights grounds and economic grounds. And really, the entire White House economic staff there in the room was nodding their heads, including Jared Kushner. The National Housing conference President David (((Dworkin))) former Treasury official under both Obama and Trump administrations, Dworkin says Well, what happened? Trump's dramatic about face on the issue came as he began to hammer law and order. The theme that came about in the widespread racial justice protests from earlier in the summer, and have continued up through today. This is a page torn from the Arthur Finkelstein, Richard Nixon playbook. And his recent comments about the dangers of a sweeping Obama era fair housing rule, which now Trump is somehow against while last summer, he and his White House are standing up committees along with Ben Carson to figure out how to get Americans to abandon they're not in my backyard mentality ? What's that mean James ? What do you think that means? Abandon yu're not in my backyard mentality. It's like you have to start embracing the ghetto in your backyard sounds like. Yes. And you have to be very excited about doing so. In fact, you'll be punished for not embracing it fast enough. And this is going to create a lot of problems for these communities that are impacted by it if they do have to go forward and implement it, because in a lot of these places they're already tax starved and people are moving out. There are people in many of these more rural suburbs, that people have been leaving for decades and going to the big cities. And so as the tax base is is shrinking, they're more dependent on federal revenue in order to keep city operations going if they don't want to be incorporated by a larger city or become an unincorporated township or something. So they're going to be the ones most under the gun here. They're going to be the ones feeling the most pressure so it's actually oftentimes many of the nicest and most idyllic, not upper class but most desirable places to live that are going to be the most affected by this. They want to close the on ramps, the one exit down the highway on ramps to people. And part of the problem has been this urban rioting has resulted in....it's the urban riding combined with no willingness to stop it. So this is again another political trick. I mean, Trump ran on destroying the Obama housing rule, which is horrible, right? Trump ran on this, but continued it quietly with Ben Carson. And all the White House staff in the room nodding their heads, loving every minute of it, destroying White suburbs is part of the plan. That's the shot. But he had to reverse course, as we said, because the urban riding AND he's not willing to do anything about it. So the fact that they won't put troops on the streets to deal with these problems, the fact that they won't roll up Antifa means they have to engage in more Finkel Think where it's like, oh, no, Obama era fair housing rule bad. So here comes executive order on Obama era fair housing rule, but nothing actually is going to change. And this points to some of the problems that Trump has had and so Trump beat Clinton in the suburbs only by four percentage points in 2016, according to exit polls. But Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives in 2018 by making deep inroads with those same voters flipping 4 House seats in once Republican stronghold of Orange County, California alone. Quote, this is an attempt to make a law and order case to an audience that no longer exists Dworkin said, the people who live in the suburbs today are largely going to be embarrassed by these arguments and do not want to be associated with racist housing policies. Even though they have reservations about affordable housing. It's like shut up Jew. It's like these people exist but they are spreading out even further. But the idea that people aren't interested in these racist housing policies. No. The racist housing policy is the one that has a very intricate software driven mapping system to determine where the whitest areas are and brown bomb them. That is the racist housing policy. But what they mean here and what Dworkin means here is, if you're against that, if you're against your community being White genocided then you're the problem. You're the racist. You're the bigot. But I don't hear Tucker talking about that. I hear Tucker talking about how Obama did this. Obama's the problem, and Obama wants to live in a white neighbourhood, and that's a bad thing for some reason. Right? Yeah, go ahead.

James 1:41:27 Like the underlying assumption still being that that it's immoral or wrong to live in a White neighbourhood? I mean, it would be it would be very different if Tucker were to say that understandably Obama wants to live in a white neighbourhood or who doesn't ? That would be that'd be right, that'd be true. But no, it's reinforcing the idea that this instinct to live around Whites is in some way problematic.

Jazzhands 1:41:52 Whites cannot be in groups of more than two at a time. That's the the edict that they want to run with. Trump tried to make the case yet again last Saturday tweeting, why would suburban women vote for Joe Biden and the Demonrats when Demonrat runs cities are now rampant with crime, which could easily just spill over into the suburbs, seems like a veiled threat Donald, and they will reconstitute on steroids their low income suburbs in that plan. But that's what Donald was doing, that's what Donald's been doing, that's what "Sleepy" Ben Carson has been doing. Ben Carson is not asleep. Ben Carson is very much awake and doing the bidding of these people. Ben Carson has spoken of taking on the NIMBYs as far back as 2018. That's an anti White epithet is it not James ? Taking on the NIMBYs? It's like, how dare you? How dare you have the audacity to not want projects in your backyard and rape and drugs and crime and your property values driven down. I mean, you're expected to pay these egregiously high housing prices. And that's another element to this too, is let's say that you happen to be in a very lucky position of being above water in your house, and you're doing well and you're making all your mortgage payments, and you're paying your taxes and you're doing everything you're supposed to do. And that home is the most valuable asset that you have. And you have Ben Carson calling you a NIMBY because you don't want that home value, not just your way of life and peace and prosperity in your neighbourhood, but you don't want the one most valuable thing that you own, to have its value just utterly demolished, and you get nothing. You get totally destroyed by this. And so Carson is taking on the NIMBYs. That was the year that HUD research report faulted local zoning and regulations, lengthy permitting processes, and not in my backyard opposition as primary causes of restricted housing supply and rising housing prices. That report found that in the suburbs nimbyism may have worsened in recent years. Yeah, because the country is getting browner. Of course, it's going to be "worsening" because people are starting to become even more resistant to this. And yes, they're putting up local zoning. And yes, they're putting up regulations and lengthy permitting processes, because they want to make sure that they can at least do something to stop this. They've been robbed of the right to freely associate with whomever they want. And so now they're going to be doing it through paperwork. And Donald Trump and Ben Carson have been carrying on what Barack Obama put into place. Just like they're doing with the dreamers, too it should be pointed out as well. Nothing has been stopped. Nothing has been done to do anything about the dreamers. You only get these executive orders and then the process is continued and then nobody fights back. Whereas in this case, they were quietly continuing this behind the scenes. Dreamers are obviously a far more prominent issue, people know about the dreamers. they don't like illegal immigration. It's harder to get away with hiding that behind the scenes, but nothing has changed about the flow rate of dreamers coming into the country. And nothing has changed about what Obama put in place too. You elect Republicans to undo these things, but they sort of just nibble around the edges and continue them quietly behind the scenes, as much as they can. HUD declined to comment directly on Carson's apparent shift. Secretary Carson does not believe that unelected bureaucrats in Washington should be setting blanket national policies on intimate local issues such as zoning laws. It's like, oh, wow, you got busted on the NIMBY stuff. And now all of a sudden, you just make this little statement about this. Sure. Right.

James 1:41:53 Now it's time for the principles to come out and I never meant to impose....sure you didn't Ben Carson. Right, you never meant to go after the people who were moving one exit on the highway to get away from the city and bring the city back to them. Yeah, just uh, yeah, nothing to see here.

