FTN 081920 - August 19 2020 - FTN 335 Disaster Capitalism Clapbacks

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Hat Tip to the transcriber who helped with this! FTN335 FTN_082020 SUMMARY KEYWORDS israel, lebanon, hezbollah, beirut, lebanese, accident, explosion, terrorism, finkle

Introduction 00:19 Often imitated, never duplicated This is the one and only Fash the Nation your guiding light in a sea of degeneracy.

Jazz 00:42 Hello and welcome to Episode 335 of Fash the Nation with Jazzhands McFeels, James Allsup. What's going on, mmmmbud?

James 00:49 Pretty good man. Pretty good. grappling with the heatwave as usual and then I was just trying to enjoy it.

Jazz 00:56 Nice. I see that the you sent me a photo of all of the shipments going out for merch. So all, all of your merch orders and we are sold out now, by the way, all of your merch orders are in the air in the truck. Probably not on a boat. I don't think anybody's getting theirs shipped across any large bodies of water. So on the way, right, so people should have it by the weekend show. I would imagine it's all going USPS priority mail. Unless conservatives in your neighbourhood have taken down all the mailboxes, and then that might be a different, you know, sort of story. So this time if there's a problem, you know, I blame it on the GOP. If, if you don't get your merch on time, I would check your mailbox first, though.

James 01:41 That's right. You should have received a tracking number if you didn't email support at FTNmerch dot biz, and you will be sent one but yeah, everybody except the Canadians, their their orders are in the mail Canadians. Those will be going out tomorrow. So yeah, but yeah, you should be receiving it pretty soon within a couple days if USPS is functioning as it should, and I'm sure the postal clerk was thrilled that I rolled up there two minutes before closing with the, with the boxes and boxes of merch to ship out, but hey, you know, that's, that's what they get the big bucks for right? So yeah, check your mailbox. It'll be there very soon.

Jazz 02:19 Yep that's right. So Mail in Lightswitch Brain, it's on the way back to you. So hindsight is 6 million. We talked about Beirut. What are we talking about Beirut James sent last weekend? I want to say it was

James 02:33 Yeah, I think it was last weekend just a few days after it happened.

Jazz 2:37 Right, because it happened on August 4. So I don't know when we talked about it. Well, we talked about it recently and we talked about it. But there have been some updates and of course, hindsight is 6 million, as usual. And as we look down the rearview mirror at what has gone on in the order of events that have happened We're going to revisit some of what went on and be rude. I mean, at this point, everybody knows that it was no accident. Only only a moron would think that it happened on purpose. And look, I'm not that's not a dig at anybody in particular, but that it was very quickly understood by most people that this was not an accident. We have a new video up I put up a couple days ago that's been very popular. So this is no accident. This was something that was obviously the longer the longer we get away from ground zero of this event, the more and more it looks like in Israeli bombing of Beirut. So Jews always try to shoehorn in their neat little, you know, the the dreamers who came here through no fault of their own while we're going to do Israel bombing of Beirut. That's what happened Israeli bombing of Beirut. That's what happened. It was not an explosion. It was not fireworks. It was not ammonium nitrate, like jerking itself off into a mushroom cloud. Like that's not what happened. You need some sort of a catalyst and basically on what we've heard, based on what we've seen from eyewitness reports, there was outside intervention and even an anonymous source from United States military is admitted that there was the likelihood of outside intervention. It was not an accident. And so when you see Macron show up 24 hours after it happened, which is I'm going to start going through all these weird sort of events that occurred, declaring in the way that he did with notre DOM, within like, what is this guy like the fucking he's like The Mentalist, a forensic analysis analyst like he just knows within 24 hours that without a doubt, we have no doubt that Beirut was an accident akin to a French accent. We we have no doubt that was a was an accident. And there is nothing more to see here just like notre Dom was a totally by accident and not on purpose to burn down this anti semitic church. We have to keep paying to keep up to date. Like we would love this to go. He did the same shit with Notre Dame didn't he? He like within days, it's just like, we know that this was not any other thing than an accident period.

James 5:11 World class arson investigators, the French are right ? You know, they should be by this point with all of these cathedrals burning down across France. You'd expect they would get good at this. But yeah, they did this just right after and, you know, everybody in uniform had the same narrative right away, just within hours of the explosion happening. It was like they had completed this investigate or so they presented like the investigation was complete. There was nothing more to see here. There was no need to do any forensic analysis of the explosion site itself. Don't bother with that because it was Hezbollah that did it or it was an accident or whatever it was. Whatever conclusion we come to it definitely was not Israel. So stop asking please and thank you.

Jazz 5:57 Yeah, whatever. Yeah, exactly. And so let me run through some of these interesting things that happened either the day before or the day after this event occurred because all of the bullshit that you have going on right now it's like Mike said today on Tedious with if you go to Google News or news dot google or whatever the website is, and you look at the lead stories so you go to Apple news and you look at the lead stories, or you close your browser, browser window and Microsoft and you are in Firefox and you see the news stories that are being suggested to you. Those are all that's like the Finkle think Billboard Top 100 it's like the top 100 Finkel think billboard of all the all the things that they want you to focus on like yet now we're going to tell you what the shot is on USPS. This weekend, there is a shot there. But we like when you look at this. It's like you know, Inspector General says this to Trump Trump reacts and does this. And nobody's talking about Beirut. nobody's talking about Senate on recess with no stimulus checks. nobody's talking about any of those things and they don't want you to focus on this. This is a this is a horrible accident. Now we're going to do financial leverage on Lebanon, and do a soft power coup on its entire government. And nothing to see here. Please move forward. Well, the day before Israel bombed Beirut. We have Benjamin Netanyahu saying, we hit a cell and now we hit the dispatchers. I suggest to all of them including Hezbollah to consider this Netanyahu said an official tour of a military facility in central Israel. These are not vain words, they have the weight of the State of Israel and the military behind them and this should be taken seriously. Within hours. You have this Hiroshima like blast, devastating the entire port of Beirut and anybody who suspected Israeli involvement, it's like I mean, pretty much at this Point, like the extreme view is that this is an accident telling people Oh, it's just an accident. It's just you just use the shill.

James 8:08 Yeah. Somebody kicked over a can of two stroke gas and ignited all of this. Right?

Jazz 8:14 It's the largesse of big government man. This is what happens when you have big government in charge of Lebanese people. The Lebanese people just want to have a safe port that doesn't have 2750 metric tonnes of fireworks stored in it and in an uncanny, haphazard sort of way. This is what happens when you have government corruption and large s and mismanagement. So no, this is what happens when you have Jews in close proximity to you, and are doing terrorism's against you because this is what this is. 300,000 Lebanese homeless. I don't know how many people have died in this couple hundred years. And I think it was something like I think out of those 300,000 it was like 80,000 children Were were included in that number. But you know, that's the that's more reason for me to think that Israel did this right because as we learned in the Rise and Kill First deep dive with Apache is this is what these people do. This is the these are the type of hits that Mossad does. They go after children, they go after civilians, they destroy port facilities. They don't fight a man to man warfare, right? They don't fight a traditional style of warfare. These are the people who the typical Jew bullshit, right? These are the guys that kick you in the balls and punch you in the throat and then tell you they won the fight. Right? I mean, right.

James 9:41 Well, and this is specifically get even more specific than just Mossad. This is what Israel has been doing to Lebanon for decades, right throughout the 70s throughout the 80s. And throughout the 90s. I mean, there was the invasion in 1982 of Beirut itself, where they killed 20,000 Lebanese civilians just killed them displaced hundreds of thousands more. And in 1978, there's Operation Litani. And you'll notice this when you when you read through the history of Israeli and Arab conflicts is that whenever there is Israeli civilians killed in a skirmish, it's remembered in history as a massacre. This was a massacre of Israelis. But whenever Arabs are killed, and many, many more Arab civilians, whenever Arabs are killed, it's an operation or it's it's a war or a battle. So Operation Litani when 25,000 Israeli troops invade southern Lebanon, and don't find any military targets, and say, well, we have bullets and we're here so we might as well kill and they kill 2000 civilians and displace a quarter of a million more. This is what they've been doing to the Lebanese for a long time. So if you're going to argue to us that this was not an intentional operation, you have to argue against the the pattern of history here because there is an is there is an Israeli mo when it comes to things like this, and this bombing fits it perfectly.

Jazz 11:00 Well, there's going to be there's a lot more evidence to suggest that this was exactly what we're saying. It is. I mean, within 24 hours you have Rothschild investment banker Emmanuel Macron on the ground in Beirut, with the media pushing French recolonization of Lebanon. I mean, after decades of muh colonialism, they're begging France to come back and take over well, why would that be? Well, because it's beneficial for Israel. It solves one of Israel's problems. So they everything is on the table, right? Even colonisation, they will do anything to get this stuff back. And so here, here's the Macron stuff starts to get kind of weird. So he shows up in this bizarre display of solidarity. He's got the sleeves rolled up. He's got his little mask on with everybody else with their masks on. You got a guy in a balaclava there and, and then it's this perfectly choreographed scene. You have the French President walking through the city showing this you know display of colonial power, which, under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But look how upside down clown world has become where colonialism is. This isn't colonialism, this is just Zionism. This is like a Zionist parade through the streets of Lebanon. And so he walks around, you know, doing his bit. He has this lady come up to him and say, Mr. You know, on camera, Mr. President, you're on General Gouraud Street. He freed us from the Ottomans now free us from the current authorities. And over the ensuing days, you have the media fomenting protests, which I believe are still going on demands for the Lebanese president Michel Aoun to step down, which he has not stepped down. I'm gonna talk about that in a minute. But this weird thing with Macron out of nowhere, he's on a plane and 24 hours somehow he you know, clear my schedule, I'm going to Lebanon I mean, none of this stuff is impromptu This is this is all planned out. And, you know, he assumes this big role as though he's the leader of the the government. But even though the probe just got kicked off into what actually happened by you know, the president Michel Aoun has kicked off this probe. He says on Sunday, there is enough objective evidence to judge that the double blasts were purely accidental. So there you go. CASE CLOSED James nice to see here. Macron says so.

James 13:36 yeah, well and and this petition they were circulating for Lebanon to become once again under French mandate, as it was until, what until the 50s or 60s up until fairly recently. This was being pushed as something you would see this in kind of racist, fake nationalist circles. People being like, Whoa, man, check. This is based, right. He's like brown. People want to be recolonized or something, man. But that was that was part of the trick. Right? That's part of the The trick to get you excited about further Western involvement over Lebanon, would you like sanctions like the US sanctions regime, which is some of the the most most the deepest entrenched Western involvement with Lebanon as it is now. But yeah, so this is done to to foment support. And they know that they have to play on different constituencies to to gin up the support for Western involvement in the country. But they're they're almost taking advantage of not almost they are, they're taking advantage of Lebanese people that are suffering under extreme poverty, the extreme unemployment and mass starvation, which is coming at the hands of the United States, we should be clear about that. This is the result of a US sanctions operation authored by a Jew Sigal Mandelker, a daughter of Holocaust survivors. This is Jewish terrorism that's being implemented in Lebanon. So these people are suffering under it, but then they're given them this this false choice like oh here loving these people you want reprieve just come come back under the control of of a fully Zionist controlled Western power, isn't it? It's gonna be based it'll be colonialism all over again. It won't be right. It's It's It's just another way for them to be brought under the yoke of Zionism, which is ultimately what these people want to happen to them.

Jazz 15:22 Yeah. And they're also applying this this thing called disaster capitalism. So this is something that people need to understand what disaster capitalism is. And it's the notion that a country must be on its knees as a prerequisite to foreign economic takeover, political and if necessary, military intervention. They'd love to see this happen in China so that Larry Fink can sink his finks further into the Chinese financial system. But they've done this successfully with Lebanon, Lebanon is already in a very difficult, precarious financial situation. I saw that their currency has been devalued by 70% since last October and I'm sure Coronavirus stuff has been exacerbating the financial issues there. So they're intentionally sinking Lebanon and putting them in this position. And then just as they're just on the brink of total collapse, you just hit them over the head with an attack like this and then blame it on the government. I mean, this is, it's so perfect. It's so on the nose. And so there's this Canadian author, Naomi Klein, I don't know what her what her background is, but she's written a book called The Shock Doctrine : the Rise of Disaster Capitalism. And she says in moments of crisis, people are willing to hand over a great deal of power to anyone who claims to have a magic cure, whether the crisis is a financial meltdown, or a terrorist attack and it's this is something that they have done. They have executed perfectly in America over and over and over again with these financial meltdowns and resting Further controls and using it to accelerate what they were already attempting to do in the first place. And so, you have all these gay ops happening to to promote this. You have this cuck government, under President Michel Aoun resigning, you have demands for the President himself to step down, but the government steps down. And you have this Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who announced on Monday that he was resigning. And as he's going out the door, you know, he again repeats that it's a disaster beyond measure, so they keep referring to it as a disaster. And as he goes out the door, he says, I'm quitting because the Lebanese Government has become an apparatus of corruption bigger than the state. The political class has become bigger than the state and he we have to stand with the people. But that's not you know, the people want violence coming from Israel to stop. The People would like the refugees that are being sent out of Palestine to stop. As every time Israel takes more territory they're sending their basically it's like the reverse of what's happening with Mexico in the United States. Imagine if we were sending our refuse to Mexico instead in Mexico is already like, you know, 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag and you put another 20 pounds of shit in and it's that's that's pretty much what happened. I'm not talking shit on the Palestinians here but the Lebanese would like to have their country intact and they are taking on people who are essentially stateless at that point because they're having their territories taken away from them. And, you know, they're already in a precarious position because the West is putting these financial sanctions and this is done on purpose, right. If you're one your country if your country was already under sanctions, and you start pumping in a million refugees every year care if they're also Muslim, it doesn't matter. Like you're gonna sink that country's economy very quickly. And that's part of the plan.

