FTN 031220 - March 12 2020 - FTN 295 Irony Brokers - at 72 minutes begin Putin-Abramovich deep dive

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often imitated, never duplicated This is the one and only fash the nation Your guiding light in a sea of generous e welcome tiene to 95 jazz hands MK feels I'm here with James Alsa Oh, I forgot to do the James outside power You Here we are closing bell for the end of the bear market So it's over 11 years, 11 years of it goes on forever and ever closing bowel buzzing trusses over Amazing economy This is a 24 2nd closing bell of the bull market is over now, isn't it? We have, Ah, no more bull market and I think they're afraid to officially announce that we're in recession yet. I don't think they're quite at that point, but yeah, let's read some. Let's read some puke from the headlines over its stocks TV. You have ah Dow and S and P crash into a bear market, erasing most of Trump's rally. This is the fastest draw down from a peak into bear market in history, worst since worst start to a year. Actually, since 2009 US financial conditions air tightening massively crashing at the fastest pace since Lehman Brothers with a massive dollars shortage evident going on. You have puke ing of liquidity. Ah, you have? Ah, I was looking for the vics. We talked about that on the weekend. The volatility indexes like the one thing it's like, Oh, the It's the big green. It's the big green one up there. I don't know what Oh, vix searched back about 50 today like it calms down and then it's back above 50. So any of the oil market collapse in a whole bunch of other stuff going on and Ah, yeah, this is Ah, this is not a pretty day for Donald Trump. What do we have? 1400 points down Monday. Then you had 1100 up Tuesday than 14. Almost 1500 down today. And this is despite so many best efforts to try to turn this thing around. And the market reacted tepidly to ah, all these stimuli that government is trying to do. But like we said on several episodes now, it's like, you know how how low oven interest rate, how much cash can you part pump into the market to get people to sort of be like, All right, I feel good enough to let go to the store and go toe big events and, you know, feel like the virus is gone and they just can't get to that point. No, these things make people feel better there. No, there's no panacea here, right? And there's also no clear indication of what actually is going to happen. We've heard a lot about proposed. It's interesting jazz toe. Have Wall Street bankers being the position that we've been in for three years now, where they're seeing Trump mulling over, proposing, thinking about and considering proposals. They're just there at the desk, like every news article has the same picture of that one. Do the one like bold, bold You sitting at the desk like looking up, despondent at the monitors. Yeah, that's Ah, get used to that alley. It's like an alum. A stock photo. This is like just something that you pulled down. It's like Ju frowning at stock market. Yeah, new site. It's a city. That's a salient point, though, is that these people are sitting there. It's almost a very similar structure to because you have some traders who are like, Yeah, look at Trump, considering doing all this stuff, then you have other traders who are like, Yeah, that's not gonna matter. None of this matters like this is going to change anything like we're all fucked. So there's a matter, the irony, brokers. That's who they would be. Yes, basically, irony brokers. Exactly. Yeah, and that's the thing is like they say it's like it doesn't matter because the right, like the guy who's like at what? What interest rate do we need to be at where people are going to go back out into public again, like tell me that interest rate and it's like, Tell me the number of deportations that we're going to need for this country to start feeling like an actual country again. Tell me where. That said, I can pick some numbers for you, but we're not anywhere close. And meanwhile, Trump is considering small ball sort of stimuli that are going to try to help people. Now it is kind of it is kind of angering, though it takes a pandemic in 6000 points off the Dow. No, actually, what is the 7400 points off the Dow and piles of dead bodies to get a payroll tax paid leave in free health care, which the GOP has basically been like, Yeah, fuck paid leave. We're not doing that. The free healthcare, though. Ah, I think that's coming from The health care CEO is basically said, Yeah, like if you have to get treated for this like there's not gonna be any payments and ah, there's gonna be no koei co pays. Although I think that if you have insurance, that doesn't apply if you don't have insurance. Because we talked about the guy who tested positive, who wanted to get tested and then was hospitalized in his bills, like $3300 right? That Yeah. And some of these companies have different made different concessions on that. Some only agreed that the testing would be free. That treatment would still be build others. Of course. It is so great. You don't have to pass anything to find out that you're going to need, you know, $20,000 a treatment that's on us. That's on the house. Yes. So these these irony brokers air out there telling people Ah, yeah, this is Ah, This is not a big deal. Buy the dip, right. This is what midwich say buy the dip. Make sure you buy the dip. This is what people always say. I had people coming to me and, ah, you know, sending me messages and telling me that all the all the shrewd investment moves they were making two weeks ago when when the stock market tanked by 1000 points that really guys, this is This is the time to buy. Buy the dip, bro. And it's like no guy like this is not This is not over. And what did I say? What I've been saying for like, two weeks, This is not over. And I'm not like saying like I predicted, like how bad it was gonna get. I'm just saying, like pushing back on the buy the dip people. It's like guys like buying up all the shit. Like after just like one roller coaster downhills like Not that's not the way to do, but we don't do investment advice here. That's not the Dave Ramsey show. We're not. We're not handing this stuff up, but what I will say is that based on the fundamentals of the market, this is not over. And it's not anywhere close to being over because It's not like any crisis that we've ever seen in any modern. So we had a stock market the last time. A very, very fledgling stock market the last time we had a global pandemic like this. But we also weren't so interconnected. You did not have jet air travel back then. You did not have Internet back then. You did not have, um, all this ability to get people from A to B very quickly. And today it's like there's so much energy, so much heavy interdependency. It's the market is reacting to essentially the entire planet regressing to, ah, 100 year ago. You stuff the Internet. It's kind of weird. It's kind of hard to describe like you still of the Internet. But, like at what point does this thing get bad enough? Worth deliveries don't go out. It's like, What good is the Internet? If you don't get a delivery right like it's just like Okay, now I can get information. Great, right next, What's going on? Right? And you have all these industries being interconnected, obviously, like when the when the demand for the man for airplane travel, for example, falls to levels below post 9 11 as some airlines have been reporting, you have a corresponding decline in demand for jet fuel, which then leads to contributes to falling oil prices. And also the last time we had a pandemic, we did have a stock market, but we didn't have nearly the level of integration of the average person's personal finances and financial future with the stock market that we we have now and we don't get too too far into this will be doing Ah, law, a big feature on this on the weekend program, talking about how this market is more than just impact impacting more than just retirement accounts and and the wealth of, ah, you know, institutional investors and so on and how this can could portend for the future. But yeah, I mean, we've We've had stock market crashes before. We've had pandemics before, but we've never really had them. At the same time, I h one, n one and Ebola and SARS. None of them had nearly the impact that Corona viruses having. Oh, sure, sure, James. I was there. Just the flu, bro like this is just like SARS and Ebola and h one n one totally the same. It's exactly the same thing. I really love the I really love that little infographic going around proving that this is just the flu where they show theme amount of Google searches for SARS being like 1 1\/100 of of Corona virus like bro, this is proof. Yeah, that was also 20 something years ago. And, uh, not everybody had Internet in their pocket. Yes. So it's the direction of this thing you have the whole ah, the World Health Organization. Eyes declare, is now officially, not only are we is theologian year bull market officially over, we're now as of closing Bell, declaring that this is a global pandemic. And, ah, you know, I think that's defined as outbreaks on two or three or more continents, Um and then that thus it become goes from epidemic to pandemic. That's sort of how that works. But yeah, the market itself is blowing the fuck out. There's there's no real solution that they can offer you have you know that this your view of Trump officials considering tax filing deadlines over Corona virus, you have Ah, this payroll tax, which again, like I say it tongue in cheek. But there is. There is, ah, healthy, healthy bit of animus here. Like what did we get is soon as Trump became president, you get massive tax cuts for billionaires. And in the wealthy you get limitations on how much you can deduct on mortgage and on state taxes, which which actually hits people in the middle upper middle class. But not billionaire millionaire. Actually, a lot of white people who are doing well, um, end, but But it takes a pandemic and seven in bear market territory for them to start and dead bodies to start teasing. Ah, payroll tax holiday, which I think it's like 6.3%. And that's the tax that you pay in your on a regular paycheck of your W two employees. You're paying a payroll tax to the government, and they're talking about making that a holiday where you don't pay that anymore. And, you know, that's like 3 400 bucks, 2 to 300 bucks, depending on how much you make 130,000 year and why weren't they doing that from the beginning? Like that's a nice stimulus that you could have given to W two employees and they could have done, it could have done really well. That would have been a great boost, the economy. But no, you have to wait until the thing is literally fucking crashing to think about doing paid leave and healthcare coverage and all this stuff. It's like, How bad does it have to get for people in this country just to get a little help? And, of course, they're not offering those things up because they care genuinely about the people who will receive them. They're only offering those things up because they care about the result of those people going out and spending that cash right. It's the whole economy is constructed on consumerism, and the only way they put air back in the bag is handing out money to people. But they don't do that When somebody is hurting and needs help in a good economy, they only do it when they're in dire straits and it's fucked and it's not enough, and they're not gonna. They're talking about doing spending and all kinds of like, whatever else, it's a guy like this. This is not gonna work. It's just it's just not gonna happen and so you have Donald Trump coming out. I guess later on Wednesday, Wednesday night, um, 9 p.m. Eastern is gonna be doing some kind of a live address on Mawr stimuli. Um, and you know, of course, his approval ratings are crashing simultaneously with all of this. Um and, ah, you know, there's not. There's not much they can say. Dude, they like they even have You want to react to this? You only play the Alexa is our audio from Monday like our Health and Human Services. And guy is going out there and doing like the trump economy is doing great, bit like he's not out there doing health and human services medical reality bit. He's doing like the economy is better than we've ever seated ever before. It's like, you gotta be fucking kidding me right? Is like right, And they take the gun off Dr Fauci and turn it around and put it on. Alex's ours, like your turned your turn to shore up them stocks guy. Yeah, one other. I mean, that's all absolutely true. The only thing I would add to that is that we're now seeing Republican Senators John Cornyn and John Grasso come out and talk about an infrastructure package. A as A as a means to get people back to work as a means to to shore are started. What do you like? Are you talking about building putting new studs and like finishing your basement? Because there's no infrastructure that's getting built that doesn't involved interacting with other people? Morons, Right? And this is the kind of thing that infrastructure package is something we supported back when Trump was running. And this is something he ran on, in fact, and what have we seen to that end? Nothing. So they're dredging. It's like they're going through the freezer and dredging at all the red meat that they tried to use back back in 2016 2017 and, like, yes, it probably it might have a good economic impact, but this is not the time to do it. Because it won't it won't have. It will have no impact now, like that's not the thing that is gonna make any difference. Like there's no impact. There's there's no impact like this is like giving people free like how maney free V I P box seats could you give at the NC double a basketball tournament if it was going on, like how many people would actually be like, Oh, yeah, Fuck this low. I'm gonna go enjoy these V I p seats, maybe black people, but, well, I think the thinking the thinking with the infrastructure package is that some of the industry's they're going to be very hard hit by this are construction, right? Because you would expect to see a construction slowdown, and this would alleviate that pressure on them. But again, you're bringing a bunch of people together to work in in conditions where they're going to be in close proximity with with one another. It's just something is just not gonna work. Yeah, this is stupid. And I made the comparison, You know, we did. I think the first episode we did on ah, on on the virus was one faking novelty virus goes back. Then it was still like panic. You know that the good taken spend had a great take when this, when this first started happening, was the panic is gonna be worse than the virus. Right? But now we're starting to see that eclipse where it's starting to change and the people doing the panic is worse than the virus bit are the are the people who are still coping with the just the flu, bro. It's like, all right, just the flu, bro. But, like, I see shit hitting the fan now. So now I'm gonna make up new new take, which is the panic is actually worse than anything. The virus is actually nothing. It's like, No, that's not That's not what's going on here. Um, and and so where this goes from here, I don't see a whole lot of things to point to this getting any better? Um, we made that when the oh, this is where I was going with us. So I think was on the episode one fracking novelty virus. I made the comparison to terrorism, whereas terrorism. Like, if you had a terror attack, like 9 11 you Well, we know what? That way. It was a terror attack. Just by who is really the question? Uh, actually, not even question. We know the answer. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make here is that, like terrorists, unlike terrorism, that would scare people about flying airplanes. And but it didn't interrupt us. Travel it sort of, you know, sort of made people sketchy about Amtrak, but, you know, it wasn't it didn't impact it didn't have this dill it eerie ISS system wide impact on everything in the economy. Whereas this does it's like people like the whole economy is predicated on human interaction in travel and moving around in the marketplace and so on and so forth. And I think any any I think any economy, no matter how you structured it, would be impacted. That is the one thing here is like. No matter, No matter what kind of a soy society you construct, it's gonna be impacted by this. The reaction to it is what matters right, like the people who are taking draconian measures. But sometimes killers aren't even enough giving, given what we know about the virus itself and the fact that they they have very few like, you know, whenever a crisis like this happens, they have these rip cords that they can pull like the payroll tax holiday, and we're going to send out stimulus checks. You know, economists are saying, give people money, just direct cash payments is the best thing is like, finally everybody is on board with young bucks. Now that people are dying in the is crashing and everything, but but they say they want to do that, but that will work to a certain extent. But what if What if the deliveries aren't coming anymore? Because, you know, 56 weeks from now, the container ships aren't showing up from China and there are no products to deliver. And you're not going to have the store to spend this money on your own, to the mall or whatever. You're just gonna be buying food products. But what if there are no products to buy? Like what if we get to that point? It's pretty extreme, but they all have very limited options, and the only thing that really works is getting people to purchase things like in a consumer fashion. But those air just products that they would have bought anyway, just in a more compressed period of time, right when you go out and buy two months worth of food, that's two months worth of food that you might have bought it a slower pace. Now you're just buying it all at once. It's like, How does that? What do you know we're gonna order like TV's and shit like this isn't this isn't like post 9 11 where it's like you go shopping to show your patriotism. People like now I'm staying home like I don't want to get sick. Don't my loved ones getting sick? I have sick people, my family. I want them getting sick so it's really no good, no good options and infrastructure is just like L. A. Well, it's like the best option right now would be to end all immigration of the United States forever. We know that they're not gonna do that, but just a complete total closure of the borders and trump. In doing that, he claims he's doing it. But no, you listen to him. You would think the borders already closed. And that's the problem Is that as long as this virus remains a pandemic and as long as people are getting infected and as long as no one believes the U. S official numbers, which they shouldn't and we're seeing this crop up more and more more and more people expressing distrust in the official U. S. Numbers the official US count, and as long as that happens, no one's going to be going out spending money and these people, if they even if there are cash payments or payroll tax relief, it's just going to be socked away somewhere. And so this is not going to have the positive economic impact. They're hoping it will. There's really no amount of stimulus they can do. That's going to change the fundamental fact that participating in economic activity usually involves going out and being in a public space, which nobody wants to do right now. Yeah, they do. The only stimulus that they could do right now is to go ham like the guys and tedious for saying it's like tanks in the street start locking people up like you know, I don't want them to use that for the wrong reasons, but they need to start like welding People's doors shut like they did before and actually, that's That's even like late stage of the game, like I want them just to test people for the disease about that. Like, can we start there? Can we start there before we, like, go ham with all this other stuff, but like at a certain point, were at what point what day comes and goes where it doesn't make. It doesn't matter if you go start testing people or not, because it's just blown out of proportion. But before we get before, we go a little bit too far into the where are things now with infections and area? I want to play this Alex Cesar audio, because this, this just shows their desperation. This is a guy like Fauci, who has been put in front of camera, yanked away from the camera, put in front of the camera again and then yanked away from the camera again like a like a ragdoll whenever they say something that Trump fuses damaging the economy. But it's gotten to the point where them not saying something for so long, is baked into why economic? The fundamentals air so bad, like that's part of the reason why this is happening. And so this is our Health and Human Services secretary. He should have been going out and doing the bit that suspended on Monday on prepping the car where, he said, where he described in detail what happens to your lungs if you get this disease like they should be having people explain what happens and how bad this is and what a threat this is in. You know what you can do to get tested and yada yada, you know, implying that tests even exists, right? But no, this is our Health and Human Services secretary. I mean, listen to the C minus or just be like reading Trump's tweets. President Trump has delivered a historically strong economy. The fundamentals in this economy are unbelievable weather. It's employment or wage growth or productivity or international trade deals. Fundamentals remain what they are. Wow ways are there saying the stock market has been active and like someone, I think, one of the other pundits. When I saw this live on television, they were like So I guess Alex's are has gone and gotten some, uh, finance economics classes. And he's brushing up on, you know, it's like, No, this is This is what these guys are being told to do. Calm the markets at all costs and do whatever you can write. The $175 billion a day in cash pumping and ah, they're looking at liquidity collapsed to, um so I mean, do This is the other thing. One other thing. Before we move into the actual like virus stuff itself, the earnings expectations are starting to plunge. So what does that mean? Well, that means companies that sell things and make money. You know, they plan things out either by quarter or fiscal quarter, and they start announcing what their future earnings expectations are going to be. And those earnings expectations, not just with the airlines, are starting to take a giant