Jazzhands 1:46:13 And that's the other thing that Tucker did that I forgot to mention is he talks about : we don't want Washington controlling what's going on in our communities. Well I actually WOULD like Washington to control what's going on in the communities if those communities are standing down on these issues. But I don't want them to be continuing Barack Obama's legislation, his fair housing rule. This goes on : through the 2019 Executive Order the Secretary has worked with local community leaders to examine affordable housing needs across the country and identify unreasonably burdensome federal regulations that delay permitting and review of procedures in that stifle affordable housing for those who need it most. So, yeah, it's like you're doing the opposite of what you just said in your statement, HUD. Carson is trying to knock down these barriers that have been erected to keep the projects out of the suburbs. At the same time, even some conservatives cheer the idea that Trump would use the federal government to prod local governments into action. While Republicans typically want to protect states and localities and the heavy hand of the federal government they're also eager to scrap inefficient and expensive regulations that prevent public housing from coming into these neighbourhoods because most of those Republicans don't live in those neighbourhoods. Most of those elected Republicans live in these quote unquote "palest communities" where they don't have to worry about that. People like the McCluskeys. I'm guessing the Mcklusky's gated community is very pale. What do you think James ? Very pale ?

James 1:47:56 Yeah, I'm guessing there is no density urban housing in their immediate vicinity. You look at the inside of their villa that they have there and I can't see a lot of people buying houses like that or renting them with section eight vouchers.

Jazzhands 1:48:13 Yeah, the idea of just doing away with this office entirely is never on the table. And that's by design. It's like yeah, Biden's gonna make it so much worse. All right, but you're also making it bad. So can you not do that? Can we not make it bad to begin with? And it's funny because Tim Scott, in his RNC speech actually went harder on Jews then Tucker is doing in this segment. Right, the wealthy New York....what did he say ? Well get a load of this. In the White House's most recent Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisors, which was released in February, it called for cutting local government barriers to housing "a priority" for the Trump administration. It even cited the Obama era 2015, Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, the one that Trump scrapped this summer, as a tool the administration would use to increase the housing supply. So while they're telling you in public that they're against the Obama era rule, the White House's own report cited that same rule as a tool they could use to increase the housing supply for blacks. Wow. And not just blacks too. You have to think about everything that's gone on with the caravans, right? I mean, look at Jared Kushner. I was just talking to Mike about this last night, the Jared Kushner garden apartments that were I forget which town.....Florham Park, New Jersey...they moved all these Haitians into the city. And in advance of moving all those Haitians into the city the Kushner's built all of these massive garden apartments out in Florham Park, were in a matter of a year like all of the Italians that were living in these neighbourhoods that Haitians were moving into, very quickly moved into all of Jared Kushner's apartments, making the Kushners very, very, very wealthy, like 40,000 apartment units. I mean, there's a lot of apartments. And so they prepare for this and so what they're planning to do think about the caravans. Think about what we've told you about micro financing and the fact that every person in those caravans owes money to Jews, and the only way they can pay that money back as if they get into America and steal your job. And so they need a place to live and they need a place to live cheaply. So not only are you going to be on the hook for all the crime and the rape and everything that's going on, all of the tax dollars spent to pay for these people, you're also going to give up your communities and you're going to make Jared Kushner rich, by allowing these public housing units to be built because guess who's going to be building these? You think this is going to be some small local white contractor in that suburb, fuck no ! These contracts are going to go to big Jewish institutions and organisations that are going to build these. Kushner is going to make a lot of money from this. And in a while Trump is telling you that he's against leftist Obama's fair housing rule. It's like no, actually, they're going to use that rule to break into these suburbs, override all the regulations and permitting processes that are getting in the way of the construction of these Jewish apartments. For all of the people who have been brought in, all of the millions of people who have come into the country that ICE was flying all over on Bean Air, remember that James? These people have to go somewhere. So when they're talking about a lack of housing, a lack of public housing, a lack of whatever, it's because they brought all these people into the country, and now they need to have somewhere for them to stay and you're going to foot the bill for all of it "bigot" ( to quote Tucker.) But yeah, why isn't THAT your segment? Tucker? I mean, you don't even have to say Jew, you could just explain what's going on. But no, nobody wants to do that. And it's right here in Politico. So instead, we have to say Obama wants to live in a pale neighbourhood, and that's a bad thing. So the Obama era rule was intended to compel localities to take active steps to combat segregation to fulfil the promise of the landmark 1968 Fair Housing Act, HUD in January had released a proposed rule watering down AFFH after delaying its implementation for years. HUD has also taken action under the Trump administration to counter regulatory barriers to build affordable housing. This rule is being revised to focus more clearly on increasing the housing supply in areas where supply is constrained. So they weren't stopping the Obama rule. If you want to claim that, oh, yeah, they rewrote it and they watered it down. No, they were just tweaking it so that they could build faster. This rule recognises that increasing Housing Choice for disadvantaged groups requires taking on regulatory barriers that place housing and large swathes of specific areas out of reach for lower income families. This would seem to have been news to Trump who four months later when people were talking about the suburbs amid the twin crises of global pandemic and deep recession tweeted that he would be "studying the devastating AFFH rule at the request of many great Americans who live in the suburbs, Biden supports resurrecting that rule and wants to make them much worse." And that's always the argument, right, James? We have to accept the premise of the rule and then it's a debate about who's going to make it worse. What about the option where we just blow all this shit away? I like that option. What about you? He said "Manhattan elites and Hollywood moguls".

James 1:53:59 Ooosh, more than Tucker did.

Jazzhands 1:54:01 Yeah. Tucker, why don't you just talk about what's actually going on here? What made Tucker very popular was his ability to rail against both sides of the dialectic. And that's not happening. This is just doing the bit for Trump and it's getting kind of old nnnguy. So the suburban housewife will be voting for me. Oh, yeah, I got to read this in the Trump voice : "The suburban housewife will be voting for me. They want safety and they're thrilled, frankly, that I ended the long running programme where Low Income Housing would invade their neighbourhood" he tweeted on August 12. "Biden would reinstall it in a bigger farm with Cory Booker in charge". It's like yeah guy but that's not what Carson's doing and saying in the background. Your stated purpose of standing up this White House Council on eliminating barriers to affordable housing is about increasing the housing supply, that means invading the suburbs, but only when you're on the ropes in an election year, do you come out and say the opposite thing. So then he and Trump wrote an op ed in the Wall Street Journal that explicitly connects the suburbs argument to his campaign to paint Democrat cities as overrun with crime and chaos in the wake of the mass protests. Quote, "rather than rethink their destructive policies, the LEFT wants to make sure there is no escape" they wrote. "The plan is to remake the suburbs in their image, so they resemble a dysfunctional city that they now govern. As usual, anyone who dares to tell the truth about what the left is doing is smeared as a RACIST". But you're the ones ignoring White people's interests. You're the ones smashing NIMBYs because they don't want this shit in their backyard. So who's really building this stuff in the suburbs? So let's see here. It sounds like his normal tools. Oh, this is Booker. Booker's actually not wrong here with these quotes. "It sounds like his normal tools in his toolbox, which is bigotry and fear mongering and in many ways trying to pit Americans against Americans." My God, James, that's almost like a Wikipedia entry for what is Finkel Think : use bigotry and fear mongering to pit Americans against Americans. Booker has a totally different set of motivations here, but he's not wrong. Trump literally thinks by invoking the name of a black politician that somehow you can scare White people. It is both angering to the black community and to the White community. Yeah, Booker's not wrong man. White community is kind of pissed off because Donald Trump keeps using Finkel Think to trick them into believing that he's doing something on their behalf when he is doing literally the opposite. And I rest my case on the Trump housing issue. This is all bullshit. So whenever you see these appeals to suburban moms and Whites in the suburbs and all this stuff, you'll get Democrats being like, oh, how dare the president look out racist bigot, orange skin, all this stuff. That's one side of the Finkel Think. And then everybody else is saying things like, Obama wants to live in a pale neighbourhood. It's just nobody's getting at the core of the issue, which is, these communities have a right to exist without interference from the federal government. The question of how did the demographic makeup of your suburb end up with this figure associated with it? Because they're never looking at a community and say, the inner harbour in Baltimore and being like, why is that so black? Right? I mean, nobody's looking into South East Washington DC and being like, yeah, this is like 97% black. Why though? What are you guys doing ?