James 19:07 Right, definitely. And Lebanon is a country that relies on food exports for 80% of its food already. And when you have one quarter of the country's population, a full 25% of everybody in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee. And this is not a very large country, either. It's it's actually geographically very small, with without the ability and getting much and getting smaller as true, right. And when they don't have ability to produce food for themselves, their countries only grain silo was destroyed as part of this explosion. And you already had a problem with mass starvation. This it all just makes it worse and there isn't anywhere for these for these Lebanese to go or these, excuse me Syrians to go were being made refugees as Israel pushes further into the Golan Heights and into other Palestinian territories and Lebanon had actually Tried to control the flow of these refugees a few years ago. And this made Israel very angry because they need somewhere for these people to go as they are displaced from Syria, Syria will take them to a degree but, but they're also full right there. They're receiving people from across the region, they don't have infinite space are infinite resources. And they're also coming under the, under the auspices of us Zionist financial terrorism. So yeah, Lebanon is being attacked on every front.

Jazz 20:28 even if they had millions of square miles of fertile farmland and open territory, and we're very oil rich, wealthy countries. The principle of these people being kicked out of territory that has been their home for thousands of years to make room for Jews who don't belong there at all. And, and this is, I mean, you've seen these pictures of these people put on to you know, everybody gets upset about all the Trail of Tears. Look what the Americans said to the Native American, you know, colonists to the Native Americans. It's Like, look what Israel is doing to these people today, right now. And that's why like all of your social justice bullshit like I don't give a frog's fat ass about anything that you have to say about, oh, Native American treatment as this is going on. I mean, literally pogroms of Palestinians and Syrians and Lebanese and acts of war against Lebanon. 300,000 people left homeless 80,000 of whom are children according to UNICEF and so, this Lebanese President Michel Aoun has refused to resign. This is as of this week he said it would be impossible for him to resign following calls for him to leave office. He is also called for a probe into the blast and then you have Finkle think news. The network of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity and who's left Bill O'reilly and

James 21:57 yes, Shep Smith. Gone. I mean Bret Baier is still there. Chris Wallace. Chris Walik.

Jazz 22:02 Chris Walik, Jew. What about the stroke guy or the stroke girl? The girl who had the stroke the blonde Greta like after Sean she's gone but not because not because she got Me Too’s that's for sure you know you know that for sure that like nothing happened there but

James 22:23 they have some black chick now doing the like black conservatism show

Jazz 22:28 Oh Harris Faulkner yeah yeah no I yeah I've seen I've seen her on they're very white presenting black person but you know Finkel Think News. Here's the headline from Finkel Think News. Lebanese president defends Hezbollah says it's impossible. They are responsible for deadly Beirut blast. The investigation is considering whether neglect and accident or external interference they have in quotes, as though that's like weather neglect. And so it's like plausible, plausible or in plausible in quotes caused the blast, right? neglect accident or this like crazy wild eyed conspiracy that somebody else might have done something like, you know? Yeah sure Aoun has been accused of being a puppet of Iran backed Hezbollah militia militia group made the statements to Italian media Corriere della Sera on Tuesday parotting a previous denial by the designated terrorist group

James 23:28 let's let's unpack that for a second because they they present this as if it's some like shady Pepe Silvia connecting dots on a whiteboard conspiracy that Aoun is linked to Hezbollah. No, Hezbollah was elected in Lebanon, the Lebanese people voted for Hezbollah because they were sick of Israel's bullshit in the region and they wanted someone who would punish Israel maybe you know, wipe Israel off the face of the map if if time allowed, but to punish Israel stand up to Israel and stand up to the United States for these these these operations. They're conducting in the region, they elected them. So this isn't some like shady, nefarious relationship between the US and, and Iran and Hezbollah. This is what the people want it, people want it Hezbollah government. So to suggest, as they're doing here that this is a terrorist group that is somehow unfairly and improperly used to control of the Lebanese state. It's totally dishonest. And it's being done to draw this distinction like they try to do in other areas. They attempt to do this disaster capitalism, to say our enemy isn't the people, right? We love the people. Our enemy is the government and they need to be replaced. They need to go.

Jazz 24:39 Yeah, and this is what they do all the time. They make up this fictitious groundswell of populace support against the entity that they don't like that actually has the populace support. They did this early on with with Trump, when they were still playing the game that Trump was somebody that was going to be a threat, but they made it seem like there was this groundswell of populace support, who is against this tiny minority of people who want the borders closed? And what law and order when, in fact, that's most of the country that is being held hostage by this? And, you know, they they also do the Iran back Hezbollah, terrorists, terrorists, terrorism terrorists, you know, over and over again in this Finkle think news article. Because they know, it's eventually going to come out that this was done on purpose. And the excuse will be Iran and Hezbollah had weapons there and so we had to stop them at all costs. And so that's that's the thing, you know, and so they're saying external interference. And then you have Hezbollah leader Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has alluded to the theory that Israel is to blame for the explosion. But of course, Israel has denied any involvement whatsoever. We'll get into all that in a second, but this is some of the eyewitness reports that are starting to come to the surface. You have it plane, it's a missile. It's Israel military craft who were heard, in some cases seen flying in the sky moments before the apocalyptic Beirut explosion or hardened residents of the Lebanese Capitol till the Asia times this week. I mean, James, these people have been, you know, subjected to war by the Israelis for decades. And there was a huge war in 2006 there was the Lebanese Civil War, which extended from 75 to 1990. So, do you think these people know what military aircraft sound like and look like? And you know, especially when they're doing military stuff like blowing up harbour?

James 26:42 Yeah. And one would expect if there were to be a, a denial from Israel or in the United States, maybe, or in their denial of involvement. They would say, like, yes, we were conducting operations here 10 miles away, but we didn't do this, but for them, not even to mention This, this is not a part of the official Israeli or us narrative at all these these operations are totally unmentioned. So, yeah, what is left to believe that they must have been involved in some way?

Jazz 27:11 Please believe it, believe it, please. Yeah.

James 27:13 So leave you me?

Jazz 27:16 Yeah. So this guy named arouse bedros, who's a resident of the mactan District overlooking Beirut, said that she and her husband were drawn to their 11th floor balcony on Tuesday, August 4, by the sound of a loud boom, wow. Yeah, it's true. Yeah, we ran to the balcony and saw two aircraft, black planes flying. Many people have seen black planes by the way. And she screamed to my husband, it must be Israel, and then the big explosion happened. Well, surely not wrong. CENTCOM however, which is the United States Central Command denies having aircraft in the area. US forces in Lebanon, we're not flying an aircraft in the sky above Beirut at the time of the However, we routinely utilise Unmanned Aerial platforms as a force protection tool for our teams on the ground. Sybil urban warrior teams on the ground Bill.

James 28:09 Yeah. The implication being that Yeah, we had teams on the ground, but I wasn't aware of any any non clandestine operations going on in Lebanon right now.

Jazz 28:21 No, and well, unless you're they're doing recon for the Israelis unless you're being ground spotters for the Israelis. I mean, let's let's rack up those civilian kill points. Right, Bill Urban spokesman for US Central Command. I don't know. CENTCOM does not publicise the mission specifics of our particular platforms. Our ancient particularism platforms ( Koschertified). Urban said adding he was able to share that US forces were asked for and responded to a request by the Lebanese Armed Forces. For video support following the explosion Lebanese army Armed Forces so that would be Laff. Laff asked for assistance. I hate to make fun of them but guys you got to come up with a different acronym. A good laff. Laff is very upset Laff his Laff has requested some video support so they requested video support of what was going on in the you know the United States military so yeah we'll do your video yeah support

James 29:24 kind of tough position to be in if you're in the US because they asked for that. And then you just like have the feed ready? And then Lebanon's like, wait, but why were you Why did you have this feed? Ready? Why were you flying over our port? Yeah, this is like, yeah, don't worry. Don't worry about it. You know, we're just eyes in the sky everywhere. all times.

Jazz 29:43 Yeah, they provided three and a half hours of full motion video support. Are they supposed to standard standard operating procedure but who are the black aircraft? Right? A lot of people have seen this and anybody who brings it up is called a crazy wild eyed x conspiracy theorist. But I've seen videos of the missiles. I've heard descriptions of the missiles and I've heard stories about black aircraft, which are probably reconnaissance aircraft intended to confirm the hit, which they did and then they promptly got the fuck out. I've also seen pictures of downed drones in Beirut. And the very quick story is like well as to be Iran. I'm sure those are Iran. The Iran was sitting there watching is Israel like blew up Lebanon. Yeah, right. Sure.

James 30:31 Yeah. And the Lebanese have actually shot down a few Israeli drones that are confirmed to be Israeli drones within the last three months of before this happened. And there was a case this week where two us drones like ran into each other and crashed landed. So to suggest that there there are not us and Israeli UAE presence in the region. there obviously are and the amount that Lebanon can identify and shoot down and Iran can identify and shoot down is only a small fraction. Have the total UAP presence.

Jazz 31:02 Well, and then you have senior Western forces, saying that there were in fact Western recon aircraft in the skies above the Lebanese coast at the time of the blast. It's like, okay, you know, but they the craft did not carry out the attack. Well, typically that's not how reconnaissance works, but they were there. What are they doing? They're just business as usual. I don't know. The cause of the first fire explosion is still an unanswered question. A us official said on condition of anonymity. While there have been reports that the initial fire may have been due to negligence, the source noted he has not yet seen any actual evidence to support or confirm that and that other art alternatives are possible. So no evidence that it was due to negligence. And that's that there are other alternatives are possible. So pretty interesting stuff there. Right? Because they don't have evidence that it's just that it was a an accident, although I'm sure that's what this probe is going to reveal.

James 32:05 Well, or that it was intentional by Hezbollah, that Hezbollah was just so frustrated by losing grip on their people that they resorted to terrorism to scare them back into line. That's, I think, going to be one of the shots. They try to pursue with this. And they've already tried to start doing that. But the extent to which they run with that narrative, I think will be guided by what they can extract out of the Hezbollah government, how many ministers how much disarray they can create, and how much they can get the country generally it's okay if the western pressure

Jazz 32:37 Yeah, well, and then you have on the other side of this equation, you have Jews themselves, saying it was clearly an accident. Some guy with the last name, Ashkenazi, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabby Ashkenazi, literally the name of the person who's saying this. And then you have president Benjamin or sorry, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warning in 2018 Excuse me that Shiites in Israel are using innocent people of Beirut as human shields. It's like, No, you are targeting innocent people of Beirut and calling them human shields. Like that's what you do. And then you say, Oh, you know, I'm at, like, just think of this fucking town Madrid here. Uh, you know, you go kill 300 children and be like, guy, we're using those children as human shields that we that school we bombed was a human shield for Hezbollah. You know, it's like, No, you are doing terrorism. And you were saying that your targets are shields for other terrorism. Right. So yeah, just strap that one on on Monday. Israel's military publicly said it was reducing its true presence along the border with Lebanon and Syria, which indicates confidence that Hezbollah will not or cannot reply at this time. Well, why would that be? Well, because they just got hit by Israel. And so is reels op is complete and they're reducing true president's presence along the border. interesting how that works. All of these youngness

James 34:08 so I mean, the lean times, like, Yeah, wow. Well imagine that their weapons depot is obliterated, and they're downtown have their major economic district is is levelled. And is Yeah, they have more important things to do, I guess. Right. It's it's very difficult when you're facing international pressure to you know, keep fighting the war with Israel that your people want you to fight by the way, when you have to go and rebuild your entire country after Israel bombs it.

