FTN 082720 - August 27 2020 - FTN 337 Grand Old Pedo Party

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FTN_082720 FTN 337 SUMMARY KEYWORDS Falwell, trump, greenberg, liberty university, people, fucking, israel, gay, zionism, university, granda, wife,jewish, laura, pompeo, funny, tim scott

Announcer 00:19 Often imitated never duplicated This is the one and only Fash the Nation, your guiding light in a sea of degeneracy.

Jazzhands 00:41 Hello and welcome to FTN 337 I'm Jazzhands McFeels joined by James Allsup. We're gonna be covering a little bit of the Grand Old Paedo party convention today. I don't know how much of it's gonna be in the back half. We're gonna be doing a lot of reacts but we're gonna be talking about Falwell and this Joel Greenberg ( Oh gaawd !), Roger Stone, Matt Gaetz, a lot of stuff to unpack here and we're gonna dive deeper than even Drudge. Like I was pretty impressed with the breadth that I did on this Monday night.Then I see Drudge doing headlines on part of the things I'd prepped on and he hasn't even gone the full scale that we're going to go today on Falwell, but holy fuck. And then Joel Greenberg is pretty spicy. But yeah, dude, if you were here for the Grand Old Paedo party takes it's gonna be in part two. We're gonna have a lot of stuff on that...a lot of audio clips and reacts to that. Pretty funny stuff. But James, what's happening how's your week going?

James 01:39 Going pretty well. Yeah, my arm is intact, unlike some people in Kenosha. I don't know if you guys saw that video. That was pretty horrific of stuff going on there. But yeah, doing pretty well. And Dude, this Greenberg stuff. My mind was blown by this Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg stuff. This is only in Florida or Tel Aviv could something like this happen?

Jazzhands 02:02 Yeah of course but it confirms what we have already known for so long. I've honestly like did not get to see......I mean I know what's going on in Kenosha. I heard about Rittenhouse but I don't have.....

James 02:17 Yeah, my understanding is he shot an Antifa. And they chased him down and pinned him to the ground and he shot in self defence. So yeah, but they're definitely gonna be trying to railroad that kid. They're already, I saw a headline where the governor of Wisconsin has deemed him a "White supremacist terrorist". So I'm sure he's on his way to a fair and expeditious trial.

Jazzhands 02:38 It's like Oh, the government's calling him a White supremacist ? Oh, he's one of ours, that's fine. He's somebody who I'm going to side with 100% of the time unless they come out and then this disappears because there's some inconvenient thing that makes it not worth their while. But yeah, I will look forward to hearing others talk about this because we prep for other stuff. And alot of this has been breaking throughout the day today and I've only seen reactions from it but it's the same old. Its the same old routine that you are used to seeing. But something that we always had a hunch was the same old routine but is now breaking out into the open in a very very aggressive way is Jerry Falwell Jr. has been.....a lot of things have been coming out in the open James so we're getting official narrative on this. We're gonna give you the real narrative on this and tell you what to think. We did talk about Falwell was it last week we were doing the trailer park boy bit ? Because that was the first thing that came out about him and the two events seemed sort of random. It seems like a lot of people in the background are champing at the bit to get this guy fucking gone. And we'll explain why, especially people at "Libertine" University who seemed to want to get him out of there. But yeah, James I mean, I don't know that it's appropriate that Jerry Falwell Jr. is dressed up like... what was his name? Now, I can't even remember again...( Friggin' Julian) . Oh, yeah. frickin Frick off Julian. Yeah, I don't even think that's appropriate. We're gonna find out today, but it's probably a better office, Randy or Mr. Lahey. Because I'm not buying the official narrative on this. So we'll get in to a lot of the how and why I think my narrative makes sense on this and we'll get into all that. But yeah, I think this is like tarnishing Julian's good name.

James 04:41 Yeah. Its very fucked up. He should have just said when he got caught, should have just told the press he was rehearsing for a play at the Blanford recreational centre. It always worked for Mr. Lahey and Randy.

Jazzhands 04:51 Yeah, it did. Yeah. It's rehearsing for a play. So the official narrative on this is apparently people have known about this for a while, it's been a rumour going on in the background this Giancarlo Grande Granda, whatever, just a rent boy pool boy at Les Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, which is a fag hotel by the way. Basically anything there in Miami Beach, all those Art Deco neon signs. You're gonna love the artwork today from frontier land, by the way, it's just gonna be fantastic. But that sort of encapsulates, like where they met this guy. And so this has been kind of coming out into the open in dribs and drabs for about a year, but it's been denied by Falwell and his wife, total denial, and this Giancarlo Granda was 20 years old when he met them while working as a pool attendant at this Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, and they met back in 2012. And so the story the official narrative is. Well, okay, there are a couple like layers of the onion to unpeel here. So the official narrative from Falwell, and in the statement that he gave to Liberty University is that his wife, this disgusting whore in so many words, I mean, he dresses it up. And, you know, Jesus reminds us of Proverbs and bubba bubba. But if you read the whole statement, but he seems to blame it all on his wife. His wife had this moment of weakness for this rent boy, at this hotel. And she insisted on having this affair, I only found out about it afterwards, I was struck with great anxiety and lost 80 pounds in the ensuing several months. And my wife is trying to be a better person and I'm trying to be there to support her and we're just gonna move forward from there and in that way, his wife could be quietly moved off stage and he could remain in his position at Liberty University, where he's been since his father passed away. Jerry Falwell senior in 2007. Now both of these guys for those of you out in Rio rhinelander are HUGE zio shills. I mean just find me an evangelical….actually, as the words come out of my mouth. Rick, what's his name from TruNews ? Rick Wiles. Now there's an evangelical pastor who is not a zio shill. He gets a little bit of credit. He does some things that are not quite on the mark. But for the most part, it's been pretty good over there at TruNews. But the Falwells are part of this long storied tradition of evangelicals in America, who are very committed to Israel, very committed to Zionism, and throw all of their weight behind conservative political candidates who are Zionists and that's how it's always been. And so Fallwell, in typical inheritor fashion, from father to son inherited the mantle that his father gave him with Liberty University. Liberty University was founded by Falwell Sr. and the son has basically been coasting on things that his father built. And so they've been trying to get this guy out for a while. And so the picture of him dressed up as Julian was sort of one way of trying to do that, because most people were buying the story that his wife had this affair with this guy, and it was very difficult to get them out. But the way that this story has transformed in the last I don't know what 72 hours James over the weekend, essentially is this Giancarlo Granda finally spoke up and said that, no, no, it wasn't just Becky having this relationship off on the side. Jerry was sitting in the corner, watching while we had sex. And basically, this guy's a cuck. And now that's another layer of official narrative. I would say that even that is not true. I think that's another position that they're going to fall back to. But yeah, it's pretty bad.

James 09:24 So the story about this guy had been out before and this has been something that's been developing for months before the recent yacht party Pool Party scandal thing that happened a few weeks ago. The story about this this Giancarlo guy and this land deal that had been done where Giancarlo had sued the Falwell's and had alleged that by verbal agreement he was entitled to some share of this property development that they were working on down in Florida.

Jazzhands 09:56 Dude. Property development, a fucking fag hotel like they were developing a fag hotel for Giancarlo Granda. It was a youth hostel for homosexuals. So just to make that clear, like 100% clear !

James 10:13 Yeah, well, and so and so he had been this guy had been out there in the news before, and this relationship had been kind of alluded to. Right. It had been heavily implied that this was an improper relationship was how it was reported. But we didn't really.... we didn't get the details about exactly what that improper relationship, the full scope of impropriety until the last few days where, yeah, this guy had had a recorded phone call as well with with Fulwell. Oh, it's great. This, it's really coming apart for Jerry and his wife.

Jazzhands 10:47 It's coming apart, but I we're going to explain all of the things that have gone on here and then I will give you what I think the official narrative actually is. Now whether or not that will ever come out. I mean people can read between the lines on this if they want but like I said the saga went into a spiral over the weekend. This is from Esquire magazine. Falwell Jr. CASS Granda is having had an affair with Becky Fall well that ended with Granda as the bunny spoiling spurnee. Now Granda has come in from the cold. This saga would be good for only voyeuristic purposes. I mean really good except for this New York Times story from June of 2019. It deals with Falwell's decision in 2016 to abandon Ted Cruz in favour of endorsing President Trump's campaign, and I'll get into those details later, but Falwell and his wife met this pool attendant at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. The family then invested in a gay friendly youth hostel. And then there were some photographs involving the Falwells that ended up in the hands of Michael (((Cohen))). Donald Trump's fixer. And as well, as we pointed out last week, is Jerry Falwell's attorney as well. So it's more than just in common, more than in common is this endorsement? It's like all of the you get you do the endorsement, I guess you get the attorney to cover all of the bases. But yeah, like this is a really kind of weird story too, because it involves Roseanne Barr's husband, Tom Arnold, apparently had a lot of these details as well, which is kind of just this weird tangent part of the story.

James 12:33 Well, he was the one that recorded the call with Michael Cohen. Right, and that came out two years ago that accusation. And Cohen at the time was very...or Falwell in response to that was very particular and we noted this last time we talked about this, where Falwell was very deliberate with his language, and he said there were not explicit photos of him that existed, but that only applied to him. So Becky and Giancarlo. Yeah, fair game.

Jazzhands 13:02 fair game, but I'm even gonna challenge some of that too. And we'll get to that in a second. But um, yeah, so this is kind of funny that I highlighted this because this is this is pretty hilarious how all this plays out. And so, the Falwells according to the person close to them were impressed with Granda's ambition. Soon he was hiking and waterskiing with them in Virginia. Within months they were offering to help him get started in business in Florida with a fag hostel. Unsure how to capitalise on the offer. Mr. Granda consulted his close high school friend Jesus, whose father also named Jesus had worked in Miami real estate for decades, the Jesus's would later assert. Together they directed Mr Granda to a South Beach youth hostel that was for sale. So Jesus led the way toward a homosexual youth hostel apparently for Mr Granda. The building also housed a restaurant and a liquor store. By late 2015 the lawsuit over ownership of the hostel had devolved into a fight over compromising photos. As you pointed out, James according to several people involved with the case, it was understood that between Granda the Jesus's and their lawyers, one or more people were in possession of photographs that could be used as leverage against the Falwells. So now, we've gone from Jeffrey Epstein blackmailing the entire political structure in the United States to Jesus, blackmailing evangelical Christians, this is just getting crazier and crazier James. I just don't even know where....why would Jesus do such thing? Fulwell followed all the rules !

James 14:35 And these guys at some point decided they didn't want to be Jesus anymore, too, because they both ended up changing their names to something other. Some other Hispanic name. The same name. Oh there's holes in the wall...

Jazzhands 14:43 Yeah, I don't know. Yeah probably Judah. Not Jesus anymore. They're Judah. They're now abandoning....Yeah, so it's uh.....so let's see. Yeah, the Falwell's invested in a $1.8 million property deal. So when you hear gay friendly youth hostel you think of like some shitty building and a hole in the wall like.... Jesus..... hole in the wall methed out sort of like......no, it's a $1.8 million property, something pretty big. And this money came from the Falwells. I think other money yeah, this is Falwell's personal money, but Falwell was paid a million dollars a year by Liberty University so. But in other instances, as we're going to find out, he uses Liberty money to do exactly the same thing for other fags. So we're going to find that out here. "While we tried to distance ourselves from him over time" Falwell writes, "he unfortunately became angry and aggressive." Oh, sure. Yeah, Falwell tried to distance himself from these guys. It's like, no Granda, it's Granda was probably tired of the bullshit and we you and I'm not going to belabour this point here. But when you hear some of the conversations that are going back and forth, the shift that has been running corded in these calls between Falwell Jr. and Granda. It's just really weird, sick, twisted stuff. And so it's really it like this whole idea I mean, we know that Falwell Jr is lying, right? I mean he blames all of this on his wife and acts as though his wife is the one who stumbled in her pathway to Jesus and whatnot. And she has stumbled and she has fallen and I am helping her and I am staying by her side and just making him seem so magnanimous in his wife's sinning. But no, it's him that's actually doing this but here, here's some some of these funny quotes. Oh, yeah, I guess I am gonna do these quotes because I did highlight them. So Giancarlo showed Reuters texts from Becky where she said she was missing him like crazy, and also gave an audio recording of her complaining about hearing about the other women Giancarlo had been intimate with. Falwell Jr was also on the call and told him that he was going to make his wife jealous. Jerry then chimed in, you're going to make her jealous. Giancarlo replied, I am not trying to do that. He insists he was trying to negotiate a buyout of this gay hostel. So if you're a heterosexual, I mean, like digging into this it's just

James 17:23 mounting a hostile takeover.

Jazzhands 17:25 Yeah, he's mounting a hostile takeover. He's mounting a, you know, 55 year old woman. Probably even Falwell himself, as we'll get into but why like, why would a heterosexual male want to be in charge of a gay youth hostel? I don't buy I actually do not buy I think it's a cover. I'll just say this. Now. I think it's totally a cover. I think Falwell Jr. is a homosexual. I think that all of this stuff about cuz if you're a young guy like this maybe there's some cuck narrative here and it is funny if that's true, I just don't buy it. I think this is all a cover for Falwell being a fag because the pattern that we're going to see and I'm going to prove this with some other some of these other instances is that it's all dealing with homosexuals, it's going to clubs, it's flying different places on Falwell's jet to go to Miami, it's Falwell going to Miami, it's Falwell going to these clubs, it's Falwell who is making these investments. And his wife only seems to be involved with this one guy. None of the others. It's all about Falwell Jr. and these guys, and they all are tied up in gay stuff. So the storyline that he is getting involved with these guys so they can sleep with his wife, and he's got some weird sexual fetish. It doesn't. It makes sense. It's funny. It's an interesting fallback position. But the only thing worse than adultery to evangelicals would be that Falwell's a fag and I think that that's what they're protecting more than anything else. I mean, that's just my take. But we'll we'll see as this thing unfolds a little bit more.

James 19:07 Yeah and Falwell does have a weird history of doth protesting too much when it comes to his heterosexuality. Like we talked about the story where he would go around the office and like brag about how well endowed he was and how, how Becky couldn't handle it. Well, I guess that makes sense. If Becky couldn't handle it, that's why you needed to go to Giancarlo. Because right man for the job.