shit. And so a lot of the market, you know, it is based on what the's future earnings expectations are going to be, and there's no more simple way to explain it than that. It's just that they're starting to plunge because everything is so interconnected and impacted. And, um, it's Ah, it's pretty bad. What is Jeff? Did Jeff Bezos have a bailout for you? James was, I'm wearing He has a Here's a bailout, but in this case, if you see it, it's probably not for you. Because the 2.5 $1,000,000 Corona Virus Response Fund that has been launched by several Seattle area Cos it's going to provide grants to organizations helping at risk populations including, according to The Seattle Times, those who lack access to health insurance residents with limited English proficiency, communities of color, healthcare and gig economy workers. And that's according to a summary of the initiative. So Microsoft and Amazon each tossing a $1,000,000 into this fund. Starbucks, led by Howard Schultz Attack, adding an additional $250,000. So, yeah, if you are a an illiterate brown living in the greater Seattle area, you can cash in on on this. Otherwise, probably not for you. Yeah, they're trying various aspects of other some novelty stimulus. You have the Supreme Court giving Trump a win by allowing him to keep remain in Mexico going, Ah, it's like So I was the Supreme Court dropping this in the middle of an oval, this going on And then you start asking other questions where in the middle of all this, when they should be working on a dozen other things in making demands for draconian measures and and testing and everything else You know what? You know what Congress is doing? You know what House leaders were doing James on Tuesday? You know what they're up to? No idea. Ah, they were renewing FISA surveillance laws with Twitter slides. It's like it was gonna expire on March 15th. You know, unlike the people who were expiring the streets right now and ah, you know, they wanted to make sure that that didn't lapse. And that doesn't just apply, of course, to the president, the president, That's just like all surveillance tools. We have to make sure that all surveillance tools are available to us at all times, right in the middle of this crisis. Very important stuff that they're working on right now, Right? Well, I'm glad that they were focusing on that. That's obviously the most important thing. Not Ah, you know, not these viruses escaping what are being described as Ebola style lockdowns. That's not a priority, Not the fact that we've only tested. And this number is. As of press time, we've tested 8500 samples the CDC has, and the majority of those are multiples from the same patient. So, yeah, I'm not from a one singular person, but but one person contributes two or three samples. So you have fewer than 5000 people tested in the US and Congress. Nowhere to be found on that. Yeah, I know. Where to be found, and I think that really worries me when you have no real solutions like this. So you have no economic stimulus that they can use. Unlike a normal economic collapse, they can just mmt the fuck out of whatever they need to to get thing air back in the bag after a terrorist attack. They can. They can do different things that make people feel more secure and attempt after a period of time will return to their daily lives as the memories start to fade on things right. But memories aren't fading when each and every day there is a cacophony of new stories about people being infected who were sort of not near people in from China and things were getting worse and things were blowing up in places all over the world. It's starting, get pretty bad and the thing that I start to worry about, and I don't think it's it's a ah, a concern that's outside of the scope of possibility is beyond the meditates that we gave on Ah show two weekends ago. You have the possibilities. I saw that there were two Americans and ah, Brit and somebody else killed by a missile strike about an hour before we start doing the show, and we're gonna be talking a lot about Russia in the second half and what Russia is doing. And there's there's some geopolitical stuff on the board where you know a lot of these, a lot of these different sovereign nations around the world, when when the economy is strong and everybody's focused like a laser on surveillance and there aren't big problems going on, you know, there's not a lot of room for, you know, people to take advantage of weakness. But I would say that the the world is actually in a very weak state right now. Um, and especially with markets crashing specially oil, you have things starting to get out of balance, right? Um, and it's the time where things start to happen naturally, but it's also a very fertile ground for gay ops, and so I hope that doesn't happen. I hope that nobody tries to take advantage of that. Um, I hope no foreign government tries to do anything that would cause any cause, any problems, but that is a possibility to when they don't have options, right? Like when things were going so bad. Um, you know, it's It's the great way to get out of a major problem like this is just to, ah, you know, kick off World War Three or something. I know that sounds like really extreme rhetoric, but we've seen in the past when there have been moments of weakness, that there have been issues that take place. And then those issues air used Aziz justification for an overreaction, usually by the United States government. So I hope that doesn't happen. But, you know, it's it's getting pretty bad out there. You have one step away from collapse doctors in northern Italy or overwhelmed with Corona virus patients. You were telling me you're reading something right before we started the show about we're not getting the news out of northern Italy like, yeah, we should be. Yeah, there was an account from a doctor working in, I believe Milan or perhaps Bergamo. Is that how you pronounce that? I don't know. But who was saying that they were one of the decisions they have to make on basically an hourly basis is whether to give the bed to a 40 year old mother of two a four year old childless person without our with with underlying respiratory conditions or a 60 year old was showing, you know, severe symptoms and have lines and lines and lines of people in the hospitals in the hallways just wait like that, that air gasping for breath, waiting for, ah, respiratory care that they simply don't have the facilities to provide. And I mean, we're seeing in the U. S. News that Italy, like I saw this story pop up today where an American expatriate living in Italy was complaining about the horrific and dystopian as she said, the dystopian conditions in Italy, how this is affecting my ability as a woman with my life and you know we're not. We're not really under like being given the average news. Consumer is not being given the perspective on how serious this is, and I think that's leading to a lot of misconceptions in the US And actually, if you look at the rate of infection in Italy, they're further along than we are, obviously, And so when we start seeing the rate of infection and the spread that they're seeing Italy, if we're not seeing that now and we just don't know because nobody's getting tested. This US system is also in for a very taxing experience that it is far from equipped for. It's far from equipped for you have three TSA employees in California test positive just from working at San Jose Airport, You have New York City Corona virus cases air coming in intensely now, according to de Blasio. Ah, you had ah, you had a New Rochelle on Lock down with Thea the National Guard, and that it is somewhat of a precursor of potentially what's to come if things get out of hand. Um, you have the tacit, I mean the confirmation bias. It's extremely strongly when you have the l. A Times saying that the true number of US Corona virus cases is far above the official Talarico tally. It's like, you know, shit been saying that they don't know or that they're lying for a long time, and nobody is willing to put a estimated in front of the number of cases theater in the United States. It's just like we have over 1000 cases right now. Why don't you say estimated the numbers Probably a lot higher, but we don't know because of the markets. And then you have trumps Ah, former pandemic advisers saying that we're 10 10 days away from our own hospitals getting creamed in the way that Phillies are. And I wouldn't be shocked to figure that to see that that's gonna be what happens because our medical says Italy actually has a pretty good medical system. Um, those people are genuinely healthier. They live longer than we do. Um, for a lot of for Mary out of reasons. But our medical system is, Alex has pointed out a number of times is overstretched. It's built entirely on profit and fill, filling up the number of beds and making sure that their full is much as possible. So we don't have the capacity to handle surges like this. And there there's going to be a surge. We're seeing this happen. There's ah there three fax about this that make this very clear. It's It's the first stage of this, and this is one of the reasons why the just the flu bro stuff survives for as long as it does is because it's slow to take off right. So on the 23rd of January and China's Hu Bei province, which contains the city of Wuhan. It had 444 confirmed cases. A week later, it had 49 03 a week later. After that it had 22,000. Ah, the same story is playing out in Italy as well. 62 identified cases on 22nd February, 888 a week later. 4636 on the sixth of March and skyrocketing from there. Now they're trying to contain it, but the reality is that this disease is taking off exponentially. Um, it's also deadlier than the flu that we've pointed out before. And ah, the only measure and this is I love. I love the confirmation bias here, James. It's the Onley measure that has been effective against this is extreme social distancing and you have sort of a myriad of different rules. In the United States, I saw Washington State is now banning gatherings of 250 or more. Eso some, you know, I think two weeks ago with Switzerland said no public Greg gatherings over 1000 like what? What is that? What? What What is that number even mean when you have three TSA workers at San whose airport getting the virus and they don't know how you have a baggage handler at Heathrow, a baggage handler in New York, a baggage handler at L. A X. It's like a medical screen, or in L. A X as well. The people they're supposed to be screening the limited screening. We do have their getting sick as well. Yeah, it's like just shut it all down. And they refuse to do that because each this is the Catch 22. We explain this, Ah, a cup A number of times is that they should have taken draconian measures from the beginning. They didn't because they were afraid of what the outcome would be. By delaying this draconian measures, they've actually made the problem worse. Where that as the days go on, applying those draconian measures don't matter as much anymore. In the problem spirals out of control, right? Like you either want a little pain now or more pain later. And people are wired this way, right? Like a lot of people, it's just human nature. I'm not this way, but a lot of people are this way where they're not willing to do you know the thing that might cause them a little bit of pain in order to avoid pain in the future because they're just totally pain adverse. Whereas I'm the kind of person that's like, yeah, I see what this is going to snowball into. And I'm just gonna take care of this right now, right in. The payoff later is gonna be like, I don't have to deal with that problem because I knew where that was going. But they played the game that a lot of people do, which is like It's going to be a big deal, like nothing. This isn't happening. Stick fit fingers and ears and shut eyes, and it's like, Please make it go away. I went down 30,000 and here we are. Exactly. And they did this for this. For the to keep the economy chugging along, keep the stocks rising higher and the other problems. The problem now is not only do we have the pandemic, but also any measures. If you do try to circle back and and it takes these draconian precautions and close the borders legitimately and banned public gatherings, no one believes your infection numbers, right? If you come out at the start and say this looks bad, we know this. We're going to take this seriously. Here's what we're going to do. And by the way, we're going to be testing people. So we know exactly how far and how fast and how this is spreading, then, okay, You might have some volatile that you will have some volatility in the markets, but at least you will e. I mean, people will believe your numbers. Right now we have the Atlantic L A. Times like this is not just an alternative press thing anymore. No one believes the official U. S. Numbers being reported. And this like, if you want a recipe for further stock market volatility to exacerbate economic uncertainty Yeah, have a pandemic and then have nobody believe you. When you tell them how many people are infected, that'll be good. We want you want to Really? You wanna really fiery? Take very, very hot. Very, very spicy. One million degrees, six million degrees. Actually, you know, they they don't They're not only concerned, they're less concerned about the markets. The markets are you know, something that they don't. They obviously don't want to have a lot of problems, but they will always. It's always a win win situation, like, you know, we said, I think when this first started to bubble up in the economy looked like it was starting to teeter a little bit. You know, What do we say? We said This is an opportunity for restructuring. This is how they always do things. If you go back toe one fucking novelty virus, that's what they've always done. This is what they did in 2008. This is how they do it. We've had, ah, the longest period of uninterrupted growth, code unquote growth. And it was only a matter of time. Everybody knows it's like if it's an immutable fact that the economy is gonna and enter into a recession in a downturn, then you take advantage of all angles. It's kind of simple, like everybody gets it. But here's the thing. Here's the thing. So they're not as worried about that because they're gonna come out on the upside. What they are worried about is that this whole thing comes grinding to a halt, like part of the way that mod modernity is constructed, especially in 21st century, is that everybody is dialed in and connected to hyper reality. It's like the endless rope, a dope of of breaking news and next thing in product and getting excited for next candidate. And you know how much money you're making and how things were going and yada, yada, yada. And it's very difficult for people, just like it's very difficult for people to manage credit cards. It's difficult for people to manage loans. It's difficult for a lot of people, not everybody but a lot of people to manage that. That's why they're successful in doing what to do it. When that whole thing stops and people have a moment to breathe for a second, and they're like, Well, you know, this so capitalism thing, it's not really working out like this whole thing. This whole system is actually pretty fragile. I'm not saying that regular old Joe's, they're gonna analyze the thing in the way that we do, but they will have the feeling in the pit of their stomach that this this isn't working and this is falling apart and most importantly, the government. The thing that we actually trust a lot of people think like, Well, if things get really bad, they'll just take, you know, they will do whatever they need to. And they've always, always been sold this lie that yes, they can fix everything for me. And I'm not doing the big government versus small government here. What I am saying is that when people realize that they're actually on their own here and they've largely been living a lie and they've largely been living in this hamster wheel of an economy and that hamster wheel's not spinning anymore and they're spending time with their families and they're realizing that ho shit this thing got really the hyper reality becomes reality for a minute. What happens when they try to spin this whole thing back up? And people have had a moment of contrast where they're like, Yeah, this isn't really And I'm not saying that this is going to result in just this massive. See, this is the light switch brands sort of in before in the light switch. Right now, it's not going to result in this massive awakening of people where they're all going to understand where we are right now. That's what I'm saying what I'm saying is it's gonna give your average person a little bit of pause and realise that maybe this Maybe this this thing kind of sucks. And it's really sucking now in the midst of this thing. And you know, I'm starting to realize what's important to me, and I'm starting to see what the world around me for what it is. And if they try to spin this back up again, people are gonna be like, Wait, I don't want to go back to that. That was kind of shitty. They're gonna want to return to their normal lives, that's for sure. But returning to I don't know, something that was just like fake and retarded. I think most people it's again, it's noonz. Most people are gonna end up in in a you know, right back to where they were. But I think some people this is gonna you know, whenever bad things happen, they always have a profound effect on people like it's always people always from point to an event or an issue or a thing that occurred that changed their mind. And I'm just merely saying that this is one of them and Jews look at this is a risk where this system is designed to keep you engaged in distracted and not focused on things that are happening so that they can continue to twist the screws. And but they've sort of lost that ability, like the methods of control that they usually have are starting to become less important because other other things are coming to the forefront of people's minds. I think you get what I'm saying, but yeah, it's It's kind of like having this whole thing grind to a halt. Poses poses a risk to them because people are starting to are going to start disconnecting from what has kept them engaged from moment to moment, right? Like glow, glowing screens and buffalo wild wings and all the all the garbage of what life was like 12 weeks ago, Um, which is now totally changed. Sure, yeah, and these harder times where that's the old axiom about hard times and and that and great man. And there's a lot of truth there in that people, when they don't have the luxury of, ah of, you know, not thinking about their day to day survival when they when everything is taken care of for them. They have absolute faith in the system that everything is going to be OK no matter what, as long as they keep going toe work and keep that they'll be able to keep buying the products they want and having entertainment they wanted living the sort of lifestyle they want, disconnecting from that and and seeing, you know, seeing the maybe the benefits or the sort of lifestyle they never knew they could have outside of that could be, you know, very formative for many people. And and also, I mean, you talk about, like the Buffalo wild wings and the consumer culture and shopping, and that there are plenty of people now that because of security insecurity, I should say insecurity about their financial future, their personal finances, their job, whether or not they'll be able to keep earning this income if they are living paycheck to paycheck, like many people are that are going to begin looking at ways to disengage from consumerism, stop spending as much money, and that will have a long term militaries effect on this system, not on them personally. It'll be great for them personally, but on the ah, on those that want you to keep spending all of your money and living debt. You know, loan payday loan, payday loan. That's not good for them, either. Let's have long term military ISS effects on this system, I say. If capitalism is on the gurney in capitalism is flatlined, then let's do not resuscitate. Like I think it's time for people to sort of see this for what it is that this post World War Two construction that we have all the fakeness and gayness in the entire thing has culminated in this. And it is basically just built on the threads of consumerism that hold this together. And it's actually very fragile system. And so I say that if it does, if they can't get it restarted in, maybe we don't want it restarted. Maybe it's time for something different. Maybe it's time, and this is again. This is like extremely like larvae, but, um, novelty, even it's it's it's time for something different. And I think I hope as many people as possible, um, can can maybe use this as an opportunity to point out to other people that that yeah, this isn't really working. And unfortunately, a lot of people are gonna fall into the trap of Yeah, the system. The system sucks. And it's Donald Trump's fault, which is like, Yeah, that's that's true actually, like, you're not wrong, But it's actually a much bigger, much bigger problem than that end and honestly, like this is a not a defense of the president. I don't know where that that thing that you did with the speed duck is, um, but if it wouldn't actually matter who's in the White House right now, Um, because the same tools would be available, that wouldn't work. Um, the reaction to this Donald Trump actually is making it worse because he's a buffoon. But even if you had, like, ah, smoothly oiled high verbal like you, um you know, machine with the media in the government completely aligned with the president, um, it would still this would still like none of the fundamentals of the actual disease itself would be changing like this would still be blowing up all over the world so well, and so we are seeing now some of these closures come into effect not nearly enough. But every week we report on this seems like the list gets longer and longer. I don't want to run through some of these events that are postponed or cancelled or going to be held without. I mean, everything's everything's cancelled like their NCWO basketball turns. They're gonna be held with with no offense. But the way that I point this point out, this point this out or whatever is is like what? What events like the events that are not canceled or the ones that are gonna make the biggest news. And so far, I don't see any events other than, like, you know, teetering on the brink of just total disaster. Ah, I think the what? What is it? The Olympics in Japan or the thing that, like is everybody's