Jazz 34:39 Yeah, and then there's the sonic boom, boom, the sonic Charlie, Charlie Kirk, as we'll call it, a man on the ground who experienced much of the Lebanese Civil War and spent his life in San Francisco from 1990. So this was guy fig says he had flashbacks to the sound of Fleet Week which is the annual airshow Between Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. All I can think of was the sound of the Blue Angels. He said, referring to the US Navy information. I definitely heard the sound of a plane First came the sonic boom, then you heard the explosion, which would make sense if this were some projectile being shot out of a plane as the plane is getting the fuck out of there after it hits its target, right? Boom. Kaboom. You know, that's how that goes. I fled the war to hear a war plan. A war playing sound. I heard it for sure. before the explosion. I heard it. Everybody heard it. Didn't we live through the 2006 War? We know the song sonic boom, it's the same sound. So it's like well, so it was just a recon recon plane just going by and doing a sonic boom. It's like, come on. We all know what this was. Everybody knows what this was. And let's talk more about the Israeli chewy Bono because this is important too. So the Israeli government is under like they have essentially lost the war of attrition against has blood they know that It's not possible. Lebanese, Lebanon has proven itself on the battlefield and played a major role in ending the Israeli occupation in Lebanon in May 2000. And so Israel has been trying to assert its dominance on Lebanon’s southern border for quite a while. But the war in 2006 was a failure. And there were some cases in 2018 2019 that sort of illustrated this, but you had more dancing Israelis, James, than the ones that we talked about a week or so ago, you have former Israeli Knesset member Moshe Feiglin. Literally Moshe Feiglin, was among many jubilant Israelis who celebrated the near demise of the Arab city. Feiglin described the horrendous explosion as quote, a day of joy, giving a huge thank you to God, if it was us, meaning Israel being involved in the deadly explosion, and we should be proud of it. And with that, we will create a balance of terror. Regardless of whether Feiglin is speaking from a position of knowledge or not his reference to balance of terror means the basic premise in all of Israel's dealings with Lebanon and Hezbollah in particular. So this is justified Israeli terror James ? Is that what I’m supposed to take from Moshe Feiglin ?

James 37:17 And they and there was a point at which they would be hesitant about speaking like this. And we talked a little bit about this guy when we when we did this initially, but this mindset you're seeing pop up.

Jazz 37:27 Did I just read the same quotes again?

James 37:32 Yeah.

Jazz I did a search of the prep and I didn't see anyone named Moshe. So what are you get dancing Israelis coming back for more, I suppose. But

James 37:40 yeah, no, it's alright. It's well, it's a good it's good to build a context. And the, this is a mindset that you're seeing from more of them. And what I was gonna say is that we we also talked about that piece in, I believe the times of Israel, if not the JTA, where there was a time at which and I remember in the 2000s when the Israel Palestine conflict was hot and heavy. And they would say like, yes, we bombed that hospital. But we had to they were shooting rockets at us from it and they had rockets on the rooftops. And you know, that maternity ward they had, they had bottle rockets, and they would at least try to justify it for for an international audience. But they've dropped largely they've dropped that pretence now and they're not even doing the the well like human shields are there a bit. Some of them will still say that. But this piece in the JTA, they were saying that if there is a time for total war with the Arabs, we're going to have to bomb their schools and their homes and their soccer fields in their government buildings. And it's going to effectively be a genocide. But that's what needs to be done in order to defend Israel. So this this brazenness maybe this is an outgrowth of, of having an ardent Zionist as president for the last three and a half years is that they're feeling a little bit more hubristic about what they can get away with.

Jazz 38:55 Yeah, they definitely seem to be going harder and we're going to talk about more of that. Today's show but this, the other reason the other piece of the chewy Bono here is as well as this is they've been bombing many targets in Syria as well. And so this benefits Israel in many ways. It's openly started to brag about its military conquests. And so Netanyahu is a guy who has been desperate to gain political credits because of the corruption charges. And so by bombing Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria, he hopes to garner approval of his military elite, and the very critical constituency of Israeli Jake nets. And so this is Jake Knapp bait. And so zooming out to like global analysis level here is when you thought you were going to get white nationalisms in the run up to the 2020 election. This is a battle for the hearts and minds of Jews and who is going to throw more money at Whoever. So what you're actually seeing what we're seeing here, in reality is this buildup of gaps. James, there is an Iranian oil depot that is very worried about it being a target next. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a lot more of this heading into the election. And it's also kind of funny that this happened. I don't know if you connected this. I certainly did. This happens on August 4. And then what happens like a week later, you get this announcement of the UAE normalising relations with Israel. Isn't it funny how this works, right? Like you get this? Let's let's say that this was some sort of ordinance that was dropped by Israel. Lebanon knows it. UAE knows it. The media makes everybody think it's an accident and plays this game. But think of the game of chess that they're playing here and you a is just like alright, you know, we're going To do this instead, because I think Benjamin Netanyahu really wanted to annex the West Bank. And the the conversation with with Donald and Pompeo, when something along the lines of Well, we're going to do something, let's do like we said in our analysis, they have an array of 10 2015 items, however many on the list that they want to get done, they do what they can not always what they must, right. It's the Mossad saying, so this is just another thing that they're planning to do. And they have to eliminate more of these people who are going to have a prop because like, let's say they did, they also may have looked at the West Bank annexation and so you know, this could get very messy if we do this right now. We have to press forward with some of our other objectives, so that this is more easy to do at some point in the future. So we're going to start fucking gay opping Lebanon and you know, cutting fuck Palestine. We're just going to start normalising relations with the UAE. Yeah, it's the same old shit again and again.

James 41:58 Yeah, and the weaker they can make their neighbouring country the easier it becomes when they eventually decide to annex the Palestinian territories because they have a place to send them. So this is this is sort of a one step back for the sake of taking two steps forward at a later date. And people will think about these things in terms of elections, and specifically in terms of the American presidential election. I think that's the wrong election to be focusing on here. Because what what we're seeing be done, whether it's this strike on Lebanon, or the deal between the UAE, the US and Israel, these are being done to shore up Benjamin Netanyahu, his electoral position before his his re election, because, of course they are, they're still in this power sharing arrangement in Israel and Netanyahu wants to reclaim sole control, which is going to be decided later this year. So by if we are operating under the assumption that Trump is throwing this thing and Trump is not trying to win, what they can get on the way out the door, it's not gonna be getting things in the US. What they'll be trying to get is is things in Israel and to keep the international arrangement of fake nationalists, more or less intact. I mean, losing Donald in the US will be a blow to them. But this is part of a larger global operation. This involves Orban, Salvini, and Bolsonaro and others and if they lose Netanyahu, who is obviously the the linchpin in all of this, that could be a big step back for them. So I think what they're what their main concern here is is bolstering Netanyahu’s position at the expense of and without any real regard to Trump's position or the US position.

Jazz 43:38 Well, it is actually bolstering Trump's position because the Zionisms are important to evangelicals so it’s like Morrakiu was saying in his bit today with the I did this for you evangelicals. So yeah, like that's that's actually an interesting thing, because they know, doing white nationalisms is popular, and it can give Trump They boost in the polls with his base which he desperately needs. But that comes at a cost. Whereas doing Zionism is something that they can sell to by proxy, Trump's white base to evangelicals and have no real cost in terms of like doing racism or getting people so you can get white you can get a large portion of Trump's white base excited about something that benefits Jews, whereas, you know, threatening to close the borders and all this other stuff. It's like, like the the throwing the feeding the flames of white nationalism. Not so good. But yeah, I kind of expected that this was going to come. And I think, yeah, some of it has to do with like, let's see what we can get on the way out the door. But some of it also has to do with placating these people because even if Trump is throwing the election or not, or let's say, you know, because I actually agree with spin on this. I think Trump personally, like personally he wants to win because of his legacy. Out of self interest not because of his 2016 campaign promises personally he would like to be president for two terms. I think anyone would like to be president for two terms. But I think like the role that he is playing in the job that he is serving out they it's not really up to him how many what he's serving I mean, if the system decides your fucking your ass is grass your ass is grass right? Just like the system decided that Harvey truck Weinstein. Oh, I said Harvey first truck. Weinstein's asks was grass. That's it. You're done. Les Moonves, you're done. Al Franken, you're done. I mean, these are Jews and they decided you know, you're going to take one for the team on this this got carried away went a little bit too far. But yeah, this is I think they don't want you know, throwing the election is one thing, but just totally like fucking all the people like you have to keep people engaged as you're losing the election. So that's kind of a roundabout way of make right point that these are benefiting that one part of the white base at no cost to God. Right.

James 46:01 What I would say what I would say, though, is that I think the the benefit is felt less in the US on behalf of Donald Trump and felt more in Israel on behalf of Netanyahu. I think Netanyahu was getting out of this. And Trump is,

Jazz 46:14 well, of course, but the foreign policy stuff is something that is always sold to evangelicals. I mean, they get very excited about Trump heights and Golan Heights and West Bank and all that stuff. They get very, very excited about this stuff. But obviously, the direct benefit is is to these these people. But my point is, it is something that they can sell as a win win strategy versus closed down the border and you know, you know, make Yale stop discriminating against whites, which is like of no benefit Israel at all. So, but yeah, going to the point here, and this is something that I wanted to point out, and I've pointed this out before, and it's an easy way to tell when something is a gap. So you know, what is what was missing from this whole thing. 300,000 people put out into the streets hundreds of people bed 80,000 children homeless. Did you see one profile photo or one hashtag stand with Lebanon Beirut strong you know Lebanese flag superimposed over somebody's Facebook profile photo I stand with Lebanon, you know we're gonna be strong for the Lebanese people this horrible No, not a fucking word. Just radio silence, nothing fucking nothing. How do you know that it's a gap because the usual apparatus that they whip up to support something that they want you to support like let's stand with these people. Not a fucking thing but you know who did. The municipality of Tel Aviv they were the only place that lit up their city hall with the colours of the Lebanese flag, and they they made a big deal about it, making it seem like they were standing in solidarity with an enemy country. This is like the guy who steals your wallet and then helps you look for it. This is what they did. And so this whole stand with Lebanon Beirut strong like all this bullshit. No, it was Israel's doing it. Nobody else is. And Israel is doing it only because they're the guilty party. Everybody knows that Israel has done what Israel has done. And so this is a particularly big insult, because the entire city of Tel Aviv, of course sits on the ashes of Palestinian towns, villages, homes, and the residents themselves of all the places that have been destroyed, to make room for Israel. So they're waving this Lebanese flag in this fake and gay show of solidarity. And yeah, it's essentially a graveyard for all the people that they just bombed. Another interesting point is that the people that were subjected to this act of terror this act of war in Beirut harbour are probably the children of the people who these rallies kick the fuck out of this territory. So they hit them once 50 years ago, and then they hit them again and they keep hitting them. And it never stops. And people are like, why would anyone be so hateful toward Jews? I don't understand. Why would people get so upset at Jews? They haven't done any no look at look at this. Look at what they've done.

James 49:29 So they deal with this picture here with these plastic lawn chairs. These like Tel Aviv denizens are sitting out looking gazing upon this building here in Tel Aviv. We must be

Jazz 49:41 they must be something like that. Yeah, I don't know. But uh, yeah, this building if you haven't seen it, well, you will see the artwork this week, which is by by special design a frontier land. I saw this picture and I was like, frontierland you got to do this with the photo and he did it. Did it. So shall we pivot to the goings on of the Democratic National Convention this week, James? Yeah. So

James 50:09 now for two hours of analysis of the zoom livestream DNC convention. And Oh, dude, you know that the hot story on Fox News Radio yesterday was why Michelle Obama recorded her an endorsement before Kamala Harris. Is it a personal beef? Is she jealous? Let's find out for six hours of coverage.

Jazz 50:31 Who has to spend more time in the morning like hiding their penis before they like go outside Michael or Paul, Paula? Cameron,

James 50:43 there was that was that weird thing when Obama was president where he was like on a hot mic or something or on a phone call? And he said that Kamala Harris was the hottest AG in the country. Yeah. Which is like

Jazz 50:54 all right. In Michael got a boner.