James 1:57:49 if they do, they're looking at it with an eye to gentrify, awarding, yeah, to gentrifying it and then setting up like economic opportunity zones, in which Jewish entrepreneurs and money moguls can come in and buy up the properties and sell them back to the government and make a big profit on it or build high rise apartments like the Kushner's do, and then fill them with section eight, guaranteed rent paid by the government leases. So yeah, it works out either way for them

Jazzhands 1:58:17 And now you see why, and this is the element of truth to what Tucker was saying. Because there is an element of truth, it's just a misdirect to the actual problem. This is why you see, and we're going to do a deep dive on this some at some point, I think it just got watered under the bridge. But all the billionaires and millionaires that have bought like 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 acres out in the West. Now you see why Barack Obama more so than any other president in history, I believe, was declaring very large tracts of land out in the West as national parks and national sanctuaries and refuges and whatever, because they are walling you in with this. I mean America has so much land and so many places to go. And I understand the cowardice in escape as well. But people at some point are going to have to fight and deal with the problem. But the suburbs are being boxed in and they're not dealing with it. There's nobody in office that's going to do anything about this. And so we're going to be talking about it. I know NJP is going to be talking about this stuff. But these are the issues that somebody has to talk about. People are thirsty, as much for retribution that they got from Kyle Rittenhouse as they are for someone to represent their interests. And that's a big problem for Jews. They've done this kosher dialectic for so long. And I've always said it's been a fatal error. I mean, I don't want to interrupt my enemy while they're making a mistake, but it's always been a fatal error. They're not giving people SOME of what they want, but it just shows you how committed these people are to destroying virtually everything. It's a doctrine of Jewish destruction. It always has been. It's been that way for thousands of years. And they're not going to stop until somebody stops them. So this is going to be a continuing issue. But yeah, like expect to see these tweets from Trump expect this to become kind of a centre point of the campaign in the next 60 days or so. And, yeah, now you know why it's happening. It's not real. Nobody's actually doing anything about this. It's all just talking points.

James 2:00:33 Yeah. Well, and I'm surprised that Ben Carson didn't mention this in his speech at the RNC. I mean, he opened his speech at the RNC by by mourning the death of Jacob Blake. So,

Jazzhands 2:00:43 Wow.

James 2:00:44 Maybe he could have worked in some anti NIMBY rhetoric in there too, but I don't think he did.

Jazzhands 2:00:50 Yeah, fuck Jacob Blake. It's kind of funny that he's going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But just going to be somebody else's problem now, that should just been done just finished. So who took a knee at the RNC? Did somebody take a knee ?

James 2:01:09 Well, the entire convention did metaphorically. Yeah, I mean they took a giant collective rhetorical knee. There was that guy. I think they were talking about him on TDS like Jah Nah, something....some White House advisor....

Jazzhands 2:01:26 Jah Nah....?

James 2:01:30 Ja'Ron Smith that's his name. Ja'Ron Smith with his big beard that you know, they tend to do but this guy gave a speech about the murder of Ahmed Arbery, George Floyd, Legend Taliferro. And how he's like mourning for him. But dude, it was worse than just that. Like that was the theme of this entire convention, especially on night four. We got in on night two. That was what Wednesday and talked about Pompeo and some of these others, and noted that the ratings were way down compared to 2016. And that trend continued for Trump's keynote address on what was Thursday night. Where dude, so many fewer people tuned in than 2016, he actually got 3 million fewer people tuning in than Biden. And you can see why because there were no based moments. There's nothing for you here. There's nothing for you at this convention.

Jazzhands 2:02:29 Its not just 3 million fewer than Biden. This is a total collapse in the number of people that watched Trump's speech in 2016. There were 32.2 million people who watched his 2016 address when he accepted the Republican nomination for president. And what is it 23 million this time ? So 10 million people were just like, ehh, fuck it !

James 2:03:02 Well, it's a combination of what the administration's done and also, you could go watch the bloviating orange anti racist talk about how much he's done for Israel or you could like rewatch that Kyle Rittenhouse video over and over at Thursday night and troll libtards on Twitter about how Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. So I think a lot of people were probably opting to do that, instead of instead of watching Donald's speech. But he touched on, you know, some familiar topics. He talked about race a lot. He talked about school choice. But this first clip we have here is him talking about the stock market, and much like the suburban appeals have become very naked. We've talked about this before, how it used to be there would be implied appeals to suburban moms and suburban whites. But now Trump is basically coming out, explicitly coming out and saying "suburban"....when you read the targeted ad demographic and read it back verbatim : "suburban white mothers, you're going to love me". Just total dropping any pretence. And he's doing that with the stock market too and on the economy.

Jazzhands 2:04:14 Yeah. So I think I'm gonna try to do the same thing I did with the Tucker clip. So we'll see if this works out the way that I wanted to...will it? Maybe it will.

Trump 2:04:23 Joe Biden may claim he is an ally of the light. But when it comes to his agenda, Biden wants to keep us completely in the dark. He doesn't have a clue. He has pledged a $4 trillion tax hike on almost all American families, which will totally collapse a rapidly improving economy. And once again, record stock markets that we have right now will also collapse. That means your 401 K's that means all of the stocks that you have. On the other hand, just as I did my first I will cut taxes even further, for hard working moms and dads, I will not raise taxes, I will cut them and very substantially.

