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welcome to CNN 307 proudly brought to you by the world's most persistently indicated right wing podcast. Jazz hands make feels, heard it somewhere. Chances are that somewhere was here that includes taking, naming the Jew firmly into the mainstream. James, How the hell are you doing well, doing very well. It's been a great week, a lot of a lot of happenings, but I'm looking forward to doing what we're going to be doing on this show. Talk pulling back the You know, Devon back into some history, on movements and and dialectics and all of the above, and should be a pretty good time. So, yeah, we have a lot to talk about. A lot of dialectic stun pack and, more importantly, to try to figure out what are these dialectics concealing? Because they're not just done for the fuck of it. They're not just done, you know, to keep people busy for no reason. They're done because they don't want people noticing what's really going on. It keeps people divided, so when it's over. People are pretty familiar with how these work, but you need to understand how long they've been going on and what what has been going on today, as well as within our own political lifetimes, I said on the midweek FTN. The single biggest threat that we face is not from Corona Virus, the virus Israel. It is killing a lot of people. It's highly contagious, and this thing is really just getting rolling. But that's not hysteria. Don't mistake that for hysteria. It is a kosher dialectic, right? We don't need to get bogged down and trying to extrapolated predictions from models or trying to analyze the genetic structure of the virus. But there are just too actionable things, and Alex has talked a lot about this. Keeping these things very actionable to actionable things that you should do to protect your family are to use common sense where people when you go out and maybe even more importantly, if you qualify for obtaining a bag from the government, go get that bag. Um, but hysteria isn't going to help you any more than signing up for tea. Party 2.0, is going to So you're mad at things that we say chances are it's because you've somehow become too invested in one side of this kosher dialectic or the other to stop it. We're not gonna be the weathervane for popular lights, which brain sediment, and you should stop allowing yourself to be blown around in the fucking wind. But like I said, the Corona viruses really not our biggest threat. In fact, the most dangerous threat we face today is a pandemic of a totally different kind. This is a disease that is much older by thousands of years. It's one that is far more insidious and has killed far more people in the past two millennia. Venal diseases, natural disasters and accidents combined your paycheck. You probably know what I'm going to say. Already, the biggest global pandemic we face today are people who fall prey and succumb to Jewish tricks. And the best PPE for Jewish tricks is understanding how they work, learning to recognize them and not keep falling for them. Have a couple of choice quotes here, Um, just to set the tone for some of this stuff we're going to talk about. But ah, this is from British historian Lord Macaulay, he says, You're Republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the 20th century is the Roman Empire was in the fifth. But this difference your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your Zionists institutions. Amen to that. You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. Were intruders were disturber? We are subvert er's. We have taken your natural world here ideals, your destiny and played havoc with, um was from Marcus Eli Ravage Jewish author Quote from the January 1928 issue of Century magazine. We move on in 19 good old 1965 James We generally yes, seminal year, The founding of the country in fact, founding of the new United States of America. Ah, we Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands will be unto us if they gentiles see the futility of it. Lay down the pen and take up the sword. We will be deposed by words. We will not be deposed by words only by force as her Harold Wallace Rosenthal, assistant to Jewish Senator Jacob Javits who spearheaded the open immigration policy in 1965. Among other things, Speaking of Jacob Javits, though, remember the Jacob Javits Center on election night in 2016. All those delicious tears that seemed like such a distant memory at this point? Well, well, Hillary Clinton. The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel, said Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton at the Meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18th 2008. And Lewis is sister to congressman former congressman Bonnie Flank. So it just never ceases to amaze me, right? James? Like this is what these people say and we fall for this stuff again and again and again, and it sucks like the goal is to like, not fall for it. It's to see that this is being done, right? Yeah, and to help other people who have not yet been able to see what is being done, and to see that these these ah, different variations of the kosher dialectic are being set up on purpose to distract you. And you know, you can understand why people are very susceptible to these right now. People haven't been paid in weeks. People have not been toe work in months. People are finding it very, very difficult to get the assistance they are entitled to from this government. From this system, vast minority of business owners have qualified and obtained there. They're a paycheck protection loans. They're the ideal grants. Very few people have yet received their direct stimulus that they were supposed to receive already by now. And people are angry, People are hurting, people are desperate and that is not their fault. It is not because of their irresponsibility or through some fault, off their own. This is being done to them and people are rightfully angry. The unfortunate thing is, and what we are trying to do on this program is to help people help you help everybody to break free from these. It's almost like two magnets on either side of each other, pulling people either to this side of the dialectic or that side. On one side you have the people who are dressing up as healthcare workers and getting really, really angry at the people in pick up trucks and and who just want to go back to work. And on the other side you have the people who really, really want to go back to work and are saying they're willing to lay their lives on the line, sacrifice their families for the sake of the GDP. Both of these responses are being engineered. Neither of these responses are natural. We look at what people actually want when they are asked. Neither side of this is popular, nor does it reflect what, what the actual needs and demands of people are these air to engineered responses and what we're going to do today. I think it's very important because we're going to blow the lid on that and expose how exactly this has been done to people. And it's not just knowing how it's been done. It's knowing how it's been done is like half the battle. It's like, okay and well, then you have to see why they're doing it, which is to conceal sort of geo political motives has been going on for quite a while. But you know that we've seen this before in our own political lifetimes, and it would be kind of fun actually to go back and look at Ah, all the times that this has happened. But even in our own political lifetimes and maybe this maybe weren't involved in politics, maybe weren't around or interested at this time. But I remember this. I remember this vividly. And, you know, we've made the comparison to some of these protests as as tea party two point. Oh, now we're gonna get into this later. But just like the tea party one point. Oh, the original version. It was born out of genuine populist frustrations. And so when you when you hear someone, me, her say, Oh, yeah, the people on these capital steps are being astro turf. They are being Astra trip. Those people may have genuine populist frustrations. Those people may be upset a job loss, and they may be led into supporting something that really isn't something. If they were told what it was ah, that they would support. But the tea party itself was a Jewish trick, and it was originally it started out of a reaction. And most people don't know this Most most people that got involved in the tea party and swept up in it thought that it was about the national debt, which is the way that it became co certified, actually not co certified. That's what happened with it. And it was really a reaction to the GOP attempt at Amnesty late in George W. Bush's administration. Now they've made a lot of attempts at thes grand amnesty bills. But this is one of the absolute worst. And you can see at this time I didn't I wasn't. J woke like I didn't recognize the kosher dialectic. I didn't understand what was going on. Other than why is this party that I support feeding me the shit sandwich? And why are why are people so upset about this? Why is the president? United States and I was in a big fan of Bush, but I was a member of the GOP. I was, Ah, I was a supporter of the Republican Party. Aziz. Many, many people were at this time in the early and mid dots, and this is when you first started to get a dose of this sort of medicine, and it's incredible when you go back and revisit the history because so much of this stuff is being re tread today, a lot of things that back then I wasn't really that aware of. I just knew that it was bad and I didn't like what they were proposing. But these things have keep have kept being brought up again and again. And it's almost a Ziff James. There is a certain group of people, a certain group of donors who want these very specific things toe happen. And they keep making several runs at this and they haven't been able to get what they've wanted. Except then you see how these things get rammed through different phases in other ways. But yeah, I mean, where do you do you recall the gang of 12 and all this stuff with the this in 2007? Yeah. I mean, I remember I remember listening to talk radio in people flipping out about this. Yeah. I mean, I was fairly young, are relatively young at the time, so I don't remember what the same clarity that people who were mawr political at the time probably do. But this is what we're gonna get to here in No. Seven. This is a almost like a snowballing, slowly building sentiment that had been building really since the eighties, and we talked about this on the midweek show, People who have been very excited for Ronald Reagan and expected Reagan to be something totally different than what he turned out to be. Ah, there were people who at that time were starting to become political people who at the time, maybe were in their twenties or late teens or thirties who were very disappointed by Reagan and by what happened specifically in immigration with the Simpson Mazzoli amnesty. And since then, over a 20 year or so period, they had seen the GOP continuing over and over Ah, whenever they were in power or or adjacent to power, attempting to pass further amnesties. And this really came, Ah, boiling over with the Gang of Eight, Gang of 12 in the mid to mid to late Aughts. Yeah, and gang of 12 was the one that happened in 2007. It was this bill called the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, a k a secure. They always have these these names that mean lit literally the opposite Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007. This is a bill sponsored by Harry Reid, but it was really a kosher panini of three separate bills. Ah, one of those was the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act was a bill proposed by Ted Kennedy and John McCain in 2005. Then you had the Comprehensive Enforcement in Immigration Reform Act of 2005. This was proposed by John Cornyn and Jon Kyl. Ah, then you had another bill in 2006 that was sponsored by Arlen Specter in past, which actually passed the Senate in 2006 but never passed the house. So toward the end of Bush's second term, you had this hankering for, you know, President is gonna be headed out the door. Doesn't really give a fuck much about what comes next. Doesn't have to worry about another election. Ah, lot of these senators, in fact, almost all of these senators are no longer around, with the exception for John Cornyn. Um, Kennedy's dead. McCain's dead is I don't know if specters dead, but he's not in office anymore. Jon Kyl stood in temporarily. I think they dusted him off, dusted off his corpse and put him back in. I think he was appointed until MK Sally's seat got filled, if I recall correctly. But most of these people are gone. And if this had passed, it would have nobody would. I mean, do you think people would have been answering for this? But it caught a lot of people by surprise. Ah, when this happened, um, because there were deportations going on under Bush, just like there were under Clinton. The country was in a much more ah sort of, ah, formative state than it is today. And so they sort of had to keep up with this. I mean, everybody we've listened to the ah, what is the state of the union speech with Bill Clinton, where he sounds like Trump in 1994 with some of his rhetoric, cause that's what they had to do. People didn't want to put up with this. So this is one of one of the attempts at making cause this this would have made Simpson Mazzoli seem like almost a nothing burger. When you look at what was actually proposed in this Bill Z visas. This is a brand new category of visa that they wanted to give to everyone. No questions asked who had been in the country since 11 of 2010. And it would give them the right to remain in the country for the rest of their lives and apply for a green card in eight years. So blanket amnesty for anyone in this bullshit about like, Oh, yeah, you got a You have to say that you were in the country as of January 1st 2020. Yet, like imagine me doing the jerk off hand motion like we knew that that was gonna be the case with DACA the proposal of like, Oh, you have to have been here since, uh, it's again. Do dreamers air like 40 year old 50 year old men from Mexico like, let's just let's just be honest, Anybody who can swing a sledgehammer is a dreamer, right? And these this whole thing was blanket amnesty. And at that time, we don't know how many illegals air in the country today. Maybe it's 40 million, up from 30 million when Trump came in office. A lot of people came in last summer. Let's be honest. But back then, in 2007 20 million would have gotten amnesty and this would have created a surge at the border. They also wanted to create a Y visa for temporary guest workers to the tune of 400,000 per year, which is kind of it doesn't really make much sense. It's like if you can get a Z visa for no real like for no reason, no questions asked. You can just get a Z visa. Why the fuck would you apply for a why visa, right? Like right, these and these would be the lowest agency of the low ease of the people who could not, could not even get themselves over the border and then claim they've lived here for years. These would be people who? Yeah, Yeah, this would be essentially parallel to what the H one B H two B program is today. Yeah, And then you have the dream axe, which I did not. No, I did not recall this in the discussion, but the dream act, which is something that keeps coming up again and again and then was ultimately done via executive order under Obama. Um, in this 2007 bill, they had the entirety of the Dream Act, which had been attempted several times in the house and Senate. Ah, that would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegals brought to this country through no fault of their own trademark. Right? Remember, we remember all that, and it would give them in state tuition in all this other stuff. And, um, the only thing in the bill that that they sort of threw in there is this this, like, half hearted attempts failed attempt to appease people on the right immigration restrictionists. And like they claimed that this bill would have ended chain migration and employment sponsored migration and would have switched to a merit based system. My God, where have we heard this before, James? Yeah, that just so happens that you're married is determined by several factors, including how many relatives you have in the country and how brown you are and whether or not you can get a job lined up. So ah, yeah, a total overhaul of the system, right? Flipping it on its head. Yeah, flipping on its head. And it's the same exact bullshit that Trump is promoting today. It's almost as though there is a certain Kadre of people behind the scenes who want these specific things for the economy. Basically unlimited Gless guest workers, um, blanket amnesty Every couple decades or so in this Zeevi so basically would have would have put an end to the need to do amnesty. The Z visa would have been the final solution for Well, yeah, well, jazz when Stephen Miller says to trust the plan because there's a broader plan in place here Ah, and people are seething because they didn't trust that plan. I suppose this probably is that plan, isn't it? It has to be so So when people accuse me of being too black pills or they accuse Mike of of being too negative on this sort of stuff, it's because we have seen all this shit before. We've seen we've been through this before now. Trump talked about this in a different sort of way, and so we were willing to give that a chance. It's over. It's not happening. So when you you have to learn like like I said, the biggest pandemic in this country is not the Corona virus. It's not avian flu. It's not, Ah, heart attacks. It's not heart disease. Those are bad things. It's people who follow for Jewish tricks. It's the most hazardous thing for your health, for the political health, for your family self, for everything. You fall for this stuff over and over again because you let them get this over. And you Now, this was so egregious that this led to the create. This led to the reaction, uh, from the tea party, and we're going to get to that in the second. So Bill, sole sponsor of this whole thing was Harry Reid, but it was crafted with Kennedy, McCain, Kyl, Lindsey Graham and President George W. Bush, who strongly supported the bill. This was a huge kosher sandwich, and it was a huge pivot as well. And you have to remember what else was going on in 2007. We were at the the height of the housing market bubble like they needed to give these people amnesty. They had to get these people into the country at that moment because they were worried if they didn't get a huge influx of people at the bottom bottom end of the economic strata that this thing they couldn't keep the Ponzi scheme going and this bill fit and they and they certainly they knew they couldn't get it after the bottom fell out of the economy either because people would be increasingly nativist, people would be very hostile, much more so than they were during these good times. These nominally good times, you know, seven. Yeah, You go to people who are living through depression through the worst recessions. At that point in their lifetimes, they're not going to be open to opening the borders. So there was a There was an expiration date on this piece of legislation, and they didn't get it through in time. They didn't. Yeah, the bill actually failed closure votes, which is a move to end discussion for those of you on rear. Rhinelander was effectively killed. It was killed. This amazing was killed in June of 2007. And then w tried to resuscitate it a few weeks later. Like I mean, the don't I'm sure his phone was ringing off the hook from all the same usual suspects that are calling Donald Trump to this very day, saying you have to get that bill back. You have to get things going again. And, you know, we've felt like at that time, um, that people, you know, social media existed and you had talk radio was boiling over Limbaugh Savage Hannity So on and so forth raging about this, we felt like we achieved a victory that we had stopped this dead in its tracks, um, and had prevented it from going forward. And we did like we did in that moment. Um, and it felt like, you know this, but but at the same time. And this is this is the catalyst moment for the tea party is that we thought, Yeah, this is This is bad. Now, I wasn't I wasn't like a founding member of the tea party, But this is something I got caught up in at that time because we saw what they were trying to do. And the tea party originally was in opposition to the GOP itself. It was in opposition to to all of this stuff, and they wanted something different. They couldn't believe that this had been done to them or attempted to be done to them, and it was stopped. Now, what is what is the what happens in a kosher dialectic? When you get these nominal victories like this, right, they shift their support to the left right they put up. John McCain is the presidential nominee. And then out of nowhere, you get Obama very well funded. Um, and you have this new, entirely new kosher dialectic, and they threw their support behind the left. We see this again and again. And what is Obama do as soon as he gets in office is he does the dream act and which basically served as an amnesty bill for for all these people to come in. So this is this is always the same old thing. So even if you feel like you've gotten a victory in this victory, arguably call it victory. Call it just a temporary postponement of the inevitable, which is something you also have to learn over time is that this is far bigger than anything that was achieved under under trump like nobody has. Six of the trump people still on the Trump train have not succeeded at stopping any of this stuff. They just sort of go go along, go along with it or whatever. But the origins of the Tea Party had to do with nativism. It had to do with not wanting brown people in the country. It had to do with whether it was conscious. Unconscious, whatever. Doesn't matter. These air popular ideas people didn't want this in there. And within 6 to 12 months, you end up having it be about, like the federal debt and all kinds of other shit in immigration was not part of it all. And the whole thing got turned on its head. Um, you had Glenn Beck rallying on the National Mall with Martin Luther King Sister. Ah, you get Mitt Romney for president. You get Ron Paul snubbed and ultimately the all right was born out of out of all of this. They saw the tea Party's gay. They saw Republicanism is gay like this whole thing sucks. Look what they did it look combined libertarians together because Ron Paul got screwed. But the GOP is well, so yeah, it's just the whole thing got turned on its side, and it became about national debt. And Obama the Muslim communist. It's like, where have we seen this before? Yeah. And that nascent nationals and people felt in 0708 it had no longer had an outlet because the presidential nominee, Well, if you look back at the crop of crop of potential candidates. It was not a very good one. I mean, what you were going to get either either John McCain or Sam Brownback or Fred Thompson and what you gonna do here. But but ah, or Romney, which, you know, he's found himself back, back in the mix. So that was and that was no longer. Yeah, that just was made untenable. And you're right. I mean, you had at the time we've talked about this before. You had at the time Glenn Beck going on his show with his