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Thank you to the Goy who helped did this transcription! FTN_082320 FTN336 SUMMARY KEYWORDS trump, bannon, israel, isabel maxwell, steve bannon, grift, usps, laura loomer

Introduction 00:19 Often imitated never duplicated This is the one and only Fash the Nation, your guiding light in a sea of degeneracy.

Jazzhands 00:42 Hello and welcome to FTN 336. I'm Jazzhands McFeels joined by James Allsup. James Allsup what's happening today nnnguy ? What's any aids or actually no, it's the opposite of aids to give out today. It's like very good news. Lots of white pills

James 00:55 Very good news….

Jazzhands 00:57 At least on one very tightly focused subject.

James 00:59 Well yeah no there’s some good news sprinkled throughout today's show. The yes the good news to start with, though is that as we've been hearing from people in the comments and in emails, people have begun to receive their merch already shipped out this week, and most people should have received it by now. So 95% I would say the orders are, are out there a few yet to get to go out. They'll be going out today, actually. And yeah, so if you haven't received it yet, expect it in your mailbox in the next couple of days.

Jazzhands 01:30 Excellent. Yeah, that'll be good. I think some …did I see some somebody said they got theirs already. I mean, it depends. I mean, who knows Trump is trying to shut down the postal service. So you know, he might not this may be to prevent you from getting your lightswitch brain shirt. He doesn't want that meme getting out there because that is basically his base at this point. On Off off on, so on. So yeah, well, hopefully people get that. Probably this weekend. Wasn't the Oh Canada people are getting in to get a little bit like yeah, couple of weeks later ?

James 02:02 Yeah, Leafs are going to be held up by customs and things. So Leafs, you're still in waiting. And like I said those will be going out sometime today.

Jazzhands 02:12 Saturday, I was told what I was told white countries don't have customs. And now they do. That's kind of fun. We have we have a culture with customs. So yeah, well, this is something that we got news cucked on a hard after making fun of news cucking on the midweek FTN I had the audacity to go out there and say, bro, remember how we used to get news cucked? And you know, it was always because we were getting news cucked by some habbening and it's like, well, with a habbening you want to wait 72 hours anyway to see what shakes out. And the other thing that you could get news cucked by was like something some announcement that Trump would say and then we'd have to like, you know, do this analysis on it. It's like not to worry about being news cucked anymore. And then, you know, what was it like an hour maybe even not even an hour after the show. No it was Thursday morning Thursday morning I wake up and I see what 8am Bannon arrested I was just like yeah right there we go news Cuck the Nation This is actually a news cucking because not much more has come out about this James since since the announcement but we have an article up on Dissident Mag definitely go check that out Bannon charged with grifting wall money from MAGA so yeah, we definitely got news cucked on this one didn’t we James I mean we talked about it on Jazz and Jesse but I have even more reacts today so Oh yeah. When did when did you heard about it? Probably a little bit after that right ?

James 03:40 Yeah, no, I think I checked and saw this on the top of drudge and dude oh my god this picture on D Mag of Bannon with like the red mouth it Wow, this is horrible. Not looking too good either in these in these arrest photos, but yeah, apparently they picked him up when he was on a yacht, this is the guy that was leading the campaign and against the CCP, right ban and deebly concerned on The War Room. They did the war room podcast with the CCP virus. And just the irony to top it off is Bannon is picked up by federal agents after disembarking a yacht owned by a Chinese billionaire in up in the northeast somewhere. So just perfect

Jazzhands 04:20 Well it it actually makes perfect sense and that was a thing that I was going to get to but yeah, the the fact that he got picked up on this yacht, it actually makes a lot more sense now when you see why Bannon and why this particular sort of ring of the republicans are doing the anticommunist bit with the the Chinese Communist Party stuff because it isn't just about it isn't you know, you have to look deeper. We've looked pretty deep into China and have talked a lot about this whole this whole phenomenon, but what Bannon is actually doing here is Bannon after being defunded by the Mercer's has moved on to being funded by anti Communist Chinese billionaires This is a guy who got kicked out of China. He was he was one of China's wealthiest guys And apparently, billionaire no more. He was quite the subversive. This is a guy who was a tycoon. What was he first there's I forget where this was he was originally, I forget what this guy was, but he basically made all of his money in real estate. And as we talked about in our deep dive on China, the fact that you have Larry Fink of BlackRock coming in to China, and investing tonnes of money and China changing its rules to allow a majority control of companies by foreign financial, they made it a special carve out for foreign financial firms. It's kind of funny how this guy who got on China's bad side is a real estate agent is now hooked up with Steve Bannon. And yeah, I guess the Chinese The Chinese Communist Party seized all this guy's money. So he has total assets right now he has this a well, how much did he pay for this apartment? $67.5 million for a 9000 square foot apartment in Central Park. And he also joined Trump's Mar a Lago resort in Florida. So but all this guy has is that apartment this yacht which is also for sale for $28 million for anybody has the extra cash $55 million for the apartment both things are for sale and he's got his membership. I don't know if he can like hawk that somewhere. But yeah, like the Chinese government said that what was it they kick this guy out for rape and embezzlement and corruption and fraud. I mean, you know, call me call me a china shill, but I'm, you know, given given the loyalties here, James like I'm not gonna be siding with Steve Bannon. And Guo Wengui,. Yeah, let's see here. Oh yeah, rape, kidnapping, bribery and other offences. So yeah, it sounds like what China really got mad about was maybe this guy, you know, doing some things that they did not like and they said goodbye. And now he's hooked up with with Steve Bannon and Steve Bannon, I guess is like, riding the Guo wave to see if this guy's ever gonna get his $1.1 billion, but it's * Lets Guooooo * Yes ! there we go. Let's Guo ! There we have a impromptu FTN episode title. That doesn't happen very often. Let's Guo. Yes. Yeah, he apparently owned a building like an entire building. Penghu Plaza. Was that like penguin Plaza?

James 07:45 And well, dude, in this guy's mind, he's the president of China, because he and Bannon founded this thing, the new Federal State of China, right, which they describe that initiative to overthrow the Chinese government. So yeah dude.

Jazzhands 07:57 It's like such a Bannon scheme. This Guy is probably getting conned, right? Like, hey Guo just a nickels worth just a shekels worth of free advice. You're being fucking conned like this is not Yeah. Oh, we're gonna help you just imagine the conversations is Bannon like, you know, runs his right hand through like a greasy palm stain hand through his like fucking hair like listen Guo. We're gonna we're gonna get justice for you and your $1.1 billion. We're gonna we're gonna create our own sovereign Chinese government and make you the president. This is the new Chinese nationalist movement. We're gonna stop these communists Sound good Guo ? I'm dude. I mean, am I that wrong ? Is this hyperbole ?

Jazzhands 08:46 Yes. Oh, man. Yeah, it's, it's not that far fetched. It's not that far fetched. And now when you see people like Matt Gaetz and Roger Stone, and very select people in the Republican Party, whenever you go on Fox News and you see Chinese Communist Party just like over and over and I don't know if you've ever seen this James but when people are on Fox, and they forget to say Chinese Communist Party, and they just say Chinese government and then correct themselves. This is a this is a sight to behold. When they say Chinese government…uh…Chinese Communist Party. It's like you forgot your line there fucking schlep Brock. So yeah, it's kind of funny to watch all this unfold, but yeah, Bannon was the US PIS also known as US PIS marched on to the 150 foot yacht and arrested Bannon. Apparently it was the US what ? US Postal Inspector Service is that how that goes ?

James 09:40 one of the most powerful federal law enforcement branches. They're one of the only one of the only branches that doesn't need a warrant to open your mail actually.

Jazzhands 09:49 really wonder who else that's probably like the the marshals and Secret Service I would guess because doesn’t Secret Service investigates, like they at least I think They still do counterfeiting, things like that. They probably look the other way. depending on who's doing the counterfeiting and Money Printer Go Brrrr ( measure the beak ). Yeah, the Secret Service is just in charge of changing the ink cartridge on money printer. That's all they do in this part. It's like it runs low and they put in a new ink cartridge. So yeah, so Dissident Mag Yeah, just put out this so this format I like because it's nice and short. You know, people don't want to read long 3400 word turgid or some word of the day I like picking that up we're gonna we're gonna talk about a few turgid articles today. I don't like long turgid articles, and this is simple five paragraphs. We don't know a whole lot information when this came out. But what we do know is that Bannon pled not or pleaded, pleaded not guilty. got out of jail for $5 million. No passports not allowed to go on an aeroplane not allowed to leave New York, DC, Connecticut and yeah, he's he's trying to figure out how to put up the bond. He's got a couple days. So that's, that's interesting. So you know this narrative that he's not getting any favours at all, you know, he gotta guess he has a couple days to come up with the cash and I'm not sure that that's how that works but seems to be what one article I read said. So yeah, he's gonna come up with like, what one point something in some kind of assets. So I wonder if I wonder if Guo, we'll do that for him ? But yeah, I mean the shot the shot is pretty straightforward on this. You know, I had a couple different ideas on Jazz and Jesse because the news was still pretty fresh, but the shot is that we, you know, Bannon has known all along what we've come to fully understand in the past two years, and that Trumpism is like the what is this organisation he has with Guo, the new China something….

James 11:55 new China federal party or something?

Jazzhands 11:57 it this is not a movement it is an op. And the op is being wound down, and Bannon thought the op was going to go on for eight years and the plans have changed and it looks like it's only going to go on for four. And, you know, at that point, it's you know, let's let's just loot this shit and you know, there's probably room in this analysis for just, you know, if you want to go full full ham on this shit, it's like Bannon was planning to loot We Build the Wall all along. We have this. This audio from 2019 ?

James 12:29 Oh, yeah.

Jazzhands 12:32 this is from 2019 This is him and …Kolfage the wheelchair guy. This is totally this is not deep fake. This is actual Bannon audio. Listen to this : Stephen K. Bannon and Brian Kolfage.

Bannon 12:49 Welcome back. This is Steven K Bannon, we're off the coast of San Tropez in southern France in the Mediterranean. We’re on the million dollar yacht of Brian Kolfage who took all that money from Build the Wwall. No we're actually in New Mexico.

James 13:06 Just kidding. Nobody would ever do that right?

Jazzhands 13:09 Yeah, yeah. JK lol yeah, Bannon. Wow. And it's kind of funny too. This quote, it's very appropriate that I opened this Dissident Mag article with it's from Eric Hoffer, and he says almost every mass movement in America ends up as a racket a cult or a corporation and with Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, it's ended up as all three. Yeah, it's, it's, you know, it's true. I mean, not every mass movement, but the ones that allow themselves to be co opted, because that's what you know, when you think about when you unpack that quote, what does Eric Hoffer really mean? It's like, Well, every mass movement that started off as grassroots almost everyone that has become something real Jews are there at every step of the way to try to co opt it, to try to infiltrate it to try to buy it out. I mean, even if you're, you know, let's say you're not even talking about a mass movement you're talking about, you build a really successful small business. When you reach a certain level, they're gonna want you like, they want you like, you're a rocket ship like taking off, they don't want you getting into orbit. They don't want you having any sort of power they don't want you reaching. So in most people are just like, oh, wow, you're gonna give me $400 million for my fucking pizza chain. Sure, I'll get out of here. And if you don't, then you're going to end up like Papa John's guy, right? They're going to wait until they're going to look for any possible thing to toss you out. And so they do this with with mass movements even more, because those are the most threatening to their regime. And other people know that mass movements become these things and so people like Bannon, people like Trump, you know, it's it's, um, it's not really that much of a novelty take to suggest that this has been an op all along. And so, you know, what better? What more are you going to do, James when you're collecting $25 million to build a wall on private property that I was just reading last night, has the soil has eroded around that wall and it's falling over. So that that's the state of the Bannon wall at this point. It's like not even standing.

James 15:20 Yeah this is a section that there was the concern with the like, international Tidewater Association treaty or something with the US and Mexico and that was being being litigated a few months ago. I think we talked about that. And at the time, I think we were our take on rebuild the wall was that at least wall was being built and was being built, I believe, by the numbers more cost effectively and better than it was then Trump's wall was and so you know, there at least there were results to show for it. But at the same time, this is $25 million. Going to to a slush fund, basically, that there was no accountability over no oversight. No public oversight. And these people it's not like they were disclosing you know reports on on where the money was going I don't believe they were anyways if they were nobody even read them. So it This was ripe for something like this this was a great opportunity for grifters for those who are non serious about this to insert themselves and this guy Kolfage I mean this is a guy who people trusted because oh bro he's a veteran. Oh bro he has he has no limbs or he has one leg or what does he have left an arm?

Jazzhands 16:30 Yeah, I think he has no legs. He has no legs and one arm like he is and I remember this I remember this distinctly like as I was digging into the story last night. I remember seeing this guy and and being like, oh, wow, like you know they're they're putting this guy up and this guy's doing it himself and but then I just felt like wow, this is this is almost like to much ? I don't want to say that like I knew this was an op all along. But I just remember being like, wow, this is you know, this is like, five step. It's like five appendages lost beyond like eyepatch guy ( Crenshaw ).

James 17:01 Well, and that was the thing is that his credibility to do this was based entirely around the military service and sacrifice and this is something that people who are conservative leaning, just took as as a total validation. This guy was legit, but he had no real history as someone who was an ideologue of immigration. It's not like Kris Kobach was leading this Kris Kobach was, was apparently counsel for them are on the board for a short period of time. But this wasn't an effort being led by people with a history of of being ideological about immigration. It was led by a guy who my understanding is he was doing like sunglasses and hat ranting about loving Israel videos and his truck before he did this. Like this was not a guy….

Jazzhands 17:44 they they all had like shitty right wing websites like all of these guys. Andrew Badolato was a financier from Sarasota, Flaaaarida, who wrote for Breitbart. Timothy Shea was married to the treasurer Amanda Shea So, you know these people all i and i think Kolfage had a couple of right wing websites, you know, maybe he was ranting in a hat with Israel about Israel. I mean, this is what these guys were doing like they they were just this has always been a grift the alt light has always been a grift and you know it's it's coming home to roost and you know I said this on Jazz and Jesse you know, cuz I might as well get this out of the way now James for all the for all the light switch brains. But anybody's like, oh, but Jazz hands you used to sing Bannon's praises. It's like yeah, used to sing Trump's praises, too. And those days are long gone. We have all made it very clear. If you've only been tuning into FTN today, for some reason, for the first time and you you've been in a coma for the last eight months. Go back and listen to all the deep dives in 2020. This has been a red letter year for FTN in groundbreaking and we're going to do more today. We actually have a lot more today. But But yeah, all of these people and I have no shame in like people, people who think that Oh, yeah, you know, you're being a little bit too hard on Bannon. It's like, No, I'm not Bannon grifted you. Bannon stole a million dollars from you? I mean, it was first of all it was supposed to be Mexico was going to build the wall. And then then it was going to be okay well taxpayers are going to build the wall. And then it was going to be donors and taxpayers are going to build the wall and everybody's getting grifted.

James 19:22 And now its…donors are building Bannon’s liquor collection, donors building top shelf.

Jazzhands 19:30 Now its donors are building Bannon’s legal defence fund for stealing money from you. Because I mean, as far as I know, they haven't seized these assets from him. But yeah, like Jesse said, these guys, they made this thing like, oh, we're gonna take 100% of your of your donations and put it into the wall. It's like, well, could you I mean, not that Bannon could have taken a $1 million salary but he could have taken 300,000 a year. I mean, go look at the administrators of an NGO how much they make. Kolfage could have taken a salary, maybe maybe even as much money as Kolfage stole, which was 350,000. But instead, no. You have to go out there and say, I'm doing this as a selfless act. I'm not taking one penny. And then you know, as soon as the lights go off, and the cameras turn off, you're creating I didn't know this until last night, but they were creating fake invoices and moving things from one LLC to another. I mean, this this wasn't just like, ooops some money got commingled, in my account, and I lost track of it. It's like no, this was this was a willful deception. And it seems like they're pretty good at it, too. James doesn't, you know, you think ( not good enough). They not good enough. Yeah. But this is something that they've done before. And, you know, they messed with the wrong US PIS didn’t they ?