Jazzhands 19:30 Well, that's the thing is, is there's there's a lot of that backstory. There are all these eyewitness accounts of Liberty University employees, who have been subjected to Jerry Falwell talking about like what he did to his wife last night, and like, I guess, Falwell boomers, a couple of these text messages. I mean, the idea that all of these photos just came from Giancarlo Granda is also not true. Falwell has "boomered" his text messages so that apparently he sent around pictures of his wife in like a French maid outfit and he meant to send it to one person to be like doing the whole look, look how hot my wife is kind of bit but he accidentally sent that photo to five other people. So just like it's kind of making this worse for himself but yeah, there's just this because look, the whole...I guess i don't i hate using leftist. I don't like using leftist anymore. I almost want to just say that the whole narrative that the people that doth protest too much about gays means that you're actually gay. That's always been fraught with a lot of problems, but in this very tight circumstance, where a lot of other things are also true. With Falwell. It's kind of he's protesting a lot about gays but then he's also doing a lot of things with gays and for gays and on gays behalf in the background. And that part doesn't....that is just like, okay, like, I'm not buying any of this and so, what's also funny about this is that Liberty University has doubled down after Falwell denies reports of his resignation. And so they I think, as of Monday night, they had said, Yeah, Falwell has submitted his resignation and Falwell. Because from Falwell's perspective, like he looks at Liberty University as this cash cow business that he inherited from his father and it's his, and the thing that Falwell doesn't understand is everybody around him like he has, because it was something that he inherited. He configured everything in such a way where it's very difficult to get rid of this guy. And they have probably wanted to get rid of this guy for a long time. And they haven't been able to and so the problem has been that I think everybody in the university the board, have known about these allegations for a while. It's about how do we get them out without damaging Liberty. And I think the evidence and what was going to come out anyway became so great that the trade offs for coming public with it were outweighed by just doing it. Like if you understand what I mean, like they it was to their interest to keep this as quiet as possible because the blowback on Liberty was going to be pretty awful. But it's all coming out anyway. And it's so bad. It's like, Alright, let's use this as a great opportunity to bury Jerry. Now, the question is, is, how many other people at Liberty are implicated in this? Certainly Falwell wasn't doing this alone, and we're going to get to what he was doing as time goes on. But he's effectively been cut off. Now whether or not he gets some kind of big severance. I don't know. But I mean, this guy is getting a million dollars a year. He's been spending a lot of the money has been embezzling. It seems like he has been.... I won't say embezzling. He has been taking a lot of the university money in turning the university into a hedge fund a real estate hedge fund for political favours, and for probably sexual favours as well, it seems like so, I don't know what sort of legal recourse is gonna be there. It's sort of hard to say, but he denied that he was being fired. Like he came out and said, I'm not resigning, I'm on leave. And then the university said, No, no, there's gonna be a statement coming out later, like you're resigning. We have no interest in you coming back. I just don't know what kind of legal sort of entanglement this is going to involve because of who his father was. And I don't know what sort of agreement they have where it's like, if you found the university and then you have a son that you put in charge of it. It's like can he be fired? I don't know.

James 23:54 Well, I think he's he's going to be resigning and the deal is as reported yesterday he's going to be getting a around a $10 million severance package. So I think they're trying to do this in a way. Yeah, it's a buy out basically in a way that they avoid any of that litigation, which would be 1. more costly and 2. bad PR. And if you think about this from Liberty's perspective, wanting to just air the dirty laundry once and get it over with, they definitely don't want this to turn into a protracted situation. And the other but the question is going to be too what recourse does Jerry have not with university property, but with these real estate ventures that he's embarked on? Because, as it's been reported, that many of these are like private, sort of private public ventures between, well not private public but private ventures where he and the university were partners on them. So how that's going to shake out i think is remains to be seen, but definitely, and there were many people from the university who had talked about the under Falwell, Jr. The model shifting from education first to this new focus on holding real estate assets and on basically being a real estate management company and construction company as being their primary business model so....

Jazzhands 25:14 Well, I mean, that's not unique though. I mean..he's just.....but he's doing it in a way that is highly problematic and it's again, it's this it's another example of Balwell...Balwell...Falwell is similar to Steve Bianam in the same way where Falwell is trying to do things that Jews do at Harvard and Yale and with their endowments, and everything else, but Falwell is not a Jew. And he's also on the wrong side of the political fence, in terms of being tied to Trump than anybody tied to Trump is going to be a problem. Anybody tied to Michael Cohen is going to be a problem and everything is on the table to get rid of these people. And I mean, zooming out to the 40,000 foot level. I mean, look at when this news is dropping, right? This is at the very beginning of the grand old paedo party convention. And it's meant to strike at the heart of evangelical support for Donald Trump. I mean, let's not miss that point in all of this either. I mean, this is a story about Falwell for sure. But the reason why this takedown is so appropriately timed is there have been a lot of misgivings from people at Liberty and they're trying to move evangelicals off of this and back on to "compassionate conservatism". (Yes.) And honestly, as we're going to get into, because it's very clear that the photos that Michael Cohen had, and that were given to him by others were used in a very appropriately timed choreography to get Trump to endorse, sorry to get Falwell to endorse Trump right before the Iowa primaries when Trump wasn't actually doing that well, because remember, 2016 was not this big, like just sail all the way to victory. There were a lot of problems. There were all these milestones. And when we're invested in Trump, it was just, it was kind of the fun was the roller coaster ride. It's like, are we gonna make it past this next post, and one of those posts was Iowa and moving on in New Hampshire, and then South Carolina, and then he started racking them up, but....

James 27:22 He lost Iowa too right ? Pretty closely with Ted Cruz, so that was, and that was what breathed hope into this effort from the GOP to stop him.

Jazzhands 27:31 Because if think about the circumstances here, if Falwell had done what he was planning to do, which was endorsed Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz had just been at Liberty University. I think he announced his campaign at Liberty University, didn't he? I think the summer before so he announced his campaign for president. Tim Cruz, Ted Cruz, Chuck Cruz. His father is an evangelical preacher. So it boggled everybody's mind that Cruz was not chosen by Falwell as an endorsement. And so when he turned and did Trump instead this guy who has been divorced two or three times, who cares what's the count doesn't matter, this guy who shoots plastic women and prostitutes and all this other stuff, so he had to be...Falwell had to pitch Trump is sort of this, uh, this sinner who was seeking redemption, and that's sort of what people bought into. And you sort of have to wonder if Falwell had endorsed Cruz instead would Trump even be president right now ? Is this one of these pivotal moments if you go back into that history in 2016, and let's say that Ted Cruz just destroyed...... because Falwell's....this was big news, I remember talking about this, when Falwell did this endorsement, he had all these evangelicals supporting Trump. What if Falwell said now we're going to do Cruz and then hand over the delegates Donald became Trump sort of trashing Cruz and Cruz is the one who is in and then.You know, I'm glad things worked out like they did, though, because you would have gotten all the same Zionism with Ted Cruz and then people would still be like : But Trump though and I'm just glad that we have Trump first. ( Right.) And just know that they're both zionists. But yeah, I mean, do you agree, James, that it Falwell had just endorsed Cruz would maybe Trump not have succeeded? It's probably up for debate, probably have to fold in a lot of the polling and a lot of the other data like what at that moment, like what would a Falwell endorsement have made? What difference would it have made? But I would say in terms of momentum, if Cruz had crushed Trump in the Iowa primary, and then I don't know how Cruz did in New Hampshire, but uh,you get into South Carolina, that's evangelical country. I mean, is it enough to tip the scales? I don't know.

James 29:52 Well, yeah, you could have,I think, wasn't it Rubio getting second place in New Hampshire behind Trump ? There could have been a scenario where Trump were 0 for 3, right out of those first 3 instead of being 2 for 3, and you might be looking at a very different presidential race, and that would have given a lot of credence to one of the main arguments against Trump at the time was that somebody like this just can't win, somebody this bombastic and raaaacist can never win. And when you start putting some evidence in that column guy going 0 for 3 in the first 3 primaries, a very real shot that could have happened. I don't know it would be interesting to go back and re litigate. But this definitely, Falwell's endorsement and his relationship. Trump's relationship with Liberty may answer one of the biggest questions that a lot of people had about him, which is how do you square this still with the Republican Party's 80, something percent evangelical, how do you square these religious considerations these people have with this guy who is completely seems to be in his personal life, at least lived a very amoral life.

Jazzhands 30:59 How do you square the six sided star I don't know. But yeah, it's kind of funny. I mean, the idea that Jerry Falwell like anybody who thinks that Jerry Falwell is like destroyed and decimated and never coming back it's like no, this has happened before and this happens quite often with these evangelical ministers flashback anybody maybe only Spam Houston remembers this cuz Spam Houston is le Old but Jimmy Swaggart is really a great example: this Pentecostal evangelical minister who slept with a bunch of prostitutes, which is pretty tame by Falwell's example because Jimmy Swaggart wouldn't be caught with no fags that's for sure. But Jimmy swagger if you look this up on on YouTube, there's this incredible sermon that he gives. And I say incredible because of the fake crocodile tears that this guy does. After getting caught sleeping with prostitutes with the church's money, and he does this whole "...I have SINNED against the LORD..." and just like these fake tears, and it's just so fucking hilarious. Falwell's not gonna get that opportunity now Jimmy Swaggart, within a month of giving this "I have sinned" speech he's taking 350 Christian Zionists to Israel to support the country, he's written all these books : The Future of Israel, Chosen by God, Israel's Fight for Survival by Jimmy Swaggart. It just never, never ends. And so yeah, like the idea that Falwell is like, done no, this guy is he's gonna get $10 million and unless he's charged with some financial crimes, which we'll talk about the potential for here shortly. They probably just want to pay him $10 million to get the fuck out of here, right. Jimmy Swaggart was never as big as he... would like Jimmy Swaggart is like Joel Osteen x 100. He is like...in the 80s, Jimmy Swaggart was huge, like, big, big, BIG following. And then he became much more diminished. He's still a Christian Zionist, and he's still pushing this kind of stuff. Falwell endorsement is not going to be enough to sway presidential election at any point in the future. And in fact, probably what Jerry Falwell will be doing is doing safe conservative endorsements from here on out. And potentially, depending on what the political landscape looks like, he may even not endorse if they're trying to send a particular message in the right way. But um, yeah, like, he's not going away, he's not going to be destroyed. But I just want to talk about some of this stuff. So we talked about, alright, we talked about Cohen and the Trump endorsement, right? Oh, yeah. The details of this. I wanted to actually explain the details. It's ALL in the details. Let's see. Falwell enlisted Cohen's help in 2015, according to the source familiar with Cohen's thinking. The year Trump announced his presidential candidacy at that time, Cohen was Trump's confidante and personal lawyer and he worked for the Trump organisation. The Falwells wanted to keep a bunch of photographs, personal photographs from ever becoming public. "I actually have one of the photos" Tom Arnold said "it's terrible". Cohen would later prove successful in another matter involving Falwell two people familiar with the matter told Reuters. Cohen helped persuade Falwell to issue his endorsement of Trump's presidential candidacy at a critical moment, they said, just before the Iowa caucuses. In 2016, Trump faced an enormous challenge. The Iowa caucus was coming up and Cohen then deeply loyal to Trump was concerned about how Trump would fare. Cohen felt Trump was quote, "being slaughtered" in that community and didn't want to see him embarrassed or without support, said the source. Cohen repeatedly reached out to Falwell and pleaded with him to back Trump the source said Falwell subsequently barnstormed with Trump and vouched for the candidate's "Christian virtues". Falwell's backing that's always seemed so fucking funny too, when people were pushing that meme that Trump had all these "Christian values" and No he doesn't ! No he fucking doesn't ! Anyway, we were just like yeah, okay, we'll just do this because it's gonna be a lot of White people voting for him like whatever whatever they want to say. It's like, it's kind of cringe but whatever. Falwell's backing helped galvanise evangelicals and persuaded many Christians concerned about Trump's past behaviour to embrace him as a repentant sinner. Falwell's support for Trump has not wavered throughout the New York celebrity- politicians own tribulations including the Access Hollywood recording. I mean, what's Falwell gonna do? You know, he's gonna retract his endorsement and then ? I remember Falwell was put under a lot of pressure. But what Falwell gonna do ? It's like the choice is make up some justification for why he continues to support Trump in the face of outrage from Liberty University, students and staff or photos come out of him like being a cuok with his wife at best.... at the very best.

James 36:07 And it's not like the Billy Bush tape was like out of character for Trump. That's kind of what you would have expected from him. So he wouldn't....even if he were to pull back the endorsement that wouldn't have answered those calls for people that were very upset about that endorsement in the first place. Because that was totally within what one would expect from someone of Trump's character.

Jazzhands 36:29 Yeah, exactly. And I mean, even up until last weekend, Falwell tweeted out that Trump should have two more years added to his first term to make up for the Muller investigation and Russian interference. It's like, do ya think Falwell is like coming up with this on his own ? It's like no, but it's kind of funny. It's like yeah Falwell, you can plan trust on Trump all you want. This guy isn't coming to save you. I don't know if Trump has had any comments about Falwell, but I doubt it. I bet Trump is like yeah, we're gonna stay as far away from that as possible. But yeah, it's kind of funny. It was at Liberty. Yeah. So this is what I was saying it was at Liberty where Ted Cruz had chosen to launch his campaign in 2015. Cruz's father was an evangelical preacher and yada, yada, yada, yada, this is all...whatever. So Benjamin Crosswhite. So this is another one of these rent boys that Falwell gets involved with, except that this one doesn't seem to have a whole lot to do with Becky, has a lot to do with Jerry. He's Jerry's personal trainer. This is the guy that helped Jerry lose 80 pounds after he, lol "found out" about his wife cheating on him or something. In 2011 Falwell and his wife started training with Benjamin Crosswhite oh they both did it, a Liberty graduate who was 23 at the time, things were going great. Falwell claims he lost all this weight but if you read Falwell's statement, he acts as though this weight that he lost was in the anxiety that he felt because he found out that his wife was cheating on him. It wasn't framed as though like him and his wife started training with this guy. And he was getting ripped bro. Like, it's just doesn't make any sense.

James 38:12 Yeah, I think this programme is probably more along the lines of the Andrew Gillum supplement regimen...this Crosswhite guy. Who knows right ?