chalkboard, talking about CASS Sunstein and Saul Alinsky in The Fresh In the French Cultural Marxism and and these shadowy cabals of people that were trying to fundamentally change your country. And look how quickly that was reined in and turned into, You know, Glenn Beck show. I think he had, like, a debt clock right that became the new feature on the show was like in the bottom. There was a Chiron with the national debt, and and that was what Hannity and others were doing. And and that was the new focus, right? And that, of course, became redirected into opposition to any social welfare programs and through 07 away 09 If a shoeing food stamps and things like this, like really said this was and this was a time and anti union stuff, too, because unions were driving a driving cost of labour up in. This was a time in these late Aughts when a lot of white working class people were losing their livelihoods. Communities that had existed for decades, if not centuries, were being hollowed out and being left with nothing. And at the same time, this right wing populism had been redirected towards opposing the very social programs that would have given these people the lifeline they needed. Of course, yeah, and I'm laughing about the union stuff because it's just it's the same old shit again and again and again. And of course I could not see this at that time. Very few people, I mean, I was unaware the alright didn't exist back in 2007. Um, and I don't know what existed back at that time, and there are certainly more people talking about immigration restriction, and I'm sure that there were people. If you go back and look at the record, I'm sure that There were people saying but the tea party is faking gay. And after a while I was just like, Yeah, this is like somehow we're not talking about immigration anymore for some reason. And like, what? Wire? All the It just became became off, right? Yeah. Yeah. And you're dressing up like Uncle Sam and lady doing and like, we're riding a Harley. And And so people started to get into people. Got further into the economics and the opposition to national debt as a proxy for immigration, right? As a proxy for being against diversity, because to oppose you, you couldn't come out or you felt like you couldn't come out and say, Look, we don't want diversity. We don't want immigration. You felt like you had to oppose that by way of opposition to social programs because of the disproportionate use of social programs by people of different races. And so that is that is how that was redirected. Of course, the end result of that opposition to social programs doesn't actually harm the migrants. You don't end up with less immigration or less diversity. You end up being a vehement opponent of things like community food, banks, and things like like unemployment insurance for for factory workers that have lost their jobs. And no one is served by that except except those setting up that dialectic for you. And it's all misdirection to because people think it was done as a proxy to not wanting Brown people, right? Like you think like these programs. It's just gonna be the brown person that sucks up all this stuff and like if we didn't, we didn't have that happen. But you didn't you wouldn't come out and actually say it. And so, yeah, the whole thing got twisted into the wind. But there was also a populist movement on the left that grew out of the 4009 financial crisis, and it was almost concurrently they had to manage yet another populist uprising with occupy Wall Street. This began in 2011 as a reaction to the 8 4009 crisis and was originally focused on the wealthiest 1% the banks and corporations, in other words, Jews. The media then promptly accused it of being anti Semitic, anti Zionist, and they also accused it of being far too white. Mike has talked a lot about this on tedious throughout the years about the occupy Wall Street movement. Um, but according to the Jewish media occupies, we are the 99% slogan. It didn't truly encompass all the races and backgrounds. So therefore, it wasn't really representative of the 99% like the dude, the Jewish shit that they did and you know, people they Then they pitted the tea party against occupy Wall Street and just have these to, like, go fight each other like while we, you know, take control of the economy and do whatever else we need to do in very few people, very few people compared to today, I don't want to catch the ire of light switch brains of people saying jazz and said that there were no j woke people back then. That's no. But compared to today, this is something that they're always concerned about is that there are far more people today, far larger numbers of people today who understand these things. And so if you want to feel black pills, if you want to feel, you know, upset about the way things were going like I feel that pain, you know, I see we're all look, we're all state. We're all in this together, right? But more people know about this, and that's key, right? Seeing this for what it is because we didn't know what this was. Back then, we didn't realize what was going on falling into just signing up for this side of the kosher dialectic or that side. It's like Picture Team. Here's your two choices. Joined one of the other. Yeah, and occupy Wall Street. This, uh, you know, I don't know the exact anatomy of how this happened, whether this was due to some of the hard core Communist Prior's of some of the people involved or the open subversion of the over wealthy that got involved here and redirected it in a different direction. But I remember at the time looking at it and and not liking it at all, because you would listen to their rhetoric and some of what they were saying. I mean, and of course, this is probably the result of being managed and directed in a bad direction. But they were going after what would essentially amount to stew in many places, middle class people, right? And if you were someone who was in the middle class or or maybe upper middle class, and you saw what some of what was being said. Um, you know, this is anti rich rhetoric. That's fine. But then it's being redirected it people who make 80,000, 90,000, 100,000 year. Let's be honest, that's not Those are not the people that are pulling the strings of society. This is not the upper class. This is not the 1%. And so, for a lot of ah, otherwise people who may have otherwise been sympathetic to these anti elite sentiments. Just the direction it took was unpalatable for many and also the the anti white direction that some of the people in that milieu started to go right. And, of course, these people like there's that famous video of the of the black guy at occupy Wall Street complaining about the Jewish bankers and the Jew comes up to him and says, No, no, no, it's It's the Wasps, it's the wash basins. And you had a lot of people who were saying this right? This is some of what I remember from, uh, you know, 10 years ago, now hearing people say that it's it's these rich whites, these upper middle class whites. And I saw that, and my instinctive reaction was I don't like you talking bad about white people. So I'm going to dismiss everything you're saying, Um and not even listen to to any of it. And this is This is what made it such an effective subversion of that movement because that anti elite sentiment, I think there would have been I mean, you look, look at the common ground. There was between occupy Wall Street between the Tea Party, anti elite, anti two party system. It could have been anti immigration, anti Wall Street. You know, this is, ah, dangerous mixture for those at the top. And if they had been allowed to cross sides and allowed to co mingle, things might have not ended well for them. No, it wouldn't have. And this is one of the reasons why they. So the pro Israel rhetoric in it's one of many reasons why they So the pro Israel rhetoric in with, ah, with evangelicals and in GOP and whatever, so that when they see someone on the left accusing Jews of something the immediate knee jerk reaction is, Oh, they're an anti Semite. Their anti Zionists like I don't want to listen to anything else that they have to say. It's like this immunization that they give thes sorts of people. And, of course, by February of 2012 it was reported that occupy Wall Street. Um, had been basically taken over by business leaders, including Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield, Danny Goldberg, Norman Lear, Terry Gardner and they created a new working group called the Movement Resource Group and with it pledged 300,000 with plans. Toe add another 1.5 million. You had gnome Chomsky, Michael Leviton, Jesse Goldstein, Keith Gessen, all Jews who got involved in creating newspapers for the movement. And so this is when you started to see a lot of the misdirection, the taking place in the you know, it's like all these Jews come into this movement and start setting up newspapers to tell the people in the movement who were a shoeing mainstream news, which is already inherently jewish because they didn't trust it and that, you know, they had a good thinking there. But then they listen to what these like, you know, home grown up from nothing grassroots like newspapers for their movement were saying, and it's it's all the same old bullshit. It's like, yeah, here will tell you the real story. Go away. Just listen to us like listen to what we say. And so what this transformed into was this ready, made for some of for some people that were, you know, for felt for this, like for the in the similar way for all the people that fell for the tea party, people who continued to stick around with occupy Wall Street were used as this ready made base for Obama's reelection campaign. And, you know, there weren't that many of them. It wasn't really, you know, the whole thing kind of petered out and people went off in other directions and and, you know, on the right, the tea party became gay. And out of that, you had for a number of reasons. You had the Ault, right, was born, and you've had some groups born out of out of this with lessons learned on the left. And, um, you know, this was something that this this fear of occupy Wall Street was something that right wing pundits used to prop up a languishing tea party movement like they had the tea party. It's like guys, look over here, this enemy of yours that wants to take everything that you own your $45,000 pickup trucks with bed loaders and everything like out stunts about, um, they want to take all that away from you, so you have to get mad at them. Don't get mad at Republicans who are wanting to propose blanket amnesty. Don't get mad at Jews who are, you know, yada, yada, yada. And then in the end, occupy basically just devolved into fast food strikes. Alternative banking, which is just totally fucking laughing little, like, just set up our own banks. It's like, OK, sure, um And then look who gets totally unscathed. In both of these instances, in a tea party scenario and in the occupy Wall Street did, did anybody did anything happen to these banks and corporations know they got stronger. They got bigger because they did a DNC on tea party and occupy Wall Street and kept these people apart. When they really share a lot of the same interests, they just can't get over that last little hump, which is often with the question of race, but yeah, and this is the confluence that we see to a lesser too, to some degree, to a different degree now as well, Right where you have the right wing populist in the left wing populists that increasingly this is why I think they've ramped up the censorship when they've ramped up the political persecution over the last few years. They are increasingly nervous that there is this growing confluence, especially amongst right wing populists that have abandoned that, have dropped the sort of ghoulish opposition to social welfare programs. And and, you know, gleeful like the archetype of the tea party member like chuckling with glee, is people starve in the street because that, you know, do welfare programs but socialist and everything. People have moved past that for the most part, especially in the younger generation. And, ah, this is, you know, this is again very concerning to them, and they were left unscathed in terms of direct direct Ah, attacks on their power at the time, Absolutely. But what you had like you mentioned in both cases, was these were moments where people became intensely political and then recognized that this system was not going to allow them to get what they wanted out of it and began searching for alternatives and began checking out. And and ah began, you know, maybe building fundamental alternatives to these these kosher barriers that have been set up for them like the birth of the All right, the sort of continuance of this genuine populist left. Yeah, these air. These are things that they stamped out of the time but have continued to, ah, to grow, actually, in terms of in terms of, ah support, despite their best efforts to censor them. Yeah, well, and that's one of the things, too, is that you know, we don't these people Jewish power. It's not perfect. The institutions that they control in the strategies that they try to employ. They're not perfect. And this is something that I've said for a while, and I definitely don't want to give them any tips. But it's It's one of the things where it's like if you go back to the beginning of this, and certainly there was more history before this 2008 attempt at amnesty. But why be so egregious? in what you're trying to push through. I get that. They were desperate there, staring at the housing bubble. They knew that that crash was coming. Most other people didn't. Um, they knew that it was coming. And why not give people a little bit of what they want? If they had ameliorated some of their concerns by putting things in the bill that that would solve some of the problem, then maybe they would have avoided the tea party. Maybe if they sent a few bankers to prison, maybe they would have avoided occupy Wall Street. Maybe they would have avoided people turning into turning to Maybe they would have avoided creating the alright. But see, they don't do that because they can't. They can't do it because they know that they have to get this stuff in their desperate to get it done. And their desperation leads them to having to play whack a mole over and over and over again with this stuff, and they don't They don't really learn their lessons from it. And it's kind of funny where when you see their strategies start to fail, um, because yeah, like, you see the same thing with the climate debate. It's another Jewish trick, and it's it's kind of funny that, uh, I'm gonna be watching the What is that? The planet of the humans. If you haven't had a chance to listen or you're not a paywall sub this. Yes, this is a shameless plug for the Paywall. But I will also say the second half of tedious. On Friday, they talked about this new documentary called Planet of the Humans. Um, I think, narrated by Michael Moore. But it just talks about these environmentalists who were dismayed and how gate up. The whole climate debate has become on their side and they don't seem to realize what's going on. It would be like listening to a tea party. Ah, former tea party member, complaining about how nothing was really achieved, and they don't know why, and they're not really sure what happened, but, you know, But they're but they're excited for the future. And Trump 2020 and so on and so forth. But yeah, let's go. Yeah, let's go. Yeah, definitely check. Definitely. Check that out. I'm gonna be watching that documentary tomorrow, but it's appropriate, cause we're gonna talk about the climate debate as a is a Jewish trick, and it's it's very complementary, um, to ah what they were talking about on that show as well. But the climate debate is actually a little bit more closely aligned as a kosher dialect it to what we're seeing with Corona virus because there is a you know, that the virus is an actual thing. It is a tangible thing that is, that is, um, uh, killing people. It is not going away anytime soon. Um, and the same thing is true about the health of the planet. Now, a lot of the we don't know our purpose here is into debate. What's really going on with with global warming and climate change and all this other stuff like, it almost doesn't even matter. But what we do know and what you can see tangible evidence of from just driving around a major city or, I don't know, visiting a beach in ah, in India. If you ever happen to do that and see the ah, the floating trash in the ocean, there's evidence that the planet is getting ravaged. You know, they, they call it human, caused global warming. But it's really just consumerist capitalism caused global warming. It doesn't have to be this way. It's not really humans living on the planet causing these problems. It's humans living badly, and being forced into a system against really there will and have no choice but to keep participating in is what is fueling be the destruction of the planet now? Yeah, yeah, and certain certain types of humans with with no ability to control their waste management or or wasteful practices being given access to all of the bobbles and and products and and, ah, you know, materials of a 21st century industrial economy. And instead of disposing of these things properly, like the United States, with the I'll say with the amount of people that we have here, we do a fairly good job in terms of ah, factoring what? We have 360 million people here. We do a fairly good job of keeping things clean, not as good as Europe and not as good as Japan. But, you know, we do a fairly good job, but when you give, you give ah, the same amount of people in India and Indian Province or Chinese province, give them access to plastic cups and shopping bags and plastic packaging. Yeah, all that ends up on the road, it ends up in the street. It ends up in the rivers. So yeah, these are people that are not there in Africa from same for that matter. These are not people that are equipped to to handle this. This level of, ah, technological civilization and education is always used as the Oh, well, we just need to educate these. It's the education doesn't change the behavior. Um, but But it's similar to Corona virus to because, like you can ever I think everybody agrees that the consumerism and basically everything that props that up the production process in shipping things like, you know, they were talking about on TV. It's like the United States shipping wood pellets to Great Britain to Bernas biomass, like sending our trees in the form of wood pellets to great Britain. Me, Just none of this stuff makes any sense, and you can see the effects of this just like you know, that people are dying from the Corona virus. But rather than get caught up in the debate on what is going on and whatever It's like the broad statement is like, Yeah, we just need We need to do something about the way that we manage the environment. I think everybody can I agree with that. But the solutions that are being proposed in the two sides of the kosher dialectic that surround this issue of how to ah treat the planet and where you live and how to conserve resource is and whatever is always gone about in such a, uh, upside down way. And it's done as a distraction, obviously. So, unlike the Tea Party and occupy Wall Street, which were indirect in the case of the Tea Party and direct in the case of occupy reactions to Jewish power and subversion, the climate debate in Corona virus our reactions to this naturally occurring phenomenon. And so there's the hysteria on the left about, you know, every 10 years you get a new update about the prediction of the death of the planet, and you know, sea levels are going to rise 100 feet by the year 2040 and then that becomes 2050 and then 2060. And just this kind of kind of crazy hand wringing and then on the right. You have support for just, like let let like these industries is just belches much shit into the atmosphere is possible. Let's decrease the E P A standards down to zero. You know, just when you're when you're done, when you're done with that spray paint can you know, just, you know, just toss it, toss it in the river behind your house. It's fine. It's okay. Nobody gives a shell of a role. Colin, my duly comings and hurl my her, my Slurpee big gulp out the window is a political act. Yeah, exactly. And just like waste. And, you know, like the Like Alex's neighbors like burning mattresses and shit in their backyard. It's just like it's just fucking I mean and on the right. It's done to support big business in free market capitalism. And I mean, we've heard all these these like this rhetoric from from Rush Limbaugh and then the people on the left get caught up in this. And so, uh, this is this planet. Yeah, go ahead. I was going to say on the left, though, it's done this of to prop up free market capitalism as well. Yes, and That's the That's the funny thing is that they trick you into believing you, for example, cannot have Children. You cannot have kid Children because they are the biggest polluters. Only what had only white people shouldn't have Children, right? Like people who manage the environment, the best should have the least amount of Children. Big people like me who are driving on the highway and they see somebody ahead of them throw a cop out the window and, like start white, knuckling the steering wheel and and get Ah yeah, blood pressure spikes. People like me shouldn't shouldn't reproduce right, but everybody else can. That's fine, but ah, yes. So instead, what do you do? Well, you live a consumptive lifestyle, by the way you need to buy a new electric vehicle you need. You need to do this. You need to Ah, yeah, by the trinkets and tokens and and things that go along with living this green lifestyle. It's absolutely done to promote the same a different variations of the same consumptive lifestyle. Oh yeah, like the corporations have picked up on, like the pro homo rhetoric just Aziza. Leah's they've picked up, and you can read what they've said about these things, about injecting words like green and sustainable and whatever into their rhetoric. And it's always achieve they're going to achieve the same goal, right? And this is what this, I guess this documentary is about. Is that thes? Diehard? Um, environmentalists are realising that nothing is changing despite their best efforts. And so that's the thing. The idea that the left is going to win or the right side of the CO. It's like, No, what are they doing behind the scenes? And the reality is, nothing is changing. All of this is about when they talk about these Third World countries. That we need to transfer wealth like that's what climate change ultimately is about, is is the argument. It's about making a lot of money off of this stuff. A swell, but it's about transferring wealth, making white First World countries industrialized nations basically pay for the Third World countries to be brought up to speed, to develop their infrastructure, to do whatever else under the guise of sustainability under the guise of making a green planet. Because thes people don't know how to take care of themselves, they can't develop this stuff on their own, so we have to pay for it. And the whole purpose to pay for it isn't to make these people live in a more clean way. It is so that they bring them up to the 21st century level, where they can go in and build a KFC in downtown Lagos. They can go in and have