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FTN_080220 FTN330 SUMMARY KEYWORDS kroll, deutsche bank, trump, dershowitz, maxwell, finkel, hollander, summers, election, jeffrey epstein

Announcer 00:19 Often imitated never duplicated. This is the one and only Fash the Nation your guiding light in a sea of degeneracy.

Jazzhands 00:46 Hello and welcome to FTN number 330 this is Jazzhands McFeels here with James. Alot of stuff to do today dude. Very, very, very full show but I got a few things, got to give some AIDS out of the gate because we only got one week left on the merch don't we ?

James 01:03 Yes, well to get it in the first batch that's right, one more week, August 5 is the last day to get the order in by. So if you're ordering with a mail order need to do that as soon as you can. I guess it's gonna be Monday at the post office and get that in. We have a couple people who've done that so far. That's great. A lot of people doing the bitcoin, which is, you know, always an option. But if you're looking at that, and you know, you're seeing now 10,900 11,060 like 11,700 I think I saw last night looking at that and the tempting to hodl is too strong, you don't want to part with it. We can do a number of different various ways to get your merch. So go to the website, do the online order, and we'll get in touch and you will be sent instructions on how to pay. We'll put it that way.

Jazzhands 01:51 Yeah, we have some expedited options for people. And the cash app you can buy bitcoin with and just I don't know if people knew that or not. I didn't know that but with cash app You can just have the cash app and be like buy bitcoin then use bitcoin so but I understand I saw the bitcoin price I was like oh well.

James 02:07 Dude, I always thought cash app was like something only for black people. I thought it was like a payday loan app until we started talking about bitcoin with it.

Jazzhands 02:17 No, it's actually pretty good and I hear people in the crypto community talking about it quite a bit. Anything else on the merch ?

James 02:27 No, that's it.

Jazzhands 02:28 I also want to say, if you didn't catch the midweek show, you would need to sign up for the paywall The Right Stuff.biz/paywall, but we did a deconstruction of Ron Unz's piece, The Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism and the feedback, I just want to say the feedback and the response from this has been huge, very positive, inbox filled to the brim and actually from people who I was sort of surprised to hear this from. I think it's necessary that we do this. I'm glad we spent the time and to be honest, there wasn't a whole lot of prep that we had to push to the cutting room floor to do that, because it's important we push back on this because we InB4'd this on the midweek show, we InB4'd the notion that Yeah, Ron Unz has been doing this for decades. Well, I would actually argue that it's a new high watermark, what he's done. And it went well beyond his standard issue, immigration points, saying that it's the White cities, its majority White cities, it's their fault that BLM is happening. So if they're just majority, brown, and Whites are only 20%, and we won't have rioting, right, problem solved. The article is full of this, we talked about it at length, I think it has to be pushed back on. And if a guy has been doing something like this for two decades, and nobody else has been pushing back on it, or very few people have been pushing back on it. That's a problem. We need to have these conversations amongst ourselves first and foremost, but the sun's gonna come up tomorrow. The guy's still gonna have a popular website, publishing people who are in our milieu. So I think it's important that when a Jew does this sort of thing that it gets called out. The Jew that is most deeply embedded, most deeply ingratiated in our milieu who all of a sudden starts to take up these opinions, they MUST be called out. And so we're going to do that each and every time. And it goes beyond Ron Unz. It goes to the people who are reading that and consuming that. Now, it's very heartening to see that the article got ratioed as fuck last time I checked, it was over 1000 comments, but I think this needs to be done. It has to be done. We're gonna continue to do it. And I don't look at this as doing drama. I don't look at this as doing infighting, because it's not infighting. If you're doing somebody who is not one of us. And the key is pushing back on these things on substantive issues. We did that. And and I think it was very good. So definitely recommend that people go check that out.

James 04:55 Yeah, that's right. And it's also important too, especially in the context of what we have been talking about, and will continue to talk about, this GOP pivot. And this fighting and the term that you'll commonly hear is soul searching right ? Soul searching for the future of the Right, after Trump. And we've been predicting this line of attack, this line of reasoning to be coming out of many in Conservatism that the reason for Trump's failures was his racism, his nativism, his xenophobia and White supremacy. When you see those sentiments being echoed, in supposedly dissident media, it's important to identify and to head that off at the pass as well.

Jazzhands 05:33 I also want to say that the timing of the Unz piece is also the problem and why it has to be pushed back on. Because of what we said, because maybe a lot of people know that Ron Unz is Jewish. Maybe that's true. Even if 100% of everybody who read that article was like Yeah, fuck this Jew. If this is going to be the kind of tripe that gets pushed out, then Ron Unz needs to be synonymous with Yoram Hazony where everybody's just like lol, but it's not quite there yet. Obviously they're still influenced and ESPECIALLY when a Jew is trying to inject division into what we're doing. So, yes, going on to speaking of complacently, speaking of Jewish tricks and speaking of what's been going on with this extra 600 we actually have the proof that disproves the GOP conservative Jewish.... Jooooish claim that $600 extra every week, money that people are using to pay down their mortgage, pay off car loans, pay off credit cards, as we had a caller on Jazz and Jesse, go see family for the first time in five fucking years. This totally disproves the theory that the GOP says, Well, those people aren't working if you're paying them an extra 600. Well, we have two studies, two very popular White mainstream studies that disprove that GOP, conservative, Jewish notion. But you know, those unemployment benefits expired on Friday, yesterday or two days ago if you listen on Sunday, three days ago, if you listen on Monday, that's the bulk of the listens on Sunday Monday. But the GOP senate they adjourned on Friday and I think if I recall correctly speaking of things that we didn't give a shit about, we're not going to spend a whole bunch of time on all those hearings last week with like Bill Barr and Jim Jordan like anger getting, you know, getting all riled up, but Jerrold Nadler, it's like, you know, you wonder why we're not talking about the shit because it's all Kabuki theatre. It's all dumb. It's all fake and gay. Today, we're gonna be talking about these unemployment benefits disproving the GOP narrative on that. We're gonna be talking about a new Finkel Think that has been developing.

Jazzhands 06:32 And then the second half of the show, we're going to be diving in very deeply on this shooting that happened with the federal judge, and talking about then Hollander and Kroll and Associates and a lot more Finkel Think Deutsche Bank. And I have some opinions on Dershowitz and Tucker and some of this stuff too, because I think people are getting trapped in the Finkel Think on that again which we got to undo that, we got to unfuck that. So this extra 600 they adjourned on Friday and went home. And meanwhile people all over the country 30 million are losing that extra $600 I think coinciding with this last extra $600 is this moratorium that they had on evictions, which I don't know has gotten extended. But this new bill that has come around called the HEALS act. First you heard of the CARES act. Now you have the HEALS act. Trump has had to capitulate on this the last I heard as a Friday night. Now this could change. And this is a good thing because Trump was ultimately forced by political realities to do this. It's not because he wanted to do this. If I were president I would have doubled the amount or tripled the amount of money that was given for unemployment benefits to outdo my opposition instead of reluctantly going along with it. But according to the some media reports Trump said Mnuchin and Meadows would bring new options to unemployment benefits to the table, according to a person briefed on the talks they did in the form of a long term extension of the hint enhanced unemployment benefits at the $600 level. And democrats rejected the idea of decoupling the benefit extension from broader talks, which is what Republicans were trying to do, but they've been forced very late Friday night into capitulating on this. We'll see how it plays out next week. Again, I would prefer that the President is out there leading on this issue and saying no, people need more This is good. But what we're finding out and what we're realising about this is the reason why, one of the many reasons why it's not just because republicans want to fuck over white working class people which is true, but what they the true insidious motive there is to push people toward loans and creditors and everything else because as they're getting $600 from the government, they're paying down loans, and thus decreasing their principal owed on mortgages and car loans and credit cards. They are not paying interest for as long. This decreases Shlomo's income over a long period time. And more importantly, they're not taking out 24.999% APR, and in many cases, all these people can get are credit cards. And so that's the biggest problem is that people are not taking out loans in the way that they used to.

James 10:32 And I saw a report last night that the business spending in the wake of the PPP, a lot of businesses are having to augment their budgets with personal credit cards. Small business owners are turning now to personal credit cards, because the federal government response was either so mismanaged intentionally. So much of the money diverted to groups like the ADL and other Jewish nonprofits, or simply inefficient and qualifying businesses couldn’t get the aid that was ear-marked for them. So small businesses are now turning to credit cards. And unemployment also now ends it's even a worse time right? It would be one thing if we were headed towards recovery nationally. But this is happening as people have been brought back to work, come off unemployment. And then states are now just this week, just actually yesterday on Friday states announcing that they're re closing indoor dining, they're re closing bars, restaurants, gyms, back closed now in many states. So these people who had been on unemployment then got off of unemployment, and now they find themselves reapplying to unemployment. But if they do, it's going to be for just their state rate which if you're in Arkansas or one of these other red states is you know, 100 200 300 a week if that at the very maximum. So this is an especially bad time for this to happen. And there are a lot of people now, as it looks like most states except for I don't know Idaho and Montana are now heading back into some form of lockdown.

Jazzhands 12:04 Which is surprising because a lot of these states were not doing that before. But the other reason why this is also bad is the fact that because Congress did not act six weeks ago, because the President was'nt out there taking the lead on this, even when it's a popular issue, we've talked about this quite a bit that I think it's what 65 or 75% of the country thinks that these unemployment benefits should be extended at the current level, when they're only 20 or 30 million people, maybe 20 million people that are receiving them. So think about that for a second. You have a poll that says 65 to 70% of the nation thinks that they should be extended. Talk about altruism for your fellow Americans, right, but the only people who don't have that fellow altruistic feeling are the people who are in power and they're doing whatever they can to wriggle out of having to pay this and they did it as long as possible. Because the other bad, you know, this may end up being a happy ending in the sense that the 600 will get extended for a period of time, hopefully. But the problem is because they waited so long, it will take weeks if not longer to set back up when and if Congress agrees to an extension of some form. And that's a big problem in and of itself, because some of these states have taken months to get the additional benefits out to begin with all when people desperately needed them. And as you pointed out, James, some of these states, especially red states are sort of teetering back into a closure and shutdown. And so then I saw on Friday that CNBC was running a segment advising people who were losing their unemployment benefits, this is what they're doing on Friday. If you're watching CNBC, first of all, like people who are losing their unemployment benefits aren't watching CNBC. So listen to what they're doing. They were running A segment on CNBC financial news to tell people who are losing their unemployment benefits to quote make ends meet by quote following a pandemic budget. And here contact lenders and creditors for help. and post your skills on nextdoor, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Right. So this is basically an advertisement for lenders and everybody else. And all those apps by the way, the credit check apps and mint and all these different fucking things. If you sign up for one of those, your emails just going to get spammed with credit card offers and everything else. It's awful. Because there used to be some good apps, I don't know 10 years ago, 15 years ago that were purely about helping people manage their money that I think were pretty good, but now they're all just about getting you hooked on loans goy.

James 14:47 It's so naked now. There's one called Dave that I saw an ad for a couple of days on Instagram. That's literally like get $75 sent to your bank account right now. Oh, yeah, it's only $1 a month plus you know fees and percentages for when you don't pay back on time, so yeah, it's the exploitation is coming hot and heavy. And it's only going to intensify as people try to, you know, if you had $600 extra a week coming in, and let's say you were using half of that to pay down your debt and the other half to cover living expenses not to get into debt. Well, you're looking now at a $1200 deficit, just to cover basic living expenses. So where are these people gonna turn to?

Jazzhands 15:24 Or even the 600 got people caught up for the first time in a decade, breaking even for once, getting people to a level where they should have been, if the trend from the 1960s had continued on for, but it was not, it was suppressed, especially with the 1965 Immigration Act. But, you know, James we should just stop talking about immigration. It's really a stupid thing to even bring up at all, you know, as we've been advised, but there are five unemployed workers for every job opening. So Meanwhile, Republicans are saying, Oh, yeah, you know, the $600 is keeping people from wanting to go back to work. It's like there are five people for every one job opening. Don't tell me that employers, all this gay op, just so posturing of employers are saying we're having a really hard time getting people to come back door. Oh, really ? wow, interesting. Well, let's cut right to the chase here Yale study confirms extra 600 is not the reason people are or are not working. In the $1 trillion stimulus proposal released by Senate Republicans on Monday the health economic assistance liability protection in schools or Heals Act, the $600 per week unemployment boost of the Cares Act, which expires Friday would decrease to $200 per week. Now, this is on Monday. The unpopularity of that decrease has forced Republicans to agree to the $600 but they have continuously made this fallacious argument that the extra 600 a week discourages people from returning to work. But that's just not true. And there have been gay op-ed reports of businesses unable to find employees because of the booster. But a report from Yale economists, published on July 14 found that the extra $600 is not the reason people are or are not working. The Yale research showed that low wage workers and workers from states where unemployment benefits are lower, ie red states. So those for whom the $600 supplement increase their total unemployment benefits by a bigger percentage also, quote, did not experience larger declines in employment when the benefits expansion went into effect. Right got that so those unemployed people return to their previous jobs at the same rates as other states. In fact, if anything, groups facing larger increases in benefits from unemployment, generosity experienced slight gains in employment relative to the least treated group by early May. So people in states where the benefit increase was the biggest You know, I think what Florida, the maximum benefit pre Coronavirus is like $200 a week, which is just like stroke job. So they've gotten a what 400% increase in their benefit. And employment rates are returning at an even greater rate. So the Republican argument is total garbage. And in fact, the most important factor in whether people returned to work was the availability of jobs. Quote, we think the reason for the lack of differences that scarce job opportunities rather than labour supply has been the main factor in determining employment during the pandemic. So it makes the Republican argument even more Jewish, because they're sitting there and they're saying : Oh, gawd, these people don't want to return to work. They just simply won't come back because the benefits are too much when they know that the real reason people aren't returning to work is because there is no work. How many articles have we seen about job cuts and job losses becoming permanent. So while they know that those jobs aren't coming back and there isn't a job for someone to return to think of how ghoulish and downright evil, I hate even using that word because I think it's overused, but downright evil it is to go out there and say, Oh, yeah, we have to strip these benefits away to get these people off the couch into where ? To no job ? Fuck you, GOP.

James 19:27 And even more ghoulish that they would then blame this circumstance on these people's laziness or unwillingness to get back to work when the thing these people want more than anything is to go back to work in a way that is safe and in a way that they will be fairly paid for the work they're doing. But that just is not available to them at this time. And it hasn't been available to them for a long time actually.

Jazzhands 19:51 They'll go back if it's unsafe. And that was another thing these businesses don't want to provide PPE. These people'll go back to work because they would rather be working. We saw this in some other anecdotal examples, people will happily take a job that they know that they can have a year or two or three from now, maybe they had for one, two or three years, over maybe some extra bonus money that they might not have. But when people have nowhere to go, this is all they have. And they're talking about taking it away. This is why you're getting all this Kabuki theatre with Epstein, and these document dumps. And these hearings with Jerrold Nadler and Bill Barr, and all this bullshit. It's all a smokescreen. We're gonna tell you the real deal with Epstein. I'm not saying that's bullshit, but it's partially We'll see. You'll see. Very, very, very spicy stuff in the second half coming but the reason why all that shits happening right now is because look at what's really going on with this with this money. And it's total bullshit. But do you see anybody actually pointing this stuff out about the conservative argument being garbage? I mean, Democrats are doing Finkel Think stuff on it, but I mean Just all bullshit, I think people should be getting a lot more than $600 every week.