James 50:58 Yeah, just Disgusting. Now just kidding, guys, we're not talking about the DNC that Yeah, I know this has been going on Democratic National Convention but you know, I started frontier land actually and it's it is trees like I really like the fact that you guys have because of Finkle think and understanding what Finkle think is, like we're doing our own thing like trs broadly, but ftn like, we talk about news and tell you what to think. But, like, this whole getting caught up in the 24 hour, that's why like, whatever, you know, the only thing that can news caucus is like some sort of major disaster like some other thing, like, I mean, there's a you can't get news cut, if you're not, like, sucked into the Finkel think, right? You know, if you were not having conversations about like, Who cares what happened at the DNC, who fucking cares? Now there is a shot to tell about USPS we're gonna do that this weekend. But, um, it like all of these things are distracting. They don't want you, you know, they want you to focus on the DNC, a Biden became the nominee, like, Who gives a fuck? Who gives a fuck, like, whether you're right or left falling into the physical thing? It's just like no. And so because we're able to have independent conversations about these things, we're able to be in the unique position of talking about the things that actually matter. And it took us a while to understand what actually mattered, but we have arrived, we know what actually matters. Now I don't want to sound like you know, I'm, you know, be too much. Too much hubris there, but we like I know, you know, like Mike was saying today on tedious like, we know that we're right, because when you apply our heuristic to politics or the media, we can accurately tell you what is going to happen. And it you know, we're wrong. Sometimes we don't get it right all the time. But immediately, I see these stories start to form and you know, you just get very good like you're a storm chaser. You're like, yep, that's gonna be a tornado over there. That's gonna be a shitstorm over there, James. Like you just immediately know, ship Blizzard should ship Blizzard bugs. So you know, just have to figure stuff out but one of these things, that is a huge piece of news that is not going to be on news.google.whatever.do is the improving laundering laws and increasing comprehensive information tracking of criminal activity in Shell holdings act. Yet you got that right. That is the illicit cash legislation that has been floating around Congress, just like another, you know, a bunch of other legislation that has been floating around Congress to try to get access to backdoor encryption. Now they want access to everybody's financial transactions, including Bitcoin. This is so the improving laundering laws and increasing comprehensive information tracking of criminal activity and shell holdings act

Jazz 53:58 is what creates the acronym illicit cash in case you haven't figured that out, but you have this bipartisan group of senators Mark Warner, very based Tom Cotton. Mike rounds republican john kennedy, Republican Jerry Moran republican and it's amazing James, very deep red states, Arkansas, South Dakota, Louisiana, Kansas. And then you have Doug Jones, Alabama, Bob Menendez, who I guess is like not going to jail. Catherine Cortez masto this cohort of senators, they all sit on the powerful Senate Banking Committee. My God now put it all together. How did Tom Cotton so Wow, how did this end up happening? Uh, this is something that they proposed back in September, which is this illicit cash act which essentially what it does is, it is demanding that if you own a company Your name is shared. publicly with everybody, no more shell companies, no more anonymous holding companies, none of this stuff. They want all of this public publicise. And they want it publicised with the Financial Crimes enforcement network fincen in the United States Treasury, and then they want a public docket of all this information out there for everyone to see. And so, at first glance you think, you know, if you read actually some of the texts that they use as an example, they keep repeating human trafficking and I'm sure it's like, you know, you're making you're making steaks to put on the grill James, it's like you put a lot of stake on put a lot of salt on the stakes, but a lot of pepper on the stakes. Yeah, somebody just comes along and says, Yeah, we need to take this piece of legislation here, this 25,000 word piece of legislation. Yeah, we got to sprinkle some human trafficking on this and make people really give a fuck about it because they make it seem as though they want this anti money laundering legislation put through so that they can stop human traffickers, right? Like while everybody is caring very deeply about paedophiles and Jeffrey Epstein and Tom Hanks and whatever, we're gonna do this bill for anti money laundering and we're gonna get to the bottom of all this human trend or you're not

James 56:14 just you're not hurt, it acts right, the one that would eliminate the the section 234 for companies under the guise of fighting human trafficking.

Jazz 56:24 Yeah. And see, here's the thing. illicit cash is outside of the Jewish system, paedophilia and political blackmail and political leverage that's inside the Jewish system. That is the Jewish system. That's the Jewish system of financial control of the American political system. So when they say illicit cash, they're not talking about crimes that they're committing, right? They're not talking about drugs that are being brought into the United States. They're not talking about you know, mules or any any of the micro finance money that is going back and forth to bring people into the country illegally. No, no, that no, no This is just anybody who is either in competition to the system or just people who are you know, in the financial system that are doing wrong think and then they can have a very clear record of where everybody is and what everybody's doing. Because you know, juicer in charge now. So this whole concept of shell companies is kind of unnecessary right Jews needed to do shell companies when they were trying to hide what they were doing from a government that might crack down on them and give them the old Ethel Rosenberg treatment, shall we say put them in the put them in the old in the old pressure cooker, but no, no, they don't need this anymore. So they want this financial transparency and they want it now and they use these like weird examples of how these Russians are Boris and some other Arkady Rotenberg to Russian oligarchs who are using shell companies to invest A lot of money in the United States is largely unregulated art industry and they go off on this weird tangent about how art is this. This means by which money is laundered, and I'm sure it probably was, yeah, they're not wrong. But is that written like, like art? Or, you know, do we want to talk about cheese pizza? No, you want to talk about art, you want to talk about oil paintings and just ignore the cheese pizza. Because you know, that's, I can see why you would want to do that. It's very clear why you would want to do that. But the important point of this is it's you know, it's not just that this was brought up in September 26 2019. This was voted on by the US House of Representatives as part of the National Defence Authorization Act just a couple weeks ago, and it is in the house version of the bill. And the Senate, I don't think has voted on theirs yet. Or maybe they have but they have not reconciled the two bills yet. That's how things work. In Zionist occupied go. In America, they have to reconcile these two bills. And so the house passes a version of this. enhance it to the Senate. The body that introduced this bill in the first place. So you think that mark warner Tom Cotton, Mike rounds, john kennedy, Jerry Moran, Doug Jones, Bob Menendez, Catherine Cortez are all going to just chuck this out of the NDAA James.

James 59:24 This is getting chucked right back in I would guess.

Jazz 59:26 Yeah. No, this is gonna get reconciled into the NDAA. And it makes perfect sense why they'd want to attach it to this. But here's the shot. This is a this is from Nate Sibley, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute's kleptocracy initiative. Oh, yeah. What are you looking into over at the kleptocracy initiative there, Nate. I'm sure it's a I'm sure it's all the right people. It's a foundational form to the United States is anti money laundering system. It must it would be a powerful tool for domestic law enforcement whether they invert or investigating drug cartels, international kleptocrats or terrorists. Oh, my God international kleptocrats. It's a new that's a new like good optics canard, James.

James 1:00:14 It's true. And people, you know might think, well what's the big deal? Right? Because when you incorporate a company, you already hand over this information to someone and you have to do a registration process. One, that's not always the case. Some states allow for varying degrees of anonymity. When forming a when incorporating a company. And to what this is doing is creating a federal database a federal database to be monitored by fincen. That will require every incorporated company in the country from LLC S to S corp, C Corp don't matter, to submit information and identifying information on all beneficiaries, to the federal government to be compiled into a database, which in the United Kingdom, by the way, which is the model they're looking at in the UK. This is publicly accessible now. That's a that's, you know what's coming here in the US if this becomes law. So that's what this is doing. And this is the end of the end of any kind of financial privacy that one may have. And you don't need, like you're saying you don't need shell companies, you don't need financial anonymity, when you can just go and be the ADL and get, you know, $5 million in PPP, PPP funds from the federal government, or you can be BlackRock and get a trillion dollars worth of bonds to be managed. Like, what's the point of having financial anonymity when you can just operate the levers of power right out in the open, and that's what they've evolved to doing now?

Jazz 1:01:41 Yeah, what kind of Jewish ritual involves getting doused in pee pee poo poo like the ADL does? What is that? I don't know. Or spoopy the being Jesus Christ apparently and then apparently, yeah. But you had 42 attorneys general who they found a typo here. They say attorney generals that's wrong Attorneys General 42 attorneys general have urged the federal government to pass it. The US Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the committee as well. Which is kind of funny because, you know, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, they're all in the middle of a little bit of a shitstorm here with everything that's going on. But again, it they're using the fact that the curtain was pulled back just a little bit on their Peto blackmail, leverage political leverage operation. And they're using it now as a justification to pass legislation to get behind the scenes on literally everything cases. Do you think les Wexner has anything to worry about with this, though, hitting Jews have anything to worry about with this? No. This is this is about having a catalogue of anybody who is in the financial system so that they can get them out of the financial system at the drop of a hat. You know, you have tech companies in your home, running your schools doing everything to control your life, and they can shut you off in a second. And they're just shoring up the other side of this with the financial system. So that's, that's another big piece of it. But yeah, and banks have cried, cried out, too, because everybody knows that the banks have been cooking their stress test books. Nobody actually believes that they're, that this is this is this is working out, and they're just crying to make sure you know, they don't have anything to worry about. They're going to get carve outs and exemptions in this they're not going to be impacted by this at all. And in fact, it allows them to blame any problems that they do find on people that they've exercised and then there will be the virtue signalling of, you know, kicking people out of the system to you know, we found we found 100 race centre bank and we've kicked them out and, you know, build a fine racist Somebody who just holds up a sign and says, build the wall or close the border, or, I don't know, where are we? Where's the line these days? James, the old Overton window. I mean, the Overton window. haven't talked about that one in a while that has been so far in the opposite direction at this point. The, you know, because a lot of these now, it's interesting, talking about the Overton window. The Overton window in the sense of what people want to talk about, is more further by I don't even know what direction you want to go to the right I suppose, than it ever has been. But it's almost like you can't but nobody can say anything about the you know, it's like not this is acceptable to talk about amongst yourselves, but the the it's been disconnected from people who are willing to advocate for those things on a public platform. So remember, we talked about the Overton Window moving in a direction where it you know, it was acceptable for To talk about this and talk about that, it's like no, now, nothing's acceptable. Like, unless you're full throated support of fags and hostile takeover the United States like, You're, you're a Nazi, right?

James 1:05:13 So well, having a problem with a five year old boy being shot in the head makes you a makes you a speakable racist. Now, if you talk about that, no, it's if you know, if your kid is the victim, and that the media pressures you to come out and say and repeat the party line that this had nothing to do with race. This is colorblind and, and race was not a factor here. So you know, say maybe maybe this kid was killed because you B was white and the killer was black. And that marks you as as someone marked for death in the financial system and in the media sphere.

Jazz 1:05:47 Yeah, so let me share some more information on this. So as far as information sharing the ability to create new requirements for the Department of Justice, law enforcement and foreign banks would require DOJ To provide Treasury with metrics on the usefulness of the data for financial landscapes require law enforcement to coordinate with financial regulators to provide feedback to financial institutions on their suspicious activity reports require foreign banks to provide records in a manner that establishes their authenticity and reliability. The bill updates the definition of coins and currency to include digital currency, ensuring the inclusion of current and future payment systems in the AML CFT. regime. AML is anti money laundering. The bill would also provide a process for the approval of transaction monitoring software. According to the bill sponsors, this process will facilitate the adoption of new technologies to improve the risk based system of tracking individual transaction so Isn't that great? Several industry leaders and law enforcement groups have come out in support of this legislation. The American Bankers Association bank Policy Institute national District Attorneys Association Fraternal Order of Police Financial accountability and corporate transparency fact. coalition of 100 state national international organisations have all expressed support for the bill weight, international organisations expressing support for the anti money laundering act in the United States. My God, James, that sounds like foreign meddling. Oh, but magpie bagpipe and Bill Barr says that that's okay to do. Jesse did a spot on invitation of me as always with Bill buyer today. So, yeah, Bill Barr is shutting all this stuff down all these human traffickers, drug smugglers, terrorists and white people, right? Why don't you just say that Greg Baer BPI president and CEO. It says we need to modernise this antiquated anti money laundering regime. We got to get these human traffickers no you don't you're just going after white people just

James 1:07:52 yeah, this is like punishment for for white people that are like using Bitcoin and things that's that's basically what this is setting up Do one of the many, many ways in which this will be used. And look, the premise of going after illicit cash and going after suspicious foreign dark money that is interfering in our country in government. Yeah, I'm all for that in the system that we control and we can accurately identify the source of this foreign money, what it's being used for, who is taking it, and what the what the repercussions should be for doing so. that's a that's a great thing to do to remove foreign cash influence on your government. You know, we could start with with some of the primary organisations that that channel this money and funnel this money into the US groups like the ADL, a PAC and so on and so forth. But, yeah, suspiciously I get the feeling that they are not going to be any of the targets of the illicit cash act.