KFC's and strip malls and everything all over Africa all over India. It's about bringing these people up to a level where the global consumerist finance capitalist engine can come in and make loans to get people to buy product, to expand markets. This is what this is all about. And there is no cause for concern about the state of the health of the planet. They do not give a shit how many tons of trash are floating in the ocean. They don't give a shit how many trees they will cut down. Ultimately they will. They will destroy as much of this is possible in the name of taking over the entire planet, and they'll get you engaged in either being on the right in support of it or being on the left against it and neither of those people that nothing is coming out of this at all, because I think people on the right support thes things. Jesse was saying this about Limbaugh, about how, um you know, it's this. It's you're trying to imbibe this notion that if you support free market capitalism and the interests of these corporations, it's your somehow going to bend be a beneficiary financially from all of this. And if you don't, you're gonna lose, like the rising tide lifts all boats. And so if you don't support just whatever these these companies want to dio um which is replaced you and your job and take over your country and then outsource everything. It's like you're gonna be a loser if you don't do that. So it's funny how they do this whole thing, but right, Yeah, And along the way, they destroy any vestiges of of ah Goi owned business in the US and those are the real targets. And those are the businesses that usually will pay the price along the way. For example, forestry, right, Like you know, clear cutting obviously is, has its problems, and irresponsible forest management is an issue that has been largely rectified in the US And we're at the point now where you look at these these 1000 acre forests that are being managed over, you know, a century long forest management plans these air being managed in a in a fairly responsible way and this is a good thing. And so, you know, we need to have trees harvested, obviously, but we need to be responsible about how there how they're managed. But in the U. S. You will see these companies BB targeted with people, you know, chaining themselves to trees to prevent the bulldozers from right to prevent the them from being fell. There, you'll see the ICO terrorist type. People go in the forest and and set up, you know, barbed wire to try to kill motorcyclists and that kind of thing. And so, yeah, it becomes ridiculous in terms of who it targets, and it doesn't actually address the rial. Polluters doesn't actually address those that are are, you know, the worst responsible for things like mass deforestation That's not happening in the U. S. Not anymore. That's happening in the Amazon that's happening across the world in these other countries that don't have any standards at all in terms of forest management. So you're right. They don't care about actual state of the environment or state of the planet. It's ah, it's in service of Jewish political interests, of course. And we see the same thing going on with with the Corona virus hysteria on one side versus ah, Go back to work, Big line, go up on the other side and it's in sort of it's sort of the same thing. I mean, you're you're going to be forced to live on a a bad, dirty mawr, even more polluted planet because everything has to be in the name of line. The line is the line. My God, um, and that's how that goes. And the other element to this, too. It isn't just about getting people in Africa up to a certain level where they can buy product. It's about getting, and we've talked about this before in FDN. It's about getting them up to a certain point where they'll want to migrate to, because somebody who is living in some mud hut in Africa and is like foraging for food and poaching animals and doing whatever that person isn't thinking about coming to America. But if you give that person enough where they can, you know, have a phone with a screen and get connection to the Internet, then all of a sudden that person is going to see Lamborghinis and naked white women on the phone and then want to come to America, come to Europe. Ah, they're gonna want to leave. Whereas before they were just like an indigenous tribesmen who really had no idea what the fuck they were doing that particular they don't even know what a calendar is, let alone, uh, you know, being on social media and wanting to come to America. So that's part of it, too. And they do this under the guise of Ah, you know, we have toe. We have to make sure that people live sustainable lives. You have to make sure drinking water is out of the drinking water is to start all this like we have to make sure that everybody has clean food and air and water, and it's like that is just a proxy for plugging them into the Internet and making them see how the rest of the world is living and then creating this desire to mass migrate and facilitating that desire, making those dreams come true in First World countries. And that's why you've seen what used to be anti immigration talking points with a lot of these environmental movements. Because it seems like common sense, right? Ah, that if you care about the environment, you wouldn't want mass migration, you wouldn't want this to take place. And in fact, we talked about this on a very early episode of FTN, but not in the detail that we're gonna talk about it today. The Sierra Club. Ah, how very anti immigration talking points on its websites until it received a very large donation. In fact, tonight, in 1989 the club's board adopted the policy position that immigration to the United States should be no greater than that which will permit achievement of population stabilization in the United States. So we just want to keep the population the same, and that means immigration needs to stop. 1992. Ah, Few weeks after Carl Pope became the club's executive director, he presented his views. In the letter to The New York Times, the editor of The New York Times, Pope wrote that the club believed that all nations quote should act to curb their own population growth. He added, The United States and other developed nations have a special responsibility because of our disproportionate per capita consumption of world. Resource is our goal in the United States should be achieving domestic populist population stabilization. Now in the eighties and nineties, this really meant, like no immigration were against this, because this caused a lot of problems. But in 2000 for David Gell Bomb, who is an American businessman, focused on green technology, of course, getting very into into this game very early on donated at least $200 million to the Sierra Club and warned Carl Pope that his donations were contingent upon how the club handled the issue of immigration. I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 1995 if they ever came out fully anti immigration, they would never get a dollar from me. Wow, It's pretty amazing how, James, what's going on here? This is, like almost like a bribe, to tell them what it's almost like they've been They've been victimized or complicity in a hostile takeover. Yeah, very hostile because in 2013 the Sierra board adopted a resolution calling for legal status for all illegal aliens living in the country. Well, nine years in there, out there calling for amnesty but said the resolution was quote not modifying the underlying policy on immigration of the organization. In a statement, the Sierra Club defended its decision by saying that many immigrants live in areas with disproportionate levels of toxic air water in soil production. In other words, they're living in their own, Ah, self created shit blizzards, James. That's what sounds like, yeah, you feel the way the shit clings to the air and shit. Blizzard's coming. Yeah, so, um, but this continues and, you know, we talked about this in 2015. And so this this has has sort of continued on. So you have this anti immigration rhetoric because immigrations bad for the environment Jew comes and gives lots of money, says I won't give more money until you stop talking about this issue. Then they sort of took the position of being neutral on the subject of immigration, even in support of amnesty here in 2013. Well, look how quickly this is transformed. So they have now become essentially immigration activists. Aziz proxies to David Gelb. Um, in 2017 the Sierra Club praised DACA President Obama's executive action through no fault of their own yada, yada yada. Michael Brune, who's the executive director at the time, said it was quote mean spirited of the Trump administration to terminate, DACA and DAPA recipients are making our country better. These remarks are noteworthy in that there the very first time that the club publicized its position on a specific immigration related policy. Then again in 2018 the club began putting out frequent statements condemning a range of immigration related policies under the Trump administration. Of course. What do they have to worry about? Right? Um, Sierra Club opposed the construction of a border wall. Well, you in Sierra Club and the administration's push to speed up deportations proceedings. Well, you went again Sierra Club, calling them xenophobic. In June, in response to the zero tolerance policy in the family separations, the club attacked the administration for its decision to jail and cage kids. Brune even came out and said that we have to stop Trump's racist agenda, and then this is the kicker. In 2019 the Sierra club condemned Nazi graffiti in Oklahoma. Quote. As an organization committed to social justice and racial equity, the Sierra Club vehemently condemns the racist and anti Semitic acts of hatred targeting the people of Norman Oklahoma. These acts of vandalism to nothing but fan the flames of bigotry while our country in our cities strive to heal and grow. So, yeah, this seems like lots of, ah, forests and rivers being saved here, James, with this type of right, Yeah, you know, the the slight disruption to the arid, dry desert where nothing grows on the border that, you know, that just outweighs all of the destruction. And and, ah, empty empty cans of Ah, what is that? Mexican beer. Like Takata or whatever? Yeah, seeing those rolled all over the highway and Mazda pickup truck swerving and crashing into ditches and all the pollution associated with the with these people. Yeah, that's nothing compared to the horrible, terrible pollution of building a border wall. Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. In Takata. Yeah, that some of those Mexican beers. I think there's one. I think Takada is the one that is, like mixed with, like, I don't know, 20% like margarita mix. It's like just the shit that these people drink. It's just incredible. But, um, yeah, you you also have throughout this time frame that we just laid out on you sort of alluded to this before these more radical strains of environmentalism on the left, like Greenpeace and other groups, remember, there's like big ships that would go out and like do like piracy against whale hunters like whale wars like hurling like rotting butter or stuff. And it's it becomes cartoonish. And But you've seen this sort of die away when we talked about the sun ftn quite a bit, um, with the protests at Davos in the G seven and you have all these people that used to come out for that stuff. But now it's just like, No, there's no need to oppose that anymore. Like they're getting what they want. They have what they need to you just see this sort of dying out, and you don't have people coming out in protest ing this stuff and ah yeah, I mean, it's it's really a nice segue you into what's going on now with the Corona virus you have right and left. They could be uniting behind, demanding more from the government, demanding the right information about what's really going on. But instead they're sort of uniting behind the notion of opening everything back up again, which sort of tells you what's going on. So it's like a part open face, coach or sandwich. But then there are some aspects of a two sided kosher dialectic, especially with the protests you were talking about this before. On one side, you have mocked boomers, libertarians. You have, ah, the Astro turfed like let freedom ring movements demanding everything Get back opened up. You have Ron Paul saying Resistance building to Corona virus house arrest orders. It's about time, you know, everybody taking their prior's and just inserting them. But again, we're not saying that it's all Astro turf. There is a genuine populist sentiment, which is the government needs to take care of these people if they're going to make them. If they're going to put them under orders which prevent them from working and earning an income in living their lives, and that's become perverted into, like just these these demonstrations that aren't really achieving anything for anybody, like where the signs about the fraud and corruption in the business bag bailout, where the signs that $1200 sucks, where the signs demanding better healthcare or on free health care for people who've been out of a job? Where is any of that stuff? Nothing. It's just to know it. Let me go after work to a job that probably doesn't exist. So you're only thing that you could demand is is help from the government. That's the thing. Yeah, right. And this is being buried right? And we went through the numbers on the mid week show just how few people have even received the pittance of a stimulus that was sent out already and the problems facing business owners that are not big business owners or owners of of non profits. If you're a regular small business owner, odds even if you applied and did everything right, there is a very slim chance you have received either your pee pee pee or your E I. D. L Thus far now that's not to say you shouldn't apply for them. If if that applies for you, you absolutely should. But you're not seeing this being discussed in the media at all, and the people you know, these self appointed champions of of the of nationalist populism places like Breitbart's. This is going totally unreported. In fact, all their reporting are stories about how the p p. P is the best government program ever devised. And it's the best of the government could do in this in this situation. Meanwhile, I saw a headline this week about the best we can dio going. Jesus fucking Christ! Yeah, and you should be lucky that you even got this. Now shut up and stop asking for more. What do you greedy? Are you ungrateful? Yeah. So you're seeing stories now coming out of people saying, Yeah, I know. Rationally applying for ah, for a payday loan isn't the right thing to do, but yeah, it's all I could really do here. So, like, it's either payday loan or or don't eat. So, like, what other choice do I have? This is the choice people should not be having to make. And the model is there. There is no excuse. That's the other thing. There is no excuse. Europe has done this. People in America pulling came out this week showing that 86% of Americans agree with the European approach and want it to be undertaken here. The U. S. As well. And Mitch McConnell is he? Is he busy burning the midnight oil, drafting new legislation? Now he's calling on states to to take up the burden of reopening themselves as soon as possible. So there's there's no stimulus. Uh, or at least they do not want to do another stimulus, not even another pittance of $1200. Well, they said they were going to revisit it, but it's not been revisited in. The reason it's not been revisited is because it's far better for them for their strategy to promote this kosher dialectic, to keep these people, because if they're giving them five or $6000 a month and making sure that they all had healthcare and everything's fine, you wouldn't be able to Astra turf something like this. You wouldn't have people hungry, an angry and out in the streets. And so what people should really be doing. The most effective thing is turning around on them. Turn the kosher dialectic on its side. Don't play into it. Don't promote it, because if you're doing this and this is the side that you've signed up for, then you're just making They're just happy because you're participating in the trick. This is why these things are appended. This is the real pandemic. Is the Jewish trick falling for this sort of stuff? And then on the other side you have nurses and doctors doing tic tac videos in blocking traffic. But that too, as we've pointed out on FTN, was born out of genuine populist sentiment as well originally, because what did we say? Nurses and doctors were having their wages slashed. They're being forced to go to work without proper PPE. You had, like, almost like high seas piracy by some of these things. Spitaels toe procure PPE for their employees because they knew that it was gonna be bad if they did provide them anything. And so you have people in the back in the black market basically taking PPE from different because there's a limit supply, which is a government problem that didn't have to be this way. And then you have hospitals forcing these people to go to work even if they don't have PP and for shitty wages or part time hours, because they don't want to pay them. And so you have anger and frustration building with the medical community. But what happens? It gets turned into like dancing on a tic tac video and like blocking traffic. And it's again. It's like the tea party opposing Jac occupy Wall Street. Now I'm not saying that nurses doctors are aligned with left in the Maga. Boomers are aligned with the right, but it's this again. It's the sandwich that both people are signing up for, and the nurses and the doctors that are doing the TIC Tac videos and blocking traffic. These people are getting what there want their part of the Astro turf game. It's not. It's not happening. And so instead of reacting to the fake and fragile Donald Trump economy, But to be fair, the U. S economy and its fragility belongs to a whole succession of very kosher policies that have been built up in the company in the company in the country for the last several decades. But but Trump is is someone who has championed the continuation of these things, and he's become the befuddled arbiter of some of its worst aspects. Small in business, small businesses and working class Americans by tens of millions are experiencing deep in very potential for deep, long lasting financial hardship. And the federal government is doing nothing. US. Unemployment is now highest since the Great Depression. Fewer than half of U. S workers will have a wage in May, according to some economists. And you know you have like like the tedious guys talked about with the with whole foods doing like heat maps on where they have the biggest risk of of unionization. It's basically like there were the people that are working. They're screwing over even harder. And instead of turning this on Trump and turning this on the system, it just becomes this this stroke job about, you know, versus you know, the my liberties versus, like doctors and nurses who think that you should like progressive dads who think that you should be locked inside for the rest of your life. It's just yet the whole thing. The whole thing is stupid, and everybody just vigorous hand rubbing commences as this continues to go on because it's another. It's another kosher dialectic, and people are easily signing up for both sides, and it never ends. And so you know, people are getting screwed, like you said on the stimulus. But I will say this one thing. Go get that bag, even if you think it's a point, even if you think it's pointless because we have had people who were independent contractors or fell into groups that had never been able to get unemployment before, who thought that it was pointless to go get this And you should try, because there is somebody we know that tried and they thought that they were never qualified for something like this. This is this phenomenon that we talk about, Ah, white people who think, perhaps, that they won't get this. They don't deserve this or they shouldn't go get for this because they're just going to get turned down by the system. And now that person is getting $800 a week and you do the math on that real Ryan Landers $3200 a month that that person thought would be pointless. And they signed up and they got it. It's your money. You deserve it. This is being done to you. You were being subjected to this, and we don't have a whole lot of options. And so go get that bag. Even if you think it's pointless, Go and try and do it because that's the only way that you can. The things, the actionable things that you can do that's what you should be doing. So right, Yeah, I know. And the point that I was I was not trying Teoh to black pillar dissuade people from trying to get what they're do. In fact, the exact opposite. You should definitely be going out and looking into every every stimulus program available to you and taking advantage of those if you qualify. But, ah, it just it just speaks to the level of desperation people are feeling. And, you know, there has been a criticism by some that say, Well, anyone who supports these lockdowns, they just don't understand, man. They don't understand the common man and how how people are being hurt by this, quite the opposite. In fact, you know, we dio I dio and and people are definitely suffering from this. But again, those making you suffer, it's not. It's not because the lock down is improper. It's not because the lock down is a wrong thing to do the lockdowns are totally appropriate until we've brought this under control. The reason for the suffering because look, look at Europe. Lockdowns are very similar in Europe to how they are here. People there aren't suffering in the same way they are in America. The reason for the suffering is because of this system, this corporate governmental system. And that is where your anger should be directed towards Not not at the not it not see Governor Gretchen Whitmer for banning public gatherings and whatever. That's Ah yeah, that's a misdirect. Absolutely. Yeah, And I'm not saying that the protests shouldn't be there. There should be protests there. Just the signs need to be rewritten, and the sentiments need to be rewritten and redirected. And there need to be not people on those same steps opposing each other, people standing in the streets opposing each other. They need to be turning around in opposing the same thing, that which is suppressing them. And so this whole thing has been done intentionally to generate engagement with AstroTurf movements around the country in person and online. And instead of these movements being about demanding answers on the economy, bailout, fraud, lack of bags other inherently Jewish tricks. It's just become too party tea Party 2.0, versus occupy Wall Street. And it's just like occupy like hospital and what not? And, of course, the Coke Brothers, which was an avatar of the tea party. They are rejecting the shutdown protests. Um, because it's just the same old they they just just switch sides. It's like they have to keep this thing in balance. They have to maintain kosher dialectic equilibrium. And as we've said many times, the best response from the government is toe have actually just have Donald Trump shut the fuck up and make these working class people whole, while the U. S health care system does its job to keep people safe and