Jazzhands 38:21 probably...yeah, yeah. So its Benjamin Crosswhite that he apparently sent this French maid photo too, and then it went to like multiple other people.

James 38:33 Yeah. So if you're saying that you're you're getting in the gym to help you deal with the pain of being cuckolded if that's your story. Do you think it's really advisable to be sending out "hot" pictures of your wife to the trainer? Like when when you presumably have a cuckolding problem in your relationship? Yeah, I don't know if that's the best course of action.

Jazzhands 38:56 Yeah, imagine like going through the deep bowels of depression over finding out that your wife has cheated on you with somebody else - in secret - as Falwell has reported, and then at the same time you're sending pictures of her dressed up like a French maid to like other men. It's like, none of this makes any sense, Jerry, but uh, so Falwell sends an email that was uncovered by Reuters, where he urged Liberty officials to cut a sweet deal for Crosswhite. Now this is where things get interesting. So you have Giancarlo Granda in his $2 million gay youth hostel in Miami. In the same year 2012 you have Falwell urging Liberty officials to cut a sweet deal for Crosswhite. And so that deal would be to have Liberty sell an 18 acre racquet sports and fitness facility for $2 million to Crosswhite. But of course, this trainer is not going to have $2 million. So Liberty agreed to rent the facility from him for their tennis team and paid him $650,000 up front for the first nine years of that lease. The other 1.2 million Crosswhite paid for the facility was covered by a loan that Liberty made him at a low 3% annual rate. So imagine these financial shenanigans and again this stuff goes on all the time, but Falwell had the audacity to do this as a Gentile and was not, despite his Zionism was not totally protected on every level. So just think about this for a second. They sell this facility to just some boy some some like young guy. Now, there's no accusations of actual paedophilia here, just to be clear.

James 40:46 but I guess 23 at the time

Jazzhands 40:48 there yeah, that we know of. But it's still disgusting. They're more than twice his age. And so they sell this facility to Crosswhite for $2 million. He doesn't have the money. So Liberty loans 60% of the money up front and then pays him the rest up front as rent. Just unbelievable ! So who's paying the loan? The rent? It's like a Ponzi scheme, isn't it? I mean....

James 41:16 Well, it's transfer into your bank account, so you can transfer into my bank account. It's basically they're basically gifting this facility to him, and doing the financials in such a way that it appears to be legitimate. And I mean, this is the kind of thing that like Jews will do with each other with their cousins with whomever, all day long. And it's I mean, from a pure like, transactional angle here, it's like, okay, they're giving this guy, the the ability to start his own business or whatever, but like, why are they doing this? What is the nature of this relationship they have. It's very unusual, especially for somebody who's this young, right? Somebody who's 23. fresh out College a fresh Liberty graduate, and you're trusting him with this facility? Like why are you trusting him with this facility unless this is being given, essentially gifted to him as part of maybe a deal to not make public some sensitive information about you and your relationship with him?

Jazzhands 42:21 Well, the thing is, though, it's like if Jerry Falwell Jr's wife is such a whore, as he sort of implicitly purports her to be in his official statement on this. She's not capable of going out and finding guys to fuck her and it costs $2 million per guy to do this. None of that story makes any sense. So it actually makes a lot more sense to me is these dollar amounts and these financial shenanigans are maybe she is having sex with them. I don't know. But I think Jerry is having sex too. And I think he's having sex with men and the amounts of money that are being transacted here And apparently not enough work to keep this too quiet. That seems to point to something more than just his 50 year old wife having sex from time to time. This is telling me something else is going on here. And so, uh, yeah, this is....so a year after this $2 million financial shenanigans, Crosswhite Falwell sends an email to Liberty officials directing them to lease more gym space to Crosswhite's business for $2300 per month. Quote "the concern is whether the university's President wanted to do a personal favour and use Liberty assets to do it" said Doug Anderson, a former internal audit chief at Dow Chemical after reviewing the deal. "At a minimum, the term suggests the buyer got a great deal and liberty got very little."

James 43:48 Financially sure that's exactly right. Unless part of that deal is the implication that Oh yeah, this sordid history you have with my wife and I is not going to be made public

Jazzhands 43:59 Yeah...and I just....I'm sorry, I just don't buy that this is to like keep his wife sexually satisfied and that Jerry just likes to watch. Records show...but this is where and this is more confirmation bias for me...records show that Falwell took Crosswhite on a trip in Liberty's private jet to Miami. Falwell said his doctor is in Miami and he went for his annual physical and wanted Crosswhite to be present to discuss his training and nutrition plan. Since Liberty requires a yearly physical for Falwell he didn't have to reimburse the university for the flight. Becky was not on the flight. ( hmmm ) Crosswhite benefited from Liberty money, which is a nonprofit that depends on federal student loan money to operate. Falwell gets a salary of almost a million dollars and is required to put the university's financial interests before his own. He said in his statement that he tried to be a quote "business mentor" to Crosswhite but that it did not cause him to abandon his fiduciary duties to the university. I'm sure, to a guy like Falwell there is NOTHING that would cause him to abandon his fiduciary duties. EVERYTHING that Falwell does is justified as some Rube Goldberg Machine justification of supporting his fiduciary duties to the university. This guy could be running a train in Miami Beach on fucking 23 year old men and he would talk about….he'd probably come up with some justification. I guess they were all working on his "nutrition plan" James Right ? I mean...

James 45:31 yeah, Jerry. I mean, you've seen photos of this guy, and he's a real like, definitely D1 top calibre performance athlete.

Jazzhands 45:41 Well, in order for Falwell to appropriately eschew homosexuality, he has to become one right, James ? I mean, he has to have proper training around homosexuals, so that he can prevent Liberty University students from becoming homosexuals. I think that's what this is all about.

James 45:59 Bro. He's just saying turning the other cheek.

Jazzhands 46:03 Stop dude, please ! Let me know when you're done !

James 46:09 Well, yeah. So it is kind of weird though that you bring. It's extremely weird. You bring the trainer on the plane. It's like, guy telephones exist. You could do a Skype consultation. Like there's a lot of things here also, why is your doctor in Miami? Why do you keep your personal doctor? Is it? Liberty University's in the Midwest? It's in Virginia.

Jazzhands 46:31 It's in Lynchburg, Virginia. yeah.

James 46:33 Yeah. So why do you keep your doctor in Miami? To be in close proximity to the $2 million gay hostel? Who knows?

Jazzhands 46:42 Yeah, it does. I mean, bro, this doesn't add up, man. I don't know. But probably Jerry has a better explanation. I don't know. But there's a photo of Jerry Falwell and his brother Trey Falwell, who are apparently, they're just like wingmen down there in Miami. There's a photograph of them inside of The Wall nightclub in Miami Beach, which is the gay nightclub, drinking alcohol and dancing. This is an allegation. I mean, the photo has gone around and you can see that it looks like Falwell in the photo. And what's interesting is that several sources say that Falwell went to Liberty University IT guy John Gauger to get him to reduce the pictures prominence in Google searches. And Falwell denies ever going to that nightclub. So yeah. And yeah, so more evidence to support this..this is what we're talking about before.... Falwell is also very, very vocal about his sex life with university employees. Several sources say that he texts or sends racy pictures of his wife to male subordinates. A former official recalled a car ride with Falwell, all he wanted to talk about was how he would nail his wife, how she couldn't handle his penis size and stuff of that sort. So there seems to be a little bit of like the cuok stuff going on, but again, the price tag here is just so exorbitant, it has to be something else. So, yeah, and this isn't just to kind of close this out because I'm sure there's going to be a lot more Falwell stuff that comes up. But this is Liberty University as a real estate hedge fund. The senior University official told Politico, we're not a school. We're a real estate hedge fund. We're not educating we're buying real estate every year and taking students money, including federal student loan guarantees to do it. In 2012. Falwell turned over management of several of the university's properties to a company that his son, Trey Falwell had just formed. The address for his son's business was Jerry Falwell's in his wife's home. It raises red flags to have your kids being able to profit off of the activities of the organisation. Oh, so it's his son, Trey Falwell. I thought it was his brother. Right. Wow. His Son Jesus, okay. The unnamed sources also said the school is making big loans to personal friends of Falwell. Even if it wasn't in the school's financial interests, literally the Oppenheimer fund Liberty loaned $200,000 to Prototype Turism LLC, a tourism company owned or founded by Josh Oppenheimer, who Falwell said was a friendly supporter. And then of course Oppenheimer did not pay the loan back so yeah, it's like yeah you fucking Zionist Christian piece of shit why doncha loan me this money and then Oppenheimer doesn't doesn't pay that loan back. That's how that works.

James 49:34 Just consider it a down payment on your duty...to your godly duty to support Israel.

Jazzhands 49:41 Well, it is I mean, it is the Talmud, right? Like if you look, if you loan money from a.. borrow money from a Gentile you're actually not obligated to pay it back if you're Jewish. So Oppenheimer is just living within the religious bounds set up by his religion. You know, it's just in a book somewhere right ? Moon Construction. Robert Moon founded Construction Management Associates Liberty loaned the company $750,000 before awarding it $130 million in construction contracts at the university and selling it university property. And this guy that did this audit of Liberty University said this Hackney guy, Philip Hackney, University of Pittsburgh law school professor said "it's usually not good practice for a nonprofit to loan money if its purpose is not loaning money". One official at the school said that before Construction Management Associates became the school's biggest contractor the university would accept bids from multiple businesses, but now only accepts them from Construction Management Associates. So yeah....

James 50:46 yeah, probably good practice. To do that. Oh, man..

Jazzhands 50:51 Ya know, just put out an RFP and have a couple different bids....Oh, no, we're just gonna do CMA every time that's kind of funny how that works. In 2014 one of the school's vice presidents emailed Falwell saying that he was very concerned about cost control for Construction Management Associates projects. So not only were they getting the bids, they were blowing up the bids, as the construction projects went on just nickel and diming them all on the way. Falwell defended the loan. Liberty has considered investments in other local startup businesses that would help University business model in the local economy. But CMA is just the one that somehow comes out on top every time. So, yeah, like they've wanted to get rid of this guy for a while. And it's something that I was going to say at the beginning, it's the sort of same thing that the people who are nominally supportive of the GOP are experiencing, as well as Liberty students. I mean, the rules at Liberty are insane. Like, I don't think you can consume alcohol. You can't have sex with anyone outside of marriage and hear Falwell and his father before him are imposing all these rules about not having sex outside of wedlock, not being a homosexual, in fact, their guidelines or their bylaws or whatever you want to call them say, we do not allow sex between a man and a woman outside of wedlock. So it's like sex between anything other than a man and a woman is like verboten like no matter what. And it's like people at Liberty, I don't live the lifestyle that they do. But I think that the lifestyle, I don't have anything wrong....I don't think there's anything wrong with what they do. I think it's the way that we lived for a very long time. And it worked out very well, in most cases. I think they expect more from their leaders. And it's sort of like Liberty is a microcosm for the entire country. It's like anybody who has these expectations, who is just on our level, or you say, you're a Liberty student or you're a member of an evangelical church, you have these higher expectations of your leaders, but they're all hedonist degenerates. And in case it isn't obvious, this is what you're going to continue to get because all of your institutions are controlled by Jews. So the only people that you're going to have in charge for now are going to be hedonist degenerates because those are the people that Jews have leverage over. And this stuff sort of never ends. And these people at Liberty are very excited about getting rid of Falwell but I mean, sorry to be a black pill Libertines, but you're just gonna get another Falwell like, you're not gonna get the person that you thought to lead your university. It's gonna be somebody who toes the Zionist line and they'll do whatever...give Shlomo whatever he wants. Yeah, and the guy they put in as the interim president has a history of at least good rhetoric on LGBT stuff and opposition to it, but they're trying to move him out as quickly as possible and put in this guy, I believe his name is Matt Walker, who is a rep from North Carolina who's not running for reelection, who you may remember him back from the Ilhan Omar "send her back" chants. This was the guy that came out and said these chants about Ilhan Omar were disgusting. But even more disgusting is her opinions towards the great state of Israel. So it's like they're going to be replacing the president, replacing Falwell Jr. not with someone who may be serious about.....because the people who send their kids to Liberty University, they know what the code of conduct is there. And that's part of usually why they send their kids there because they want them to be sent to a place that is not going to be a party atmosphere all the time, that is not going to be...and they're not gonna have to worry about their daughters being sexually assaulted or something or taken advantage of. Oh they have to worry about their sons being sexually assaulted and sexually taken advantage of !

James 54:51 Yeah but I mean, and those people, they...you think about this from the perspective of one of these parents or one of the people who has a financial stake in the University who is well-meaning....they see the leaders of the University behaving in this way, and it totally undermines their trust and faith in the institution. And which I mean, I don't know how else you want them to react as they should feel in this case when people are behaving this way. But yeah, I mean, so anybody that they get in to replace Falwell Jr, is going to be co opted, is going to be a guardian and defender of Israel and you as the evangelical parent, as the Christian parent, even someone who's not particularly religious, just wants a decent college environment for your kid. You're not going to be able to have that at Liberty because it's going to be totally controlled by Jews, by Jewish power.

Jazzhands 55:42 Yeah, I mean, do you want to do the litmus test on the absolute state of Clown World at this point? It used to be a concern where parents would be concerned about their daughter, the daughter is the one who they have to worry about. Something happening to her or her being led down a wrong path or something like rape or whatever. Yeah, you still have to worry about your daughter probably 10 times more, but not not maybe necessarily about the things you would have had to worry about in the past. Like, all of those things are true. But now it's like, you have to worry about her becoming a cat lady or turned into a lesbian. And then now you have to worry about your son just as much that he doesn't get entrapped in some sort of a scheme. It's like is something bad gonna happen to my son ? Are they going to get Corey Haim'd or Corey Feldman'd or whatever and you don't even have to be in Hollywood for that to happen, as you've seen with the Catholic Church and everything else. It's like parents are being expected to hand over more and more control over their kids to schools and institutions. And it's like, they've never been in more danger than they ever have right now. It's like even at Liberty University where most kids maybe, unless their parents are diehard evangelicals, and they grew up in evangelical household. Liberty University is not really the ticket for most people. Like I would not want to go to school there. Because the rules would just be insane. But like, if that's your thing, and that's a place that you want to go and you expect to have those things, and the guy at the top is flying down to Miami on a private jet to like get nutrition plans made out for him by Dr. at a gay youth hostel. It's kind of like er...we requested literally the opposite of this as evangelical Christians. But at the same time, evangelical Christians, they have brains. They have enough they should be able to think for themselves and they have been taken for a ride and so those same evangelical Christians that tell you like, I don't want gays in my school will also tell you that Israel has to take as much territory as possible to bring back Christ. So I have some sympathy, but not total sympathy. So let's just leave it right there.