Jazzhands 2:05:12 No, but what we know, Donald is that your second round of tax reform was just going to be a double dip on helping out Jews. And there's so much Jewish stuff rolled up into that little clip there too as well, which is that Donald is saying that Biden is going to destroy your 401k and all the gains are going to be lost. I mean, first of all, the system itself has no interest in that kind of disruption. This is why you had these unprecedented levels of "money printer go brrrr" to save a system in freefall, in the midst of Coronavirus. Now they've screwed over everybody else but they've managed to prop up their own system, at least for the time being and this idea that if leftist Biden get elected, then all things go bad down. That's not happening, the system has no interest in doing that. In fact, you're probably going to get not much different than what you would get before. And the thing that Trump is upset about is that Biden has in the the bit that he's doing here on behalf of Jews, Biden has come out and again, it's just a statement and I'm not wading too deeply into Finkel Think by making this case, but Biden has come out and said that he's not raising taxes on anyone except those making more than $400,000 a year. Well, that is just about everybody that is in Trump's Jewish donor base, and that is just about nobody in Trump's MAGA base. Like the people on the floor at his rallies are not making $400,000 a year. And so, again, that's taking what Joe Biden has said at face value. But money printer can just keep going brrrrrr. They're not going to raise taxes on people making less than $400,000 because it would be deeply unpopular. And they're also not going to raise taxes probably on wealthy Jews either. But Trump is fear mongering this to an extent and it's just bullshit. It's just not real. It's keep sticking with me, we'll build the greatest economy for blacks and Mexicans that you've ever possibly imagined. It's like, No, nobody wants that. And this tease of, oh, we're gonna really help out Americans and cut taxes even more. It's like, yeah, Americans did get a tax cut. But the level of tax cuts that the Jews got on top of that was far greater and it's actually led to an increased financialization of the economy, consolidation of power. Look at look at what happened. I mean, under four years to Trump Blackstone and BlackRock have come out really, really on fire. So.

James 2:08:00 And I would guess that any economic gains that people have felt over the last two years with the Trump tax cuts, and it did help many people in the middle class, especially parents because it increased the standard deduction for kids I believe. Any of those gains for most people that benefited from them have most likely been lost at this point. With the job losses and with the lack of stimulus that has been provided people during the Coronavirus, lockdowns and pandemic and what have you. So, it's like even the direct economic benefit that he's appealing to, I would guess for most people has evaporated at this point because it probably made like $2,000 difference for most people, maybe $1,500 dollars difference when it comes time to to paying your taxes or getting a refund. And if you were out of work for even two weeks for most people, there you go. That's already erased. It's gone. It's a wash and you're not getting a check for that by the way. And also you'll notice the way this is phrased right ? This $4 trillion tax raise on every American that Biden's going to do. And also this appeals to the stock market. Like I get it that it's statistically true, or so with the Dow, I think reaching record, S&P reaching record highs, but it's just so out of touch for now. It's just remarkably out of touch with what is on most people's minds, but not on the minds of the donors. Right, not on the minds of the donor class, because they're the ones reaping most of the benefit from this stock market surge. So, we have Trump on schools as well. You'll remember we talked about charter schools at great length and how that is a Finkel Think plot to either destroy nice white suburban schools on behalf of Republicans, or to take the funding from those schools and give it to impoverished "underfunded" black inner city schools. Trump running headlong into that into that Finkel Think.

Jazzhands 2:09:59 Don Junior did this bit on the schools too. And again it's a very pro black, anti White messaging but here's Trump on the schools :

Trump 2:10:11 Biden also vowed to oppose school choice and close all charter schools ripping away the ladder of opportunity for black and Hispanic children. In a second term, I will expand charter schools and provide school choice to every family in America.

Jazzhands 2:10:32 Wooooooo ! Let's Gooooo.......to Spanish class !

James 2:10:38 Yeah, gonna have to laugh at the blundering idea there that the only way that blacks and Hispanics can succeed is charter schools, it's kind of funny. But the end shot of this is really not funny because this is the charter school programme. That is basically allowing for busing 2.0. That's the plan here to racially diverse....and this is the Department of Education guidance that has been continued under the Trump administration, much like that HUD guidance.

Jazzhands 2:11:12 The Trump administration has become fully embracing the party of Dem programmes. Blacks used to love dem programmes. Republicans are putting Dem programmes on the fucking menu. And they're also simultaneously putting Dem pogroms on the menu as well for Whites. And it's just disgusting. We told you what the shot was with charter schools. We told you what was going on. And I'll just say this too, because this speech, remember, is supposed to be this great big White pivot to Trump's base. No, this is just a continuation of more of the same and it's almost....I feel like the strategy that they tried was to do a little bit of White nationalisms over the summer. To make sure that the base knows that wink wink nudge nudge Donald Trump is really in your corner and then pivot to all this other watered down, pro black, well not watered down pro black, watered down conservatism watered UP pro black and pro Hispanic and juiced up, filled up with grape drank to the very tip top throughout the fall when all eyes are on the campaign. And the excuses given by people to put their MAGA hats back on, are going to be well, this is what Trump has to do, but don't you remember, listen to what he said in the summer, but this is just gay. I mean, go listen to the things that Trump did and said in 2016 and the things that he's doing now. I mean, this speech was awful horrendous makes it very easy for us to make our case that this is just a clown show.

James 2:11:16 The best example of it is to draw a stark comparison between 2016 and 2020 is the "Forgotten Man". Remember the "Forgotten Man" Jazz, which we all understood accurately to be a implication of a White man, the Forgotten American worker? Yeah, that forgotten man is now a black man, according to Donald Trump.

Jazzhands 2:13:13 Probably always was.

James 2:13:15 Yeah, we have the clip on this year, "Forgotten bleg" ! Yeah, here we go.

Trump 2:13:22 Opportunity zones, and long term funding of historically black colleges and universities. And before the China virus came in, produced the best unemployment numbers for African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans ever recorded. I say very modestly, that I have done more for the African American community than any president since Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican president. ( He's not wrong ) and I have done more in three years for the black community than Joe Biden has done in 47 years. And when I'm re-elected the best is yet to come.

Jazzhands 2:14:07 Yes, the worst is yet to come if you're White, and the half measures sort of get me, because it's the same old trick that they're going to do. I mean, you could argue that tangibly, people being let out of prison for whatever reason, Donald Trump and Jared Kushner riding roughshod over the judicial system. Promises made, promises kept right ? There have been things done transactionally. So, in 2016, we got a White election and now you're going to get a black election. And the election in 2016 was a White election just so they could design Zionisms. And now, I don't doubt him that the best is yet to come. These are campaign words that are coming from Trump. These are promises that are going to be kept. And we have evidence of that done with Ben Carson, gotts stomp on the NIMBYs throat right, Ben?

James 2:15:02 I think the difference is that he's making similar promises that he made in 2016. The difference is to WHOM the promises are being made. 2016 the promise of a better, brighter new future was being made to White Americans. This time around, it's being made to black criminals. It's being made to Jewish donors. You know, similar reused rhetoric, but repurposed for a very different goal they're trying to accomplish. But I looked at the transcript and that's how I looked through cuz I was NOT gonna watch dude, no way was I gonna watch 71 minutes of Donald in the ( Fuck No ! ) on the lawn there. But you do a little keyword search of words mentioned in the speech. And you remember the speech, the grand immigration speeches in 2016. Yeah, well, Donald only mentioned immigration twice in this speech. Use the word deportations one time. Wow. In 71 minutes wall only four times. And Black or African American? Oh, seven times. Kept going back to that deep dark well. Black, Hispanic mentioned Israel a bunch too.