Jazz 1:08:46 No, no, they won't. And in fact, you can lightswitch brain on this. The US federal government is anti money laundering because they are pro dirty money. They want the dirty money to continue to be dirty, dirty, filthy. Dirty Jewish money and it's just always gonna be that way. And they don't want anybody cleaning it at all. But no, in all seriousness, there is no like look, I am I would be in full full support of anything that would bring down and prevent this this network of political leverage that they do but it's not that's not happening. And that's the biggest aspect of the money laundering of all this is just going to be used. This is why you have like black cube going into like white a white collar crime investigation and money laundering and all this stuff. This is just if you think of the United States, its involvement with Israel as almost like a mafia because it's what it really operates like this. Things like this are just proclamations to destroy any competition or threats to that system. It's not actually like the system to us is the threat. This is to protect them. That system that is a threat in people's lives. So for people who think this is going to solve money laundering, nobody in our audience, but there are people who think this is good. And it's a thing that people like Tom Cotton can sell to his constituents is Look what I did. We're cracking down on criminals in America, they are not. You're cracking down on your own constituents interests, and you tell them that it's something else. And that's what this is. Because if this was so great, if this was such a wonderful triumph of good over evil, why sneak it into the NDA, why have all this Finkle thing floating around to distract people? Why wouldn't this be top of your list? Because they're, you know, you can't make this a priority. And have, you know, wall to wall press conferences at noon in the middle of the day to talk about all the good stuff you're doing is as duly elected officials of the US government, if you know that this is not actually going to turn out to net any criminals. This is not You know, it's like your you'll see every once in a while like Bill bars. What is that thing that he did with the paedophiles there was like that operation heartbeat or something that was like intended to make people think that they were actually going after paedophiles, but they are they're going after like these lone wolf, like, kind of weird, you know, just fucked up paedophile guys. They're not going after the rings. They're not going after the organised crime. So

James 1:11:26 yeah, which was actually a continuation of the programme that had been going on before Trump became president. It was a new one that they did to operation legend. Right that just was announced today where they they arrested 90 vicious killers, vicious killers, which people are saying, oh, wow, great, you know, they're taking action against against anti fun against domestic terrorists. No, they're not none of these arrests, by the feds have anything to do with Antifa or domestic terrorism. That's It's, uh, you know, just regular street criminals, criminals that probably were led out by the trumpington stration with with criminal justice reform, how great is that? Right? let out the criminals and then and then recapture them when they eventually attack and kill and hurt other people and you could say, look, we're doing such a great job on crime.

Jazz 1:12:13 But no, yep,

James 1:12:14 yeah, that's where that's the state of affairs as of right now. So we're gonna take a quick break. Come back, talk about some more, a lot more to talk about and we'll be right back.

Jazz 1:12:34 You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever.

1:12:56 And now back to the fashion nation heard. Only live on the TRS Radio Network

James 1:13:10 Welcome back. And it's always great to well I should say is always not so great to get news and have the story break 15 minutes or an hour after you wrap the show but in this case we got we got a mid show update.

Jazz 1:13:23 Yeah Finkle Think News has the headline here Adam Shaw and Ben Ivansky. Trump says US intends to trigger snap back more like clap back of UN sanctions on Iran. The clap back mechanism has was included in part of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Trump announced that us intends to clap back sanctions on Iran. So why would they do this out of the blue? I mean, it's almost as though you have this Israeli bombing of Beirut. Which they will say we did this because Iran is backed Iran is backing Hezbollah. And now you have this clap back on sanctions. It's amazing. Like, what did Iran do here to desert? Oh, they're just opposed to choose. I see what it is. And so, yeah, this is a continuation. I mean, like I said, and like Mike said, identities are heuristic, when applied to the political process is it's just amazing how well it works. It's like we just got done saying that this is going to be you're going to see just Zionisms instead of white nationalisms. And what do you get clap back against Iran? imposition of sanctions. And the reason why they did this is because the UN Security Council said, we're not going to enforce these sanctions, said fuck you. And so now Trump is demanding that they be reimposed and using the Iran nuclear deal that he said was invalid to do it. It's kind of funny. Then he like disregard the Iran nuclear deal and now he is back at it.

James 1:15:06 Well yeah they did some Talmudry with the the nuclear deal, which was that they said that the US was no longer going to abide by their agreement as part of the deal to relax to progressively relaxed sanctions. But Iran still had to abide by the the destruction of their enriched supposedly enrichment facilities. Thus, Iran is violating the deal. Thus, the US can reimpose the sanctions.

Jazz 1:15:31 It's perfect Judaism. It's like we get free speech, but you don't. Like we get to, you know, this deal that we signed, we're not going to abide by our part of it, but you're going to abide by your part of it.

James 1:15:42

It's because of you too. There's that that guilt that it's actually your fault that you're doing this to yourself just woven in there. They can blame you for it, which is perfect. That's what they they love to do is to make it make it really your fault. And yeah, so this is what they're gonna do and they've been trying this is not alone. One off incident, right. We've talked about this being done the US trying to reimpose these sanctions in the midst of Coronavirus and to blockade medical supplies from going into Iran when Iran was the number two country for cases in the world back in. But January, February, the US was trying to reimpose these and never letting a humanitarian crisis especially go to waste. So it's

Jazz 1:16:25 Yeah, it's it's the usual it's the usual play. And if they could, they'd be doing disaster capitalism like they're doing with Lebanon. And this is the other thing too. It isn't just that the United States is no longer abiding by any terms of the deal and Iran is forced to do so. They have made specific specific carve outs of the JCPOA to a whereby the United States would continue to claim certain rights especially with regard to UN Security Council Resolution 2231 so they're gonna say yeah we're gonna we're not going to be doing or we're withdrawing from the JCPOA right now except in certain circumstances when then we're going to snap back we're going to clap back these clap back provisions where we can do gay ops against Iran whenever the fuck we want so it's the most Jewish thing ever and yeah so there you go that's breaking breaking news here on Wednesday night and it's just gonna keep coming because you know you got to keep you got to keep old Sheldon Adelson stroking those checks James I guess that's the shot is I suppose. Yeah, cuz Yeah. Well, I wonder losing event. If you lose evangelicals. What do you have? Not much.

James 1:17:46 I wonder if that was part of the this initial push I'm sure it was for this reopening was the Sheldon Adelson casinos and hotels are just sitting empty.

Jazz 1:17:55 Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Donald Trump's hotels are sitting empty. Yeah, this is all of this was all of the back to workshop stuff. And you know, they tried to go back to normal but it's not working out. Not working out at all these industries. I mean, you've mass layoffs coming but that's a that's a story for another day. One way Yeah. Oh well one thing that has gone back to normal though, James

James 1:18:22 is that a good segue?

Jazz 1:18:23 I was was gonna say one thing that could be done to help alleviate some of this economic pain, which unfortunately is not going to be done because of the usual shot you usual. The US serious suspects is a wealth tax, a targeted wealth tax towards the upper upper echelon.

James 1:18:40 Did I get the prep out of order? See, I was segwaying I in my mind, I thought the I thought the illegal immigrant processing crossing returning to normal levels like being I'm going back Nope, nope. Nope. I forgot about the I see. I see what Yeah,

Jazz 1:18:55 sorry about that. You see what I did there. I did it too. If only taxing the total wealth of Jews to like give give to the people was like going back to normal man that'd be a great normal to return to we might actually have a society dare I say James he won't that were allowed to happen.

James 1:19:20 You might be able to say that's a historical normal for European peoples is is you know a more equitable distribution of wealth has been has been enforced in the past but no longer not in America. They're trying to do this in California. However with this this wealth tax that I saw Zero Hedge and others saying like is right around the corner, it's coming let's go tomorrow, run out of California because they're going to take all of your monies tomorrow but it was more to it than that was more nuance obviously then is being presented on An Herohedge so this is AB20-88. Whoa based did it on purpose, which would be the nation's first in the nation wealth tax setting a 0.4% tax rate on all Net Worth above $30 million, according to the text of the legislation that's being proposed by a Japanese guy, Japanese legislator, Assemblyman from California from Oakland, California. And this would apply if it became law to about 30,400 Californians and raise about seven and a half billion dollars annually. Now, that's a lot of money, especially even even in California. It's a lot of money for any state. But even in California that has, what is it like the the world's eighth largest economy just by itself as a state, and they're running around a $54 billion budget deficit right now, this would help alleviate that. And this tax is unique because it would actually take into account not only assets that are held in the state, but all assets held globally, in the US and across the world, capturing immense levels of accumulated wealth held by the top point 1% of Californians. Now, so far jazz So far, so good, right? I mean, this is something That you would think in socialist California would make a lot of sense that would be a shoo in to be passed into law. But yeah, they're running into some problems getting getting this thing across the finish line. I'm reminded actually, of and you guys had talked about this a few years ago of the California universal health care, right where Yes, where they tried to do actually couldn't get it done.

Jazz 1:21:23 Yeah, well, I mean, this is this is you know, how the the anti racist anti capitalist Finkle think is done on the left to make people think that they're going to get something but with and this is why balanced government is is actually a the the two party ping pong politics of the kosher sandwich is actually a very stable way for them to maintain power. Because the moment that it tips too far in either direction, then the realities start to get laid pretty bare and you know, if you're a little leftists in California, certainly not an anti fog because anti fire aren't actually advocating for these things. But you think that billionaires and millionaires should be to have their entire wealth taxed or you think all of the people in the state of California deserve some sort of free health care? We're not getting any of that. You have super majorities in both chambers in Sacramento and the governorship what's going on their big guy, what's going on their big lefty, what's happening, why aren't you getting what you want? Because they keep promising you this stuff. But you just get, you just get anti racist Finkle think we get. We get Oh, yeah, we're gonna build a wall, the port the mall, we're gonna, you know, unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of America. I mean, none of which makes it seem like everybody's going to get rich, right? The GOP is everybody's every man's lottery ticket. No, it's not happening. It's a Jewish lottery ticket all the way. But, you know, it's not sold on both sides. And then. So this is what we were talking about last weekend where there's been this departure from and that's why you don't have mainstream democrats talking about universal health care in those things. I mean, they do in a very boilerplate sort of way but they've they've done it in a way that Republicans have introduced immigration logic into their immigration rhetoric into their platform, where they'll say, you know, we have to respect the the right of law and order and you know, if you're going to come here, you got to go through the front door and all this stupid stuff, and they do this stuff with you, everybody deserves a chance at healthcare. Everybody deserves you know, we need more of these billionaires need to pay more, they're not being taxed enough. And but when it comes down to brass tacks, and you actually have the political will to get these things done. They go they don't get done. I mean, look at the first two years of the Trump administration, you know, the House, the Senate White House, nothing. Got nothing you got Trump Heights is what you got. You got a embassy in Jerusalem is what you got. And people in California, they're going to get something that looks like a wealth tax. But all all that's going to do is just further squeeze out whatever middle classes left right. In the state.

James 1:24:21 Yeah, that's that's and that's where conservatives get tripped up on this too, because they hear they know that California is democrat controlled, Democrat controlled, Democrat house, Democrat, Senate or assembly, I guess it is in California. And so they hear something like this is proposed by a Democrat. And they think well, it's obviously going to pass because democrats control the state government, right. Why wouldn't they do this? Well, because there's more considerations than just partisan legislation. And, and who this will affect what you will get in places like California, is you will get higher property taxes, you will get higher income taxes that can be used. To extract wealth out of that, that middle to upper working class that we always talk about, you know, between 60 to 200,000 a year, people who pay the most amount of taxes, especially in California, and receive the least amount of state benefits, you'll get tax increases on them and and feel will be made to be like $5 a gallon and the cost of living will just be ramped up, which people have to pay for. But when it comes to going after the Uber wealthy the top like this bill, the top literally point 1% of Californians people with a net worth of $30 million. Yeah, you don't get that, you know, it seems like that can never be it just dies in committee, right? weird, weird how that happens. So conservatives see this, and they think, well, this is just gonna drive productive people away. So that's the wrong tick, because that all of those provisions have already been done and they don't have a problem with doing that. The reason I have a problem with this is because of who it's going to affect. Obviously, it's anti semitic, but some of the takes coming out of conservatism, like reason magazine. Had a had an interesting take on this, where they say it's kind of refreshing that you're not refreshing. It's kind of disgusting actually to go back and look at libertarianism, because if you in fact thing disgusting I mean, you know, well, it's like, it's like splashing acetone on your skin and just like like, oh my god this is is terrible, because they say, this is what they say quote Bonta who is the guy that proposed this is quite happy to reveal that the bill's co sponsors are the California Federation of Teachers, California Teachers Association, Service Employees International Union. These are without exaggeration, the people who would benefit financially from the taxes passage, the money would be given to the state's General Fund, which pays public salary, public employee salaries. Has there ever been a more vivid example to pin taxation is theft saying to this wealth tax is literally a fine for having assets. The state's public employees come it for themselves. They just listen to the immerse yourself in the town. mutek frame Have that, that people who are working these jobs working class people want more state services, which they are already paying for in taxes and they're not getting. And when they go after the wealthy, to make them pay for them, that's what it becomes suddenly immoral, right? How dare they? How dare you ask for more from your state, it's immoral to do so. In fact, Zero Hedge, you know, chime in to this is stupid, right reasons as this is a immoral Zero Hedge. This is a stupid idea. They talk about how socialism, you know, has never worked, so on and so forth. It's all just the same bullshit over and over again. But none of that gets to why this is not going to happen. Does your head says that California is set to pass this bill that it's on Newsom's desk basically? Well, no. It's actually still in the state assembly committee. And it's probably going to die there because you do a little research jazz on who these California billionaires are With the Uber wealthy point one percenters in California Well, I didn't have to go any further than Zero Hedge itself put out an article saying just 12 us billionaires now own more than $1 trillion in combined wealth. And another five of the top nine, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They’re all Jews. So yeah. So when this doesn't get passed, leftists in California, maybe there's your answer. Maybe that's why this isn't gonna happen.