sort of waiting for the obvious. Yeah, that's not happening. But I haven't seen so far anybody saying like, Yeah, we thought about canceling, but, you know, 10,000 people in a room just the flu, bro. We're gonna have our event move right on. And, uh, no one country that isn't canceling events if you believe their narrative because they've gotten everything back into control. Jazz is China. Jinping is telling us that everything is a OK and Corona virus is 100% contained. There's no new cases. Time to tear down the make sure toss hospitals. It's all good. And, ah, she actually went so far as to hold a an event. Ah, little press conference in Wuhan itself, where he gave a speech celebrating his administration success touting. Just look at the numbers. We have no new cases. Please, please keep buying Chinese goods. So are you buying that jazz? Are you? Do you believe in China's narrative here? I want to I mean, honestly, like I would really like I mean, even given in spite of everything that I just said five minutes ago, I you know, I wish I wish sickness and death on none of the people who have been suffering from this and and I I wish that it would not be. I wish it really were just the flu, bro. I wish I could believe the Chinese. But when I see nobody questioning the China because the announcement from G and G visiting people in their homes and yada yada yada is like that's that's a thing that they're gonna want to be like, Oh, Yes, that's probably true because they want the markets. The markets are the most important thing, right? I want to believe the Chinese like I want to believe that this is true, but it doesn't. The thing that I get hung up on is that we were getting four or 5000 new cases a day out of China, and we didn't even think those numbers were really and then all of a sudden, the next day went 200 cases, and we even talked about this on the show where they changed their strategy. They went like total pitch black, black out on news and then on Lee. A very only good news coming out of China was the new bit, um, and people, you know, people have been saying like, Oh, jazz, where you've been the news coming out of China's everywhere. No, it's not. It's very limited. It's only good news. It's nothing bad news, and they just they totally cut the cord on on anything that was bad. Like no videos, nothing. You know, where did all that stuff go? It was just like somebody had a switch. Um, and so look, if if China has experienced a miraculous recovery that they claim to have done. Then I should see that happening in Italy, right? I should see that happening in other places, right? James? Like we should see. We should see all of a sudden, at a certain point, just a miraculous turnaround in the numbers, just like China. And we're not we're not seeing that so far. Were pretty deep into the crisis. Now I mean, it should come at any moment based on where things have been. Ah, and I hope that's the case. I hope that I hope that, you know, the number of people that are affected by this is ultimately mitigated by a miraculous Chinese recovery. But I just have no real reason to to believe anything the Chinese say on this issue because and the people, the lack of questioning from other people and the total lack of questioning of about this going on from the beginning, it's like, who does this benefit who? What's the chewy bono? Well, the markets, and that's why nobody's gonna question it. Yeah, it's a market. It's Chinese shipping exactly and again when we look at the economic indicators that we have available to us from third party sources in China. We're seeing many of these cargo ships. Yes, the number of calls at Chinese ports has increased. But as was reported in the Wall Street Journal, many of these ships are leaving port like 10% full. It's so so production is still down and production has not recovered. So if there had been a miraculous recovery Well, where is everybody going to work? I mean, you can look at the look at the numbers of the labor force participation rate. Look at the look at the Wuhan like Web gems. And you see these this city twice as big as New York City with nobody in the streets. And Al Jazeera actually spoke to some people in China Ah, at G's visit and they weren't buying it either. They were saying like, Yeah, this is great. This is a great photo up on everything, but, like, when can I leave my house? Well, that's the thing is like nothing about the rules within China have changed. This is just This is just g going to visit a very controlled environment and then telegraphing that to the world. But the 65 million people in who Bay Province are still on total fucking locked down. Right? And they were saying that some people, I guess, like low risk people can travel in. But all that all that is is just even if that's true, is people who have been given express permission to travel in two who bayed province. If you're in whom a province, you can't leave like now use can't leave. And it's sort of been it's sort of been that way. Okay, well, but again, again, I like, I hope I hope it's a miraculous recovery, James. And and And if it is a miraculous recovery, the Chinese should should share their methods for mitigating this this horrifically pandemic in such short order. And it's got to be more than just like weld the door shut because they're trying to do that in Italy, and it ain't working well. They're miraculous. Strategy for curing the pandemic is lying about it. I mean, you know, individual cities is Hubei Province or still quarantine to Is this like their miraculous like 9% GDP Just miraculous, right? Yeah. And so I noticed actually on world ah metres, which is one of the sites tracking the current virus cases and deaths and they break it down by country, they have the number two Diamond Princess. On their very detailed information, they actually added a new tab. Uh, that calculates the total cases per 1,000,000 population. And this is very interesting because I found this actually, after I had already done Ah, little bit of, ah calculating myself because looking at the numbers coming out of China at the peak, the biggest a day for new cases was around 14,000 in China. The rest of the peak was around 4.5 to 5.5 1000. Looking at the numbers coming out of Italy and seeing 1.5 1000 new cases a day that struck me is very disproportional. So when you do the math and you look at China having 1.4 billion people, 81,000 infected Italy having 60.5 1,000,000 people. I lied about that on a show jazz. I said they had 10 million people. I was caught lying 60.5 1,000,011,000 affected. The rate of infection then in China is actually like 1\/6 the rate of infection at the peak time, then ah, then in Italy. So if you believe the Chinese numbers are accurate, you have to believe the virus is spreading six times faster in Italy than it is in China. And and it's a simple heuristic. But I have no reason to believe that that sort of blows out. The whole, like this is, you know, ah, discriminating against Chinese people, but in, like, well against anybody else. Okay, Yeah. And you look at the you look at the peak infection rate in China. At the most contagious period in China, you had a one in 278,000 chance of being infected. In Italy, it's a one in 40,000 chance. And Italy, it's important to note there actually employing mawr stricter quarantines earlier than the Chinese dead in their outbreak. So they are quarantining more people they're doing. They're doing a better job of it than even the Chinese did. Because remember, this started in late December and the Chinese we had no idea what it waas for about two weeks. But the Italians, as soon as they had 10 cases in the country they were quarantining the entire northern part of the country. So yeah, the Chinese numbers, they simply don't pan out mathematically. No, they don't s so we'll see where this goes. We actually have a lot of other things to talk about today. So we're sort of we're giving a in attenuated, but there's still substantial update on on the market stocks specifically and on Corona Chan. And and ah, well, just gonna do a little bit because it's really I mean, it's starting to hit, like, totally none of this Mattias levels of that shouldn't even be possible with the Democratic primary. And one of the big reasons for that is the fact that nobody is going out to vote. I mean, the impact of Corona virus on this election couldn't come at a better time for a guy like Joe Biden. Um, and Bernie Sanders is like he can't like, even if Bernie Sanders were doing well right now, interestingly enough. Ah, do you think that he'd be talking to packed stadiums? No. In fact, they both cancelled their Ohio rallies on Tuesday night. And so this plays really well for Joe Biden. Um, but not not so I mean, Bernie, Bernie Sanders. I mean, it is interesting, though, like, Bernie. I looked at this and I haven't haven't had the time to, like, do do the math. And I'm sure there are plenty of other people doing the Here's how Bernie Born Eakins morning Jew can still win. I mean, he's only 100 and 50 delegates down below below Biden and that was part of how the delegates are apportioned is is kind of interesting, but they're just gonna keep stealing this thing from from burning anyway in in the myrie additive or ways I gotta get off. Myriad. We've gone from bloviating to marry and have used it like three times in the show so far. I am. I know what it's vector. That's Ah, I'm hitting that one hard lately. Yeah, I don't know. I don't fuck it like Miria Amir Myriad of, like, six different ways that they've screwed Bernie, We did that over the weekend, Um and yes, So it's like, this is Biden's toe lose essentially at this point. And he's just cleaning up in states that Bernie did really well in last time that are also black and see of t and t sort of playing playing a role there as well. But this is perfect for Biden, just like you said. All they have to do is given the Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton treatment, which is like keeping them away from television, keep him away from people, keep him away from a camera like just everything like, Get this guy out of here. And it's like, What a convenient sort of, ah, political or political and biological landscape. If you're Joe Biden right now, don't you basically can just mail this thing complete? Yeah, this is the best case scenario for him, especially when he was. He's been looking for a reason to get off the TV to get off the campaign trail. Maybe not him personally, because he seems to, despite his advanced age and declining ah, faculties seems to really enjoy the retail politics thing. But if you are a Biden campaign staffer, but the Biden campaign itself, you want this guy like put on ice and just put back in the cryo freezer until the convention the wheel him out, get the nomination and, yeah, mail it in So that I mean this is all working out very well for them. Ah, Bernie, of course, important. I mean, worth noting he lost votes again. We saw it in Oklahoma. We saw it in Michigan. And funny have it funny how it do that. Michael Tracey noted this on Twitter today that, you know, putting AOC out there is the face of your campaign talking about sex worker rights and impeaching orange, racist bluff and Browning America. Yeah, I don't think that played very well with the working class whites that would have come out and voted for you in states like Michigan. So yeah, born e. Here's here's how born he can't still win. It's over. Well, you don't want we don't everyone states over, but it's looking pretty bad. Yeah, I don't want to say I don't want to say it's over, but there is quite the perfect political storm that is taking shape that actually doesn't just benefit Biden within the parameters of the Democratic primary. It benefits Biden substantially within the parameters of the entire 2020 election, because Donald Trump's approval numbers have just totally shit the bed, Um, where he is back in the realm, in the territory of when I don't know, Uh, he was special prosecutor Bob Mueller. And like all that stuff was going on, I mean, you know, the media was hitting this really hard. I mean, he's teetering on the forties high flow forties right now, and you start getting into the thirties and, you know, the jazz hands rule comes into effect, which is it becomes very easy for removal. Now, we don't have a dog in that fight anymore. We used to um but But what that means for Trump is that the economy, which there as we just outlined in, have outlined many times. There is no solution, no economic stimulus solution. All the tools that they have in their big fake engaged took it don't work. That means that Trump, you know, is kind of up Shit Creek, right? Like this guy, this guy is trail. I mean, now the one thing is, and the one thing that Bernie comes out and says like every five minutes is that the head to head matchup shows me beating trump. Not Biden. Now that's true. All the polls doing the head to head matchup show that Bernie is the guy that can beat Trump. Not Biden. But if the party forces Biden to be the choice, and this economy is, do not resuscitate, I mean, it's very possible that barring any other and this is not a prediction. But I'm just saying the likelihood is barring any other dark horse entry into the race or gay ops or whatever. Biden is got a real shot at being the president because before 12 weeks ago it was like, Yeah, either one of these clowns probably not happening even with demographics, you could maybe debate the demographics and new immigrant voters and yada yada yada is makes it impossible for Trump to win even with down nine million. But, um, it's it's just not just not like, I mean, you take all that away and it's just an orange like bloviating retard that hasn't done anything now. And I think it's great because because he sort of clung to the economy. No, Lois, black unemployment low is Hispanic like How long is that gonna last? And then what are you gonna tout then? Right. And this is great. Actually, you know, it's fantastic. It's exactly right. He he, like Bernie, betrayed the base, betrayed the people that supported him and were his diehard supporters. And now, when he's turning to them and needs them when he needs that, that floor of support the I mean there will be some. But by and large, these people will have dissipated and moved on or return to being a political or are pursuing uh, not just getting their candidate elected, but a complete upheaval of the system, no matter who the candidate is. And Bernie, like the polls showing him the beating trump like maybe, maybe. But how long does that last? Once you wheel out the bull bad Ilhan Omar and receded to labor and put them like flanking you at your rallies Just not happening. I I I actually disagree, cause I think the exit polls are showing that what Bernie is offering, um, is popular with people. He is right about that. There are two things that he points to one that head to head matchup. He wins against Trump and to his policies of popular, which are true. But the problem is, I mean, not for Bernie, but ah, they can may. I mean, they don't want this to be a matchup between Trump and Sanders But things can get pretty bad where you get to the point where you just have enough people cause Bernie Sand. Bernie's policies are popular, but they're not popular enough to guarantee him election yet. But things could get bad enough where there's nothing Trump can say or do and where they will happily pivot to a Bernie because he's gonna be much more cooperative than Trump and said that it is possible it is true. And when you look at bite and you start putting him on the stage, But I mean, all of this is kind of like all of this is again hitting this. None of this matters because it's like, you know, the 2020 races kind of back to where it was. I don't know, like, Ah, I don't know if whoever was was ever at a low point where it is now it's like, Yeah, Bernie's getting fucked in. Biden is basically the top of the ticket. We don't even have Bloomberg for daily entertainment now, and, uh, what we really need is an authoritarian like that that if you want to talk about actual solutions, we need other than extreme social distancing from distasteful people and kicking people out of the country that don't belong here and kicking people out of the upper strata of the country that don't definitely don't belong here. Ah, we need ah, we need an authoritarian And, ah, you know, maybe maybe this is the type of perfect political storm. If things get bad enough, what do we know about when things get really bad? Economically, James? And there are no solutions to the economic problems. This is not. This is not good for the people buying that big red digital LCD clock that ihsaa glowing 109 So Ah, yeah, That's kind of where we are before we go to the break and come back. For what? I'm really excited about this. This snorkel depth, maybe a little bit deeper than snorkel depth dive. We're going to set the record straight on a few things. Donald Trump in predictable fashion. Ah, the people who are out there Like if Donald Trump does this, it's my last. It's like, Can you imagine being that person? Trump has now endorsed Tommy Tuberville over Jeff Sessions. I'm sure this was a lot of people's last straw, but it's not anybody who says like this is This is mild. This is my last straw. It's like, Yeah, right. You're just gonna come up with another Cope? Like why? To support this guy like no fuck Donald Trump. And look at this, like this is it Is this kind of the tactical? Um, I forget what Mike calls them. The tactical disagreements, The tactical. Ah, I don't remember what it is, but but it's these these problems that Donald Trump has with various people that doesn't have from a Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney fucks him left and right up and down. And Donald Trump is there in the breach to make sure that Mitt has an endorsement from the president. United States run for senator in ah, the state of Utah and then goes right back out there and fucks Donald Trump again. And Donald Trump is just silent and quiet and says nothing but Jeff Sessions guy that does more for Donald Trump's 2016 agenda than Donald Trump himself and form of immigration and everything else. This guy, he just threw this guy under the bus and backed over him and ran over him again and again and again and again, and not only trashed him, you know, it would be one thing to sort of sit on the sidelines and just see how the thing shakes out. That would be bad enough, right? Not to get your boy the guy who stood up and gave you gravitas when you launched your campaign. One of the few elected politicians to go out and do so no, Donald Trump is going to endorse his big gun. Big, gay, big Israel. Um, tube, Tommy Tuberville. Ah, big sports guy sports coach. Um and he's he's endorsed him last night at, like, midnight. They dropped that news, so yeah. Yeah. Good old Tommy Tuberville. Auburn football. Yeah. I mean, this is like, I don't know how you can look at this. And I was seeing this take bandied about why seven sessions was in America First Activist. Why would Why would he do this like Well, because have you noticed that Donald Trump just has a propensity for fucking everyone who actually believed in his agenda who went along with the agenda and what he claim to be advocating for all of them have been drummed out and embarrassed. And this at me. This is not just This is not just a betrayal. This is a humiliation. If you're Jeff Sessions, this is it's It's hard to think of something Mawr just disrespectful than than what Trump has done here. And Sessions did risk quite early. Risked his standing in the in the Republican Party for what that's worth, but he risked his reputation by being the first guy to go out there and support Trump and giving him that legitimacy very early in that campaign. And this is how he's repaid. Everyone who seemed to be a true believer has been repaid in this way. If you're not in jail having nothing being done for you, then you are being screwed over or embarrassed or humiliated, just like Jeff Sessions. Yeah, I like the Jeff Sessions has gone out. There is. He is now saying that he is one of the architects of the Trump agenda he is, um, is doing in. He's saying that nothing the president can do will determine from supporting this agenda. Well, he's not wrong about that, and that's, you know, it's it's kind of cut that Jeff won't like hit back on Donald in a way that I would. Which is Donald Trump Donald, that there is no such thing as the Trump agenda. It's what I put for. Well, how would you How would he word this? I think the best way to to frame it is what I've said all along. Which is that Donald Trump never carried. Never had any intention of carrying Ford his agenda. I will. He won't. He never will. He had never any intention. And I'm glad that I'm not part of that administration anymore. Nobody there has your back and go really hard on him. I don't know what happened to Jeff if that happened, but that's what I would do if I were in Jeff Sessions position. I mean, he's gone far enough with this whole. Nothing Donald can do will stop me from believing what I believe in. It's like, Why don't you just call out Trump for being fake in garbage and go pretty hard on that rhetoric? Yeah, And there's people like this, like Jeff sessions that are still defending, paying homage to the Trump agenda or the mag agenda. Or there, amid the America First agenda. At what point doesn't stop being an agenda and doesn't start being a track record. And you you no longer have the ability to defend this agenda or this set of policies that in your mind is really good. You have to look at what's actually been done by the America first president by the Maga president, and that track record is millions and more immigrants than ever before. It's unprecedented illegal border crossings. It's total disaster. So talk about the agenda all you want but you, an agenda only gets isn't worth anything unless it's and acted upon, and this one hasn't been acted upon. Well, here's the audio of this Is Bruce Pearl. By the way, this is Bruce Pearl, Uh, who is the fourth Jashari head coach in N C. Double A history to take a team to the Final Four. Why won't he take them to the final six million? I don't know. But he was the first president of the Jewish Coaches Association, the J. C. A. He's been very vocal in his support of Israel and other matters affecting people of the Josh Faith. Um, this included Pearl recently taking to task AOC for her attempt to rewrite the whole Coast after she compared current immigration facilities to US concentration camps. This is Ah, this is Pearl talking about Tommy Tuberville