James 21:06 And this of course has the effect of turning that $600 into the radical position. Right? That is the most radical, craziest thing you could ever imagine doing for people, you know, breaking the bounds of possibility, but it really isn't, especially when you consider what these unemployment benefits were before. And then when you consider what people's wages were before. I mean, in many cases where you had people who had a single income household or even dual income households, the idea that these unemployment benefits.....people like to say, oh, some people are making more unemployment than they even were before. And that is true in some circumstances. But how many, right? It's probably actually not this massive swath of people that some claim it to be. So the the real story here and the continuing story is that at no point in this pandemic, or the government response to it has the response been adequate and that is the message that continues to be proven right day in and day out.

Jazzhands 22:04 Even on top of that you've had another study from, it's kind of funny hearing these studies come out from Yale, and now the Chicago Federal Reserve. And I mean are you gonna push back on these studies? the only person that would push back, I suppose on these studies, would be somebody who's on the side of stripping these benefits away from working class people. Because if there's a study out there that showing that this money is good, I think it's positive and it's doing so by studying the states in a very scientific way. Like I read the study, you can go read the study, there's a PDF out there of the study and how they did it and how they looked at it, and it checks out, the logic of it checks out. But on top of that, the Chicago Federal Reserve also showed that individuals who have stopped receiving their unemployment benefits are much less likely to continue looking for work than those who are still receiving benefits. In fact, the study found that once a benefit runs out from unemployment, the search for jobs drops precipitously. Yeah, because those people are panicking about where they're going to fucking figure out where they're going to live. If they're going to have a car to get to work, what they're going to do, it becomes a problem.

James 23:21 That's when they start taking the time they spent job searching going down to sell blood plasma, right ? These are people that then leave the labour force, which of course we saw, we talked about this last week, the number one group leaving the labour force the fastest is white working class men. And that's intended effect of this response, you have to think, that this is part of what they're engineering with this.

Jazzhands 23:47 This is what they do in every financial crisis. And the story continues today. And so, one third piece of supporting evidence here is so if you want to throw Federal Reserve study out, for whatever reason, and Yale even though it confirms all of our biases on the extra $600 look at Stockton, California. We remember talking about this when this happened. Stockton California is an absolute shithole. By the way, if you've ever driven through it, or if you ever been to Stockton or heard about it on the news, it's an absolute shithole. But they attempted to do UBI. They're in a pilot programme that is currently underway, and they have some results of that pilot programme that have been released. And so there were 125 residents in Stockton, California, who were chosen to receive an extra $500 a month for 24 months now that's one quarter less than one quarter, maybe even one fifth of the amount of extra money that people are receiving. And I would love I can't wait to actually see some studies that are done. When we have more data on this extra 600 a week but extra $500 a month. one fifth is Over 24 months, they found that recipients left their second or third jobs. But there is no data whatsoever showing that the recipients have stopped working altogether. Literally, nobody was like, Alright, I'm good on 500 bucks. And that was it. No, what this gave people was a better life. Instead of working at Walmart, chick fil a, and in Starbucks, they're only working at Walmart or whoever offers them the best benefits and their incentives. And what that does, actually, is those second or third jobs are then opened up for other people to work. So the government is actually incentivizing employment growth. So that's also something that is not captured in the data is how many people are working second and third jobs? How many of those jobs could be filled by somebody else who's not currently in the labour market? But that'd be if the government was helping out?

James 25:50 Yeah, that's actually a really good point too, because so many of these jobs most second or third jobs are not what you would call professional careers, right. These are people who are working around retail job or in food service or something. And normally throughout much of American history, these have been jobs that have been filled by young people, by people like 16 17 18 years old, trying to build work experience while they're in high school or college, what have you. And there is no age demographic that has fallen out of the labour force in the last 30 years faster than young people, young people cannot find work. boomers like to ascribe this to to like millennial apathy and millennial laziness or something. But a lot of times this is because they just can't find the jobs that used to exist, because someone else is filling them. So a 40 or 50 year old that has a like a year of a lifetime of work experience is more qualified for that position. And you're choking young people out of the economy by doing this. So this would be very nice. But of course, the response will be from some it's like, oh, god, these people are so lazy. It's like what's your problem? You don't want to work 18 hours a day driving for Uber and working in your shitty minimum wage. What's your problem with some kind of beggar or something? You don't want to be like the guy in Texas, the guy who shot what's his name Gary Foster. The guy was driving for Uber. Well, he did that he was a staff sergeant and an Uber driver on the side, because that's what you have to do.

Jazzhands 27:17 TDS has done a good job talking about this with the gig economy. that's also what UBI destroys, as evidenced by the results of the Stockton California pilot programme is that it destroys the gig economy because what people will do if they have two or three jobs is they will take the job that offers them the best benefits and drop the other two, which are usually gig economy employment, but those are the jobs that these corporations and Silicon Valley tech firms wants you to be working in so they don't have to provide you with shit. And so that's that's also what why they're, again, why everybody is about cutting off UBI because people aren't taking out loans. People are quitting the shitty gig economy jobs, and it forces This causes a demand for higher wages. Isn't those jobs but if people are seeking out gig economy jobs as an act of desperation they can take they can fuck people in whatever they want I forget who this was and I don't even remember where I heard somebody talking about this but somebody was on some podcast somewhere and I don't honestly don't remember but as an example they gave there's those rechargeable electric scooters that cities have that you ride it around and then you just leave it wherever it runs out of batteries and then the company comes around and picks them up Well, apparently when those services for started they used to pay it was you telling the story I was telling the guy on the show? Yeah, okay, some podcasts somewhere sometime I was like, but I felt like I was outside doing something with headphones on when I heard someone telling the story and I wouldn't have been listened to our podcast but but yeah, no, you told the story where when those companies first came out, it was they would they would pay you what 567 dollars,

James 28:56 like seven eight bucks to pick up in charge when to drop it back off.

Jazzhands 29:00 Yeah. and then over the business cycle as it unfolds, as you have people like, Oh, I can go make all this money then it's like what? $1 $2 and why don't I just sell these for scrap metal? In my draft? Of course, right?

James 29:13 Oh dude, another anecdote about gig economy stuff. When I was in high school, I had a job in college, you know, part time, I worked at a Papa John's, and I was a shift manager and then delivery driver. And as a delivery driver, if you were able to be one of like the two guys at the store, that could work 40 hour weeks, you would get it you wouldn't get great benefits, but you would get you know, medical, you would get it to some degree like you would get the benefits that come with being a full time worker under Obamacare. So a few weeks ago, we ordered Papa John's and got the message on the phone that it's going to be delivered by their third party affiliate doordash. So these companies have gutted any and that was only one or two guys per store that could work enough hours to get those things benefits but that's the thing of the past now because they are essentially bringing in these gig economy workers as scabs to to drive to make it so they don't have to pay any benefits and it's not the fault of the gig economy workers obviously but dude it's a bad situation for everybody

Jazzhands 30:16 did Papa John's John Schnatter hire you personally at the company? Is this why you know we find out that Papa John's is secretly based?

James 30:24 Oh, yeah he said Welcome to Papa's house brought me on board, threw a Roman salute.

Jazzhands 30:29 Unfortunately as we found out about Schnatter, not only was he very supportive of Romney in 2012, but apparently the thing that got him shitcanne from that company. He was trying to be anti racist when he got busted for that. They just took it out of context because they can't have some fucking goy, some German goy running a very successful pizza operation, but I like Papa John's dude. Like it's the only pizza that in. I don't really pizza that often, but when I do, I used to love it. I thought it was great. But it gives me a headache. And maybe it's because I don't eat pizza that often but it's it's the only pizza where you eat it and then I end up with like a fucking headache. Maybe the garlic sauce? I don't know. But.

31:16 yeah, well that's a fist full of salt.

Jazzhands 31:18 Yeah, very salty. But anyway speaking of these distractions, you have Jim Jordan sparring with Nadler, and Bill Barr, and all this stuff, and how dare you and doing all this bullshit. You have all of this going on. You have the Epstein document dump and everything. We're going to talk about that later. But then you have Trump coming out and saying you know that they're desperate to shift the narrative, right? Trump coming out and saying that he wants to delay the election. Well, how many news cycles did that buy ? I think, what two and a half James, something like that. All of these things can be measured in new cycles. But he suggested delaying the election, and then he suggested having it earlier. And then he got rebuked pretty hard by the GOP, which they usually do not do. But Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell came out and said, Yeah, we're not doing that, like immediately rebuked him when he did this. And it just shows. The funny thing about this is that, who is this? This is the AP said it was a rare rebuke for Trump from his fellow Republicans but one that might not last. There was little conservative opposition to Trump's broader push to raise questions about the legitimacy of the November 3 election, including his suggestion later Thursday that a delayed result because of mail-in ballots would be a sign of fraud. The simple reality remains that Republicans up and down the ballot this fall need Trump's fervent base on their side to have any chance of winning. And the GOP....they've been doing this driving a wedge quite a bit. They're doing it with Kris kobach. And we were talking about that as well as more proof of the GOP divesting from Trumpism, it's the direction that they're going, you can bet on that. Chuck Grassley said, All I can say is it doesn't matter what one individual in this country says, we still are a country based on the rule of law. And we want to follow the law of having the election on November 3. I mean, there are a lot of problems with the election, to the extent that we care about elections, which is not very much because for me elections, as I've said in previous podcasts, it's like having someone point a gun at you and say, head or chest at this point. I don't know that the election is going to get delayed or postponed. I do think that with all the things that we know, going on with like the Israeli spy tech and the panopticon stuff and everything that's been happening in the build up with the military, I do think you know, we've talked about this for a long time, like the only way that they get what they want in the Middle East is to do something major. I don't know if they'll do that in the run up to the election, I don't like to predict those sorts of things. But I do think something like that is coming either in the form of a very large clamp down after the election. But what we do know is that this is going to be one of the most litigated elections and what could end up happening. Just putting this out there throwing a spit ball at the wall, is either side, this is gonna be like the Finkel Think election of 2020, where each side doesn't believe the election result, right? Like if Biden wins, it's going to be Trump and the GOP is going to do the opposition shtick. If Trump wins, then the Democrats are going to do, this isn't fair, this isn't real, and it's just going to be heavily litigated. And I think it's going to become a huge distraction. And during that distraction, they're going to be doing some very, very gay routines that they usually do so we'll see. Maybe I'm wrong but in the state that things are currently in, the closer we get to the election, what are we under Almost under 90 days, I think what in two days we'll be at 90 days until Election Day. So

James 35:07 Well, I think a lot of that is virtually guaranteed, especially if the Democrats win the presidency and the Republicans lose the House, which they're almost virtually here

Jazzhands 35:16 Senate.

James 35:16 Oh, well, I mean, if they don't have the House, either, because if you don't have the House,

Jazzhands 35:21 they're not getting the fucking House at all. But they could lose could lose it all. And I think they probably will if the election were held tomorrow.

James 35:28 Sure. Yeah. I think that's what the numbers show. But can you imagine having a Democrat president win and then how much traction the House Republicans will be able to get out of doing committees, right ? And launching congressional investigations, that'll tied them over for at least six months before they have to go on to the next trick in order to keep their base invested in this thing. So yeah, I think that is virtually guaranteed. And who's to say that if Trump is to win in November that House Democrats don't do the same all over again.

Jazzhands 36:05 They've been gearing people up for election shenanigans, right? They've been sowing the seeds of Trump might not leave office, which I don't think is going to happen. This whole notion that the election result isn't going to be fair, Trump is pushing that, but they're also pushing this as well, from the standpoint of foreign meddling. They're still on the foreign meddling shtick. And they've even taken this to the extent that, well, we don't even have to have tangible proof foreign meddling. It's just the idea that foreign meddling can even happen that really makes these election results, you know, so can we even trust what's happening here? So they're really driving this home in people's minds that elections are illegitimate, which you would think given that they're in power that that's the opposite of what they would want to do ? They would want to do the usual bit that they do, which is we have free and fair elections in our American democracy. They did this in 2016. And in 2018, whenever Trump was sort of fomenting that the elections rigged, they would double down on Oh, no, it's, you know, our democracy is perfect. And there's no fraud whatsoever. I don't know, either. There may be factions that end up doing that to sort of try to defend this thing. But it depends on the outcome and what happens, but there are going to be no debates between Trump and Biden. I mean, it's just not gonna happen. And it's going to be the most a-traditional election that we've probably ever seen in our lifetimes. I think the mail-in ballot stuff is going to be ripe for fraud but again, I don't say that because oh, no, Donald might lose if there's fraud it's just looking at it from the standpoint of can you not see how fucked up corrupt and degenerate elections have become in America ? Anybody who says "our American democracy", you're a fucking lol cow. Anybody who believes in this sort of thing. So, but again, Trump coming out and saying delay the election. This is just buying a bunch of time in the middle of a moment where people are being cut off of unemployment benefits, people are facing very dire economic straits, they can't get a job. And you have more evidence of the GOP divesting from Trumpism is with Kris Kobach. Behind the scenes Senator Mitch McConnell is pressuring the Trump campaign to come out against Kobach but it's a very big catch "twenty-Jew" because Trump doesn't want to come out against Kobach because they know that it would piss off the base. But Mitch Mcconnell worries that because - think about this too, right? - here you have the GOP, telling people that you're not going back to work because you're getting extra 600. But there are no jobs to go back to. And the GOP is worried that Kobach might be popular enough to win the primary but then lose the General Election. It's like, well, you guys are the ones that are not out there supporting Kkobach. Now, the irony there is that if you saw Mitch McConnell, and I said this in 2016 if you saw Mitch Mcconnell out there supporting Kovach, then you would know that nobody would vote for Kobach because they would identify him with the establishment, but their concern is that Kobach can't win the general election while behind the scenes, they're trying to convince Trump to come out and screw over Kobach which is what they're doing. And Trump doesn't want to do it because he knows that that would just be even more devastating to his base but I hope he does because I'd love to see this get laid even more bare for the people who are still stuck on the train.

James 39:43 Yeah, the extent to which we can benefit or lose from elections. I think the the best way to think about this case would be Kobach winning this primary and then seeing the NRSC either not spend in his favour which they already have done and this has been going on for over a year now. Right? Ever since Kobach announced his candidacy after the governor's race in 2018 you've had professional NRSC Hispanics and others coming out and sounding the alarm bells about him and trying to get him to drop out, trying to engender primary runs against him. They've been against this guy for a long time. But if we're going to be invested in any outcome, which we're not invest in the outcome, but it would be very interesting to see how McConnell, how the NRSC and how Trump have to manage a Kobach general election campaign.

Jazzhands 40:32 I am invested in litmus tests that prove that this whole system is a farce. And this is a litmus test. Look Kobach wave magic wand, Kobach gets elected to Senate, Kobach becomes pressure release valve for people who still think that they're going to get something transactionally out of the government, just like Jeff Sessions was. Whatever Kobach's true motives are, and I have no reason to think that they're impure. Sessions either. I think those guys probably mean well, they just aren't equipped with the right tools to fight in the style of warfare that needs to be fought today. But I'm in favour of litmus tests. And I like seeing this system, uncomfortable and indecisive about what it should do. And when you have McConnell and other Senate Republican leaders, making urgent pleas for Trump to come out and block Kobach by endorsing one of his opponents, which they've succeeded at doing in the past, I want this laid bare. I want people to see. Because I think Trump's petty opposition to Sessions cleared up things for a lot of people. People are always looking for the magical skeleton key that's gonna open it up. There isn't one doesn't exist. So get that idea out of your head there. It's always by 1,000 cuts, and some of these cuts are bigger than others. And I think if Trump comes out against Kobach, people will see this. But in the meantime, the GOP is doing this because they don't want Kobach in the Senate. They do not want him in the Senate. They will say, oh, we're afraid that he might lose or something like that. I think they're afraid that he might win, because then they have a guy who's doing this bit. And they don't want to do this anymore. This is why Sessions was stopped from getting his old senate seat back. They want these people gone. When Trump has gone, after the sinking ship goes down with all of the good rhetoric attached to it. They want this stuff gone. They don't want anybody talking about these things anymore. It's over.