James 20:56 Well, they did and, and so yeah, I think that's a good point about the overhead of a typical NGO cos a typical NGO has an overhead of somewhere between 5 and 15%. Usually, there are some that are very efficient and have almost none. But nobody would have faulted them had they taken a 10% overhead. And with $25 million coming in, you're talking about two and a half million dollars a year, you're telling me that would not have been enough to satisfy all of their these guys their desire to cash in on this? And look, well running something…

Jazzhands 21:28 the one Well Ackshually I'll do on that, and it's gay, but I'll just do the Well Ackshuallys is I think Bannon’s thinking on this was and Kolfage too is that the moment they took any money for themselves from this publicly officially legally, that it would give the Left something to point to and then you would just get dozens of articles about how Kolfage and Bannon were, were you know, paying for their whatever with with the money and so it's better to do it in secret, I think that probably was the calculation This is for optics James. This is all for optics. They were never supposed to get caught. But it's like Bannon. Bannon had the fucking chutzpah to lose that video 2019 where he said, we're sitting here on the deck of my $1 million yacht I was Kolfage was Yeah, in did he do who bought the boat?

James 22:20 What else guys bought a boat at the 700 horsepower jet per boat with the for, like Honda Corvette motors. Yeah.

Jazzhands 22:28 And he and he put it in one of Donald Trump's boat parades too down right in Florida.

James 22:33 Yeah, no, there were a lot of a lot of boats. It was like it was like Miami Beach out there with these guys. A lot of boats. But, you know, I think that is maybe a concern that there would have been the Daily Beast saying Look at this. They bought you know, they made $100,000 each from this or something. At the same time, the people that were donors and the people that would be invested in this. They know they wouldn't have cared. They'd be more impressed by the wall that's being built. People understand that like people understand and can accept a certain amount of, of loss from something like this a certain amount going to profiteering off of this as long as the main objective is being accomplished, And hey, if they're building some wall, I don't think people would have really minded that much. And so that two and a half million that they could have took just as a ballpark figure. I think that is actually what was grifted here or maybe even exceeds what was taken. And the other thing, too, is that there are and people have made this point. This level of corruption and embezzlement is relatively minor compared to what goes on elsewhere in the federal government itself, in other NGOs across the board. But the fact that it was political in nature and the fact that it occurred in a way where they were defrauding people that were were true believers in this ideological mission. I think that's what makes it one more offensive and two the fact that this was being done to kind of to one up the Trump administration is probably what lit a fire under the prosecutors that were investigating this if I had to guess.

Jazzhands 24:09 Werll the biggest question here, James that is yet to be answered, but we'll probably know soon. is how is the arrest of Steve Bannon and the embezzlement of We Build the Wall money? How is that forgetting the prosecution of the deep state by secret operatives within the Trump administration? This has to be connected to all of that, right? I mean, q anon is proudly spinning up narratives right now. They're..Bannon is now on the inside. Yeah, right.

James 24:39 Hey this is good, though, because the more things like this happen in the context of Q, and I know there are differing opinions about Q but the more that it becomes very transparent and unavoidable that there is no plan to be trusted. Maybe people start breaking from that and start looking more into the paedophile stuff like we'll talk about in the second hour.

Jazzhands 24:58 Yeah, well, that's what I said on Jazz and Jessie is that, you know, when I, when I was starting to go there when I was spinning up the, you know, for those of you who think I'm being too hard on Bannon, it's like, No, I'm actually the reason I'm most glad that this happened is because it lays all of these things bare. This is something I've been saying for months now. It's like, I'm glad that we're not getting half measures out of Trump, not because I don't give a shit about America or something. It's because no, I would rather have a very easy case to make, than try to play these games with like, well, he least he's doing it's like, can you at …can anyone actually do a well, at least he's doing? Can anyone even make the case that Bannon is doing something on the side because Bannon showed back up here at the beginning of well, no Bannon showed up in the midst of the impeachment stuff that's that is the genesis of the War Room podcast. And then once impeachment became gay, then it turned into the Chinese Communist Party…you know…Watch podcast. So Bannon was injecting himself back into Trump politics, and was obviously here, but now it's you know, so this idea that, that Bannon was sort of working behind the scenes to do X,Y and Z. It's just it's just not, not reality. And it's kind of funny that I was reading this one piece about this Harvey Garlotte who donated just listen to the cheap just listen to the how shitty this Boomer is. So Harvey Garlotte of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He donated $60 to the fund and added a $3 tip for the organisation. I'd like to tip you, that's very nice of you, Harvey. But then he got a refund of his money because Kolfage …what happened was just give you the TLDR is part of this operation was raised money for the wall that we're building on private property. Okay, well, we've raised more money than we need. So we're going to give the rest to the federal government to help. And there is no mechanism to do this. And so he had to, he had to refund some of the money at that point. Let's see..he then said his group had determined that only 800,000 of the 220 million raised at that point needed to be returned. So this guy, Garlotte got a refund for $60 but he did not get a refund for the $3 tip. And so this Boomer, filed a complaint with the Florida Secretary of State and wrote that he felt he had been swindled noting that even though Kolfage lived in Florida, he could find no record of a charity registration. So Boomer went like full conspiracy theory, but he filed a complaint over three fucking dollars, like he got his money back. And then you know, he files a complaint for $3. So this is the kind of you know, I I should not support any any illegality or anything with bands doing nothing at all, but you know, you read stories like this and you're kind of just like okay, these people are fucking garbage. ( So Kofage just kept the tip ? ) Yeah, he must have just kept the tip. You know, it taken me for an arm and a leg here right? You may you may break my bones are what does it pick my pocket or break my leg was at the Thomas Jefferson quote but you can hang out in America for as long as you want. He says from my side of the road Mr. Kolfage was simply using a hot button topic a very emotional topic and his status as an as a legless armless veteran for selfish and self serving reasons and personal financial gain. And look, you know, I've got nothing but respect for veterans, especially people who've been wounded in combat, but no, I have no you know, that all of that all of that sort of like sympathy and honour and respect that goes out the window when you steal $350,000 from people and then lie about it and do fake invoices and and do this grift with Bannon and all that bullshit like you're just You know, you're just fucking garbage guy. So…

James 29:03 yeah, fire it up, but the QuickBooks machine Go Brrrr? Yeah, fake invoices. Well, and it's uh, yeah, I don't know, this is the kind of thing that I have to wonder if they had not drawn the attention and ire of the federal government for doing this. If this is the kind of thing that that would have been prosecuted, like, you know, we know that the Justice Department has it out for these people, because building the wall is something so outside of the realm of acceptable, acceptable immigration solutions that the uni-party wants to have on the table. But you have to wonder what the the Trump and Bagpiping Bill Barr involvement wasn't all of this, whether this is something they really push for, or if it's something that happened sort of outside their purview.

Jazzhands 29:50 Well, what I said in the Dissident Mag article is that a year ago Trump was singing the praises of we built the wall, and so is Don Jr. and In fact, let me grab the Don Jr. quote because this is this is hilarious. So Don Jr says this is private enterprise at its finest doing it better, faster, cheaper than anything else are you talking about er Kimberly Guilfoyle ? Are you talking about the wall? I don't know. what you guys are doing is pretty amazing. It's pretty amazing. grift anyway, so, yeah. And in Kris Kobach was saying it had Trump's blessing and all that, but then, you know, what was it? July 15, July 12, when Trump was like, This is only being done to make me look bad. So what's the change of heart there? Well, if you're Trump, and you've spent time around Bannon for a decade, and you've spent time around Roger Stone for four decades, and you spent time around Roy Cohn and all these guys, I mean, you know that some people are better at concealing illegal activity and others are not and Trump probably caught wind of what Bannon was doing and started to step clear of the blast radius. I don't think Trump was like in on the grift from these people, he may have been okay with it like in on it in terms of like getting a cut from it. But I think he probably knows Bannon's game at this point. When he saw the we build the wall shit pop up, he probably thought, heh, look what he's gonna do. You know, the to these guys he's like, but that's what I'm doing to these guys. So who cares? like whatever, I'll let Steve do what he's going to do. But when it became really obvious that too many people knew what was going on with we build the wall. I'm guessing that's why Trump started to do this backing away because he would have he would be privy to the information that that these arrests were coming in. So yeah, I mean, let's see here. What else? There's some other stuff here. Oh, yeah, the bigger fraud. Well, so here's the other thing. This is interesting how this is tied together. So the same company that was hired to build this wall for Bannon and Kolfage and the other guys, North Dakota company Penny Fisher Sand and Gravel was also hired by the Trump administration for a $400 million contract that is currently being investigated by the Inspector General for the defence department. And then in May of this year, that company received an additional federal contract for $1.3 billion, which at the time was the largest contract issued for border wall construction. So we know the wall was Bannon’s little penny ante fucking change grift compared to this, because Fisher Sand and Gravel I don't know much about these guys, but they're the same company doing the thing for Bannon and then they're getting ever increasing contracts, response to RFP, so on and so forth, up to 1.4 billion, which is huge. So, yeah, let's let's actually talk about the real grift here. Let's you know, let's have a little chat about what's going on and let's not forget pointed this out on Jazz and Jesse. Don't forget where the steel comes from for Trump’s wall. Roman Abramovich is providing all of the steel for Trump's wall. And, you know, all these little all these little contractors, it's like, come on, come on. There's so much so much fraud in this kind of stuff skimming in the construction business, but yeah, yeah, so well

James 33:18 So agree the non financial grift is the one that Republicans do on the people that want the wall ever. This is just like a financialized version of the GOP grift. That is they grift you for your vote every four years…every two years. And you believe that, wow, the wall is going to be built this time and wow, we're gonna get serious about immigration. But that's just a grift too. And you get taken for a ride and you never get what you want. And you fall for it in two years again, and again. And again, people increasingly aren't, thankfully, which is very heartening, but yeah, I mean, this is just, you know, the financial the GoFundMe version of of what's been done to these people for a long time.

Jazzhands 33:58 Yeah, it is, and it just lays bare what we've what we've been saying for a while is that this is now a tightly choreographed, choreographed, controlled demolition of Trumpism. I don't know what's going to happen with the election, it still is not looking good for Trump. I mean, I, you know, we talked about week after week, we just put stories out there that have come up that seem to indicate that nothing has changed about the trajectory of this thing. And the Steve Bannon story actually kind of confirms that, you know, the ship is going down and you're you know. The ship is a good metaphor in some in some cases in others. This is the The town is on fire and Steve Bannon is looting that Mcmansions is what he's doing. It's stealing furniture and flat panel TVs and and you know, the the McMansion town of Trumpism and the donors and everything else and so, it's, you know, you start to see some of these these takes from Conservatism Inc. about this you have Steve Bannon’s Indictment and the future of Trumpism. I just want to read a couple quotes from this because some of this is pretty hilarious and some of it's not wrong. So this is his this is I think Dan McLaughlin. And he says for conservatives, this sort of thing should be enraging movement movement, conservative journalism, activism, outreach and cultural education has been chronically underfunded for years. Yeah, that's right, because Jews are divesting from it, Dan. So the diversion of big chunks of money into the pockets of grifters should anger anyone who prefers to see those funds put to productive use productive use like young Americans for freedom, the American Conservative Union, the Manhattan Institute, which is a Jew like Peter Singer Paul singer, group, Media Research Centre, Eagle Forum, Claremont, Human Events, Moral Majority. I mean, is he going to name a Gentile one here at some point ? Federalist Society Heritage Foundation, and Jesus Christ. Reagan, Goldwater Buckley style conservatism. Yeah, it's like because Jews invested enormously in something that they wanted to prop up but that was never tenable on its own. And so for Dan McLaughlin to be like, well, we were fighting over the scraps here and Bannon’s stealing most of it for himself it's like yeah, because you're being divested guy like figure this shit out.

James 36:21 Building the wall is actually popular with people people actually like this. Nobody cares about young Americans for Freedom or the ACU. In fact, people most of the people who donated to we build the wall either have a latent disdain or actively dislike these stodgy Neo Liberal conservative institutions people are done with them. And so I

Jazzhands 36:42 I like this. The name Eagle forum, though, it's very, very good optics just do one of those nice big German eagles, the the wings spread out. Very nice. ( Maybe have a nest for the headquarters.) Yes, could be a good idea ! But he says a measure of the durability of these institutions has been their ability to weather good times and bad. No, that's that's a measure of the durability of Jewish funding of these institutions Dan. So, you know what they weather good times and bad. It's like the, no they weather the Finkel Think like that's that's how that works. Control, you know, from during times of republican and democratic control, conservative and liberal ascendancy even the waxing and waning of conservatism within the Republican Party. Some of these people I just don't believe like, they just may not know what the shot is like some, I think, do you have to understand that some of these republicans, some of these more prominent Republicans, they I think they just I think they've bought they fallen in love with conservatism and they've never left and they think that this is a natural phenomenon and that it's dying and that it's dying for reasons that are not that are not correct. And you know, otherwise it's like, why would you Why would you even bother reading this to paraphrase Bill James, a sturdy tree may grow 10 or 15 inches in a year, but if something grows six feet in one summer, it's a weed that is good, that is a good line, but his whole point here is, without belabouring this is that nothing has been built under Trump. Well, because Trumpism was an op Dan. It wasn't meant to be something you know, it's it's a very short burn up. Reagan, Goldwater Buckley, that style was meant to corral whites for a long time because they knew in 1965, and in the 1950s, and then up to 1965, when they finally got Hart Cellar through that it was going to take decades to change the demographics of the country. And so it needed to be a long run op as things were getting progressively worse. But now with Trump, it's like no, you can do Trumpism very quickly. And you know, he complains about how the fact that you know, there's really nothing being built of any substance. And he says, Where are the Trumpist institutions ? Istitutions do not survive without good stewards, and the seemingly chronic tendency of Tumpist stewards to scam their own donors and abandon their troops on the field of battle. ( He's not wrong ) does not bode well for the ability of such institutions to survive the transition when the White House passes out of Donald Trump's hands. Well, to be fair, Dan, you never really stood up for any of these things, too. So, you know, you never demanded that any other president would stand up for any of these things. And the the fact that they're turning up the heat on the other side, and the expectation is that there is going to be no reaction to it. But you know, he's not wrong with the abandoning troops on the field of battle. I mean, Trump is doing this across the board because it's a grift. The whole thing is a grift

James 39:32 Institution's gender ideological institutions are…. their purpose is to pull or push those in power their politicians in their direction. So they necessarily have to be them to be be productive. They have to be more radical than the politician themselves. And so a trumpist institution, if we're going to, you're going to say, okay, Trumpist institutions would be more hardcore on immigration would be more in favour of policies that benefit the working class taking what was popular about Trumpism. And and making it going further with it being more serious about it. Well, if you try to build those institutions, you're gay opped and you're censored and you're banned. So people were trying to build things like this very early on in Trump's presidency before his presidency, trying to build organisations and, and groups and things. And they were they were levelled by in some cases from FBI in some cases by corporate tyranny. So this is this attempt to to build these things it happened but it didn't happen with massive you know, Jewish capital, for obvious reasons, but the people that did try to do them at the grassroots level they were just run roughshod over.