Jazzhands 2:16:19 I mean all the times, how many instances where the implication was blacks and African Americans too? Probably difficult to count but thinking back to 2016 when he did the "I will be your voice" bit when we all interpreted that to mean us. No, that actually meant black people. He's the voice of the Forgotten Israelis and forgotten blacks and not for Whites because look, where's the voice for Kyle Rittenhouse? Nowhere to be found. Totally silent. Nothing to say. And I don't feel like there were any bones thrown. Were there any dog whistles in the speech at all? I think it was completely dog whistle free.

James 2:17:09 The phrase Law and Order was used ONE time in the entire speech. One time.

Jazzhands 2:17:15 Wow.

James 2:17:20 Any of the rhetorical wells he could have drawn from, that he HAS drawn from very successfully in the past. Totally unmentioned. White was only mentioned one time and it was in the context of the White House. So yeah, totally the real forgotten man here is, of course us. But this was not a unique speech. Like we mentioned, this was part of the pattern here. Ja'Ron Smith. Alice Johnson, who we'll talk about here in a minute. The drug kingpin that Donald and Kim Kardashian got together to let out of prison. But also Don Jr. in between lines Don Jr. was able to crank out his speech where much of the focus, in fact, the entire conclusion of his speech was how the Republican Party. I mean, the entire, like, last quarter of it was how if Democrats REALLY cared about minorities like republicans do, here's what they would be doing. And here's all the things my dad has done for blacks. But Don, Jr. actually went ham on anti white race rhetoric in his speeches. He opened his speech with it in fact. I think we have a clip of that here.

Jazzhands 2:18:31 Is that the Don Jr. on criminal justice reform? Yes, that'll be it.

Don Junior 2:18:36 ....the lowest unemployment rate in nearly 50 years, the lowest unemployment rates ever, for black Americans, Hispanic Americans, women, and pretty much every other demographic group,

Jazzhands 2:18:51 pretty much everybody else.

Don Junior 2:18:53 And that brings me to another important principle. Every American must be free to live without fear of violence, in your country, in your communities, and in your homes. All men and women are created equal and must be treated equally under the law. That's why we must put an end to racism. And we must ensure that any police officer who abuses their powers is held accountable. What happened to George Floyd is a disgrace. And if you know a police officer, you know, they agree with that, too.

James 2:19:27 George Floyd was supposed to be here to sell me cocaine. And it is disgraceful that what happened to him went down in Minnesota.

Jazzhands 2:19:35 Wow. Yeah. And if you know, a police officer, they agree with you. It's like, No, they don't.

James 2:19:42 And go he's doing the same bit Donald did. "Everybody knows.....total tragedy."

Jazzhands 2:19:50 This is all bullshit. And if they do admit that George Floyd was a disgrace, it's a tragedy. They're doing so under duress. Nobody actually believes that and if you're talking to a police officer who hasn't quit yet, then yeah, probably you'll get that answer. But most of these guys are like, fuck this, I'm done, I'm out, we're finished !

James 2:20:13 I've talked to a couple cops and was asking them hey, if you guys have been seeing same kind of stuff that....this was a few months ago....that we're seeing in Minneapolis and elsewhere ? And these cops are saying Well, no, thankfully we don't have all those jerks and radicals like those cities around here. And yeah, those jerks, right. We know who we know who you mean by that? Nobody who is a cop that is speaking to you honestly is going to tell you they feel bad for George Floyd or they have any sympathy for George Floyd? Cops dread, they absolutely dread when the call comes in on the radio, that there is a six foot two, 220 pound black male causing a scene because they know it's going to end one of two ways that either the cop is going to be shot or the black is going to be shot. In many cases. Or if the black is not shot, they're going to have to make an arrest that then becomes the the impetus for a cancellation or for some social media campaign to get them fired and get their family harassed.

Jazzhands 2:21:14 Yeah, this is a total departure from everything that we were sold in 2016. And that you were sold too. We've long ago abandoned this, but look, I'm glad that they're not coming out and rying to do the same 2016 bit again in 2020. Just makes the case so much easier, and it makes anybody who has put back on the MAGA hat and then says, oh, after the election, I'm going to go full brown shirt or something. It's like it makes you look like a fool. You're the fool. You're the one who doubled down on this. We did not double down. Fool me once, fool me twice. We get how that works. For me I think the article for the The Finkel Think thing was like : "Think me once, shame on Jews. Think me twice shame on you". Double down on Trump, now you're responsible for every bit of this rhetoric. Imagine live tweeting Donald Trump's address, and doing "Let's Goooo !" This is demoralising for people who still believe in this stuff. For me it's gratifying. It's cathartic. It's like yes. See? Never again will something like this happen. And we're gonna keep pushing for this. So what we have done Don Jr. on schools here? Here we go.

Don Junior 2:22:51 I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that could afford the best schools and the finest universities. But a great education cannot be the exclusive right of the rich and powerful. It must be accessible to all. And that's why my dad is pro school choice. That's why he's called education access the civil rights issue, not just of our time, but of all time. It is unacceptable that too many African American and Hispanic American children are stuck in bad schools just because of their zip code. Donald Trump will not stand for it.

James 2:23:28 Yeah, but all those White kids stuck in bad schools. All those White kids stuck having tranny garbage read to them and being taught, you know, sex ed in kindergarten. Yeah. All that's cool. Oh, that's fine. And it's just because of their zip code Jazz. It's just a random arrangement of numbers that is causing these schools and every other aspect about their area to be a shithole. Nothing to do with who lives there. Nothing to do with the kind of people that they're around. It's just Math be racist and sheeeit.

Jazzhands 2:23:56 The zip code piece has a direct tie into the Smashing of the NIMBYs right ? Because school choice is a way of working around what would be a multi decade transition to having public housing implanted in every white suburb in America. But in the meantime, they're gonna bus those kids in to those schools with the vouchers, and we've talked about that before. The zip code defines where you go to school. And the people who live in that zip code are living in a community because that's who they want to surround themselves with. And the schools are a direct reflection of that. So I don't see a problem there. But Don, Jr. does, and so does Donald Trump. So the zip code shouldn't determine where you go to school. It's like, well, then what the fuck is the point of the zip code? What the fuck is the point of living in a community if people from outside of the community have rights to access right ? Because this term has been used under the Obama administration. It's this part of the critical race theory of lack of "access" to things. This whole thing is predicated on access to White people. When they talk about lack of access, what it really means is lack of access to White people, lack of access to health care is lack of access to White healthcare, White standard of care, which they're slowly destroying, as well, by the way. And access to schooling means you can't go to the school because you don't live in this neighbourhood because your parents can't afford to live in the neighbourhood. And you can't afford to live here because you don't want to work. You don't want to do anything to come up. And that's the problem. And so you shouldn't be allowed to be in that school. But now they want to ruin the whole thing. And White people are going to be paying the price for all of this. And the funny thing is...the sad thing I should say, it's not that funny. All the White people that are cheering this on, all the MAGAs that were cheering this on - Isn't this great? - I mean if if it weren't for Coronavirus we would have had people in the audience booing all of this stuff. Loud boos, but actually, this poses an interesting phenomenon, James, doesn't it because all of this was virtual. They could get away with saying things like this without any boos, without any pregnant pauses in applause. Now, you could maybe make the argument that yes, conservatives would have fucking cheered this shit on. But the abrupt pivot on this stuff allowed them to write the speech in a way where they didn't have audience feedback as a concern at all. And they went ham.