James 42:45 The science is settled, right? They want the debate to be settled on immigration, and have no more Republicans that will make a big deal about it because that then gives people....it's like they're okay with pressure release valves, but they don't want this one to be open because they know this is a very popular one. And if you have somebody in the Senate riling people up, people are going to demand more of the rest of the party. And that is just an uncomfortable situation they would very much like to put behind them.

Jazzhands 43:12 Right. Why do you think that the election fraud thing that Kobach was tasked with leading was disbanded? And that Kobach ultimately didn't get a job in the administration ? Because I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in those interviews, right? where Trump is expecting some guy to come in and be like a Ken Cuccinelli style guy that is really popular with Tea Party guys, but ultimately knows how to play the game, right? Trump's kids don't know how to play the game. He needs people who know how to play the game. And Kobach goes in with his big yellow folder filled with....remember the one that like slipped through and everybody saw the photo of it on Twitter. He goes in there with his big, in good faith, Here's how I'm going to turn back the tide on immigration bit and they're just looking at him like guy that's not why we're bringing you in. You're just optics for us. So, yeah, we're gonna not do you, you can go do something else. And I think I have to say this just so that people firmly cemented in anybody's mind who still doesn't get it, or at least even if 100% of the people get it, the argument I use with Ron Unz, take it to somebody else. If Trumpism was really about the things that it had stated that it was all throughout 2015 and 2016 where are the stories about millions of dollars flooding into Kansas, to bolster Kobach's run right? Where is the groundswell of grassroots support? Because if you remember the Obama administration, every time there was somebody that they wanted to invest in, somebody that would carry on, people who were delegates of Obama, advocates of the Obama agenda, whatever...that's how politics works. They would rally the troops rally tonnes of money, rally super PACs everything behind the.....But no. It's almost like this guy is like this alien dude who's running for Senate way out there in Kansas and it's a problem that they have to dispose of. So anybody who's still thinks that Trump is doing this stuff, and I know our guys understand what the shot is, but I think people still get hung up on pressure release valves, which is unfortunate. I mean, Tucker's one. Kris Kobach is another one. I would love if there were 150 Kris Kobachs who are all acting in good faith. I don't know what Kobach's motives are. But I do know that I haven't heard him come out and say things that are problematic where we've seen other people who are pressure release valves do exactly that with the anti China rhetoric, but I don't know. I'm not at campaign events for Kobach. Have you ever heard anything?

James 45:57 The only time I've heard about his campaign has been because of NRSC attempts to stifle it, and to give support to this and give money to this guy running against him, Roger Marshall, and they've basically laid the threat bare that if Kobach wins the primary, they are not going to spend in that election. And like you mentioned McConnell going out and endorsing Kobach. He doesn't have to do that. If they wanted him to win they could give him money in a way that McConnell himself is not attached to it. This is what the NRSC does do every other Republican Senatorial candidate. But that's not in the cards because they want this to be over and done with.

Jazzhands 46:36 Yeah, they do. And so let's talk about some other Finkel Think that's going on and that is with school choice, which was an issue that used to be pretty cut and dry, at least at some point. School choice was good for Whites and bad for minorities. And it's come back around, I brought this up with you and we were talking about doing this as a bit on the show because I had the unfortunate opportunity of being immersed in cable news for about a half an hour and I heard a back and forth on Fox and then also on (((Bloomberg))). I just heard Finkel Think carrying itself out over the airwaves on school choice. And it's rearing its ugly head because of Coronavirus. And the conservative argument that if schools do not reopen, then funding should go to parents because why the fuck are you paying property taxes to schools that aren't open? Why would you pay thousands of dollars a year in property taxes to babysit your children in the dining room on zoom calls, like the schools not open, then why aren't we allowed to do school choice ? So they're using this as leverage to start talking about school choice initiatives and Trump has even seen this as a groundswell amongst the base and is starting to put forward some some federal funding or propose an idea for federal funding. But this is not the school choice versus public school argument of 10 15 20 years ago. This is definitely Finkel Think. There is no Upshot here. In fact, it's all downside. And they have completely and totally coalesced a complete kosher sandwich around yet another debate that should have been had between us and instead it's being had by them.

James 48:28 You can actually pinpoint when in history it was and it was about 10 years ago, that this flipped, and that this issue that used to be a proxy issue, a proxy racial issue, became turned into, by conservatism, an explicitly racial issue, but not on behalf of Whites. It got turned into a racial issue on behalf of minorities and what you have here and again, the George Carlin quote when you have unprecedented bipartisanship, what is it? It's unprecedented trickery going on, or something to that effect, then when you see Donald Trump saying we should give $10,000 per child to parents who decide what to do with it as far as schooling, and then Biden saying the same $8,000 to parents of children under 18 for child care expenses, which is effectively a school funding because all those funds are fungible. You have both sides coming to agreement on this Jazz, which is which is unusual, right on school issues ? So school choice used to be an issue where there was a benefit for Whites in it. We can look at the civil rights era as the birth of this demand for school choice among White parents. And there's been a lot of writing and a lot of research on this. And effectively what happened is in the wake of Brown v Board in the 1950s, where schools were going to then be forcibly desegregated at gunpoint, White parents said, Okay, well, we can work with that, we'll have these desegregated public schools, but then they would implement programmes at the local level, including in Virginia, where they would pay a little bit extra to then go to a private school, use the state funds, pay a little extra, go to a private school. And effectively they got their segregated schools back. Now this has been this insurmountable White supremacy that's been a problem for the left, for anti-Whites for a long time, where regardless of how you achieve a majority White school, you end up with that school being the best one. And you hear anecdotes about this from people who are browsing, what is it Great Schools are one of the sites where they look and they say, yeah, the school gets an A in academics and an A in extracurriculars, and has this great grade, but then it has an F in racial diversity. Like oh, I wonder if these things are related ?

Jazzhands 50:53 Many, many such cases and it goes to show. I mean, it's sort of the same with movies and media too. I seek out the movies that did not get good reviews. And it's not just the ones that got bad reviews, you have to seek out ones that got the right kind of bad reviews because those are usually actually pretty good movies because they're devoid of Poz and gay shit and like whatever. So they usually don't fare well. The same is true of schools too. You need to be wary of the rating system that they put in place in many states where they say, Oh, this is the number one school in the state. And you look at some of the schools that maybe didn't get as good of a score, not the bottom barrell ones because there's usually non White schools, but the ones that were in the top 10 or top 20 or whatever. You'll see the grading system that they use, one of the grades they'll use now is diversity and inclusion. And that is a grade that is often weighted more heavily than things like class size or amount of money spent per student or whatever metric you're looking at. And the ones that are in the top 10 Top 20 that don't clinch that number one coveted spot are, like you said, James, it's ones that get a low score on the diversity and inclusion aspect. And for me, I look at that, and I would think, but that's exactly where I want my child to go to school. It's the one that got an F in diversity, and got an A in class size and in dollars spent per school. That may be just fleeting, though, because as you'll get divestment from those schools. But anyway, not to digress but that's one of the reasons people want to do school choice, and then they can flood that school with whoever they want.

James 52:37 And this is a problem that they've identified and they've quantified, right, there's been a lot of research on this. There's this piece, and it happens in any state that offers school choice, which is now most states have some provision, allowing people maybe not vouchers, 100% vouchers, but there's some provision to allow parents to choose where the kids go to school with matched state funds or something to that effect. This is the case in Indiana. There's a piece talking about the state of schools in Indiana where they say that entire student bodies, this is back in the 50s. After Brown v Board, entire student bodies moved from formerly all white public schools to new private schools. It took along them the trappings of the old school, its colours, teams, mascot symbols, student newspapers, leaving behind the shell of a building. And the result has been over the last 50 years that the practice of creating separate and unequal Schools has taken on a new face in the form of charter schools. In North Carolina for example, charter schools played a role in the 25% increase in racial and ethnic segregation in the state from 1998 to 2016. And this was the same case in Indiana for the 2017-2018 school year 46% of 318 voucher schools were 80% or more White, so it's led to a White flight from these failing schools. And this is why school choice as an issue has had to be co opted. And co opted it was.

Jazzhands 54:03 Got co opted pretty hard because this worked out for people I mean when you say that they took their mascots and school colours and basically...they moved the school.

James 54:13 the colours but not the coloureds ?

Jazzhands 54:15 Yes ! the school just went elsewhere and became private, which I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I mean this idea of freedom of association, would work out really well. And the reason why they of course have had to destroy that is because you would just have people doing what comes naturally and instead the unfortunate side of this is that you have conservatives now thinking that they can play a game by, well some of them actually unironically believe that school choice is better for browns and that browns want this and it's a way of doing busing all over the country essentially but the idea that this is going to protect White schools is no longer true. In fact they're working hand in hand to destroy this, aren't they?

James 55:08 Right. And this all came to a head. And that's when we get into the mid 2010s. But this came to a head with Common Core in 2008, under Obama, where the private schools were not only then seen, and so many of these issues are racial, but they have a proxy. And Common Core was another one of these issues, where parents felt that common core yes, these are bad educational standards. But a lot of people implicitly understood that the reason they have to have these is because these brown schools are just unmanageable. And you will hear people talking about teaching to the lowest common denominator, and other euphemisms like that. And that's really what they meant is that every school in the country now has to be effectively on the same level playing field as these failed schools from Chicago under their Demonrat mayors.

Jazzhands 55:59 Holy fuck Did I miss the part where you did the thing on the sped students in public schools? Did you do this?

James 56:07 Oh no. In Arizona? Yeah, that's another example.

Jazzhands 56:11 This whole thing, this is Arizona where special education students account for 13% of the overall population. Special Ed apparently means black 13, do 50. 13 do 100. However the top rated schools of choice have special ed populations that are 5% or below the total student population. Meanwhile, traditional public school districts have special education populations that exceed 20%. So 20% are speds. I don't remember anything close to being that high. It was like, you could you could count all the speds on one hand.

James 56:54 Dude, get out of the bus in the morning. And yeah,

Jazzhands 56:56 And there are people learning disabilities. But special education means black in alot of places where blacks have become a large portion of the schooling. And they've gotten rid of AP and so just like the whole school basically becomes special education. I mean everybody gets these arguments where you fill up a classroom, and suddenly learning is not taking place. And it's always, one exit down the highway. It's happening. It's like one classroom down the corridor too with honour education and things like that. And private schools and everything. If you just turned around and fought, instead of just this constant retreat, we wouldn't end up in this position where we are today with conservatives doing the bit that they're doing, but I won't spoil that, but I think people can guess what they're doing. ,

James 57:46 The special education descriptor used to be people with legitimate learning disabilities, but as you alluded to it now is often something that they will attach to to kids with "behavioural issues" right? Yeah, ahem. And we know this goes back as far as preschool right? People complain about, oh, black girls are 10 times as likely to be suspended from preschool as White girls. Yeah, because they're starting fights, and they're beating up other kids and fighting toddlers and things. And so this is an issue these people tend to have. And then because there's no way to say it's like, okay, here's black school, and here's White school, everybody has to go to the same school, but you just get designated special ed or learning disabled or something. And as these red states cut school funding, and eliminate education funding, you then have these kids dispersed into the regular classrooms. So the entire school just becomes a problem. Now what this came to a head under Obama, the context was, of course, Common Core, people saying my school is going to just become like every other failed school in the country. We need a retreat from this if we want schools to....if we want our kids to actually learn anything we need to go to maybe a Christian school or maybe a just a private Academy. And this was met with much chagrin by the Obama administration itself, but also the real string pullers Jazz, the ADL was none too happy with this White exodus from the public school system. They said, quote, superficially, school vouchers might seem a relatively benign way to increase the options poor parents have for educating their children. In fact, vouchers pose a serious threat to values that are vital to the health of American democracy. These programmes subvert the constitutional principle of separation of church and state and threatened to undermine our system of public education....OUR system...very important phrasing because it is their system of public education. And this is the tipping point right here. 2010.

Jazzhands 59:47 Yeah, wow. How shocked am I to hear the ADL referring to "our system" of education, none of you people have any stake in this country. Just get the fuck out, how about that ? It's not yours. Well they've made it their system but it doesn't belong to you.

James 1:00:04 No. They've conquered the system and part of the way they've conquered this system is by determining the acceptable rhetoric either side can use on this issue. So from the 50s until 2010 you had a slow transition of Whites demanding school choice, first in explicitly racial terms and then in racial terms by proxy, in a kind of euphemistic way of demanding school choice

Jazzhands 1:00:29 That's so weird you know, blacks had been free for 90 years and then all of a sudden in the 1950s. So funny, post World War Two. What is it James this just crazy coincidence about how things just got really fucking shitty? You know, people look back in the 50s as this idyllic time in Americana but that's when things were people didn't really know it yet because they don't have the rapid access to information that they have today, but it was starting to get bad. Brown v. Board of Education and all those things that were happening back then. And of course the 60s got very violent, very similar to today in fact, you know, these things go in cycles, generational cycles.

James 1:01:12 Almost like these new interpretations of US law were coinciding with a massive influx of alien foreigners from Central Eastern Europe and around the world coming in to our country.

Jazzhands 1:01:25 That's low IQ nationalism, bro. Yeah, we don't do that here.

James 1:01:30 We don't engage in WigNattery. Right.

Jazzhands 1:01:33 I hate even making those jabs because people who don't understand that in the context of the Ron Unz stuff is gonna be God Jazz and James were doing WigNats. It's like no guy, like we're making fun of Ron Unz for attacking Wig Nats by calling them low IQ nationalists. Just making sure that people don't take it out of context. I always get worried when it's like, we do that. I think it's clear to everybody but you know....

James 1:02:00 You're a WigNat. Yes.

Jazzhands 1:02:02 Yes

James 1:02:05 And this charter school issue went from being explicitly pro White to implicitly pro White 1950 to 2010. But what happened in the 2010s. And we had a conversation about this. And I think we both remember the point at which this changed. I remember this changing back in 2015 and 2016, where the discussion around charter schools and private schools was no longer about how White parents could escape failing public schools. But it became about how black parents who wanted their keeeds to learn could get them into the good schools in the suburbs. And how this was going to be the winning Republican issue.

Jazzhands 1:02:50 That's how we own the Jews and the blacks. Right? Yeah sure.

James 1:02:54 No, this is how we WIN the blacks. This is going to make blacks love us. Because Listen, jazz, African American speak for themselves, most want school choice, according to Cato. Trump lauded by blacks who support school choice from the Florida Sun Sentinel. So there became this propaganda push in the conservative activist sphere to get White conservatives to talk about school choice framed as an issue that was going to appeal to blacks, and really only talk about school choice if you were talking to black people, because it's how you win them over.