Jazzhands 40:45 Yeah, that's an important point too. Because this was tried. Dan McLaughlin things were built. People weren't going to be investing in you because you're not you're not you've never been, where the fire is. People weren't You know, maybe in the 80s when it was when it was a fresh new thing, and people thought that conservatism was just a proxy for for, you know, something that they could use to fight this system, but now it's it's obvious what it is. And these these groups have been shut down. So yeah, there were there were good stewards Dan. There were authentic people who stood up and tried to create something, and it this stuff got shut down or got co opted, or it got turned into something else. And so, you know, we are building something real now. We're going to talk about that later in the second half. But it's not something Dan McLaughlin is going to be interested in because it's, uh, you know, it's not it's not…. But see, the thing is, is Dan McLaughlin is gonna have people like at the National Review, they're not gonna have any other choice. They’re being that well, what they're gonna end up doing is going to go run to the other side. That's usually what happens with these people is the one when faced with a light switch brain choice, which…there are good applications for lightswitch brain…But they choose, they choose to cook even harder sometimes, but other times people do what they need to in dire situations. I don't have any hope for Dan McLaughlin. But yeah, something is being built in. You're just a, it's just not going to be another fake and gay thing where we pretend to win and then lose, but, but just more evidence of this. The end of Steve Bannon and maybe Trump too is a headline that I saw in there talking about the fact that the arrest of Steve Bannon and the arrest of these other guys shows what could be coming potentially for Trump when he's not in office anymore. So this idea that yes, there is a kosher dialectic. Yes, jignats do have power in the government. But this idea that everybody is totally off off, you know, they don't have to worry about being arrested or indicted is not necessarily the case because look at you know, look at Paul Manafort in solitary confinement. Roger Stone, you know, he got pardoned, but Trump camp pardon himself. So, and the incoming president is probably not going to be doing that either. So yeah, it's it shows that's the thing that people are saying, has Trump a little bit worried because everybody is going to be fending for themselves. Now, at this point, as the system comes for these guys, and look, that's not reason enough for me to have sympathy for Steve Bannon, I'm sorry. Oh, yeah, the system is coming after Steve Bannon. And it's like, well Bannon is doing illegal things. I have sympathy for people. That's an important point to make, too. I have sympathy for people who are followed who do not do anything illegal at all, and the system cracks down and has their civil rights violated. Steve Bannon is not having his civil rights violated. In fact, he hasn't had his civil rights violated. He's always you know, he's running a website. And as far as I know, Breitbart still has twitter and, you know, they're fine, right, James. I mean, drudge hasn't been de-platformed. These people are all in the hands of Jews.

James 43:59 Bannon himaself is a multi millionaire and that's another reason why I think they This had to happen when it did is because ban and other operations had failed and other than the War Room podcasts which which would get what 300 listens, maybe per per show, he had no other discernible income he wasn't doing anything and so as he's out palling around on yachts and and you know jet setting and owning all these properties and multiple states and going to Europe, people are gonna start asking the question like from from whence are you deriving the income to do this because you don't really do anything. Jazzhands 44:39 He doesn't do shit..and the Jedi….the Jedi thing in Italy is done but yeah, just just more sort of confirmation on the tightly choreographed controlled them and demolition. You even have Fox News hosts out there who were praising the Biden DNC speech. I just want to read a couple quotes from this. And this is related to ban and because this is banned, banned and destruction as part of this, this What's going on? Trump is being..Trumpism is being divested. Let's see, Drudge Report led all of its coverage with positive commentary. I noticed that without even having been told by this article, Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace described the address as enormously effective, while Dana Perino said Biden just hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth. Laura Ingraham, one of Trump's strongest supporters on the network, said during an interview with Don Jr, that the speech beat expectations. The praise for Biden on Trump's favourite network has been riling the president, but his attacks on Fox News have not had any effect whatsoever. Well, I mean, what do you think, James? Do you see any indication that they are trying to prop up Trump at all? I mean, the fact that Fox isn't even doing this indicates to me that they are kind of done and the fact that Steve Bannon, Steve Bannon thing is even a story is also kind of indicating to me that they are, they're done with this whole, this whole operation.

James 46:06 Yeah, time to pack it up. Yeah, I know the Fox News, dude, this Biden speech. Did anybody even watch this? I think more pundits actually watched this than people did. I have not met anybody who has cared about this. People who even knew the Democratic Convention was going on. there's so little interest, so little engagement

Jazzhands 46:23 There were 21 million people who watched it on television. But I mean, those are this is how this goes how polarised The country is those are, you know, the most ardent supporters of Democrat politics. These are? That's like a roll call for people who are anti racist Finkel Think who are sitting there watching the speech, and I guess, I guess did conservatives watch it to own the Left? I don't know if that happened. That's still a thing. Where we sit on Twitter and like, you know, live live tweet the speech. Remember those days? Oh, dude. Yeah.

James 47:01 Oh man remember remember live live election coverage back when that mattered ? good times

Jazzhands 47:07 he yeah I mean and I was talking to Frontier Land about this and kind of rehashing midweek show but I want to point this out it's like ever since we've you know broken so much ground on all of these stories and we've talked about these things in detail with with the Trump op and everything that's been going on. I've and this is sort of where I got to this place on the midweek show with with not giving a fuck about being news cucked except for very specific examples like with Steve Bannon actually wish we'd had that on Wednesday but whatever it is that we're we're kind of like charting our own course here. We're not tied and beholden to the 24 hour media cycle and it's like, step one is getting off of social media and then step two is breaking the media cycle insanity. I mean, we still have to react to media stories and explain what what thing what, you know, events that are happening and occurring. We explain what happens but,you know, this, we're gonna get to the USPS thing here. But that has eaten up I thought that was only going to take a couple days. But that's eating up multiple cycles, this Q Anon stuff is eating up multiple cycles. But just one more example of this controlled demolition. So the Trump comes out in the middle of the midweek show and praises Q Anon supporters, I understand they like me very much the very patriotic and then he goes on to project all of this stuff on to Q Anon. And on that the reason why Q Anon is excited about Trump is because they're upset at what's going on in Portland in Chicago. And, and, you know, it's like Trump wants to keep the focus on that. The Trump administration thinks that the more of the violence that happens, and the more they don't do something about it or something that this is going to somehow own the Left, so he wants Q Anon to think about this, but the funny thing is, is Trump was explained by a reporter. He was explained what Q Anon actually is Is any you know that? Did you know that they are that they're about paedophiles and cannibals and all this stuff that you're secretly saving the world from a satanic cult of paedophiles and Trump’s like, Well, I haven't heard that. But is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing ? So, so but I'm the reason why I'm rehashing this is because the very next day after Trump praised Q Anon, which as we pointed out on the midweek show, Q Anon has become a problem. The TLDR is Q Anon has become a problem. They're focusing on paedophilia, they're focusing on things that aren't related to Trump. They're no longer plan trusting on Bill Barr, you know, getting to the bottom of the Deep State. They're focusing on things that are a little bit too close. They're pretty far off base, but they're a little bit closer to the actual truth and you're forcing the mainstream media to go out there and say, it's preposterous that there's this paedophile ring that's, you know, working in America. I mean, that's just crazy stuff. And it's like no, its actually pretty true. But Trump had to go out and praise Q Anon to bring Q Anon back home, just so people understand why Trump did this. It's to validate that the President is paying attention to them. And this puts a whole bunch of he knows cycles into the mix. And then they are focusing on Trump again, which is where they want Q Anon they don't want them focusing on paedo stuff, but the funny thing is, is virtually every other republican out there is saying that Q Anon bad and 24 hours after Trump praised Q Anon Pence has come out and said that Q Anon is a conspiracy theory and I dismiss them completely out of hand. So the the rest of the Republican Party other than Trump is basically going to do the shot on Q Anon and say, yeah, these people are fucking insane, deranged lunatics. There is no paedophile ring, you know, because I'm in the black book and I don't want anybody to know but that's how that's going. So…

James 51:02 yeah, and it also Pence being the guy to come out with the first repudiation after Trump made those comments also serves to to validate in people's minds that that Trump really is like a man alone in the White House and he it's like him, yes, him and Q, fighting against all odds, doing patriotism and locking up paedophiles.

Jazzhands 51:23 Fighting against Jared Kushner and Kushner's got Trump tied up in a back room somewhere. But yeah, it's just the whole thing is it's so obvious where this is going. He's destroyed conservatism the republican case against Trump's GOP. So it's all it's all coming to a theatre near you a faker and gayer conservatism, erected upon the ashes of Trumpism in the fact that it failed because Trump was a nativist, when that's not why it failed. So, but James, we really have to care about mail in ballots, right. Oh, dude. That's the Most important thing ?

James 52:01 Yeah, Dornald Drormph shutting down the post office with his USPS postal commandos to deprive people the right to vote. That's what this is all about, right? Yeah, this is story going going around and dude, a lot of people are falling for this, that this is some kind of like unprecedented action that Donald Trump alone is taking to to shut down the vote by

Jazzhands 52:23 well even even I was grug on it because you were like, Oh, we should talk about USPS and I was just like, why though, because I was just like, like what what is there to talk about this is just dumb Finkel Think stuff like what is what is actually going out there? That actually is you know, as always, you know, when you think yeah, it's just think think it's just dumb. It's just a distraction. there usually is something even more insidious about it. And what you told me kind of was like, oh, wow, Mind blown. I'll shut the fuck up. Now. Tell me about USPS shot.

James 52:54 Yeah, so um, and I have some some experience with this. I've been around the postal service quite a bit in the past so some of this stuff when I as soon as I saw it, I knew immediately like what was really going on here, especially with the Labour Relations stuff. But um, yeah, so there's this this story going around the Trump administration and the USPS under Trump are removing not only mailboxes, but mail sorting machines. These are the big, you know, hundred mail pieces per minute, or not per minute, but like, I don't know what the number is, but it's like 30 per second that these things can process. They're extremely quick. They read the address and shoot it out in the right direction to go to the right second post office or processing centre. And they're removing these, 671 of these things across the country, about 10% of the total are being removed, including 76 in California, and this has led people to say, you know, this is being done right now, in order to prevent the quick delivery of mail in ballots and people from delaying the post marking of ballots so people's votes aren't counted. But the truth is ..and also people have been reporting these boxes being removed the the drop off boxes being removed and there was a guy that wrote in and they read this on the this letter on the Friday TDS, a guy who works for the Postal Inspection Service who was saying that they have been removing the blue neighbourhood collection boxes for years. Because one they're not used as often as they used to. And two they get vandalised and he told the story about some black like a crackhead living in one of these blue boxes, which quite a feat right ? ( oh my god ) we don't need them anymore.

Jazzhands 54:33 I guess if you smoke enough crack, I guess you can fit through that, you know, blue drop door at the top. I mean, I remember I remember as a kid always like, you know, being taught to like put your mail in and then open it again to make sure that the mail goes all the way inside. So yeah, those things are classic.

James 54:49 Yeah, they're vintage. But they're getting replaced by the what they call NCBUs which are neighbourhood collection units, which are the the boxes that you'll see in the apartment. complexes but also in suburbs to the boxes that have all the little slots, one for each address. And so they just don't need those as many anymore. So all of that hype is is fake. But this hype about the mail machines being removed people saying this is being done to to cut down on mail in voting. The truth is they've been removing these mail sorting machines for 15 years. And this is happening because the volume of mail has fallen by about 50% since the year 2000, with everybody now using email and with direct mail marketing being less effective and things like that. And so in fact, they started removing these machines from mail processing facilities in 2006. They closed 186 mail sorting facilities, they've removed 1500 pieces of mail processing equipment, and decreased employment among career employees by 110,000 through attrition and other things. So this was going on back in 2011. That's when the postmaster said these things. So anybody who's who's telling you this is being done by Trump to shutter mail in in voting, that's not the case. This is part of a much longer plan by the post office to reduce cost because there's less demand.

Jazzhands 56:15 Well, I've been saying for a while that I mean, I'm pretty much all paperless. And at this point, going to the mailbox is essentially taking out the trash. Because what is in the mail is almost always trash. It's magazines that I've never asked for or wanted. It is big mailers of colourful advertising. It's trash. And if you don't go to the mailbox for a week, all my bills are coming via some other electronic means. And so once a week, you go to the mailbox and it's just stuffed full of trash. And so it's at a certain point, it's kind of just like, yeah, like this is I understand why this is necessary to have at some point, you know, we…maybe it's a good idea to keep having this system but it's kind of becoming quite archaic and you know at the very most you're going to get a letter or an official document or something like that but when was the last time other than like a thank you note or a card have you gotten a handwritten letter on like lined paper? I mean I remember doing that as a younger kid but um you know having pen pals and shit like that but like what does that tell me you got a written letter, written correspondence from somebody James.

James 57:34 Well, nobody does this anymore. I don't know my my perspective and usage of the mail is a bit different.

Jazzhands 57:40 I just forgot. We get written correspondence you send me pictures of correspondence that's kind of a funny thing. This organisation gets written correspondence but we do other in your normal outside you know sort of functions

James 57:53 and thank you to our to our buddy J. Its easier your first initial has written a couple letters and sent a couple of donations by the way, thank you for that. But I don't know I like the mail. I like getting paper statements. I like getting you to paper, things on hardcopy for some things. And so I guess people use it differently, but it is largely Yeah, like my my home address is almost all junk mail, because I have everything sent to a PO box. But the point being that for a lot of people, especially people in rural America, the mail is still a lifeline. And that is one of the unique things about the postal service. And that's a very important factor you need to consider when talking about Postal Service versus Amazon versus UPS is the Postal Service is bound by law to deliver to every address in the us no matter how remote, no matter the conditions, no matter if that person is a “Nazi” or not. They are required to deliver everywhere, they can't censor, you cannot be censored from using the post office. And that's what brings us to the real shot here about the post office and why this is being brought up now. And what you're going to see in the proposed solutions that will be tells to you to confirm that what we're saying about this is right, and that it's being done for insidious means. So the USPS is not a profitable entity, right? It loses money every year. And that's something that people I remember being conservative and being saying, Well, if they can't turn a profit, they need to be shut down or privatised. It's very tempting because people want like, have that instinct, but it's a service. It's a postal service. People don't make demands of any other agency to turn a profit. And when it's providing an essential service for people, I think we just have to accept that it's going to be a money loser and just be okay with that. But one of the reasons the Postal Service has such high costs is that they are the largest unionised employer in the United States. They have nine different unions. They have collective bargaining agreements with now and these unions Have a cover 55 to 60 excuse me 550,000 career employees, and that includes full time employees, part time employees. Just about everybody that works for the Postal Service is a union employee, which the same cannot be said about about Amazon definitely. Or even UPS or FedEx. A lot of those guys are non union. So, this is something that is kind of a holdover from a bygone era, but the Postal Service has has kept to it and their employees have stayed unionised, but they were privatised, nominally in 1970. Under Nixon, which is what allowed them to form these unions in the first place. So the this universal service requirement they have that mandates a delivered to every address. This is what gives them a natural advantage in a partnership with Amazon. Because Amazon as you know is is doing their own delivery. Most of Amazon's packages are delivered by their own drivers but they need a way to to get their packages to far flung rural areas, places out in the middle of nowhere, where it just isn't profitable to set up an Amazon command centre in like Northwestern Idaho, because there aren't that many people there. But the post office legally has to have a post office there, they have to deliver to all of these addresses. So that's that's what makes Amazon and USPS such natural partners. Now Amazon, and we've talked about the gig economy Jazz at length. Amazon is not doing the bit anymore where they hire, you know, a delivery driver as a nine to five job. They're trying to move away from that as much as they can. They have this new service. I don't know if you've heard about this called Amazon Flex, which offers you the ability to bring your own vehicle and deliver Amazon packages for 18 bucks an hour using your own car.

Jazzhands 1:01:49 This is like a this is like a flex on your ability to to form a family and have a prosperous life sounds like

James 1:01:57 it is . Yeah, no, it totally. It's Dude, this is the future they want is like you driving your heavily financed pickup and picking up line bikes for eight hours a day and then delivering for Amazon for eight hours a day. And then consuming product for another eight hours a day. Like that's what they want you doing. So Amazon is entirely non Union for their delivery or almost entirely non union and they don't have to pay their employees anything their employees get paid between 18 and 25 bucks an hour to deliver no benefits, no leave, no maternity leave nothing, you get nothing. So what you have then is on the rural side and in suburban side largely too Amazon packages being delivered by USPS. unionised, well compensated and it's it's a decent job right? You're not going to get rich delivering mail. But I've spoken to mail carriers that made you know $65-70,000 a year as a union gig two days off, right, not bad.

