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Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Donald Trump is a member of the Trump Family. Donald Trump's father is Fred Trump Sr, whose father was Frederick Trump. Donald trump's brother is Fred Trump Jr. Donald Trump's children include Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Eric Trump.

Judge Charles Stuart ruled that Donald Trump had engaged in fraud, among other charges... The case was settled, and the agreement was sealed, just like the records for the proceedings that lead to the sweetheart deal for Jeffrey Epstein after he was caught running a child-rape racket for blackmail across state lines.
Tony Salerno was the Genovese Family boss at the time.
Roy Cohn had also been the Court Jew lawyer for Senator Joseph McCarthy, in a deal in which the ADL and other Jewish organizations and the Media companies they owned were tone down the charges of Anti-Semitism against McCarthy in exchange for letting an ADL-linked Jew, Roy Cohn, ensure that the overwhelmingly Jewish nature of the spies for the Soviet Union against the US was not made into a theme by the House Committee On Un-American Activities. By the end of the Cold War, it had been proven that just shy of 90% of spies against the US for the Soviet Union had been ethnically Jewish.
This shows that Donald Trump largely did business with fellow Front Goyim, such as the Gambino Family, whose handler/Court Jew for the ADL/Jewish Organized Crime was also Roy Cohn
Resorts International was an outgrowth of the Mary Carter Paint Company, the Meyer Lansky company set up by Allan Dulles with protection run by the CIA (!!!read "The New Jerusalem" by Michael Collins Piper to expand on this)
After the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate's Front Goy Politician, Fulgencio Batista, was overthrown by Fidel Castro in Cuba, Jewish Organized Crime had to find a new place to run its gambling operations, which had previously been centered in Cuba. Jewish Organized Crime's Meyer Lansky's regional head in Chicago, Seymour Weiss sent Front Goyim in the US Italian Mafia to build up Las Vegas to replace Cuba as Jewish Organized Crime's center for gambling operations. This was largely funded by the Teamsters' Pension Fund, organized by Front Goy Jimmy Hoffa, a Front Goy for Seymour Weiss's Chicago outfit.
* Resorts International, when it went by the name [[Mary Carter Paint Company]], was part of a merger with Crosby-Miller, which had been acquired by three time governor of New York, Thomas Dewey.
The lawyer for Joseph Weichselbaum secured a move for the Trump Employee Joseph Weichselbaum Narcotics Smuggling Case, such that the case was not to be heard by judge Maryanne Berry, whose name had been Maryanne Trump before she got married; judge Maryanne Berry was Donald Trump's sister.
Maryanne Berry recused herself from the Trump Employee Joseph Weichselbaum Narcotics Smuggling Case, but then Donald Trump wrote a letter to the replacement judge, and Joseph Weichselbaum, despite it being his third felony, only wound up getting three years sentence.
Bob LiButti was caught on tape, in a probe, referring to John Gotti as his boss, and was banned from all of New Jersey's (Atlantic City's) casinos.
- three Ferrari sports cars,
- three Rolls Royce luxury cars
- Two Bentley luxury cars
- and a Mercedes
but when approached by law enforcement, Trump claimed not to recognize Bob LiButti's name, and later said he hardly knew him
Vince McMahon came up with Wrestle-Mania, which was the first major Pay Per View operation; it was profitable, and became an annual event.
Donald Trump helped Vince McMahon by bringing Wrestle-Mania 4 and 5 to Atlantic City in 1988 and 1989.
* At Wrestle-Mania 4, Bob LiButti was in the front row, in the seat next to Donald Trump (later, Donald Trump would claim he had hardly known Bob LiButti, at first saying to law enforcement that he didn't recognize the name).
At this time, they appeared on the cover together of Charles Douglas Jackson's Time Life Magazine, with their picture next to the title, "McCarthy and His Men".
Gerard David Schine was Roy Cohn's gay lover, even though Roy Cohn would not admit that he was gay until shortly before he died of AIDS
  • Roger Stone, who was a campaign adviser to Donald Trump, worked with Roy Cohn, and he said, "Roy was not gay! He was a man who liked having sex with other men! Gays are weak, effeminate... he always seemed to have these young boys around..." (having underage children around for sexual purposes was also the reputation for Jeffrey Epstein when he was running the Epstein Spy Ring, at times, out of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.