Jazzhands 1:03:28 (((Prager University))), like all of the typical Republicans have done this argument. Go out and look at any explainer video on school choice, and it's always about, we're doing this for minorities, and it's the same thing. And this happened before Trump. This came before Trump. So this notion that Trump's appeal to blacks and record low black unemployment was this new novel thing that Trump was trying to do? No. And as we pointed out many times, Trump is very much a fixture of Republican Party politics and has been for a long time, people pointing out that he was a democrat, only because he was in New York. I mean, he's the kosher sandwich. Ofcourse he's a Democrat. Of course, he's tied in with the Republican party politics. It's all the fucking same. But this idea that Oh, yeah, he started appealing to black. No ! this is what the Republican Party has been doing. It's what they've wanted to do all along. It's part of the transition. And so this is what they've always done. And so you won't hear about school choice because that's the other thing is, you and I were talking about this in private too, is people that own homes and people who are the ones paying the property taxes directly where you're, for those of you out in Rio Rhinelander, that's where your school money comes from is your property taxes. Black people are renting. Black people are not owning homes. Black people are often transient. And so they don't go and buy school, they can't go and purchase tuition at a private school because they don't have the time preference to save up the money for that payment for the school. But by giving them a check in the form of a voucher, giving everybody a check in the form of a voucher. Yeah, people who pay their property taxes are getting the money back then through a voucher. Okay, thank you for the money back, I'll spend that somewhere. But people like blacks are getting money that they would not have had at all right? They're not gonna come up with that on their own. And it's not like they're gonna pay lower rent for some reason. So it's giving them a ticket to go to whatever, this is what I'm talking about, it's busing for the whole country. And it's why they're pushing on this so hard, because they want blacks in all these schools. This is Republicans browning up your schools. That's going to be the end result because they will pretend with dog whistles that this is really about the segregation that happened in the 2010s and before. They're not going to be there to stop when your school gets going. It's like, Oh, I'm so sorry that this happened. It's like Republicans in the kosher certification of this dialectic makes it so that they can create more problems by pretending to solve one right ? They're going to get blacks into your schools and then this gives Republicans even more problems that they can solve in the next election or when they're in the opposition. We have to fix our schools they're gonna borrow....You know, this garbage the same old shit right?

James 1:06:29 We have to remove school funding because these schools are failed, and they need to be punished. And yeah. And the own is built in where Republicans can say that Oh, these "Demonrats" want to end segregation. Well, they can say they didn't want to do that in the 60s when these "Demonrats" were opposing it. But now they can say Oh, you want to end segregation ? Well, here's how you do it. You privatise schools, you offer school choice, you give vouchers and you give these black kids a bus ride from the ghetto into your formerly nice school. And the other thing about property taxes and housing, and this relates to what we talked about last week with the HUD guidance on low income, high density housing is the cities and suburbs that tend to be nicer and have the nice school districts, the desirable school districts, these districts were being told, or these communities were being told that they must build high density housing, which is then populated by.....you guessed it. And when you have that situation happening then those kids go to the same school and thus you're 90% white you know, AP four star excellent school becomes 20% black crime fest right ? So it destroys these schools.

Jazzhands 1:07:47 And it's a conservative cope that conservatives are secretly dog whistling and that they're secretly doing this on your behalf goy and that you're gonna end up with a White school, just shut the fuck up and go along with the good optics of appealing to blacks. It's like No, that's not what they're gonna do. And furthermore the fact that even the conservative cope that well, you can have your private school out in the suburbs and you don't have to worry. I mean come on do you think these black people are gonna themselves drive their keeeeeids out to the schools in the suburbs? Well as you just pointed out with this forced public housing in the suburbs, these little mini downtown areas that we're talking about, see how this all work together ? And I'm not trying to do Finkel Think on evil liberal Obama but let's be honest that what the shot was with the well I forget even the acronym for what that was that HUD rule, the affirmative something something shitty yeah it's breaking up these white suburbs. But it's all working in concert together with this and that. So you have Republicans pushing school choice and you have Democrats pushing for housing in the middle of white suburbs. Then you mix the two together by giving all these blacks vouchers, and all of a sudden you have this problem. Why I think the teachers union is at least nominally opposed to school choice is because they don't want to end up with an all black classroom. Like nobody wants that to happen. But that's what some blacks are angling for with the school choice. I saw somewhere in one of these pieces, there are some black advocates of school choice who are doing it because they want Afrocentric curriculum. They actually want schools exclusively for blacks. And in a fantasy world, I'd be all for that as malicious compliance and agree and amplify and everything if Whites we're going to get something out of that. But we all know that blacks are going to get what they want. And then it's going to be blacks mixed in with Whites, there isn't going to be a Oh, well, you know, the system isn't just going to be well, since we're giving black people all black schools with African centric curricula, then certainly we must then bend over and give Whites what they want. No.

James 1:10:07 That's exactly right. Every school is going to be diversified. And those two separate fights that may seem separate on surface level, the high density housing and school choice. There was another Obama era, Department of Education guidance that acted like like the Blendtec blender just to blend that all together. And to make it so that they do he took an active role, actually, and that it did the diversification of these schools, any school that received federal funding, and this is Department of Education guidance that by the way, jazz still active under the Trump administration. This memo has not been rescinded by the Trump administration. And what this is effectively is a legal explainer a how to guide for school districts and diversity officers to circumvent existing federal including circumventing the Civil Rights Act by the way, and Supreme Court decisions in order to still consider race as a primary characteristic in establishing and then meeting racial diversity quotas, because by the letter of the law and the Civil Rights Act you're not supposed to be able to do this right? They're supposed to be equal treatment. Imagine you

Jazzhands 1:11:20 imagine the Civil Rights Act being too White supremacist, right, we can't it's colorblind, which is a form of White supremacy and so they're working around that Why? Because they know damn well that if this became a landmark Supreme Court case, or worse for them from their perspective legislation, nobody would go for this so they have to do this. I didn't even know about this. This DOE guidance had no idea but of course they're doing this, and see that's the thing is, they always use the law or some case precedent as an excuse for Oh, well, we can't possibly do this. So we have to respect the "rule of law" in this country but when they want to go around the law, law that was supposed to be this great achievement for diversity and freedom and equality and blah, blah, blah, the Civil Rights Act was they're working around that behind the scenes, right? To make it even more gay, because they know the public would not accept this. Someday this will be codified, but not right now.

James 1:12:18 Not yet. But these are all strategies that can be used and the DOE is playing an active role in making sure that school districts that are too White are diversifying, regardless of how they have to do it by hook or by crook, right. So there's this guidance and they say explicitly what they're doing, they give you the shot. In plain text. They say that this guidance is being issued quote, to explain how consistent with existing law, elementary and secondary schools can voluntarily consider race to further compelling interest in achieving diversity and avoiding racial isolation. That's great. racially diverse schools should provide incalculable educational and civic benefits by promoting cross-racial understanding, breaking down racial and other stereotypes, and eliminating bias and prejudice. Our nation's future depends upon leaders trained through wide exposure to the ideas and mores of students as diverse as this nation of many peoples. Isn't that like a descriptor of Israel, like nation of many peoples?

Jazzhands 1:13:20 "Diverse mores", is an oxymoron doesn't even like work. It's not how it works. There's no moral. There's no moral compass. These people have no moral compass. It's just to fuck White people is what it is.

James 1:13:32 Yeah. So here's how here's how they do it. They say school districts are required to use race neutral approaches only if they are workable. So you can say you're being race neutral if you end up with a largely brown mixed school, but if that doesn't achieve the desired results, here you go. They say school districts are not required to implement race neutral approaches, if in their judgement approaches would not be workable. In some cases, "unworkable" means they will be ineffective to achieve the diversity that the school district seeks to address racial isolation in the district schools. So if your starting point is mixed black and brown school, great, you're done. You can say you're being race neutral. But if not, they give you the backup plan. They say when race neutral approaches would be unworkable to achieve compelling interest of diversity. school districts may employ generalised race based approaches. These are things like considering the overall composition of neighbourhoods, but not individually making decisions based on particular students. So there's that backup plan. And what do you know Jazz there's another caveat here, that if even THAT approach doesn't get you the 50:50, black and white school, you can just go mask off and consider race of individual students. They say quote, when schools adopt approaches that consider the race of individual students, they should do so in a manner that closely fits their goals of achieving diversity.

Jazzhands 1:14:59 So that's a blank check to do that each and every time that they want to for any reason.

James 1:15:05 The idea that any school would get in trouble for not doing their due diligence to try race neutral and then try generalised race approaches. Why would that happen ? Because they're being given clear a blank check, a rubber stamp of approval to consider the race of individual students when deciding whether or not to accept out of District transfers or waivers from one school to the other. And so any school district anywhere in the country you can now be denied if you're trying to get your kid into a school into a different public school you can now be denied if you're White.

Jazzhands 1:15:43 Yeah, they can do that and they will and I have no doubt they will and this is just going to continue. But this is important, the reason why we're telling people this is that so people don't get hung up on if you see the ADL come out against this, this is Lghtswitch Brain, this is Finkel Think. If you see the ADL coming out against vouchers, then the natural inclination is.....it was this ADL quote, I think during the Obama administration when school vouchers were resulting in Whiter schools, but when you see these things trotted out, and when you see certain people coming out against it, there's this tendency and this is how I think people get caught up in the kosher sandwich and caught up in Finkel Think, is they see someone on the other team or whatever Team Blue or Team Red opposing something that they like, and then immediately thinking, well, it must be good just doing the opposite. And that's not true, especially in the kosher dialectic where conservatives have shored up the other side. And we've learned this lesson about a lot of things but school choice and the reason why we're bringing it up is because there is the debate about what to do about schools with Coronavirus, and it's being used as a potential excuse to ramp up school choice now that they have the kosher dialectic in place. And it's going to be a win win for them no matter what, they can start pushing for this. And nobody in the elite is going to be affected by this at all. People who go to very expensive day schools like they have in Washington DC, they're 30, 40, 50,000 a year for fucking grade school. The voucher system, that's gonna be what ? Trump is proposing $10,000 per child, you're not gonna be able to send your kid to any of these schools and it's jus tnot gonna happen. So these elites will be untouched. Jews will not have to be impacted by this, at all. In fact, I would be surprised that any student who goes to a public school, or to a private school even, interacts with Jews at all, very soon, like, why would you they're going to be in yeshiva school or they're going to be in some very, very, very expensive school once the proletariat schools have been just race-mixed and browned the fuck out. Which is the plan. That's what they want to do. Right? And Trump can play the game like, Oh, look, I'm giving, you know, browns, this choice but you know, wink wink nudge nudge, it's good for Whites too. It's like, no it's not. This is bad for everybody,

James 1:18:11 And there's another temptation that people will fall into and say, Well, if Trump does the thing that they give $10,000 in a voucher, or whatever it is the state by state, if the state then gives a voucher that you can use in any school, it's like, Okay, great, I can go take my kid to the private school. And that is true. But you have to consider the policy of the Department of Education, you have to consider the ramifications of this other federal law that is going to then say if that school is to accept these federal vouchers, which these would be, these would be federal vouchers, or at least partially paid by the federal government. If they're going to accept federal money, they have to abide by the diversity rules, they have to abide by all these other federal regulations. So effectively what this would do for these kind of mid tier private schools where there are some mid tier private schools where you know, 15,000 a year 20,000 a year, you can get in to. What the effect is going to be then is to bring these schools fully or more under the yoke of the federal government if they're going to be taking this federal money. So it actually destroys many of these nice schools that people have sought refuge from the public schools in.

Jazzhands 1:19:16 I'll posit this argument, I don't give a shit, its not even good for black people. If you're taking the position of what would be ultimately the best, the highest level of good for blacks? Not this, this is not good. This is not going to result in more learning and better education and more outcome. But implying the education system is even interested in coming up with those kinds of outcomes. It's a whole topic for a whole nother day. But the idea that this system is even producing people with education, or the ability to think critically. By any measure it's just producing consumer, it's pretty basically a consumer class factories, what this is doing. And the reason why they want to mix blacks in is because they have higher time preference, lower impulse control, and if they get them into the middle class and they can pay them pay them some kind of middle class wage and replace Whites, those people are more likely to spend money, not save, take loans, etc. And the key to that is like getting them into schools where they can then get into college and everything else. So it's not helping anyone. This is not benefiting anyone This is making things shittier in the long run. And so, yeah, alternatives to this some schooling. There are a lot of other ways to get around this. The biggest one is paying very close attention to what your children are learning in school and making sure that you are Inb4-ing as much as possible things that are being taught to them because I think kids come home and they don't talk about what's going on in school. And I think it's important that parents understand and I think most parents in our milieu do pay attention to this. But most normie parents are like lol, I just want to do Netflix and chill, like Have a great day kiddo. They're not just not paying attention. They've no idea what's going on. And the other thing is like the zoom stuff. I mean, we're talking about a dream come true where kids are in front of a screen for 12 hours a day. This is just perfect for hyper-reality with that whole thing, so, No kidding, definitely. I realise private schools are out of reach for a lot of people. I think the best solution here, and this is what I probably plan on doing is augmenting your kids education, with your own right? reading and being involved in their curriculum. You can't just dump your kid off in the public school and expect like lol, I'm gonna get great results. You have to be involved with it. And if you do that, you can get at the very least better results than totally uninvolved parenting. Well, you actually have as a kid who is educated to think critically and to understand the world around them in the way that it is actually constructed, actually has a much more significant advantage over literally everybody else. Because everybody else is in that bathtub in the matrix, like plugged in with all this shit into their body. The kid is going to be like the one that's sitting on the edge of the bathtub looking at everybody else and being like, wow ! You don't want to start too early. And I'm not offering advice, but I think just generally speaking, understanding things the way that we do, it does give you a leg up because, man, I just can't imagine being stuck back in the old way. And I would never go back to that. I can't You can't it's impossible. So there's no choice the idea that you can go back. So yeah, everybody this is true education. James. We have attained PhD level status, as far as I'm concerned. So with that, we're going to take a break. We'll be right back with actually really hardcore education, a lot of red pills. A lot of mind blowing shit in the second half. Be right back on FTN.

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James 1:26:07 Welcome back to FTN. And big second hour, a lot of stuff to talk about here in the second hour. Breakout the markers Jazz, I think we have some dots to connect, do we not?

Jazzhands 1:26:18 Yeah, Pepe Silvia style going pretty crazy and this is kind of interesting. We have a lot of dots to connect. We've talked about the dots a lot. And some of those dots were discoveries of our very own. I will take full credit for FTN discovering the micro finance connection to world migration, hands down anywhere you see that narrative it started here and I will take full credit for that, it did not appear anywhere else. We put the dots together on that. But we haven't really gone back to revisit it because....and I have a lot of books that I wanted to read from because there were actually a movement opposed to micro finance for a while about 10 years ago. And then it just disappeared. In fact, we talked about this when we did the deep dive, the one guy where I got a lot of information, who was opposed, these are liberals who are opposed to micro finance, but they do it from the standpoint of, Oh, this takes advantage of these poor people, but they don't make the connection to the immigration. And those websites have disappeared. I have the book from one of these guys, which I'm gonna have to dig into now that we see these connections. Epstein documents got released over Thursday night or something. I think I woke up on Friday and saw that they had been dumped and now all of a sudden you have Cernovich out there defending Dershowitz. We're gonna listen to some audio from him, confirming the claim that we made, again on this programme, where we went back and looked at the record, and pointed out that what Cernovich was doing wasn't actually in the service of getting to the truth on Epstein, but to help out his friend Alan Dershowitz in screwing over the victims. And now we have even more evidence of people like Jacob Wohl being paid, along with Catholics and Wein-nats to come out and attack women. And I don't know if people saw this periscope with Mike Cernovich talking about the Epstein stuff, and Alan Dershowitz. But it's just so much bias to be confirmed here because, like we pointed out, when this happened. But I mean, just listen to this. It's hilarious the way that he does this. And it just checks out with everything that we've said

James 1:28:38 There really is nothing to see. He's just identified by the way, he's name just comes off as a casual observer, just a guy.