James 58:10 Yes. Yeah. Well, it's, uh, yeah, I mean, Jerry is going to get out of this relatively unscathed. He's going to keep his...financially anyways, and....

Jazzhands 58:20 He's gonna take $10 million out of the schools...10 million more dollars on top of anything...all the other indiscretions that we probably don't even know about. And will things at the university really change? No, not really. But let's sort of like another metaphor or sort of another similarity, I should say, to the Republican Party is just like the Republican Party, that that's the excuse that a lot of people use. It's like, What other choice do we have? It's like, well, the same is true for Liberty. Like there is no like, ultra extremist version of Liberty. Like that's the only option that these people have and they're just going to eat shit and take it and not demand anything else, because that's what they've been doing for 50 years. That's why I don't have any sympathy for them. Like I just moved to this point where I'm just like, Yeah, but like you did this to yourself with all the Zionism. So I don't really know what to say.

James 59:15 Yeah, and the the choices that you'll be given are between someone who might talk the right talk on the LGBT stuff, but is proven by their own actions to be totally unserious about it. Like in the case with Falwell. You don't want to be the guy chuckling...the chortling liberal, like all these people out there these values and look, they're all secret fags. But in this case, like what else can you come away from looking at Falwell's record what else can you think when you look at what this guy's done? Right? The guy's made it very clear where he stands on this stuff by his own actions.

Jazzhands 59:59 Yeah and it's the same story all around. These people, I have sympathy for Liberty students and parents and whatever, to the extent that they expected something different and they're not getting it. But at the same time, they bought on to the Zionism, they bought onto all of these things that would lead them here. And I mean, look, I'll just make a little prediction for Liberty beyond the fact that Oh, nothing's going to change at the university. I would actually say that things are going to change. The purpose of whoever the leadership is at Liberty is to continue to see like, as they steer conservatism. It's just liberalism going the speed limit, right ? So as they steer conservatism in the GOP, further and further to the left, it's like now GOP is about blacks and trannies and homosexuals. I mean, they have to do the same thing with all these evangelical schools. They can't let them come too far out of phase. So that's the purpose of whoever takes over at the school is to steward it through one generation or so, through the the course of moving to a different position. So, yeah, that's the best way to look at it. I mean, Liberty is never going to be more conservative than it is right now. And tomorrow, it will be less and less and less because look, you go back 50 years. What was Liberty like back then? Right. So, anyway.

James 1:01:24 Yeah, it's gonna be a safe haven for people like Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone and Joel Greenberg before too long if it isn't already. Speaking of Miami. Other other happenings down there in Flaaaarida ,we have the story about this guy, Joel Greenberg. A friend of mine sent me this this week and dude, this is some pretty wild stuff and it involves some accomplices, some actors we've been talking about quite a bit here on the show. This story is Joel Greenberg is the married ex Florida county tax collector who has been charged with child sex trafficking and 11 others charges. Pretty wild stuff this guy was doing down at his position as a tax...how perfect Joel Greenberg the tax collector right. The story goes he allegedly paid for sex with an underage girl and he illegally used the state's DMV database to look up information on the minor and women with whom he was engaged in sugardaddy relationships with. These charges were unveiled against Joel Greenberg, former tax collector of Seminole County until he resigned in June in a criminal indictment filed by the US Attorney on Friday. And there are six new counts against Greenberg, in addition to six counts from two previous run ins with the law, two previous indictments. Doesn't offer specifics about the sex trafficking charge. However, the alleged incident involves a girl aged between 14 and 17 and purportedly took place across a six month period in 2017. Could be looking at 10 years in prison. So dude, this guy was just like running roughshod over this office down there, using it, it sounds like he was only doing personal business in his position his tax collector. Sounds like he did very little actual public work down there in Seminole County. But do you won't be surprised to find, yeah, Roger Stone. Matt Gaetz all tied up with this guy. Mr. Greenberg.

Jazzhands 1:03:20 Yeah, he's kind of funny. I mean, what wasn't this guy stealing IDs throughout his entire time? like there wasn't an ID that this guy would not take just taking licences as he went through his thing, like what's the purpose of this grabbing these ID cards?

James 1:03:34 Yeah so he would....there was a bin where they would shred these things because it's a county office and people surrender their old driver's licences get a new one. And on multiple occasions, other employees saw Mr. Greenberg, going over to this bin before these IDs were shredded, and just sticking them in his pocket and taking them away and doing who knows what with them. This is great, according to the document, Greenberg's theft of surrendered driver's licences continued until his last day in office, June 24. The employee that caught him doing this, asked Mr. Greenberg, why he had taken these surrender licences. Greenberg responded that the collection of a licence was a lost and found, which was a lie. On another occasion when he was caught Greenberg gave a worker an excuse that had something to do with quote, "demographics", also a lie investigators found. Yeah, just research..

Jazzhands 1:04:29 Just doing personal research into…I'm trying to improve my employment position here. So I need more data to make decisions like no, as it turns out, this guy is making fake IDs and concealed weapons permit cardstock and all kinds of other stuff for people. So I'm sure he was making a lot of money on the side there. And then also you come across certain ideas and based on the child sex trafficking that this guy is involved in, I mean, it's sort of all fits nicely together. And then you see Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone together. "Try-sexuals" ...a trio of tri-sexuals ?

James 1:05:09 Yeah, the trisexual trio. That's right. Yeah, this guy was doing just about, like, think of all of the different works you could do as a corrupt public official. And this guy had his beak in all of them. And he, not just a friend of Roger Stone, this guy's a protege of Roger Stone. Because when you look at his history of political shenanigans, this was actually the first federal charge he was facing was for stalking. Because he was indicted by a federal grand jury in June for stalking his political primary opponent, Brian Buete, in the Republican primary for the tax collector race, and he was accused in this indictment of setting up fake social media accounts posing as a very concerned teacher at the school where Brian Buete worked. In a series of social media posts and a letter sent to the victims employer, Greenberg attempted to spread false Information about Buete the DOJ said. False information included accusations that Buete was having a sexual relationship with a student of the school, and also that he had recorded these sexual encounters, even though Greenberg knew this was not true. And he also posted a fake Twitter account posing as Buete, claiming to be a segregationist in favour of White supremacy. It's like, yeah, the projection. Well, not on the racial stuff. But the projection on the child grooming , hot and heavy with Mr. Greenberg. But like you mentioned Jazz, this guy best buds with Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone. There's this photo that resurfaced that Matt Gaetz actually posted on his Facebook back in 2017, July 8 2017, with the caption : enjoy dinner, a little dinner date with Roger Stone, and Seminole County tax collector and second amendment champion, Joel Greenberg. All three of them, Roger Stone with this shirt like all the way unbuttoned, Matt Gaetz....like, these guys looking kind of wasted here at this a little dinner party they had but yeah, trio of trisexuals. But Gaetz and Greenberg are actually best buds they go back, they go way back more than just beyond 2017. Because when Gaetz invited Chuck Johnson to the State of the Union speech remember this, a few years ago, and immediate uproar about a holocaust denier Gaetz made sure to mollify critics fears by noting that he is very pro Israel. Joel Greenberg actually went to BuzzFeed and described Matt Gaetz as quote "a champion of Israel and the Jewish people". And noted that he counts Gaetz as a friend and political mentor. We may metroact...this is great....we may retroactively have to throw him a bat mitzvah. He added a bar mitzvah both he gets. This guy, yeah, he's a Girl. Boy Who cares don't matter.

Jazzhands 1:07:57 Yeah, I'm sure that Greenberg is just, I mean, he's taking the fall to save a larger portion of the operation. I mean, that's my, that's sort of my like, at a distance take on the whole thing. I mean, a lot of these Zionist Jignat pieces on the board are falling. But I think it's to save a larger part of the operation. I mean, look, Trump bailed out, Roger Stone. Gaetz is still in Congress. It's obvious that Gaetz, there's something very weird about his "son", quote, unquote. And so yeah, it's like this Joel Greenberg. It's like, yes, this shoe is coming tumbling down. You have Falwell going down, but it's almost like..Bannon going down . A lot of this is destroying the supports around Trumpism to some extent, but I think it's also sort of controlled demolition as well. Probably retribution for a lot of the things that have been done to their side as well, but yeah, it's kind of funny. I mean, the idea that Greenberg is going to serve 10 years in prison, though. I mean, unless it's Jew-jail. I just don't see that happening.

James 1:09:12 Right, yeah. Well, this guy's he's connected. I mean, Gaetz was pushing for him to run for Congress in 2018. Before this stuff came out. Gaetz donated.....

Jazzhands 1:09:20 He still can ! There's still time Joel, you can do that.

James 1:09:23 Yeah, maybe when President America First AmNat Gaetz wins in 2024 - Let's Gooooo - he'll pardon Mr. Joel Greenberg. Gaetz donated $1,000 to his campaign the day before he dropped out. And Gaetz has also I don't know, I hadn't heard this, but Gaetz has clarified too that Nestor is not actually his son. And he clarified the whole thing. Apparently Nestor is the younger brother of Gaetz's ex girlfriend, who when they broke up, Nestor came to live with him. So....

Jazzhands 1:10:02 Well, then that makes perfect sense because Getz would have probably been dating her and then something happened with the younger brother. Then they break up because Matt Gaetz is more interested in Netflix and chill with the younger brother. Yeah, dude. It's kind of obvious. It's like "my son". That's the funny thing is Gaetz then has the audacity to go out there....the chutzpah.... to go out there on the floor and be like, how dare you say that to my brown son? I have a brown son. It's like no, it's so disgusting. Well, Oh, man.

James 1:10:40 Well this is how fags talk. They're sick like that. So

Jazzhands 1:10:43 Dude, it really is the Grand Old Paedo party. I mean, I say that but we're gonna have so many other examples here in part two with this, but holy shit. I don't think Gaetz is gonna survive politically for much longer. I think, I can't make any predictions. I don't have any information to make the predictions but by the succession of events, and the trajectory that these things are going, I mean, Gaetz has to be shitting his pants right now in terms of.....Because you have to think about this. A lot of people know things...this seems kind of basic, but this is something to keep in mind. A lot of people know things that we do not. And when you start looking at what's happened to Greenberg, what's happened to Roger Stone, you look at the whole Roy Cohn stuff and all these people being interconnected. And then Gaetz with Nestor. It's like, think of all the things that people know about Gaetz that we don't know but Gaetz wonders if they're going to come out. And so yeah, it's kind of funny. Like, I mean, I don't know that's what makes it even more funny. It's like, why would you even try to pull that "How dare you talk to my brown son" stunt on the floor if people have all this stuff that they can dump on you ? I don't know maybe he does that thinking that he's going to get some sort of dispensation for playing that card as a conservative as a like Trump conservative but I don't think so. You know, Jerry Falwell thought he was going to get a dispensation for doing like pro Zionisms, but nope. got none of that. Nothing in exchange.

James 1:12:24 Nope. He's getting dispensations of prep now. Most likely.

Jazzhands 1:12:28 Probably. So yeah, you're ready to go to break ?

James 1:12:31 Lets do it. I'm thoroughly disgusted.

Jazzhands 1:12:34 Yes, thoroughly disgusted first half. We'll be right back after this short break to talk about the Grand Old Paedo party convention right after this.

Announcer 1:12:53 You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever, Fash the Nation. And now back to Fash the Nation heard only on the TRS Radio Network

James 1:13:27 Hello welcome back, hour two of FTN. During the break, doing a little bit of research on Nestor's dad. That is ofcourse Matt Gaetz. We found that Matt has a long history with LGBT issues, LGBT-P issues going back to his time in the Florida State House, whereJazz in 2015 Gaetz co-sponsored an amendment to repeal Florida's ban on gay adoption. And then he persuaded his dad then a Florida State Senator to take up the same....to assume the same position alongside him. Oh, yeah, this guy.....

Jazzhands 1:14:06 He really mounted this position of repeal of gay adoption or no support repeal of the ban on gay adoption. Was there a ban in place ? Is that how that goes ? ( Yeah, there was. Florida was the last state to have it ) He just mounted that from all angles and front and back and top and bottom and even gets Dad in the mix on that. Real old family values, right Matt Gaetz ? Three generations Gaetz family values, huh, wow. Yes. So that sort of just ties a nice little bow on it, doesn't it with Nestor ? You know, you don't have to convince him and I like using this argument. So I'm going to keep using it until someone comes up with a brain meme about it and convinces me that I should not use it for some reason, but it's like with Falwell, the burden of proof is on you to convince me that Falwell's not a fag. The burden of proof is on you to convince me that Gaetz is not a fag and that he is not sleeping with Nestor, especially with the ex girlfriend bit there. And the...because well, out of fucking nowhere guy all of a sudden just coming out for giving your full throated support for repeal of the ban on gay adoption. It's just like so WEIRD because that's not where the rest of the G...I mean grand, old and paedophile filled as it maybe the GOP is not quite there on the gay adoption stuff. Now I'm sure that you can find some conservatives who are in support of that. But for the most part, they're right about where Bill Clinton was on this question 20 years ago or so. They've pivoted from the Defence of Marriage Act and between one man and one woman to make it....look Obama in 2008 had to campaign just to illustrate how fast things have moved ....2008 Barack Obama had to campaign on one man and one woman is how I define marriage and occurred granted that's because blacks don't like the gay stuff, but look how fast this stuff has moved. And now it's moving very quickly and I mean. What do you say Matt Gaetz, he's like the tip of the old spear James in terms of new gay politics. But yeah, the rest of the GOP is not really there. But then you have Lady Maga.....Can I have a beer? Yeah, it's like it just never ends. But one thing is for certain people are tuning out of the Grand Old Paedo party convention, James. I saw some people saying that more people watched RNC than DNC but that's actually not true. The GOP set records in 2016 with 23 million viewers, and this year only 17 million tuned in. So 6 million viewers went missing. I don't know if they'll ever find the bodies James but Never Again, Never Forget right ? 20 million watched the DNC so not quite as popular as the GOP convention in 2016. But yes, 6 million fewer people watched the RNC than they did in 2016. And again, you can make the case okay 2016 was this red letter year very big, a lot of attention on politics, a lot of attention on Trump on both sides. You know, you have the people on both sides of the Finkel Think equation, very interested in what's going on. But this year, it's like 6 million people said fuck it ! I don't give a shit about this, which is interesting too because people are home for the most part and....