Jazzhands 1:02:56 so this end and in some in some cases your driving somebody else's vehicle. I mean, in some cases, you're, you're on foot. I mean, I, I remember, you know, there are mail carriers growing up that had that were pushing that little tricycle around with a little bag on the front, because it was kind of is a walkable post office beat. And so I mean, imagine, imagine if you didn't even have to do the truck, you just like walked around and deliver the mail. You're doing like 50,000 steps a day, and you know, you're a healthy guy and you're getting paid. So you're not sitting in a fucking desk, you're living a healthy life. And when you are ready to retire, you're going to have a really nice pension and be very well taken care of. That's not you know, that's not something and look you on that route you could be listening to a racist podcast. I mean, this is not something that they which I'm sure that you

James 1:03:48 cannot confirm or deny that ever being done.

Jazzhands 1:03:51 Yeah, but I mean, this is something that they cannot allow..the Jew cannot abide,

James 1:03:57 right? No, that's like antithetical to the future they want for the American worker, because and even if you are driving the mail truck if you're a rural carrier or even a city carrier that that has to do a lot of driving of the mail truck…not a bad job. You know, you never take your work home with you like, by definition, well, it's a federal crime to take your work home with you. In fact, you show up for work you do your route, a lot of these guys are able to get in at seven in the morning and be out by two o'clock and get paid for a full day's work. So it's a really good job and people who do it, they usually there's actually a fight at most post offices to get the career position to move from part time to full time because everybody wants that, that regular route.

Jazzhands 1:04:41 So everybody wants it and and they put up with a lot of abuse too. I mean, you know, say you're a guy who is a co host on a white nationalist podcast and you show up at 5:59 on a weekday with 90 lightswitch brain shirts and and you're just the you're that guy that just shows up at closing time and you're like, hey, I want to scan all this stuff. And I was like, you know, to this person I said, Don't feel bad about doing that guy, because, uh, you know, imagine the black who shows up with like a bag of shirts and says, Hey, yo, I need to mail this shit out. And you know, you at least show up with them all pre packaged, I saw the pictures. And ready, ready, set, go. And it's like, come on guy. Like, how long is it really going to take to scan 90 of these things or 100 of these things, you know, per per session. It's like, come on.

James 1:05:31 Yeah, exactly. No, it takes like three minutes to scan 80. It's like,

Jazzhands 1:05:35 boop beep out the door.

James 1:05:38 You could do up to 25 at a time and little scanner. It's it's not that bad. But you get overtime as a postal employee, you get federal holidays off, you get like you get a lot of benefits as as a postal service employee. funny to think about that because the benefits you get as a postal service employee are more or less what most people used to get at their job 67 years ago

Jazzhands 1:06:02 That's the biggest problem is that this was par for the course this was a regular like this is whether you're going to go work on an assembly line at Ford if you were going to go work at GE if you were going to go work at some department store or whatever, I think what's left now teachers unions and this and teachers don't even get close to this amount of the the most of these guys are making double what teachers make. Yeah, but um, yeah, that's the problem is as the the rest of the system changes and evolves into something very gay, very gig and very fake they can't leave these vestiges of the past laying around for people to be like, What the fuck is this? You know, because it becomes it becomes sticks out like a sore thumb. And so, what Trump is doing this Finkel Think back and forth with the Left is you It's just a continuation of a process that has been going on for decades to wind this down. This is controlled demolition, and they want to have a big fight over the election and you know, we got to do this, we got to do that. But, you know, if you're on the Democrat, if you're playing the democratic side of the Finkel Think, and you think like, this is gonna save the post office, we have to save the workers. It's not happening. It's not happening. These people are just playing their part in the whole game, but it's just you need people need to zoom out to the 40,000 foot view and see what is actually being done here with the post office. And it's, you know, that's the bottom line. That's the shot.

James And specifically what the shot is going to be coming out of this is their role with Democrats are going to say, and what they are already saying is that, you know, okay, we should do a bailout for the Postal Service and they should keep these mail machines in place. But, look, h-loook, we need to bring down costs the postal service, and we need to make it more efficient. And part of the problem this is what democrats are already saying Is Amazon and because the USPS is losing money by delivering Amazon packages, so they should stop doing that and they should, they should let Amazon fend for themselves. And this is what Trump is saying too. Trump is actually taking the democratic line on this, and like ratcheting it up to 11. Because what they want to do is break USPS from Amazon. Now, the the idea that USPS is losing money on Amazon packages, that's actually a misread on what's going on there because USPS, yes, they are losing money. But that's because of the fixed costs. That's because of the fixed cost of operating a rural Post Office of driving a route that takes somebody all day to do and has 16 customers on it. Right? These are fixed costs that you can't avoid. So actually by doing Amazon packages as well, like yes, there is money lost on each of those, but it's extra revenue against your fixed costs. It's not actually costing you anything to do the Amazon package. So it's kind of a mis read, it's a actually a drastic mistake. misrepresentation when people say they lose money. So why do they want to do that? What do they want to say? Well break up a break this relationship between USPS and Amazon. Because then Amazon will have the ability to hire all of these contracted gig employee, you know, Indians with vans, and send them out, pay them less, and there'll be less demand for postal employees. Thus, you can stop hiring them, you can reduce wages, you can well not reduce wages for current employees, but reduce future wages and give these unions less power ultimately bring in you know, scab non union employees. So that's what the end result of that would be if Trump and the Democrats and Republicans if any of these these changes are to come into effect, that's what they want to do is destroy these unions power take away this one last, one of the last ways people can earn a decent wage in America, working a working a nine to five job. So there's the shot

Jazzhands 1:09:58 and imagine having a dDebate though over who is going to hurt the Postal Service worker the least when we should really be talking about who is doing more to add to their benefits into make their lives better instead, it's a debate over who wants to fuck them the least. And you know, it's it's just it's the usual it's the usual stick that they do. There's something else I was going to say about the mail and I can't can't remember. Can't remember what it was. Oh, well, but yeah, so when you're seeing this, and I was actually surprised how many cycles they bought with this, and it's, you know, it's gonna be a big thing and Trump is doing….Trump is playing this game well enough, that if he loses, then he can blame this all on mail in voting and everything else. I mean, that's the ultimate. That's the I guess that's the cyclical shot of this election cycle. The long term shot is breaking the back of the Postal Service and breaking it down. But the short shot is the Trump get can play this game about like, Oh, I was cheated out of the election. And it's because, you know, this inadequate way of voting. And the thing that they're also that's also being folded into this too is that I mean, so people understand this, this is not going to be a traditional election. Maybe some of these states are going to have a decision on November 3, November 3. See, this is how like, a little I give her a little I give a fuck. Yeah, third. Yeah. Third, it's not the 10th It's the third. And so uh, yeah, so that's the thing is, you know, they're they're giving some examples of some of these primaries that have been held with mail and voting, where you don't find out for two months. And so I don't think we're going to know unless it's a total fucking slam dunk landslide. I don't know that we're going to know on November 3, and it's all because it's all going to go through the mail and then you know, you have all this stuff going on with Facebook having a kill switch talking about how we're going to shut off ads if the election isn't decided that night because what they don't want to have happen is just imagine the scenario is that you have all these votes in the mail and you don't have a definitive result is that you're then you're going to have this big protracted fight over who's joking who I mean, just get ready for the Finkel Think guys, get ready for the light switch brain ping pong shit that they're gonna play. We're all smarter than it by now like we all get it. We all see what's going on. But But yeah, I mean, imagine getting all twisted up about USPS and getting all twisted up about all this other stuff. I mean, even Bannon is some to some extent, a distraction. Meanwhile, US Senate's on August recess right now. Meanwhile, there's no stimulus bill. You know, they're bitching about the post office, but there's no stimulus checks in the mail that are gonna get fucked up here. And, you know, it's like, why don't we talk about Isabel Maxwell, which we're going to do here in the second half. Anything else with this James. Are we good? No, I think that's it. Yeah. All right. That about wraps it up. All right, we're gonna be talking about Isabel Maxwell. Ghislaine has a sister she has more than one actually. And we're gonna be right back here in fdn with a lot of very spoopy stuff.

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James 1:16:47 Welcome back. And we're going to talk today about some Ghislaine Maxwell stuff, some Israel stuff, and a perfect introduction for we're gonna talk about with Ghislaine and her sibling, actually is returning to our friends Cybereason. Cybereason, of course, the Israeli spy tech company founded by veterans of Israel's unit 8200. The cyber department of the IDF and he has described his service with Cybereason his founding of the company as a continuation of his service to Israel. Very interesting guy, very not just motivated about making money, right like other other CEOs, maybe. Now this guy is a lifelong service to Israel. And Cybereason has announced that they are going to try to expand their presence on US government, computers, US government systems. They already have a presence on US government systems through their partnership with Lockheed Martin, which acts as one of their chief sales venues. Right. Lockheed sells cybereason tech to the US government puts it on US sensitive computers and this Software is of course, backdoored by Israel. So, yeah, so they're going to try to kick in that door a little further try to expand a little further into the US market. If I hire this guy, Andrew Borene, who is going to manage their US public sector business, their goal is and this guy's a veteran of the intelligence agents, Advanced Research Projects. He is on the Council on Foreign Relations. So it comes well vetted for this kind of thing. And he's going to lead their effort to get their Israeli backdoored software on even more US government devices. Isn't that great?

Jazzhands 1:18:35 That's kind of funny. I wonder if he and Tulsi had been acquainted. CFR. Yeah, it's interesting, you know, who was the senior vice president of Lockheed Martin and General Counsel for quite a long time after serving as AG under George W. Bush and then, you know, came back to work for the FBI. Oh, James Comey. kind of funny how that works. Nice. Nice little nice little You know, comfy little group. But yeah, if you want more information on Cybereason we've talked about them in in depth James did the research for all of these deep dives, but I would refer to you Well, on Dissident hyphen Mag. There is the complete compilation called the Israeli panopticon. But what that is a combination of FTM, 281, FTM 284 and FTM 294 parts one, two, and three, it's all there, right? in one place. It's about three hours and 45 minutes. Very good. But it's always this is a story. This is not something where it's like, Alright, we're going to do a deep dive about Thomas Jefferson. And then you know, things don't change from week to week on Thomas Jefferson. Things are changing all the time with this stuff. So we laid the groundwork, this is a well, what we want to call this ? A perennial sort of podcast, not quite evergreen, but it it you get the history up to a certain point and then you sort of have to keep up with what's happening once you understand how things are going. But did you want to say anything about Cybereason? You want me to segue you into Isabel ? (No. Let's talk about Isabel.) Yeah. So this is this is some pretty spicy stuff. And I'll just tee this up by saying, when you have Jeffrey Epstein and you have Les Wexner, and you have people understand the concept of a political blackmail scheme to get leverage for Israel, I think people understand when they hear a politician go out on the campaign trail and start talking about Israel, in the middle of Alabama, and nobody in that fucking town gives a fuck, unless it's, you know, maybe some evangelical, nobody's asking for them to start talking about Israel, but somebody is pushing them to and we all understand how this works. It's like, how can these people not represent the interests of their constituents and so on and so forth? And, you know, grug brains are like, Oh, it's all the money in politics and its sort of, it's a little bit more detailed than that. guy, but people see how this has been pulled off. But what I think most people don't understand, especially in the context of Israel’s high tech sector, which is basically a distinction without a difference from its intelligence apparatus, is how all this started. And then how the tech companies in Silicon Valley are very much tied in to all of this and how they have been brought under control by the very same people that brought the political sector under control. And so this is…a lot of credit goes to Whitney Webb, who wrote this article entitled Isabel Maxwell Israel's Backdoor into Silicon Valley. Pretty detailed series. It's a it's a longer series on this whole, this whole sector of the blackmailing operation. But it doesn't involve Ghislaine Maxwell, at least not directly and it doesn't involve Jeffrey Epstein. At least not directly. They're involved kind of on the periphery of this. But it does involve Isabel Maxwell, who is Ghislaine’s sister. She also has another sister named Christine Maxwell. And I think maybe there are some others. I'm not sure you don't really These aren't people that are talked about much all you hear is about Ghislaine, Ghislaine, Ghislaine and Jeffrey hung himself in Ba ba ba ba ba, well, you really have to dig into finding out who these people are. And so we're going to give you a little bit of history here, but so people can understand how completely you know how that meme of me in the spacesuit pointing at the planet Earth and it's like, it's like, it's gay. And it always it's fake, gay and Jewish. It always has been. It's like pretty much and so if you look at this 1992 was when the Israeli government created this Yozma Programme. And so, you know, people are wondering like, well, what is the genesis of Israel becoming this big tech sector where all these tech companies are now investing in Government is very much about well back in 92. Back when you know this is starting to take off, you know, right around the birth of the internet birth birth of the public Internet. You have this Yozma programme at the urging of this chief scientist of Israel's Ministry of Industry and Trade, Yigal Ehrlich. Now Yozma wanted to create this venture investment incentives to allow these companies to start up these Israeli high tech startups. And it's like, yeah, we, you know, we made the desert bloom goy and now we're gonna, you know, have these companies over here that you're gonna want to invest in very popular companies just like Silicon Valley. Well, it's not like Silicon Valley in the sense that these companies are profitable, because they're not. It's somewhat like Silicon Valley in the sense that there is hand in glove cooperation with the US federal government, and intelligence services, and that's why they're not very happy about the encrypted messaging. And Bill Barr is trying to break down those barriers. But when Israel stood all this stuff up, they're doing it to create their not their own tech sector to be a competition with Google and Facebook. It's no to infiltrate them. Right and hand in glove be part of Israel's intelligence apparatus. And that's been the shot from the very beginning before you even know what the internet was. That was the shot.

James 1:24:27 Yeah, and you can see that just based on the kinds of companies that come out of these Israeli tech incubators, right, you look at Silicon Valley, and what do you get, you get, you know, gig economy apps and ride sharing and, you know, new like services and things for consumers to consume. But then you look at what's being innovated in Israel, and it's like spy tech and surveillance stuff and deep fakes and election hacking simulations and spyware for Internet of Things devices. So it's a very, very different nature very different flavour to their what is Jordan Valley than that our Silicon Valley.

Jazzhands 1:25:02 Yeah. And they do the I mean, you know, you have Google and all these startups in America that create these products that make people's lives easier. Well, Israel just sort of gloms onto that and takes takes those programmes for a ride through your pocket through your living room through wherever they are, Israel is there listening to things that you're saying. And that's not hyperbole. That's very much reality. And let me let me, let me point that out. We're going to make that very clear today. So you have this permanent fusion between Israel's tech sector intelligence apparatus. Numerous Israeli high tech conglomerates were created with the funding from this Yozma Programme, and its successors doubled as tools of Israeli espionage. This is especially interesting because what have we heard about all these sanctions that need to be put into place against China James ? The Chinese government had the audacity to tell Huawei that we need to have you as an act of patriotism tell us anything interesting that you see coming across your networks and the whole world has a fucking meltdown. But Israel has been doing this since the 90s. In perfect cooperation with American government and American industries. So yeah, I mean, it's funny how they do this. But we got projection from Steve Bannon too, didn't we, James? Here I am in St. Tropez, and the million dollar yacht and I totally taking all this money. And you have the outrage over China directing Huawei to you know, it wasn't just Huawei and China, China, rightly so just like every other country on the fucking planet, said, Yeah, you're gonna work in our country. Well, you're gonna be patriotic and give us any Intel about things that you pick up that might be a threat to us. It's pretty normal stuff. What Israel's been doing for a long time. But it's kind of funny how these people get their rage up over this and want to go attack China when that’s exactly what they had been doing for quite some time, you know, there's there's no, there's no public law, you know, HR gobbledygook, hr 6 million that says, you know, Israel shall have access to all of America's data services, but that's exactly what they do.

James 1:27:18 Yeah, that's in effect that's what happens. And this is the same thing with Tik Tok right. We're supposed to be incensed that Tick Tock is collecting data. And that data might be interdicted by the Chinese government. Meanwhile, like don't look at it literally every other tech service you're using every other social media service every other smart product you're using being backdoored by Israel don't look at that pinata about Tik Tok gathering your metadata or usage information or something.