Mike Cernovich 1:28:38 You know, it's always interesting how people like I'll mention Alan Dershowitz was identified in the documents. Why? because he's identified in the documents, it's not really a summary thing. You know.

Jazzhands 1:29:02 It's not really a thing you know, it's not really a thing and then he tries to play this game thing you know, he knows that this is out there he's feeling very nervous. Feeling nervous, Mikey, you know, yeah the people are figuring out what you're actually doing here because listen to this, this is fucking funny.

Mike Cernovich 1:29:20 ....out to the FBI begging them. Dershowitz is in a defamation lawsuit against, I think Roberts I think against Virginia Roberts, but he claims he had no involvement, she's lying and then he sued them for defamation or they sued him. One or the other. I haven't really......I don't really kept track of that. And....

James 1:29:44 But who knows? Just don't keep track, doesn't matter. I mean, you know, yeah. Weren't he and Dershowitz either like co counsel or partners or something like they were trying to, they're getting all up in the mix in this and Cernerovich is going to claim he doesn't know !? He doesn't even know what the legal action was ?

Jazzhands 1:30:00 When you have lawyers from the other side, lawyers for the women saying that Cernovich and Dershowitz are working together to get this information because Dershowitz failed to get it. And now Cernovich is here to try to get the info and then he can take credit for getting it out. I mean, this is the perfect Jewish scheme too. It's like, oh, goy, you can take credit for this, and nobody's ever gonna figure it out. Except that you're a fucking liar. And when you watch somebody on Periscope, and you can see, I don't know who they're suing, I totally don't know anything about this. I have no clue. But the giveaway, Mike, if I may offer nickels worth of free advice is that you're talking about Dershowitz at all. Unless you're talking about the other people who are in the documents and say, I don't know what's going on there, I have no idea. You know everything about everything with the Epstein, like you're hyper focused on this, but you don't know anything about Dershowitz. Like you don't know anything that's going on there. It's like, no clue. You're supposed to be the guy who knows. His Twitter is : I sued in federal court to unseal Jeffrey Epstein documents in one. Aren't you supposed to be the guy that knows everything about this?

James 1:31:14 The other thing too is when Clinton's name was mentioned, it's like oh yeah, implication is clear Clinton's a paedophile according to Cernovich. When Al Gore's name is mentioned Oh, yeah, obviously....obviously Al Gore's guilty. When very cogent and believable accusations are made against Dershowitz. Yeah....I don't know who that is. He's mentioned, but it doesn't matter. Gorilla mind. You just need the bonobo brainwave to be able to comprehend this legal....

Jazzhands 1:31:45 Bonobo brainwave. He's looking like a bonobo these days. So Cernovich is going to get the Epstein files. Isn't that cool? Like he's actually doing something useful. But whenever you see somebody who's done a whole bunch of things that are not useful, and they're not helpful, and then all of a sudden you see them doing something that seems to be helpful that's usually where there's a problem that that person did not decide accidentally or otherwise one day to do the right thing, and then go back to doing the wrong thing. And if you don't believe me talk to the lawyers for these women who are like, yeah, this guy sucks. And the funny thing is those lawyers are there to get the same documents released. They're supposed to be on the same side, or at least wouldn't Cernovich be on the same side as the women. And those lawyers are like, No, no, we don't want Cernovich this guy sucks. Get him out of here, and he's doing the same thing as Dershowitz. Why would the attorneys say that? You know, but anyway.

James 1:32:52 Right, unless the real intent of the Cernovich Dershowitz effort is to actually obfuscate what has happened and who was named in those documents, including keeping Dershowitz's name out of it.

Jazzhands 1:33:04 And it's exactly what it is. And it's all rolled in together. I bring up micro finance. That's because it's tied in very directly with Epstein, as we've laid out in a couple deep dives recently. Not just around Contras and child trafficking out of Central America, under Reagan, the foster homes that were run by the Catholic Church that were used as a source for a lot of these people. And it's typical, it's a thousands of year old story of Jews preying on people who cannot defend themselves. It's what they've done throughout human history. But I'm talking about today, we're gonna be talking a little bit about Epstein and Maxwell, but we're going to be talking a lot about Deutsche Bank. We're gonna be talking about Trump and Jared and Charles Kushner. We're gonna be talking about Reagan, setting up Jews to loot the Soviet Union. He was helping them out via elaborate privatisation schemes that we've talked about under Boris Yeltsin. We're going to tie in how that fits in with people like Larry Summers. And also, specifically with this federal judge this Esther Salas who was targeted by this Den Hollander, who worked for Kroll and Associates, which was one of the firm's that was responsible, one of the very Joooooish firms responsible for the privatisation schemes that were set up under Boris Yeltsin. They were the consultants to loot the Soviet Union along with Roman Abramovich. You have 9/11 is tied into this, the Iraq war, Chuck Weinstein, micro financing I mentioned before, not just for World migration, not just for human trafficking for labour, but especially for the sexual proclivities of every lever of human power Jews have to control. That's what that's about. And the reason why we're talking about this and the reason why I'm pointing this out is because you've probably heard a lot about Epstein and Maxwell in the last 24 to 48 hours. And you've heard about the victims and you've heard people talking about this and you've probably seen Dershowitz being hosted by Tucker Carlson on Fox, and that's being looked at as some purity test for for Tucker somehow. When in reality he's giving Dershowitz a platform and the combative stuff is just the Kabuki theatre. And I divested from Tucker stuff a long time ago. And it feels good because now I'm not on the hook for shitty things that Tucker says after this. And I think honestly, the fact that Dershowitz is being given a platform and the fact that you have Cernovich out there defending Dershowitz at all is also a big distraction. Because we pushed back on the Wein-nats and everybody that was coming out and attacking the women, the victims of Epstein, the victims of Weinstein. But it's Epstein and Maxwell, as we pointed out many times, Epstein was like a middle manager. He's the fall guy. He's like pharma bro. Martin Shkreli. He's the guy that they want everybody to pay attention to. Maxwell's sort of on the side, too. But these are people that the Jews have been willing to give up. Do you think if Jews did not want to give these people up that we'd be talking about them. Let's talk about the things that they're not talking about, or the things that they're obfuscating, which is the shooter of this federal judge's son and almost her husband, Esther Salas. And the fact that she was a New Jersey district court judge that was assigned to the FINANCIAL side of the Jeffrey Epstein case dealing with Deutsche Bank. Now, James, when Robert Muller was going on, and when Jerrold Nadler and Adam Pencil Neck Schiff were doing all this stuff with impeachment and targeting Trump for four years. You ever wonder why Deutsche Bank, there's never any serious traction in terms of probing this thing ? Well, we're gonna answer those questions today. If you're gonna go after Trump from all these different angles, all these things that he said and whatever, why don't you target him financially with the Deutsche Bank stuff ? But they don't. They get very close. But this is the Finkel Think of the left. They get you really worked up about evil, racist, orange, Donald Trump, and then they don't actually do anything about it. Well, that's because it's all part of the same thing. But before we get into the details, I want to point out that we have talked about Deutsche Bank at length when we did the Kushner deep dive. That would be FTN 202, 204 and 206. It was a three part series. The third part entitled one of my favourite FTN titles Swindler's List. Moike was on there to talk about this stuff. We also have the Reaganomics Demographic Death Spiral which is FTN 244, the Micro Financed Macro Migration deep dive, that's out there as well. And then if you're interested in the Roman Abramovich stuff and the privatisation of Russia, which we're going to be talking about this stuff again in detail today then go check out FTN 295 Irony Brokers and FTN 313, another favourite episode title of mine : Shlomo Doberman Pinscher Lazar, which is hilarious. James, some of this stuff is going to be a surprise to you. What was your take when you heard about this ? How often in America do you hear about federal judges having a gunman show up at the house and like shoot the son of a federal judge in New Jersey and almost killed the husband. And then it be a blip on the radar and then gone in 24 hours ?

James 1:39:03 So that was interesting, right? Because like the takeaway immediately you can see this play out within that new cycle. It's like zoom in on the news cycle and you'll see the different takes emerge from the Blue Cheka and try to gain traction and then watch them fall out of favour. The first one was obvious, right? This was White supremacist terrorism that was quickly dropped. Nextthere were some people trying to do gun control from this and the senseless act of gun violence. And pretty soon that got wound up too. And then the MRA stuff got probably 10 hours of traction. And then that was out of the headlines as well. And now this is totally buried. This is totally gone. Just like the the Deutsche Bank stuff is totally gone.

Jazzhands 1:39:45 I think one of the most uncomfortable shootings for them, and you know, we may hopefully one day have an answer, maybe we never will, the Las Vegas shooter. Darren paddock or whatever that guy was.

James 1:39:59 Steven, Chuck paddock Yeah,

Jazzhands 1:40:02 We still don't know anything about that. We can guess. But something that you can count on is that the moment that you hear that the FBI is on the case, you can count on no justice being done whatsoever and never hearing about it again, because that's what we're told. I mean, the FBI is now investigating this shooting of this son of this federal judge in New Jersey, but it just totally died. Can you imagine if this were a real act, a naturally occurring act of violence against a judge of any capacity ? What they would have done? But what's going on here is Esther Salas was the New Jersey district court judge who was assigned to the financial Jeffrey Epstein case involving Deutsche Bank. And she was assigned to this case on July 16th. So it's important for people to consider that there are ongoing civil suits with the victims which were what Epstein was originally arrested for and brought to New York. But there are also some cases with many of the same victims versus Ghislaine Maxwell, these are entirely different from the SDNY case involving Deutsche Bank and the financial side of that operation. It's one thing to have Alan Dershowitz's name come out on an unredacted document. And oh, boy, you know, he did some seedy sex stuff, and they can pretend like, Oh, we have to stop all these names from coming out. But the thing that they REALLY don't want to come out is the financial side of the operation. Now, they are concerned. One of the reasons why they don't want these cases with the victims to go forward is because they're afraid that these victims will tell stories about the financial side of the operation. But there's this investor case against Deutsche Bank. And Esther Salas is this federal judge assigned to handle this class action lawsuit by Deutsche Bank investors who claim the company failed to monitor high risk customers like Jeffrey Epstein, Joooish paedophile and blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein. The investors also claim in New Jersey federal court, that the bank made false and misleading statements about its anti money laundering policies. Deutsche Bank is a huge money laundering operation. That's all they do. They might not even make a profit, like all they do is just launder money. And Bear Stearns did it before them. If you wonder why Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and these companies were allowed to just fail. The ones that were allowed to fail are the ones that at some point in the future. Now, can you look into Bear Stearns? Like would anyone call for a probe into Bear Stearns ? No, they don't exist. So Deutsche Bank I wouldn't be surprised if they're another one that just goes bankrupt and then we just don't hear anything else about it. But this complaint alleges that Deutsche Bank, quote, failed to properly monitor customers that the bank deemed high risk including, among others. Jeffrey Epstein. Now you had New York's financial services regulator, fined Deutsche Bank $150 million, which is just like pissing into the wind. 150 million, they probably make that much in interest on high risk loans in an afternoon. You know, this is how much it costs to listen to one hour of Fash the Nation behind the paywall, $150m. For failing to properly monitor its dealings with Jeffrey Epstein. Deutsche Bank has been notorious for years as a cesspool of money laundering for organised crime networks. They have paid over $14.5 billion in fines in just the last seven years. So yeah, 150 million sort of pissing into the wind. 14.5 billion still a lot of money but they're just paying fees, right? Money is going right back into the same system. So it's like when Trump cut off money for the World Health Organisation it just got redirected to Bill Gates. And then right back to WHO. So it's just like this game that they play where it's like, oh, we're gonna do something very serious to Deutsche Bank and make them pay. Well, they would much rather pay these fines, and then continue doing what they're doing. I mean, the worst thing that can happen to them is they get de-platformed but they don't. They don't get de-platformed. Never. And so Epstein started that relationship with Deutsche in 2013, after JPMorgan Chase dropped him as a client over reputational concerns. Quote, in each of the cases that are being resolved today, Deutsche Bank failed to adequately monitor the activity of customers that the bank itself deemed to be too high risk, adding that despite knowing Epstein's terrible criminal history, the bank inexcusably failed to detect or prevent millions of dollars of suspicious transactios. But again this is like Martin Shkreli, charged what 5,000% for some AIDS drug, and he was the Fall Guy. He was the sacrificial lamb to vent public outrage. And then did anyone else from the pharmaceutical industry pay a price ? Did the Sackler family ? No, not at all.

James 1:43:16 Like 15 minutes of revenue gone. And that anger at pharmaceutical companies being a hot topic at the time because people were experiencing suffering because they couldn't pay for genuine life saving medication. But that was at the hands of Bayer, Purdue pharma, the Sacklers, etc. But all of this anger then, very neatly, directed to this one Gentile in New York.

Jazzhands 1:45:33 Pharma bro. Yeah, totally pharma bro and nothing changes, right? It's the thing that they always do. So be advised of pressure release valves. Because it may feel good to see Tucker getting very combative with Alan Dershowitz. But again, why is he giving Alan Dershowitz a platform? Why is this happening in the first place and does that feel good actually change any of the dynamics of this at all? Are the right questions being asked? Is Tucker doing a segment on Esther Salas ? Is Tucker doing a segment on Deutsche Bank and going down the rabbit hole on this stuff ? You can do this without even saying "Jew" one time, if you're concerned about optics. People do it all the time talk about this. All this stuff is coming out, especially Whitney Webb, without whom a lot of this research wouldn't even be possible. She is out there talking about this all the time and in front of audiences of people who are not in our milieu, and they're hearing about this stuff, and some of them have bad takes. But ultimately, I think it's good that this stuff gets out there. So suspicious transactions. Epstein amassed a fortune of more than $500 million over three decades through close relationships with billionaire clients. That's the other thing. A lot of what Epstein was doing in addition to the the rape and paedophilia and all the things that he was doing, hey, you know, it's all paedophilia right? They're all under 18 it's all paedophilia it's all disgusting and so the fact that he was raising all this money a lot of the things that he was doing didn't have to do with those girls. Sure, yes, they're used as part of this big political blackmail operation but there was a lot of fraud and illegal activity and currency speculation, a lot of these things that he was doing as well, that played a role in making and breaking countries that Jews want to fuck around with and getting financial leverage on certain places. This is about dominance, world domination, it's more accurately controlling political levers within those countries. But Deutsche maintained its relationship with Epstein and only ended it after the Miami Herald published all those stories in 2018, and it became very obvious about what was going on with the non prosecution deal. This is when this all blew up, and it became a big problem. They handled over 40 accounts related to Epstein and people related to Epstein and multiple entities. Quote, the bank processed hundreds of transactions totaling millions of dollars, at the very least, should have prompted additional scrutiny but it didn't. Of course, we know why. Those transactions include payments to people who are Epstein's co conspirators in sexually abusing young women and settlements totaling more than $7 million in payments to different law firms, more than 6 million for what appeared to have been legal expenses for Epstein and his co conspirators. We don't know who those people are. Other than Ghislaine Maxwell and I just heard about her sister Isabel Maxwell today, had no idea who she was, but apparently, you know, it's the people that you don't hear about. If they have Alan Dershowitz plastered all over the news he's the guy that they want you to focus on. Not anybody else. And Alan Dershowitz isn't going anywhere. He's not being taken down.