James 1:17:46 yeah, what else can you do? Most of the country's still locked down. People are watching...people are consuming media, media consumption right now is at an all time high. Yet this is the media and this is supposed to be the most engaging thing, the most important event on television and nobody cares. And it's being pushed too...I mean, I was I was firing up the Roku last night to get into season five of The Sopranos, which is the worst season so far, I have to say, and they're on the big splash screen : tune in to watch the RNC. And then you navigate away from that. And then it's there. Like on the big featured section. I'm like, I don't want to watch this. I have no interest in watching Mike Pompeo talk to me from Israel.

Jazzhands 1:18:27 Yeah, no, nobody really is interested in this. And, and I'll just say from the casual listening, I've listened to the speeches that we're gonna do audio reacts for the show today. But other than that, I caught glimpses of it while I was driving in and had the radio on and was listening to the various things that were happening and just the 40,000 foot view of the GOP convention. This is the pivot. We're going to illustrate for you how they have pivoted. Now there are some instances. There are some outliers of coded anti semitic rhetoric and sort of some implied forgotten man and forgotten woman sort of usual stuff. But by and large, the purpose of the convention so far it seems the strategy the selection of the speakers, how it was orchestrated, is pump up Zionism as we're going to talk about with Mike Pompeo on the top of this hotel with Jerusalem in the background. Pump up homosexual stuff, and sand down all of the edges of Trumpism so that what you're left with is I mean, oh my god, dude, wait til you guys hear the audio of Trump doing this naturalisation ceremony. I don't know how people plan trusting on Trump can ever recover from it. I mean, I'm sure they always come up with a Well here's the 4D chess on the....No ! Like when you hear what has been said during this naturalisation ceremony. Ho-ly shit It's....there's no way to recover. There's no cope that you can do. There's no like secret Trump doing white stuff for White people. No, it's just not....it's not happening and so...

James 1:20:10 You don't even have a like plausibly White immigrant out of the six even like, I would have thought, okay, maybe they'll they'll do when they'll, like do an Iranian or something like an Iranian defector coming to America they didn't even....

Jazzhands 1:20:22 They did a Lebanese woman who was actually not that bad looking. I would not, you know, I'm only interested in White women, but they did do a Lebanese woman, which I was like, Oh, that's interesting, given what just happened, but still, no, not not a single person was White. And people can argue stuff. But whatever. The point of this is that this is not a convention that you've been hearing all these articles being written about, oh, Trump is appealing only to his base. He's only focusing on his base. He's losing the suburbs. Well his appeal was all about the new GOP. It seems like they have decided that. Now again, if we remember in 2016, we remember how this wavered in between, like this kind of....Now it never was as gay and as Jewish as it is right now. But you did get sort of the blowing hot cold of the White nationalist rhetoric with Trump. And then at a certain point, when Bannon was put in charge, and Manafort was demoted, Corey Lewandowski was tossed out and you have this Trump just started going hardcore in 2016. I think this strategy may not play well and he's going to pivot back to that a lot of people are going to get sucked into that rhetoric and think that is somehow transactionally like a good thing. Like I don't I don't see that at all. I just see it as all Finkel Think no matter how you cut it, but at least so far, and we're what two nights into this thing tonight will be night three of this. And it's all the people that I thought were opposed to Trump James like Tim Scott trashing Trump over his Charlottesville speech and Nikki Haley quitting the White House. I mean, I thought these people are all anti Trump, but the whole gang got back together. It's kind of funny how that works.

James 1:22:16 Yeah, amazing Trump's ability to forgive even these people, right, this guy...

Jazzhands 1:22:20 Even Cliff Sims, the author of Team of Vipers, my 500 extraordinary days in the Trump White House, who quit the administration and wrote a tell-all book like he's back in the club. He's back in MAGA now, so...

James 1:22:37 fuck it, man. MAGA hat back on.

Jazzhands 1:22:38 Yeah, right. He's a serious guy now that Cliff Simms, he saw the light. So yeah, we started you want to start with Pompeo, this guy over in Israel ? Yeah. So what are we doing here? We're doing the clips. We're just doing clip one clip two clip three. clip four ?

James 1:22:56 Yeah, we'll just we'll just do them in order. Yeah, he gave about a four. I was expecting. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong Jazz but usually are these speeches like 15 minutes? 20 minutes?

Jazzhands 1:23:04 Eh ! that would be pushing the outer bounds. I mean, if you're if you had to know, the most i saw i think was like between nine and 15 minutes. Nothing much more than that. They don't go to that long. Some of them are shorter but um, yeah.

James 1:23:19 Yeah Pompeo, he got in got out. Did the Zionism and called it a wrap. This was him last night from Jerusalem.

Jazzhands 1:23:29 Well, based on the story that I heard out of Israel this week, there's that like rape gang. I mean Pompeo probably had things to do very busy, very busy schedule. And he's at the top of the hotel like he just stepped out from the party, apparently to make this speech and then get back in there. So yeah, this is clip one, I think.

Pompeo 1:23:51 I'm Mike Pompeo. I'm speaking to you from beautiful Jerusalem, looking out over the Old City. I have a big job as Susan's husband and Nick's dad. Susan and Nick are more safe and their freedoms more secure, because President Trump has put his America First Vision into action. That may not have made him popular in every foreign capital, but it's worked.

James 1:24:16 But it's made him popular here since

Jazzhands 1:24:18 Susan and Nick. I'm not i'm not sure who that is. Susan and Nick. Those his kids ?

James 1:24:23 I think that i think that's his family, I would guess.

Jazzhands 1:24:27 Okay. Are they like, under duress at the moment? I don't know. Maybe because Pompeo is putting them under duress. Possibly.

James 1:24:37 Well, Pompeo is putting , yes, the entire United States under duress, specifically White America that wants nothing to do with Zionism. But you'll notice like all these headlines about Pompeo like front runner for 2024 Are you kidding me? I had never listened to this guy speak before this speech.....

Jazzhands 1:24:53 That's all Jew, that's all Jew bullshit.

James 1:24:56 Well, yeah, but the speaking style too. It's like What was that? That character played by Adam Baldwin in that movie I'm forgetting. He said like animal mother, this guy sounds like like a more retarded version of that. It's bad.

Jazzhands 1:25:10 Well, here's clip two. Hopefully this can be heard

Pompeo 1:25:13 in China he's pulled back the curtain on the predatory aggression of the Chinese Communist Party. The President has held China accountable for covering up the China virus and allowing it to spread death and economic destruction in America and around the world. And he will not rest until justice is done. He has ensured that the Chinese Communist Party spies posing as diplomats in America are jailed or sent back to China. And he has ended the ridiculously unfair trade arrangement with China that punched a hole in our economy. Those jobs, those jobs are coming back home.

Jazzhands 1:25:48 No those jobs, those jobs Mike Pompeo are going over to Hyderabad. Let's just be fucking honest. And this is the other funny thing, like when he's talking doing the Chinese Communist Party stuff and the ambassadors who are spying. Guy's literally in Israel right now. Like could you imagine a heat map around Pompeo's location around his fix? How many Mossad in IDF are like within five miles of where he is like at that moment giving that speech? And how many people are like listening to his communications the entire fucking time he's in the country, and he's talking about, like spies in China doing stuff that are going to steal this and that. I mean, look, China I'm sure is stealing technology and whatever. But the idea that just the getting up on the high horse about spying and invasion and meddling in elections, it's like, guy like, you're literally in the belly of the beast. But these people, this is the important thing to remember. It's no hypocrisy for Pompeo, it's no hypocrisy for Trump. These people probably look at it as an inconvenience that they have to show a passport when they go into Israel and vice versa. America belongs to Israel. And so for them it's not spying. We talked about this this weekend with Isabel Maxwell not liking the fact that they call her father Robert Maxwell a spy. To her he's a patriot, because to her, America is not a foreign country, it's Jewish territory. They control it, it's a colony. But it's a vassal state. We don't own it. We have no say so. I mean, put that one on, think about that. And it's true and everything else about it checks out and so, Mossad listening in on Pompeo's messages. I don't want to put too much hyper-bole on this, but it's not like they're doing it in some sort of clandestine way. Do you think like what's Pompeo gonna do? Like he's gonna get mad that they're listening to him ? No, because everything being conducted there is going to be done in such a way that that is beneficial to Israel. It's not going to benefit the United States into the detriment of Israel that would not be permitted. There may have been a time in this country where that would have been kind of the case. But there's no private conversation that Mike Pompeo needs to have with the American government that the Israelis aren't supposed to hear. Like, let's just be honest.

James 1:28:13 No, the Israelis are entitled, from their perspective and from Pompeo's perspective, to be privy to the inner workings of the entire State Department apparatus. I mean, Mike Pompeo's State Department ( It's THEIR State Department ) Right! That's exactly right. He's overseen the intrusion, the continued intrusion of Israeli spy tech into sensitive US military and intelligence, databases and computer so like, yeah, this guy? Yeah. Donald Trump is really running out all of our foreign all the foreign meddlers. He's locking them up throwing them away, right, Mike?

Jazzhands 1:28:50 Yeah, well, here's here's clip three

Pompeo 1:28:53 and in the Middle East. When Iran threatened, the president approved a strike to kill the Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani This is the man most responsible for the murder and maiming of hundreds of American soldiers and thousands of Christians across the Middle East.

Jazzhands 1:29:08 What about all the Palestinian and Lebanese children that have been killed? Just since Trump has been president at the hands of Israel? Any any comment about that? Oh, what about the gay op that you just did in the Port of Beirut guy? What about that?

James 1:29:22 Well, who was responsible for providing medical care to the ISIS fighters as they were whisked off the battlefield? Oh, yeah, they were probably patched up at hospitals not far from where you are standing now Mike...in Israel. So yeah, this idea and it's all just like citation needed. Yeah. For Soleimani. He is the greatest terrorist in the world. He butchered thousands of Christians. Okay, citation please ?

Jazzhands 1:29:45 Yeah, they'll kill whoever they want and call that person a terrorist. That's how it works. I mean over and over and over again, and of course, it's all just….these are things that accrue to the benefit of Israel. These are the things that Laura Loomer would champion and promote and be very excited about and you know, this is your government under Jignattery. So here's clip four.

Pompeo 1:30:08 And you'll recall to that when the President took office, radical Islamic terrorists had beheaded Americans and ISIS controlled a territory the size of Great Britain. Today because of the President's determination and leadership, the ISIS Caliphate is wiped out. It's gone. Its evil leader, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is dead. And our brave soldiers, they're on their way home.

Jazzhands 1:30:32 Yeah, this thing that we used as justification for more bullshit in the Middle East, like we turned it off, and now we're going to call that a victory that we did. Yay, hooray for us.

James 1:30:44 Yes, those soldiers okay, they're on their way home. They've been on their way home for four years now. Mike, after Trump has promised to bring these people home, where are they?

Jazzhands 1:30:54 Those 5,000 are on their way home while 10,000 are on their way to another location in the middle Just like the the 4,000 that we brought home from Base A are now 20,000 are on their way to Djibouti. So just shut the fuck up !

James 1:31:10 They moved east to west, you see Jazz so technically they're like getting closer to home. So I guess that counts, right?

Jazzhands 1:31:16 Well, yeah, exactly. And they're just moving them around the port of Beirut, as I guess, recon for when Israel needs to do stuff to port facilities there. Remember all the guys on the ground? It's like, yeah, we were there. We didn't do anything though. We just like saw it all happen, all these people that were there. It's like so many eyewitnesses from the US military right there. It's kind of funny how that works. They certainly weren't there to protect it. They were just there to make sure it went off and send 300,000 Lebanese into homelessness. But I digress. Here's clip five

Pompeo 1:31:48 President too moved the US embassy to this very City of God Jerusalem, the rightful capital of the Jewish homeland. And just two weeks ago, the president brokered a historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. This is the deal that our grandchildren will read about in their history books.

James 1:32:07 And this is a deal our mulatto grandchildren will read about in the history books.

Jazzhands 1:32:13 Yeah, in the Jewish history books that will be required reading in the American colonial schools, Jewish colonial schools. It's like they will read about in the history books. Its like yeah, that's all you're gonna learn you're gonna learn stupid shit like this : peace in the Middle East, Donald Trump, love Jews. The End. That's all it is. You're not going to learn you know, Palestinians....what Palestinians ? Palestine...what Palestine? these people they never even existed. Not even a thing, man. Yeah, I mean, dude, like when you run the clock out long enough on this Jewish op, assuming it survives, because it's on very thin ice. But assuming it survives, another 100 years, another 200 years. Do these....can you imagine there will be a point in time and if it survives that long, where a very real narrative that will be put out there is that Palestine was a White supremacist myth, that it never existed, and that the people in it are just.....that that was never true. That's an anti semitic canard if you bring up Palestine. These people and their land and their territory, any claim to such things is an anti semitic canard that we might not even be 100 years away from that. That could just be when the generation of people who were alive to remember that it was a state that was stolen are dead. And then they'll just do the new thing and change all the media references and then done. And you can do that very easily when you have a complete digital command over all the information which is part part of the show anyway, so.

James 1:33:40 yeah, this amazing piece deal that gave Israel cyber communications and telecommunications access into Saudi Arabian military to allow them to manage and surveil what is being done with the Palestinians a great great peace deal we've signed here, Mike.

Jazzhands 1:33:56 Yeah, a hell of a debate there too, fake and gay debate. What is this ? Pompeo shattering precedent sparking fury with....Oh, yeah, about the Hatch Act Oh gawd ! the Hatch Act. It's kind of funny. I haven't gone down this rabbit hole but did you know that the Hatch Act was something that was put into place in 1939? What could the American government have been worried about with government employees getting politicised and doing political things and opposing....war perhaps ? They didn't want people who knew too much information to start opposing a war. Wonder what that was all about. It's kind of funny. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's interesting that's when the Hatch Act, just out of fucking nowhere, bro, 1939.