Jazz 1:28:31 Yeah, I didn't know. I didn't know that. Larry Ellison was Jewish. Oh, yes. Larry Ellison born in New York City to an unwed Jewish mother. biological father was an Italian American United States Army Air Corps pilot. Interesting. So we did we have a Mamma mia confab during World War Two. And that's the Larry Ellison. Oh yeah. You look at Larry Ellison's face. Yeah, pretty…

James 1:28:59 The other interesting thing here too is that California State Assembly, especially the Democrats, about 20% of state assembly members in California are Jewish. And this piece of legislation has 10 co sponsors, not a single one of them Jewish. So none of California's Jewish democrats signed on to this piece of legislation. It's all you know, mystery meat and Asian and, and Hispanics and so forth. Not a single Joe lining up for this, which mathematically alone is nearly impossible.

Jazz 1:29:35 I was just reading that Larry Ellis I didn't know Larry Ellison was a licenced pilot, but apparently, he's been sued by the City of San Jose, California for violating its limits on Late Night takeoffs and landings from San Jose moneta International Airport by aircraft weighing more than 75,000 pounds, apparently like this guy, he's got a Gulfstream G5 and he was like just dipping out at like 4:07 am and shit like, just like we’re out of here. wheels up. Get me out of here but yeah, Larry Ellison Yeah, he's uh yeah interesting lot the lot to do a little he's a very weird looking very weird looking guy there's a picture of him shaking, shaking the sausage laden fingers of Mike Pompeo there in this picture.

Jazz 1:30:41 Oh, yeah, exactly. Yeah, don't do that again. Keep going around. Now fly upside down. Man. Something tells me that leaving Larry Ellison would get tired of that Scvartze very quickly. So yeah, so Well, speaking of things going back to normal.

James 1:30:57 There we go. Right. Hey, And the southern border. You know good very solid sec you 10 out of 10 border crossings are returning to normal and that normal is not good. That is not a good normal this is this is a new equally this normal is bad is the last normal. The crossings are bolstered largely by the increase in unaccompanied adults. They did the family shot the the minor shot that shots put on ice for now, but Border Patrol agents made 30,000 arrests in July of this year, which was the third consecutive month of steady increases since arrests plunged to roughly 16,000 in April

Jazz 1:31:38 Fake news the borders closed James we closed the border not possible

James 1:31:45 Yeah I thought we let's go’d our way through this right. I thought immigration was solved.

Jazz 1:31:50 Yeah, there's not you know borders closed, bro. This is just they're just making this stuff up. Time to cancel the border control. Yeah, watch that become the next thing. Donald Trump just like, starts demanding that we cancel the Border Patrol because they're lying about the people coming in. But the real chess narrative is just like they have no border patrol at all. Like, we have to cancel these people because they're lying, they're doing this fake news to ruin my presidency, with these 90,000 people that were stopped by Border Patrol between May and July. It's like, yeah…

James 1:32:24 We’re one degree of separation away from that. I mean, he already did that with Brian kolfage and Kris Kobach. They're doing this to make me look bad.

Jazz 1:32:31 Yeah, that's right. Yeah, they're building a wall out of own. You know, they're building a private wall and it's making me look bad. It's like it.

James 1:32:38 Oh, they're only they're only doing it to make me look bad. This is all about me.

Jazz 1:32:43 They don't like Donald. Yeah, these these Border Patrol agents are apprehending illegals to make me look bad. Please stop doing that

James 1:32:51 is part of the Deep State conspiracy. This is the deep state.

Jazz 1:32:55 Yeah. Well, other breaking news i saw while we were recording here. Is he actually praised Q Anon for the first time? So, yeah, according to The Hill sorry for this interjection hill here but President Trump offers praise for Q Anon followers saying they love our country in most extensive comments yet on Q Anon so it's kind of funny. He's trying to do what he can because I think over the weekend, his comments like he just ignored a question completely on Q Anon and I don't know what I don't know what station I was listening to, but they're reading comments of some of the Q Anon people and trying to do copes on why like Trump was ignoring them. And like so he can't he can't out us now. He can't connect himself to us now. It's not the right time. We'll just have to wait. Wait, wait longer, you know, he can't he can't tell us, he can’t be too obvious about, you know what the shot is here. But, uh,

James 1:34:04 well, we predicted this when we talked about Q Anon because they weren't discussing how they could destroy Q Anon. Q Anon’s become a problem for them. And they have so far been unable to destroy it and stamp it out. So if you can't stamp it out and just destroy it, what's the second best option is to co-opt it, to channel it back in a safe direction. And as these people it's like, it's like a big steelhead in the water. And you've been throwing out the same bait time and time again.

Jazz 1:34:31 steelhead, I'm fucking starving. So good.

James 1:34:34 Yeah, and you know, the fish is kind of losing interest and the fish is starting to go their own way. Go go off in other directions starting to veer away you're looking on the depth finder. You can't find it. And so what does Donald do? Just take a big, like eight inch flashy metallic spinner, throw it in the water. Look, follow me. Come back to me. So they just want to make it about Trump again. I just make it about Trump’s cult of personality.

Jazz 1:34:58 Yeah, and they say so. This is When he says about q anon, I don't know much about the movement other than I understand that they like me very much, which I appreciate. But I don't. But I don't know much about the movement at all. These are people that don't like to see what's going on in places like Portland, places like Chicago and other cities and states,

James 1:35:19 places like Little Saint James

Jazz 1:35:22 Yeah, Trump said and this is The Hill here mischaracterizing what the conspiracy theory focuses on. And they're not wrong, because Q Anon is not out there talking about Chicago and Portland and violence against white people are talking about like, Tom Hanks, and kitty diddling, but it's like, you know, I've heard these people that love our country, and they just don't like what they're seeing. I don't really know. So he just projects. So yeah, here's what happens. Trump knows that he has failed people in the most abject way on protecting the country from these riots. I saw a great Stone toss cartoon today did you see this one from stone toss yet? I didn't with a word Donald. It's like Donald coming in the door of the house with like a cup of coffee in his hand and the Thought Bubble says I've pardon Susan B. Anthony and on the ground lays like a maga with his like limbs broken in bloodied like over his back, face down with like a shattered American flag. And there's a black, like, who has the computer monitor in hand, like jumping out the window. Like I've pardoned Susan B Anthony. It's like so perfect. But so he has found a movement that is excited about something that has been connected to him. They're trying to reconnect Q Anon to him as though Q Anon is like veered off into this paedophile direction which they don't like Trump's trying to reconnect with them. And it's like, oh, look, here's people who care about what's happening in the country. It's like the whole country cares. But the whole country is afraid because you won't stand up for them if they do. Speak. out like you can't like nobody can say no you can't even it's gotten to the point where not only do you have a president in office who said explicit like was it was the front I still have the The Washington Post from the day he got elected and it says on the front of it I will end American Carnage at his not the day you got elected his inauguration, I will end the American carnage. It's kind of poetic that incomes the promise with the inauguration front page of The Washington Post I will end the American Carnage In fact, that speech was called American carnage. And, or it was referred to as the American Carnage speech. This this like weird dystopian American Carnage speech. What is this weird guy talking about? Like, well, is it a poetic how, you know, at the end of his presidency, what could be the end of his presidency, the end of the term? it like it's just nothing I mean, you know, they everything was TDS when they're talking about the other day how it tried making the case that Charlottesville was this like horrific violent occurrence now, we in the midst of what's going on now today, it's just the the level that this has risen to with the vile. Everything that's been going on, it just makes 2017 seem like such a distant not not just a distant memory but they can't hype this stuff anymore because they themselves are doing this to such a degree and circling full circle now it's like, but there's nobody out there who is demanding Trump do anything a because they don't think he's going to and B because if they do, they lose everything. And so Trump has to, like here's Q Anon, and I guess they're doing q anon stuff because they're upset about what's going on in the country. I mean, I'm not following q anon narrative. So I don't know. But I don't think that they are that their whole shtick is you know, we need Law and Order I think their whole shtick is something secret is happening behind the curtain that is going to make all this feel better soon. Please trust the plan or something.

James 1:39:09 Yeah, and a lot of them have given up on the plan. And the Q Anon thing has evolved since it started it started writing in shortly after the inauguration, I think. And at the time, it was people hanging on every 4chan or 8chan post from from Q decoding, deciphering, you know, making connections and thinking like trying to, to predict what this plan was going to be. But it has

Jazz 1:39:35 it gets better dude but finish your thought but like, yeah, now this this story gets better. I wish I had the recording of this, this press conference. But you know,

James 1:39:44 what I was gonna say that the Q Anon has evolved and become its own entity and the Q community has become its own entity that's not entirely focused on the plan or trusting the Trump administration, and many of these people who are of this This sceptical or inquisitive personality that don't believe any official narratives, they have moved beyond trusting Q's plan and predictions into trying to uncover what's what's really going on. Now as we talked about all this before, but But yeah, we talked about and this is why they have to why Trump has to come out and try to recapture that energy and take it away from people invest in it part of it paedophile stuff and he,

Jazz 1:40:26 he's desperate, but he's also got to reel back. He's got a reel the fish back in as part of what this is.

James 1:40:33 Right, right. So what's the What else did he say in this press conference?

Jazz 1:40:37 Okay, so reporter attempted to explain to the president that q anon is actually actually a conspiracy theory that posits that Trump and his allies are working together to expose and arresting underground global cabal of elites who control the government and run child sex trafficking rings. Now what the funny thing is, with this and this is another thing that I wanted to point out to as I was listening to Anderson Cooper, I think I was listening to CNN Look, I listened to a lot of the what the mainstream media says to see what the Jewish narratives are on these things so that we can counter them. I think it's important that we do that. And I just fuckin anderson cooper on CNN, it was during primetime, I think. And it was just like, I mean, q anon believes in this preposterous notion that the, that there's this secret cabal of global elites, I mean, it's totally an anti semitic trope that they're trafficking in that, that the government would have these styled sex trafficking rings, and that they're drinking their blood in there worshipping the devil out of a pizza parlour in northwest Washington. I just don't like this is just crazy. And it's, it's actually a very insidious Jewish trick because they're actually telling you 95% of the truth. And then they tack on a staple on the blood worship and the devil worship which you know, maybe there's these people pretty sick Fox, but let's just stop with the lower. We're just full stop child sex trafficking rings to control politicians. Children have been disappearing. We have eyewitness accounts and nobody's investigating this full stop. So are you, you know, when they act incredulously like this? And they're like, I can't believe q anon would think this it's like, or is Ghislaine Maxwell not in custody, the federal government right now? Like, could that be the global cabal of elites? Or is the other Are we still pretending that those are lone wolves? So anyway, this this toy, this this lawyer, this reporter tries to explain to Trump what q anon actually is, and Trump says, Well, I haven't heard that. But is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing? If I can help save the world from problems, I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to put myself out there. See, yeah, he's got the weird response to GhislaineMaxwell. I wish her well, and now he's like, a child sex trafficking rings and global cabal of elites is that good thing or a bad thing? Cuz, you know, I've been part of it for decades and you better not be saying it's a bad thing because that I'm gonna be very insulted. It's kind of funny when you watch Trump's ego get wrapped up in accusations that are 95% true. And stuff that he's like deeply involved in with Cohn and Stone and like all these people going back all the deep dives that we've done on this, and his reaction is like, a global cabal of paedophiles and political leverage. Is that like bad. I don't know what to say about this. I can't say anything bad about Ghislaine Maxwell either, so I wish her well. And the guy is so far over a barrel.