James 1:48:58 Except maybe to the grave, guy's like 80 something years old and yeah, it's like okay, they'll set up this one guy who has name recognition as being....and Dershowitz of course is a perfect target for this because he has pissed off conservatives for a long time. He's been a figure you've been allowed to hate.

Jazzhands 1:49:14

He may be a good fall guy for this because, eighty years old and it looks like he's resisting too, like this combative sort of thing that he's doing. All these defamation suits. It's almost like the system just was like, Alright, Alan, you're the short straw guy, you're the short beak, and you're the guy that is going to take the piss for this and he's fighting back. But he can't. It's kind of funny, he can't give anyone else away. He won't. His tribal loyalties will not allow him to do that, where he would try to implicate other people. He's just going to go trying to attack those women, which is why you have Jews paying to attack these women, go after their credibility. $25K to Jacob Wohl.  Other payments at Deutsche Bank were made to Russian models, payments for women's school tuition, hotel and rent expenses. All consistent with public allegations prior wrongdoing payments directly to numerous women with Eastern European surnames. Also noted were Epstein's periodic suspicious cash withdrawals, in total more than 800,000 over approximately four years. Doesn't sounds like a whole lot of money over four years for a guy like Epstein, but I'm sure that guy had access to cash in any way that he wanted. But yeah, it's this financial operation. That is where I think most of the biggest problems, the biggest skeletons that they want to stay buried. They don't give a shit if Alan Dershowitz had a massage from somebody, in fact, it's great to put that out front because then they don't have to talk about what's out back.  Now we know the reason why Bill Barr got rid of Jeffrey Berman and replaced him with a guy named John Clayton, a corporate lawyer who worked for Deutsche Bank and defended the bank against money laundering. So the guy that's replaced and who's supposed to be looking into Ghislaine Maxwell and all this other stuff, because SDNY was nominally looking into Deutsche Bank. Now they have a Deutsche Bank corporate lawyer, who is the guy who's supposed to be looking into this stuff. It's just fuckin hilarious. But where else has Clayton worked ? Goldman Sachs, SoftBank, which we have talked about before, it's a Japanese bank that has been buying up all these, seed money for all these Israeli companies, buying up all these tech companies. SoftBank is very, very bad. The Weinstein Company so Clayton has worked as a corporate lawyer for them. He's also worked for Pershing Square Capital Management, aka Bill Ackman. We've heard him before recently. Apollo Global Management, we did a deep dive on them as well. Leon Black, Josh Harris Mark Rowan, these are Jared Kushner's best buds they have invested in a lot of the Kushner programmes and Leon Black's father is Eli Black who is the Jew, the guy that was I think in control of Chiquita Banana, who got caught doing all this embezzlement shit in the 1970s. And I guess one morning, went to his office in the Pan Am building in New York City, took his briefcase upstairs and he jumped out the window because he couldn't deal with the embarrassment and went splat on the pavement. You wouldn't have that today. This is the never again, this is a regular old Shoa back then the fact that Eli black killed himself over the fear of being found out. Never again right ? Now these people can operate with impunity.

James 1:52:51 So this is the real meaning of that baseball managers tattoo on his leg.

Jazzhands 1:52:56 Yes, exactly. So Bear Stearns. During the financial crisis of 2007 to 2008, Clayton advised Bear Stearns, in its fire sale to JPMorgan Chase in 2007. So the guy that went on to be at Deutsche Bank, the new place for money laundering, was responsible for executing the fire sale of the old money laundering bank to JPMorgan Chase, which is where Epstein was before he got kicked out and went to Deutsche. And he was also the guy who spearheaded Barclays Capital in the purchase of Lehman Brothers assets following their bankruptcy and I'm pretty sure Barclays got bought by somebody else. I can't be quite sure of that. Bear Stearns was the forerunner to Deutsche Bank, and now it doesn't exist. So go ahead and try and probe it and Deutsche Bank will soon not exist. And they'll be like, well, we tried guys, right. John Clayton can just be like, well, we would probe Deutsche Bank and try to get to the bottom of this horrible affair, but they don't exist anymore. So you know, What are we gonna do? I don't know, get excited for next election, right, James?

James 1:54:03 Right. And x number of years have passed. So those records just don't exist anymore. You know, despite the fact that may be in the like, 1970s or something, you could say, Oh, these records, you know, that we just lost the files, now everything's digitised. So there's really no way for them to claim that but they will they won't they will they absolutely.

Jazzhands 1:54:21 Well, there's a data breach. So this got compromised and corrupted. And I mean, it happens all the time. When there's no evidence of wrongdoing for a White supremacist, they say that, oh, we lost the device. When it's evidence of wrongdoing of Jews, they lose the device. Every single time but it's kind of funny. John Clayton, right, tasked with overseeing SDNY cases, worked for Goldman Sachs, SoftBank Weinstein Company, Apollo Global Management, Bear Stearns, all this stuff. Is it kind of funny, James that he was also an advisor for the SEC, the Federal Reserve, Department of Justice. I mean, this guy is just a jack of all trades, right?

James 1:55:00 Must be a really talented attorney that got all these positions based on his merit and legal acumen.

Jazzhands 1:55:06 Sure. Yeah. Not what potentially they have on him, which could be the case, I don't know. But back to Esther Salas. So you have this federal judge who is put in charge of this case. And you have this guy named Den Hollander show up at her front door. She wasn't home or didn't answer the door, but her 20 year old son, former student at Catholic University and her husband Mark Anderl answered the door husband standing behind the sun. And this guy named Den Hollander just opened up fire. The son was killed instantly. The husband was injured. And this was in New Brunswick, New Jersey on July 19. 12 days ago, something like that. All we heard about this was that Den Hollander was this like crazy like wild eyed PUA men's rights activist who's out like hunting down female judges like that was the narrative for like a day. And then it was just like, oh, he's just a crazy lunatic dude who went and did this. Alright, well, if he's a men's rights activist, why did he shoot the son and shoot, almost kill the father? It's like, if he's after the female wouldn't those lives have been spared ? But no, he dressed up like a FedEx agent and got them to open the door for a FedEx package and just opened up fire, which shows a healthy degree of premeditation. To obtain a FedEx uniform, and dress up like that and rent a truck that looks like a FedEx truck and show up in front of their house. Considering all the sloppy sort of acts of violence that we see all the time it seems like a very smooth operation, that potentially went went wrong or something happened here?

James 1:57:02 And it also shows that if anyone had any doubt that this was a targeted assassination, I think this can remove that level of doubt. This is not just a random act of violence, not somebody randomly showing up at a house and and killing someone, nor is it like a burglary gone wrong, because nothing was taken from the scene. My understanding is he didn't even really spend that much time in the house. He left very quickly after doing this. It also indicates to me that the angle of like this guy being just a raging misogynist, like this is a great act of Groyper terrorism, that doesn't really seem possible either, because he killed two men. So those two motivations aside, what are we left with?

Jazzhands 1:57:45 And he is alleged to have killed himself right ? They found him from a self inflicted gunshot wound. So ALLEGEDLY from a self inflicted gunshot wound. We have a lot of people dying of self inflicted gunshot wounds. I mean, it's so convenient. This guy can't answer any questions. And I'm sure it's perfectly conceivable that the guy's insane and he just decided to randomly shoot to people and whatever, but it doesn't seem to add up because they already published what case it's like, Hollander is a lawyer. We're gonna talk a lot more about his background, but he's a lawyer. So how did he have contact with this judge? Well, he had one case. He had one case in front of Judge Salas, in which he represented a woman and her daughter. Total men's rights activists just went representing whammins who sought to register for the military Selective Service. According to federal court records Hollanders clients claim the draft was unconstitutional because it barred women from registering. Oh, totally PUA right ? Salas sided against a part of Hollanders arguments, but also agreed with some of his claims and allowed the law suit to continue, and then Hollander exited the case in June of 2019, handing it over to a team of lawyers. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. But the bottom line is, it's not like there was some big blow up in a courtroom between Hollander and Salas, where he's got bad blood and he just went out and did this. Furthermore, it's like, this guy went to law school spent a lot of time when we learn more about his background, you'll see here, it doesn't make sense that a guy would go and do this, he would seek out revenge or whatever in some other form. He would have the power to do so given his background, but he didn't. He instead took on the role of typical Mossad style hit. We don't see these in this country do we? James?

James 1:59:45 Well, didn't used to. I mean, we're starting to now. And it also doesn't make sense that this would be the case that set him over the edge. Right. It wasn't like he got embarrassed in court by her. It wasn't like she did something unprecedented. Over the course of his legal career, because this guy was not a young guy, it wasn't his first case that that went against him. He's litigated many cases that have not gone his way in the past. And if you didn't react this way to those why would he react this way to what is actually partially a win for him. This suit being allowed to continue. The two don't seem to explain each other.

Jazzhands 2:00:27 And here's where it just goes down the memory hole. US Attorney General William Barr sent condolences from the Justice Department to the family. This kind of lawlessness, evil action carried out against a member of our federal judiciary will not be tolerated. And I've ordered the full resources of the FBI and the US Marshall service to investigate the matter and you'll never hear about this ever again. From Whitney Webb, with law enforcement sources now claiming that Esther Salas was not the intended target of the attack and some media reports now suggesting that Hollander's motive was related to his dislike of feminism. It appears there are efforts underway to distance Sunday's tragic shooting Salas recent assignment to the Epstein case, which occurred just four days before the tragic shooting. The most likely reason for any such damage control effort lies in the fact that both US law enforcement investigations and mainstream media reports have consistently downplayed the connections of Jeffrey Epstein sexual trafficking and financial crimes to intelligence agencies in the US and Israel. Similarly, Roy den Hollander previously worked for a New York firm which has been described as a private CIA ( which we're going to talk about ) with ties to those countries intelligence agencies, and also ties to Deutsche Bank ! Ready to go down the rabbit hole James ? Flood those ballast tanks and head toward the bottom. Kroll and associates. You ever hear of Kroll ? I've heard of Wackenhut and some of these other you know security firms but I've never heard of Kroll before but once you start looking into Kroll it's like holy fuck How did we not see this before?

James 2:02:11 The only thing I know about Kroll is, and this is not a spoiler, but that the son of this guy went on to become comedian quote Nick Kroll who, if you have a problem with that show Big Mouth. That's the guy. So

Jazzhands 2:02:29 Really. I guess he didn't want to get into his father's business and he gets to go play the the funny Jew bro guy on TV. I'm just a laughable curly haired Jew guy. Right. Does he play that role? I'm not familiar.

James 2:02:44 I believe he was the one that was in The League. Right? And he was like their Jewish friend. Tonight Show just a bunch of regular old football watching buds.

Jazzhands 2:02:50 Yeah, of course. So this fits in and this is the reason why I said if you want to go back and look at some of the dots that we've done a significant amount of research on we're connecting them today, but we've talked about this stuff before. So in addition to being involved in human trafficking litigation, Hollander used to work for a firm by the name of Kroll and Associates. And he worked in their Moscow office, and he worked there through the 90s up through the year 2000. He also worked as a lawyer in Russia dealing with legal and business issues, including international financing and marketing. He married a Russian woman he met during his time there and claimed that he was part of the Russian mafia, although we know that there is a great deal if not total overlap with the Israeli Jewish mafia, as has been pointed out many times. Just like with Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, collusion was really Israel, Israel, Israel collusion, they just want you to think it's Russia. It's really Israel and Jews and a lot of Russian Jews but Jews nonetheless. Kroll was tasked with the delivery of Intel and security from the former Soviet Union, as they initiated the collapse of the Soviet Union and stood up the oligarchic class. Think of Kroll as Yeltsin's consultants for looting the country. There was also lots of CIA movement at this time, you know, as well as Kroll being heavily involved, and will sort of explain the Kroll CIA dichotomy as well, because well, you'll see. So Robert Maxwell also was heavily involved in many of these events, leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union. British Prime Minister John Major said Maxwell had given him quote, valuable insights into the situation in the Soviet Union during the attempted coup of 1991. And of course, during the Yeltsin deep dive, we talked about what they did, where they issued, well, almost like stock certificates to every Soviet citizen. And of course, because those people were so poor and their economy had been so thoroughly destroyed by Jews in the West. Those people had no choice but to sell those stock certificates worth, I don't know, 10,000 rubles, to buyers who just happened to be there, right, James ? Just do you know, we'll happily give you cash for these stock certificates in all of these soon to be privatised companies in Russia. And privatised they were and very quickly became in the hands of people like Roman Abramovich and Berezovsky and some others that we've talked about in these deep dives before. But it was all a setup. And when you look at Ronald Reagan, talking about we brought the Soviet Union to its knees and Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall. It's really Reagan saying open up your coffers because my Jewish friends want to loot you and whoever, Roy Cohn. He was on the phone with Nancy Reagan every day, on the phone with the CIA director every single day. Like all of these people that we've talked about before, when this was going on. I mean, do you think that the Soviet Union just happened by itself. Do you believe that the Cold War was a real battle? It's like no they brought it to a close and the Soviet Union was totally looted and they screwed over those people very badly. But this is all part of the plan and Kroll was right there in the middle of all of it. This is one of the things they're known for. And actually this firm eventually became so attached to their image that it had to be basically wound down and it closed up shop and was bought out in 2018. Yeah, it became K2 right? So Jewish like so Kroll and we'll talk about this was founded by this guy named Jules Kroll . Very, very Jewish. But when Kroll got a bad name, they just call it K2. Isn't that cute? It's like the second rendition of Kroll. Yeah, haha. So another guy that was instrumental in this time period in the late 80s, early 90s, with Robert Maxwell and with den Hollander, and with Kroll and Associates was Larry Summers. Yyou probably heard about this guy before. He worked under Clinton. He was very involved in the Obama administration. He set up a project through the Harvard Institute of International Development, which provided advice to the Russian government between 1992 and 1997. It's like, wow, they're looting while everyone's being looted in the country. Just offering some fellow Jews in United States offering advice from Harvard. I mean, this is great. We're making sure that you know, Russia gets off on the right foot, right ? What they're doing Summers. Go ahead.

James 2:07:33 Oh, just friendly advice, you know, just your friendly neighbourhood consultants.