James 1:34:41 Oh, dude, speaking of the Hatch Act, I would expect that you're going to see a push very soon to modify the Hatch Act because the Hatch Act doesn't only prohibit politicians from from doing this kind of.....from sticking their beak in this way but it also protects the freedom of federal employees to have their own political beliefs outside of work. That is something I think they're going to start looking into modifying and changing to include carve outs for "supreme-ism" and White advocacy and things like that, because they do not want any.....and this ties into what we talked about the postal service.....they do not want any opportunity for Whites to have a safe job, especially with the federal government and be able to express their views outside of work hours. So that's something I think will be coming down the pike as well.

Jazzhands 1:35:31 Yep. indeed. So you have Nikki Haley, Tim Scott cadre of anti Whites blacks, Vernon James. Man, they must be really hating racist Donald right? I mean, these people have so many bones to pick with Donald they just had to show up and give speeches.

James 1:35:49 So many chicken bones to pick ?

Jazzhands 1:35:51 praising his leadership, but I saved the spiciest for first instead of last. This is Trump holding a citizenship ceremony with five non-White immigrants, and he gives away our heritage and culture to everyone present at this, hopefully, this timestamp plays the way that it's supposed to.

Trump 1:36:15 Sudah Sundari Narayan is a phenomenal success born in India came to the United States 13 years ago. Soon as a talented software developer, she and her husband are raising two beautiful, wonderful children, the apples of your life. Right. Well thank you very much and congratulations. fantastic job. Thank you Namit Abdulsime....has been a lawful permanent resident since 2012. She is the married mother of three beautiful children earned a master's degree and PhD in animal nutrition from the University of Wyoming great place great state, and she is a trained veterinarian. She's also worked as a substitute teacher for The Alexandria public schools since 2004. That's fantastic. Well, David, thank you very much, and congratulations. It's my honour to be with you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Salah Abdul...

James 1:37:09 So she got residence in 2012 but she's been working in the US since 2004 ? All right.

Jazzhands 1:37:14 Yeah great. Any comment on that? No, no, none. So he continues

Trump 1:37:20 ...since he arrived in the United States from Ghana in 2015. Salih speaks five languages and works the medical field. Salih says that the American citizenship means everything to me in my life. It cannot be measured or quantified. I have the chance to work hard and succeed in life to know that I am in the safe country like America. That really is something because I know they have my back. Salih, thank you very much. Congratulations to everybody

Jazzhands 1:37:55 Now this is the part. This is the part. It's like, how will Donald Trump plan trusters ever recover ? Just listen.

Trump 1:38:01 By swearing the oath of allegiance each of you has entered a sacred and unbreakable covenant with our nation. You have pledged your undying loyalty to the American people, the American Constitution and the American way of life. The history and heritage of the United States are now yours to preserve and pass down to the next generation, our culture, our traditions, and our values are now yours to uphold and live by. The rights so dear to every American granted by us and granted by God, and enshrined in our glorious Bill of Rights are now yours to support, protect, and defend. As citizens you are now stewards of this magnificent nation. A family comprised of every race, colour, religion and creed. United by the bonds of love, we are one people sharing one home saluting One great American flag. Congratulations again to all of you. May God bless you and may God bless our great country, America.

Jazzhands 1:39:09 ( assumes comedy 3rd world shit-holer accent ) "Thank you so muuuuch, Mr. Trump, thank you for coming into my country". It's like oh my god, dude. I mean, how do you because remember the undertone from 2016 was Trump is against legal and illegal immigration. And that wasn't just some thing. I mean, these were things that he said, it was things that he expressed. Stated promise. Why do we want people from all these shithole countries? Why don't we want White people from Norway? Why don't we want people from Sweden I mean, we did a whole fuckin episode. I think it's Episode 110, which is kind of funny, of FTN on the shithole countries comment because it was fucking fantastic. Everybody loved it. And everybody's like, yeah, this is /our guy/. He doesn't want..... he's not just against illegal Mexicans. He's against all immigration. He wants to make the country again, everybody was on board with this. This wasn't some, like secret Q post. The guy literally said we don't want these people from these shithole countries. We want people from Norway. It's like what else is that? Now we understand it is as verboten dark political, Arthur Finkelstein, George Birnbaum type of stuff, right, where they start touching this third rail of American politics and do anti semitism and they even will do White nationalism. But this understanding that our, you know even Michael Savage says, borders, language and culture, right? Like, this stuff can't be given away. You can't just hand it over to somebody on a shitty like eight ½ by 11 cardstock you know, welcome to America membership to the mall. Like you can't just give that away. I mean, you can, now, that's what Donald Trump is doing. But this was antithetical to what his campaign represented at a minimum. At an absolute minimum as an absolute starting point, this was understood. Because even at the very most, the attempts to assimilate these people into our country have not gone well. They have failed, it has not worked. And so we know that this is not possible. And so the fact that you can just package up our heritage and culture and just hand it off, everybody just laughs at that, but when you sort of graduate to the level I suppose that we're all at now is that you understand that society, lol what society ?, heritage, it's all being destroyed. It's all being burned down and nobody's stopping it. Culture. Like we have our own culture. We're preserving that in the thing that we're doing, but outside of that, like it I mean, to your average Boomer, it's like, yeah, give that guy a Harley Davidson, he'll just be like me. We'll go on a ride together.

James 1:42:02 (Trump voice ) Here's your Costco card and your Amex application, please. Thank you.

Jazzhands 1:42:07 (Trump voice, not as good as James ) Please take out lots of credit right after the ceremony, please here, get in line here.

James 1:42:13 this beautiful Jewish financial system conceived by Alexander Hamilton is yours to participate in.

Jazzhands 1:42:20 Steve Schwarzman will get you taken care of right away. No problem.

James 1:42:24 Yeah, George Bush would have done something like this, but it wouldn't have been done.....or previous Republicans, not just George Bush would have done something like this, but they would not have used the language about culture. Yeah, culture and heritage and because those were all the dog whistles, right? Trump would talk about immigration in that context. And you would think, okay, these are the dog whistles to White people. He's talking about White people here. But to package that and apply that to a smorgasbord of immigrants from across the world. It's absolutely disgusting. And it Yeah, total betrayal of everything that was promised, implied, explicitly stated. I mean, this guy arrived in 2015. Donald the reason people elected you was specifically to send people like him back who arrived in 2015.

Jazzhands 1:43:09 No, bro, you don't understand Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party. He's doing what we've always wanted to do. And he's imploding it right before our very eyes so that we can build up something else like Donald Trump is doing that for us. So we just have to continue to support the efforts of Donald Trump and Zionism and certainly, in the second term, it's going to be fucking ham amirite bro? I mean, he's just doing this to get elected. So it wavers in between : Donald Trump is helping destroy the Republican Party and he's just doing this to get into the White House again. This is what Donald has to do James right ? And far be it for me, we have to pay attention to what "winners" do, right, James ? Donald Trump's a winner ! You have to trust what he's gonna do. But you do make an excellent point. That no Republican...Now again people shouldn't Lightswitch Brain this like, Oh, I like the old Republican Party....I don't like the Grand Old Paedo Party. Well, nobody likes the fucking Grand Old Paedo Party but the other party got you to this. Right ? So it's not like going back in time is going to help you but I don't think most people, especially midweek Pay Chads are not of that mindset. But just think about it for perspective. Like you said, this goes far beyond. At least they had the dog whistle. But I guess they think they're at this point. It's a combination of they're at this point, and this is what they're going to do. And Donald Trump is attempting some strategy here because this isn't just like some one-off thing that happened at the RNC. The entire convention, if you think of it as like a TV show, or a multi act play, like the whole thing is constructed to sand away the edges of Trumpism and make him acceptable to..I don't know...like gay suburbanites who have pets as children. I don't know who this is supposed to impress. But this is supposed to...I don't know....this is how you own the left James. No one can call you a bigot now. Right?

James 1:45:14 Yeah. If you have a problem with this, you're just a wignat, frankly, so.

Jazzhands 1:45:17 Yeah, but they still....now again like it, they still have to do certain things that play well with the base right ? So you have Tim Scott making Arthur Finkelstein and George Birnbaum proud. And Tim Scott by the way. I didn't really know this and now I don't want to know it, this is the most time....I'm doing this for you guys......this is the most time that I've ever spent watching Tim Scott in an uninterrupted format like I've seen sound bites of him before. But watching him in high definition for extended periods of time with no other ambient noise in the background is just god awful. And then when you look that this guy has never been married, You know, the fact that South Carolina very probably has two gay Republican United States senators. I mean, that's reality right James ? You have Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott are both homosexuals. They're both senators from South Carolina. Did I say Louisiana? Gettin' tired here......Yeah, South Carolina. That's what I thought, well, it's two gay senators from South Carolina. This is what you're fighting for in 2020.

Tim Scott 1:46:29 And now Joe Biden wants to come for your pocket books, unless of course, you're a blue state millionaire. I'm serious. That's one of their solutions for the pandemic. They want to take more money from your pocket and give it to Manhattan elites and Hollywood moguls so they get a tax break. Republicans, however, passed President Trump's once in a generation tax reform bill, that lower taxes for single moms working families. And those in need.

Jazzhands 1:47:02 Dude, I mean....Just hold up ! So he does an Arthur Finkelstein / George Birnbaum classic play. Who do you think "Manhattan elites" and "Hollywood moguls" are? I mean, those are not like Steven Peterson you know, a wasp LLC. That is Jew Jew Jew and so it's coded anti semitic language. But then, to contrast with, instead of giving handouts to elites in Hollywood, Donald Trump did a tax.....think of the context of the comments that he's making......did a tax reform bill that helped single women and people in need, which historically means like non-Whites, when actually the tax bill that Donald Trump passed with Paul Ryan helps Manhattan elites and Hollywood moguls more than it helps people in need quote unquote, and single women and like all this other bullshit that Tim Scott. So he's doing like Finkel Think anti semitism on Jewish Hollywood in Jewish New York but those are the biggest beneficiaries of Trump's tax bill. It's so funny, like they're trying to draw people in to support more things that help the people that they're pretending not to like, right? They want you to think they're in your corner Goy, right? Look at Tim Scott. He's dog whistling on these popular issues. But no, he's doing it in support of a thing that benefited those people the very most.

James 1:48:31 Yeah, no, Tim Scott. And they would do this with criminal justice too where they would sort of talk on both sides of it. And that's the thing is when he's talking here, the interests of Whites aren't even mentioned right ? He's juxtaposing this as because he's doing the black bit he's out there for the black audience and for the suburban White audience to feel good about having a black guy on the stage. But he's not talking about the White people that this impacted. Not talking about how it impacted them at all. It's all through the lens of this fake dichotomy, this fake adversarial relationship he's setting up between Jewish elites and working, low income blacks. But it's like, Okay, what about the rest of us? You know, the other 65% of the country. The Whites. Like, how this impacted.....not even mentioned. And then he's not even trying to make an appeal to them. It's just an appeal to the interests of blacks. But dooosh totally support Donald again, because this really stuck it to those Hollywood elites.

Jazzhands 1:49:36 Well, Jews, most Jews aren't even really upset by this because Jews are, by and large, very much in support of the Donald Trump tax bill. I mean, behind the scenes everybody.....that's what they wanted right? That is the essence of bipartisanship. As much as like bipartisanship to support BDS. I mean, they'll be more selective about it. So it's not the same thing, where when it's BDS you'll have very few nay votes on something like that. With tax reform, you'll have just enough yea votes to make sure that it passes without question. And then you'll strategically pick the nays, so that those people can say I stood against Donald Trump's tax bill. But no, those people, if THAT vote was required to pass the Jew tax bill that person would say whatever they needed to to support the vote. But it's all strategic in the end. But yeah, there's nothing in it for White people. And the fact that people are really that upset about it, it's like, No he's defending this thing. Now, there may be some Jews, they're always going to use this thing where it's like, oh look ! he traffics in anti semitisms or something, and this is a problem but I'll hold my breath on that. Is there gonna be an article coming out against Tim Scott ? That'll tell you whether this has been sanctioned by Jews or not, because whenever somebody flies this close to the sun on quote / unquote "anti Jewish rhetoric" there is a deluge of articles, but I'm not going to hold my breath on Tim Scott having a Haaretz hit piece for anything like that. Because did he need to do this to support Donald Trump's tax bill? No, he didn't need to do it. But he's doing it because they want to sort of inject this into the rhetoric. And it's kind of funny though, because you have to dig all the way down into the eight minute mark of Tim Scott's speech to get anything that could be even construed as based throughout this entire GOP convention. Because I watched Nikki Haley's speech. I didn't watch every speech but I watched Nikki Haley, I watched Don Jr. I watched Kimberly Guilfoyle, I watched Tim Scott, and I watched Pompeo. And I watched Donald Trump cuz that's the funny thing is, I guess they got some some speakers for this thing, but a lot of people don't want to have anything to do with this and Donald Trump is speaking every night isn't he James ?

James 1:52:07 All four nights.

Jazzhands 1:52:08 So all four nights Donald Trump. So I haven't heard anything so far that....is there anybody doing Let's Go ! stuff on immigration ? Anybody doing Let's Go ! stuff on anything that's been said ? We have to dig into a Tim Scott speech to find something even like remotely based and at this point, "Manhattan elites and Hollywood moguls" makes 2016 seem like a Holocaust, because that's not even cutting it.

James 1:52:38 Right. Yeah, the only other thing that I saw that was even approaching the orbit of what 2016 would have been was Charlie Kirk talking about Donald Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization. And then doing this thing where it's basically saying yes, you and your family will literally be killed if Donald....didn't say this, but the gist of it was that Everything you love will be destroyed if Donald Trump is not reelected, so vote for Donald ! And he was doing the bit like Donald is gonna go ham in the second term, just pull that lever for Don, you'll get everything you ever wanted. And....yeah.