Jazzhands 1:27:48 Yeah, please direct your outrage at conspiracies to everything else other than Israel. So and burn down a 5G mast too right ? Please, please get excited for all of that. So this guy Ehrlich, the guy, the chief scientist of Israel's Ministry of Industry and Trade. This was his vision for creating this fusion between Israeli espionage and the Yozma Programme. And so, not long before Ehrlich convinced Israel to place $100 million into this programme Israeli intelligence thanks to this guy named Rafi Eitan however you want to pronounce it had learned the benefits of placing backdoors for their intelligence services into commercial software through threats and subversion of the PROMIS software. Well guess who was the guy who marketed PROMIS software to everybody? Well, that was Robert Maxwell. So this is where you get the deeply rooted component of this from the very beginning now, we're setting the stage for all this so people can understand how the pieces fit together. But after the yazma programme was established, the very first venture capital fund it created was called Gemini Israel Ventures. And then you had the Israel US Bi-National Industrial Research Development Foundation, which somehow makes the acronym BIRD. Not quite sure. It's more like IUBIRDF, but whatever, where Ehrlich was the chairman and the executive committee guy. So BIRD was responsible for investments of 100 million dollars or more in 300 joint projects between US and Israeli high tech companies. So you have Yozma is created as this fusion between these so called tech firms in Israel and Israeli intelligence. And then you have venture capital funds going out and making investments and standing up these joint projects between American companies and Israeli high tech companies. And of course, you know, think about how anti BDS legislation plays into this too. Because as they're spooling this stuff up, they're creating laws that say that you can't be against these partnerships, and if you are, it's actually a felony. So you can't say I don't want, I don't know some Jasper networks in my business because I know that they are actually sharing info with the IDF. Like if you're that woke, and you're just like, I don't want to do service with this company, and you make a big deal out of it. Well, that's illegal. And I think most states now right, James, you cannot say you cannot boycott because they have a partnership with these high tech companies in Israel. So yeah, I think

James 1:30:33 you don't even have to say it and put it in those specific terms, either if you just like if they detect a pattern of you like, oh, like I don't really want to do business with ARM technologies. Yeah, I don't really want to do anything with it, you know, DOCSIS or these other companies. It's like what's going on there? You know, there's, there's a list of eight Israeli contractors here and you haven't done business with any of them. What's the problem ?

Jazzhands 1:30:55 And pretty soon it's like the entire list is Israeli contractors. Seems like you can't say no to any of them. So, BIRD, this company that Erlich, you know, it's funny how you have guy who starts Yozma then becomes head of BIRD and BIRD is responsible for investments. It's basically the investment vehicle for creating these partnerships. BIRD had been under scrutiny a couple of years before for being involved in the Jonathan Pollard affair. So for those of you out in Rio rhinelander, a very quick TLDR on Jonathan Pollard. He was this Naval Intelligence analyst who turned Israeli spy it's like turned implying and he passed troves of documents regarding US military technology as well as us and Intel operations to Israeli intelligence. So here's just a pioneer James pioneer patriot in setting up these links between the two governments where that's pretty commonplace now but, you know, 30 years ago, this was Shock and Awe, and they were providing all these details to this now defunct spy agency called LEKEM. Pollard’s handler was none other than this guy named Rafi Eitan, who had engineered Israel's outsized role in the PROMIS software scandal. There are also some tie ins with Robert Maxwell with PROMIS as well, as we mentioned. And yeah, there's some other stuff with LEKEM too. I can't remember what it is right now, but we'll get to it. But anyway, enter Coooomtouch. So its actually called Commtouch. But when you start thinking about how Commtouch became a thing and all the people involved in making Commtouch , you know, the integral part of everything that you do, and how the leverage was, you know, gained in this way Coomtouch is much more appropriately. And maybe, you know, maybe that's what they were thinking, I don't know. But the head of BIRD is this Jew named Ed Mlavsky who has chosen to head the very first venture investment Gemini Israel Ventures.

James 1:32:57 Yeah. Tips kippah Yeah. Exactly, yeah.

Jazzhands 1:33:01 So he's put in charge of Gemini Israel Ventures, which was the first company that they invested in. And then they invested in Commtouch, which is now known as Cyren. And the majority of that is owned by Warburg Pincus, which everybody should know who Warburg Pincus is. But guess who runs Warburg Pincus today? Well, that would be Secretary of the Treasury under Obama, Timothy Geithner, who is not Jewish. Interestingly enough, it sounds Jewish. You would think he's Jewish, but he's not. But he might as well be. He's just, you know, doing doing the bit for them. And it's obviously somebody that Jews trust a whole hell of a lot to run Warburg Pincus. But you know, just in case you think like Obama good, Trump bad and you know, you're falling back in love with the left side of things. It's like, no, it's all it's all part of the same club. But anyway, this is from Whitney Webb. This should make things very clear. Founded in 1981, by name guy by an Israeli named Gideon Mantel, a former officer in a special bomb squad unit for the IDF alongside Amir Lev and Nahum Sharfman. Commtouch was initially focused on selling, maintaining and servicing standalone email client software products for mainframe and personal computers. They specifically courted original equipment manufacturers OEMs for those of you out in Rio rhinelander, meaning companies whose products are used as components in the products of another company that are then sold to end users. Integration of its products into those major software and hardware developers would allow Commtouch’s products to be widely used but unseen. A Wire article discussing Commtouch noted as much stating that Commtouch products are quote, to be as seamless and unnoticeable as the copper is to a phone caller. And of course, Commtouch has never turned a profit and has never expanded beyond 25 employees. And thanks to Gemini Israeli Ventures and grants from Israel government which were used to finance the research and development of its products, Commtouch has managed to stay afloat. To this day. It's now called siren as I said, but as of 2006, Commtouch noted in official documents that the company quote has a history of losses and may never achieve profitability, further noting that haemorrhaging millions of dollars a year in net losses, so yeah, James, I mean, what could they be doing? I mean, and furthermore, this is we're talking about the late 90s here where if you had a single solitary toe in the water of a tech company, you were fucking rich, you were making hand over fist you were doing so well. And Commtouch as we're going to find out here shortly, is integrated into almost everything that everybody is using. I mean, you would think that even the janitors working at Commtouch are becoming multi multi millionaires overnight because they were given stock. Nope, this company's losing millions even in the late 90s before the tech bubble.

James 1:36:05 Yeah, well, I don't know Jazz my framework and understanding of business in that its only there to make money. This does not compute, right? Why would they keep this project going if they keep losing money unless they're unless there's some some larger goal being served and some larger agenda at play?

Jazzhands 1:36:24 Well, as we found out and I forget the name of this company now, maybe you remember, but that that company that was stood up after world war two in Switzerland that was sort of framed as this private operation, Something-dyn. I can't remember what it is. But they we found out I think, six months ago that all along since the 1950s, it had been a front group for the CIA, and their whole purpose was basically collecting intel on everybody on the planet. And it wasn't making any money. But what we learned from that deep dive is that when you get partnership with Israel. Israel is kind of like their, their their shot when they stand up these companies is to direct all of that money back into the state in defence and shoring up every I mean that, you know, nobody's getting rich over there like, you know, you people who are getting rich. It's like why wouldn't you give money to forward the state's agenda? And you know, they're not wrong. I mean, if you have a collective ethnic tribe, I mean, you know, it's kind of that's kind of a good mentality to have, but that's why these companies lose money. I mean, they, they certainly don't want to spend any more than they absolutely have to, and you know, can just sort of go on forever. But yeah, I don't remember the name of that company. Do you have to look that up? I hate not remembering something that we did as a deep dive. But yeah, it was recent and I know it was in Switzerland.

James 1:37:52 Oh, yeah. That was the Yeah, the decryption stuff. That was a CIA front. Yeah. I have no idea. I remember it was Swiss and I remember something about them like inventing analogue encoders. Like very early on like physical ones, which then became the digital business, but I don't know.

Jazzhands 1:38:09 Oh well, if you type in literally Swiss encryption, Google autocompletes CIA front group. So yeah, this is in the Washington Post. This is entitled Yeah, go check this out. I mean, our deep dives good. But this is called for decades, the CIA read the encrypted communications of allies and adversaries, the intelligence of the Crypto AG. It was a code breaking company that was created during World War Two. And it, you were supposed to think that this was some sort of like West German Intel, whatever, or no, you were made to think that this was like some cool slick, crypto graphic company and it was really just, it was a front group for the CIA. They were basically selling people machines to decrypt and encrypt messaging between official messaging between consulates and in governments. And each and every encryption machine that they sold, basically had a backdoor that they could get into. And so every country in the world that bought one was being listened to by these people. So they're easy to get leverage.

James 1:39:20

So, and there was that great because they were concerned about these things being reverse engineered, and there was a great story about them going to sending a salesman to Africa, to go check up on the old machines. And they found that like, still on a pallet, they hadn't even been unwrapped.

Jazzhands 1:39:34 Yeah, they hadn't even used them. I mean, they were sending them for free to these countries. It's like, please use our product we'd like you to try it and the Africans are like, I don't know how to do that. But um, so here comes Isabel Maxwell. And so this is where things get very interesting. So, Commtouch in the 90s needed a deeper connection with people in Silicon Valley right? They needed somebody to interface with how do we grow? How do we get involved with Google and Facebook and get in deeper with a lot of these companies. And so you have Gideon Mantel says, we knew exactly what we were looking for, someone who knows her way around the valley they found their woman in the daughter of Israeli super spy and PROMIS salesman par excellence Isabel Maxwell. Gideon Mantel went to Isabel Maxwell as soon as he learned, sorry, as soon as he arrived in Silicon Valley and realised that in order to progress an email solutions company like Commtouch needed help from someone who knew the rules of the game. And so Isabel, of course, is someone whose heart lies with Israel. These quotes from media at the time, are pretty incredible because she was offered a lot of jobs at much bigger companies for far more money. She told Haaretz her reasons for accepting the Commtouch presidency was from the heart because it was, quote, a chance to continue her father's involvement in Israel. She also described her reasons for joining comtec to Jewish weekly as, quote, an affair of the heart, adding, it had to do with my father and my history. In New York Times quoted her as saying she had considered other California based internet startups in 1997. But felt a pull toward Commtouch and the Israeli connection, Guardian 2002 I'm sure my father would be thrilled to know what I'm doing right now throwing back her head and laughing loudly. Just….yes.

James 1:41:35 Cackling and stroking his beak. Yeah

Jazzhands 1:41:39 yeah, stroking the beak. Yeah. Isabel told Haaretz around the same time that when I was with him, you know, her father, I felt power, like being at the White House. Beyond that it was collective power, not my personal power. I was part of this unit, apparently referring to her other siblings, Ghislaine and Christina among them, and suggesting that they were collectively extensions of her father's power. Very interesting,

James 1:42:03 which in and of itself is actually an extension just of Jewish power and supremacy. Right ?

Jazzhands 1:42:08 Yeah. Yeah. It is well and very deeply connected to Mossad. So is Isabel has close relationships with former Mossad officials and Israeli heads of state. Those relationships of course, were all courtesy of her father. There was a report in the Jerusalem Post in 2003, entitled Isabel Maxwell Fights Back that has been scrubbed from the face of the internet. But it noted that Maxwell travels in the same circles as her father, but is more comfortable behind the camera not in front of it. She is carrying on her father's legacy in Israel all be it in her own way. Well, they learned the hard way after you know, Robert Maxwell hit the good old Mediterranean dunk tank, that she can't be this big, chutzpah filled Jew and that's why you know, most people probably did not know that Ghislaine Maxwell even had a sister. The media is complicit in not talking much about her at all. In fact, they're going back and scrubbing all of these old reports about her because they assume you know, if you're reading the Jerusalem Post, I mean, you're a Jew, or you're an anti Semite, pretty much right or you're a Zio shill. So, but it's not, you know, it's not mid Wits that are reading this stuff. And so they're trying to tamp down on this as much as possible. And who have we heard about this before James, people who are not comfortable in front of the camera people who would rather not be mentioned people who don't want any credit? Arthur Finkelstein, he said that himself many times I don't want to be out in front of anything. Why? Because you do. Why wouldn't you want the credit? Oh, because you're doing something shitty. You're poisoning the proverbial political well, you're poisoning the tech well, and you're gonna destroy communities and you know that eventually, these people like Isabel Maxwell and Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein, the long run, is to do things on behalf of Israel. But they also know in the long run that the things that they're doing are eventually they hope they don't get found out. But if they do, it's going to be deeply unpopular. And they depend on this whole system to sort of sweep things under the rug for them.

James 1:44:18 Yeah, and even and it's kind of funny because even socially awkward, people in tech who maybe are not really comfortable in front of crowds having their name out there. It's like they don't avoid it to this degree, like this is not just being uncomfortable with being publicised and becoming a minor industry, Celebrity, this is a very real and a very, very strong desire to not have your name out there to not be not be made public because of the other, you know, because it allows people to start drawing lines to make start making connections that you and those in your milieu do not want to be made.

Jazzhands 1:44:59 Well, we're making connections connecting dots and connecting dots is one of the most anti semitic revolutionary acts that you can do ignoring the dots and scrubbing away the connections is your your part and parcel to that regime. Isabel does not object to her father's involvement in PROMIS and Iran Contra. Why would she in fact, Isabelle identifies as an Israeli, she calls herself as an Israeli at least she's telling you the truth. Larry Fink. He's an Israeli too, but he tells you that he's an American, depending on what circle he's in, tells you that he's an American, just takes issue with him being called a spy. She doesn't like her father being called a spy. She demands patriot instead, because she thinks the long run view is I mean, she was looking at America as something that they own that they own and they control. And so how can it be spying? If it's your own sovereign, you know, colony, right. I mean, it's not spying. And so she gets very angry when they say this. But I suspect that over time, you're going to See these these sort of descriptors so people like Robert Maxwell sort of changed because these people were part of a part of the op all along. You know the they had to call them spies, spies for optics reasons when America was still white, that's how that's going to be sort of interpreted. But Isabelle worked for Israeli intelligence for a long time. She in fact worked for the company that her father used to sell the bugged PROMIS software in the US prior to becoming president of Commtouch, so of course, Gideon Mantel is going to find her you know, the idea that Gideon Mantel just stumbled into Isabel Maxwell's resume in like a classified ad section, like, come on guy. They knew who exactly she was. They knew she's the perfect person to put in charge of this. She's got very close ties to prominent Israeli politicians and intelligence officials. She's worked along ex Mossad directors. She's got friends who are Israelis chief intelligence officers and heads of state among her quote unquote family, friends and business partners. And not only that there was a story out this week that could have also served as sort of a skid greasing episode to get into the prep by the Daily Beast entitled Hillary Clinton gave State Department job to Epstein, madam Ghislain Maxwell's nephew. Well, it wasn't because of Ghislaine it was because of Isabel that this happened because this involvement in all of these intelligence operations continued during a period when her son this see Isn't it funny how a Daily Beast words the article, it's Ghislaine’s nephew, instead of Isabel Maxwell's son, right? They have to say, like tie it into Ghislaine and say it's her nephew. It's like well, who fucking had the kid? Right? Let's talk about Isabel right ? So her son was given the prominent position at the middle east affairs desk at the State Department under Hillary Clinton, who as many are now aware has close and controversial ties to Isabel’s siser Ghislaine. So yeah, no, that's, you know, this is where Q Anon gets some of this stuff right with going after the Clintons but it becomes Finkel Think when you're only talking about the Clintons and defending Trump, but these people are all tied in very tightly together.

James 1:48:16 Yeah, I don't know if you would really want you know, people are supposed to be more objective in those positions. I mean, if you really want somebody of the the Jewish supremacist Maxwell family making key decisions on Middle East policy ? But if you're the Clintons or the Trump's or or anybody who's going to become president, maybe that's just what you want. Maybe that's exactly what you need ?