James 2:26:38 And this really made it easier for them to do this. And the comments were disabled on most of these YouTube videos, they did not want to hear any feedback about this. It was all very tightly controlled, all very nicely controlled, in order to suppress....to make people who are watching this think that wow, this is what everybody else thinks, that this is what I should think too. And you're right there were people at Trump rallies booing back as early as 2018. I heard about some guys that went to one and when he started talking about Israel the jeers started coming hot and heavy about about that. But I think the crowning achievement here, and what Trump took out of the RNC and the action he took following the RNC, immediate action was with this woman Alice Johnson. You've heard her name before. Trump commuted her sentence in I believe 2018, around the time they were doing the First Step Act, might have been 2019. But he has now pardoned her and for the Rio Rhinelanders the commutation means she doesn't have to serve the sentence. The pardon means the sentence has been removed. She's no longer a convicted felon. So she spoke at the RNC. She endorsed the Don and then he gave her a pardon just a day later. But people are talking about Alice Johnson like you'll hear this framed as first time non-violent offender, and you're left to assume that Oh, she just was caught with a little bit of cocaine in her pocket, just a little bit of drugs. And they ruined her life, sentenced to life in prison for no reason. But that's the equivalent of quote, "unarmed black men", right, because in this case, she was actually the leader of a massive regional drug operation in Tennessee. And she was arrested in 1994 for leading a multimillion dollar cocaine ring with 16 other co conspirators. And during the trial, evidence showed that she was the leader of this operation that was tied in with Texas based Colombian drug dealers and connections in Memphis, Tennessee, trading tonnes of cocaine. I think I did the math and it came out to about four and a half tonnes of cocaine for millions of dollars in cash. And the judge described her as the quintessential entrepreneur in an operation that dealt with all of this cocaine, which ended up having a very significant impact on the community. So this wasn't some small time non-violent minor offender. This lady was a major player in drug dealing, and just so fitting that now we have Don....remember in 2016, when he was like, Yeah, I like what Duterte's doing killing drug dealers. Maybe we should do that. And flash forward to 2020, maybe we should have them speak at my convention, and I can pardon them.

Jazzhands 2:29:36 That was always, again, a thing that we now know, in hindsight, we didn't know at the time. That was always about destroying the competition of what is rapidly becoming a very professionalised Jewish operated drug cartel system. We've talked at length on this programme about some of the violence that has gone on down in Mexico has actually been Israeli Jewish and Russian Jewish mafia. That has been they're running the cartels, and this is history that goes back a very long way. And so this idea that they're going to be taking out these people. That's not true. That's not going to be true at all. And in fact this woman, Alice Johnson,was reading about this yesterday. It's very similar to Breonna Taylor, as we're finding out now and as we could have speculated and been correct about at the time, Breonna Taylor, she's that black that got shot by the cops who raided that apartment, where they said she had no idea, she was totally innocent, had no idea that all the drug dealing was going on in that apartment, was her boyfriend or whatever. But it's like, No, she was actually playing a very integral role in all of the drug dealing that was going on. And so the idea that she didn't deserve to be shot and killed by the police. No, she's not innocent, she's actually very much a part of it. And this drug cocaine ring that Alice Johnson was a ringleader of was an operation that was moving 2 to 3,000 keys of cocaine through the city of Memphis. And based on where Memphis is on the Mississippi River that could have been just for Memphis, it could have been going all over the country. And part of the sentencing that was put into place here, this wasn't some insane, like, high level of sentencing done because they know that crack cocaine is going to be something that is processed by blacks for blacks. And it's detrimental to the black community. I mean, this drug is going all over the place. How many people died? How many people overdose, how many people's lives were ruined? That's why the sentencing is so high on this stuff. And when Trump comes out and says, Yeah, we're gonna let her out because, you know, nobody would go to prison for this under other circumstances. Nobody would go to prison for being a cartel ringleader of 2 to 3,000 kilos of cocaine that were used to make How many? I don't know, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands kilos of crack cocaine, like Get the fuck out with this. But no, no problem at all let her out because she was doing good stuff in prison, right, James? I mean, she was learning how to become a social justice person. Who was this, Sally Yates under Obama had given this Alice Johnson the right to use Skype while in prison, so that she could make her case for this in public. And she was doing like Skype calls with people so that they could start advocating on her behalf and yada yada yada. It's like, no, this is a very just prison sentence. She knew what she was doing. She knew whose lives she was destroying. She was just getting hers right ? getting some, gettin' rich, coming up. And Jared Kushner was integral in getting this done well Kushner and Kim Kardashian were the two to push for this the hardest.

James 2:33:07 Yeah. And they wanted to use this as the poster case for the First Step reform because the way that it was presented, nobody else is saying this about Alice Johnson, right ? Everybody is leaving you to infer that she was just a minor, low level offender. And it's remarkable too that there is no discussion of the harm that is done by drug dealing. This is not even a part of GOP or even Trump's rhetoric anymore, and it used to be combating drug dealers getting drugs off the streets. There was no mention made of that at all, in this convention speech. It's just not part of Trump's rhetoric anymore. And I think they have been forced into that position. Not forceed, they wanted to go there. But they're in that position now because this pivot to blacks, they've recognised that the sort of Bush era appeal to minorities of compassionate conservatism of economic zones, of Rand Paul, Detroit, Republican cutting taxes to free the entrepreneurial spirit of black America. None of that works. And it's just like what Alex was talking about on TDS yesterday, where if you want to appeal to the black vote, you basically need to do things like what they're doing in Virginia. decriminalising assault or making it no longer a felony to assault state employees, to assault police or paramedics or firefighters. That's no longer a felony charge. You have to do that, you have to drop the rhetoric about going after drug dealers. And this is old hat rhetoric and everybody knows this by now but you can't do both. You cannot win the black vote, you can't appeal to blacks by by promising to bring law in order to their streets. And conservatives Whites, Whites and conservatives will do this where they will think well we're gonna win the black vote because we're gonna get in here and we're really going to clean things up for blacks, we're going to make their areas more livable, we're going to improve their conditions. But the reality is there may have been a time when blacks wanted that, maybe in the 1950s, perhaps. But that's not the case. When you have one third of black men being convicted felons, and you have the vast majority of the black community, knowing or being related to someone within one degree of separation, that spends time in prison for a felony. These people, it's not in their interest, they don't want the communities cleaned up. And ultimately, they will perceive any cleaning up of the community, any additional law enforcement as another manifestation of White supremacy, as another intrusion of an unwanted White system. And that just gets back to our point that alright, that's how you're gonna feel about this, then there's really nothing we can do for you. Because as Whites it's like our ways of life are just incompatible. Because as White people we want safe streets, we want Safe Schools, we want drug dealers like Alice Johnson locked up, thrown in prison put away for life deported, whatever, get em out of here. But blacks are never going to be comfortable with that. So what do we do to reconcile these differences ? I think the only the only possible solution is separation is having different places to be.