Jazzhands 1:53:15 It's pretty amazing as I would say a second year or third year student of the School of Finkel Think now where I am consuming the 2020 Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention because they play it on both sides, as we've illustrated, in a totally different way than I would have in the past. Where now it's everything can be slotted into that. And in the past, I would have said this is the usual poll tested sort of approved talking points, but it's Finkel Think, it is designed to keep people divided. And sometimes they'll even use rhetoric to talk about how the Democrats are keeping people divided, which is driven at keeping people divided. It's really amazing how they do it. Whether they're attacking White liberals or whether they're doing DR3 or whatever it is. So it's kind of funny and DR3 people, by the way, if your gut reaction is DR3 and you're conservative, these are the people that are like furthest out of reach for us. If you if your gut reaction is to blame the Democrats for being racist, I never did that, as a conservative who was not woke on Jews. Like I never did that. And that was a thing. I was like, yeah, this is kind of gay. And I'm not retconning. I just like, wait, why are we doing this? What ? Why are we saying Democrats are Confederates like, this is dumb. I like the Confederacy. That was my normie conservative take of 10 years ago. So it's just all of this stuff that they do has just gotten worse and worse and worse, and I don't know. It's not that I remember this stuff being better than it was. It was slightly better but there were no trannys, there was no gay stuff like there was at least some semblance of this being a White party. Very few blacks. I mean, the token black I think was Michael Steele, who was the GOP chairman for a while and Ben Carson didn't exist yet on the political scene. And Allen West. And Allen West has been subsequently like run out of town on a rail. Which is interesting, too, because you think James at this time, at this point in Republican Party history that Colonel Allen West rock ribbed republican Colonel Allen West to be everywhere, but he's just like, something happened with that guy. I don't know. But its kind of funny.

James 1:55:42 Yeah, he's down in Texas now chairman of the Texas Republican Party, but yeah, given no national prominence and you would think that would be a guy they want to....especially if they planned on continuing Jignattery as status quo with this. If they weren't trying to wind down Trumpism you think that Allen West would be somebody they could slot in to Donald's millieu somewhere because this guy, his big thing was like Muslims Islamic terror, Islamo-fascist terrorism, right that was his whole, like crusade. But yeah they're not bringing that guy back out anytime soon.

Jazzhands 1:56:20 No. Anything else on Charlie Kirk or can we do coked up?

James 1:56:24 This Don jr? Oh my god.

Jazzhands 1:56:26 Yeah, so you got to watch this. This is not "hyper-bowl". I mean, you can tell what someone looks like if you were born at night and it wasn't last night. You can tell what someone looks like when they're coked out of their fucking mind and Don Junior and his 2020 RNC convention speech is glazed as fuck. And this guy is totally on some sort of substance. I mean, look, when we saw Marco Rubio high as fuck on some kind of stimulant. I don't know whether it was meth or something else, but meth is typically a drug of choice for homosexuals like Marco Rubio. If you don't believe me watch Don Junior's RNC speech, and then go watch clips of him on daytime television or like morning television a couple of years ago. You have to go back. I mean, you're not going to find clips of recently where he looks as coked out as he did at the RNC convention, but just listen to this. This is fucking insane the way that this guy....the way that he's talking, and I mean, this is just a guy that's coked out of his mind.

Don Junior 1:57:35 People of faith are under attack. You're not allowed to go to church. But mass chaos in the streets gets a pass. It's almost like this election is shaping up to be church, work and school, versus rioting, looting, and vandalism. Or in the words of Biden and the Democrats. Peaceful protesting.

Jazzhands 1:57:55 Peaceful Protesting ! Yeah, got 'em ! This is this is life in Biden's America man ! It's like is Roger Stone up back with the mirror and fucking credit card like getting you ready to go for your next hit Don Jr ? But it's kind of sad. I mean Donald, you should be ashamed. I don't like speaking to Donald like in the first person but like Donald, this is your son. Like this is your blood. And if it were me and MY son were up at the Republican National Convention coked out of his mind giving a speech on my behalf I'd be getting the hook and getting him off the fucking stage. But Donald Trump ? No problem, no issue at all. And these people are fucking disgusting. You know that's the other thing that went through my mind with this guy. It's like you see your own son on television. And you have to know that your own child is like under the influence of drugs. But it's like, at that point, if that's something that's gonna shock Donald then everything else must be a lie that we think. So yeah, I don't know. Well, Kimberly Guilfoyle Yeah....

James 1:59:00 I was gonna say you remember the stories about Donald like not wanting Don Jr. to get in to politics like the plan originally was Don Jr. to stay in New York and run the business with Eric Trump but Don Jr. got a taste of celebrity and we know now with Kim Guilfoyle like banging these TV whores and he just decided to stay there and fully ensconced himself in this crowd. Especially when you have Don Jr acting this way and then you have Kim Guilfoyle acting in a very similar manner. Yeah, things are kind of weird in the Don Jr - Guilfoyle household.

Jazzhands 1:59:41 I mean, implying that like Don Junior's life in New York City was just going to be this white lace and no frills, no problems, no issues. I mean, you know, at least....

James 1:59:53 this is just embarrassing

Jazzhands 1:59:53 It would get a lot worse in politics. I mean, politics, what's the stat on DC which has probably gotten much worse in recent years, but they did some tests and you'd have to look this up but they did some tests of paper currency flowing through the nation's capital and a significantly higher amount of the currency was testing positive for cocaine. I mean, just the disgusting levels of hedonism within Washington DC inside the beltway. It makes Las Vegas look like…I don't know….I would say Jerry Falwell church on Sunday, but I don't know if that's true. Yeah, it's levels of disgusting and perversion, but if you're Donald, it's like, What? Is there a line somewhere, Donald, that you didn't want Don Jr. to cross like, between New York and Washington. It's like, come on guy like you've been doing business with Roy Cohn and all this stuff. It's like, I mean, I guess you could understand. It's so hard to try to psychoanalyse, somebody like this. But you would think that somewhere in Donald Trump's life, he started off before all this shit happened, where he wanted to be like a better person, wanted not to be involved in this stuff. And at a certain point, it just becomes a cope. And then you get in so deep with these people, it's like just about survival. And this is how you explain all the loans and all the things that he's done and all the things that he's gotten involved in. But you would think at some point psychologically, you would not want this pattern to continue for your children. But then you marry your daughter off to a Jew, Jared Kushner. You may marry all your children off to Jews, essentially. And Don Junior is the one who didn't quite. I don't think he married a Jew or maybe he was. I don't remember. I think there's some stat right they're all married to Jews except for one of them. And Don Jr, at least, you'd have this one kid who you think is going to have a chance and you don't want the life that you have for your children. And it's like rearranging chairs on the Titanic at that point. Like yeah Don Junior I don't want you to go to DC it's gonna be very bad down there. Oh bro it's gonna be fucking bad no matter what. Don Junior's wife, her stepfather Charles Hayden was a Manhattan lawyer whose clients included Marilyn Monroe and Broadway producer Abe Hirschfield. Her mother is of Danish origin and her stepfather was Jewish. So..yeah. Yeah, what's the youngest Trump child? The one that everyone thought was like, based and White nationalist and autistic? The one? Oh, Baron ? He's like 12. I think he was 12 then I don't know what he is now. But yeah.

James 2:02:52 I think Eric is the one not married to a Jew. I don't think Lara's Jewish

Jazzhands 2:02:58 Rly ? Well it's all but one of them. So I don't know which one of them but its definitely not two of them are not married to Jews unless Don Jr. That's the sort of tangential way that you get to Judaism is through the marriage. It's what her father, how does this go? His ex wife?

James 2:03:17 Yeah, she grew up in Manhattan and her stepfather was Jewish.

Jazzhands 2:03:23 Oh, okay. All right. Well, doesn't matter. It's not like the one that is like tangentially related to a Jew is like somehow based or something. So yeah, these people are all just straight into the trash. But yeah, here's Kimberly Guilfoyle who, if you look at her and the pictures of her with another infamous cokehead, Gavin right ? Gavin Newsome. Everytime that guy's on camera I'm just like oh, whoa, bro calm down there guy. Listen to fucking Guilfoyle. This is like screaming Finkel Think at the National Convention.

Guilfoyle 2:04:02 America ! It's all on the line. President Trump believes in you. He emancipate and lifts you up to live your American dream. You are capable. You are qualified. You are powerful and you have the ability to choose your life and determine your destiny. Don't let the Democrats take you for granted. Don't let them step on you. Don't let them destroy your families, your lives and your future. Don't let them kill future generations because they told you and brainwash you and fed you lies that you weren't good enough. Like my parents, you can achieve your American dream, you can be....

Jazzhands 2:04:48 Now that right there.....I just want to pause that for a second because that right there is not a message to White people. That is a message to non-Whites. Don't let Democrats brainwash you into thinking that you're not good enough. Democrats don't make me feel like I'm not good enough. That is a message that it's the the soft bigotry of low expectations sort of thing, George W. Bush. That is a message for browns. And then she pivots into this "I am the child of immigrants" and look, I sucked and fucked my way to the top and you can too. That's the message that she's given. So there's the Finkel Think in there like destroying this country....look what the Democrats are doing....Biden's America but Donald's the president sort of thing, but then it pivots into what has been the theme of the entire convention so far of...This is like the brownest the GOP convention that has appealed to browns the hardest I think I've ever seen. And who could have predicted that this is going to go. Well, we thought that it was going to be a hard pivot to Whites, but No, none of that at all. Because remember the GOP Convention in 2016 James ? I almost want to pull up some of the audio from "I will be your voice !" remember that speech from Trump? And a lot of the other things. That was it ? I will be your voice was at the convention? I think it was.

James 2:06:15 Yeah, no, I remember watching those. And that's the thing is almost all of those speeches, like there were the speeches there that were just like, basic GOP platitudes, but few and far between. and my recollection of the 2016 convention, maybe these are the speeches that stood out, but this was a convention that we thought at the time signified like a new era for the party signified a new like pro, at the very least, implicitly, pro White, pro worker, pro family direction for this party, anti immigration, but yeah, it is quite the shock looking at these conventions four years apart, and how the pivot. It's like right back to compassionate conservatism. Here's what we can do for immigrants, off the Democrat plantation. So on and so forth. I'm surprised Dinesh D'souza isn't speaking. Maybe he is.

Jazzhands 2:07:09 And maybe he is I don't know. But I was right. I was 100%. Right. Donald Trump 2016 RNC draft speech to disaffected Americans, I will be your voice. I am your voice. Now Donald Trump hasn't given his 2020 speech yet and he may throw in some stuff like this. I mean, certainly with the Tim Scott comments and whatever, the RNC has not been totally devoid of dog whistles, but dogs are not being whistle to very much in this at all. They are running far away from Q Anon. Just to illustrate how far removed the Republican Party is from the Trumpism of 2016. They had this Angel Mom who was scheduled to speak on Tuesday morning, but they cancelled her. So this Angel Mom. Of course those of you out in Rio Rhinelander Angel Moms are mothers who have lost a child due to immigrant violence. And she apparently shared a Q Anon, I don't know what you want to call this, but she shared this thread. She didn't write the thread herself that promoted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. So Q Anon. I'm not going to say like, oh, Q Anon is based. I think people understand the argument that I'm making here is that they have moved on from Trumpism and they've moved on to trafficking in some more on the nose anti semitisms, and paedophilia and things like that. It's making a lot of people very uncomfortable. And Mendoza hours before she was supposed to give this speech, she linked to a lengthy thread from a Q Anon conspiracy theorist that laid out a fevered, anti semitic view of the world in its telling the Rothschilds Of course, and typical Soros, Rothschilds but they're not entirely wrong. Famous Jewish banking family from Germany created a plot to terrorise non Jewish goyim with purported details of their scheme that included plans to make the goyim destroy each other and rob the goyim of their landed properties. I mean,what the fuck I love this one very tightly controlled aspect of Q now it's kind of funny. I don't like the good Jew versus bad Jew stuff. Because that's something you have to move beyond. But they cancelled her. So this is one of the reasons why Q Anon is being shut down. Because the fake and gay counter cointelpro shit that Q Anon has been running on the fumes is not good enough anymore. And these people eventually are going to make it around. Because look, if you're consuming a thread that is talking about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and you go actually read the Protocols, as we have done on this show, everything that document says that is, what 125 years old now, at this point. No 115 years old at this point. It all lines up to what you're seeing today. So you can't read that, after consuming all of this conspiracy theory stuff that isn't real. And you have to put a lot of faith in. When you have a document that just says like, here's how the world is going to be in 115 years and the world is that way in 115 years, these people are going to start getting higher off of actual truth than they are chasing their tails on stuff that isn't real. And I think that's what they're concerned about. There's this huge movement that they can't be platform that more or less is going to land on things that are very uncomfortable for them. They were more than happy when these people were out there doing the Oh, Durham's gonna come out and shut down the deep state. It's like that's cool. But those people think that Obama spied on Trump. Yeah, let those people get really high on that stuff. But oop ! Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Yeah, not good. We don't want to do that anymore. This is getting too close. Because they do so much work. They spent so much money to de-radicalise people from anti semitism. This is gonna make them very problematic. And this woman was supposed to speak at the RNC. So they were going to do a little bit of this stuff with trying to appeal to people who want fewer immigrants in the country with Angel moms. But I wonder if you would do like a Frank Luntz style session with Angel moms and you start showing the video clips of people who have died at the hands of immigrants since Trump has been in office. How these people would react to a Trump presidency. Do you think he's done well for people like you Angel Mom? No, probably not.

James 2:11:58 Well, the term Angel Mom, you hear a lot about that in 2016, because that was one of those fixtures of the Trump campaign, he would mention that all the time, mention them, bring them to the the first State of the Union speech, I think he brought her to the first two. And then feature them really prominently and promise these people. And I remember that speech in either California or New Mexico, where he brought that, it was a black guy, but he brought the black guy on stage and, like, promised to avenge his son's death and that we would be ending....this would never happen to another American again if he were elected. And yeah, it's just happened, every day of his presidency so far. So it becomes kind of a hard sell to try to bring those people back on out. And probably for those in that group that are very politically aware and very plugged into this stuff, you'll probably have a harder time finding any of them that want to go up there and endorse Trump. Because if these people are passionate about immigration, immigration crime, they've just watched three and a half years of a presidency where nothing has been done. In fact, the situation has gotten worse. So why would they want to lend their name to this guy again just for another set of what are probably going to be empty promises.