healthy. But in reality, the U. S health care system itself is a blend of scientists, um, rent, seeking an institutional self interest, and the thing that's not in that equation is you. So under far more favorable circumstances, these two people would be reacting to the system in a united front. Instead, they've been pitted against each other in the streets and online, while the custodians of this dying system are in the process of looting it for all it's worth. That's what people are missing about all of this. This is what we've been trying to point out for really months now with the small business. Although the obvious signs of looting that's going on and not you where are the signs that say, Put the looters in jet like, I mean, you can think of a 1,000,000 different signs that these things that people could be talking about and instead they're citing, you know, the Bill of Rights and, uh, you know everything else. And it's just like a gland free. Yeah, Yeah, it just it just never ends. And so, uh, yeah, well, and then the other thing. And I just have to wreck this narrative. Um, because when then we're going to go, We're going to go to break. But ah, but yeah, I saw this article getting shared around about American billionaires or $1,280,000,000 richer since Cove in 19. And the reaction to this has has been Wow, I thought, Ah, billionaires, we're gonna be out in the streets, you know, juice. We're gonna be out there with their top bats upside down you know, panhandling for shekels in the middle of this, and they're gonna be out of its like, No guy. It's always knits nobody ever set. Nobody ever said that this was going to lead to a total C G I themed economic collapse where everybody every all like towers like rotting 30 years from now, with trees growing in the city like it's some sort of a post apocalyptic movie like like a sinkhole swallows up the New York stock. Yeah, it's just like, No, But when you see this and you look at you, look at this beyond a headline What you have to dio um, it's There are American billionaires making lots of money off of this, the people that are involved in banking, the people that are involved in providing products at the grocery stores, big box retailers so on and so forth. They're making a killing, and the small businesses are being forced to stay closed, and they're totally getting fucked. We said from the beginning that this crisis is going to be used as an opportunity to fuck the little guile even harder. But there isn't all winners in all losers. What's actually going on as well as look of the entertainment interest in the entertainment industry is getting screwed. These some of this stuff like movies and, ah, I don't know, Think of any venue restaurants, baseball games, sporting all the stuff that that is not happening right now. I mean, these thes air, these air industries that were already headed down a tough road, right, James and you were telling me about they had to redo. Ah, a lot of these theaters and they were trying to get people back into movie theaters in trying to coax people into being interested in this kind of stuff. And it's sort of been a waning interest, not just that in that, but in sports as well, because of the racialized protests and all this other stuff. And so some of these industries are gonna end up not existing after this is all over, because people were already trending away from this and this was sort of the last nail in the coffin. Now that doesn't mean again that it's gonna be like you said James, like a huge single just swallows up the entire NFL. It's like, No, it's that this is just going to accelerate what was already a trend and they didn't plan for this. This isn't something that they like. And in the long run, this is better because of the attitudes that people will have about this. If the government came in. Like just like I said in 2007 if the government had come in and tried to give people what they wanted on immigration, you would have fewer people who were opposed to immigration, right? But because the government screwed people, you now have 80% one a moratorium, especially in a crisis like this. These ideas air popular the fact that the government screwed you, the fact that they weren't there for you, the fact that the system is fragile the fact that this health care system sucks this is all being made more real in people's minds, then it ever has been before. So the attitudes coming out of this on the other side are perhaps more important than maybe some NFL team owner who's gonna be finding himself without the team. I don't know how that's gonna work, but yeah, yeah, no, that's exactly right. And you're building this national consensus around these issues that that we have been talking about for a long time now. Things like opposition to immigration things like like, uh, yeah, just giving people money during a crisis like this. The idea that that Ah yeah, that these massive corporations should not be able to loot in these these ah, five a one c three quote. Charitable organizations shouldn't be able to loot the bailout fund that was supposed to go to small businesses, these air all making people angry just like occupy. A lot of people were made angry at the financial system, just like the tea party. People were made angry at the Republican Party and and the government In the immigration system, people are being being inflamed by this and then realizing that under the current conditions and within the confines of the current political system, current economic system, there is nothing that can be done to rectify their concerns and to and to make right what they correctly recognise as a fundamental problem. And the more people that realize this, the more people that will be willing to embrace some kind of like like us some kind of moderate position, a moderate third position where we reject the libertarian capitalist Shiva lists of the right, and we reject the the anti whiteness and the open borders of the left. And we we find common ground on opposition to immigration and and putting workers first and having a country that works for people like us, the people that make up the country. But but but the But the very first step is not falling for the trick, and people are falling for the trick. They fall for the trick again and again and again, and you have to look back in time at the pattern, and it's hard to do that. It's hard to do that in a time where people can't remember what the top news story was two weeks ago. Can you, like, sit there and think like, Can you think of what the top news story was exactly two weeks ago? Like when we do this thing coming up in the second half? And I had even forgotten about the Sulamani assassination, you'd have to put right Sulamani assassination on paper for me to have remembered that now if we were sitting there talking about gay ops, the United States is done. I would have remembered that, but just remembering what happened a couple months ago is January. It's in early January. It's an impossible task, and I have to think thinking back all the way back to 2007 tow what was in this bill that was the catalyst for this populist movement? Actually had to go. Look, I remembered at the time I was very interested in what was going on, but it was also very refreshing looking at it with a new set of glasses per se or how do you say, um and seeing things, what, like they live, it's like putting on the glasses where they live and looking at 2007 and being like, Wow, how I wish. I sure wish I had seen it that way. But the trick is not falling for this stuff and not getting wrapped up in it and seeing what they're trying to do. Because whenever you have something unplanned like this and something that ends up being catastrophic for the markets or catastrophic, or they don't get their way on immigration and you have a populist reaction to it, that's the time when these tricks are going to be a foot more than any other time. And since this thing has the potential to drag on for a while, they actually have a very difficult task in keeping this dialectic afloat. And if you reject it and call out for what it is, that's progress. If you participate in it and get caught up in this and you turn into fighting each other than that's when it becomes a problem, staying divided is when they, when they prosper, the best prosper the most. Um, so yeah, and I mean the incompetence of the system to is something else that's going on as well. Um, you have? Ah, and this is true. I mean, it's only Alex talks about is well, as you have a top economist saying the U. S Corona virus responses like 1\/3 World country. I thought about that the other day to like, you know, whenever we have a hurricane or a tornado or a flood, you know, sometimes that results in a couple 100 deaths, and it's a pretty tragic thing. But if if a hurricane hits another country, 1\/3 World country like the Caribbean, like Haiti, it's like millions of people dead or the Philippines. And, you know, millions of people are dying, But it's kind of interesting how when this thing hits our country, Werth ones with the largest number of deaths in the inability well, it were like, yeah, the most incompetent on the planet. Yeah. No. And this is we We actually made this point on the when we talked about Africa a few weeks back that looking at these African countries, saying openly, saying Look, we can't give people money, You look at the US and ah, you know, the end result for the average person in Africa versus in the U. S. Pretty similar in terms of what you're actually getting from your respective governments. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, when you have Larry Kudlow proposing that businesses, this is one of the ways that they're trying because one of the stumbling blocks they have to opening back up again is the possibility that if someone goes to a restaurant, boomers go back to the Applebee's and they're sitting there having a B order and fries, which fucking I'm. I am actually starting to think about that. Um, my on, ironically, like getting starting, think about that they have to worry about the fact that somebody is going to sue these businesses, and that could end up being part of their strategy is having. And then we know that Jews do this. But having, ah, lawsuits that gets started that are used, his precedence, and they will use this actually to destroy these small businesses. So instead of putting bailout money aside specifically for each business and making sure that their whole they're doing the same thing to these businesses as they're doing to the individuals that are showing up to protest, making them desperate toe one open their doors again while leaving them liable to lawsuits which could be used to close them down forever now cut Low Cut Low is proposing that businesses shouldn't be held liable for employees and customers getting Corona virus. I think this is just cheap talk, but what if your business does? What if somebody does get sick and then they sue you? So yet all these problems that they're trying to untangle and then you have this ap Norc poll internment Norc is, but it's in a people that's a few Americans trust Trump's info on the pandemic And, of course, why would they? I mean, this guy is they play this on tedious. So I'm not gonna play the audio again, but, uh, injecting disinfectant in sunlight. Like how many? How many means have you seen about this? Now, at this point, James, like that one of light was only a joke. Look, retire any. You wouldn't get it. It's ironic. Well, there's not rw ignite. You don't understand irony. Yeah. Irony, right? Yeah, sure. It wasn't irony. I saw Debra Burke's face as he as he was saying, Like injecting sunlight. He said, inject UV rays, like under the skin, which is a treatment that I guess they could do with people who have, like, skin issues. Um, but I just I don't know, you know, and and Alex has said that UV light is helpful, but, you know, Trump keeps hanging this stuff on, you know, the possibility of a cure, but ah, but yes, Mr So dumb. I mean, why and this it takes me back to, like, 2017 2018 like, Why do this right? Why come out and do these press conferences? You're not doing anything for yourself, you know, it's it's just another distraction. But I guess you continue can say, Well, he's going out there and doing these press conferences And it's setting up a perfect punching bag for everybody on that left on the sort of like Eugene Goo tear surgical mask wearing Twitter liberals that is incensed about, like, dumb Trump quote of the day like final name here like it's just so stupid. Yeah, I would like I mean, yeah, it does serve as a perhaps an unwitting punching bag. I think the sad thing is, is that they couldn't Trump couldn't be competent if he tried on this. Um, and maybe it is an act. I don't know. Maybe it is. Maybe this sort of inject disinfectant is yet another sort of thing that Trump does so like get people distracted in out of focus on things that actually matter. Um, that's possible. I wouldn't rule that out. It is a total impossibility. But I would also say that given what we know and given how I mean the level of in common, and that's what that's. What people should care about the most is that they don't have a health care system that they can trust. I mean, I Ah, like I was saying, I think couple shows a goes out trying to be outside as much as possible. Um, and was cutting down some trees, and I I thought twice about the fact that if this chainsaw slips and I get hurt, do I really want to go into a fucking hospital right now? Um, and be, like around anybody. Like, Do I even want to be in a place like where any of the shit is going on? Like probably not. Um, and so I was just, you know, a little bit. I'm always careful, right? But the thought did cross my mind. It's like, you know, that's going to a hospital to, like, fix something that happens to me like that sort of ruled out right now at the moment. And it's cause, like, I don't know what I would find if I went there. And so what do you mean? You're not out there with the acquiring the crocks with your splitting maul going at it? Yeah, Definitely not. Trap, bro. Jesus crocks. Never in my life, Never in my life. Yeah. So the these are the things that people should be upset about the system fragility, the incompetence, the fraud, the looting, the fact that they can't get straight answers about what's going on because we can't stay. I mean, it is true. You can't stay down, You can't stay locked down forever. And the truth is, I think some of this is another element of the genuine reaction and the protests. Is this tedious? Talked about the Stutes, the seeds, like not being able to buy certain things. The store. Um and I guess that depends in what state you live, because in some states I don't think any of that stuff is cordoned off. But I think in states like New York and maybe Michigan Ah, like they have cordoned off certain sections of stores where you can't go and buy certain products. And that's kind of it's kind of dumb. Like that doesn't have anything to do with keeping people healthy or spreading a contagion. It's like, Yeah, let's just shut down Ah, Seoul lawn and Garden section over here cause for reasons it's like, I think, you know, the most competent reaction to this would be to keep as much open as possible and give people tests, give people masks and let the let but it function and make the little guy hole and the demand a competent system. That's not hard. That's not difficult rhetoric to put forward, but seemingly it iss just like the tea party. It's not hard to say we want Brown people out of the country. We don't want amnesty for 20 million people, but instead it's like instead of caring about 20 million illegals. And however many more 1,000,000 legals in the country come every year. It's about $20 trillion debt, and you know it's the same thing here. It's like just endless, endless, stupid shit. So all of us is really just a distraction from the rial issue, which we're gonna find out here in part to its geopolitical in nature. It's tough to untangle, but we started to see a narrative that I think makes a hell of a lot of sense come together on this and knowing like we've said, just knowing about the kosher dialectic existing is not enough. You have to understand why it exists and what it's trying to obvious. Kate. So in part two, we're gonna be talking about ah lot more with what's really going on. Geopolitically and also a little bit about Dr Seuss, who went down the Ah, the old rabbit hole on McDonald's and a Happy Meal and sort of, I don't know were in close proximity to Dr Seuss. And that started some questions about what this guy's all about. Man, I I did not know what we're about to tell you guys in part two, so but further do we right back right here in FTN you're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the nation mash the nation. 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Over one million products are caught up in the kosher racket, and the cost of certification is passed on to you, unless, of course, you're consuming product that is NK See that is not kosher certified. How do you tell what isn't kosher certified? Easy answer. Go to the kosher question dot com The kosher question dot com To find easy to use convenient tools to help inform your normal shopping routine, plus information and education on the kosher industry, you be the judge of whether your next sandwich is kosher or not. Coaster question dot com And now back to fashion a nation heard on Lee on the TRS radio network. Welcome back. And as we alluded to at the end of the first hour, we're gonna talk about Corona virus in light of the geopolitical context and in light of the developments we're seeing and advancements of the political kosher dialectic we talked about the protest sort of the two options you're being given for pro testing. But there has been an escalation, as some like to say. There's been an escalation on the political front on this, this ah political op, this holding pen that has been constructed that is designed to get you really angry at China, right? You're not supposed to be angry at the U. S. System. You're not supposed to be angry at the government for not making you hold during this crisis for locking you a home without giving you the ability to feed your family or payer etcetera. You're supposed to be angry at the liberal healthcare workers, the lib tardes and at China. And as we've talked about this, we sort of been mentioning this. Ah, as it has developed over the last month or so. But the last two weeks have really been an explosion in this anti China rhetoric, haven't they? This has been the new narrative from US intelligence sources from the GOP from the wine Nats, all of them repeating the same line, which is that Corona virus is not just a disease that came to us from China. This is an act of war is a bio weapon they China must pay. They must pay further for the ills that they've committed against the United States in our way of life. You know, it's like the from the beginning of the show, and we're doing the through full through these poor Children through no fault of their own. There's just these, like trademark pull tested things that they do and the threatening our way of life is like another one. It's like, let's unpack that statement. What is our way of life and what is that? Really? Oh, you don't want to talk about that. You don't want to talk about what? Our way of life. It's really all about in the trajectory of our way of life for the last five or six decades. So you don't want to get down to brass tacks? Oh, yeah, I didn't think so. Just shut the fuck up so way. We'd love to have a discussion about our way of life. Yes, and as the leading the leading, politically moderate podcast, Um, are we talking about our way of life all the time? We're defending our way of life every single day on this program and right? Yeah, and they're projection of our way of life. It's just just shut the fuck up. Yeah, all of us here at MSNBC us. Chuck Todd, Chuck Maddow World deeply invested me are waiting. Joe and Mika, you know, are up next with their reading of the International Jew by Henry Ford. Yeah, it's it's just fucking Larrys. But yeah, I mean this. We've seen this rhetoric come out. Ah, from the very beginning. In fact, it's something that was picked up on. And do you want to pivot into this stuff? Um, on the reason, that's what. Yeah, eso. You've probably seen woo flu. You've probably seen Chai calm virus. You've probably seen a lot of this stuff in this, this sort of racism toward Chinese that is acceptable, right? Just like after 9 11 you know, it became acceptable in certain corners, so there was a line that you couldn't cross, but it was perfectly OK to to be anti Muslim. In fact, that's what drove a lot of the tea Party was Ah, Barack Obama, the secret Muslim Communists. And what's funny? What's funny? In retrospect, I'm realizing this just now. Is that the birther stuff that Trump did in 2012 when he was considering running for president? It wasn't about, like any sort of racial animus toward Obama or getting to the bottom over the Obama was born in America or not in regardless of whatever you think about the birther stuff, that it's it's again, that actually doesn't matter. How was it used to promote this sort of a thing and they did the same thing with with AOC and so on and so forth. And they have gone back to the well on anti Chinese sentiment, which is something that actually has a very long history in the United States. Sacre over it. Under actually put together a very nice write up of this list of of things, um, that that make this so easy to shoehorn in it makes actually a lot of sense. And I'm going to start with this audio clip from Janine Pirro. Now, Janine Pirro is somebody who eyes that Fox news. She is. I think, James, you're telling me that she showed up now that everybody's working from home? Um, I guess you know, the fact that she doesn't have to show up at the studio in New York anymore is making a little bit harder to conceal. Ah, you know her? Her? Ah, interest in consuming alcohol. And ah, you know, at times when she needs to be doing her job and what she showed drunk her job at one point recently. Yeah. Yeah, that happened nice. Yes. So she, um when was this? March 16th 2019. Everybody remembers when she was actually publicly rebuked by Fox News for an on air monologue about questioning. AO sees loyalty to the United States. Remember, this is yet another kosher dialectic, and Jeannine Pirro is really the best of pulling this stuff off. And now you know, she's back at Fox. She's got her primetime show. And, ah, she's got the China rhetoric on lock down. Here we go with a little Jeannine Pirro, your models air out of control. The economy is out of control. China is the one that's out of control. We're not gonna let you destroy this country or our way of life. We've worked too hard. We fought too long toe. Lose it to ah Wu Han. That's what I said. Ah woo and virus that China knew about openly light about said it couldn't be transmitted from human to human and intentionally protected Chinese citizens from the virus, but allowed that virus to be released, putting the rest of the world at risk. You want to control people. You politicians want to flex your muscles will start working on how you're gonna punish Oster size, alienate and financially sanction and make China accountable for what they did to us. and the rest of the world. But keep your damn