Jazzhands 1:48:37 Yeah, and I mean, like this, this is like thinking outside of the box on this stuff, too, because we're so used to thinking that, you know, these these people are doing, what their people want or even what they want personally, but let's be honest, Hillary Clinton is given a resume for the son of Isabel Maxwell, and that person gets the job. Nobody gives a fuck what Hillary Clinton wants or what anybody else wants. It's not like, you know, it's the same reason, you know, all these people are involved. This is all kind of like you will hire this person, period, end of story. And that actually brings us to another interesting subject because, you know, just like the sort of superficial view of the US Postal Service stuff is like, yeah, that's just dumb Finkel Think. And it's not really anything important. Well, Bill Gates gets brought up a lot. And I know because I've taken I've had this take is that well, Bill Gates is is ostensibly white. His ethnic background, I've heard people say, you know, there's some possibility that he could be “Jaarsh”, but we don't know that for sure. But what we do know is that, you know, I initially thought it's like, yeah, Bill Gates is another kind of Tom Hanks or Justin Bieber, or Ellen de Generes sort of foil for them to point to, but no, actually, there's there's some quite a bit there and we'll explain what that is. So He actually put Commtouch on the map. Commtouch was not really you know, it was had been integrated with a number of companies. But well, let's just explain how this works. So as soon as Isabel Maxwell becomes president of Commtouch reports were that her promotion of the company in Silicon Valley was almost messianic. And of course, because she's not just promoting a company, she is promoting a nation, a Jewish nation. And so very quickly that company announced partnerships with Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph and many others. Of all the alliances and partnerships Isabel negotiated Microsoft co founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen put Commtouch on the map. Maxwell had previously negotiated a major deal with Bill Gates resulting in Microsoft announcing that Maxwell owned Magellan Do you remember Magellan dams Magellan GPS company? No. It was a It was a browser for a while. It was a browser that had what they were trying to integrate within MSN. It's very old. I remember it had like a Spanish galleon as like the icon, I believe, if I recall correctly, which is also how appropriate Commtouch kept pushing back its IPO because it didn't have enough money. They were afraid it was going to flop and so all of a sudden, out of fucking nowhere, you get this huge investment from Paul Allen in 1999. From Allen's Vulcan Ventures, Inc. and goto net, and the stock price took off prior to them going public, and that resulted in a very successful IPO for Commtouch, where just the year before they had netted over $4 million in losses. And after Allen's timely investment. They had a valuation of $230 million when it went public. Wow. interesting how that works. But here's where It gets very spoopy. Paul Allen was among the members of an exclusive online community of elite setup in 2004 called Small World, whose membership also included Jeffrey Epstein and Epstein linked figures like Lynn Forester de Rothschild, as we pointed out before, and Naomi Campbell as well as Petrina Khashoggi, the daughter of Adnan Khashoggi, the guy who got slaughtered in Saudi Arabia. A former client of Epstein's as well, Small World's largest shareholder was none other than Chuck Weinstein, the now disgraced media mogul who was a business partner of Epstein and was and has since been accused by a number of whamen of sexual abuse and I'll add on to that and who is being vociferously defended by the Alt Lite? So it's like wow, just crazy right. But uh, it Lynn Forester de Rothschild, right. This is the one riding around in cars with Ivana Trump and Jeffrey Epps er no Ghislaine Maxwell trying to find the girls who had the best grades coming out of private school. Right, James?

James 1:53:06 Right. Well, and this is this is where the, again, the conspiracy stuff, there is a hint of truth but it's redirected in in the wrong direction. Right and with the Rothschilds like there is obviously a lot here to look into them. But you know, sometimes that energy gets directed towards, you know, a belief that like they literally own every bank in the world, which is kind of a, it takes that energy just turns it into something that's more, you know, foolish falsifiable and it serves to poison the well on this stuff, when in reality, there is a lot and that's not to say the Rothschilds don't hold, you know, financial control. They do over a lot of things. But this is is some tangible connection of theirs to this Epstein stuff, which is really enraging, which gets kind of gets lost in that when that well was poisoned.

Jazzhands 1:53:56 Well, there's also the concept of and this has been something that's been been around for a long time is and this is something that gets sort of sucked up into the Q Anon rhetoric and it becomes the danger when they start talking about the Rothschilds and George Soros and really any Jew this is the problem this is something so you know, this is where you have to be a little bit nuanced. And when you say or when we say and we had been new instead, you know Q Anon is getting too close to the target. Well, Jews still have a bunch of backstops in place, even if they're talking about paedophilia, even if they're talking about Bill Gates, even if they're talking about Soros or Rothschilds or anything else. And it's been something that's been around for thousands of years and that is the concept of the good Jew and the bad Jew. And it's got a very long history and it's something that people have to watch out for. But it is it is sort of a nuance that Q Anon and even some conservatives who think that they're woke on this stuff and who I might be mistaken as woke by us. Yes, there are a lot closer. They they have crossed the Rubicon of never criticising any Jews and they have rationalised that with something that Jews have injected into the rhetoric which is good Jew versus bad Jew. And Soros is a bad Jew, in fact, and sometimes he's even a Nazi depending on the day. He says he's such a bad Jew, he's a Nazi. I guess that's how the conservative rhetoric goes. But that's how they they deal with this and so that people even if people do notice a pattern, and you say, it's like, wow, Maxwell, Rothschild, Mlavsky, Gideon Mantel, IDF, it's like, Well, those are bad Jews, they're a good Jews. We have to we have to focus on helping those and it's like, No, no, that's not how this works. And so there aren't I mean, as we found out very quickly, it's like Stephen Miller, a good Jew, then guy. No, literally not. It's all an op. But this is where things get interesting. So three months after this IPO prop up by Paul Allen. Microsoft announces it will use Commtouch custom mail as the backbone for its email including hotmail and MSN Messenger. So back in the aughts if you were using hotmail and MSN Messenger Yeah, like Isabel Maxwell was all up in your shit and you know this is not just It doesn't just stop there go a wait there's more, quote getting mental we're looking forward to further enhancing our relationship with Microsoft by integrating other state of the art Microsoft products, getting a mental of Commtouch said upon the deals public announcement, and then Bill Gates makes a personal investment in Commtouch it it you know, it appears that he made this personal investment in October 2000. Isabel jokes about persuading Bill Gates to make such a personal investment. She says in a faux Southern belle accent, Isabel purrs. He's got to spend 375 million a year to keep his tax free status why not allow me to help him and then she explodes and laughter and beak stroking

James 1:57:06 and boom explodes with laughter.

Jazzhands 1:57:09 Yes, boom kaboom. Given that individuals as wealthy as Gates cannot have tax free status and that this article was published soon after the creation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Woo spoopy. Isabel's statement suggests that it was the Gates Foundation Trust, which manages the foundation's endowment assets that made the sizable investment in Commtouch. From Whitney Webb. It is worth highlighting the odd way in which Isabel describes her dealings with gates speaking of her interactions with him in a way not found in any of Isabel's numerous other interviews on a wide variety of topics i.e. purring and speaking in a fake Southern accent. This odd behaviour may have some room maybe let's see this odd behaviour may have some be related. I found a typo. Yeah, this odd behaviour may have been related to Isabel's previous interactions with Gates and or the mysterious relationship with Gates and Epstein alluded to in a 2001 Evening Standard article, and the eyewitness testimony regarding Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's comments about Bill Gates as far back as 1995. So the idea that Commtouch just came out of nowhere and like Bill Gates was like Bill Gates and Paul Allen are like, wow, it's a great investment. Let's jump right in headfirst. It's like, no, they there's a reason why Commtouch was being promoted, didn't come, do you think? Do you think you know, as a CEO of a major company, a major, very successful company? Do you think it's in your interest to start investing in companies that are losing money every year and then integrate them into every fucking possible corner of your platform? Who does that? Except if you know, you sort of have no other choice, right, James? I mean, it's got it seems like what's happening here because by 2000 Ready for this guy's Commtouch was hosting Microsoft Exchange. So if you've ever sat in front of your email, and just keep hitting, send receive waiting for things to come in. Yeah, you were just tapping that Commtouch, like over and over and over again, it's just mind blowing to it, how totally integrated. This was in everything that they were doing. And even then, even then Jews were sucking money out of this company. In 1998, they lost $4.4 million, similar losses as well into the 2000s and net losses totaling $24 million in the year 2000. Now, to be fair, that was, I believe, right in the middle of the tech bubble. So it's possible that that those losses were exacerbated but you know, you can write all these losses off James I mean, what we tech bubble, it's like who caused the tech bubble What's going on here? So yeah, it's kind of fun. Well,

James 1:59:54 but but they'd never turned a profit even when times were really good in the industry. And that's I think the important thing is they were losing money even when everybody else was making money hand over fist. So if you're making a purely financial decision, and your Gates and Ballmer, or whoever it was at the time, gates at the time, I guess, deciding to invest in this, that doesn't, that doesn't release. I don't know. It's not going to be a financial winner. So like, what else? Are you getting out of this? Or what is compelling you to make this decision?

Jazzhands 2:00:28 Yeah, it's amazing. And even though Isabella leaves the company, sorry, Isabel, I don't think she goes by Isabel. Isabel leaves the company. She remained President Emeritus, as far as I know, she still is of Cyren, whatever Commtouch became, by 2006, the company was over 100 and $70 million in debt. It's like, Well, you know, that's because the OP is pretty much complete at this point. So yeah, this is Mission accomplished here nnnnguy. Maxwell remained honorary president of comb, touch and then added Yair Shamir the son of former Israeli prime minister and friend of Robert Maxwell, Yitzhak Shamir to its board. Yair Shamir chairman of the Israeli government owned Corporation IAI, Israeli Aerospace Industries. When he joined Commtouch’s board had previously managed ski Tex which was owned by Robert Maxwell. After nearly collapsing due to its long standing debt burden A few years later, Commtouch was rebranded as Cyren and today runs in the background of Microsoft, Google, Intel, McAfee and Dell products, among many others. During this period 2001 to 2006 Isabel would also head an Israeli tech company that protects children online at a time when her sister, Ghislaine Maxwell was actively pushing in trafficking children, abusing and trafficking children as part of an intelligence linked operation including alongside Jeffrey Epstein. So not only that, not only do you have Isabel Maxwell heading up an Israeli tech company that protects children online. Don't you remember James, we talked about Ghisliane Maxwell being on the board of some Save the Children charity, this is what they do all the time right ?

James 2:02:09 there, as well as Les Wexner companies being some of the leading sponsors of the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children as well.

Jazzhands 2:02:17 Of course, it's like, nobody will ever suspect that we're deeply involved in this stuff. And, you know, we'll just stand up Q Anon and make them go off in these crazy directions about pedo stuff. It's like, yeah, it's like, you know, when you're being accused of something and you're in power. I mean, the automatic reaction from Jews is just basically to start speaking out against people who do that sort of thing. I can't believe you know, it's like, it's, it almost be funny if Bannon started doing this, like, it started. It would be like if Bannon was on the board of a, I don't know, maybe being on one board for like handicapped veterans and then another board for you know, embezzlement victims and being like the president of the embezzlement victims fund speaking out against these things. It's like right

James 2:03:05 if the War Room podcast was dedicated to that piece of anti quote unquote anti money laundering legislation that they're they're trying to do to unmask small LLC control. Yeah,

Jazzhands 2:03:16 yeah, Bannon’s doing deep dives into anti money laundering, but he kind of did that with the joke on that on that clip. I mean, he basically is like trying to, you know, self deprecate, but kind of backfired a little bit but more on Mossad. This is just wrapping up this this bit on Isabel and this is you know, one of these things, rather than telling you everything all at once or just giving you something to chew on and then we'll come back and talk about this again, I'm sure. She also joined the board of the Israeli company BackWweb alongside Gil Schwed, a famous alumnus of Unit 8200. This is Israel's NSA equivalent you were talking about before, and co founder of Israeli tech giant Checkpoint which is a long partner of Commtouch. This is from Whitney Webb to close this out. Isabel was also in close contact with Mossad Deputy Director David Kimche until his death in 2010. and former head of Israeli military, military intelligence and Prime Minister Ehud Barack, notably Ehud Barack in addition to being a major player in the US- Israel high tech scene was also associated with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell as we well know, having recruited Epstein for Israeli military intelligence and overseeing the LEKEM agency that I mentioned before, at the time of the PROMIS scandal, including Robert Maxwell's role and the Pollard affair, as well as Israel's involvement in Iran Contra. Now if you'll recall, when we talked about Iran Contra, we talked about it a couple times. Remember, Iran Contra isn't what they're telling you. It was I mean, it was in some way it was obviously involving the the sale of the weapons, but what it was really about was extraction of children from I forget the country now, I can't believe I just fucking blanked, not Honduras, not Guatemala. What the fuck is the country ? Nicaragua? Yeah. Nicaragua. So yes. Oh every single time Yeah. So Iran Contra, obviously that's what we've talked about before. And so it's it's yeah and qilian Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein with themselves become involved in Isabel's world. See, this is where we sort of close the loop on all this. Remember when Jeffrey Epstein fashioned himself as sort of like an up and coming Silicon Valley startup guy after? After? No, he had the office at Harvard at the same time that Mark Zuckerberg is stealing the Winklevoss twins idea for Facebook. It's kind of funny how this stuff comes together. And he starts courting and blackmailing major Silicon Valley executives, while also investing in Israeli intelligence connected startups during this time Isabel was a major player in venture capital networks, and other organisations aiming to develop further ties between Israeli intelligence linked startups in US tech companies, which is now part of an openly admitted Israeli intelligence operation in which Microsoft plays a major role. So there you have it. And there's a lot of other stuff we can talk about with this. But yeah, when we say that, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are….Yeah, they're, it's a big deal. It's real. It's not fake. But the idea that that is this sort of, they're almost becoming a foil for the rest of the operation. This is just a glimpse of the rest of the operation. So…..

James 2:06:40 Right, well, that's why we have to elect Laura Loomer to take the whole thing down, right?

Jazzhands 2:06:43 Yeah, you have to uh, you know, you have to really get on the Finkel Switch brain, kosher dialectic and Loomer’ll drop it. She'll drop the bomb on these guys, right?

James 2:06:52 Yeah, yeah. Should we talk about America's next not Congresswoman from Flaaarida.

Jazzhands 2:06:59 Yeah, let's do it. saw the saw guy finally gets into Congress. Yeah.

James 2:07:04 Do you want to win an election? Yeah. Well, she won the primary at least. And down there in Flaaarida, Trump's own district, the district that represents Mar a Lago, which I believe that's that's where he's registered to vote, isn't it? That's like his legal address now is is Mar a Lago so she would be if she were to win Trump's Congress whamen, although the odds of her winning are less than likely given the given the history in that district, being what like plus 11 for Democrats, although, hey, you never know a lot of Jews in that district. And Laura Loomer’s thing seems to be catering directly and only to the Jewish vote while throwing in some tricks for whites as well.

Jazzhands 2:07:45 Well, the one problem though, is that she's running against Of course, it's a very “Jaaarsh” district and yes, that is Trump Trump moved his registration to Mara Lago I think last year along with the First Lady but I think she's running against a Jew in the general some incumbent to I mean, they're all it's all Jewish. But yeah, and I think her the other problem is, which is kind of funny is her? Her primary opponent, I believe was also, if I recall correctly was also just like her basically cut from the same cloth. Is that correct? Or am I like getting mixed up?

James 2:08:20 Yeah, like a big in on Q. And there were like a stripper and that raised the whole race was a mess, because normal republicans didn't want to even waste I mean, it's not like the What is it? The NRC is exactly flush with cash right now and have money to stand up campaigns in deep blue districts. So they just were kind of going to let this one go. And I think Lois Frankel ran unopposed in 2016 as well, so they weren't even going to contest this but yeah, it really brought out the wackos this primary did including Laura who went on to win.

Jazzhands 2:08:57 Yeah, well, it brought out a lot of Other interesting people, the sort of people that would defend Chuck Weinstein and attack women, but they aren't attacking this wahmen for some reason. It's like no, they attack Karen's, but not the, you know, not the, I don't know the Rebecca's, the Sarah's right ?