Jazzhands 2:13:11 Yeah, and it's important not to Lightswitch Brain to on what I'm saying about the Q Anon stuff because Mendoza this Angel Mom still gets a lot of stuff wrong. In 2019 she called Soros a Nazi. She said this Nazi is still at it and the progressives love him for it, she wrote. And granted that was almost a year ago, but the fact that you're going to see this stuff getting closer to the truth is problematic. And as far as the Angel Mom stuff goes, remember, we're supposed to get a daily or weekly report of all of the immigrant crimes that were committed in America. That's what I mean with like the Frank Luntz session. It's like, these Angel Moms what has been done to stop this stuff ? I was reading an article the other day that said that not only have opioid deaths not decreased under Trump, they're up 10% year over year since he became president. So I mean literally on every front, it's not working out. And that's by design, I would say. I mean, these people were used as a prop. And the moment that Mendoza starts teetering, not even the fact that she's Hispanic and her child was killed. That's another component too, is that the Angel Moms started trending toward being non White too. They were supposed to appeal to non-Whites like, this is why you should not like these illegal immigrants, but we're going to bring in tonnes of legal ones. We're gonna bring more people in like you so we can sacrifice your children to Moloch

James 2:14:58 Yeah, we're gonna bring in doctors from Ghana and that's going to be great. We all know how positive the health outcomes are when people are seen by Ghanian doctors

Jazzhands 2:15:08 Yeah so that's that's kind of where you are with with the RNC. It's kind of been where it be. But we got some more audio here, James, don't we? We do. Here let me get this in a different browser for some reason it was not playing in the browser that I was trying to do. I probably have this turned off on purpose. But anyway, yeah, here we go. Speaking of weird justifications for things,

Nick Fuentes 2:15:34 And I will say that even if you don't like Laura Loomer, even if you personally don't like her, you don't agree with her views, whatever. You can't deny that she has a really effective campaign, which is more than can be said about a lot of people. And the way that we have to operate as a movement is to look at people like that and learn from them. You know, not to say, Oh, well, they don't agree with us on everything or she doesn't fit the exact mould of what our movement is going to look like. We can look at her and say, Wow, she raised a million dollars, that's serious fundraising. She won her primary, she turned out the vote. That's impressive. And....

Jazzhands 2:16:19 So let's unpack this. And again, I'll just give the boilerplate. This is not infighting, because infighting would imply that you're fighting with somebody who is on the same team and fighting for the same interests as you are. And that's clearly not the case. I mean, the levels of disingenuous rhetoric here in order to get to the point where you're supporting Laura Loomer are just insane. I mean, because we know Nick is aware of Jews. He wouldn't do the cookie bit if he wasn't aware of Jews and Jewish power and he understands that dynamic. So nobody with a serious face would be able to say that what Laura Loomer has done as a Jew in a very Jewish district running in Flaarida. Raising a million dollars as we pointed out on this show, what was the percentage of these donors that came from large....?

James 2:17:21 50% large dollar donors. Leading donors being the same people that were giving to Ilhan Omar's primary opponent. The donations that were coming in the "serious cash" was being raised by ardent Zionists by people that wanted to crack down on BDS and people that are fundraising for Zionist candidates. That's how you raise that serious cash.

Jazzhands 2:17:45 Right? So in order let me get this straight, Nick. So in order to be a measure of success, as Nick defines it, you have to be a Jewish candidate, running in a Jewish district taking Jewish money to win and become a member of Congress in order to benefit White people ? Is that what I'm supposed to? So this is the example that we're all supposed to look toward, as a movement sees himself as an intellectual thought leader of that we have to look to Laura Loomer and her ability to raise Jewish money to run for Congress. Because the punchline is she's going to do stuff for White people. Oh, but that was the other part of it. We shouldn't shit on people who are we're just a LITTLE bit out of alignment with right ? A tad, just a tad out of alignment.

James 2:18:40 Right. Yeah. And you can hear it as he's being very careful not to upset those that are paying him when he's making the statement because it's very clearly trying to allude to the fact that she's a Jew, but not come out and say it because that has been excised from America First-Zionist First rhetoric nowadays. And that's more than just a minor distinction. This is a very important salient characteristic about Laura Loomer is the fact that she's Jewish. In fact, she herself will tell you this is what determines her identity, her political action, everything about her is guided by her Judaism. And so to act as if that is not an important consideration here is very dishonest. But I think the key there is learning from people like Laura Loomer. Laura Loomer was able to raise a million dollars in her campaign by going out there and going ham and promising if she were to be elected to go ham for Jewish interests. And if that's the lesson to be learned here, then what does that say about the intent of this groyper movement of this America First AmNat movement?

Jazzhands 2:19:50 I mean that's what people are saying in the comments. I saw this was talking about America First. It says Hmmm it's almost as if being a Zionist prevents the America First stuff from ever happening. And there's not a single positive comment here, I mean, the idea that "we as a movement...", you have things ranging from simp to faggot to whatever. But people are just like, Okay Joomer, Zionist is an automatic no, Zionism is anti-Whiteness incarnate. I mean, we all know that this rhetoric hasn't been working for AmNats. I mean the level of like, this is supposed to be good optics this supporting Jews. Who could have predicted that by August 26th of 2020 this is how things would pivot and it's kind of a sight to behold too isn't it? I mean, you're expected to go out and support Laura Loomer, who, even if she could win, let's talk about in very real terms, what transactionally is going to come out of that relationship ? Talking shit about Muslims ? Wow, that's gonna do a lot for you. And like I do a lot for Jews and not much for you, right? I mean, it's the same thing over and over again. Is there some document that I'm not aware of where Laura Loomer has like a 70 point immigration plan that's gonna fix the country? is Laura Loomer going to do something about censorship? It's like, come on, it's not happening.

James 2:21:23 No, at the very most what she would do would be another agitator on behalf of Israel and against the Middle East and against Iran. She would be a leading cheerleader for a further incursion into the Middle East. And there's actually more here too, if you scroll through to slide four there's another choice bit in this continued defense of Laura Loomer. And I was having a conversation about this with somebody this past weekend and I've heard this bandied about that at least Laura Loomer would be an honest Zionist supremacist as opposed to a closeted one. And, of course, my response to that is if the debate is between an honest Zionist supremacist and a closeted Zionist supremacist, in what way do we win? How are our interests at all advanced by that? Because at the end of the day, either way, you have someone who does not care about you, and is only interested in furthering Zionism.

Jazzhands 2:22:23 Yeah, I didn't even notice that there are multiple slides. So I only listened to that one bit and was like laughing. So I get to listen to the rest of the slide.

James 2:22:31 Go to slide four. Yeah, that's where it continues.

Jazzhands 2:22:34 Slide four. Okay.

Nick Fuentes 2:22:36 American Groyper says with Loomers recent victory in mind and considering her America First immigration policies do you think it's possible having AF politicians while still supporting Israel similar to Loomer? Well, I think there's definitely overlap. And I would support Laura Loomer over a Democrat and I would support Laura Loomer in so far as she is against big tech And she's America First on immigration. I don't LOVE the fact that she's a Zionist. I know that we disagree on that. I'm not in favour of foreign aid to Israel or, you know, I think Israel does a lot of harm. I think our relationship with Israel has to be reconsidered and not just with foreign aid, but all across the board. So I know we probably don't agree on that. But that's not really what politics is about politics is really about nitpicking and trying to get somebody that agrees on every single thing.

Jazzhands 2:23:34 It's not about getting 100% there, guys, it's just the one thing that's the showstopper for virtually every other thing that you want. You know, we're not gonna quibble about that. I mean, there's no point in debating the Zionism. I mean, Zionism goes hand in hand with American independence and having a White country and there's a lot of overlap there. Like, wow ! And I mean it's obvious. Do we really even have to explain ? I don't have to explain to any of the commenters on this post. I definitely don't have to do that. But, yeah rumour has it that after doubling down on Donald Trump, these guys are all going to go ham, and become WigNats after the election if things don't go well. It's like, guy that ship sailed in 2019 ship sailed in 2018. At this point the damage has been done. It's like once you know the truth on a certain subject, like once I learned about Finkel Think and how that works and kosher sandwich was sort of the precursor to that. But once you have the very in depth, technical details about how that's done. First of all, I can't shut the fuck up about it. I can't stop telling other people about it. And until people stop getting tricked, our work is not done. That's right. But if you know all those things, and you continue on down that road, whether you're supporting Donald Trump or doing what I think is just as bad, supporting, like pivoting ping pong politics to Democrats, and saying, Oh, I'm going to do Biden now because it's not Trump. And then taking people for a ride for another 18 or 19 or 20 months. It's like, no. All of it is bad. Like the system has to be rejected. If you're thinking that you're going to play one side off of the other, and somehow that's going to result in victory. I'm sorry, but that's as preposterous as Nick supporting Laura Loomer and saying that Zionism is just a thing that we're gonna have to disagree on. Everything else though.

James 2:25:46 Yeah, it's a minor nitpick. And they tell us right there in that clip too, saying that you would support Laura Loomer over a Democrat. It all comes back to the same line we've been hearing from Republicans forever. Which is at least it's not...well, you're not getting everything you want this time, but at least it's not the other guy. This is exactly what Arthur Finkelstein wrote about, this is explicitly part of the Finkel Think strategy to keep people....

Jazzhands 2:26:13 the answer to Arthur Finkel Think is not vote for the Democrat either. Like that's a fail. You have failed. You have failed the fucking test because if you say the answer to right wing, Arthur Finkelstein style of politics is vote for the Democrat, well, then you get sucked up into the pipeline on the other side, and there's nothing good coming out of it no matter what. To say like one is worse than the other. It's like No, they're not, it's the system is designed to keep you trapped. There's not one that's worse from the other. There's not one that's like going to be the pathway out. The pathway out is to reject the things that are keeping you trapped. It's very simple. And so you have people like Nick saying you have to support Laura Loomer to somehow put America first when Zionism is predicated on Israel first. And then the other side of that is like well White Joe Biden is the way out because Joe Biden did racisms in the 1980s. It's like, Guys, come on, come on.

James 2:26:15 Aryan Joe.

Jazzhands 2:26:18 Look there's no excuse at this point for people not to understand how the system works. So, if you're not telling people, if you're not encouraging people to be untricked, you're encouraging them to be tricked. It's another example of Lightswitch Brain. Of good Lightswitch Brain. If you're not supporting NJP, then you're a Jew or a Jew enabler, or you're just shutting the fuck up. That's the only choice you have. So you're either helping other White people not get tricked by Jews, or you're participating in the Jewish tricks. And it's pretty simple. Put on that MAGA hat and be a serious guy. I mean do you think that you're going to participate in Jewish tricks for another 18 months and then tell people how totally not tricked you are about this you knew all along. It's like, come on. Why aren't you speaking out about it now?

James 2:28:10 Right. And what was extracted out of it was rhetoric or was increased attention. Well at least she's bringing attention to big tech, or at least...We're bringing attention to big tech and we're making a more substantive and a better argument against big tech that is, these companies should not be allowed to assume this power. Laura Loomer is just quibbling about being banned from Twitter and calling them Nazis. Right. It's all a show it's a circus act, is what is what she's doing. So even if you want to make that your litmus test, that well, opposition to big tech is really what matters. All right, then opt for the side, the people that are making the real critique, the people that are making the cogent point. That should be your focus of support, not a what is basically a Jewish clown show and a million dollar campaign that is going nowhere, it's going nowhere for you. She's doing a great job at advancing Jewish identity politics. But there's nothing in that for you. You're not getting anything out of it.

Jazzhands 2:29:11 Yeah, I mean trusting in Laura Loomer or trusting in Joe Biden or trusting in like, whatever it is that you're putting your faith in, you're asking others to put faith into, you're just exonerating yourself from having any sort of responsibility or accountability. You're saying this thing over here is what we should all be doing and focusing on and that'll pan out at some point or not, it's not gonna pan out, but you're not going to find out that it isn't panning out today. So just hitch along for the ride for a while with me and it's just like, the shit gets old. Everybody knows how Laura Loomer is gonna. I mean, she's not gonna win, but even if she did win, even if Trump does win, it's not like there's gonna be one day where we all wake up and Trump has torn off all the shackles, thrown Jared Kushner out of a window and all of a sudden like /our guy/ again. It's just not happening. It's not like Laura Loomer is gonna say Oh, I'm giving this dispensation to America First, thank you for electing me. I appreciate it so much. And I'm going to tone back on some of the Israel stuff. Nick is talking about Oh, we need to work on that. We're gonna work on a relationship with Israel. So you, a Gentile, are going to work on that with the Jews. Explain to me how that's gonna work. It's just it's all bullshit. So, yeah, it's like pick a better racehorse even. I mean but that's the tell in and of itself. Right? Like I could understand, I could even sympathise with somebody moving from Trump to like, Tucker, or Trump to Kris Kobach. As like the next thing, right? And I would still be like guy, nnnguy, hold on a second, and try to help that person but to move from Trump to Laura Loomer ?! Come on....come on ...so. But what I mean was this really one day ago or am I looking at some, like frozen in time timestamp here?

James 2:31:17 This was as of a few days ago. Yeah.

Jazzhands 2:31:19 So this is next Republican National Convention speech in 2020?

James 2:31:25 well, must be deeply rustling to see Charlie Kirk get his four minute spot on their NC stage. And yeah, groypers once again licking the windows.

Jazzhands 2:31:36 Yeah, it's pretty amazing Charlie Kirk totally owned bro. Not saying that that wasn't a worthwhile endeavour. It's definitely good when it was organic and when it was being done by /our guys/ but once it got co opted and gayed up. Well, that's what happened wasn't very effective, was it? So anyway, anything else James ? We're gonna blow the fuck...we're gonna blow Steve Bannon's shit up so hard rhetorically this weekend. Oh my god, dude.

James 2:32:06 Yeah. Be careful using metaphors like that after what we talked about the first hour.

Jazzhands 2:32:09 Yeah. Steve Bannon, Steve Bannon, Steve B-Anon he's gonna have some reckoning this weekend. That is for sure. It's coming. And I got to thank my little Portuguese friend coz he's definitely helping me. So, anyway, I don't know what call-in show will be tomorrow. But it will not be Jazz and Jesse. So we will see you this weekend. Have a good rest of your week.