Jazzhands 2:36:22 It's the most just and peaceful solution. Because otherwise you just force two incompatibilities to live side by side and you have Jews stepping on the necks of Whites while they're forcing this. And it's encouraging this behaviour. I mean, this sends a message to anyone who is running a 2 to 3000 kilo gramme of cocaine ring in the country to keep on going. Just keep on going. Keep on doing. I will be your voice. I will stand up for you. And as we pointed out on the midweek show, people who are like, Oh, why are you guys tying this all to Trump? Well, Trump is freeing the drug dealers, right? Trump is letting them out of jail. Trump is letting these crack cocaine ringleaders out of jail. And two points I want to make on this : Number one Jared Kushner is defending this because some of the charges that Alice Johnson was strung up on were money laundering and structuring. And structuring is a crime where you do certain things to evade certain thresholds that have been put into place by the law in order to launder money. So this is what Jared is doing this also to perpetuate the drug trade. It's very obvious what's going on here, but he's also doing it because what we said from the very beginning is that criminal justice reform was never really about helping black people. They'll put black people out on the front lines of the erosion of the sentencing guidelines and letting people out of jail, but this is really, as Jared has said himself, this is really about helping his homosexual father Charles Kushner, in his own plight, because he thinks it's unfair that felons should not be allowed to vote. He thinks it's unfair, all the shame and embarrassment that happened to his father, and the shame and embarrassment that happened to Jared's father is different than then if it happened to you or me. We certainly would have shame and embarrassment from doing something like that or being subjected to these things in the justice system. But to Jared it boils down into Chuck Kushner, it boils down into the fact that this was an injustice done to Jews by a White system. And so they are very eager to undo a lot of these things. And they'll use blacks as a proxy for doing it, but that's the biggest aspect of it. And this has just been a major, major thing that they've been doing for a long while. I forgot the second point that I had, but we have audio from Alice Johnson. Should I play this ? Okay, yeah, maybe I'll remember what I was gonna say.

Alice Johnson 2:39:06 In 1996, I began serving time in prison life plus 25 years, I had never been in trouble. I was a first time non valid offender. What I did was wrong. I made decisions that I regret. Some say you do the crime you do the time, however, that time should be fair and just, we've all made mistakes. None of us want to be defined forever, based on our worst decision.

Jazzhands 2:39:44 But they're in the process of defining Whites forever based on decisions that were never made by Whites. Based on a lie. It's an uphill battle. We're being defined and harangued over black slavery. But that was something that was foisted on the United States by Jewish merchants in the British Empire. So, I mean, why aren't we talking about that though? Oh, no, we're not, White-woke blacks, to their credit, talk about that. But no we're not going to talk about that. This is your problem Whitey even if your ancestors didn't even come over here until 1905 like it's your problem. So this is all bullshit. And she noticed it's all about her, like, I made a mistake. And I made some bad decisions. There's nothing, not that we would expect anything from a black, but there's nothing about the outward impact to the wider community, the broader community, nothing, not a word, not a single thing about how I impacted other people's lives. It's just like she treats what she did, as if she were texting while driving and like accidentally killed somebody. Oh, it's a mistake that could happen to anybody right? Being the leader of a multi multi million dollar drug cocaine ring. That's a mistake that could happen to anybody. And the other thing is with this is it's all predicated on non-violent crime, right? Because all Jewish crime, like the money laundering and everything else can be framed as non-violent crime. That's like the line in the sand, like well, you didn't hurt anybody. You didn't physically punch someone in the face or do something. So I think that's where we're gonna draw the line, and then if you don't do that then you're not a problem. But the problem is, is that they're not even prosecuting the violent offences. I mean, Soros DAs are just making the decision not to prosecute violent offences at all. So not prosecuting anybody.

James 2:41:47 "I so sorry for what I done" . Are you sorry for the people that probably overdosed on these drugs you were selling? Are you sorry for the people that continued their addictions by using these drugs, to people that succumbed to addiction because of these drugs that you and your your affiliates were selling ? No, there's no apology no remorse for that. You're only sorry because you got caught. And despite being this new like media cause celeb for conservatives and Kim Kardashian and whomever, like you're probably not making as much money doing this as you were selling coke. So yeah, I have a hard time believing that you're truly apologetic for what you did. And that you're not sorry that you just got caught doing it.

Jazzhands 2:42:31 Yeah, she's not sorry. For any of this stuff. Um, so yeah, what else? What else we got here, chief?

James 2:42:41 Uh, well, we have the RNC reaction we want from the Alt Lite. We can get into that.

Jazzhands 2:42:49 Very serious guy. Yeah, we can do that. Getting into bottom of the stack, was bottom of the stack on the midweek show. How's it feel to be bottom of the stack? Yeah. So let me pull this up. Let's see I had it right in front of me, but then it disappeared. Unfortunately, Oh, here we go. Got it.

Nick Fuentes 2:43:07 I'm voting for the President. You all have to vote for the President. If you watch this show, you just have to vote for Trump. I'm not gonna let you not vote for Trump. You can't not vote for Trump. And that's you have to do it. I'm telling you, you have to do it. Not a choice. It's not a choice. I'm voting for Trump. You're voting for Trump. And if you don't vote for Trump you're a traitor to America. You're a traitor to your race. You're a traitor to your people. No good reason to not vote for Trump. There just isn't. Sorry but there's not. Well, he's shilling for Israel or plants or whatever. Not a good reason. Not a good enough reason. Immigrations been cut in half, walls going up. Okay. So we've been over this before, but you have to vote for Trump. I'm just putting that out there. I know. I see some people in a live chat. Oh, cringe cringe justice cringe. I agree. I think it is cringe. But it doesn't matter. If Joe Biden gets in he's gonna shoot me in the head, ATF is gonna kick down my door, or blacks will, and they'll kill me. And if the blacks do it, the government will allow it. They won't even charge them for killing me. So you have to protect me. You have to protect me and protect yourself.

Jazzhands 2:44:17 Seems like he's making a very good case for voting for Joe Biden.

James 2:44:20 I say what the fuck I'm Ridin' with Biden. Yeah.