hands off us and do something about what got us into this mess in the first place. You know, just listening to her. I can envision this being this exact tone and what she's saying. You can division this like being screamed by some boomer woman it at 1:30 a.m. At a sports bar as she's getting dragged out by her husband like. OK, calm down. You know, just, you know it's crazy. The ah, the unhinge mint going on there with Pirro. But yeah, couple things on on things that Pirro said in that audio that are particularly of interest. First of all, she's reading from a teleprompter. This was not an off the cuff. Ah, sort of emotionally charged is sort of, Ah, competitive, compassionate rhetoric, impassioned rhetoric. I should say she's reading off a teleprompter. It's all of this stuff was fed into her, and she just played the part and the things that she's calling for against China. Um, she's She's taking this populist sentiment that people have that the American government isn't doing anything for them or on their behalf, and she's saying she's targeting politicians who aren't doing anything, and they're not doing anything on the things that we want and re channeling it into things that we don't want or that you should not want. And they, you politicians, they're sitting there just talking and running your mouth. Well, here's what you need to know about China, and you need to do it right now and then She gives a whole list of things that they want in the biggest one of interest is the financial sanctions, because this plays in directly to what we talked about last weekend with us versus China and the long history of Jews and China, Jews and Mao's inner circle and the fact that they were prepping to make sure that communism didn't go in a direction, that they did what it's ago, and it actually went in a direction where became capitalism. And now that they're in the process, Larry Fink and others of setting up partnerships with like the Chinese construction bank and so on and so forth in in making sure that there are these organizations where the stakeholders air Jewish in China, partnering with Chinese finance, it's a capitalist system now so it's compatible with you know what Larry Fink wants to do and these financial sanctions from the United States? It's like I'm so sorry. Ah, China, that it's his Snap it to you, but we have some good solutions for you while you were under these dire economic circumstances so you can see what Pierre Oh is calling for here. And she's also feeding into like people that, you know, boomers are watching this and getting real riled up and excited and trying to must pay. And in all of this, it's they're all singing in concert, James. I mean, it's Tucker Carlson is been right at the forefront of all of this. Um, you have a number of other people have been doing it as well and why Nats have picked up on it. And even some of these libertarian articles that people have sent me to read and, you know, take seriously about their opinions on ah, on the lockdowns and so forth. I mean, I get one paragraph in and it's calling it the chai calm flu, and I'm like, No, I'm out. See you later. I'm not interested. And so people are picking up on this. And maybe even people who don't have the worst intentions may be part of their rhetoric is correct. Maybe they get things half right. The easiest thing that they pick up on is this sort of, ah, who flew in China, you know, Chinese Virus. And Trump was doing it for a while, and Pierre Oh did it there, too. She's like, That's right. I said it. The Wuhan virus. It's like, Wow, it's like she she said a really bad word. James. Well, don't cut yourself on that edge, Janine. It's like our problems are solved. You've You've taken up this. Ah, it's not the end word pass. It's like the c word pass. Yeah, that has been handed to you and l license to be racist. Sure. Yeah. And this is, I think, the most clear cut example of this anger being redirected into into nefarious means. And we have Ah, this is actually a direct, directly analogous to what's going on with the protests, right? The people that are angry about not being able to work their anger is being redirected towards their governors for keeping them locked down. And it's being redirected in the in the geopolitical sphere towards China because people and we've said this before and it's important to say again, people want to blame someone. They have a feeling a natural feeling that this is being done to them by someone. And so if it was that which is perfectly valid, there's nothing and valid about that at all, totally rallied. Yeah, right. But if you let that impulse go, go uncontrolled and you let people stay home and consume media and research and figure out who was doing this to them. Yeah, the results are not going to be good for the elites at the top of this system. Which is why they need to tell you if you are on the left again for one of liberals, the people doing this to you and causing the problems with stupid rednecks in pick up trucks with canopy beds. And on the right, the maggot Maga. Pedes. People doing this to you or the Chinese will be angry at them. And, yeah, we've seen a full frontal assault from conservative media. Uh, putting these talking points out there and seating them, and you're seeing them now bubble up among the, uh when I guess it could be called nonprofessional conservative media sphere as well. It's the whole China. China must pay China. Did this see your feeling? Pain Goi. It was China that didn't get mad at them. They're the ones, and it's it's amazing because this is the same strategy You want to talk about kosher dialectics. Let's talk about the Cold War. What happened during the Cold War? What was going on in America while the cold while people were living in fear of a nuclear bomb, that was gonna be dropped on them at any moment? What happened at the height of the Cold War? 1965. How many times have we covered things that have happened on this pro on this program? In 1965 immigration, you had Civil Rights Act. You had the student loan being guaranteed bearing guaranteed by the government, virtually guaranteeing academia unlimited growth. And now they're the ones first in line for a bailout. They have all these $1,000,000,000 endowments, and they're demanding a bailout in shoving small businesses up from nothin actual up from nothing small businesses. That's the funny thing is while conservatives are telling you that you have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. They're taking a very sharp pair of scissors and cutting any bootstraps that you might have had, like some small businesses started up from. Nothing created a pizza shop in their hometown. And now that's going under. And what's gonna come in, You know, some big dominos or an anti racist Papa John's. It's just like the whole thing, the whole thing. No, the whole thing is totally fucked. And so you have Tucker doing this, and I didn't realize this, but this is starting to make a whole lot of sense. I have for gotten that. Tucker tried to join the CIA. A. Did you know that? Or did you remember that that he had tried to get into the CIA? At one point? I had no idea. I had no idea until ah, I was reading this article on guns from Sacre the Sacre Um Tucker Carlson apparently had a former C I A officer, Brian Deane, right to tell his audience about the danger posed by the Chinese menace and pitched him a question clearly geared to set up right to claim without evidence that leaders of the Democratic party. Maybe, in fact, members of the Chinese intelligence agency M. S s, we reached out to Senator Feinstein in a number of other elected officials today. If you had contact recently since the outbreak with Chinese officials and not a single one responded, What do you think we should infer from that? Asked Carlson, who was known to have himself tried to join the CIA in the past. I think that they're nervous, Right said. I think that they're a bunch of people who, because they're useful idiots, either useful idiots or they have some degree of knowledge and relationships behind the scenes with the Chinese government. Some of them, in fact, could be Chinese agents of the MSs, their intelligence services. God forbid they're nervous. We've got a lot of nervous folks in the Democratic Party right now, right added. I mean, that's just unbelievable. China did this to you, and the people on the left are agents of the Chinese government. It's it never ends, does it never right? And the Chinese did this virus to you. That actually isn't deadly, but it is really a bad thing. Castorena did it to you and these Democrats are Actually, they're locking you down because they're agents of the Chinese government, and they know that the virus isn't deadly. That really is. And that's why it never welcomes. Razor just sliced through all of this. And that's what we're gonna dio here this second hour and lay out a case that, actually, you know, take all of the stuff aside the case that we gonna make here is significantly more probable than this, uh, this Kabuki theater being set up for you by the GOP Aligned media. Yeah, this case is I mean, it puts most of the puzzle pieces together, and it's not a conspiracy theory. I mean, it's like you'll see how this unfolds. And I think most people will agree there are some unknowns and we'll call those out for what they are. But, um, I want to continue with this this list from sicker, because it's really it's really a great list of the things that have made this so easy to do. Um, number one is anti China. Anti China propaganda has been the U. S. For a long time. It's really easy to rekindle it. Most Americans have a completely irrational reaction to the word communist. So it's really easy for any U. S. Propaganda Alec to mention CCP, which we've seen rife throughout the right wing punditry and lies in the same sentence and sound immediately credible, irrespective of what else the sentence claims. Like, you know, factual evidence. Number three. The US plutocracy is terrified of the Chinese economic and industrial power. Hence the vilification of companies like Wal Away or D J I, which are declared a national security threat to the U. S. Blame everything on the Chinese and the US oligarchs will love it, right? So when you're out there doing chai calm and woof, I mean, you're just I sorry, but it's like one of the most Shabbos things that you could possibly dio, right? And this isn't to say that that in response, you know, swing the pendulum back the other way. And yes, we love wall way. We love d g. I turn over all of our attack to them through this Ah, this obsession, you but ah, fixing people's attention on companies like Wal Way or D G I. Well, what companies aren't you focusing on when you're doing that? You're not talking about cyber reason you're not talking about carbine 911 You're not talking about the very real and documented intrusion of Israeli spy tech into the upper echelon. Light from the upper echelons of the U. S. Military and intelligence services all the way down to consumer great technology. You're not talking about that you're talking about. We'll always five g mass or D G. I like spying on you with your drone. Yeah, well, And also China, the Wuhan where it took place. They were the first people to be dealing with this. I mean, the United States and Europe and all these other countries on the world saw what was happening. And they have lead time to react, and they still follow the ball. China had no idea of what was happening. Um, and so it became extremely easy to accuse them of deliberate obfuscation when in fact, they really had no idea what the fuck was going on. And they informed everybody as early as New Year's Eve. I even remember when this when this came out. I mean, they warned them from the beginning. And so, uh, yeah, this is this is the typical bullshit. And then. Also, the US political culture is that 99.99% of Americans will believe literally any lie. And I mean, we all know what it's like to interact with Norm ease, no matter how self evidently stupid about the rest of the world, rather than accepting any unpleasant truth about the United States. This is the our way of life and our freedoms and yada, yada yada, so scapegoating any other power, especially a Communist one, gets a knee jerk reaction of approval from the overwhelming majority off Americans. I mean, this is the typical. This is what they do with AOC. It's what they do with China. It's It's so easy for them to rekindle this, and there's a lot of reasons why they're doing it, and we're going to get into those. But yeah, it's it's It's the typical bullshit that goes on. China is also a major threat to US interests in Asia, and this pandemic proved a perfect opportunity for the U. S. To present reports from Taiwan as reports from China. That is a usual old trick that they do. As for the Taiwanese government, they were more than happy to find yet another pretext to hate on China. Nothing new here either. And then, finally, US economists did not take long to figure out this pandemic would have a devastating effect on quote the best economy in the history of the galaxy. So preemptively blaming it all on China is a perfect way for trump and neo cons and juice to deflect blame from themselves. So as this thing gets worse as unemployment eclipses that of the Great Depression as people are out of work as the government refused as the U. S government refuses to help anyone China did this to you is the perfect way of dealing with this dispensing with all sorts of blame. And then you have all these. Ah, all these headlines that have been planted intentionally. US. Launches full scale investigation into the Wuhan lab. The bioweapon, um, you have Cuomo coming out saying the Corona virus came to New York from Europe, not China. So Cuomo's out there blaming white people for this, right? And then you have Senator Hawley let corrupt. We talked about this on the midweek show. Let Corona virus victims sue the Chinese Communist Party. I lost my job What the evil Chinese Khamis pay me back is music to the ears for most Americans, right? So it just yet it never ends. And U s politicians miss read the situation and, well, they may have mis read it. Or they just decided that this Chinese problem was a Chinese problem and it was no worse than the seasonal flu or both. And so, yeah, if you are a just the flu, bro. Yeah, you were a victim of an intel up, Um, that was intentionally created to erect one side of the kosher dialectic. So don't get caught up in that. Don't keep repeating thing, everything that you hear. Because if you don't trace it back to its source, it's easy to figure this stuff out in hindsight often, but it's harder to figure it out in real time. So, um, it won't be the first time that people fall for these kinds of intel ops. Nor it will be the last James, right? I mean, this has been going on for quite a while. Yeah, And when you look at the history, this is another example of being able to look back at events with a with a new perspective and a new lens that has been built through years of other experiences informing how you perceive things. And there's a very good piece on the UN's review that came out this week where he does this, he goes back and he looks at Ah, looks at the history of U. S. And Chinese conflict starting in the nineties and and sort of takes another takes a fresh look. Look re analyzes these developments with a fresh set of eyes and, ah, you know, comes to what comes to a conclusion about a possible source of the virus that he makes a pretty compelling case for. And the full articles, like 7000 or so words long go check it out. It's still in definitely owns review. Definitely worth the read highly recommend reading it in and again. This is just one perspective, but I will say this is by Ron, understood, by the way, not just on his site, but Ron Nuns also did the fantastic Um, I think it's a Siri's called American Pravda and interestingly enough, in many of because I didn't find out about those until ah fairly recently came to a lot of the same conclusions that we have in many of our deep dives. So highly recommend people check those out too. But just the caveat is this is this guy has been right about a lot of stuff, and this is, you know, his perspective on this. But when you read it and you like, for me, the feeling was, yeah, there are a lot of these pieces of this puzzle that, you know, we have, like, bits and pieces of information, like the Charlie Liber arrest, but didn't have any other connecting pieces of corroborating information to make any sense of it. So it's kind of like all right, FBI just like dragged a Jew and chains who was a virologist in China but don't know much else about this. But, ah, Ron actually put all this together in a way that makes a lot of sense. Um, it's not something that I'm 100% committed to, but ah, it you know, it's hard to argue with the logic here, and so figure we'd we'd unpack this in sort of explaining to people. So he starts in the nineties specifically, 1999. This was a time when the U. S. Had not been involved, really in a major war since desert Storm, which was in the early nineties. And then came the 1999 NATO air war against Serbia, which was presented as as being done to protect people in Kosovo, the Albanians in Kosovo from from an ethnic cleansing. And overall this was an operation that went off without a hitch except for one. And that was the accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which killed three Chinese diplomats and wounded dozens, And the Chinese claimed at the time that the attack was deliberate. The U. S. Of course, blamed it on old maps that led to a targeting error. And at the time a zones writes Americans, including him. They dismissed this as just Chinese, Ah, Chinese attempt to gin up outrage against Americans both at home and internationally, and shift the attention from the Tiananmen Square massacre that happened a decade earlier. Now, Tiananmen Square is something that you know isn't really taught in schools, but ah, but it is taught as the one. You don't get the same type of ah education on that like you do about the Holocaust. per se or the treatment the horrible treatment of American Indians. But it is taught as a as the moment in 20th century Chinese history, if it is taught at all right. And you're taught that there were what machine gun nests just mowing down thousands and thousands of Chinese students for no other reason than them demanding Western democracy and freedom. But under goes through the reports from the time, including reports from the Beijing bureau chief of The Washington Post at the time, a guy named Jay Matthews who claimed that the event didn't actually happen. As the Western media reported it. Matthews in 1988. It was, you know, at the not not revisionism 30 years later. This was relatively close to the time when it was actually supposed to have happened, he wrote. Quote. The problem is as far as can be determined from available evidence. No one died that night in Tiananmen Square. A few people may have been killed by random shooting on the streets near the square, but all verified, witnesses say the students who remained in the square when troops arrived were allowed to leave peacefully, and he goes on to talk about how the reports of the massacre came out of the Hong Kong press, and we're from students who couldn't verify they were actually where they claimed to be, people who later recanted their stories and how this became a myth that was seized upon by Western media and became canonized almost overnight, literally overnight. So, yeah, and that's Ah, that's with that knowledge that changes how guns then goes on to perceive this this Chinese claim they made after the Belgrade bombing incident. And it's not just the Tiananmen Square claim because he then goes and investigates the Belgrade Embassy bombing itself, asking if that really was like the U. S. Government claimed an accident and he talked to you a guy named Peter Lee, who is a If the United States government is claiming anything is an accident, it's like I just missed me with that shit. I mean, that's the thing. It's like the not, you know, this was talking. About 99% of Americans fall for, like, whatever lie. Of course, it's a cotillion accident, like I remember the these Bombings and I Then it came out later that that it was not what they said it was. It's like it happens every time. It's like So who takes the United States government's official word on anything? Nobody does. Everybody just like L O l of the official narrative. I mean, that's where that comes from. It's like Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, like Okay, just shut the fuck out. Yeah, and that's the problem we have now is that it isn't any longer. 