James 2:09:17 Or the Laura's in this case. Ya know her her victory party was really the who's who? Well, it wasn't the Hutu there were some cat bois and midgets missing from it. But her victory party brought out who did this bring out? Milo was there. FBI informant Milo and pederasty defender Milo Yiannopoulis. Roger Stone trisexual was there God knows what he has done with Laura Loomer - speculation. And Gavin McInnes. So you have like the the triumvirate of of ops from 2018 who have all been been superseded now by the new op. They were all there.

Jazzhands 2:09:55 It looks actually like they took Laura Loomer his nose and they sewed it on routers Don't mean that's kind of how that ended up. I think.

James 2:10:05 Yeah, well and it's like her and Milo like share hair bleach. You know they both have the horrible like dyed blonde thing. Probably share a lot. Laura has some interesting there's some interesting stories about they're out there about her like, showing up at people's work and like demanding they go on dates with them weird stuff. You can Google all of that it's all stories. Loomer was of course endorsed by Stone, Milo, McInnes. Also got the ringing endorsement of the groyper Pat Casey, the Cat Boi all endorsing Laura Loomer Cat Boi, by the way it has he went ham last night. I've heard on Twitter attacking wig nats for being mad about Trump supporting Israel. So, you know as that as that op comes full circle.

Jazzhands 2:10:49 Wow. Talk about just total self destruction. You know, it's kind of fitting though. I mean, it's amazing. It's Nick put the MAGA hat back on. Yeah, implying that it was ever taken off. But and then the next morning, Steve Bannon gets arrested. It's like, as soon as I saw that, I was just like, well, that's a really bad investment. Because you're just gonna be on the hook for every single bad thing that comes in trying to explain. But you know Commtouch was a bad investment too James, but you know, they did it anyway. I wonder why that is. I wonder why that happens. I wonder why people make bad investments and bad choices that aren't in their own interests. It's kind of funny how that works. Because, you know, it's, it's, I sleep great at night, don't you ? You know, uncovering all this stuff and pointing it out, and I don't have to, I just wake up and tell you what the shot is. You know, imagine waking up and being like, I have to come up with some way to defend Donald Trump's Jewishness today. I have to come up with some way to explain why Donald Trump is not defending Steve Bannon today I don't know what that is so I'm going to attack wignats instead. So just so shitty and so fake. The whole the whole thing's dead totally

James 2:12:11 yeah no it must it I can't imagine the feeling of well if you're Jacob Wohl you don't care because you Your life is service to Israel but you know if you're a goy and you wake up and you know you see that deposit hit your account, and you just like, Oh, God, don't want to check your email because you know, like, the new marching orders are in for the day. It's like Okay, today today's to do defend Harvey Weinstein attack Karen blame woman vote GOP got it ? But But Jess, she's an outsider. Laura Loomer is an outsider.

Jazzhands 2:12:42 Yeah, just like Trump just like Roger Stone, totally Bannon’s an outsider. Right ?

James 2:12:49 Right. Yeah, no, I mean, Pat Casey saying that this was a victory for platform access her victory in Florida. I saw Map Forney, which is going to be the required new name for that guy. Map Forney saying this is this is a blow a crushing blow to wingnat black pillers, because it's proof that an outsider can take on the GOP establishment and come in and win a primary. Electoral success is possible, guys. Yeah, real outside of Laura Loomer. 54% of her donations came from small individual contributions, which means the remaining $522,000 came from large individual contributions or grassroots efforts she's got going on down there, but this is where it gets kind of spoopy. And I was I was doing this research three in the morning and just got a shot in the arm of confirmation bias. When I stumbled across this on her open secrets page. You look at Laura Loomer’s top donation $11,200 coming from a bundler called Fst Food Systems. I I'm kind of curious, maybe yum brands or something. So you click on Fast Food systems and you see where their money goes. And a lot of it is unsurprising. Right $5600 to Tommy Tuberville, of course. Money to John Barrasso, Steve Scalise, Donald Trump himself, Kevin McCarthy but then Jazz the top recipient tied with Laura Loomer, I'm sure you'll be shocked to find was none other than Ilhan Omar primary opponent Antone Melton-Meaux that Somali guy they had that people were really excited about getting to run against Ilhan Omar to take her out because of her anti semitism. So yeah all these guys that fell in and endorsed this it's like you know you're in good company with with your paymasters here because this is the shot they wanted. Loomer is a an ardent Zionist, of course, Jewish supremacist, and her bankrollers also were bankrolling Ilhan Omar's primary opponent.

Jazzhands 2:14:46 Of course, of course and it didn't work out too well black pill on you Jew. And she's not gonna work out that well, either. I mean, let's be honest. I mean, even if she's Jewish, she's running in a Jewish district against a Jew in a district that even in 2016 arguably the high watermark for Republican politics. Under Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton still won this congressional district by 20 points. So Laura Loomer this is this is more about just you know trial ballooning this kind of stuff but Laura would have been better advised to go into a district maybe running against one of these squad members but I mean, how do you do that the only way the only way that Laura Loomer can get this much press and it's get the get this much success is deep within Jewish territory this would never. Put her out and you know Central Pennsylvania or you know in Indiana like this isn't gonna fly nobody's gonna want this this is a fucking clown show and it's you know, I love I love Strikers description of you know the the fucking plastic surgery gone wrong Looks like the guy from Saw. So funny…

James 2:16:02 Yeah, he had another good take on this too that Laura Loomer gets a congratulations tweet from Donald Trump and his endorsement. Where was that for Kris Kobach? Where was that for Jeff Sessions? Nowhere to be found.

Jazzhands 2:16:16 Nothing. No

James 2:16:18 Or or, I mean, okay, you'll say okay, but she's, you know, big on social media or whatever. Where was that for any of these other there were some of these, these people who were serious about immigration reform running in congressional districts across the country in these primaries, and not any attention paid to them, some other people that, you know, I don't know everything about them, but we're running in districts in Texas and elsewhere, and not a word said about them. But Jewish supremacist ban anyone that criticises Israel, make BDS federal policy. Laura Loomer. Yeah, she's first in line for the for the Congrats.

Jazzhands 2:16:55 Yeah, every single time right yeah. Now this is just a game that's being played and you have like the Jewish Voice getting all getting they're kippah up over Loomer being banned and David Duke not being banned. labelled .

James 2:17:12 Oh, that was a tweet written by Laura Loomer because she was controlling the Jewish Voice account according to reports, so yeah Jewish Voice, Laura Loomer Milo the FBI Nick Fuentes Pat Casey, all in good company.

Jazzhands 2:17:25 Yeah, didn’t she threaten to commit suicide too or like imply that suicide could come could cooom if Yeah, Laura Loomer. Laura Loomer. Suicide definitely would be a coom. But she just, you know, from a mental health perspective, censorship by big tech is very dangerous. It can be deadly actually. Many people suffer from depression including myself. What do you think a clinically depressed person will do when big tech takes away this speech outlets… suicide. Just like yeah…

James 2:17:55 You're gonna find me hanging off the Wailing Wall.

Jazzhands 2:18:01 you gonna find me hanging in the cauldron. Yeah, cauldron.

James 2:18:06 That's right. Oh, that's right. Well, not the only shitty gay GOP stuff going on is there was more.

Jazzhands 2:18:13 Yeah. Wait. ladybugs, Lindsey's ladybugs are coming home to roost, the Cook Political Report has shifted Lindsey Graham's district his race from lean republican sorry from likely republican to lean Republican. Now, I would love to get my hopes up here that Lindsey Graham is going to be ousted. But well, Donald Trump would have to lose so a couple scenarios would have to happen for this to take place for So first of all, before I get to that, he's running against a black. So there's a black who's running so if Lindsey Graham lost there would be two black senators from South Carolina which is one Democrat, one Republican, which is exactly what they want. As South Carolina is one of these first in the nation. Well, what is it Third in the nation primaries because Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, right, I believe. So they both have raised the same amount of money. This black guy named Harrison has raised 29 million to Lindsey Graham's 30 million. And yeah, it's a very tight race. They're both pulling at 44%. The Cook Political Report has been shifting Lindsey Graham's from solid republican to likely republican to lean Republican. So now it's, you know, this is in South Carolina, but in order for this to happen to one of two things would have to occur for Lindsey Graham to lose, either Donald Trump loses like it's such a landslide for Biden, that Trump loses South Carolina where he's currently pulling, I think six points ahead of Biden. And you know, just using taking the polls with a grain of salt, of course. But then on top of that, it's like, well, let's say Trump wins South Carolina and Lindsey Graham loses, well, how does that happen? Well, then I would have to happen. would be the way for that to happen would be a rejection outright by the voters of they don't vote down ballot. They vote for Trump and then they vote for black guy, or they don't vote for anybody. I don't know. I don't know how closely tied Lindsey Graham is to Donald Trump's fate, but it could happen. It's possible. It's not looking good. Ladybugs is having a very tough time. But yeah, let's see here. Yeah, college educated moderates and self described independents have turned on Trump and their anger is threatening the reelection prospects of one of the President's most prominent surrogates. I'm not going to vote. I'm not gonna vote for any Republican who doesn't disassociate himself or herself from the Trump political school, said Andy Savage, a prominent Charleston attorney and moderate probably the descendant of Sephardi slavers. In fact, if I may say so, and moderate who's donated against Graham's campaigns since at least 2004. Yeah, Jewish moderate from Charleston, South Carolina. It's just somebody whose playing both sides, let's call moderates with their normally this anger might not particularly be that worrisome for Graham. He won reelection by a margin of 15 points. But he hasn't had a credible democratic challenger since he was first elected 18 years ago. And that is not the case this year, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. As we said, donors and political experts agree Harrison's path to victory is a narrow one. And this is all of what I just said. But this is about Jamie Harrison, his opponent and I just want to do a quick well ackshually on something in this Politico article entitled Is Lindsey Graham Actually in Trouble in South Carolina, it's a very long and as Mike likes to say, turgid article, but one part of it I just couldn't help but doing the well ackshually. So on his desk it says Jamie Harrison keeps a quote from Ben Pitchfork Tillman, the former South Carolina governor and senator who in 1876, led a white paramilitary gang murdered six innocent African Americans is what is known as the Hamburg Massacre. This is a quote from….

James 2:22:06 Oh fucking starving. Yeah, bro. There's gonna be a fucking hamburger massacre today.

Jazzhands 2:22:12 Well, I was gonna say I was gonna let the cat out of the bag. You know why? The shows are three hours long on Saturday because it takes three hours to smoke a nice rack of ribs and that's what's happening right now upstairs but anyway. Yes, very good. Very smoky. Very, very nice. But anyway, this is a quote that this opponent of Lindsey Graham keeps on his desk. For this Ben Pitchfork Tillman. This former South Carolina governor and Senator, we have done our level best Tillman said of the state's efforts to disenfranchise black voters we have scratched our heads to find out how we could eliminate the last one of them we stuffed ballot boxes we shot them we're not ashamed. Fucking based. Well, this whole the way that they have this worded - very Jewish -is that this white filament paramilitary gang just murdered six innocent African Americans as they were heading to the ballot box in South Carolina in 1876. Is that Do you think that's what actually happened, James? They go on to say this dark piece of history is a reminder of where South Carolina has been and how Harrison wants to change it. Much of his career has been devoted to enfranchising black voters in his future and politics rests on how well he did. Oh, let's talk about the Hamburger Massacre very quickly. So, let's just put this into perspective. By 1876, the South Carolina government was totally controlled by carpetbagging white and black Republicans. Native white Southerners had no voice whatsoever. So if we're using enfranchisement as a litmus test, the North flooded the South with black and white republicans and forced these Governments out. So you're a native white Southerner born and bred in South Carolina. You've been there for 200 years. And you have all of a sudden in your state house that you built that you funded you created, your government is now full of blacks and whites, but mostly blacks. Because remember, part of Reconstruction was they would flood these governments with blacks, just unelected just put them in while they would elect them, quote, unquote, this is so funny. When the United States talks about human rights in Iran and fucking China. It's like, let's talk about the human rights in South Carolina in 1866, motherfucker. And so they they did this bit, and you have these fake and gay reconstructionist governments. Nobody viewed these reconstructionist governments as legitimate. And so 1876 when they're talking about when Politico is totally propagandising people on this white paramilitary gang. What this was was even by the 1870s Northerners were tired of reconstruction. And were no longer interested in protecting black southerners because they had seen by then 15 years of black bullshit on the loose. This is one of the reasons why the 1875 Civil Rights Act was overturned by the Supreme Court later because people, it was not popular. This this stuff that they were trying to do is very extreme. So the Hamburg Massacre was actually a violent insurrection of Republican backed black militias. Imagine that, guys. I mean, it's like Republicans, it goes all the way back. They back these black militias to stand up against the Red Shirts, which were the public version, public facing version of the Klan. And what actually happened in South Carolina this quote unquote “massacre” was native white Southerners saying fuck you to black terrorism, and fighting back against the armed black militia and six of them died. And they frame this in 2020 as though this republican governor Tillman just went out and shot black people standing in line at a polling station. It's like no reconstructionist government armed a black militia to go terrorise the town of white native southerners who are tired of reconstruction. And these people were like Fuck You. So anyway, I just wanted to take the opportunity to do the little Well Ackshually there on that whole thing because they slip this stuff in right. And they they even put a picture in the article of this governor Tillman. Wherin they tell you its exact location. I'm surprised they don't give you the fucking latitude and longitude because they tell you this story and you're supposed to get mad and then go it's like, oh, look, here's a monument still standing. The bad guy did something bad white guy did something bad to black. Like, you know, that's what they're trying to do. But right. Um, yeah. So do you want me to pivot or….

James 2:27:01 I was going to say that this is actually some hidden history, the republican history with blacks. And when republicans say that we've always been the party of black people, it's like they're not actually wrong. The old take used to be it's like, no, like, we're the party, which No, they're probably the party has it was founded around that and has been for over 100 years, it has been the party of blacks and Democrats were the party of whites

Jazzhands 2:27:25 Within you know, two decades of its founding three decades of its founding it's inciting black terrorism against whites in South Carolina. Yes, Republicans have been doing things with blacks all along, and including doing black terrorisms against whites in early America. I mean, you should be very proud of that. You know, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and all these people that are talking up the Republican Party and it's, it's love for black people. Don't you just tell the truth because if you don't, I will, and we're going to keep doing it. So, uh, yeah. So this just wrapping this up. So the anti racist Finkel Think is something we talked about last weekend in the confirmation bias hits I swear to God, James, I feel like these headlines are written for me right? Like if you see it, it's for you. Well, I saw this headline after we talked about anti racist Finkel Think and John Martella and Pat Condell. And the whole purpose of part one of the phenomenon of the kosher dialectic and ping pong politics is you have change agent presidencies that are followed by a back to normal candidate. And that role is usually historically played by the GOP, where you have an Obama or you have a Carter or you have a Clinton. And then then you have some some sort of normalcy of the republicans running on we need to make America back to what it was before. And then you'll have a democrat come in and say, you know, we have to get rid of the politics of the past. It's time to move forward. How many times have you heard Politics, the failed policies and politics of the past which is always just an anti white trope. But Biden it's now switched now where Trump is the chaos candidate. And Biden is the back to normal candidate and I swear to God in The Hill, like 48 hours after we do this show about anti racist tinkle think I'm not saying these things are connected. I'm not I'm not that delusional. But Ddemocrats pitch Biden is the back to normal candidate and when you have Fox News promoting him, and you have him totally dropping all of you know, he's got to give 60 seconds to AOC to speak at the convention. You have progressives very pissed off at all the GOP members at the convention, so they've melded all this together, where Biden has become this. He's the guy to sort of dial things back in, dial it back a little bit. It's getting too close to getting a little bit too raucous for comfort. You know, these people are about to be at loggerheads. And so you got to dial things back, James and that's sort of the role that Biden is going to play they'll probably switch up the polarity on this again. But for now that's it's kind of funny how that works.