just endorsed by Donald Trump over Jeff Sessions. Here you go. Always with the fucking to Twitter videos. I love it. Oh, my God. Dude, we're getting the tedious treatment. Oh, yeah, it's horrible. Looking way Israel on the Second Amendment. I appreciate your brother. Yeah, well, he says he's got he's got Second Amendment in Israel. Covered, brother. Yeah. Wow. Just wants everybody to know. Um yeah, so we're gonna go to break now. Um, when we come back, we're gonna be talking about this change in the way that the Russians are going to be doing things within their within their government, specifically around term limits. And it's not what you think. The analysis is not going to be what you think. So stay tuned. Be right back on. FTS You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash the Nation and now back to fashion nation Heard on Lee on the car radio network back to to 95. And in this hour we're gonna take a look snorkel depth. Although I would argue a little bit deeper. Jazz. You did some great work on this research on this special presentation we have here for the second hour on ah topic that is finding itself conveniently back in the news right about now. And that is of course, Ah, due to the recent machinations with OPEC and the oil price really talking about Russia this hour, I understand. Yeah, we are. And this was not by design. I mean, it's kind of coincidental that that strike and Mike was talking about Russia and the oil prices. And then today tedious touched on some of the latest claims by American jury about how Russia is meddling in injecting racial, uh, animus and stoking racial tensions within the United States and and so on and so forth. So it's totally by coincidence, because I we had, as usual, we had a totally different plan for the second half, and I planned on touching on a current event that took me down a very long rabbit hole, that it's one of these things where at a certain point, I had to just be like, all right, stop because there's no, like, I there were like branches off of this thing that keep going and going and going. And then the scope creep happens and you end up with a 19 our podcast, which I'm sure people like Spam Houston would love. But we have to draw the line somewhere. And, you know, usually on the midweek show, we do a segment called Ah Good. The Nets and the Josh. Well, this week there's nothing good. Nothing. Nunes, Actually, this is pretty nuanced, but this is also very Josh. Um And so where this begins is I saw this story that we're gonna talk about about Putin making a move to eliminate term limits. And so we had Charles Bosman on, um, I want to say, like to do is I want to say it was before Christmas or right after Christmas, and when we were talking about Putin was making significant changes in the government, and we didn't know what they were, and we were in trying to interpret what they were and what was gonna happen. And, um And now, of course, you have the make this move to eliminate term limits. And so, um, presidential term limits would have forced him to step down in 2024. And on Tuesday, Putin endorsed a proposal stunningly simpler and more brazen than anything he's done before, which is resetting the Constitution's term limit clock 20 And so the T L D r of this whole thing is that the proposal, which was passed by their lower house of Parliament just hours after it had been introduced, would allow him to serve for an additional 26 year terms when his tenure expires in 2024. Um, And so there, the one last stumbling block, which I don't really think it's gonna be an issue is that the Russian Constitutional Court? Ah, there would be a nation Russian Constitutional Court and a nationwide referendum would take place on April 22nd. And then essentially, that would open up the door way for him to remain in power until 2036. Um, well, which is which is an incredible period of time. I mean, this is he's held the nation's highest office for 32 years, which is actually, uh oh, I'm sorry. If he serves until then, it will be 32 years, which would be longer than Stalin, but not quite as long. this Peter the Great who was in office or who ruled for not in office but who ruled for 43 years. So, yeah, it's pretty, pretty substantial. Pretty impressive move. Big strong move by Mr Putin. Yeah, and this is being presented as something that is good for national unity, Good for national stability, right? He's He's discussing him and his office, the presidency, as being a guarantor of the security of our state, of its internal stability, its internal evolutionary stability, Putin said. And ah, saying that evolutionary, not revolutionary. They've had enough revolutions, he contends. And it's interesting to see him taking this approach this time around, as opposed to last time. Ah, where they did the new president in name only, right with Dmitry Medvedev and, uh, absconding power temporarily. Or so it seemed. And then coming back and taking office, just dispensing with that formality altogether. This time, well, he's got He's got more things short up in country at this point where he doesn't feel like he needs to do that. He can just do this instead. And, um, you know, there was a lot of intrigue around this. We we talked about it with Charles, and I don't think any of us honestly knew at the time what they were planning to do. We just knew that they were going to be some major changes. Some of the constitutional amendments proposed, though, um, were that the ah, they want to do a proposed amendment banning gay marriage? Um, another constitutional amendment would mention faith in God. Ah, you had another one that said, alienating part of the territory of the Russian Federation as well as calls for such actions are not allowed. Ah, you had cause Ah, clause describing ethnic Russians. Is this state forming group for Russia and the Russian language as the state language. Um and so these are these air positive things, thes air, things that I mean, Could you imagine this happening in the United States ban on gay marriage? Um, I don't really, you know, faith in God. It's like whatever but actions, you know, alienating part of a territory in the country is not allowed. They do that all the time. Middle America, and you know, saying that ethnic whites are the state forming group for the United States and that English is the official language of the United States. Those aren't, you know, of course, light switch brains like That's not the panacea for everything, but it's a It's a substantial step in the right direction if this were happening in the United States, but one wonders, you know why these things are happening in the way that they are. You sort of have to start to question some of this, at least going on in Russia. It's like, Are is this is this real? Or is this skin creasing, as Putin essentially simultaneously announces? Or days after that, he's planning to make changes, which I mean, you know, if you're if you're in Russia right now and you see this and you think, Oh, Constitutional court in nationwide referendum or the final hurdles that this has toe overcome, it's like basically like the declaration that he's in office until 2036 has already been made. But that's the decision has been made at this point, like there's nothing changing that. And so if you're not in favor of that or you're not happy about that, um, then you might feel better. If you have these other amendments or proposed, you're like, OK, that's cool with that? Um, just like they sort of throw red meat to us. Except that they have to throw it a little bit more of it there. And we'll explain why. That's the case. Shortly. But you had one. You had one, um, Kind of interestingly named guy named Alexander Kinsch. Stein Kin? Yeah. Kin Stein. Um, no need to smash that early life on Alexander Kin Stein. Apparently an altercation with him and another lawmaker is featured in an official report on anti Semitism in Russia as the highest profile case of anti Semitism in 2018. The most high profile case of those anti Semitic incidents was in September, when Vladimir zero Nevsky initiated a heated exchange with Alexander Kin Stein on the TV show Evening with Vladimir Soloviev. Ah, in the heat of the debate's Aronofsky said to kin Stein, you're a Jew. So go to Israel. And we are the Russians. So yeah, they're TV. Their television sounds a lot more exciting than our own. If yeah, yeah, this is right up there with memory TV and some of the other stuff. We get a out of the Middle East. Yeah, basically, um, and so yeah, I mean, you had all this very, perfectly choreographed, right? Like you had announcement than Lower house takes up the amendments. They had the new one to the mix with all the others. The gave the anti gay marriage won the ah state forming group of Russia or ethnic Russian Sonus of where they add this one to remove the term limits. And then you have this very quick cascade of developments. Um, you have the speaker of the house said Mr Putin would personally appear in order to give his own input on the new proposal. Um, you know, just happened to happen just like that. And, ah, you know, um, the guy that was the guy that was sticking up for for Putin is this Alexander Kin Stein the one that ah, the ah zero Nevsky guys said You're a Jew. Go back to Israel. He says he's the one saying, no one is saying that Trump that Putin is going to run again. Freudian slip there. No one is saying that Putin is going to run again in 2024 but the possibility of doing so must exist for the head of state in order to maintain a stability in society. This is Alexander Kim Stein Ah, pro Putin United Russia party out there doing the bit for glad media. Sounds like he's invested very invested in the future of Russia. Uh, has no plans to take Mr Zhirinovsky up on his offer. Definitely not invested in the future of Russia. Just invested in the future of Vladimir Putin. People are like, probably think to yourselves like What's going on here? What is where jazz hands and James doing there? This is This is a decided departure from from where we've been before. Well, light switch brains rest easy because jazz hands was on before, and now he is off. That's not actually what's going on here were merely changing a little bit. Based on new information, we have to be able to pivot, right? So the slightly hyperbolic you know, it's Hold on, let me actually back up because the Paywall subs are probably out there thinking you know what we're going to say next, right? Like you're the seasoned veterans of the tier s listener base, a vast, seemingly infinite galaxy of galaxy brains, right? And I mean that, like we this is the cream of the crop, the people that tune into the midweek show. And so you've probably heard this more hyperbolic version of this narrative before, Right? Comrade Comrade Vlad is shoring up to more six year terms in Russia, and he's doing this to make sure that Russia stays totally based well into the 21st century. Look at what he's doing on gay marriage in adding specie. Vehk language to the Constitution on ethnic Russians rushes majority white and will be so over a long time. Slobs Airbase. Christianity's growing there unlike anywhere else. Best go next. No, and that is yes, hi parts hyperbole. But Lito, I've sort of been of the mind. Well, you sort of look at this in Russia is doing a lot better than the United States, but maybe that's confirmation bias. And so when I saw this story about the term limits, I started digging a little bit, and I have to start throwing some cold water on previous narratives that I've had and for light switch brains. This means a portion of not all of there is some degree of Knin's here, which is not all that unlike what we feel for the United States, right? The government in the power structure is more or less totally fucked and working against our respective interest. But the people shackled to it are inherently good and deserve better, right? Like we are not anti Americans were anti American establishment. And so what we're seeing here, but what we're trying to parse and sort of speak to the Nets is, well, Putin does do some sort of quote unquote based stuff, and he does rule with an iron fist. And certainly I would love to have an authoritarian government. Um, that was working in my interests. Certainly in many of them, um ah, Putin may not. I think people have fallen into you know, you. I have fallen prey. This I think we all I think we all have cause you see something that is going better than what you have right now, and it's a cope to sort of try to cling to that thing, thinking it's a light switch brain thing. Like I say, light switch, brain in tongue and cheek because I think it's it's a it's a It's a thing that I think we all have to overcome, right and I certainly have had it before. It's like it's like Russia. Jews attack Russia, Russia Good, right? Yeah, or it's the same with with China. Same with any one of these. Any foreign country, especially European countries. And in the US, the news we get out of Europe is very selectively cultivated. If you are consuming European news on purpose, you will get It's much easier to be influenced because you're not getting as many perspectives as you are in the US, right. There's a firehose of news and information you can drink from if you want to learn about the U. S. But if you're an American trying to understand Europe, it's more difficult. And so it's easy to develop these outsider perspective biases towards different governments in different leaders. I know we've We've done this with people like Salvini done this there. People who do this with with Boris Johnson with Nigel Farage in the UK, will see one thing they do bank that I didn't I learned really. We learned before we got to that point. It's unforced. Yes, it'll still do it, but you know, But But like Victor Orban and the the Piss Party in Poland, I mean, you can easily be fooled, right? But this isn't It's important to note that this none of what we're doing ever is done to just, like, throw cold water on something for no reason, right? For no reason, just just to be contrary. And this is not out of pursuit of contrary ism. What we're bringing you is information out of pursuit of the truth. And that's what we're hoping to present here, right? Yeah. So And that's another thing, too, is we're not where also not trying. We're also not trying to have the be all end all take. I think that's a mistake as well. I think it's ah, you know, you're not gonna have, like, there's not gonna be one take that. It's had, like, 12 Everything evolves over time, right? Because you get you get access to more information. You can't know everything all at once about any particular thing. And I know that there's there's also, you know, been this debate, um, about Russia and Putin and you know, Russia is a model state for white people. Vs Russia is getting demographically fucked on purpose, just like everywhere else. You have Russian nationalists saying Everything is fucked there, just like here versus the guy with Russian girlfriend who says he can't wait to go live. There you have. Putin's mother was Jewish versus There's no evidence she was Jewish. We're not going to be breaking those arguments down today. We're approaching this from a different angle. But those of you have been listening to a programme for a while have witnessed in evolution in our thinking. And our thinking has evolved either right in front of your eyes, because you're already there. Read Connors in before Red Connors. Ah, but then there are the people who have evolved with right along with us. And most of you have sort of been along for the journey and have been with us right along along the way. And, of course, the rest of you are probably hopeless. Just getting totally kidding. Um, but things have evolved, right? You have from the GOP to trump to electoral politics, to abortion, to religion, to economics. My philosophical worldview, I know has changed drastically since I started FTN almost five years ago, five years ago in August. Ah, but that's a good thing, and it comes out of what I think is a good faith effort at a plying, a healthy degree of intellectual honesty to what we do here. I genuinely believed in the positions I held at the time five years ago, just as I believe in the positions I hold today. And I'm not going to condemn anyone for still believing in something I used to believe a few years ago or even a few months ago. You're thinking either evolves and brings others with you or you close the door behind you. And I think the former is good in the latter is bad. But perspective brings a great deal of opportunity. And I have to re question narratives that we've had before based on new fax, Right, like there are things that happen, things that you notice things that you understand. Um, that that start toe start to crop up. So, uh, you know, and that takes me back to the throes of the 2016 election and support for Trump. Like we remember, it's tough to remember what that's like, but all you have to do is go back and watch videos or look at tweets, which I've done once or twice when others have mentioned that they've done it. And you can very easily get back and remember what that was like and feel like with that frame of mind, it's like And then you sort of fast for to the president, you're like, Well, it that's totally, totally changed taint, change and heart change in mind from then to now, it's pretty incredible. Oh, yeah, yeah. Even looking at old means that used to be used to be really hot fire, you know, vacuum looking And wow, you know this. Ah, what was this, like, this anime? A woo thing with the Maga hat. This was this was hot stuff back in the day and yeah, it's ah, it's I don't know if you were involved in it and you were a part of it. I don't think it's all that difficult to put yourself back in that frame of mind. But there are. And you shouldn't have to be dishonest about that, right? There are some people that will say, Well, I I I was never part of that. I mean, look, weaken. Look at what Trump has done what Trump has brought for us, uh, rationally and objectively and not feel bad about about being involved in in may be the movement to make that happen. Yeah, and you just have to go back to the before trump time and remember what things were like to understand that Ah Maga hat in an, um A and all that. All that stuff that the Mihm's that percolated in 2015 and 2016 that was new and fresh. And so things become stale over time. But anyway, that that that's really the point. It's that you were now so far removed from all that and not just removed from all that, but removed from the support of Trump that at the time. And it's still true today that Russian meddling was a weapon deployed by a very large faction of Jews in the United States government and in the media and and in Israel and everywhere else to usurp the legitimacy of candidate Donald Trump. And eventually, Donald Trump is president. And this is a guy who was utilizing ah implicit and explicit white nationalist rhetoric, and you had a large number of Jews in the media saying that Russia is meddling and that this isn't really and that you know, just everybody remembers how enraging that was, and they're doing it to him far more muted degree with Trump today, But they're also doing with Sanders. It's still a tool in their tool kit that they that they dust off. And so back then it was very easy to simply fall into this pro Russia camp. We supported Trump. Trump utilized this type of rhetoric. Jews hate Russia. Jews were using Russia to fuck over Trump while also attacking Russia for being very white. This, of course, is an over simplification, especially when you add the deep historical context of Jews in Russia. But it's also the reason for the notes as well. So the things that you know the began with this sort of being a cope. So confirmation, not confirmation by sorry perspective, bias. Russia is between 70 to 80% white. Let's just say for the sake of argument, right, But there T afar total fertility rate for those of you in Rio Rhinelander is crashing. Their immigration is increasing. Actually, in a rate in a in a manner that is is much more alarming than perhaps hours is because immigration is also is almost in parity with those coming in. Like imagine if we had the immigration situation that we have in America with, Let's just say, for the sake of argument, a 1,000,000 1\/2 people coming in every year. But what if you had a 1,000,000 1\/2 white people leaving every year? Two at the same time? Right? And that's what's going on in Russia. You have not just immigration increasing yes, under Putin, increasing up 4,482,000 people a year in 2013. Now it's 565,000 people per year, and they're they're half assed. Many, maybe even 40% is many people total in Russia, and you have half a Zeman E people coming in. So they're coming in at relatively the same rate. But immigration people leaving 440,000 in 2018. Um, so you have people leaving, and it's not It's not the wrong people, it's white. People are leaving. Where they going? Um, you know, they're not coming in the United States. The ones that are Josh and ah, you know, been coming here since the nineties, but yeah, I mean, this is this is one of the things that you know people do with well, like Russia's white. And it's based on its tread, and it's like a relative tow us. They may be relative tow us, but they're no means on some road paved in gold to Valhalla. And the problem is, is when you look at a preponderance of the evidence, Putin isn't taking them. Their pin isn't reversing these trends. He's not even stopping them. And again, this is not. The purpose of this segment is not now. It's time to take down Putin and light switch, brain fucked Putin yada yada know what we're doing is actually adding a significant degree of perspective about this. So people that understand that everything is no, it's and you shouldn't look at this as an either on or off question like, for example, like the tedious guys did did ah, the bit on the, uh, the U. S. Jews accusing Russia of getting involved in our elections to stoke racial tensions. 