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The Warren Commission, established by Executive Order 11130 by Lyndon Johnson, was a White Wash designed to take the task of investigation out of the hands who might actually do a proper investigation into JFK's assignation and place it into the hands of people who would ensure those responsible would never be exposed to public scrutiny.

Mickey Cohen was the only prisoner EVER bailed out of Alcatraz and his bond was signed by Chief Justice Earl Warren... who was later made the face of the Warren Commission, which 'investigated' the John F Kennedy Assassination.
* The senior counsel Warren Commission staffer responsible for looking into the backgrounds of Lee Harvey Oswald and Chicago mobster, Jacob Rubenstein, or Jack Ruby, to ensure they both acted alone, was Albert E Jenner,
Albert E Jenner was an anti-John F Kennedy corporate lawyer for Henry Crown of Chicago's Crown Family.
* 13 years before the John F Kennedy Assassination, the Crown Family and the Schine Family had united through marriage, when Henry Crown's son, Lester Crown, married Junius Myer Schine's daughter, Renee Schine (G David Schine's sister)