James 2:30:08 Yeah, well, and that's how they keep people engaged too is there needs to be if you just had like system defender one versus system defender two, then that gets boring very quickly. And especially in this like entertainment driven age and generation where people crave people have seen the television political dramas people have this belief that there will be these historic, grand triumphs of mass movements and they want to feel like they're a part of that. It's very boring for people when you just have like moderate reformer versus moderate reformer, so they need to keep that pretence at least have a revolution versus return to normalcy going, otherwise people will just not care people will just opt out and and have no interest in or have very little interest in the political charade.

Jazzhands 2:30:57 Well, and people are losing interests in the political sphere. And it's it's becoming a problem for them too. They know that people are falling out of their system. They know that when they run Biden when they basically force feed Biden to their constituents, and they're pissing off all these progressives and you're only giving AOC 60 seconds of speaking time. You're You're basically you're not D radicalising anyone you what you're doing is you're making people realise that the system is is Faker and gayer than it ever has been. I mean, imagine on the Republican side, you know, in 2016, you had all those candidates, and then at the end of that process, if it all boiled down to Jeb Bush, or Marco Rubio, but more like a Jeb Bush would be the equivalent Jeb Bush. Oh, let's Yeah, Jeb Bush, but like add 30 years to Jeb Bush. And that's what Biden is to progressive Democrats. I mean, they have no hope, no hope that this guy is going to give them any sort of radical any part of their agenda, nothing radical, it's actually a lot of what they're asking for is normal. And in contrast to that with the Republicans, I mean, imagine like being really upset that Lindsey Graham is gonna lose, like the hero of Brett Kavanaugh and everything else it's and you know, people are being purged out of this system because the system cannot possibly give them what they want. It in no way can give anyone what they want. I've always said it's it's actually a blind spot of the system. Because if their purpose if they don't want to create extremists, quote unquote extremists. And all extremists are people who are no longer falling for tricks. Then you give people transactionally a little bit of what they want, like I said at the beginning of the show, Trump, I'm glad Trump isn't doing that because then I'd have to sit there and take a lot of effort to explain to people No, actually it's this is all faking gay, but no, it's not giving anybody anything of what they want and people are getting pissed. People are checking out it's Having the debate over masks and the debate over fucking male and in everything but the real thing and there isn't any where else to go until now and so we've always talked about Finkel Think we've always talked about the kosher dialectic, we've spent the majority of 2020 so far digging into these things, and illustrating to you with detail how fake and gay the system is. And the problem has been it's all there's there's never been an end what it's like the system is fake and gay. And both sides are playing you and nobody's getting what they want. We talked about on the midweek show, you had this really great wealth tax that would tax millionaires in California of their total wealth, and it's not gonna happen even with super majorities. So even on the left, they're not getting what they want on the right, you're not getting what they want. And so the National Justice Party which I just saw the speech for on, what was it Wednesday night after we recorded because we didn't get to talk about it on the midweek show. National Justice Party.com. I was not there. I did not really even know much about NJP until it launched. And I, you know, from what I've seen, and from what I've heard, and the more I learn about it, the more I like it. So the things that people I think, get really concerned about with political party, is that it's going to be some sort of like, street show LARP thing that, you know, people envision the people who eschew bad optics get really upset about and they don't like, but that's not what this is at all. And I don't I don't think that that is the direction that any of this stuff is going in fact, I think it's it's appropriately timed. It's, in fact, my opinion it's very well timed, because there has never been a point that people have have been more disillusioned with the political system than they are right now. You have you have to go through and it was in Mike’s speech that you can watch national Justice Party.com , it's up there. We're going to put an article up on Dissident hyphen Mag. But you had to go through the entirety of the hope and change Obama administration to see that even black president, who was initially anti war and anti somewhat anti Israel had more Jews surrounding him than even Trump does. And then you have to go through the entire Trump for it. Well, not the entire four years of Trump to see very in rapid succession that neither party is offering anybody anything. And here Democrats have nominated Biden again, there's nothing in it for anyone. And so NJP is not electing political candidates. is not electing it is not going out in the street and doing doing things that are going to get better. People into trouble. In fact, all it is doing is getting people together. And you know, look, we've been pushed off social media, we've been pushed off of just about every platform that you can imagine. And so these are people who desire a message, combined with people who are delivering the message that people want to hear. And to me, that's the most fundamentally basic component of American politics that there could possibly be all of the window dressing that you have now with debates. And you know, debates are good and nothing, nothing wrong with them, but like debates and television interviews and pundits, and donor class and all this bullshit, it's all fake. It's all contrived. It doesn't add to anything. In fact, it detracts from it. And so for me, there's nothing as good as a good old fashioned you know, they call Joe Biden's speech a barnburner. No, Mike Enoch’s speech was a fucking barnburner nnguy and so literally in a barn. And so yeah, that is that is the fundamental ground zero of political grassroots movements. And this one, unlike trumpism, unlike Bannonism, unlike all the other things, it cannot be co opted, because we've all been here long enough to know what is real and what is not real. You're going to get people that push back, you're going to get sour faces, you're going to get all kinds of stuff. But look, I believe in this, I think this is a good thing. And this is an appropriate application of lightswitch brain. And there are a few times that you can use light switch brain and you have been given a dispensation to use one now. So you are either in favour of this and what we're doing or you're not. And if you're not, and you're just not there yet, that's okay. Shut the fuck up. Don't say anything. Don't have nothing to say. That's easy enough. But if you're not so comfortable with this, and you're not so comfortable with it in good faith, then you'll be happy to shut the fuck up. Because you would want the overall thing to succeed, you'd want to wait and see. A good faith position would be to wait and see. But if, if your bid is bad faith, then you're either Jewish or you're a Jewish enabler. And it's that simple. Because we've already uncovered the people, you know, accusing us of wignatsand everything and that whole thing's dead. It's finished. And those people aren't real. And they're making themselves even more not real by going out and promoting things like Donald Trump, which are very not real. And as we've laid out very clearly, so it's…

James 2:38:37 And Laura Loomer and others, right ?

Jazzhands 2:38:39 Yeah, the lines in the sand of defending Chuck Weinstein and the women attacking the women victims and everything. It's very clear. It's very clear, there's nothing real about the America First movement is just totally fake and gay.

James 2:38:51 it's a Jewish movement. And it's really a perversion of the original America First movement which was very serious, which was very legitimate. And and was in good faith and Charles Lindbergh I think is an American hero. But the people that are leading this new iteration of it, this failed reboot the Zionist reboot. Yeah, they they are only there to distract you there is no no legitimacy to what they're saying. And thus, there are criticisms they've been making. And I'm not on Twitter, but you know, people, people will show these things to you and the criticisms I've seen thus far of NJP it's basically Oh, the wignats are at it again, or Oh, this it's basically people saying, you know, crazy, totally unsubstantiated critiques, and people will clamours and do something, man, something needs to be done. And this is the answer. People are doing something. And so yeah, I mean, any criticism I've I've yet to see any legitimate criticism of this, and I don't think we're not going to because there is none. There is no legitimate criticism to be made.

Jazzhands 2:39:54 They're doing something and we're doing something right. Having learned lessons. Yes, yeah, this is that's what I also sort of baked into the timing for this is good because you have to learn the lessons, the hard way in some ways to get to where we are today. And we're not doing anything that is is going to get anybody in trouble. That is kind of the guiding principle of this thing. And so, on top of that, your involvement, if you want to be involved, it's as simple as coming to a rally and enjoying time there and knowing that you'll be safe and that there won't be any problems. And that, uh, if that's all you're interested in doing, then that's fine. And you know, anybody who's been in this thing as long as we have or even if you've been in this thing for more than I'd say, 90 days, you probably already know how to create an email address that is not you. So if you want to be on a mailing list You can give a sock email address and be on a mailing list and that is pretty simple. And if you're practising good opsec it's not that difficult to set something up like that and have no worries or care at all. But otherwise, those are your two options so you can enjoy it and not have any connection to it at all. You know, other than showing up or not showing up or cheering it on or whatever. Or you can get on a mailing list with a sock email and to me there's no there's absolutely no risk in doing either of those options. And that's it there's nothing more to it than that. So anybody who is saying like oh you know this is this is gonna end up with you know, you being on a list No, no, not at all. They're what list what list of sock e mails? Like, give me a fucking break? Um, you know…

James 2:41:46 The other disingenuous line that's being used out there is people saying Oh, any donation to this group will be public record is not true. Right and to my knowledge that there is no solicitation for donations. going on right now. So anybody saying that is is absolutely acting in bad faith.

Jazzhands 2:42:06 Yeah. And that's what I also wanted to say too is is most of the attacks on this, and see I'm being nuanced. I'm trying to be nuanced. I don't want to be too light switch brain, but most of the attacks on this are because they don't like that something like this is actually being done when you're over that when you're taking flak, you know that you're over the target, and they're going to increase because they're going to expect that this follows the usual path of failure that things like this have done in the past. And because it won't follow that path, you're going to see the rhetorical attacks increase on this. And so just as you have to watch out for the “Jaaaish” tricks that they tried to pull on you with Finkel Think and anti racist Finkel Think and the two party ping pong polit political system you have to be aware of vigilant of tricks that are polled that are masquerading as criticism that you might be enticed to believe, because you have priors or you have stumbling blocks with optics or like whatever your issue is that you'll get sucked into one of these tricks. And you just have to recognise that it's because it's a threat to them that they are doing this.

James 2:43:21 Right, with the optics of something that speaks honestly about our situation and our issues and addresses our circumstances not behind a layer of irony. The only…you can only be offended by those optics if you were part of the problem, right? It like, honest conversation about the white working class about defeating the left versus right dynamic about bringing left and right together, which is very important. We've talked about that for a long time. This is only bad optics or cringe to you. If you feel your position in in some kind of political hierarchy is going to be threatened and if you are serving as a gatekeeper or you are just a big fan of the gate of the gatekeeping operation you really like being part of the gatekeeper operation, you probably do feel threatened because you recognise that the the horse to which you have attached to your cart is drifting back towards Zionism and towards being a supporter of the GOP as the Alt Lite was always going to do as the groupers were always going to do and to to see an organisation that is competent a speaker a speech like Mike's that was very good people who have some experience in this coming on side and being a part of this putting together what is going to be what's is going to be a successful organisation that makes your job as a gatekeeper or fan they're up there difficult to keep people excited and to keep people satisfied with hearing tone down rhetoric with hear it with making compromises, but well, we you know, we'd have to tactically design it's we have to tactically support Trump. Yeah, people now Have a real option. And that's going to be a disaster for you.

Jazzhands 2:45:05 Especially as Trumpism is being wound down, especially as Trumpism is being burned to the ground. And they try to erect an even faker and gayer conservatism on top of that. I mean, imagine trying to have to shill or that, but that's in your future. And for people who want to do that and keep but you know, imagine, you know, being Patrick Casey or somebody like that where, you know, you, you know, when that guy from National Review, like you abandon your troops in the field of battle, it's like, well, I mean, that doesn't just apply to Trump. That applies to anybody who has continued to remain on platforms that they knew how to problem and when people got compromised, they just weren't there to give a fuck about them. And who takes risks like that and then comes out in is promoting Laura Loomer. So a lot of these attacks on like, Oh, you know, you're putting people at risk. It's like that sort of falls flat when that's exactly what you do. And it's exactly it's kind of Jewish actually to accuse Others have things that you in fact are doing yourself. So yeah, all of these all these things are falling flat and, and yeah, I even myself, I'll just be honest. I mean, you know, it's a fundamental part of what we do here is like we tell people I mean, how many times have we said, Look, we had to take on a particular thing and we were wrong. We've had tapes where we have changed our tune on things and we've learned a lesson. And you know, I initially I have had for a while misgivings about the formation of a political party and, and doing things like this, and I initially had misgivings about this. I'll just be honest, but I do not anymore and there was no cheque that had to be paid. There was no deposit from Tel Aviv that had to be paid to change my mind. I was not given something in return. I was not countenance no no one agreed to one of my compromises. In fact, the concerns that I had were were very quickly allayed, and so I have come full circle on this. And so I, you know, it's not like I was against it, but it was my position on it was, if you do this, you should do these things a certain way. And those things are already being done. So when you sort of encounter something like that, it's like, Okay, cool. It's like, I would like a car with four doors, four wheels, a steering wheel, and a seat belt. And that, you know, that's the only way I really want to drive a car on a highway. And when somebody's like, oh, here, we're building a car with four wheels, four doors, the seat belt, and, you know, it's all good to go steering wheel. It's like, Okay, cool. That's the kind of car I like. And so this is a vehicle for our political interests. And I have full faith and trust in the people who are doing it. And I know that it's legitimate. And, you know, we know very well the contrast between things that are fake and gay and things that are not. And yes, so here we are, and I'm looking you will never see.

James 2:47:58 Oh, sorry, you will never see NJP attacking the victims of Harvey Weinstein, we'll never see NJP saying that they're putting the MAGA hats back on, you'll never see NJP abandoning their own guys and using unsecure platforms and allowing their people to repeatedly be doxed and have their lives destroyed.

Jazzhands 2:48:18 And more importantly, even more importantly, than all of that. You won't have anybody in NJP having to tell you that they're a serious guy, or anybody is a serious guy. Because if you're a serious guy, you have the balls and the courage to do something like this. You don't have to tell people who is serious and not serious. It speaks for itself. So….

James 2:48:42 And you'll speak honestly without having to hide behind irony and this this idea, and we I'm glad that we've kind of moved beyond this this like, discussion about optics, but just I think it's a very salient point just to think about what is what is worse. What could be potentially, what could be worse optics then being an FBI informant, being a homosexual, defending child grooming, like defending Harvey Weinstein? It's like you have to church picnics church BBQ at which kids need to be greased. You send in your typical Cat Boi Am Nat and, you know, what are they going to talk about? It's like Yeah, fuck would be a great barbecue. There's fucking women here though. Or someone who can actually accurately talk about the plight of the white working class in America today.

Jazzhands 2:49:34 Would that be a church barbecue where like Lady Maga. saunters up to you and say like, can you please fill up my solo cup with beer? Somebody wouldn't give me a drink around here. What's a good what's a girl gotta do to get service around here? Yeah, what's a gal like me? Gotta do. Oh, man.

Jazzhands 2:49:59 It really has become just awful. And, you know, that's part of the…. it's part of the timing.

James 2:50:07 It's exciting. I mean, this is this is something that people I think there's I think this is going to go very well and I everything I've heard about it so far I like. I think Mike’s speech was excellent, what we're hearing about the party, what the goals are going to be and how this is going to happen. I mean, this all sounds fantastic. So yeah, I have full confidence in the NJP. And it's certainly and that's another concern people would have and say like what, you know, you're telling people not to vote but here you are talking about a political party. Well, there's no voting right there's not going to be the white nationalist dog catcher.

Jazzhands 2:50:42 Your vote is just taking your own side. And that should be…you don't even have to think about that. You don't have to mail anything in. You don't have to wait in line. You can just, you know, just enjoy the ride and you know, this is how this is how movements…this is how grass roots movement start. Sorry. It's already a movement. I think we've already I've heard I think we've already spoken for ourselves. Because Where else can you go to get the truth on these things? I mean, there are other people out there talking about these things in earnest, and they get credit and we give them credit. But very few people. I mean, you know, it's it's like what do I What do I listen to when I'm not doing the show other than TDS or Strike and Mike or Third Rail or on you know, podcasts and stuff, it's like, you know, I'm just doing I'm like listening to there's no other thing that like, I'm a fan of, like, there's you know, other than our own stuff. Or people in our milieu. We’re kind of alone out here. But not for long. Not for long, but you heard the raucous cheers there in the old barn…NJP barn. People are very excited about this. And it's getting bigger, it's gonna get a lot bigger. So stay tuned for more. We're gonna be back with the midweek show. hope everybody enjoys the rest of the weekend. Yeah, anything else, James?

James 2:52:06 Nope. That's all I got.

Jazzhands Alrighty, catch you guys later