100% valid Jews were going to do that. They do it because they hate Russia and because Russia is white and this is this is definitely that's that's 100% compatible with what we're talking about. It's also true that that Putin is trying to fuck OPEC like they're talking about on strike and Mike, and that Putin is doing things in the advance of Russian interests. But what we have to understand as well is that what some of those quote unquote Russian interests are. Our may not always be what they seem just like from for people on the outside who see America acting in quote unquote American interests. It's not in my interest for us to fucking bomb Bashar al Assad. It's not in my interest to move the embassy in Jerusalem. It's not in my interest to open up more settlements and fight war like No, that's in my interest. We're interested in doing that. You could make the argument that fucking with OPEC is good because you're protecting Russian oil. But you have to look at who owns who is what's the chewy bono on Russian oil? We're going to get into that. But that was their second. Really? Yeah, the ownership of gas problem this is. I mean, this is something that Americans I I think that the dissident right generally is in a good place to understand this, because for many of us that came out of whether it was libertarianism or anti war ah, you would hear these critiques from Europeans or from other people and of look at the dumb Americans that just, you know, want to bomb the world. And so wait, no, we don't have the people don't want any of this. And it's a similar perspective or similar a similar phenomenon we're seeing here, too, where, where this is being presented, as in the Russian people's interests and again, not that none of it is right like, for example, the construction of the Nord Stream two pipeline. Yes, that that does benefit the Russian people because some of that export money will go back and be reinvested in Russian infrastructure and jobs and schools. But it also benefits the, uh, partial private ownership of gas pump, which we'll talk about. And I also think it's a natural phenomenon that people want to feel like there's in a place to escape to. I mean, this is part of the cope where you know Russia, Russia is more white than we are. They're not quite as fucked. They only seem better because they're not quite as fucked as we are. They haven't been propagandized in quite the same way that we have been, at least not for the same period of time and thus Seymour based on many issues and are likewise more traditional. Clinging to this is kind of a cope because these things, there is no evidence that these things were being reversed in any meaningful way in Russia, and they're not even being stopped or slowed down to a pace, Um, or sorry that they're only being slowed down to a pace that's digestible to a populace who is in a different place than we are. This is why you see right wing politics happening in Poland that seem totally based, bro. But in reality, it's just another state striking. Mike has talked about this at length. It's it's far less advanced in Poland than we are in the state that we're in. So some of the fake and gay political dichotomy is there, but they can say different things because the people that are a different place, but it's still a controlled burn there. It's still moving in the same direction, so the piss party. One of the many examples throughout Eastern Europe was brought in to manage the populist sentiment. The reaction to things getting gayed up, not to give in to the popular sentiment just to manage it. That's what they're doing in the United States. And I would argue that it may be what they're doing in Russia, because if if Russia like because this is an immutable fact, this is gonna piss a lot of people often I don't care. Boil it down to this argument where the trends being reversed or stopped and if you want. If you want to say, Oh, they're being slowed and there's nobody that can do anything about it, it's like, Well, that's just that's just retarded That's not a real argument. And the argument that I'm making is that this is just the These are people who are people who are being managed, and so we're gonna Don't worry, we're gonna give a whole healthy dose of historical context here, so people understand where I'm coming from, and this is gonna take a lot of twists and turns because do this rabbit hole only fuck. And I knew part of the story. But there were some key fax in the way that my narrative went on Russia before that were wrong, that need to be corrected. And once you correct those, then it. The logic makes a lot more sense about where where we've sort of landed today and so but clean to this whole thing. This is the point I want to make before we go into the historical context. It is sort of a coat because people it's this phenomenon where people want to feel that there's someplace where shit isn't going bad and that there's there's a place that well, if things get so bad, I can just go to Russia and or Goto like Fill in the blank Country X or whatever. And world jury has done a very good job after World War Two, making sure that there really is no like they're all on track like there's no place where these things are being reversed. I mean, we thought there was in 2016 you thought like Bolson Roo and in a Viktor Orban. And this the shoring up of of populism, rising populism around the world. But no, they just the system has come up with ways to manage it and, you know, we're gonna I don't want to Don't burn to money that takes because they're part of them are baked into the historical context. So yeah. No, that's absolutely right. And I mean, there is some Ah, again, this is not doom and gloom, right? The fact that they have to do this, they have to do this slower is an indicator that the people there are not ready for for what this greater global project has in store for them and that if people are are believe they're getting the nationalism and the based politics, that's what they want. So that that's, ah, great thing to be worked with. And so that's ah, a reason to be up optimistic for sure. And I would think that the Russian nationalists who are like you and I everything's gays fuck here, too. They're gonna be nodding their head, and I hope that if I'm wrong about some of this research that they correct me. But this is gonna fit in really well with this, and I, you know, to the in before of the people are like I could have told you that like five years ago. It's like, Well, there's only one guy. There's only one guy. And as I was doing this research, I was like thinking to myself, It's like auto like us was fucking right all along. Auto like us was Ah, I think, the first Europa Report guy. At least he wrote the report and, ah, various individuals did the did the reading. But Autolycus told me, um told me he he sort of was like when we were in the middle of, like, the Russian meddling stuff and yada, yada, yada. He I remember him saying, like, You might not want to go too far with that and then gave me a whole bunch of shit that to read, and I probably glanced at it. And you were everybody remembers what it was like with rope a dope of news every day. Um, in 2016. But he was There's one guy who said, You better take another look at this while auto like this. I did take another look at this and it's ah, it's pretty incredible. And I wish I had looked. I wish I had looked into it earlier. So you have Russia, which is a nation that's been ravaged by Jews for centuries. Like most of Europe, Ah, if not millennia dragged down through revolutions and world wars, actual riel verifiable genocide of tens of millions of ethnic whites Onley to be subjected to the failed be tests in the A B tests between capitalism and socialism. And the animus for reasserting the Russian people makes that of Germany in the 19 thirties seem somewhat small by comparison. Now, before people get all chapped and but hurt and angry, not saying what happened in Germany in the 19 thirties, what happened to the German people? What somehow small or minuscule or irrelevant? But what I'm saying is that Russia and the Russian people have been subjected to this for quite a long time, and they did not have a moment. Ah, like the Germans did where they were. They actually pushed back on this in a meaningful way in the way that that Adolf Hitler did. Um, but on the heels of the collapse of the Soviet Union, that animus had to be channelled right? These people are fucking angry. They didn't have an outlet. They knew what had been done to them. and had been done to them for a while, and it had to be redirected in a way that was not going to be threatening toe world jewelry, right? CF. Boris Yeltsin was supposed to be that guy. He was supposed to the manager, the guy that when the when the Soviet Union collapsed after 1991 he was elected president Russia. He was the guy that was supposed to make sure that it had a smooth transition into the successful a test of capitalism. And so Boris Yeltsin is a huge Shabbos goy jig. Not like this guy is all about it, um, with Israel and and you'll see why in a second and what we're talking about Boris's because he's sort of the genesis of these long lasting relationships that were formed during this time and continue throughout today. And so from 1967 the 67 war, actually up through Paris Troika 20 years later, Soviet policy makers correctly viewed Israel is a pariah state, right? So even in the latter years of the Gorbachev era, there was a high turnaround in in the Soviet policy toward Israel, right? Like they they started to soften up their position. And by the time not 1991 rolled around under Yeltsin, you had a return to full diplomatic relations between the two countries on and have been restored and trade had begun to develop. And, um, things were starting to move a little bit more smoothly along right. And this was Ah ah, very important component when they began opening up their formerly state run industries to privatisation. And we explored this a little bit on the episode where we had Charles on both, in fact, both episodes where we had Charles on talking about how this privatisation took place and how Russian industry, I mean Russia is a former USSR. A huge country full of natural resource is there's mining, there's forestry. There is, of course, oil. And these formerly state run industries were quickly snatched up, much of them going to ethnic juice. Yeah, and that's so getting a little head of ourselves, though this this started with the privatisation as this transition from communism in Eastern Europe. Ah, they had to figure out a way to dismantle the Soviet area economy and make way for quote unquote free market reforms. And it was this guy in the early 19 nineties named Anatoly True Base, Um, if you smash that early life on Anatoly to base, he's a Russian politician and businessmen of Russian and Jewish organ origin who was responsible for pushing the privatisation in Russia as a very influential member of board. See Elton's Yeltsin's administration The early 19 nineties, um, he was Yeltsin's deputy for economic policy, and he soon emerged as the leading advocate for privatisation. Imagine that. It's funny how that how that all works up? Yeah, uh, he was strong activists. So in late 1992 this is how this all went down cause we didn't go into this level of detail in the way that we're going to do now. So Yeltsin launched this program of free vouchers as a way to give mass privatisation a jump start, right? Just give all Russian citizens a voucher, each with a nominal value of 10,000 rubles for the purchase of shares of select state enterprises. Right? Just give this sounds like a Bernie Sanders scream. Give everybody you know, $10,000 to invest in whatever they would like to invest in. And, uh, and of course, each citizen received a voucher of equal face value. Right? What do you think happened within months? The majority of them converged in the hands of intermediaries who are ready to buy them for cash right away. Imagine. Do you think that would happen here? Well, I was going to say this actually did happen here, right? We talked about this on the Hamilton Deep dive where the Revolutionary War veterans sold their bonds for pennies on the dollar. Yeah, amazing how people that are coming out of destitution will sell their, uh will you be coerced essentially into taking acting in low type reference. We're going. We're going to give you this asset that you can hold on to its going to help you in a very long far distance away. But we'll give you half the price in cash right now. Actually, actually, it's 1\/4 of the price. What do you need? What do you need 1\/8 of the price for, You know, it's like that kind of the thing. And so and so that's what they did. And, of course, thes vouchers ended up in the hands of a few very interesting people in Russia at the time and in so in 1995 Yeltsin struggled to finance Russia's growing foreign debt and gain support from the Russian business elite for his 1996 presidential election. And so the Russian president prepared for a new wave of privatisation, offering stock shares in some of Russia's most valuable state enterprises in exchange for bank loans. The program was promoted as a way of simultaneously speeding up privatisation and ensuring the government a cash infusion to covering its operating needs. So not only did you have them selling out, the state industries essentially cause, like, if you know that the outcome is that these vouchers are gonna end up in the hands of Jews, then then the objective really isn't to put them in the hands of the people. I know there's a sort of elementary to state this, but it's important to point out it's Yeltsin's objective was how do we transfer ownership from the state to Jewish elites, which is what he did, and on top of that, so we're starting to have problems. We have all this foreign debt and things were getting so expensive. Oh, no problem. We'll just take the stock and ah, you know, we'll make that exchange for bank loans. We just bypass handing out vouchers to people just, you know, do the bit this way. And so that's exactly what they did. And so the deals were effectively giveaways. Of course. What I just said, the valuable state assets to a small group of quote unquote tycoons in finance is tycoon, an anti Semitic conard. Now, ah, and find. And so in. Finance, industry, energy, telecom media Ah, they came to be got known as the Oligarchs. This is the original originator of the term, But don't call them Jewish. Call them oligarchs. Call them elitists. Call them globalists, Call them Jewish and watch how they recoil. This was due the fact that ordinary people sold their vouchers for cash and the vouchers were bought by a small group of investors. So by mid 1996 substantial ownership over all of these major firms formerly owned by the government were now owned by a very small group of tiny hat big nose people. Boris Berezovsky, who controlled major stakes in several banks in the national media. Murch is one of Yeltsin's most prominent supporters along with Berezovsky. You had McHale Khodorovsky Vladmir content in Vladimir Bogdanov Yada, yada, yada You just go on down the line Smolen and ski Vek Allsburg Friedman In a few years Roman Abramovich You may have heard the name before. You're gonna hear it a lot This episode Roman Abramovich He is the wealthiest man in Israel. He's 120th wealthiest man in the United States. No, no, I calm a man. Wealthiest Jew. That's what he is. He's the wealthiest Jew. Um And so all these guys, this is hilarious off the seven oligarchs who controlled 50% of Russia's economy during the 19 nineties. Six were Jewish. Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Smolensky, Khodorovsky Friedman, Valerie Malkin and then Roman Abramovich. Thes air all Jews that essentially Yeltsin made his heads of industry and made them filthy, filthy, fucking rich, right, Because when communism collapsed and the black market was legalized, is free market capitalism, right? Guess who had a head start right as they always do. The whole purpose of the collapse of the Soviet Union was to transition it into a marketplace for Jews to be successful and hand it back to them. That's what this was all about And your average Russian. I mean, they got their their what? Their one or two vouchers from the government, and that was it. And how could you? How could you ever expect these people to compete Anybody? Even the relatively wealthy upper middle class in Russian society. How could they ever be expected to compete with international capital that have been getting filthy rich by it throughout the past decades? Hundreds of years, they came in with a massive head start. And sure enough, even those the upper middle class, lower level wealthy in Russian society that were able to buy up some of these shares. They were bought out very quickly by these these billionaires about these international capitalists use that came in because again the low time preference kicks in. These people can be bought out for for much more than they've put into this. And, yeah, this was a total usurpation of Russian state industry by Jewish international capital. Yeah, and so 1996. This is all happening in parallel, by the way. So by 1996 you have all of the state in industries. Theo ownership has been transferred to Jewish oligarchs and There was also sort of a disruption in the ah diplomatic relations between Russia in Israel. Like I said, you know, 19 anyone Diplomatic relations, open trade is open. Things are going well. You have a lot of Israelis going into Russia. Um, you know, in taking control of these industries. Um, but there was a hiccup. They're just so people understand. It's It's this is this is Ah, this is where the nets comes in. So you have this Russian Israeli honeymoon that ended essentially, Yeltsin, who is under increasing pressure from right wing forces in the Russian Duma, is there Legislature for those of you at Maria Rhinelander and following the U. S intervention in Bosnia Ah, he had to start taking a tougher position in world affairs, at least for optics. You had Soviet era hardliner. You beg me. Primakov displayed an increasingly critical attitude toward Israel and a more sympathetic position toward Arab states and Palestinians. Thus, during spring 1996 fighting in Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah, you had Primakov and Israel Prime Minister Shimon Perez who had just succeeded Ah, the assassinated Yitzhak Rabin, um, were openly clashing. I remember when this was when all this was going on. And so underlining the diplomatic impotence of Russia, you had, ah, US Secretary of State Warren Christopher and not Primakov, who succeeded in bringing this fighting to an end. Interestingly enough, So Perez, his successor. Of course, you're gonna start to see some familiar faces and noses coming into the picture here. Uh, guess who Perez's successor was. If you know your history very well, you would know that it's Binyamin Netanyahu who sought to improve relations with Russia. He even gave Moscow a $50 million agricultural loan during a visit in 1997 stating that Israel would consider buying Russian natural guests. However, Moscow is critical of Netanyahu's policies, essentially especially his expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. For his part, Netanyahu is critical of Russian military and economic aid to Iran in avowed enemy of Israel, which included building the nuclear reactor reactor at Bushehr. So this caused Netanyahu to cancel discussions of a natural gas deal, Russia, because of supplying missile technology to Iran. And then you had one of Netanyahu's ah ministers aerial Sherone gaining favor in Moscow by backing the Russian position on Servia during the US Russian clash over coast of in the 19 nineties. And so, by 1998 Russia had become enmeshed in near disastrous economic crisis. It's like, Oh, wow, what's going on there? Russia. You need some loans. You need some help out of out of that crisis. But what this meant is that Russia did not have the freedom to act in the world, including the Middle East. And we did talk about this with with Charles as well is that that crisis prevented them from really getting involved in preventing the war in Iraq, which they probably could have like Russia has a stronger economy in relative terms than it did in 1998 and thus has troops on the ground and has a presence in Syria possibly preventing, um, an all out war there as well. But they could not do that. Um, and so you had Saddam Hussein was was the United States is for the taking, Rand. Uh, take it. George W. Bush did. Yeah, not I'm and not only Iraq, but of course, Afghanistan as well. This is a place where the Russians had previously held a presence and and ah had pulled out of and yeah, the US saw and identified this Middle Eastern power vacuum. And, boy, do they sure try to fill it. They did. And so Yeltsin Yeltsin died. I mean, this is really is we transition into ah Roman Abramovich. We touched on him. But I wanted to sort of clear up the geopolitical details and bring you up to the current, which is when Putin became president in January of 2000. I forgot that that happened. That coincided with the millennium. Um, so yeah. So this is This is when Yeltsin suddenly resigns. This guy was sick all the time and apparently drunk a lot publicly. Um, and he suddenly resigned. It's Russia's president. Very interesting. Um, how Israel is not getting along with Russia and they're having a lot of problems. And then all of a sudden, Vladimir Putin is put into office and you know, this is what Netanyahu had to say about Boris Yeltsin, though, cause they it wasn't all bad with Yeltsin. I said Yeltsin will be remembered for that singular act of courage at a decisive moment when he saved freedom and enabled a new Russia. He saved freedom by you know, filling lining the pockets of Ah, some my best. Ah, best Shalom owes. Had he had he not acted, history would have moved differently. People wonder what it would he mean by this Netanyahu? He proceeded to open Russia to Western markets, Western ideas, economic freedoms and other freedoms. Another so so really open Russia to Jewish markets, Jewish ideas, Jewish economics and other Jews, I suppose, sexual depravity. And it's it. As for Israelis, he will be remembered for the kindness and open policy that he showed towards Jewish culture in Russia. Right? And then sexual depravity. Pretty much. Yeah. And then you have Madeleine Albright Very goi ish name right now. Madeleine Albright is totally Jewish. Um, and she says, I have great respect for the historical role that President Yeltsin played for the Russian people and also for the world. It was one of the greatest experiences from a disservice Secretary of State and get to meet President Yeltsin in the Kremlin on a personal note. Most American secretaries of state don't speak Russian. When, during our meeting the translation was going on, President Yeltsin looked over and said, Do not translate. She understands everything huh? We skipped a lot of translation yet. Madeleine Albright. Why the fuck would you know? Russian? Yeah, that's right. Is your fucking Jew Madeleine Albright, Get the fuck out of here! So yeah, yeah, Not Ah, not a common Anglo trait. Fluency and Russian. Yeah, but you gotta You gotta just if you haven't already if you're not driving, you know, listen to this podcast. You got a Google Roman Abramovich and the levels of, like, resting Jew face that this guy has, like, this guy's not smiling in these photos because you can tell when he's sneering like, but he has, like, the guy. He's just such an ugly, ugly fucking Jew. But he's got, like, the resting Jew faces. Just, like, awful like that. Dude, you get what I mean, when you run into this type this FINA type, it's awful. Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah. Spot from a mile away. So Abramovich, of course, is an Israeli billionaire businessman, investor and politician who happened to be born in Lithuania. Um and you know, of course, then matriculated up into the, ah, Russian Russian culture. They I don't really have a lot of information about. And he was raised in some northern province in Russia, but like, we don't really know, You know, if he went back to Israel for a period of time or where he was or whatever. But, um, he's the primary owner of a company called Milhouse LLC. Hey also owns Chelsea Football Club, Um, in Britain. He was also which I did not know, which made me very intrigued by this guy. He was also the governor of the Chu Khadka Autonomous OC rug, which is, if you look at a globe and you look at Russia, it's one of the provinces that's like way up in the upper right hand corner, like the farthest away from everything. Um, and you know, he was the governor, that place he invested in fact, billions of dollars in that territory and 2.5 $1,000,000,000 actually build schools, hospitals and infrastructure up there. It's like What is your interests up in that place? We don't really we don't really know other than it is extremely rich in minerals and mining and natural resource is and so on. But this guy, as I mentioned before, richest person in Israel, 11th richest in Russia, 120th richest in the world. Net worth of $12.9 billion. He's the chairman of the Federal Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia, Um, a trustee of the Moscow Jewish Museum, and donates money to the chip bod movement. He's been married and divorced three times. Um, not gonna bore you to death with all that. But the one interesting thing that I'll make note of is who he was most recently married to Dasha Zhukova, who's the daughter of a prominent Russian oligarch named Alexander Zubkov. Her mother is Jewish, so Zukhov isn't but the daughter obviously is. He married her in 2008. Ah, in August of 2017 they announced they would separate divorce finalists in 2018. But this is very important, very important. His relationship with Dasha will tell you why later. But ah, up from sits It's I don't know if I'm saying that right. We never pronounce anything right, but I think sits. It's zits. It's or sits. It's are those gay little ropes that Jews where you know when you see them, they have, like, the little ropes, not the not the ah, apple, the shylocks or were not the locks. The little rope Still ropes that hang down on either side. Yeah, you know, I'm talking about Yeah. If ever in a major airport, specially like New York City or in Europe, you'll see you'll see a lot of these. His seed, um, around and they all they all wear that should Yeah, that And the shawls and the hats. Yeah, part of the whole uniform. Yeah. Yes. So this guy started his multibillion dollar business while he was in the Army, just like everybody else. Right up from since it's, um he was he worked as a street trader. The guy sold rubber ducks out of an apartment in Moscow, just, you know, up from brute straps, James, just ah, you know, he's a manic mechanic in a local factory. Um, you know, just really like, you know, Ah, Elbow grease kind of guy, right? Grimy from the bottom. Yeah, And then within five, I mean, this guy was it sounds just like peddling Chinese made trinkets and and doing like, manual labor. And then five years later, all of a sudden, this guy's, you know, becomes it becomes an oligarch himself. He does seemingly out of nowhere. He did attend school. He did do some credential. Is, um, at the guqin, uh, institute of oil and gas in Moscow, where he sold re treaded car tires. A side business. Oh, yeah. That's the fast track, Teoh to being a billionaire right there, right? Yeah. Then he and Olga, which is his first wife, I guess, set up a company making dolls. Then within a few years, his wealth spread from oil conglomerates to pig farms. He traded you timber, sugar foodstuffs. Okay. He was just like a regular old commodities irony broker at that point. I mean, just like, yeah, So he set up and liquidated at least 20 companies in the early 19 nineties in sectors as diverse. Is tire re treading in bodyguard recruitment? It's like bodyguard recruitment, like you just mean mafia protection. Is that what you really mean? Their entire re treading? It's like, OK, the n in cement shoe manufacturing. Sure, I I know a lot of American toymakers that also have private military companies on the side. Very normal common thing to dio and just setting up in liquidating tons of companies in the 19 nineties. It's just like Wow, this guy, The sweet taste of freedom, um, you know, flowed down his hooked nose and up into his nostrils, and he just I took a deep whiff of it and took it all in and off to the races. Yes, for him. Yeah. I wonder if the investors in all of these liquidated companies got their original investments back or if they were left without a paddle. The world will never know because, you know, as we'll find out, you know, many people have tried to sue Abramovich and just doesn't seem to go very well. I wonder why that is. Um, main stages of his financial career were from 1989 in 1991. Ah, he was the chairman of this comfort coop, which is a manufacturer of plastic toys. Sensory degenerate. The comfort coop that makes plastic toys. It's like, of course, of course, the fucking Jew is in charge. He founded five companies, you know, did all this, of course, did all the shit you could beat this. Beat this to death. I mean, the guy was just, uh, doing all kinds of stuff. Let me give an example of some of the shy sting that he was doing, though. This guy and L A ever never put it past a Jew. Especially Jew like this. This guy, he was arrested in 1992 for theft of government property. And like, what do you think he did? You think he did some Ah, you know, some white collar book bookkeeping and book cooking and shit like that? No, He took an entire fucking train filled with 55 tank cars of diesel fuel worth 3.8 million rubles from an oil refinery. And he met the train in Moscow in recent the shipment to the Colin Grad military base using a fake agreement. And instead, the fuel arrived in Riga, which I believe is in Estonia. And so Abramovich cooperated with the investigation and the case was closed after the oil production factory was compensated by the diesels Buyer Oh, I'm sorry, Rigas. In Latvia, I apologize before the before the people jump into the Commons. The Latvian US company shock or a international. So the guy redirects a fucking train somewhere else to steal the fuel, which was a common thing in the nineties, likes this stealing of fuel like I've heard stories of people putting like 55 gallon drums into a car and, like, trying to run it across the border cause they can feel it, make a lot of money. Um, they, uh this is like, what does he get off with? Like just, you know? Yeah, Just make sure this guy pays that guy, and it's fine like that. Absolutely nothing happened. Please don't do this again. Yeah, whatever you dio. Can you drive the train next time and make sure that people get paid properly. Thank you. Thank you, Roman. We appreciate that. So, may 1995 this is an important point in the story jointly with Boris Berezovsky. We mentioned him before. We will definitely be mentioning him again. Set up a close joint stock company. They together established 10 other firms, a myriad of another other firms, the most important of which was a firm by the name of Sib Neft, which is a public company. It's an oil company. Um, the Guardian describes Abramovich's career as follows By 1996 the age of 30 Abramovich should become so rich and politically well connected that he had become close to Boris Yeltsin and had moved into an apartment in the Kremlin at the invitation of the Yeltsin family in 1999. And now tycoon Abramovich was elected governor, elected sure of governors remote Far eastern province of Chu Khadka, and lavish them with money. Yada, yada, yada. Um, he, you know, put forward this notion that he was a self made man. Um, and yada, yada, yada eso his relationship with Boris Yeltsin, of course. Ah, yeah, I just It's really climbing. This is unusual, though, right? For this guy who at this point would have been a ah, convicted criminal, right? Four years previous, in a train ice not convicted. This guy this this guy wasn't convicted. This guy was. This guy was a an accused criminal, and this guy was convicted of shit. He's never been convicted of anything. Nothing. Wait till you hear the things that this guy has done. It's it's incredible. So, um, go ahead. I don't know. I was just gonna say, 30 years old. I mean, this is this is ah, you know, not not typical. Unless you unless there's something else going on more than meets the eye. There's not just you know. Wow, This Ah, this young millionaire who's ah Sterling example of success in the new Russian economy? More to it than that. Listen, Goi, it's just because you feel shame about not being a successful as Roman Abramovich and his friends like he just put himself up through brute straps through oil school, and this was at the right place at the right time. You just want to sit on the Internet and complain, and therefore that's why you're not Roman Abramovich, and that's the only thing that separates you from him, and that's it. You just shut the fuck up and get busy on that 12.5 $1,000,000,000 fortune guy. Shut up and go re treaded tire. Shut up in cell rubber ducks out of your apartment for five years. Put in the work, put in the elbow grease. So here you go. Acquisition of Sibneft loans for shares sounds very interesting. And aluminum ors. So in 1995 Abramovich in Berezovsky, these two very close partners acquired a controlling interest in the large oil company Sibneft. It's a Siberian oil company worth a lot of money. The deal took place within the controversial loans for shares program that we just explained. So each partner paid $100 million for half of the company, right? They bought an oil company for $200 million above the steak stock market value of 150 million at the time. So they made it look like I was over paying for this. God, we're losing our shoots, you know, like, you know, whatever. And then all of a sudden, the value of the company went up billions. And it's amazing how fast the value of the company rose. Let many observers, in hindsight, of course, only in hindsight, nobody was gonna point this out at the time to suggest that the real cost of the company should have been in the billions of dollars. It was probably worth at least $3 billion at the time. But well, guys, thes thes guys thes Shamu Lease only paid $200 million for it. It's amazing What a bargain. 80% off, But a great deal. Yeah, and you know, Abramovich in court later admitted that he had to pay huge bribes to government officials and obtained protection from gangster simply to be in the room for these deals. So in his very Jewish mind, he the he paid full price for this because he had appended. It's like incredible. So in. As of the year 2000 Sibneft was producing $3 billion worth of oil annually. Abramovich established several fly by night firms and, together with Boris Booties, used them to acquire the stock of Sibneft. So this is pretty much how all this went down. And, you know, Ah, there were also the aluminum wars. This is another thing that they did so after they, after they acquire a $3 billion company that makes $3 billion worth of oil every year for $200 million that wasn't enough, had to move onto the next thing. His next target was the aluminum industry, and in court documents they were describing Russia at this time right around the state. Like it's tough for us to like into this. But Russia at this time is basically like 14th century England, like they let me just explain this. So after privatisation, the aluminum wars led to murders of smelting plant managers. So, like the Jewish Russian mafia would go in there with Abramovich and all the elves. Brzozowski is boys and whatever and they were just, like go into these aluminum plants and just start murdering people, metal traders, journalists, smelting plant managers as they just a battle for control of the industry. And they eventually took over the whole thing. And according to somebody familiar with this whole situation at the time, it was they said every three days someone was getting murdered in that business, like Wow, yeah, that's incredible. It's I mean, this is not, you know, this is totally not. I mean, you do still see some of it today. That's the thing. It's just like a much different time back then, of course, Abramovich. It's like imagine my shock emerged as the winner of the aluminum or, um and Ah, yeah, as soon as he was at the top of that trade. It's like, miraculously, What do you think happened, James? People stopped getting murdered. All this? Yeah, yeah, all of a sudden, this intense competition for these you know, this wealth of resource is yeah. Nobody wanted that anymore. Nobody was interested in taking control of the aluminum trade anymore. Have moved on. No so moving right along here. Um, So you had Abramovich in? Berezovsky started toe have a falling out? Um, there were some bribes. There were some demands for money. There was a showdown at the ST Moritz airport in 2001. Uh, where this Ah, this other Jew Patarkatsishvili asked him to pay. And this may be I don't even know. Maybe this is a Jew. Maybe it's an Indian. I thought this guy was a Jew, but he asked for a week. It might be a Greek. Yeah, that's true. Asked him to pay 3.1 point $3 billion Is one of the rabbit holes that I was like, All right, like I I got to keep going with this, but like through this in here, because it's like showdown at the ST Moritz airport in Switzerland. Apparently this pattern Katich Vili asked him to pay $1.3 billion to Berezovsky. Quote from court documents. The defendant agreed to pay this amount on the basis that would be the final request for payment by Berezovsky and that he and Patarkatsishvili would cease to associate themselves publicly with him and his business interests. So this is like a parting of the ways with Abramovich and, um and Baranowski. And, of course, that this started this whole falling out. Um, Abramovich denied that he helped himself to Berezovsky's interests in Sibneft and Aluminum. Of course, it wasn't enough that Abramovich was just the partner with Berezovsky, and these two Jews would profit mightily from the aluminum industry and from the oil industry and everything else. Abramovich was like ripping his Jew partner off the entire time. And, ah, they wanted to part ways in. Also, Berezovsky was having a falling out with the Kremlin, of course, and it's sort of like evening. These two things are happening in sort of, ah, mutually exclusive, right? Totally, totally, totally unrelated and that these things were happening. Oh, the other thing that Abramovich he paid Berezovsky tens, even hundreds or millions a year for what they call Krisha, probably saying it wrong. Krisha Krisha Krisha, I don't know, but it's, Ah, Russian word for Mafia protection, so I mean, it's not wrong, like it's just very jui logic where it's like, Yeah, I you know, I know that I underpaid for that company by like, you know, 8000% but I had to pay a lot of protection racket to get there. I mean, that is true, but, you know, it's like that. Still the cost of doing business in and Ah, yeah, I mean, he may only that this guy paid is insane. Yeah, even worse. I mean, he's saying this about his participation, the in the aluminum industry as well, right? Citing how risky that business was because people were getting murdered and and I was really sticking my neck out there to even get invested in this industry. Of course, the murders seem to come to a an abrupt end after he gets involved in the industry. But it was it was such a risk for me. I think it Rama just really the victim here, right? That's that's what he'd like you to believe. Yeah, well, then you have. This is this is what Really? Because this is the part that I found out about first. And then I wove the narrative a different way to make the podcast interesting and engaging. So let's talk about Abramovich and Ah, good old Comrade Vlad. Shall we so interesting piece of info here. Some of you already may know this. Abramovich was the first person two originally recommend Yeltsin to Yeltsin that Vladimir Putin be his successor as the Russian president. When Putin formed his first Cabinet is prime minister in 1999 Abramovich interviewed each of the candidates for the Cabinet positions before they were approved. My God, what? Who does this sound like? Don't say it because we're going to get there. You probably people already have in their mind. Subsequently, Abramovich would become one of Putin's closest confidants. In 2007 Putin consulted in meetings with Abramovich on the question of who would be his successor as president, Medvedev was personally recommended by Abramovich. Chris Hitchens, by refer of Putin, describes the relationship between the Russian president and Abramovich as like that between a father and a favorite son. Abramovich themselves says that when he addresses Putin, he uses the Russian language is formal. Ah, I forget how to pronounce this, but it's basically like Spanish. Instead, German. See that see Italian lay in French Vu, as opposed to the formal to do two or two long in the short of it is essentially, he uses the formal name for him in Abramovich says the reason is because he's more senior than me. Within the Kremlin, Abramovich is referred to as Mr A. Yeah, the big man. Big man, Big man is right. Abramovich enjoyed significant political influence in Moscow from the second half of the 19 nineties. In October 1999 he attended Putin's birthday party. Soon afterwards, Abramovich allegedly and he actually did by Putin a $50 million yacht at the request of Putin, who apparently pays for the maintenance of the yacht with taxpayer dollars. You know, now that I give a shit about that very much. But, you know, it's just it adds to this whole thing the almost like, almost like paying for security at your massive resort with taxpayer dollars. Yeah, right, Exactly. I don't really like I I don't you know, because they did that with Obama. They do it with trumpets like it's kind of like part of the It's part of the game, I suppose. But like, you know, Trump, it's just like you put you put it on the house. You know, Donald Trump is not doesn't give a shit about it, but it's the same time. It's like it was in our position. Kind of just like, yeah, the government's gonna be giving people stimulus. Might as well just give everybody $1,000,000 like fucking right now. But anyway, sure. By the time Putin became president in 2000 Abramovich played a key role in shaping the government, as we mentioned before, Ah, he selected members of the cabinet. Um, he had the power to open and close criminal cases to initiate investigations and arrests, and he was basically just a big Kremlin player. I mean, this is kind of how the sweat in 2003 Abramovich bought the Chelsea Football Club for 100 $40 million. Uh, he then this is This is incredible like this. It's almost like a footnote in this whole thing. But you know what he did in 2005 James. You know it. You know, remember that never signet Sibneft or whatever that he bought for $100 million stole his partner share and then, you know, produced $3 billion a year. Any idea what he sold Signet to? To Gazprom? How much they sold that for? Okay. He traded up orbital $13 billion. Talk about a windfall profit. Remember what his net worth is today to $12.9 billion. I don't know whether that's liquidity, your assets or fucking. Who knows? I don't how they mention how they measure that. But essentially, he sold the company for what his net worth is today. Um, and so this Ah, yeah, we have the whole father and son thing. Yada, yada, yada. Um in 2012 a High court judge in Great Britain, which we'll talk about in the second set, Abramovich had very good relations and privileged access to Putin. Quote. There's no oligarch among those still accepted in the West who is closer and more trusted by Putin than Abramovich, said Mikhail Cord Khodorovsky, a former oil magnet who's now a London based Kremlin opponent. And no friend of Abramovich is said in an interview. Ah, spokesman for Abramovich, called the relationship with Putin formal and professional. But see, this is the thing like this is one of the jute, like so there weren't like this is one of the narrow part of our narrative where you know Yeltsin. Yeltsin brought in all these Jews and handed off state owned industry to Jewish financial control But then this is the part where we got incorrect. Then Putin kicked them all out and cleaned up everything in. Uh, that's how it happened. They got rid of the people that they didn't want. And the ones who are central are still around in That includes Abramovich and half a dozen others like him. There was no sort of get all these Jews the fuck out of here. Putin's in charge now like that. That's not what happened. Um, he and clean he did clean it up. This is like the light switch brain thing, but he didn't clean it up. There was some cleaning of it up, but it just basically made it more efficient, less criminal. And yeah, and for another whole bunch of other reasons and a lot of that cleaning to and reallocation of formerly state industries re essentially taking them back from these private investors on re nationalisation of these industries. A lot of that made a lot of these choose very, very wealthy to write these people who had had purchased these former state industries and then ah had them repurchased by the state. 