99.9% of Americans believing just unquestioningly and uncritically what the US government says. Maybe there was a time when that could have been the case I don't think there ever was. But now, especially with with these debacles in the Middle East, people are very distrusting of what the government tells them. But at the time these NATO bombing raids there were only a few. I don't I don't know. Were there any casualties, whether any American casualties and all of this there were it was very few. And so people weren't Ah, as invested in this, it was something happened. It was something happening in a place in Eastern Europe that 99.9% of people probably could not place on a map. So, people, we're not too up in arms about this. But the story comes out later, of course, from from between congressional hearings and reporting done by the Guardian and testimony from US intelligence sources, military sources, that the attack was indeed deliberate, including this one US colonel who boasted that the smart bomb they had fired hit the exact room it was intended. Teoh in the Chinese Embassy and the this attack was the only one of these smart bomb attacks to be ordered by the C i A. The rest of them were ordered by other branches of the military or other coalition partners, but this one specifically was ordered by the Sea A. And the theory is that this was done to to destroy this US fighter, this F 1 17 fighter that had been stored at the Chinese Embassy after being shot down by the Serbians. And, ah, so the narrative coming out of this that are the conclusion guns comes to after looking at these various sources, contemporary and modern, is that this was almost definitely a U. S. Attack on purpose, not an accident designed to destroy this Serbian satellite transmission facility and punish the Chinese at the same time. Then you look at the combination of these factors, right? Tiananman being dubious at best, the Belgrade Embassy attack being intentional. And these seem, you know, like, Okay, wire, Why is this relevant? These events from the nineties. But if you look at the's not as isolated events but as events on a timeline, they become highly significant. The late nineties were between the US and China, some of the most serious flashpoints in decades. I mean, now, in the past few years, we've had these high seas big dick competitions between the U. S. And Chinese naval forces. But but nothing like this. I mean, Chinese and Americans have not been killing each other since the nineties like this. One of the reasons for this, too, was in an UN stocks about this in his pieces that you had the fall of the Soviet Union. The end, the cessation of the A B test in the end of the quote unquote end of the Cold War. And so the United States at that point was the only superpower on the planet. But if you look at a timeline of China over 1000 years or so, they were always on a trajectory to be larger and more dominating than the West. And this is only disrupted if you look at it on a long enough time scale. This was disrupted momentarily from about the 17 hundreds through the present day with the Industrial Revolution and ah, the creativity of the West and so on and so forth. But, um, what has happened since then is you have China slowly on track, and if you look at enough graphs, you can see that China is on track to be a significant threat to the United States. I mean on their own. Ah, as a as a growing behemoth, um, economic behemoth and everything else in in there. It's not this nuanced, like monolithic thing like China bad. And this and that it's like no China was, as we discussed last weekend, was in the process of being financially wrangled and taken under control. And part of the overtaking of the United States is being done on purpose, right? And so you have this starting to take shape, and bringing China under control is really what the's flashpoints were all about. And so, looking at them in the past and thinking Wow, China bad. And these these things that benefit the United States were totally accidents. It's Wow, how fortuitous that this was, uh, that the Belgrade Embassy was bombed. I mean, just wow, Well, fella falls right into our lap. It's It's all part of the same thing because, you know, if you go all the way fast forward to what was going what's going on last summer, James would would would going on vacation to Hong Kong have been, ah, top of your list for August 2019. Is that something that that you would have enjoyed doing? Taking just a walk around downtown Hong Kong and and taking in the sights and sounds like no, because the United States was in the middle of a massive gay up on China by whipping up these protesters, which is something that we've seen many times before. And, uh, we've talked about it on the show where we were reading quotes from Pompeo when you even have the United States government, uh, passing legislation, massively bipartisan legislation, siding with the protesters, basically a resolution by the United States Congress taking the side of the protesters against the Chinese government. And it's just again this just it never. It never stops. And of course, you know, it did stop, though, as soon as Corona virus started was thes protests. And we said this what back in January Didn't Didn't we say like, it's kind of funny when you look at the timeline here, that one thing stopped and another thing started. I'm sure it's just an accident, James, right? Totally. Ah, coincidence that these things happen this way? Yeah, exactly. And then looking at these two, both of these cases right again, you look back at it with the hindsight and owns Didn't didn't mention this, but I mean, look at what we know now about Sulamani. What we know about how the U. S. Is lying about the gas killing animal Assad Name your name, your foreign operation and the U. S. Has been caught lying. So what reason do you have to believe knowing what you know now that the US was telling the truth about about the old maps leading to the bombing of the Belgrade Embassy? Highly unlikely. And in both cases, the US media ran cover for the government. This is part of why this did not blow up into a big scandal in the U. S. The killing of these Chinese diplomats. The media simply didn't want to touch it, even after the truth came out in foreign papers. And it was left to to papers like The Guardian to do the research on this stuff untested quote here that I thought was very apt. He says America is overwhelming. Control over global information may inspire considerable hubris with the government sometimes promoting the most outrageous and ridiculous falsehoods in the convenient, confident belief that is supportive. American media will cover for any mistakes. And in the age before social media, this was absolutely right. Oh, yeah, This is why you see an evolution in their strategy and an embrace of censorship of alternative media in the age were, and now because they need the they need to suppress those that may cast doubt on things, whether it's ah, whether it's Assad and the gassings or or what was going on in Libya and in the Arab spring being asked Richard on Kong to one of the reasons why boomers other than, um tetra ethyl lead paint chips and in Staten drugs and everything else is that boomers also grew up in a society that had a few major newspapers, a few major local television and national television news stations and nothing else. And so they were imbibed with the official narrative, and that was the narrative. And so this notion that 99.99% of Americans will believe any lie, I'm sure that that statistic is probably still true of boomers. Boomers 99.99% of them will believe, literally any lie that is being told. Now. Maybe there's some some that have, like, broken themselves of this, but they they have grown up maybe falling prey to this because they had literally no one else to point these things out. Look what they were able to achieve with the conspiracy, eating, conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination with nobody else to challenge those conspiracy theories, theories that were seeded on purpose to distract from the fact that Kennedy was shot by by Israeli agents. I mean, because Kennedy didn't want Israel to get nuclear weapons in nuclear power. So it's it's yet nuclear power, and as a proxy for nuclear weapons, it never ends in today. This is their biggest problem. And you've I know others have talked about this, but behind the scenes, how how Jews have talked about, we have to get back to a place where we only have a handful of media outlets. We only have a few, uh, sanctioned in chosen voices saying the correct narrative and everybody else has to shut the fuck up because the linchpin of this whole thing is their ability to have complete control over every aspect of these narratives in anybody who in some of them are so preposterous, Like un says, the most outrageous in ridiculous falsehoods, Um, that they have to put forward in order to keep the thing going. That's all predicated on nobody else saying like, Yeah, the emperor doesn't actually have any clothes on, so Ah, yeah, but right, Yeah, yeah, yeah. And of course, this is not to say that the US is always lying, right? Well, I mean, actually, no. But to be fair, you know, this is not an always never, never always situation. Both China and the US are capable of lying, and we see a good example of that, like coming in the form of Donald the oldest Magnus is big, beautiful pivot China, the China virus. You're gonna get sick from the roof flu. And, um, this this idea, this narrative that you mentioned earlier, that ah Pirro mentioned earlier that the Americans and everyone else where it was lied, Teoh, that China concealed this and didn't tell anybody and and sprung it on the world. This is a very important component of this, this false narrative, that they're feeding people. The idea that that China was concealing this somehow. So UN's writes. On January 23rd and after only 17 deaths, the Chinese government took the astonishing step of locking down and quarantined the entire 11 million inhabitants of the city of Wuhan, a story that drew worldwide attention. They soon extended the policy to 60 million Chinese in the hoob, a province, and shortly thereafter shut down. The national economy confined a total 700 million Chinese to their homes, a public health measure probably 1000 times larger than anything previously undertaken in human history. So either China's leadership had suddenly gone except insane, or they regarded the new virus as a deadly national threat. Given these dramatic Chinese actions get again in early January and the international headlines they generated the accusations by the Trump Admin officials that China had attempted to minimize or conceal the serious nature of the disease outbreak is so ludicrous as to defy rationality. Like we said December 30 1st Chinese Notify the World Health Organization. Chinese scientists on December 12th published the entire genome of the virus, allowing diagnostic tests to begin being produced worldwide. So the question isn't When did China No, we have a pretty good idea of when China knew, Or at least they knew. Ah, and they made it public earlier than the U. S. Chose to take action. The question is, when did the US know about this? And how early did were they aware? And according to some sources, the U. S. And some key international partners knew about this way before December 30 1st they knew about it months before it even originated the first lockdowns in China. There was a report from ABC News citing four separate government sources, saying that as far back is late November, a special medical Intel unit with indeed ah Defense Intelligence Agency, had produced a report revealing a then out of control pandemic occurring in Wuhan, China. They distributed that report to the top ranks of the U. S. Government and they sent this, you know, they they see. See that email? You Israeli intel as well? The Israeli television sources reported that Ah, in November, American Intel had shared this report. They confirmed this with NATO and Israel, which then independently confirmed. Of course, you know us was trying to deny this took place, but the Israeli the Israelis came out and just said, Yeah, this was true. You guys let us know about this in November, so yeah, you can hardly blame the Chinese for a lack of response when the U. S known about this for we're so much longer candy jobs. And then like you mentioned, they were the first they've known about it so much longer, and they also again, Like I said before, they were the first people to experience this. So they had no idea what the fuck was going on. And another thing to I want to sort of put this to bed because this is something that I think people get caught up in. Um, it's it's a form of taking side, taking in the kosher dialectic, which is something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And so you know, you can make the argument relative to the United States that China did mawr to protect its people from this than the United States did. And that's an easy assertion to make, because the stage is just in such an abjectly poor job at protecting its people. But getting caught up in the notion that the Chinese government did what was best for the Chinese people in totality is is another that z you're slipping down a slope that probably is going to be pretty false survival very quickly what we will say, because it's true that relative to United States, yes, they were, do they did a better job on the whole protecting their people. But the reality is given what we know, especially from last week ends deep dive about China, and what they really care about is their doing what's best for the Chinese government, which is good. I mean, if you have a nationalist country that believes in doing these things, but when you think about the fact that the Chinese Construction Bank has partnered with BlackRock to start doing financial deals and that the Chinese government has allowed Jewish financial organizations to come into the country and actually be stakeholders in partnerships with Chinese businesses. That's not what I would call the Chinese government doing what's best for the Chinese people, that is the China China doing what's best for China, which is falling into a trap. And so, um, the fact that China's a little bit more competent at dealing with this, that's a good thing. It's a model that the United States for who should strive for. But what we should be doing is surpassing this. They serve as sort of the good model for dealing with us, and we we haven't been able to do that. And what we do instead is you take the country that arguably handled this the best and make them the whipping boy for the soul thing. It's just it's just a sight to behold by by the US government right in the U. S. Government, the conservative media apparatus Breit Bart, of course, has been leading the charge on this, decrying at the time the fascistic lockdowns, you know, which is of course, a piece nicely paired with with the one by that Jewish author who compares jumping to Adolf Hitler and and how he's gassing and killing and racist on Darien and whatever but they're trying to put out. Could you imagine the reaction to similar type lockdowns in the United States to handle this by the kosher dialectic such as it exists today? I mean, the U. S is arguably done the worst job of shoring this situation up, whether it's making sure people are made whole financially, or doing taking the steps to prevent any sort of spread while keeping the economy in somewhat of a Stasis like Europe has. But could you imagine, because people were wanting the US to react to this in the way that China has? But could you imagine how that would have fueled the kosher tie electric with the with the protesters and the freedoms and liberties and that whole crowd? It's just like wow and bright part would have been right on top of it, like you said, with Thea calling out the fascism of a government actually trying to do what it can, whether they're taking care of the National people or the government or whatever they it's inarguable that China did. Ah is best is it. Could is given what we know to try to stamp this out because they knew it was bad from the beginning. Yeah, yeah, and so you know, regardless and will say this before we move into the what owns is really bringing to the table here. Aside from the history, which is which is excellent but also his theory in the case, he's building about the origin of the virus. Again, it bears repeating that regardless of the origin of the virus, the US knew about this at least in late December, if not early January, and has could have done a better job. And this is why. Part of the reason part one of many reasons for the Chinese bioweapon pivot. It's to put the blood and cough particles of all of the dead Americans and all of the dead Europeans into Chinese hands. And and, ah, you know, the Chinese may have eaten the pooch, but the the American screwed it here so and this is what you have. Then you know senior Trump admin officials pointing at the Wuhan Institute of virology, kind of like winking and nudging and suggesting that that this is a possible source. You have the lawsuits, which we've talked about. So, yeah, all of that is building to to this point that UN schools to make where guns Ah, you know, he's a fellow traveler with Dawson, and he does what we do dress, which is always look at the chewy bone. Oh, look at that chewy bono and see who is benefiting from the, you know from what's happening here and under goes on to make the case that the US had the means and the motive and the opportunity to release the virus for the purpose of destabilizing China. Fomenting anti China anger in the West to be channelled into a variety of neoconservative projects. Economic sanctions that Pirro was mentioning. Savor rattling, as we're seeing from some in the out light. And, ah, and this is actually a pretty compelling and holistic case. Tons goes on to to lay out, starting with the opportunity right where this was. This was the epicenter here. Wuhan. One of the worst possible locations. It's a major transport hub in central China. It's the worst timing China was celebrating the Chinese New Year. It's this worst possible 10 to 30 day window and interesting fact about one jazz. It's too firm, nine hours away from Shanghai, So ah yeah, well insulated from from the epicenter of Jewish financial power in China, we'll talk about motive. China's recent economic expansion taking the lead in critical technologies. This is what owns is laying out in his piece, and he mentions the belt and road initiative that threatens to circumvent the US, totally bypassing by the way U. S naval power bringing China closer to European markets and new African production facilities. And it's ah, it's also in evolution and fitting China into this role, like you mentioned that the Soviet Union once had as this scapegoat because the U. S is used to being the world's technological, economic and military Hegeman undisputed. So since the fall of the Soviet Union and no other power has threatened that until recently, China and, um yeah, he talks about this growing warmth that Trump administration officials were feeling towards this anti China rhetoric, and he relates it to the trade war, which, of course as we know, was done to to hurt the Chinese but did not have the impact at all in American farmers on regular American farmers that it was, in theory, supposed to write. He was supposed to help the American farmers, and in result is more farm closures, more bankruptcies. Morse more small, private farmers selling out Chinese really were the perfect target. It was supposed to help. I mean, the Chinese. The trade with China was sold to us in 2016 as helping all working class Americans. I mean dog whistling on white working class Americans saving American manufacturing. It was supposed to be far more and scope than just farmers. And when farmers were hurt in the immediacy of this game, they weren't taken care of. And on the back side, you know, because they were so, you know, you suffer a little bit of pain, but you know, it's it's worth it in the long run, right? Just like hold on tight, we'll take care of you on the back end once all this sorts out. But there is no back end. There is no long run. It's in the long run. You're going to be destroyed and shoot up by this very kosher wood chipper. And in the meantime, you're supposed to subscribe to these fake and gay dichotomies that are going to keep you busy while the fucking goes on in the background. And that's exactly what this is all about. This about bringing China fully under the control without having to fight a war. There's gonna be no war. That's the funny thing about, you know, the wine gnats and so on and so forth calling for gradual like military action on China. It's not gonna happen. It's It's all last China. It's it's all it's all gonna be done in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with numbers and financial leverage. Those were the weapons of war for today. Yeah, the US couldn't even win. Most likely couldn't even win a conventional war against against the US against China, and it wouldn't be popular. That's the other thing. That's the other. The other consideration they have to take into account now is the U. S. Is so much more war fatigue than we were just 20 years ago. Yeah, part of the reason why the war fatigue has taken shape and we talked about this before is it's it's sort of a. Ah, it's the ironic thing about bringing consumerism to the world in making everybody comfortable and having all of their needs met and not having to do anything the hard way anymore. Um, people are more sedentary. They get what they need delivered to them, perhaps even by a drone in the next decade or so. And so the notion of actually like getting into a trench filled up with blood and firing bullets at people is not really something that they're interested in doing anymore. It's it's harder for them. It's almost like they move too quickly with consumerism and finance capital while they still had messes to clean up around the world that required physical violence. And so they can't do war with Iran. They can't do war with China, so they have to get a lot more creative about it. This is what always what? The war between the jig Nats, Um, you know, like the Bush the Bush era was always about and why There is some credence to the notion of the media opposing of the war in Iraq, because they, while they would not in the long run, have supported ah while they would have not been unsupportive of such a war they didn't want. That wasn't it was like that day that's over like the nineties air over. We're done with all this like we're doing things in a different way. And they were opposing the jig Nat sort of, ah, methodology for pursuing this sort of global hegemony. And now we're seeing the end result of this because Trump has teased war with Iran a few times, he's used certain rhetoric with Chinese. Used this rhetoric with Syria, but in people were early were, I guess, wanting to celebrate. Well, there's no boots on the ground there. It's like, Well, like I just said, there doesn't need to be there. They're pursuing a different strategy because possible for them to do it with a conventional war anymore. So instead you get assassinations, you get gay ups, you get things that air deemed an accident when in reality, that's not what they are at. All those air actually conflicts. Those are part of the theater of a different type of war. Ah, war that isn't easily recognisable by the folks sitting at home in the television viewing audience, right, and instead, you get instead of the you know, the watching the invasion happened live on Fox News. Instead, you get the get the ah, us is to chief. Recent enemies do politically Iran and China being the centres of these outbreaks know very wow, that really makes you think. And so, via war has the advantage right over conventional war of of plausible deniability, which would mean less risk of direct Chinese retaliation. And it gives the U. S rationale for take your pick sweeping action against China sanctioned tariffs, embargoes, wealth transfer. Nate Yeah, name your price. It gives the US license to do that. And, you know, you kind of sort of stop and pause here. And I found myself doing this while reading this article and and ask yourself, Yeah, we know, but the US is done. We know the U. S. Is is generally a bad actor on the international stage. But would they really do this? Would they really do abaya war against another country? Then you run through the list assassinating Sulamani, killing US civilians without a trial, toppling Libya, attempting to topple the rest of the Arab world through Arab spring protests, leading these protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese government and knowing how little regard. This system has four Americans, but I mean America. In theory, the people should have the most regard for, let alone foreign people, that you look at the at the vitriol with which the neoconservatives and people in the foreign policy establishment talk about Iranians dying and have gleeful they are. It's really not that much of a stretch. Is it to think that they would do this to a people they wanted to topple and bring down and bring under the control or destroy it? That's it's It's like, totally an accident, bro. But, like why? Why does it seem like the chips always fall in the favor of one group of people and to the detriment of all of their stated enemies and declared enemies for decades? It's amazing how all this seems to work out in, you know, like you said. I mean, they don't care about American life. I mean, that solves the problem of like, well, certainly they would. This blowback that has resulted in the United States. It's like look how incompetent the government is and look at how we've talked about the tradeoffs that were going on in the background, where there is a very large number of human casualties in the United States that they would be perfectly fine with, uh, you know, working class Americans air. Just sort of a footnote in American history, if that and totally expendable, totally