Jazzhands 2:07:36 Yeah, offering Boris Yeltsin. He encouraged Russian leader Boris Yeltsin to use the same three Asians of policy he created for the Clinton administration : privatisation stabilisation and liberalisation. That's what Russia needs more than anything else is liberalisation. But that's what Summers pushed. And so Summers had a protege by the name of Andrei Schleifer. So this is just a quick dip into some of the things that they did. So Andrei Schleifer, was a close friend of Summers, and he paid $28.5 million to settle a lawsuit by the US government over the conflict of interest Schleifer had while advising Russia's privatisation programme, so Schleifer and Summers, were sued by the government under the False Claims Act, because he bought Russian stocks while designing the country's privatisation scheme. So Jews in their advise and consent role at Harvard University were getting extremely rich. These are the insiders, these are Intel guys to let all of the other Jews know what to buy into, how to get rich. And of course, that's exactly what they did. There was a settlement involved yada yada yada. And there was a big problem too because Summers allowed Schleifer to retain his faculty position. So imagine doing something like this back in the oughts and Summers basically saying, Yeah, we're not going to fire the guy, why would they? A White person would be fired in a moment, like a heartbeat for this. But in an 18,000 word article entitled How Harvard lost Russia, an institutional investor named David McClintock, the magazine that detailed Schleifer's efforts to use his inside knowledge and sway over the Russian economy in order to make lucrative personal investments, all while leading a Harvard group advising the Russian government that was under contract with the US. The article suggests that Summers shielded his fellow economist from disciplinary action by the university, which is exactly what he did. And now Summers is a Lolita Express frequent flyer, of course. There is the Harvard Crimson in 2003 during Summers tenure as President detailed a special connection between Summers and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein pledged to donate at least $25 million to Harvard ( this is why you always see Epstein in the Harvard fucking shirts all the time ) during Summer's tenure to endow Harvard's programme for evolutionary dynamics. And Epstein was given an office at Harvard for his personal use by Larry Summers so of course

James 2:10:28 This has been mentioned before this Epstein Harvard connection but never really expounded on and it's ever been really understood how deep that link went it was presented as like oh, Harvard-did-thing-for-Epstein : therefore dot dot dot conspiracy. But now we have the the actual concrete evidence of the link to people who you're not hearing about right ? You hearing about Larry Summers you're hearing about Al Gore, Ellen DeGeneres, so on and so forth, but these are the real connections here. People like Larry Summers, they need to be talked about.

Jazzhands 2:11:04 Let's just call him Lawrence Samuel Steen or whatever his real name is. He picked the name Summers. It's not his actual last name. This is why and so you know, because Epstein fashioned himself as some sort of genius. It wasn't just all this other stuff that he was always trying to get in, like Silicon Valley. And we know now of course, what that was all about with all the Israeli spy tech and this move to create a new Silicon Valley in Israel. What this is all about was getting deeply entrenched in these schools. But let's just zoom out to 40,000 feet and look at the timeline. You have Larry Summers and Andrei Schleifer, along with Kroll and Associates, and this guy who just showed up at a judge's front doorstep 12 days ago and shot a judge's son who's presiding over a case against Epstein. Let me just put it all together. You have this guy looting Russia, with other Jews and then 10 years later, he's giving Epstein an office at Harvard for his personal use. Summers ties to Epstein reportedly began a number of years before Summers became Harvard's president. So this guy who is rewarded for looting Russia, looting the Soviet Union with the presidency of Harvard. Right. So and then when he resigned I think in 2006 they gave him, I think a million dollar stipend for his home and they gave him like a year of pay and all this stuff's just like absolutely insane. But just a moment of little levity here with some funnier things that Summers did. I don't know if you know this or not James, but the Winklevoss twins in that whole dustup that they had with Mark Zuckerberg over who is the rightful owner of the rights to Facebook. Well, this was in February of 2004. When Summers was the President at Harvard when Jeffrey Epstein had his personal office at Harvard? It's kind of funny when you think about what Facebook was originally designed for, to vote women hot or not, right? It's like a catalogue of looking at women that are at the school. It's like wow, Big Think. The Winklevosses believed that Zuckerberg had stolen their idea. So we know this whole story, but what I did not know is that the Winklevoss twins appealed. It's like bro like, do you know what's going on? Do you know what the shot is Winklevoss twins, when they appeal to like head Jew of the university to settle the score between classmate Mark Zuckerberg. Summers said, Guys, look, this matter needs to be settled outside of the university's jurisdiction. You all need to take this to our totally not Jewish court system and deal with it on your own. And of course we know how that story wound up. Right? So.

James 2:13:55 Well, that is wild to think about that the Facebook's origins That's something that also very rarely is talked about, except by people who want to say, Oh, this is a misogynist or something, but misogyny is usually where that line of questioning ends. Right. And I had never heard about this connection with Summers before in Facebook. So that is very,very interesting.

Jazzhands 2:14:18 Really gets the old noggin joggin. Because what do we know about Epstein? Epstein was obsessed with genetics. Jews for a very long time have been obsessed with taking white female concubines in order to breed because their gene pool is very stagnant. They've done this for a very long time. And what do we also know from Maria Farmer, one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein talking about how he was obsessed with the genetics and everything else, but also, when Donald Trump's first wife, Ivana Trump, and someone who we're going to talk about later, Lynn Forester de Rothschild would go out looking for girls with Ghislaine Maxwell in New York City. They were trying to stop girls coming home from private school, you know, 13, 14 years old. And they would always ask them according to Maria Farmer, if they had good grades, they only wanted to kidnap Smart Girls and put them into service because of course, why would they're selecting for the genetics right? Well, why would this quote unquote misogynistic Facebook of just hot girls start up at one of the most prestigious universities in the country right ? They're looking for and why would Jeffrey Epstein have a fucking office there? Right? It's up to them to prove that there's nothing there right ? There's no there there right ? But we all know how they set it up. This is actually more funny. I intended the Winklevoss twins thing to be funny, but it's actually not that funny. It's kind of enraging actually. Cornel West, though. This is kind of funny. In October 2001. Apparently, Larry Summers criticised African-American Studies Department Head of Harvard Cornel West for allegedly missing three weeks of classes to work on the Bill Bradley presidential campaign and complained that West ( surprise surprise ) was contributing to grade inflation, for those of you out in Rio Rhinelander basically just giving people better grades than they deserve. Summers also claimed that West's rap album was an embarrassment to the university Whoa, based right ? But yeah, Summers is pretty pissed. And what's turned out Cornel West is the one I think was on one of these shows, maybe was Anderson Cooper, remember that clip? I think we played a Cornel West going apeshit on, you know, the wealthiest 1% and in capitalism and all this stuff. Summers like, you're getting getting a little bit too uppity with these schvartzers, they're gonna start to realise maybe that you're the problem right ?

James 2:17:00 It's like Cornel please like the rap music is supposed to be about like killing whitey and gangbanging and drugs and consumerism. Yeah. Are you doing with that woke stuff? Can you? Can you stop that, please?

Jazzhands 2:17:11 But it's just so funny. It's like this stupid rap is like degrading our university. Well that's a great way to get blacks to just Oh,he's not wrong. But it's like have a white guy say that Summers, but that's not what they do. So, Kroll and Associates. Jules Kroll - very Jewish - founded Kroll Associates in 1972. So kind of funny. Like seven years after a lot of really bad stuff happened in this country. 1965 and everything else. Turns out it was actually a front for the CIA by French Intel agencies. Don't believe me ? Think I'm connecting too many dots ? Think I'm going too Pepe Silvia ? Well, ask David Ignatius, The Washington Post, he's the one who pointed out that it was a front of the CIA, by French Intel agencies, and we've done deep dives on what was that company that was selling All of the decoder equipment all over the world for 50 years based in Germany, that was another front for the CIA and Mossad ? They've changed their name a bunch of times.

James 2:18:08 A Swiss company. Yeah, I forget the name though.

Jazzhands 2:18:10 But that was a private company that stood up after World War Two as like, oh, we're gonna sell spy tech to the world. And basically, they did sell spy tech to the world. But it was spy tech that the CIA had access to the encryption keys for so they could just listen in on everybody's conversations. That got found out like five years ago. So we've talked about that before, but so the CIA does this bit where they get involved in all these capitalist ventures. They do it all the time. But Kroll was also known as the CIA of Wall Street. Okay, so the CIA has limits about what it can do, especially within the United States, at least on paper. You know, the FBI is the domestic Intel operation. CIA is the international one. You typically don't have the CIA operating on US soil but the idea that that's not happening, it's kind of silly, but you know, it's on paper. That's the way it's supposed to work. But you have these firms, that people need to understand that these firms exist, like Kroll who pose as just security, wealthy security for wealthy people, security firms. They dabble in mercenary work like Blackwater and Dyncorp and some others, but what they really are Intel operations that are outside of the purview of the federal government and therefore can operate in an extra legal manner. And Kroll became known as Wall Street's private eye, right? So if you think about the fact that corporations have become the de facto arbiter of government policy, they can de- platform who they want, they can kick people off of financial platforms if they want and the government just pretends to investigate but ultimately does nothing. The corporations are really the ones Well, those corporations need their own CIA and they've had companies like this for a very long time. In fact, first CIA director Allen Dulles, who we will devote time to, at some other time to talk about, worked for a company called Sullivan and Cromwell prior to his career in government. Sullivan and Cromwell did work that the CIA did before it even existed ( and before it was the CIA it was the OSS. ) The work that Kroll would eventually pick up that the CIA wanted to be one degree removed from, such as coups against governments that went against US empirical interests and so on and so forth. And Kroll regularly hires, quote, unquote, former CIA and FBI spooks. Again the idea that anybody is former, there's no such thing as a former spook. They're always a spook, but they also hire people from MI6, Mossad IDF Shin Bet, which we talked about with Apache recently. And so it's legitimate front as I pointed out as security services, but they also do security services for organised crime. If you look up Kroll and Roman Abramovich. Guess who does all of Roman Abramovich's security ? Kroll. It's kind of funny how that works. Jonathan Bush, George HW Bush's brother served on Kroll's advisory board and was employed by Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign in 1992. Kroll was not Jonathan Bush. The kosher sandwich has not blended together THAT much yet ! But Kroll is working very closely with both sides. Kroll investigated the finances of Saddam Hussein in the Baath party. They were tapped to reorganise Enron in 2002. They were also in charge of the security for the World Trade Center from 1993 to 2001, and has a myriad of ties to those who profited from the attacks. In fact, Kroll experienced a surge in business after 9/11 after virtually all of its top executives decided not to go to the work that day. Nobody go to work tomorrow, right ? Don't go to school tomorrow. Whatever. Kroll also saw another surge in profits after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, because it was their investigations into Hussein and the Baath party that were used as partial justification for the invasion. The real justification was the non existent weapons of mass destruction, but they always use financial leverage for this shit was the hybrid back then. Now they just fuck people financially, don't need to do a hot war unless it's absolutely necessary. They will never take that off the table as an option. But Kroll also fought alongside Blackwater and Dyncorp in providing mercenaries for that war in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. You have USAID, which is allegedly this independent agency of the federal government that gives out foreign aid to everybody. But what benefit do you have if you are deeply embedded in every country on the planet, giving out aid to people?

James 2:22:52 And doing micro finance as well, especially in Africa?

Jazzhands 2:22:55 Exactly. And that's how all that ties And so, yeah, this is Norbert Garrett, former CIA official now Kroll executive, or as of 2009. Garrett explained the disparity between what Kroll could do and what the CIA could in a place like Sudan. They have to rely on public and covert sources he said, but we can go straight to Sala Idris. He's our client. After all, we can go straight to his friends. We can be manipulated, of course shown incomplete information. And sometimes we have to walk away from a case if we don't trust somebody. We definitely have some advantages. A student from Germany once asked how Kroll had the authority to conduct its investigations? Was that a role reserved for the policeman? No is the short answer. Kroll needs a licence to operate but that's it. Kroll then told a story, and this is I guess a question that was asked directly to him in Germany, about an American telecommunications company that was being extorted by Turkish hackers in Germany. The FBI was not ready to get involved so the company brought in Kroll, who sent an operative into the hackers midsts quickly gathering enough evidence to interest the FBI. This is how I make my living Kroll said, the FBI is busy. Now, dude on a scale of one to chutzpah. how fucked up is that? Like do you really think that there were hackers bothering this telecom company? It's like no Kroll was sent in to manufacture evidence so that the FBI could do something with this, right?

James 2:24:29 Remember, they were hackers but they were you know, just from Kroll themselves. Who knows?

Jazzhands 2:24:34 Yeah, exactly. So Kroll and the Maxwells. Jules Kroll had a very odd meeting with Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell's father, shortly before his death. In fact, just two weeks before his death Kroll met with Maxwell at New York's Helmsley Palace Hotel. According to a 1992 article in Vanity Fair Maxwell had ushered Kroll and two other men out onto the patio, so that their conversation could not be overheard or bugged with Maxwell allegedly seeking to hire Kroll to, quote, uncover people out to get him to destroy his empire to cripple him financially and to destroy his life in business in any way they could. The article further notes that the meeting broke up with Maxwell's promising that he would send Kroll what he called a memorandum of suspicions and unexplained events. Maxwell was working on this Compendium, said an anonymous participant in the meeting, when he met his death. So I think we can extrapolate what's going on here. I mean, Maxwell, of course, screwed over a lot of people. And this is why Ghislaine is paying the price too, because they have screwed over a lot of people. Even the fact that we even know about this operation is Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein's fault, let's be honest. And so, Maxwell is going to Kroll Please, please Jew in charge of this security agency that is so powerful and takes care of all these things and solves problems all over the world. Please help me. I'm sure. Kroll was like, very sorry to hear that Robert. Gonna have to ask you to leave now.

James 2:26:13 Yes, have to ask you to leave your boat now.

Jazzhands 2:26:15 Yeah, get on your boat. And why don't you go out into the sea? And I'll call you there. How about that? Just go out to this exact longitude and latitude coordinate that I give you and you will find everything that you need in that part of the ocean. I promise. That's what they did. Here's how Kroll and Epstein and Chuck Weinstein are all tied in together. So Kroll also was hired by Harvey Weinstein, along with the private Mossad for hire firm Black Cube that is a subsidiary of Kroll that operates in Israel. Basically, it's they do what Mossad does, but, you know, it's like Uber Mossad. Right? It's like doordash. It's like assassination dash is what Black Cube is all about. And so Weinstein had been instructed to hire Black Cube by Ehud Barack. So Weinstein hire's Kroll to harass and cyberstalk women who accused him of sexual assault. Let me say that again. Weinstein hired Kroll and Associates to harass and cyberstalk women who had accused him of sexual assault. So when you're out there attacking the women who are accusing Weinstein, you are basically doing the private Mossad bit for hire. And in fact, many of those people were literally hired by Jews to do this. Right?

James 2:27:38 Yeah, and if you're not getting paid, then you're just the dummy doing it for free. Right, you're doing their bidding for free.

Jazzhands 2:27:45 Oh, that's all the time. Don't think yourself my dude. But that's what people get caught up in that and it's unfortunate. So Weinstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein all shared women. This is why Weinstein was taken down so quickly. It was like, Alright, alright, just throw this Jew in jail like that's it. And then there's been all this distraction, all these gaps around Weinstein and the women and all this stuff. The idea that this is all separate Me Too's - it's not. The Daily Beast later reported that Epstein had used his ties to Weinstein to impress and recruit potential victims. At least one of those victims landed a role in a film produced by a Weinstein owned company due to Epstein's ties to Weinstein.

James 2:28:31 Yeah, and you could see how that would be a powerful lure right? That's the premise that Weinstein used with these women as well, that you do this, you go on a date with me, you let me stand there with my Ficus and I'll make you a star. I'll make you a movie star. And Epstein didn't have that same.....Epstein, he's not a public guy. He doesn't have that immediate promise he can make but he could use his connections to other wealthy Hollywood Jews like Weinstein in order to bring these women into the fold, right you give these massages to ex clients and we'll get you a meeting with Harvey.