10 years later, a lot of them got very, very wealthy, much in the same way that Abramovich did right, selling this this state gas company back to the state for for a gain of 12 literally $12.9 billion gain. Yeah, well, in the problem is and this is the meditate a con why things were abruptly handed off from Yeltsin to Putin and, ah, you know, I'm open to my views evolving on this, But it was because Yeltsin's optics weren't good. It was too, too on the nose and things when things were not going well with the relationship with Israel. Essentially, you had people looting the country and things weren't going well with Israel. And what they wanted was people looting the country. But not in a way that was gonna cause an upsurge in right wing um, animus, which it did. They wanted that to be more muted. They need somebody in control while they continued to move this thing forward and improve the relationship with Israel to the state that it's in today, which you can't say that that they're that they're at odds. Um, now you could make the case that yeah, Russia's president's presence in Syria causes some problems. But that's part of the nits right of this whole thing. And so you have Boris Berezovsky. This is this business partner that Abramovich ripped off. Like whatever he eventually exiles to Great Britain. Um brings a civil case against Abramovich in the High Court of Justice in London, accusing Abramovich of blackmail, breach of trust and breach of contract and seeking over $3 billion in damages. Um, and Abramovich basically says, brought Berezovsky has already received for me more than 2.5 $1,000,000,000 for his services. And still this is not enough for him. I am disappointed in surprised that he additionally asserts illegal claim to a significant further portion of my wealth. Yeah, What do you want you got? Even if that's true, you got your 2.5 1,000,000,000. What do you want? Half of this. 13 million for this company that we co owned? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Now it's It's ah you know. Then you know Abramovich says, you know, I fell into this trap. I felt a strong emotional bond in yada yada yada. But you know, Berezovsky makes this case against Abramovich on the grounds that you know they stole, he stole from him and caused all these problems. And ah, you know, you'll never guess it happened. The high court in Great Britain decided that they're going to just dismiss this lawsuit because of the nature of the evidence. The case hinged on whether to believe Berezovsky, Abramovich and the judge found that Berezovsky was unimpressive, inherently unreliable and who regarded the truth is transitory, flexible. A flexible concept which could be moulded to suit his current purposes whereas Abramovich was seen, is truthful and on the whole, a reliable witness. Amazing how this keeps happening for Abramovich. Yeah, justice! There's for funny of cry Turkey be like that regardless which side of the Atlantic you're on Well. And shortly after this, a guy by the name of Nikolai Glushakov some of these names Jesus Christ, a Russian exile who is close friends with late oligarch Boris Berezovsky, was found dead in his London home shortly after this. Um, it's kind of like big think after the judge, just after the Doug judge dismissed the lawsuit, Berezovsky was found dead in his ex wife's home in 2013. So I mean, yeah, and Glushakov had been had been collaborating with Berezovsky. Ah, uh, compiling evidence for him for for another case against Abramovich. Yeah, pretty interesting. It's kind of funny after this happens that, you know, people just start dying. So loan fraud So it never it never fucking in. So Abramovich Ah, after all this happened, there's an allegation emerging from the Swiss through a former company in numerous other Russian politicians, industrialists and bankers to using a $4.8 billion loan from the I. M f is a personal slush fund. This is what Abramovich is accused of. An audit sponsored by the IMF determined that all of the IMF funds had been used appropriately. So Dada Dada, just out of out of jail again In 2005 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the e B R D indicated that it would be suing Abramovich for over $9 million. Ah, because of alone that they felt, uh was not used appropriately. Um and, uh, this was a There was an oil trading business that was controlled by Abramovich in Eugene Schwedler. Not even kidding, Fiddler. And so Abramovich just said, Yeah, I repaid that loan and the whole thing just went away. It's like, Okay, It's like I mean, if you have the Jewish Mafia behind you and you basically have all these governments behind you and someone sues you like your answer and court can just be like, Oh, yeah, I paid that back. And then they're like, OK, sorry. Yeah. You know, 15 $15 million just gets lost in accounting sometimes. Yeah. It's like, Oh, yeah, you were using $4.8 billion is a personal slush fund. Let's do what can we do? An audit, please? Up upon you know, green eye shade goes on upon closer inspection, we found No, no, no wrongdoing here It all you carry on, Mr Abramovich, Thank you very much. Yeah, the audits. Just one page in Cran like I did Nothing wrong. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, exactly. Uh, this is the This is pretty hilarious. So Israeli Citizenship. Um, in May of 2018 Abramovich became an Israeli citizen a month after the UK delayed renewing his visa. According to reports from Moscow, Abramovich's private Boeing jet has not been back to the UK since April 1st 2018 at the time that they were reporting on this. Abramovich had been traveling in and out of the UK for years on a Tier one investor visa designed for wealthy foreigners who invested at least $2 million in Britain. As an Israeli, however, Abramovich can now visit Britain visa free. So, yeah, I mean, he just he got his Israeli citizenship just like that. Used the whole right of return garbage. And there's some people who speculate like he just had it all along. But it's kind of like, yeah, I mean, the British were essentially trying to stop him from coming into their country with good reason. Maybe not for the right reasons, but for good reasons. Um and ah, now he can just come in and out. There's no like nobody can deny him because he's a true I mean, he's he's always been a Jew, but now he's like ju incarnate. Um, so is there any country other than maybe Iran, where you don't automatically get entry within Israel? I think he Israeli view silly People talk about the U. S. Passport being being nearly guaranteed entry into any country in the world. I think the Israeli past what is probably even better for those purposes. It is, um, a distinction without much of a difference, though. Days um, s O he also tried to apply for residency in Switzerland. Ah, he was gonna try to move to the ski resort of very be air. And, ah, the Swiss authorities deny the application because they concluded that he was under suspicion of money laundering and presumed contacts with criminal organizations and that his assets were at least partially of illegal origin. Um, and so this denial Abramovich is famous for this too, by the way. Like he doesn't like, imagine a Jew not wanting to be found out. He operates in a very quiet way or at least tries to. That's the funny thing is the pictures of these guys everywhere, this guy everywhere and always in trouble, But like his whole m o is to operate very quietly. And so what he did was, uh he took legal action to prevent the Swiss media from reporting on the matter. Um, which they did not. They were kind of like you fuck off guy. And then he denied that he tried to do this, so Yeah, yeah, yes. Funny. Uh, that the judge that found that the other guy could just bend the truth to whatever he wanted it to be. The names like Abramovich has quite the track record of doing that himself. He does? Yeah. And here we're starting to get into the fun part now. I mean, as it's been fun all along, of course. But this is where it's really starts to heat up because we we did the Israeli tech spy tech Deep dive. If you did that, that was a huge, huge thing that we ah, that we're eventually gonna combine and put together into one boxed set. Um, but this this fits in with this because you wouldn't if you didn't listen to the deep dive, then you wouldn't have a context for this. Which is that Abramovich has also invested in more than a dozen Israeli start ups, including rapid Battery Charger Technology Developer store dot Among them is also brain que an Israeli startup, which develops a I to treat neuroticism orders Such a stroke, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury were probably, or racism Exactly. I was just gonna say, what else could this ai that gets into your brain do, um, again another rabbit hole that you could go down with this. He's invested tons of money off in this in. Stored out, of course, was founded by door on Myers Dorf, which, uh, Abramovich has invested over $30 million. He donated $70 million for a hospital in Israel for nuclear medical research. Ah, but let's talk about his philanthropy has got so much philanthropy, just philanthropy coming out of his ass, coming out of his kippah, coming out of his, you know, wherever Abramovich is. Wealth is estimated to be $13 billion as we said before. But he donates hundreds of millions of dollars to Jewish causes, mostly in Russia in Israel and some two billion overall to Jewish causes, Right? So in June 2019 Abramovich gave $5 million.5 million dollars to the Jewish agency to combat anti Semitism. It is the largest donation the Jewish agency has ever received from one donor to fight anti Semitism, Israel Hayom reported. Um, it gets better. Obama Abramovich, owned owner of the Chelsea soccer team in the British Premier League, became an Israeli citizen as we mentioned his team began its own anti Semitism initiative last year. including sending all of the players to visit. AUS Rash fits. Oh yeah, it keeps going and going and going abroad. Abramovich, in American billionaire businessman Robert Kraft also have teamed up with their soccer teams to promote tolerance and awareness. Craft owns Major League Soccer's New England Revolution in addition to the Super Bowl New England Patriots in National Football League called the final Whistle on Hate. Their collaboration is aimed at promoting tolerance and fighting anti Semitism between proceeds of ticket sales and a $1,000,000 commitment from each of the owners. The effort has raised $4 million for 15 organizations dedicated to combating hate, which means basically just 15 organizations that are there to fuck white people. The power of sport has the ability to bring Jews. I mean people together, said Robert Kraft, owner of the Revolution New England Patriots. Among the recipients of the funds are the soccer anti discrimination group called Kick It Out, the International March for the Living, the Holocaust Educational Trust, the A T L and the World Josh Congress, as well as the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. So yeah, this guy and it doesn't end there does it? No, no. And Robert Kraft knows there's one or two things about bringing people together, bringing people together through sports, bringing people together and massage parlors springing. Yeah, Chinese girls. Yeah, Yeah. Rubber craft expert on bringing people together. Yeah. Yeah, that's an element. CNN forgot to put that in the prep, but that's an element like Robert Kraft getting busted on that shit. That's like, part of the, uh I guess you could call the good optics Jews am Nats, right? Those are the true American nationalists, right? So you have the Amnat versus the jig, Matt, and yeah, that's what that is like. Why is Robert Kraft getting busted? If if Jews are a monolith and they control all of the stuff, it's like No, because there's a faction against another faction. This is why you have the Jews in America attacking Russia. They do it cause it's anti white, but they're also doing it because they're different factions of Jews. The Chabad Lubavitch. You have the jig Nats in Russia versus the Ukrainian Jews. Ah, that did the Now you understand? Like why the juku went down on Trump. Um, And in impeachment and you're going to see why here in a second watch how Trump is involved in all of this and you can fucking bet that he is, of course. But you know when people say like, Oh, well, right wise Robert Kraft getting strung up Well, because it's their Jews in America that don't like Robert Kraft. And they don't like Abramovich. They don't like what they're doing. Just like Britain was trying to prevent Ah Abramovich from renewing his visa. It's not because Britain is anti Semitic or somehow based. It's because they're they don't want that guy there like they're trying to do their bit and they're trying to have a little bit of a war with these guys, um, to disagreement among Jews. It happens a lot, actually, from so yet you went to the Royal Heir First Museum. But yeah, I know this is great. They have a partnered Chelsea FC is partnered with the Royal Air Force Museum and the Chelsea FC's charitable arm will help deliver the Hero Hidden Heroes Project, which will highlight the untold stories of Jewish servicemen and women during the Second World War. This has been ah, personally sponsored by Abramovich and Chelsea FC launched their say no to anti Semitism campaign in January 2018. Under the leadership of Abramovich, which is focused on tackling racism and discrimination in the stands and in wider society. There can be no place in our society for anti Semitism or any form of discrimination, and we are determined to join with others to tackle this vital cause. Eso these These guys air spending millions of dollars, I guess, to get Eastern Europeans to stop doing monkey noises at African soccer players. But it goes beyond that, of course, right, because they're they're also pouring this money into what I guess would be the European equivalents of ah, the A t l etcetera in order to an app whiter societal change. Yeah, they're doing that, Um, you have the 12 meter mural at Stamford Bridge, which is part of Abramovich's new anti Semitism project. Um, this is a tribute to the three Jewish footballers sent to concentration camps in World War two course British Israeli artists. Solomon Sousa will complete this mural assed part of Chelsea's say no to anti Semitism campaigning to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day. They're also taking a stand against the why word UK, UK and international Jewish leaders are urging action on the why word. Contrary to the protests of many fans, there is no gray area when it comes to slurs, the target a particular religious, racial or ethnic group, said the W J. C chief executive Robert Singer. The word yet has for years been reapportioned from its original Yiddish to carry a distinctly Pretoria tive and anti Semitic message. And it's used by fans in the stands, either as a self designated nickname or is a slogan against rivals that must not be tolerated in anyway. The innocents this word once carried. It's a simple translation for Jew has long disappeared, and we must extremely, extremely conscious of the anti Semitic connotation it now bez. Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck said in December that the club, including owner Roman Abramovich, would not rest until we have eliminated all forms of discrimination from our club, which is just a euphemism for they will not rest until they have eliminated all white people and insisted the use of the why word by Spurs fans was not a defense. Apparently, I guess some of these fans were just adopting it like *** and They're like, you know, you can't like were the years, yo, like now you're not You're not doing that. Yeah, you can call us. Eudes can cause Jews controls the Jew. Basically, from their perspective, what they're going to say is, ah, unless you refer to us, Is Your Majesty Your Highness, or, sir, you're engaging in virulent anti Semitism. Yeah, virulent anti Semitism. Well, when I said before that Putin treats Abramovich like a son, right? And, ah, he calls him Sir and Orwell. Abramovich calls Putin, sir, and you know, it's a Brahma that choose the guy the gatekeeper on all the cabinet picks and making sure that the government is running a certain way in opening investigations, closing investigations, making a lot of decisions within government. And that's what we know, right? Like it's always important to keep your perspective sharp and remember that, like what we know is usually just the tip of the nice tip of the iceberg tip of the nose. And, ah, there's probably a lot more there there, especially with these guys, like tedious. When they were saying like the Jews were lying about something, it's like we'll ask what they're lying about and ask why and go down that rabbit hole. And usually you're gonna find an answer, cause if they're lying about something, there has to be a reason they're not just doing it right. So, yeah, Who do we think of when we think of Abramovich in the United States? Jared Kushner. Right. Well, remember Dasha Zuko Va? Guess who she's been friends with for over 10 years, Ivanka Trump. In fact, they met at the Miss Universe Moscow pageant that took place in 2013. This is where, like Hiss, Trump and all that stuff, I guess, was supposed to have taken place. Um, we're not touching that here. Don't know anything about that. Of course, Like I don't really know. We don't really have much more than like Rachel Maddow shrieking about that. But that very pageant where Donald Trump was in Moscow and was there for the Miss Universe pageant. That's where Jared Kushner and Ivanka attended a charity event with Abramovich in his top staffers. Now it's not just that they were at the same event. In August 2013 Ivanka posted a picture on Instagram of herself with Zuko Va and the Kushner Brothers at a Chelsea versus a C Milan game at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Kushner owned venture capital firm Thrive, Invest in start up businesses and thrive. Accepted investment cash for artsy dot net from Roman Abramovich's wife course. Then you also have Wendi Dang, who we talked about in the Kushner Inc Deep dive that we did with Mike Long feels like forever ago. I guess that was like, Well, it was last year was a year ago whenever the book came out by Vicky Ward. Ah, very good, by the way. And if you go back and listen to it and then connect all the dots with this, I forget who it Waas, somebody said, might have been on tedious where they're like the dot connectors. That's what we are. We're like dot connectors. Um, they don't want dots connected. Ah, and so it was. It was Wendi Dang who played a prominent role on and, I believe, introducing Ivanka Trump to Jared Kushner. She also introduced Kucova to Ivanka Trump. I'm just Wendi Deng's. This is matchmaker, right? Well, I'm networking yet networking totally so. In 2010 Thrive Capital, the firm founded by Josh Kushner, um, they brought in Dang Anzu Covas Co investors Ah, bring millions of dollars in of artsy over the years. Last month thrives, Volkova and Dang participated in $50 million in financing. Of course, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump claimed in their security clearances that they met through just rare four times from. And it's like the typical like, yeah, we met with that guy. But, you know, never alone. Never, ever alone, right? Did you Did you ever meet with him alone? I don't recall. Yeah, well, no wonder. No wonder the feds refused to give Kushner a security clearance. I mean, my God, because we were shocked by that that the feds would actually like We're having problems with the clearance and Ah, yeah, that's not gonna happen. And then what happened wasn't It was I can't remember where there was John Kelly who was told to do it, or whether Trump just said, Yeah, you're gonna fucking do that. And they got the clearances. I mean, right? Yeah. I don't remember exactly how that played out, but the government, like the government, did not want to give jig Nat Kushner and his wife clearances because off this and probably have a dozen other things. But so you think? OK, this is just casual contact, right? You know, they're just investors. And this is like the big globalists scene, right? Well, in 2014 the Kushner spent four days in Russia at the invitation of Dosh Kazakova. The couple sat at the same table along with a few other people. Ah, raising money from Moscow's Jewish Museum, which we just said is also a lot of philanthropy is coming from Abramovich on that, um And so you have a photo posted that evening that shows Dang Samantha Boardman, the wife of real estate developer Abby Rosen, who was also a business partner with Kushner and so on and so forth. Um, all posted together guests who is else Guess who else was at this thing? Victor Vek Allsburg. He was one of the guys who was given a lot of state run industries. McHale, Friedman. It's amazing. Like all these same people were all at the same dinner. And Ivanka Post pictures on the event on instagram thinking cenkova for an unforgettable four days in Russia. Wow. Yeah, but what? They only met once or twice, right? these religious people who just being a casual passing, ah, passing encounters in the hallway every now and then. Well, in September of 2016 right in the middle of the presidential campaign, Ivanka and Jared were with Kucova, the U S. Open in New York. I mean, there's too much. I mean, it's like the people. You have to make an argument that Oh, yeah, it's just totally a coincidence, right? Like it's totally a coincidence that may have 2017. Jared Kushner is in Colorado the same day that Abramovich is right. I mean, of course who? Remember? Remember when Jared Kushner demanded or tried to set up thes secret lines of communication between the Trump transition team and people in Russia to discuss strategy in Syria and other policy issues? I mean, there's a lot of noise about Russian meddling and a lot of the bullshit that they do. But when this dropped and it basically was just an admission in the administration, pass it off and said, Yeah, like, so what's the big deal about all this? Like, why wouldn't we want to connect with them on strategic and policy issues? And they did it because Look what happened with the Ukraine phone call. Like why the you know I can to a certain extent, like, removed from the streets. And I can't really blame the president for wanting to set up a secret line of communication with somebody to talk about things because everything is being fucking leaked. But when you have Jared Kushner wanting to do it, it's like, Do you really think it was about policy in Syria? Maybe some of it, not most of it, Right? Well, that's the That's the thing is, I can remember when this was a topic of discussion. And of course, there was the the liberal freak out at the time about this being unprecedented, inappropriate and under. But e I mean, this is something that you would not have a problem with a world leader with the president doing this if it was done for the right reason. But because of the Kushner connection in the Abramovich connection, you just can't know what's being done were what was being done or what. The reason what the reason is for wanting that secret back door. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don't you can't really can't really even do it. I mean, you have the ah, Russian oligarch. This is the last thing on sort of the too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Uh, coincidences detected November 2017. And I thought, This is This is one of the things that also sent me down the rabbit hole. So again, there's so many things to cover and we don't have time to do it all. But Abramovich, you know, he's richest guy in Israel, 11th richest guy in Russia. He has what they call Abramovich's Navy. Like we said, he gave Putin a $50 million yacht, which is a huge boat. But it's like a dinghy compared to what this guy has in his literal fleet, and he changes them up all the time and one of the 11 of his favorite Excuse me, Jesus. One of his favorites is a 500 foot yacht, um that apparently was docked in the port of Palm Beach just before President Trump made his way to Mar a Lago in November of 2017 Abramovich doctor yacht and stayed until December 5th. This is when Trump was preparing to arrive at the Florida result, dubbed the winter White House for the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, there are no reports or signs that the to our meeting, But I mean, like, I don't have evidence to say that they met. I don't have evidence to say that they talked. I don't even have evidence to say anything about it. But I will say that it's just kind of funny that when Trump is gonna be down there for an extended period of time, this guy just happens to be like, this guy could be anywhere in the world at this time of year and he's in the port of fucking Palm Beach. I mean, yeah, I get He's Jewish. I get like, you know, that's a pretty wealthy area and like whatever. But, you know, it's kind of like, All right, what's going? What's going on there? But the bigger thing. And this is kind of the last thing in Abramovich in, um, is that guests who is the leading supplier of steel slats in the United States? James, I think we way have our answer. Well, that's the thing, because do you remember when the design of the wall abruptly changed from all these prototypes that looked pretty cool, but the government spent a lot of money on. And then we were supposed to get an answer on which one of those was selected. And then we sort of got a muddled answer that none of them were selected. And they were considering an amalgamation of all of the designs. And then what came out the other end looked nothing like the other designs. Remember the Trump tweet with, like, beautiful steel slats? And it had, like, a zoomed in magnifying glass on the black sharp point at the top. And he's like, it just looks beautiful. Too Beautiful steel slats. I mean, remember, nobody had a good explanation for why this changed all of a sudden, right? Like, you could make the argument that yeah, you can put it up faster. You know, you still have to put a cement footer in there. We did all this analysis because we were still this is kind of in the waning days of Trump train riding. But, I mean, I remember all these arguments, but then the bipartisan funding deal that came out remember when the government opened up and Trump got money for 55 miles of wall. And that deal excluded the use of any barrier materials previously used, such as the steel slats and levee wall systems that they had done before Onley only the the steel slats that had been approved, not anything that they had used before. It also barred the use of the new designs, such as the concrete prototypes um, commissioned before. I'm sorry it on Lee allowed for the use of steel slats. It did not allow for any of the new prototypes, but then, But then, when you realize that and this is yet another rabbit hole, is that these oligarchs Abramovich included. But there's another one are very closely connected to GOP politicians as well, like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in yada yada yada. Um, it's kind of kind of interesting when you find out that Abramovich owns the only U. S steel company capable of manufacturing the steel slats because his Russian based ever as multinational corporations sold 400,000 tons of steel to the U. S. Last year, according to Reuters, Ever as is Russia's second largest steel company, it owns three American steel companies one in Colorado, Oregon, one in Chicago and Abramovich owns the controlling shares in these steel companies. And so it's kind of funny when you put this all together in hindsight and you're like, Wow, all of a sudden we got steel slats when that's not what anybody wanted. And then you get a bill through Congress saying that you can't build anything other than steel slats and they give money for this. It's like And then and then the barrier itself is a piece of shit that you can cut through with the salt from Harbor Freight. Yeah, it's like if the wind doesn't get to it first, Yeah, it's like the part like this is what Abramovich would want, right? But could you imagine, like how thin and shitty that steel is that they're that they're selling and then how much she's profiting from that. Um, now there's a lot of there's a lot of interference out there trying to deny that this is what's really going on here. But I mean, you'd have to make the case that no, they totally went with a different company like Abramovich has nothing to do with any of this, and you'd have to deny that there's any relationship with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, which is very well documented. Not just a casual relationship with a financial relationship. Um, and you'd have to deny this guy's connections with GOP donors and politicians and everything else in the fact that he gets out of trouble pretty much wherever he goes. And he's tied in and dialed into that network. And you started have to sort of question a lot of this stuff, right? I mean, you know, it's like maybe maybe the Russian meddling narrative is just is just a convenient ploy that they can use. This is a novelty taken coming, but maybe it's just a convenient ploy that they can use to further restrict speech in America. They can say, Well, Russia's meddling in our elections. So therefore we have to crack down on speech. Oh, that's a convenient narrative, isn't it? It's like Russia bad Russia bad. And we put sanctions on Russia, which are really that is actually happening. Um, but yeah, it's kind of I mean again, going back to our narrative of the beginning. It's like we have to look at this stuff in a more nuance way, and some of these things aren't adding up. And some of these things are adding up in a really kind of disgusting and questionable way. And yeah, I just um yeah, I'll just put that out there just like that, Yeah. And this, of course, it bears out Ah, in the sense that we have already seen Russian meddling. And we continue to see Russian meddling be used as an excuse not only for censorship by the companies themselves, but also for disenfranchisement of entire entire points of view on the left and the right disenfranchisement of populism on the left and right. And how convenient would it be if there were to be quote Russian interference at the hands of Some have Abramovich or someone like Abramovich that could then be used as the as the smoking gun, so to speak, to implement a whole host of new provisions whether these air legal provisions or or tech company policies? Or what have you that are designed to stifle the speech that this this ah transatlantic establishment wants to suppress? Exactly? Yes. So it's It's a question of, you know, on the question of Russia, it's it's It's a question of, well, Julie Bono and is Putin ultimately advancing the interests of Russians coming? Maybe in the same way that someone can say the GOP attempts to advance the interests of its constituents. But, I mean the constitutional amendments that are proposed or certainly nice sounding, Um, but do they really Are they just a slower? It's just a slower, you know, throttling of things in the same direction that they're going everywhere else and you still have to question it and if it in, discard the copes and everything else. But then you have to start looking at, well, who knows Putin surround himself with. Is it really true that Putin cleaned up the mess that Yeltsin created? And the answer to that is a resounding no. In fact, it's cleaned up in the sense that it just operates a lot more below the radar than it did before. Instead of having instead of having aluminum, um, you know, ah, plant managers and so on and so forth dying every three days. Uh, you just have things running in a much this, and this is ultimately what world jury wants, right? Like they don't want they don't want loud, you know, violent Gangsters, death in the streets blood, and it's kind of it's not the 19 seventies and eighties anymore I have in the 19 nineties anymore. They want to move past all that. And so you have to start looking at the relationships. And it's funny when you start looking at these relationships like Abramovich, it's amazing how much there's bleed over into American politics and how many, um, you know, similarities. There are You have Robert Kraft, you have Donald Trump. You've Jared Kushner. And, ah, you know, I because we've sort of are blinded by perspective. By sometimes it's there's an unwillingness to look at certain things. And I think, uh, I think it's an important exercise to engage in. So I mean and again, like this Take in this, you know, hour and 45 minutes of going through. All this stuff is it's not the be all end all take that will stand for all time for all eternity. It's like, No, it's gonna evolve in. Probably got a few things wrong here and there. Um and ah, you know, you learn from it and you move on. So yeah, um, speaking of Jews, you wanted the Weinstein stuff and then get out of here. Sure. Yeah, we could get that. Speaking of people being killed, Jennifer Aniston, to our knowledge, not an aluminum plant manager wasn't gonna stop. Harvey Weinstein. You know, in emails he sent ah to a reporter. I believe this was to a reporter after a story broke about Jennifer Aniston apparently accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment back in What was 2003? 2005. 2005 is what it was. Uh, Harvey Weinstein shoots back. Ah. Responding. The Jennifer Aniston quote should be killed. End quote. None too happy with. With the allegation, which apparently, Anderson later ah later retracted the allegation said that it wasn't true. I don't know what actually happened there. The original claim was that Edison confided to a friend during the production of the 2005 movie Derailed that Weinstein sexually assaulted her by pressing up against her back and grabbing her from behind that he would stare at her cleavage, move his mouth around, make her uncomfortable. It was massive. Harvey was infatuated with Jennifer. Aniston had a massive crush on her, constantly talked about how hot she was. Yeah, um, quite the 1 80 They're turning around saying she should be killed. But you made an interesting point. Jobs when we talked about this earlier that he didn't say this from a position of powerlessness. Not what This was not an impotent threat that Wow, I hope she gets hit by a bus where hope something bad happens to her. He said this with the with the sense that ah, she should be killed. Like as if that he as if he is someone who could make that happen. Right? This is Ah. Hey, you're telling. Yeah, he didn't He didn't say Like, I wish she would just die or, ah, fucking Jennifer Aniston. I just wish she would get run over by a car or something like that. He's like, she should be killed. Right? Which the implication there is that there is somebody in a position of authority whose job it is to kill people who don't do things that Jews like or who do things that Jews don't like, I should say. I guess they both work, but, um and so yeah, it's just telling. And it wasn't a funny like Hollywood has so many Jewish actresses, but yet It's always gentiles who are being molested and raped and tortured to death by these. Choose right, it's It's it's It's always people like Jennifer Aniston. It's ah, it's, you know just goes on down the list In the People s O is Jennifer Aniston some thirsty thought that was just like dying for Charlie Charlie Weinstein to grab her ass. And now she's she's out for the money to It's like, Dude, that takes the takes on Charlie Weinstein being sentenced to 23 years in prison today, like the takes that I'm seeing out there of that thes air. Just thirsty thoughts trying to take down Charlie because it's going to be used to take down the average Joe. If if Jews wanted to come up with a narrative for people on the right, tohave against me, too, and to do the bit in defensive Jews, that's what they would say. They would go out there and say it was The women are a bigger problem than the Jews and that the average Joe is the guy who stands to have the most danger right. He's the one who's at the most risk for the switches, which is just insane because theatrics, Joe, first of all, isn't doing shit like this. First and foremost, it's Jews meat to has taken down Jews. We've made that point many, many times. It's those of the people. Better empower those of the people, um, of racking up indictments, racking up prison sentences and in some cases, you know, some really not so happy endings Epstein ended up in that situation that was probably to save his death. Probably was to save a lot of other, um damage and bleed on that. But I mean, yeah, this is a problem, But just imagine being the guy that goes out there and says, No, no, no, this is thes dirty fucking sluts, and it's only a matter of time before they do it to an average Joe. It's what we have to stop this right now and it's basically like, Yeah, now you're doing the bit for Jews, and it's like even the GOP, like even the GOP is going out there and saying, Yeah, fuck Harvey Weinstein. But that guy let that Hollywood elitist after rot in prison for 23 years. It's like even they have better takes than the people who go out and just basically do the bit for juice. You are a Shabbos goy And yeah, I don't you know, cause Jennifer Aniston Yeah, it's like whatever, dude, like, I think I've beaten it into the ground. Well, and when you're furthering this gender war narrative and there are some very it's almost hard to put yourself in this mindset. But there are some people out there the Olt light eyes out in force saying that well, we really need to stick up for Harvey Weinstein and defend Harvey Weinstein because if if they get this prosecution, they're going to railroad average men for who are accused of sexual assault, this is going to set the precedent like guy as this president not already been set that have men never been railroaded for false sexual sold allegations before they have. But in this case, this is not a case of false allegations. This is not someone who is being maliciously accused for careerist purposes or for political purposes. This is someone who was actually engaging in predatory behavior over a span of decades against these women, and he's being he's being given a 23 year sentence, which I Personally, I think it's actually lenient. I mean, there are people out there like thinking that they're the biggest brain in the room with the best optic. Believe me, the best optics out there saying that this is something only like liberal women are supporting. I mean, that's just so stupid. They that's such a stupid take and this idea that you are serving anyone other than the juice. When you say this gender war needs to be first and foremost that we need to put the war of men versus women. This is the most important battle we need to fight like the only person benefiting when you do that is the Jews that want to see you not start healthy families. It's the people that want to see you. So you never have Children. Never broke rate once it wants these women to become cat ladies, right? You're not. You're not reversing the cultural or moral decline When you do this when you incite. Ah, you know, impressionable young people to view women as the sole problem as the reason for for why, you know, we have the societal problems. They have been affected and manipulated much to the same way men have right and this idea, and it's funny to see to these people. Come out and say You're stuck in 2016 with your Mihm's when they're out there themselves, doing the Teufel women equal to men I'm big brained in a centrist. I'm the rial liberal. It's like, What are you doing? You're doing the the liberal ist bit from 2015 saying that these gender dynamics don't riel and that women aren't forced into engaging in behaviors by look, you don't have to be a feminist este w blue hair to admit that women can be manipulated by more powerful men in the workplace into performing sexual favors for them. Yeah, there just either homosexuals or they really can only get pussy in the same way that Charlie one I did. I keep saying Charlie Weinstein, I said that I said it like subliminally. I guess on one of these episodes and somebody was like L O L Jazz Charlie Weinstein and I was just like, did I see Charlie once? He must have said Charlie Weinstein, because I just fucking said it Now. Harvey Weinstein. Yeah, this is like people who want to just do what Harvey did or right. The only way the only way that they can get hussy is to do it. Harvey did in. They want to carve out a space for themselves. Now. I think it's more likely that they're just homosexuals, but that's beside the point. I mean, it's it's probably it's either one. It doesn't matter. They're both fucking bad and awful and degenerate. Well, whether it's Charlie her, Harvey, it don't matter. But if you're defending this guy, yeah, really think long and hard about what your political priorities are and who you want to see be taken down and whether you're putting ah, an animus towards women towards white women. And that's the thing. Whether you're blaming white women for being raped by a Jew, just consider if you're taking that position and, uh, do some introspection, or consider the fact that your naked support for Judaism is so transparent to everybody. You just look like a fucking fraud and your baby me. And that's probably partially why people take that position anyway, because you're kind of just on a downward spiral, and it really doesn't stop until you reached the bottom in that bottom is essentially just another never ending pit of zero credibility. A man who goes out. I mean, look. Look at the GOP, like boomers and the GOP. Or like Fuck, yeah, this guy's going to jail. But that's the That's the natural emotion. Yeah, I think the people, the average sentiment here is much is much less new. Inst then some are artificially trying to to make it right. If you read, I would guess I haven't looked myself. But I would guess if you read the Breitbart Common section, there's people saying only 23 years, and that's probably the mildest sentiment there. So for all of the concern about optics, for all the concern about but about looking looking good to people in greasing those skids of the church B B Q Yeah, go to your average church barbecue and start Ah, start. Uh oh. Well, actually, I I think our view should be let go See how well that skin breezing goes for you and ah, yeah, I mean, what? I guess the claim was gonna be This is just ironic, right? This is an ironic defense of Harvey Weinstein, and you just don't get it because you're a cream that Well, I have three more things, and we're starting to do this bad habit where we do, like, two hours uninterrupted. And then it's pretty much just gonna be, like striking striking Mike, like four. I think they did four hours. Um, which is fine. I just You know, we got I got to take a fucking piss so bad. But I have three more things. Rapid number one, number one Because I have to read con my own my own take from the very first part of the show because Donald Trump has come out and spoken at this point. And his band all travel to Europe for 30 days from Europe starting Friday. So you can't even do the wrong thing, right? Right. Like banning travel from Europe, but not from, like, literally, anywhere else. Like way actually have a travel ban to the white countries, but to China? No. Um, Tom Hanks has Corona virus. Him and his wife now have Corona virus. According to the Chiron, um, and so does an n B. A player and the n B. A season has been permanently suspended because of that. So sports ball Bounced ball is on hiatus. But the thing that I wanted to read con from the beginning of the show is when we did the irony Broker's bid, it's so fucking accurate in its so on point because you know what this orange bloviating faggot did Aside from everything else, if I understand this correctly, that payroll tax holiday that they were going to do remember how Donald Trump comes out with, like, yeah, we're going to do, We're gonna do this really big thing, and then it ends up being 1\/2 measure 1\/4 measure. Well, you're not getting a payroll tax unless you call and prove that you have been negatively impacted. So you have 7400 points off the Dow, dead bodies piling up. You haven't a pandemic crisis underway, and you thought that that was gonna be the thing that got your payroll tax holiday. Now you have to fucking prove it, right? If the fucking prove it, and they're going to give loans to small businesses to James, you just take loans and get, you know, pay high interest rates. You give loans at the rate that banks borrow from the federal government. Do you think they're gonna do that? No, I don't think so. Yeah, I have my doubts. Yeah. Wow. That, uh I mean, might as well just outsource the entire vetting program, Then, for determining whether you qualify. Might want to outsource it to that Amazon and Microsoft initiative. Where, Unless you're brown, illegal immigrant, non English speaker, sex worker need not apply. See, this is the thing. Um, I'm wondering what stocks are going to do tomorrow, Like in the future is already down 700. Lock and load. Yeah, I can, cause I mean suspending travel. It's from the Europe, from Europe to us. So I think maybe you can go to Europe from the US or you could go to Europe from the S. I don't really I don't really fucking No, but yeah, the Tom Hanks news in the n b. A news. I mean yet stocks. It's gonna be a fucking bloodbath tomorrow, so Yeah, well, we're giving you the comfort of a three hour and 15 minutes plus podcast. So hope you enjoy it. The Russian history, the hot takes on tournaments. Big stuff coming this weekend. And, uh, yeah, anything about that arms. I think we're good. Okay. See you guys later.