James 1:43:40 Yeah. And this was this was going on back in 2016 and 2015. When people would say, like, Donald How can you credibly run against this, this corrupt moneyed system, of which you were a major fixture for decades. Like look, I did what I had to do. Okay, I got very rich, I was very rich and I still am very rich. And just like go into this egotistical defence like defence of himself and being part of the system, which at the time because you thought this guy was like flipping on that system and going to work for you, like, All right, cool, but

Jazz 1:44:11 yeah, well, and this actually confirms our bias on this too, because last week Trump dodged the question on whether or not he knew Q Anon and then a White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. People think she's hot. I don't think she’s hot, told reporters earlier Wednesday that Trump had never heard of Q Anon. And so now he's heard of Q Anon. And he's talking about how great they are and connecting them to things that are safe, right? They're just mad about blacks burning down the country that I totally won't do anything about. It's like, Yeah, but what about the cabals and the sex peddling? I don't know. Is that good or bad? I don't know, you know, but it's obvious that in the ensuing seven days since he said, I do not know who they are. I dodged this question, too. Oh yes Q Anon they're great. They love America, they love me. Most importantly, it's so obvious what's being done. Now, at this point, it's like, especially after we went through that article from what MIT where they said, This problem has gotten so bad because tech companies have refused to gang up and wholesale deplatform Q Anon that they've almost become extra platform. I forgot the word they used on the MIT article, but they've become where, like, you can't ban them their un-deplatformable because they just spread somewhere else. And it's gotten so big and it's gotten such it's gotten so far beyond Trump that they're trying to dial this back in. So when you have these Q Anon people talking about, oh, well, he can't mention us yet. I mean, guys, he has to have good optics. You can't mention q anon yet. And then now he blows some smoke up their ass with this kind of stuff. And what does that do? Well, that brings these people back On board this immediately this recognition by the president for the very first time, I think in many ways is going to bring these people back and get them focused on Trump instead of paedophilia. So that is the shot. This was not the prep at all, but that's fine. This stuff is Oh, breaking news. So yeah. Anyway, yeah.

James 1:46:17 Well, you want to talk about bringing people on board the country, which is happening in record numbers at the southern border?

Jazz 1:46:23 Oh, yes. Speaking of going back to normal ….

James 1:46:27 right. Well, we have an interactive government database showing us that pedestrian and vehicular arrivals at the five busiest ports of entry. Remember, borders are closed five busiest ports of entry.

Jazz 1:46:39 Which five would those be?

James 1:46:42 Those would be San Ysidro and Del Rio, Texas, and a few others, but the numbers rose to 3,359,795 in May, which is up 38% over April. So over the course of the three months during which the borders have been totally closed, immigration is shut down. Yeah, traffic is up 40% at the five busiest ports, San Ysidro is country's busiest Port 27% increase, while smaller checkpoints posted larger spikes Del Rio, Texas, it doubled in traffic from April to July. And this has been this is at a time when this March 28 order restricting border crossings to non essential travel, which is extended through August 21. This has been in effect, but what we're seeing here is a inability on willingness and lack of seriousness from throw the whole chain of command here to actually enforce this. A million people in cars 300,000 pedestrians arriving at these ports, all of them apparently doing essential travel. They're all here on serious business. They're all serious guys.

Jazz 1:47:50 That's all essential. Any any brown body that is coming in to displace a white one is essential travel in the Jewish world. You know, I mean, is Trump really gonna stand behind these numbers? Because I mean, these numbers for FYI. 20 or almost at what they were and FYI 17 and we're in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic and massive unemployment. So yeah, kind of funny how this is working out a Yeah, I mean 19 was the big year though. Holy fuck. Look at that graph on a company, alien children and family unit share of total apprehension, holy shit. almost a million people came in illegally that we know of that the government counted the Oh no, these are the apprehensions. And what's the metric? It's like one in four, one in five that are actually apprehended and that the other four or five are you know, they just go by undetected. So there may have been when you combine legal and illegal immigration into the United States what 567 million People that came into the country and FYI, 19 and

James 1:49:04 well, you have our coming 900,000 apprehensions if you are gonna say it's one in five, then yeah, then you have what 4500 or four and a half million illegal or…

Jazz 1:49:15 on the southern border. Right. And we know and we know that and we know that overstay visa overstays are actually a greater percentage of the people who come in illegally. We know that the illegal immigration on the southern border is actually a smaller share of the total number of illegal immigrants who come in then. overstays so that's where I'm getting then you just start racking up those numbers. Dude, you're talking about like 10 million people in one year. Like demographic, this is a demographic but like talking about Israeli bombs and Beirut, about Israeli bombs on the southern border. demographic, that's what this is.

James 1:49:51 Yeah, four and a half million on apprehended illegal entries on the southern border alone. And that's a that's making America great again, I guess But it's not just that it's not just a porous border system. Because as California This is great as California can't find it in their legislative heart to impose this wealth tax to generate seven and a half billion dollars a year. They are pursuing and announcing and proposing funds $125 million package in California for illegal aliens, which was proposed back in April. And Oregon is doing the same. Oregon is going to be giving $860 per week for two weeks, in the case of a necessary quarantine for illegal alien farmworkers. This is more than the federal government was giving more than the max unemployment a legal worker could get in the state of Oregon. So they're getting the fuck much more actually. And this is at a time when when Americans can't even get the $600 can we get the $400 that Trump is proposing so you have states California, Washington, Oregon all doing similar provisions all carving out at least $40 million In Washington, $860 per worker in Oregon, 125 million in California. Yeah, the the gibs electromagnet being fired up on the West Coast.

Jazz 1:51:13 Yeah, well speaking of things going back to normal I mean speaking of additional gay ops us Intel claims Russia and now Iran paid bounties on US soldiers. I don't think anybody's talked about this. We haven't I haven't heard anybody else talk about this. This is sort of like if you're if you look at you know what is it Shakespeare All the world's a stage right. All the Worlds a stage.

James 1:51:37 Oh, I thought that was Rush? I was just joking….it's a live…Tom Sawyer.

Jazz 1:51:45 Oh, oh, yeah. All the Worlds a Stage. Yeah. Well, if all the worlds of stage and you have gay ops like Beirut and a lot of the things happening on the periphery, and then the thing that you know, the main character who's belting out his lines is like the USPS At the moment, one of the things on the stage to make you aware of bad things that Russia and Iran are doing, are these bounties on US soldiers that they say are happening. And I've seen this float I remember when they were doing this to Russia a couple weeks ago. And now they're now as of what yesterday or the day before they're saying now Iran has been involved in paying bounties on US soldiers. What's the shot here, James?

James 1:52:30 Well, the shot here is with Russia, starting with Russia is that this appears to be if you're going to take them at face value, and not assume an ulterior motive here, which, of course, this is the most generous interpretation, most generous interpretation is that this was a piece like a lost in translation piece of quote, Intel that they got from the Afghanistan intelligence agency, and that Russia was mentioned in in a conversation regarding an attack on on a US convoy, and from their US officials, US intelligence officials, in conjunction with Israeli officials extrapolated this this bounty scheme, so basically it was made up without evidence and you now have US officials confirming this confirming that no us personnel died as a result of Russian bounties. Mark Miley Chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying there's no proof that Russian payments lead to any us deaths, and even the National Security Agency saying they couldn't find any communications supporting the bounty claim. Marine general Kenneth McKenzie, head of US Central Command, saying he's not convinced that any Americans died as a result of alleged Russian bounties. So the story is falling apart. But they they ran it out there it was in the news for like three days. This was the new, scandalous, terrible thing that Russia had done and, and drumpf had collaborated with booton to do this and it's all it's all Kabuki theatre, basically. But the attack in question here was this this attack on a US convoy outside of a location in Afghanistan that involved suicide bombings and attend Taliban fighters killed. And the claim that was initially made this was in the Daily Beast report and a new in a New York Times report was that the Russian government had promised to pay bounties on US soldiers, or pay bounties for killing us soldiers to Taliban fighters. But of course this immediately you look at the attack and the circumstances of the attack. It was a suicide bombing. So Alright, you're immediately you're supposed to believe that these people were being paid what bounties posthumously by the Russian government going and killing themselves to earn their $10,000 after the fact. It doesn't like it immediately doesn't make sense but if you It gets even worse, because it turns out that when they investigated the one guy who CIA officials had claimed, was a bounty….was involved in the bounty scheme. They found the Times claimed that $500,000 in Russian bounty money was seized at the home of a Taliban operative named Rahmatullah Azizi. Turns out jazz that money. Yeah, this guy was an Afghan drug smuggler, who had previously worked as a contractor for Washington. So it's like, wow, the linchpin, the smoking gun was actually an American asset.

Jazz 1:55:36 Of course, every single time and who would be all that surprised? If you know the Russians that are supposedly paying bounties on US soldiers? I mean, when we hear Russian meddling, and we hear Russian interference, we know that really means Jews. I mean, we know who those people are. We know the people that have been doing this for a long time. And you know, the Russian bots now those are Israeli bots. And so who'd be all that surprised you know if you're getting in the middle of a war over there if you have these people that you're trying to play one off the other start doing bounties on US soldiers just doesn't that so as you have sort of this waning interest in continued fighting in the Middle East as you have this waning interest from the American public and supporting these wars in the Middle East, what better way to gin up support for our troops overseas than to have these declared enemies of American Empire out there putting bounties out on our troops, right? Gotta get a boost those little yellow ribbons out there, right James got to make people more supportive of the troops. And look, I don't have any problem with veterans and people who are in the military, but like, come on. I mean, this is obvious what they're doing. nobody's buying this. A shot at Iran. It's a shot at Russia. And it's a way of getting people excited. What I worry about though is is are you going to get a succession of events like this in the world is a stage sort of a thing where you just have a lot of these things are part of the set, right? You know, targeting of our troops is just, you know, part of the set. It's a Ficus on the stage of the of the play, and they just arrange them in a certain way so that you see things in a certain context. And then, you know, they're attacking our troops, James, we have to start, we have to start responding to defend our freedoms and liberties. Right.

James 1:57:35 So yeah, it's another bullet. All of these isolated incidents are not really isolated incidents. They're just more bullets on Netanyahu, his PowerPoint, to go and say how horrible and aggressive Iran is or on American intelligence community communities PowerPoint, to gin up support for a war, but it shows you that they are aware how unpopular wars in Afghanistan and Syria in London On how unpopular these things are, because they have to do, they can't gin up support for for American involvement there. And really they don't. They don't want to be involved in Afghanistan if they can be involved in Iran, but Iran is a much bigger prize for them. And so they would they would rather use and this is what they're trying to do is they're using the killing of US troops by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan as justification they want to use that as further justification to take action against Iran, because the logical reaction when you see that, you see five Americans killed by Taliban fighters is okay, let's get Americans out of Afghanistan. Why should we be there in the first place, but they want to to in before that reaction, and say Iran must pay for killing our troops. Just to and that's actually the sick thing about it is people who are are patriotic and care about the well being of the troops. They are being then gay off into supporting efforts that will lead to more dead Americans, more people will die if we get involved in a conflict with Iran. And that's by design. That's exactly what the people controlling our foreign policy want to happen.

Jazz 1:59:12 So yep, indeed ready for speaking of things going back to normal. Just kidding. Well, actually, we haven't done bottom of the stack in a while. So it's a little bit of going back to normal bottom of the stack. Bottom of stack. What do we got here? A lot of Jew stuff.

James 1:59:28 Let's do let's do the two Jew ones. The two Jew stories. Okay, well, actually, there's 4 Jew stories, but let's do the bottom…lets do the third and fourth Jew stories we can start with your Jew story about Seth Rogen.

Jazz 1:59:43 Uh, yeah. Seth Rogen. Yeah, this is in the independent. Oh, yeah, this is gonna be good prep for TDS. Not that they need my suggestion for prep, but I don't remember where I was…but I saw, you know, I guess I'm getting old….Where was I when I saw this…..but there's this new film called an American Pickle. And this is going to be I'm sure Oh my god. I'm sure this is going to be fodder….Rick and Morty…. Yeah, it's Seth Rogen's new film. It follows the story of Herschel Greenbaum, a struggling Jewish labourer who moves to America in 1920, hoping to build a better life for his family. working in a factory Herschel falls into a vat of pickles and is perfectly preserved for 100 years until he emerges in present a Brooklyn and discovers that his only surviving relative is his grandson. And so it's basically like this, you know, time capsule of a Jew. Well, that's that's the problem is this guy, you know, he completely dodged the Holocaust by being in a vat of pickles for 100 years.

James 2:00:53 This is more believable than most of the Holocaust stories.