Jazzhands 2:44:25 Yeah, no, that's not happening. Nobody's kicking in the door of a Jewish shill. That's for sure. So yeah, I mean, what else? What else to unpack with that? I mean, you have no choice. It's like, imagine believing this is forceful rhetoric. You have no choice but to that for Donald Trump.

James 2:44:45 And once you understand how Finkel Think works, and how this is exactly, this is to the T, this is textbook example 1A of perfectly formed Finkel Think where if you do not vote for Team X then you are a traitor, you're bad, these people are crazy, everything's going to be so much worse under Team Y. And also ignore what Team X is doing against your interest. The shilling for Israel, it's just ancillary right? That doesn't really matter. The support for Israel, the lawlessness, the DOJ that prosecutes White activists, advocates, and does those civil rights investigations into why....it's like none of that really matters because Team Y is going to be worse, Team Biden is going to be worse. It's just perfectly formulated. And once you've given yourself the vaccine, against falling for Finkel Think and you're inoculated against it, you'll never fall for tricks like this again, because you'll see them for what they are. This is openly just yet another trick. It's a more energetic and forceful perhaps trick than what you get from someone that is literally a member of the GOP or a GOP spokesperson. But it's that same mentality adapted for an audience that they're trying to rein back in. And that's all this is. This is an operation to rein this back in.

Jazzhands 2:46:08 And also on top of that it's a desperate foxhole prayer for support for a flagging presidential campaign. And they wouldn't need to do any of this if it was just self evident that Trump was doing well, he was acting in your interests, he was going to do things that were benefiting you. The things that were listed off here, like cutting immigration in half, that's just false. If you're looking at things on paper, sure, but you'd have to ignore everything that we've been talking about apprehensions. Stephen Miller, himself has even said the ratio for apprehensions at the border, you have five people at least going across the border undetected. So from someone that they plan trust on the hardest , his own lying Jewish mouth, he's telling you that yeah, these apprehensions are a problem. You only heard that one time in the heat of the moment, but no what actually got cut in half as a result of Donald Trump getting elected was the number of people being deported. You look at the deportation numbers are half of what Obama had been doing. So Obama was the one that was actually deporting people, because they had to in the middle of that crisis, but they did it very quietly. That's why Jeh Johnson has been known as this guy who was deporting people. And that hasn't been happening under Trump, and the wall is a joke. And the wall has to work in concert with a myriad of other factors. And so the wall is just an election year stroke job. As big of a stroke job as what Steve B- Anon did with We Build the Wall. And I haven't heard a single thing about that from Nick Fuentes. But this is the sort of thing that you have to do, right. I don't have to go out and plead with people to believe in one side of the system or the other. But everybody's aware of how this works now and the one thing I will also say is that it is noticeable at this point that that's the only trick that they have, to fall back into Finkel Think. We already understand how this works, pitting people against each other, ping pong politics, and doing this bit. Tucker's doing it, Nick's doing it. We all get how it works. And so then calling someone a traitor to their race, it's like, No actually voting for this again, doubling down on this, again, is the height of treason. And so if you do that, you're just falling for this again and you're perpetuating the pain for longer and longer and longer and it just goes on forever. Whether you vote for Biden or vote for Trump and get committed into this fake and gay system. Here's part of the problem. And I think everybody knows that and I think you fast forward the clock 90 days 120 days from now, when this is all just....because look either way it goes : Trump wins, it's more Zionism he is not beholden to the base anymore. At that point, it's going to get much worse. Or he loses. Either way everything that you've done, everything that you've built up is just a house of cards, and it's going to come falling down. The only people talking about anything real are us, and in TRS and NJP. And that's it. Everybody else is just a fraud.

James 2:49:32 Right. And the fact that there is pushback coming on these people who are doing this work is just further indication of total WigNat victory.

Jazzhands 2:49:41 "SOME people are saying this is cringe". It's like no, actually, the totality of all of the comments are this is fake and gay and it's just awful. It's just awful. It's like there's nothing organic about this and there never was.

James 2:49:55 total WigNat victory. Calling it. You heard it here first. Yeah, so did you want to do anything else ? Any this bottom of the stack....oh we never got to do the audio of BLM chanting the black criminal bit. We'll let this play us out and I mean Republicans want this as much as "Demonrats". Here we go.

Jazzhands 2:50:19 "Who do we protect ? Black criminals." Yeah pretty much. Who do we let out of jail ? Alice Johnson. Who do we protect ? Black criminals. I mean what do we perpetuate ? Massive cocaine dealing rings. Where does it go ? Up Don Jr's nose. Never ends. Never Ends. Who do we ignore? Kyle Rittenhouse. Who do we defend ? Black....black like...

James 2:51:00 Who do we defend ? Jewish paedophiles.

Jazzhands 2:51:02 Yeah, who do we defend ? Jacob Blake. It's like Who are we ? the grand old paedo party. Never ends. But you're not a real serious guy unless you're voting for these.....Yeah, just shut the fuck up.

James 2:51:15 Yeah, dude, can you imagine calling somebody a race traitor for not voting for Donald Trump? I mean, my God, the guy who's expanding EB5 visas, expanding H1B's, restarting H1B's in the middle of the pandemic. On immigration alone it's a total failure and then on everything else, not defending Kyle Rittenhouse, throwing Rittenhouse under the bus, to Kellyanne Conway defending Jacob Blake, defending George Floyd, defending Ahmed Arbery, launching a DOJ investigation into the shooting of Ahmed Arbery. It's like by any metric you want to use Donald Trump is the traitor to white people if that's the discussion we're going to have. And you voting against him or not voting, you staying the fuck home and not voting in this fake election is an act of racial patriotism.

Jazzhands 2:52:01 You can't even make the argument. Look all of our bases are covered. You can't even make the argument that we're doing this in bad faith and that we're cherry picking all these examples to arrange this in a certain way to fit our perspective. No, I challenge you, those who say that you have no other choice but to vote for Donald Trump. Those who say that you have to do it because otherwise you're a traitor to your race. Go out there and find the examples the tangible examples where he has backed you up and is going to defend you and your interest. And you can say "bad optic" and "WigNats" and everything else. It's like okay, Kyle Rittenhouse, anything else got something else to say? Shut the fuck up. You're gonna shut the fuck up soon enough. So, without further ado, we're going to break Actually no, we're going away. It's the weekend. And we'll be back here right on the midweek to bring you the very best hard hitting election coverage of 2020. I never thought it would turn out this way in 2016 did you James? Oh boy, its been a wild ride. But it's been fun, but it's good. But it's necessary.

James 2:53:12 And I'm glad we are where we are today. Yeah, I would not want to be anywhere else.

Jazzhands 2:53:15 Yeah, I sleep great at night. Well, a lot of things keep me up with the state of the country. But in terms of what I say to you and what we're doing, and look, we correct ourselves in very real time. We make corrections. We try to get as much right as we can. But the things that we've corrected are where we've gotten tricked, and we're not getting tricked anymore and neither should you. Don't think yourself my dude, have a great weekend. We'll talk to you guys later.