interchangeable. And ah, actually much better if they didn't exist at all, because they're sort of in the way people that can demand things when things inevitably have to be taken away from them in the name of ah, consumerism and expanding markets and quote unquote progress. Global progress. Yeah, no, they're totally expect expendable. And actually, yeah, like you said an obstacle. And these are people that have been causing problems for them, the American white working class. And how convenient would it be if these are the people who also during a pandemic, are demanding to go back to work? Because, well, it's either that or, you know, not feeding their family. Right? So UNSA, I think distills this pretty well here where he says, quote, I saw no solid evidence that the Corona virus was a bio weapon. But if it were, China was surely the innocent victim of the attack, presumably carried out by the elements of the American national security establishment. And then he goes on to, ah, to bring some more background information here that that again, these are all things that you live through. You experience you think about, and then you don't think about them again. And it's it's funny to ah, to see these brought back up on Did you realize maybe there is a connection here to all these different disparate events? For example, China suffering massively from recent flu outbreaks as recently as 2018 when they discovered a new avian flu virus sweeping the country, which effectively debilitated large portions of China's poultry industry. The 2019 swine flu viral epidemic that devastated China's pig farms destroying A. I had no idea about this destroying 40% of the nation's primary domestic source of meat, and there were multiple accounts, and these are documented accounts these air in in the South China Post, right? These are not like fringe, you know, get the truth out dot x y z dot conspiracy dot com About these, these farmers detail ING drones flying onto their farms and dropping packages of infected meat. Three intent of infecting the pigs. And you know the pigs are going to, ah, eat whatever is dropped out there for them. So, yeah, that's sort of interesting. Sort of spooky, right? And then the writer also notes that shortly before the Corona virus outbreak in Woman well in, Woods was hosting had opened up open itself up to 300 visiting American military officers who came to participate in the 2019 military World Games. Which one's right to say? Absolutely remarkable coincidence of timing. And then we have that. And then and then we have reporting from Whitney Webb, who, of course, did great work detailing the connections. Always really Spike. Yes, she did. Yeah. She's written about DARPA, this U S government program. It spent $10 million on one project in 2018 to quote unravel the complex causes of bat born viruses that have recently made the jump to humans, causing concern among global health officials. Another project backed by both DARPA and the Net National Institute of Health saw researchers at Colorado State University examined the Corona virus that causes Middle East rest respiratory syndrome, in bats and camels to quote, understand the role of these hosts in transmitting disease to humans. And, yeah, you start laying this stuff out and ah, now the idea, the prospect of us bioweapon becomes more and more likely, I think, Yeah, it's it's This is something that we thought originally is. Well, I mean, I'm but it was just a guess. I mean, this was sort of like, you know, it could be this, but we'd really don't know. And and we talked about this when this first happened. It's like this. This bioweapon from from the Chinese government would actually makes far more sense is especially if this lab is, ah, you know, funded. It's a lot of funding from the U. S. Government has a lot of US scientists in. It would actually make a lot more sense to if this were not maybe an accident, because people were trying to say that it was an accident that seemed plausible without any other available information. But when you start to think about the chewy, Bono means motive and opportunity. It actually makes a lot more sense that maybe this was dumped in China. It's a perfect place to do it and cause a lot of havoc. And the US has a history is as unsupported out of doing these things to try Teoh trip up the Chinese. And, uh, actually, I think it happened under the Trump administration, where Chinese, I forget by what metric they measure this sort of thing. But it China surpassed the size of the United States economy. And certainly they have to be well on their way there. Now, with with what? What's about to happen in happening in real time in the U. S. Cause their economies return back to normal, haven't they? They've been barely affected by by this at all. Yeah, well, they were for a few months, right? And they were bearing what they're dealing with this for in pretty significant ways for a few months. But, you know, we've been following the numbers coming out of Chinese ports and the numbers from ah, and not from the Chinese government, by the way, but from the shipping agencies and what we're seeing is about in 93 to 97% return to demand for ships you know, calls to the sports, and that is even with the U. S. Consumer economy and European consumer economy slowed down. So, yeah. I mean, the numbers that we're seeing out of China seemed to indicate a rebound in a recovery. Now, you mentioned the people, the U. S. Assets, American good old American boys working in these Chinese labs. Well, that brings us back to none other than Chuck leave. Actually, Jackie actually name, actually. Yeah, this guy, he's ah, Harvard professor, chairman of the chemistry department. And he was arrested back in January for making false statements to the Justice Department. This was put out there on a justice department, you know, government official press release, right? Talking about this guy and his history as a virologist and how he was arrested. He lied. Jazz a disguise, lying had consequences. He was arrested for lying. In fact, apparently he lied on a financial disclosure about how much money he was getting from the Chinese government. And this is what resulted in a, you know, a sunrise FBI raid kicking down his door and dragging him off in shackles. But this guy had been a strategic scientist at the U Wuhan University of Technology. In addition to working at Harvard, he was a participant in China's 1000 talents plan. This was sort of the reverse brain drain program they had been bitten been using to bring in. It's basically like the Chinese operation Paperclip are very similar to it, right where they pay these guys a ton of money, $50,000 a month give him $158,000 annual living expenses and another 1.5 $1,000,000 to set up a lab in which he would research viruses and virology. And most of his work had been in virology, and he had actually pioneered some of this new tech to detect new diseases. And then, of course, in January, right after China announces he's lockdowns, this guy's living in the U. S. At the time, and he is arrested for this obscure financial crime. Arrieta's This starts hitting the U. S. It's a It's a very interesting It's amazing to when, when this happens to a Jew, Ah, whenever you see a Jew actually getting arrested and, uh, you know, being subjected to dangerous presidents, um, it's it's usually because they're getting in the way of the bigger picture machinations of of the strategy, and it sounds like this guy Waas I mean, at first because it didn't seem to fit that. Yeah, this guy's getting arrested because he leaked the virus or something. It's like dough, Actually, The in what un says he thinks it's more likely that Liber, I was starting to wonder whether you know, he spent a lot of time in China is getting paid by China so on and so forth. Maybe he was a little bit to free invoicing his suspicions about what may have been going on at that point. And they decided to ban this guy. This guy was literally van and I don't know, maybe you'll see a trial at some point, but I suspect you're not gonna hear much about Mr Liber at any point in the future. Um, and you know why would you This is This is part of Ah, an op that has gone sideways. I think I don't think this has gone the way that they had planned. No, no, I don't think so either. And then part of the plan, though, would have been if if you know, this theory, which seems to make sense, would if this were a bioweapon a us by a weapon. Actually, first, if it were a Chinese by a weapon, why would the second outbreak be in a country that China has been strengthening their ties with as of late and forging new economic partnerships? That is, of course, I ran well. The second of the boomer response to this, though at the time, was see Look at it's blowing up all over Iran because it just rode. It just goes to show you how close the Chinese and the Iranians really are with each other closer than we ever possibly could have imagined. It's like, No, you know what's closer than we ever possibly could have imagined is the fact that China in Iran, or both number one and number two, depending on what day it is, the order of those do things on the top list of us neo conservatives for total annihilation. Um, and it's it's been it's only been cranked up to 11 since Trump took office, especially with Iran and China. It's amazing how both of those things become became front and center. Yeah, and again you have to you have to go back searching your mind and dig Sulamani in that assassination out of the like the mental filed away is something that happened in history. But they killed him on January 2nd and just weeks later, two weeks later, you have 10% of the Iranian parliament infected dozens of officials and politicians dying. You have neoconservatives celebrating on Twitter that these people are getting hit hard by this. I don't know, man. When you have the U. S. Military openly assassinating Iranian officials and weeks later they become the second hot spot for this international outbreak. Again, this is not to say that a spooky right it's Look, how do you explain this? How else can this be explained? Yeah, I don't think there's another way to explain it. Other than other than what guns is is forging here. He explains why a virus like Cove it would be so effective. For what? For what? The U. S. Goal would be here. That high legality Ah, very deadly virus is actually counterproductive. If the intent is to destabilize an economy, you want a lot of people getting infected. But but low morbidity, right? And because more hospitalizations and more people being hospitalized for longer leads to a huge resource easier to overwhelm. I saw people reacting to this couple months ago and saying like Well, clearly it's not intended to be anything bad because it isn't killing a 1,000,000 people a day. It's like Well, actually, that's not what you would want to dio um, you have a surer if you if you want to do C G. I like total destruction of everything in one minute. Yeah, sure. But what they've actually done instead, I mean, and that's the thing is that it's it's it's blown back on on the U. S. Economy. Now that the unanswered question and a lot of this is still unanswered, it's like we don't really know what what happened. We don't really know if the U. S did this or not. What we do know is that the US is a history of doing things like this, and there are too many things that benefit the U. S. And are to the detriment of everybody else. But it's also the incompetence of this whole thing has gone in such a direction where it's like why why is this happening so badly in the States? What we don't know is well, are they was this reset? This economic reset plan is this sort of collateral damage that they're willing to take on and make the best of we don't really know. We do know that small businesses and the economy is gonna be reset in such a way that is gonna be detrimental. But there are There is a lot of there is a lot of collateral damage, probably a lot higher than what they thought. And they probably thought the incompetence of the United States government. They thought that maybe this was something that they could get control of, or that they could stop from happening or there. Okay, Like I said, with the the number of deaths and this is something that they're more than happy to take on in, the incompetence is merely as we pointed out in the first half is merely just an act. It's It's to be the punching bag for the kosher dialectic to make fun of, to mock and to be distracted by. Yeah, and I don't think I think we have to be okay with with accepting that we're not going to know everything about this until for several years, right? And we won't be able to understand the full picture and and to perform an accurate risk. Reward calculations, right, because right now it seems like there is ah lot of risk. And there is a lot of loss being taken by these people, right stocks being wiped, Dow Jones being wiped out 30% over the period of a week and 1\/2. Entertainment restaurants, All these like public, you know, industries that depend on, you know, high density social gatherings and things like that, while other sectors of the economy of doing really well and consolidating in destroying and eating alive small businesses. Yeah, it's it seems like, you know, going back to the argument about war. It's like Sure they could go to war with China, maybe lose and maybe not even achieve their goals. But it seems like there's they're taking on a lot of collateral damage, uh, to achieve something that they could have achieved by just staying the course in keeping the status quo in place like they had. No, probably that's one of the arguments I hear I hear from people. It's like they're going to use this to destroy all the small businesses in America It's like, Yeah, that's true. But they didn't need a virus to do that. They were already doing that before, albeit at a much slower pace. The only argument that you could make is they needed to do this to do it more quickly, which is true. But the idea that before nothing was happening and now this came. And now now they're destroying everything. It sick note guy like they were doing that before. Um, and actually, in the before days and the before times, James from Tucker was covering these things in a different way. Remember who remember the Peter Singer, Peter Singer, Paul Singer, Chuck Singer. Um, expose on what was it, uh, Cabela's Cabela's Cabela's? Yeah, it's like this is already happening. It just a slower pace that But this is a this a feeding frenzy for vulture capitalism. Um, and but you would think that they would not like if it were up to them that they wouldn't have said, All right, well, you can take over Ah, lot of this American industry 400 times more quickly, but you have to sacrifice half of your economic sector to do that. That doesn't make a lot of sense. That's not something. It's like, Yeah, let's just piss away the entire entertainment industry. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants have a bunch of pissed off people without work. And, ah, it's like if if the shutdown was good for them, then they would be advocating for more shutdown. And what you have instead is is something totally different. And so all of that is the distraction to what may have been a new attempt at at gay upping China. Ah, that has blown up in their face. I mean, that's right. Yeah, that's the right. That that's exactly what I was going to say is that is that you can't assume that every project these people undertake goes off perfectly, and you can't assume that their strategies and their operations happen infallibly. They make mistakes. They don't account for everything. They are not as smart as as the movies in Hollywood would like you to believe. These all and you know I'm dependent. Uh, Amish int Intel officers. They think mistakes, too, and it's very possible that the intent here was to release a virus in China that would debilitate China for much longer than it actually did, and that would kill many, many more people and and cause ah, more serious, longer lasting ramifications to the Chinese economy that they did not anticipate the speed with which the Chinese government acted and the severity of the lockdowns imposed. They didn't expect them to do that. And lo and behold, those measures to a large degree worked. Now what? What happened as well, Where was it? There in their calculus, they would then expect, Sure, this will come to America. But the losses in the U. S. Won't be as bad. We have quote a good health care system, eyes so on and so forth. They won overestimated the destructive effect on China and to underestimated the destructive effect on the U. S. And I think they also ah, Miss Miss predicted, or her overestimated the demand that Americans would have to go back to work. I don't think they envisioned 86% of Americans saying, you know what? I'm good. I want to stay home. Just give me money, right, because you know, this is not something that is that is good for them. Obviously this instinct being being being fed and rearing its head again. So, yeah, I think there's a There's a possible a strong possibility that the intent of what they were doing with this has not matched up with the result. The tell is going to be in what news We get six months a year, 18 months from now, from black rock in China, from these other major U. S. Investments, that air that are moving to China, and how the economic liberalization of China is impacted or not impacted at all by this development. Because if there is a payoff for them here, it didn't necessarily involves that economic liberalization and the opening up of Chinese markets and the opening up of Chinese society to the power of international finance. So that is going to be, I think, what what reveals more and sheds more light on what the true origins of the virus are. I mean, sure, I I would leave open the possibility that it's purely by accident that it was people swimming in batshit or whatever the hell you know is one potential outcome, or that it was that it was something that was being studied that accidentally because of bad practices leaked out of leaked out of this lab. I mean, the lab seems to be central to to whatever outcome there may be. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's the only possible place that it came from. Who really we don't We don't really know but to entertain the idea that this is purely by accident and that it was purely accidental that you, the the largest number of, ah official government officials killed in this happen to be in Iran. Um is the idea that there was a temporary cessation in US gay ups against China and that this is this one huge event in 2020? It was just a total accident. I just I find that more difficult to into than than the idea that maybe that there was some gay up that went wrong. We don't really know what it is, but we see smoke from the China must pay rhetoric, and that's undeniable. And the reaction to that in what people are pushing for from all the usual corners of the political strata, it's sort of Yeah, it's like, Yeah, tell me I need I'm gonna need to see evidence that this was just a big whoops. And if It's if the evidence is coming from some Ah, some, you know, some congressional hearing, like, just miss me with that shit. Yeah, totally agreed. We want toe take a look. Another look at history, Maura. Recent US Children's literary history perhaps. Yeah, well, so let me just grease the skids on this. So we talked about McDonald's on the ah, mid week show. We have this in bottom of the stack forever about the creators behind the Happy Meal and highly recommend, you know, go sign up for the Paywall if you're not a paywall. So we talked about this on the midweek show about how the creator of McDonald's Happy Meal not just the creator of it, but also the artwork for the original box were the usual suspects, both of whom were Jewish. And we're talking about how you know this combination of of the ah free toys with the fast food and in the way that this is market. It is is, you know, a hugely contributing factor to, ah, childhood obesity and things like that. And we also talked about Arby's. I saw some guy in the comments was saying that, uh, he thought RB stood for roast beefs. I thought that, too, until we discover that Arby's actually stands for Rehfeld brothers who are both Jewish. And we talked a lot about our visas well, but we're talking about illustrators, childhood illustrators and how this this Jewish illustrator was chosen for the original box for the Happy Meal to make it attractive for kids. This guy who would want a lot of awards, you know, put these colorful images the Children are familiar with on a box. Give them a free toy and they're gonna be hooked on Buchberger burgers, fries and syrupy cola drinks for life. And ah, I think we sort of out loud wondered, um, whether or not Dr Seuss because I had never really given it any thought. Um what? His background? Waas What? What's the deal with this guy? And we have I've seen people, some people claiming that he's Jewish, other people claiming that he's not. And it turned out the portal of the rabbit hole was finding out that, uh, he had been. He had been declared an honorary Jew by the mayor of Jerusalem at one point, and I was just like, Holy shit, there's a lot of where there's smoke. There's fire, Right, James? I mean, this guy has quite the background. Um, and the ensuing research into this into doctor says background just blew my fucking mind. I'm sure other people have talked about this. I'm sure this has come up elsewhere in our circles. Other people seem to know about this. Other people seem to have no idea. I was I was thunderstruck by Dr Susan, and I like it all makes sense now when you see how hard Dr Seuss Ah, stuff is pushed because the illustrations aren't really particularly that good anyway, and then it's sort of like, Oh, it's not because there's anything talented about this. Well, talented at subversion, I suppose. But nothing really good and wholesome about the books. Um, it's actually kind of Ah, subversive, isn't it? Yes. As he would describe himself, subversive his health. Not a lot of talent, A lot of talent. Did he say stairs of a cell? He described him. Dude, just get ready because yes, the ah, the amount. Yes, actually so But what's important is also understand. Yes, understanding why he has promoted so heavily in the modern era. But also why he is anything other than just a random cartoonist from the 19 forties. Because there were a lot of people drawing little cartoons for newspapers and magazines and what have you at the time, and not all of them went on to become these the like, the definitive Children's storybook author. There's a very good reason why Dr Seuss, Mr Geisel, uh, was was chosen for this role and as we'll find out yes, not biologically Jewish, but he did everything he could to become one. He was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts. His father was a brewer and later became a public park supervisor after the brewery closed due to Prohibition, and the family was of German descent. And this is when you start to see him. Him, ah, sort of eight being the talking points of those in power. He claims that he and his sister experienced anti German prejudice from other Children following the outbreak of World War in 1914. Of course, ever so many people of German descent in in the United States at the time I find that story kind of hard to