Jazz 2:00:57 Yes, that's that's what makes it so Yeah, and and I'm sure that they're Yeah, I mean, how can they miss out like the perfect amount of time that this guy is preserved? He would have 1920 2020 completely misses Hitler completely misses the Holocaust completely misses all that stuff. So I'm sure a great portion of the film is dedicated to educating Herschel on his, you know, it's like we run the roiled now, you know, so welcome to Americans wanting to it, it's a good place to be. But I saw a I saw the preview for this commercial or for this movie and was just like, Holy fuck is this and this, this goes back to what we were saying before, about the Israeli bombing of Beirut, the chutzpah, the hubris of these people is going to start to show more and more and in the movies that you're going to start seeing put out are going to be more true to the Jewish forum about what these people want to do. And we're not even like one mile down the road on this stuff. Yet, like just imagine what movies in 2030 are going to be like, if we make it that far, you know that this is this is just the beginning. And so, anyway, that was a huge setup for this article in the independent.uk. Entitled Seth Rogen said he was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel. Seth Rogen has given an extensive interview in which he discussed his dry heritage along with his views on Israel and anti semitism. A Hollywood actor who spent much of his childhood at Jewish schools and Jewish camp in Vancouver probably Jewish fat camp to tilde Mark marrons popular What the fuck podcasts that maybe you know, I like fashion nation but what the fuck guy would be a good podcast name. That was a huge he was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel. He referenced how young Jews are misled to believe that the State of Israel is created without displacing Thousands of polit Palestinians. To me it just seems an antiquated thought process. He said, if it is for religious reasons, I don't agree with it because I think religion is silly. If it is truly for the preservation of the Jewish people, it makes no sense again, because you can't keep something you're trying to preserve all in one place, especially when that place has proven to be pretty volatile, you know? And he continued as a Jewish person, I was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel my entire life. They never tell you that. Oh, by the way, there were people there that it makes it seem like it was just sitting there like the fucking doors open. They forget to include the fact to every young Jewish person, Marin admitted he was frightened to talk about it for fear of a backlash. The pair also discussed anti semitism with Rogen, recalling his father telling him, people hate Jews, just be aware of that. It's honestly something that I'm so glad was instilled in me from a young age because if it wasn't, I would constantly be shocked at how motherfuckers hate Jews. It's prevented. And it's prevalent and it is, it is to many Jewish people so confounding that they don't assume it's true. The 38 year old noted that people obviously hate people who don't look like them. And wondered if people also have a weird fear of those who, who look like them wound but do not believe the same thing they do fundamentally, yes, I have a problem with people who say, oh, their fellow whites and then are also trying to destroy me. It's not a normal reaction. I think the extremists is the person who thinks that that's okay. Like with your crazy sex stuff, and all the degenerate shit that Seth Rogen pushes, but it's kind of funny. It's like, yeah, they I don't know why they would have a problem with people who just don't look like them. Well, shall we examine the history? Rogen since you're discovering these lies that you've been told since you've been getting woke on this stuff? It's like, first of all, I don't know why he would have done this. I mean, this is, you know, sort of admitting Watch what they did this on such a fundamental question I oh you know he even says that he was frightened to talk about it for fear of a backlash but uh but yeah I don't know I don't know bro like this guy just hit the CBD pipe too hard I suppose before he went in. Am I am i is my analysis off here is this a mistake or what what am I missing with it telling the truth about what's going on over there is like somehow a good thing

James 2:05:26 because it's ultimately non threatening and like Seth Rogen can say this and like like dude we'd like college activists be like yeah bro that's right like standing up to white supremacist is real like fuck Yeah, man. Let's watch Pineapple Express again, bro. Get get stoned.

Jazz 2:05:44 Well that is true. Like it fits nicely in with all the chutzpah, hubris narratives where they don't have to pretend that this was their land all along and that no one was there and that there's nothing no apartheid, nothing going on. No, this is I mean, if you look at it from that lens, he is merely just putting out a marker to say that. Yeah, we're going to talk about this now. Because now it's interesting though, that, you know, he does it in this way. Because what he's doing is saying, like we were, we were told these lies all along, which I don't have a good explanation for. I feel like that's a mistake. Like, you know, given all that we know about Jews and the way that they comport themselves in public. It's one of the one of the golden rules, one of the Platinumberg rules of Judaism is that you don't criticise other Jews, in the fact that he is saying that his upbringing, the fundamental aspect of it was telling this lie is no no, I don't know how that works.

James 2:06:43 But he’s also not saying that anything should be done about that. It's kind of like a woah bro that kind of sucks there. All these people were here. Well, I guess it is real still there. Like what are we going to do is that he's not saying that Israel should it should open itself up to the world that Israel should should allow in these Palestinians. Or should give them equal rights or no, it's ultimately non threatening. And when you look at Seth Rogen's total body of work, it's like this guy's not making Zack and Miri Make a Porno about Jews in Israel, right? He's making this like stupid, low brow lowest common denominator, degenerate sex slop for American goys. And that's that's who he's he's doing his uh, his movies for and that's what his stuff is being marketed to so…

Jazz 2:07:27 I just I just think the standard issue Jews setting new precedent for rhetoric especially on this would just be something and maybe it's just cuz Seth Rogan's just not that intelligent but it would go somewhere along the lines of Yeah, that was somebody else's land. And fuck you. It's our land now and anything else anything else you want to say about that? Like, you know you do this interview and say, You know a lot of people have a problem with the fact that Israel is you know, supposedly awkward occupying territory that belonged to somebody else, but as a Jewish person I, you know, I, I think that it's our land and we have the right to I mean, that's usually what they do. But he sort of almost concedes that it was somebody else's land and he doesn't really take the position that so what fuck them? It's it's just it's one of these lies that was told to him growing up now what's interesting though, is then he pivots to things that are true, which makes me almost think that he's lying about all of it. But he except for the part where he says that his father told him people hate Jews. It's like George Birnbaum. Remember the George Birnbaum coming of age story about father reading the Jewish newspapers and telling good old little Georgie, that this is all the news that matters. This is the most important news you need to care about your people. And this is very important. I mean, I'm sure that this is just like the talk that blacks have with their kids. Right. You know, they But yeah, right white people are evil white people are insane white people are racist. They all hate you. They all want to Lynch you. And, you know, that's that's pretty much

James 2:09:09 yeah, I think this were Seth Rogen maybe older of a different generation in a different place in the entertainment complex. He probably would say this in the way that you're describing, but because his bit is still like stoner comedies for young people, increasingly, bro Yeah, like, dude, we bro anarchists like Antifa like love talking to super bad and it's like, they're gonna love what he does. And so he has to still not piss off those people. And so it would be very bad optics for him to just come and say it's like, yeah, Israel genocide of the Palestinians. Oh, by the way, we bombed Beirut to fuck you gonna do about it. That would be kind of a, an unpopular position. But this way he gets to he gets to take this way a Jew gets to be owning the business. That Yeah, man, this is pretty fucked up, huh? And look, even a Jew was saying and so, it it occupies that space and, and I guess he gets to say look I criticise Israel to, like what do you want me to do? And it it further gives credence to the idea that like, Look, not all Jews are the same man they disagree about Israel.

Jazz 2:10:19 Well, David David Harsanyi has written an article in the National Review doing the Jignat bit on this you know, talking about how how stupid Rogen is and how he got all this stuff wrong and questioning the legitimacy of the Jewish state's existence and yeah, so you have Jignats here trying to re educate and tell people why he's wrong and yada yada yada and oh my god, this is this is kind of funny. Yeah, so that's how that goes. Yeah, just yeah, if you google if you just Google Seth Rogen anti Israel rant you get all of the Jignat media coming out you know kind of setting the record straight on this it's kind of funny.

James 2:11:07 Yeah you also get Seth Rogen urging his fans to smoke weed instead of partying during pandemic 2 days ago

Jazz 2:11:14 Yeah Daily Mail dot UK Israel supporters slammed Seth Rogen over Jewish State remarks should 9 million Israelis just turn off the lights and call it quits support? Yep please do supporters of Israel slam Seth Rogen for saying he has a was fed a huge amount of lies over Yeah, blah blah blah. So yeah, now they're they're not that happy about that. Ooh, wow. Seth Rogen 2020 this guy ain't looking so good. Not looking so dude weed bro anymore. I'm just looking more…. looking pretty rough. Looking pretty rough. But yeah, anyway. Yeah Isn't didn't he do a movie where it gets like a blonde like a hot blonde, pregnant and then like doesn't wander around. That's called

James 2:12:01 Um ….I don't know. I was I was never I never watched…

Jazz 2:12:08 I never did either but I know there is one where he gets like a hot blonde pregnant like you know oh no

James 2:12:15 Oh ..Knocked Up 2007 probably

Jazz 2:12:17 Yes. See there you go it's a long time ago

James Produced by Apatow Productions oh wow. Judd good old Judd. Want to talk about though the pressure cooker real quick before we go ?

Jazz 2:12:33 yeah …pressure cook it up

James 2:12:36 yeah this is a great story speaking of of Israel stuff this is an editorial in the times of Israel reads when a parent tells stories tells a child stories about their lives the stories live in the child's imagination until reality intervenes. One of the most powerful stories in my dad's Holocaust experience involved in incredible escape from death that i thought i comprehended until I met concrete physical evidence at the Museum of Jewish heritage, a living memorial to the Holocaust last November in New York, my father of blessed memory was at a total of 12 concentration camps. Most notoriously Auschwitz Birkenau. Luckiest, luckiest political prisoner, ever this guy dodging execution at 12 camps, others other other camps were those who was passed around during the evacuation from the Auschwitz network of camps and the death march. I'd never heard of the death march but I guess that's, I guess that's the thing that happened. prisoners from Jaworzno where march to black hammer where they were deposited, like shekels in an ATM. The prisoners previously held in that camp were evacuated, and my dad's group suddenly found themselves without guards. Now this is where it gets to be a little bit Hollywood esque. He heard shooting and saw a prisoner shot dead in the doorway of the kitchen. The Nazis had returned, and he knew he would be shot on sight. But where could he hide? As he told the story, he climbed in to a large pot, the kind the kind who used to make coffee for thousands of prisoners and close the door. Close the door. Did he mean he closed the lid that always puzzled me? And I didn't know if maybe he didn't know the right word in English? No, he was right. And I was confused and it took the exhibit to set me straight. So this woman then tells the story of going to this Jewish Museum and seeing this big cauldron here that is on display with a big ladle. And this is apparently and this is this cauldron is like three feet tall. But apparently, this is the one and only pot that her Jewish dad hid from the Nazis in.

Jazz 2:14:39 Are you sure he wasn't in this pot? Because they were trying to remove his skin and turn him into soap? Is that what the you know? Do lampshade and soap production line? This is what they're doing. And just like Roma tomatoes or something.

James 2:14:51 Yeah, yeah, it's like, Yeah, when he tried to get the skin off, you know, pork or something? Yeah, no, but apparently it's just how it got hit. And the story gets even better because She says, she says But wait, I've not finished the story of his brush with death. There were other prisoners in the kitchen when the shooting started. My dad and another man were resourceful enough to make use of the available pots. But the other man had regular shoes, and the bottom of the cauldron was still hot, so he had to get out. Nazi guards came in and shot everyone they saw in the kitchen, but they didn't see my dad because he was in the pot and had closed the door. Which means if he didn't have wooden shoes, which provided insulation from the heat, he would not have been able to remain hidden, and it would not have survived. When the shooting stopped. He was the only prisoner to walk out of that kitchen alive. So under the immense heat this guy’s inside the pot that's used to boil coffee, and somehow his wooden shoes are all it takes to protect him. The wood in Germany must have just been fit like magical stuff of legends. It's unobtainium right? We can't replicate this magical wood to do doors, shoes…

Jazz 2:15:58 I mean, maybe it even started producing gasoline. I don't know, you know, in contact with the the hot elements in the bottom of it, you know, it's kind of funny is that there probably was no shooting, there probably weren't even any, there probably wasn't even anybody in the room. Like this is this guy just like, saw this coffee pot and concocted all of this like, the idea that any of this happened was like No, and probably no human person has ever even been in it's a huge cauldron. And it's big enough for a person to get into but I just sincerely doubt that that ever happened at all.

James 2:16:35 And there's also like holes in it and viewing windows. And so it can be seen in too and if you're there like clanking around in wooden shoes. You don't think anybody's gonna hear that. You know the bang bang bang. Your clogs against the side of his cast iron pot? Yeah. No Nazis were too obsessed with death…

Jazz 2:16:56 Is this a recent article? Is this something that just came out? Yeah, last week they're still pumping these out August 17. Yeah. Monday Monday. Still cranking them out. Wow.

James 2:17:10 The cauldron of death. There's a new survivor story born every week.

Jazz 2:17:17 The sucker born every minute, a Shabbos goy born every minute, we should say so. Yeah, there it is. Another FTN in the can….in the cauldron. Yes, there we go. All right. Hope you guys have a good rest of your week. I have no idea what the fuck the schedule is. But there's probably Strike and Mike Thursday because this is going to be up very soon. Strike and Mike Thursday, Jazz and Jesse I believe Thursday night unless we have a content jam. I don't know. But we'll be back this weekend. hope everybody has a good rest of your week.