Jazzhands 2:29:09 So with this document dump that has taken place on Thursday night with all the unredacted details and whatever there's been this push by the alt lite to get justice for these women which is not wrong it's surprising that they're actually doing that but they're calling for Muller and Comey to be brought in for a probe or do something for them. That's true, under Muller and under Comey there were many opportunities to prosecute this and they're going after white people, they're going after enemies of Jews, they're doing everything but actually dealing with this issue. But there was another FBI Director by the name of Louis Freeh, who also declined to prosecute Wexler, Maxwell and Epstein in 1996. Kroll's long-time executive VP James Bucknam was once the chief adviser to former FBI Director Louis Freeh. Freeh was hired by Alan Dershowitz to investigate the Epstein scandal and was also involved in the cover up of....and this is another rabbit hole that we're gonna have to go down....of the Penn State child molestation and abuse scandal, Jerry Sandusky and all of that. So it's kind of funny how all of this stuff seems to be dialled back in and what's interesting, and I also learned this this morning. Apparently, Ghislaine Maxwell was on the board of Save the Children in the 1980s. So anytime you see these child charity groups, where they're, like the Clintons going into Haiti, and helping out with children like all of this stuff. I think people are too eager to shoot down some of the conspiracy theory narratives I mean, if you're only focusing on the Clintons. I mean, you're warm. If you're only focusing on Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks, you're fucking ice cold. But there is some truth just like with Soros. There's some truth there. But you have to talk about the whole thing in one big picture. And any any sort of child charity that you see, just like we saw with the Catholic Covenant House that we talked about on some recent episodes, with all of that as these operations for churning out access to children, you have Epstein at Harvard, you have Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. And these guys were all hired to cover up the Penn State scandal and say, yeah, there was a lot of shit that happened there, but all those people are dead now. So that's it. Nothing more to see here. The end. It's always the end. Nothing more to see right ?

James 2:31:50 I guess we'll never know.

Jazzhands 2:31:53 That's always the thing, with Las Vegas, we may never know. And they're going to do that with Salas or they're going to do that with den Hollander. They're gonna say we may never know what his true motives are, if they ever say anything about him again. So Freeh was the director of the FBI when they decided not to investigate Wexner Maxwell and Epstein, when Maria Farmer first came forward in 1996. If you listen to some of the interviews that she gives, she talks about how she's stonewalled by the feds. And some of the things that Feds actually said to her when she would bring this stuff up. I'm very defensive, very protective because I don't think this stuff was ever supposed to get out. We were never supposed to know about this. Nobody. And now they're doing a lot of cleanup.

James 2:32:43 Well one thing before we pivot off of Ghislaine Maxwell and Save the Children, another one of these similar funds is the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. You'll never guess who's on the the corporate like guardian board of that, one of their guardian corporate level sponsors celebrate the Israeli spy tech company that we've talked about. And like many many more of these major corporate partners Disney Google Motorola etc these these spy tech companies and their affiliates they're all tied in with the the fight to find....they really want to find all these Missing and Exploited kids. I wonder where they went missing ? Where are they ? We may never know.

Jazzhands 2:33:31 And these gum shoes are on the case to find every single one of them. And this is what happens anytime there are foster children involved, when we're talking about the child separation stuff that was going on it really gets the old noggin joggin. Look I get very frustrated with conspiracy theories that veer off into like Ellen DeGeneres and Tom Hanks but this is the stuff that people actually should be talking about, and people should actually get some moral courage and start looking into these things and get very serious because unfortunately, I mean fortunately for us unfortunately for people who have a lot of priors, this involves a lot of Jews. In fact its almost all Jews.

James 2:34:14 So Dude, you know, who's an ally level sponsor for the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children? None other than L Brands. Les Wexner's company.

Jazzhands 2:34:22 Yes. Every fucking time. There's so much bias to confirm. I don't know why you would spend any time on a dead-end conspiracy theory trying to convince people that something's real like this is. So Kroll. How are they connected? Well, we already connected to them to Cuck Weinstein and Epstein and everything else but let's connect them to Deutsche Bank. Again this is from Whitney Webb. She has done a lot of this research and it's been fantastic. So Jules Kroll it wasn't enough to have Kroll and Associates right ? And again, these people are not in it for the money. So it isn't enough for him to do X and make billions of dollars. That's not the purpose. The purpose of these organisations, the purpose of these things, they're not there to make lots of money. That's like a side effect of Jewish capitalism. What it's really about is dominating the world. It sounds trite. It sounds kind of cliche, but just look at the trajectory, run the clock out long enough. And just look at 1952 to now, look at now, come back in 10 or 15 years and tell me I'm not wrong. So he created a credit rating agency known as the Kroll Bond Rating Agency, KBRA, probably heard of it. Kroll called the credit rating field, a heck of a racket, and the agency Kroll wanted to create was a credit rating agency on steroids. KBRA has not been extremely profitable, but has opened up a revolving door between its senior management and Deutsche Bank executives. For instance, [Kroll Bond Rating Agency]’s top executive in Europe, Mauricio Noé, had previously been a Managing Director of Deutsche Bank’s London branch. In another example, Vice President for Credit Structuring at Deutsche Bank in New York, Ian Ross, was previously employed by KBRA and Yee Cent Wong, managing director of KBRA for CMBS, was previously Vice President of the Credit Solutions Group at Deutsche Bank Securities. Another managing director of KBRA, Bill Baneky, had previously served as Deutsche Bank’s Vice President and National Relationship Manager. One of KBRA’s senior managing directors, Rosemary Kelley, is also a former Deutsche Bank Vice President, while another, Ken Kockenmeister, was Deutsche Bank’s Director for Large Loan Securitization and Underwriting.... also now at KBRA. So, this is full circle with Epstein and Deutsche Bank. Okay, so after working for Bear Stearns early in his career as a financial bounty hunter with ties to intelligence, arms dealers and Wall Street, Epstein set up a Ponzi scheme with Steve Hoffenberg called Tower Financial, which collapsed in 1993. When I guess the World Trade Center was supposed to collapse ? But subsequently landed Hhoffenberg 20 years in prison, but Epstein, mid trial just gets dropped. Just like the non prosecution agreement. It's just like, Yeah, well, we can't do that. And the government admits that he's some sort of intelligence asset something or other. He's involved in a financial scheme, and then all of a sudden gets dropped from the case. Like, when does that ever happen to anyone who's not Jewish ? Just magically gets dropped from a case. Hoffenberg claimed Epstein used his gains from Tower Financial PLUS loans from Deutsche Bank to create the investment company that he used to fund the operation with Wexner, $500 million. Hoffenberg : his lead bank is Deutsche Bank that runs the lead on his financial Trust Company. They run the platform and the trading of the currencies with Epstein. He's never disclosed to investors that they provided money to Deutsche Bank is his true legacy. That's called securities fraud. Yeah, well, that's the least of Epstein's problems. Now, um, so, yeah, this is just more details about him that him at JPMorgan and then yeah, yeah, so, um, where does this go? Yeah, so Hollander is not the only guy who got "deaded". I didn't even know about this. Did you? Last December Epstein's personal banker at Deutsche Bank, Thomas Bowers, who is the Chief of Deutsche Bank's Private Wealth Management Division in New York from 2012 to 2015, was found dead in his home in December. This is like some Christmas special that we just didn't hear about. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging. Bowers had also signed off on all of the unorthodox loans not just for Epstein, but for Donald Trump. Who has his own ties that nobody's even talking about this. You think this would be fodder for Demonrats, right, James ? But no, not a word.

James 2:39:13 The extent to which I'm seeing Trump even come up with this Epstein stuff is people who saw these Epstein documents did the Ctrl F for Trump. And they're like, see, he's exonerated. He's only mentioned, like X number of times. And he's not accused of doing anything bad in these documents. So he's exonerated End of discussion. In reality, it's only the beginning.

Jazzhands 2:39:36 And speaking of only the beginning, and these are the things that we're going to revisit but Lynn Forester de Rothschild, she married into the Rothschild family and I know people are cringe with mentioning Rothschild. It's like sort of like Soros and some other stuff, but she's involved. And she ran Deutsche Bank's micro finance Consortium, which is going to be a topic for another time. This woman who is literally out driving around in a car in New York City with Ghislaine Maxwell and Ivana Trump, hunting down 13 and 14 year old girls to be quote unquote, models, but only if they have good grades, right? runs Deutsche Bank micro finance Consortium, she's the one that Maria Farmer has talked about being at Wexner his house, and she's a royal bitch. Apparently, Maria Farmer, thought Lynn Forester Oh my god, just like fucking horrible, horrible personality above all else. Oh, actually, in addition to all that, this Lynne Forrester, she's the one who introduced Bill Clinton, and Alan Dershowitz to Jeffrey Epstein. So like I said at the beginning now you see why throughout four years of the Muller probe, Adam Schiff impeachment, all this other bullshit. One thing that they did not and could not throw at Trump was a Deutsche Bank probe. And that's why Berman was there quietly attempting to see what can be done in the form of a surgical strike to just get Trump and nobody else but it's all Kabuki theatre. So when these document dumps come out, and they're talking about Maria Farmer, and it's stuff that we've already known for a long time. This whole thing that involves lots of Jews is blowing up and it's blowing up all over the place. But if people aren't talking about what we just did, and what Whitney Webb has been talking about, very few other people are talking about this whole thing. And tying Hollander back to all of this. You're missing the larger point. Cernovich is out there doing various bits. Tucker's got Dershowitz on on TV and whatnot, but those ultimately are distractions. Those are designed to make you feel good that some Jew is getting combated by Tucker or something. People are being named in these documents. But we've seen people named in documents before, haven't we? We've seen people called out before and in this system, when they tell you who to focus on, that's not the person. I mean, Epstein and Ghislaine are obviously problems. But these are the middle managers. Why isn't Wexner being arrested? Why aren't other co conspirators who we see named time and time again, NOT people who were leveraged by Epstein's blackmail system, but co conspirators, people who were involved with him PERPETRATING this system. Where are they? Why aren't they in chains? The government knows where they are. But you're not supposed to know who they are because they're still running the operation. The idea that this operations done no, they're gonna give you a scalp with some of this stuff. And it may be Dershowitz, it may be even Ghislaine Maxwell. I mean, Robert Maxwell is a scalp that they took, a very soggy, bloated floating scalp but that's what the shot is here. So I'm not saying oh ignore document dump about Epstein. But the whole purpose of us doing this stuff is so that when you're involved in these conversations, you have something real, even more real to point people to. Like yeah, that's interesting about Epstein that you say all that and there's a blackmail ring. Let's talk about that. Yeah, it sucks. What happened to these women, but let's talk about why it wasn't just about sex. It wasn't just about degeneracy. It was something much more sinister. Talk about that. Talk about Deutsche Bank, talk about how it's all tied up in this stuff, because it's ripe for Finkel Think if Democrats are interested in Epstein because they think it's going to lead them to Trump. Republicans are interested in Epstein because they think it's going to lead them to Clinton. Sure, those would be interesting casualties of this whole thing, but that's not really at the heart of this and I don't know that we'll ever get to the bottom of it. But as long as people aren't talking about it, we can be assured that no one will ever understand what the shot is. Right?

James 2:44:09 That's exactly right. And it can be difficult too because you're given these like tantalising names that you know, and it means something to you because they're political figures, or media figures and you think, well, this is really interesting, this person is involved in this. Let me let me talk a lot about Al Gore and Tipper Gore being on Epstein's plane or something, but Epstein's plane wouldn't exist. And this ties back to the transactions Epstein was making, like his debits are interesting whom he's giving money to, but I'm interested about where that money's coming from, who's putting the money in the account, who's putting that 800,000 that is later taken out in cash, Wwho's depositing that money into Epstein's account? We need to start moving up the chain here and the immediate link moving up the chain is obviously Wexner and then some of these others we've identified, people like Larry Summers.

Jazzhands 2:45:04 A lot of its bribery payments. Why do people think that the insider trading is allowed to just go off without a hitch? Like this woman who's married to the NYSE President and all that stuff. Because these people have to make tribute payments to this system. I mean, some of the money is coming from higher but a lot of it is from downstream right? They're pulling in money from people who have to make tribute payments, or else it's like debt little black book is dangled in front of their faces. It's not just leverage politically. Yeah, sure, you're gonna vote this way goy, but you're also going to send us money. Right? You're also going to finance this operation. Like Wexner giving that what how many millions of dollars townhouse in New York City for a dollar to Epstein. Making money is part of this. But no, a lot of this is just keeping the system going. I don't think we're ever really going to know this where this system...well we sort of have an idea. We always find out about things 20 years after they happen, right? Nobody knew what was going on with Rosenstiel at the time it was going on, except a very select few number of people. We know what Roy Cohn was doing, but Roy Cohn died in 1986. We find out about these things later, probably when I'm taking Social Security check somewhere in retirement, we'll finally find out what the Las Vegas shooting was all about. But that's usually how that works. They'll wait till everybody who was deeply emotionally impacted by the shooting of JFK is dead. And then they'll tell you what happened to JFK. This is what they always do. Right? You know. So yeah,

James 2:46:55 hen they think it's no longer a threat to them, that's when they they can start to do it. Cuz you know if they didn't make some of these revelations public it would give a lot more credence to people who say like there's a conspiracy here. So if they give a little bit they think that can be enough to to mollify people and make people stop asking questions. Unfortunately, that used to be the case but I don't think that's true anymore. I think what what we're hinting at here, this is something that they wish they could have made go away with Epstein's suicide. But there are a lot of people out there that are paying attention to this and they need to be very, very careful what they do.

Jazzhands 2:47:35 And this is what the pleb-like Battle Royale on Tucker's all about too and I hate to keep harping on this, but I think that we have to call these things out when we see them because I think people it's..... this Jews using anti semitism as a way of ingratiating themselves with people and drawing people in and then don't think yourself my dude. And when you see this happening you're supposed to focus on Dershowitz, these millions of Fox, it's on television. It's on Murdoch's channel. When you see this stuff happening, it's for you. And you have to be able to step back and be like, yeah I would love to see Alan Dershowitz go down for this, but he's just a guy involved in the thing. He's a guy that they are willing to allow this to happen. But is Larry Summers on television? No, is Lynn Forester ? I don't even know what Lynn Forester looks like. And nobody's talking about these names. And let me know when they do. Let me know when they start probing Deutsche Bank, like actually probing them because who should have been in front of Congress last week, after Congress passed 1200 dollar extension payments for unemployment insurance assistance ? It should have been Deutsche Bank executives in front of Congress, remember back in the 50s and 60s, with the little green felt tables and everything like they used to do with the mafia, the Italian Mafia, they were taking down instead of the Jewish mob. So yeah, same old shit. Just a different decade. So kind of an information overload. But this stuff is necessary, it has to get out there. Whitney Webb has been really great doing a lot of this stuff. We've been republishing a lot of her work on Dissident Mag, but there's just a constant flood of information on this and I've been getting a lot of tips in my email too. I still have my little Portuguese friend who gives me good tips and that guy's been very, very good as well. So anyway, we'll be back to revisit a lot of this stuff and more. I mean the Jerry Sandusky stuff, dude. To the extent that they haven't covered that. Oh, one thing I was gonna say, one thing to keep in mind, Jews no longer have to puull off the perfect crime. They can be a little bit sloppy with a lot of the execution like you saw with den Hollander. It's the cover up and the ability to cover it up and the ability to smoke screen, the ability to inject Finkel Think into things. That's the money shot. And if they can do that, then they can do whatever they want in terms of executing a lot of these operations around the world. So.

James 2:50:27 That's exactly right.

Jazzhands 2:50:30 Yep. So that's it. We're out of time. I hope everybody has a good weekend and we'll catch you on the midweek show.