believe, well, even. But then, if it's true, though, like, let's just say, for example, that it's true. We know that it's a common response by some people in which is why anti white rhetoric is employed and is so is so effective is that yes, it does end up radicalising some people, but the response from others, um, tends to be a need to prove how totally not racist you are. So when whites are called racist, what is the result they, like, adopt black Children as babies and, you know, proudly allow their daughters to be married off to blacks? Or, in the case of what was that girl's name? John John Bud Victim. I mean the taco Dan Molly, today, like you will not call me a racist. I you know, it's like, yeah, in the in the Stein Lee family have this issue as well. So it does seem actually plausible that maybe if maybe if Diesel was subjected to anti German present prejudice, his reaction is to show, like how totally not racist is, and not just that, um, the anti German predator. Petric Prejudice may have taken the form of you. You we don't like you because you're German and it's probably because you don't like Jews. And this guy spent the rest of his natural existence showing just how much they were wrong. And it's just it's like it really? I don't know. You can entertain either theory, but, um, talking about what we know like this guy. I had no idea. But you just have to look at what he was doing before he became a popular kids. Ah, book author. Whatever. Um, this is what he was employed to do during World War two, right? Right? Yeah. This was his role. This what? He was selected for this role and he performed well during this test, and he was rewarded afterwards. He was not a successful illustrator before World War Two. He was a guy who had a degree in literature from Dartmouth, then went on to study at Oxford and was was not successful, right? He was having trouble getting any of his manuscripts published. He couldn't get his Children's books published. He was going nowhere. It was It was a dead end role for him. And so to to put food on the table. He I was a writer for this are maybe to put food on the table. Or maybe because he was drawn to this, you'll have to decide He was drawn to this. Ah, this New York magazine PM, and there's no definitive Ah, you know, absolute answer on what that stands for. But P. M. It was a leftist newspaper, and their contributors included people like Irving Haberman, Dan Israel, Julius Skippy Edelman and Leo. Lila Jesus and journalists do. Yeah, it just gets just getting started. Journalist I. F. Stone was the papers. Washington correspondent published an award winning Siris on European Jewish refugees attempting to run the British blockade to reach Palestine, which was collected and published as the Underground to Palestine. There, other staff included theater critic Louis Cronin, Burger and film critic Cecilia Egger. So in the midst of World War Two, there was this German guy in the in in this milieu, and yet, to prove his prove, his anti racism chops e wow! He became one of the most, ah, one of the most virulent anti German, anti white cartoonists. One could imagine. You gotta look at the cartoon because I didn't I've never I had never seen these before, but it just seems like an endless stream of cartoons that he did, um, attacking Adolf Hitler attacking the America First Movement Attacking love all of France or one of the famous ones is of ah, these trees. And it's Dr Seuss like you don't even have, like, somebody showed you this and didn't tell you is Dr Seuss. You immediately know who did this, because they he even has, um, Uncle Sam and a number of different iterations dressed up as a snitch. Um, which we're going to get into here is, well, the snitches cartoon. Everybody's familiar with that as an allegory for Nazis and Jews. I'm sure you're already realizing this star on the belly. It's like, Wow, it's all clicking into place. But he was very pro FDR, but pro FDR in the sense of attacking the isolationists in the America, the actual America First Movement not the one that has been, has been perverted by used and perverted by Donald Trump, who remember when Trump made America 1st 1 of his slogans and how Ah, the oId bang was heard around the world and then quickly ah subsided as they realized that it was just they were he was appropriating it in making it gay. Um, And now anybody who returns to America first as as a rallying point, It's been gayed up by Trump. Prior to that, it was unmolested, and it was actually representative of people who didn't want to go to World War Two. We've talked about on this show before. How World War Two is not was not popular. Getting involved in that fight was not popular. And, ah, you know, Dr Seuss, who's not a doctor at all, was turned on to attacking Father Coughlin. He was attacking Charles Lindbergh. He's attacking anybody who stood in the way of the US rolling right into Europe and destroying Adolf Hitler and basically all of Europe with it. And so, yeah, What a great tool of the establishment hunt, James. Yeah, And you need to You do need to go look up these cartoons. Yeah, and to see to see exactly what he was doing. And you're right. You would think if you did not know the time and place in which Dr Seuss lived or this history, you would think, Oh, this is someone copying his his art style. But no, this is actually him. You know, there's the one with Hitler lynching Jews on a tree and hanging. Ah, and there's the one that ah, what I have to Well, actually, Dr Seuss here, guys, he's actually not wrong here with the uncles, Uncle Sam's Neech with the sign hanging from his beak. This is I am part Jewish in the in the gallows with the public notice it says this bird is possessed by an evil demon. Well, as signed like a sheriff, Charles Lindbergh, like, there's not roll is always an element of truth in a lot of what they dio Aziz, we know, but yeah, I mean, these this this artwork is just Yeah, you just gotta go look it up. You got to do it. Um, and it's it's it's incredible that that he did this and you, like my visceral react is that no child in America or in any other part of the world should ever see a Dr Seuss book ever again. Because it's not just the propaganda from World War Two and then World War Two's over. Yea victory. We we beat Adolf Hitler, the evil Nazi, and now we're gonna move on to perfectly innocent, totally benign and banal Children's book that have no meaning whatsoever. He's just a good artist, right? James? He writes. A good story about people Don't Don't you love the Grinch with Laura Axe and the Cat in the Hat? Aren't they just great stories that all Children should grow toe know and love and recite from memory? It's just like Oh my God! Well, yeah, you may not think that anybody should should ah, view his illustrations and reading stories and I would happen to agree with you, But some people disagreed with that. Some people, in fact, love this auditioning. He did over dozens and dozens. I believe hundreds of anti Hitler, anti anti America first cartoons and this guy who was struggling to sell a manuscript couldn't get it, couldn't get a regular writing gig other than this cartooning job. At the end of the war, he's approached by Random House Publishing, which was founded by Donald Simon, Clot for a Jew and Bennett certain that you and he gets this blockbuster deal all of a sudden after World War two to write Illustrated published Children's books and this guy club for you know, you say Okay, sure, he's Jewish No, this guy was not just Jewish. He was on the American Council for Judaism and actually resigned from the American Council on Judaism after a a statement was issued that he found to be repugnant after Rabbi Elmer Berger, the executive director of the group, declared that Israel was engaged in aggression in the Middle East during the six Days war and claw for found this so objectionable that he actually resigned in protest. And then, during the fifties, he got a promotion was like, no longer right. This is like the one anti Zionist Jew and like the entire country at this time, this is the one guy, right? Right? Yeah, in the sixties. Oh, yeah, especially. And so during the fifties, he was still doing cartooning, But he got a promotion, and he was cartooning for a publication called Red Book Magazine, which was published first in 1903 as the Red Book, illustrated by Stew Mur Rosen Throat Rosenthal at Eckstine, a firm of Chicago retail merchants. So it's not. Only Dr Seuss gets his two big breaks after the war from two incredibly Jewish, 100% Jewish, through and through Cos Well and then this guy, One other one other thing. This this anti, um, anti fascist, anti racist propaganda that he did. This wasn't just in the midst of World War Two. He was still doing this stuff in the mid fifties and early sixties like he was still, like, showing what a good Shabbos he waas and continued to to pump this up because they were they had to keep this going. I mean, this didn't just end in 1945 like this continued on and on and on and on. And then they, you know, as they took control of mawr institutions, Um, especially with you know, the deep dive we did on the student loans and making making that a priority takeover of academia. It obviously became important for him to start for them to have him start writing Children's books. Because, as I understand this, there is a decided delineation between the work that he did prior to writing these Children's books and, um, what he was doing during the war. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, But he was not a Children's cartoonist until that was what he started doing and became doing that full time. It's not like you can go back into the 19 forties and find the kids books that suits wrote. It's like No, that I only happened once That became the direction that he trended in. So that's kind of an interesting thing to point out as well. Yeah, I know he dabbled in illustration, but like, but this guy had a Dartmouth degree, right? He was not. He was not just some some like roof that wrote only Kidsbooks. This guy was well educated, and it what had tried to make it as a regular author first. But it was after they saw how powerful his his works were in World War Two that they chose him as an emissary to create this propaganda for Children going on into the city. And that's what he did. What have we what have we always been told about the evil Nazi propaganda that would just get inside your mind, twist things up and make you think things that weren't really It's like it's all projection. It's all now. Certainly the Nazis had great pop propaganda, but look what Look what they do. Look what they did in the United States. This propaganda was so good that you didn't even know growing up. Dr Seuss. It's like this is a beloved Children's author like. But no, it's actually some of the most insidious propaganda. Ah, that's that's ever existed in the disregard. Yeah, you didn't know that when you're reading the cat in the hat comes back as a kid that this is actually an allegory, because the cat is trying to clean up a mess and you can't do it himself. So he has to bring in his friends from all over the world. This is, of course, representing internationalism, triumphing over nationalism and isolationism. Horton hears a who is anti fascist, a rejection of conformity. You're it'll. The turtle is meant to symbolize Hitler overthrown because he oppressed the people. And one of the most egregious examples is that snitches, which was a direct and explicit rejection of anti Semitism, the moral lesson. This is the one where some snitches have the green stars, the green six pointed stars on their bellies, some don't, and then someone comes to town and has a machine that will put stars on them for $3 take them off for $3 they keep going through and through its 10 eventually their offer. $10. I thought, Sylvester, Monkey Brain, whatever the guy's name is with the machine like his prices keep increasing. That's the element of truth. It's like you have this guy show up to solve. Ah, problem like that's another element of this. Which is kind of funny is that you have this guy show up to solve this problem for these snitches, and he's of a different race. He looks nothing like them at all. And he's there with his machine and he's like, You know, I'll out. I'll put a star in your belly for $3 0 you know, everybody has a star now that's a problem. So the people that want the star removed it's now $10 and the prices keep increasing, and it keeps going and going and going. And then it says at the end of like, there's a video of you know somebody. Narrator Reading the book once it says in the book, Like once once this Sylvester monkey face, whatever has once the snitches, have run out of money and have no more money to spend, and they realize how silly this is. This guy just packs up and leaves town, and it's like, Wow, it's so that's so amazing that it's like, Who is this guy that looks like nobody else in this story comes in, sells them a bunch of useless shit like how the star take away a star, Do this, do that, you know? And he is actually preying on the fact that these people are divided, in fact, dividing them in order to sell a product to them, creating a kosher dialectic out of the snitches. And then once he's taken all the money he packs up in leaves town and you know it's like and then the end. The moral of the story is like, Yeah, the speeches, I'll learn to just live together. And everything was fine, and they realized that stars weren't really important, no matter their all speeches, no matter what they are in blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But it's like none of this stuff really dawns on you, but it's a kid. This is what is seated into your head that that yeah, like everybody is the same. This is where all this this pathology comes from, and I'm thinking Dr Seuss. I think he should just be renamed Doctor Semite. I mean, that's really what he is. He's just doctor Semite, because that's what he is like. It's like I'm gonna I'm gonna have a visceral react. I think whenever I see a Dr Seuss book and they're everywhere, they're all over the place. Laura axes another one. This is one of Seuss's deceptively whimsical characters who delivers a powerful owed to the virtues of ticking olam killing the world. Apparently, there's this woman who wrote the same Jew, wrote an article about how she loves reading her Jewish son, green eggs and ham, even though ham is like the juicer. Jews love this stuff so much leaving put up with the ham in the book, I guess. But, uh, she said that after her son read the Lorax like he wanted to go around, um, cleaning, cleaning up his neighborhood because the Lorax has like taking olam in. And then there's the butter battle book, which I wasn't even familiar with. This must have been maybe one that was like, too, on the nose, but it was written during the Cold War and tells the tale of the souks and the yuks, whose argument about how to bread butter bread quickly turns out turns into an all out war. Apparently like the zoo Csere, like the bottom butters and the use of the Top Butters, It's like, Well, topper about It's like, What is this? Even this is like, stupid. It's such It's so stupid and just so on the nose that this is probably why. But it was an allegory for Israel and Palestine. Um, that was another. That was another thing in in this whole situation. But yeah, you were aware of the, um, Japanese interment, Um, cartoons that he had done now in revisionism juice have said, Well, Dr Semite wasn't perfect. I mean, he did have his his failings, but the reality is, is back then and they will even admit in diesel circles like this was a popular sentiment. Why was it popular? Who did the Japanese interment camps in the United States? Those were Jews. And that's maybe that's why. Who's that? Who's that Gay? Um, that gay Japanese guy Ah, who was always attacking Trump on Twitter. And he was always, like, big and the Japanese interment stuff like he? George Takai? Is that it? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Yeah. He seems to have disappeared. It's like, Yeah, guy. We're not talking about Japanese interment camps anymore, so just shut the fuck up this. Well, yes. So this thing about being racist, the Asians, this actually came up four or five years ago now. And there was this effort among these recently woken, recently empowered college yesterday w types the Asian specifically to cancel Dr Seuss. And I remember this being a thing that came up quickly, but then very quickly went away, right? You don't understand that all of his books air allegories to make Children like be anti racist and love Jews. Just stop. Yeah. And you want a perfect example of the kosher license to be racist being given and taken away as they see fit. Look at Dr Seuss's cartoons in favor of Japanese internment. This was the guy that was fetching in clutching pearls about about the treatment of Jews in Germany. Meanwhile, he was yeah, drawing the food man shoes and squinty eyes and drawing. You know, Japs getting kicked around by brave, bold americans like, Yeah, so funny. How funny. How it be like that. And he described himself well. One. During the Cold War, he frequently talked about how the house UN American Activities Committee was mawr threatening to American freedom than then communism. Yeah, and he spoke of the need to to maintain the U. S. Is lifeline to stalling in the USSR, who he depicted during World War Two as a porter carrying our war load. So, yeah, and then, uh, his wife dies. And first thing he does like year laters. Marry a Jew, Audrey Diamond. And then we'll go on. She's the number two diamond she is. She is indeed. And then later in life, you spoke speaking pretty openly about what he did, what the goal of his illustration was not to tell cute stories to kids in matter. No, he said, quote Kids can see a moral coming a mile off. He said that there's an inherent moral in any story and then remarked that he was subversive as hell. End quote. Yeah, and it's kind of funny. I didn't know this either, but in Horton hears a Who. There's Thea line. A person's a person, no matter how small. And this this was adopted. I think I've vague recollection of this amount that's being adopted by the pro life movement, which you would think if Dr Semite was this, you know, wonderful kids author who cared about, you know, kids and good morals. And Baba, blah, blah, blah, blah of it. He would have no problem at all with this line from his book being appropriated in in the name of a just cause. But no, Audrey Diamond objected to the use and apparently was their threat to sue every guest in the eighties. He threatened to sue them for doing this as well. Yeah, the good, the good. Dr. Seuss himself threatened to sue this anti abortion group for using the phrase on some of their stationery and, yeah, Audrey, Audrey Diamond came out and said, Oh, God, I I don't like it when people hijack Dr Seuss characters to, ah to politicize them. Oh, you know, God forbid anybody politicize these doctors use characters, and the point isn't politicization. Obviously, the point is using these for anything other than anti white, anti fascist indoctrination and propaganda. And that's all this stuff is. And you see, if you if you've been around like a kid's school library or or whatever, and this was starting when I was in school, but it has reached a fever pitch. Now the national What is it any A these education institutions? They are fully on board with Dr Seuss. I think there's a Dr Seuss Month, in fact, where it's like assigned reading where you have to read the Dr Seuss books. And I used to think, Okay, this stuff is just stupid and, like, the rhymes are kind of dumb. And, um, you know, I'll signal here I was at the at a reading level, too high for Dr Suits when I was in school, but, um, you read the something like This is dumb, but then you realize what it's really about. It's not about teaching you how to rhyme. Red fish, blue fish, one fish, two fish, six million fish. It's about teaching you these moral lessons, and that's why they've gone so in on this. And that's why you have articles heats up and Dr Seuss Jewish, and you will be inundated with articles like seven Jewish Facts about Green Eggs and Hand. Yeah, it's it's pretty bad, and like I said, I'm just gonna have a visceral react to this from now on. But, yeah, people are wondering like, Well, how did you guys end up from from, you know, the kosher dialectic of the tea party and occupy Wall Street and Corona virus to chai calms and whatever to Dr Seuss. It's like, Well, that's how because we've been meaning to talk about the happy meal for, like, weeks and weeks and weeks and and then yet Dr Seuss came up. So yeah, quite the rabbit hole. I'm sure a lot of people knew about this, but yeah, I mean, there's no shortage of books that need to be burned now, hon. James, it was just going to say, you know it. Grilling searing grilling once again becomes an option. Yeah. You find these books a dime a dozen at the several different places. Yeah. Look at the bright side. You know, if we if we if we If you end up without any ability to heat your home of Dr Semite, books are really toasty means of burning up that biomass, right? They give them away for free. In most schools, they're begging people to take them and read them their kids. So, uh, yeah, get alternative with wood pellets. How we say, Let's just let's do this. Let's send all of our doctors who spokes to England instead of the wood pellets being cut down the forests. I think we need an alternative. Ending to the snitch is where the snitches like after one in adoration of having stars printed and removed from their stomachs just like turn on Sylvester monkey brain and like start packing him onto a cattle car because that would be the appropriate reaction. But instead these snitches air just like running around and like, like frantically like handing out shekels. And he's like, Thank you, thank you, thank you as they stuff shackles into a big been And it's just like, Yeah, it's like This is you know, it's They want to make it seem like an allegory about the stars, and it's like, no, the speeches air. Actually, I think this nature's air actually just races that are non Jewish, that juicer trying to divide and that Sylvester or whatever his name is that that's actually the Jew in that story comes in town and does his bit. And then he leaves takes all the money, and that's kind of the funny thing. Is that it? I don't think that was intentional. I think it was still intended to teach a rest racial lesson. But there again, there was an element of truth there. And I think the alternative end ending there would actually be more appropriate. Where teaches actually catch on to what's being done to them and react. Have a visceral react to this guy and his machine and everything else. It's kind of funny. Yeah, the only way it could have been better is if he if he said, Oh, you don't have any money. Well, just here on, you'll pay me back. You over over 300 easy installments of 24 days. He has a friend who comes into town like one of those like machines in a truck that, like, unpacks itself. And it's just like a federal lending facility with money tree. Exactly. Yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah, well, that's about all we have. Hope everybody enjoyed. The show is always. See, you guys, uh, sometime in the middle of a week. You know, sometime in the middle, we will catch you guys