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The following is a transcription of the Film War Is Always By Deception, by Ryan Dawson.
This is a work in progress as of 20200610@1952CST, and is pending a review of all places bookmarked with the "!!!" characters with the original creator of the content, at which time, the questions represented by the place holders will be answered and the missing data input to this transcript, and then editing for spelling will be performed.
To watch the film, go to https://ANCReport.com, or https://www.ancreport.com/free-films-and-videos/, and scroll down to "War Is Always By Deception"


Dick Cheney: (audio clip):

"So, we've never made the case or argued the case that somehow Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11 ; that evidence has never been forthcoming"


on screen:" "By Way of Deception though shall do war" - Motto Of The Mossad - Victor Ostrovsky"

Text on Screen: "People presented in this film do no necessarily agree nor disagree with the entire presentation"

00:00:15 :05
video plays of World Trade Center towers with shading effects

text on screen during video segment: "The Impacted turned the world Black and White... Good Guys vs "Evil Doers" "

George W Bush (audio clip): "No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people and the stability of the world than the regime of Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi regime to any American. "

Dick Cheney: (audio clip):

"There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has..."


text on screen: "9/11... Anthrax... War... What Really Happened?"


text on screen: "ANTI-NEOCONS - www.Rys2sense.com"

This isn't just a film about 9/11, and the wars that followed. This isn't just about the lies from the press and the Pentagon. It's about our world, and how information is conveyed, and how prejudice is fostered by deception... about how we are subjected to Indoctrination, and used, and pitted against one and other...

on screen: Picture of donkey and elephant hand puppets on nefarious looking illustration of Uncle Sam, with text "I WANT YOU, to disagree and fight against each other while I retain complete control."

To understand the massive military expenditure...

picture on screen entitled "Defense Spending" with graph comparing US spending vs other countries

..., and how it is eating up so much wealth...

Picture on screen with drawing of a TV and text, "Weapons of Mass Deception"

, the first hurdles we have to get over is the trust in the mass Media...

Picture on screen: diagram of stakeholers for Time Warner with caption, "Time Warner has their hands in everything"

... and the stigma of the concept of Conspiracy.

On screen, text: "Conspriacy =/= Paranoia... Conspiracy = Covert Operation]]... Drop the emotional label association

There are a lot of strange conspiracies about many things, but that is not a reason to reject conspiracies categorically.

Picture: John F Kennedy, dead, on an examination table

For example, the Iran-Contra affair...

Picture on screen: Oliver North, in Marine Corps service uniform, giving testimony

... was a massive Conspiracy, hidden from the public for years. It happened in my lifetime...

Time Magazine cover with Oliver North with quote, "I was authorized to do everything I did"

..., and it involved billions of dollars...

Picture on screen of Benjamin Netanyahu with !!!_____???, at the !!!Tower Commission???

... and multiple countries.

Picture of Iran-Contra Contras

This was a case when one part of the government didn't even know what another part of the government was doing.

Pictures of screen of theUS Congress building and then the Pentagon building


picture of one of the !!!Contras??? holding a severed head

Thousands of people were murdered...

Text on screen: "20,000 Nicaraguan people killed"

Multiple countries, in Central America, as well as Iran and Israel, were involved. And yet, it was kept as a total secret from the media, or perhaps better said, BY the Media for years.

On Screen: (from Rys2sense.com): map of stakeholders of MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News

Not only was it possible to hide this from the public, but most of the government was unaware of the activities of a small Cabal from within.

Picture on screen of members of the Cabal (!!!Ask Dawson to identify each of the 5 faces)

Pictures of a woman un US Army uniform with the name patch "Lynch", followed by a picture of her staged in some sort of Attrocity Propaganda photoshoot

Covert Actions and Deception in the press aren't irregular... they're normal.

Text on screen: Iran-Contra comparison, 911 Hypothesis

The Continuity Of Government, a compartment within the CIA, was acting on its own with other intelligence agencies for selective business interests.

Picture on screen:
Drug smugglers next to hundreds of pounds of refined drugs
a photo of the DynCorp International logo, with motto, "Every Mission Is Critical"
a photo of Sikorsky, "A United Technologies Company
a photo of the Northrop Grumman company logo
a photo of Bell Helicoptor, a Textron Company, logo

And, it had made plans to subvert the Constitution...

screen displays a mock logo for Shadow Government, with motto, "Trading Your Liberty For Our Security"

... for the Homeland Security State...

Photo of emblem for "US Department Of Homeland Security"

in the event of a disaster.
(video clip): Congressman Jack Brooks, (Democrat, Texas), asks Oliver North the question:

"Colonel North, during your work at the NSC, were you not assigned at one time to work on plans for the Continuity Of Government In The Event Of A Major Disaster?

!!!Man sitting to the left??? of Oliver North responds:

"Mr. Chairman..." (gavel slams)

Senator Daniel Inouye interjects:

"I believe that question touches on a highly sensitive and Classified area... So, may I request that you not touch upon that, Sir."

(Text on screen:) They would move this and others questions to a Secret Session
The CIA, along with Zionist hawk, Michael Ladeen...

picture of Michael Ladeen

, and Iran-Contra Middleman, Manucher Ghorbanifar, financed operations with illegal arms and drug sales...

Picture on screen: map of world displaying Cocaine and Opium cultivation areas

opium from Laos during the Vietnam War...

Picture on screen: map opium cultivation areas around Laos

and Golden Triangle (and) Cocaine from Central and South America, and presently Opium(/Heroin) from Golden Crescent...

Picture of man in US Army uniform in a Poppey Field

...in Afghanistan
The Black Market Weapons Trade, and the sale of illegal drugs...

picture of drug smuggling routes out of the Golden Crescent

..., such as Cocaine and Opium(/Heroin) are routine methods to finance Black Ops, off the book operations, hidden from Oversight. In fact, some of the same people..

picture of Michael Ladeen

..., Michael Ladeen and Manucher Ghorbanifar...

Picture of Manucher Ghorbanifar

..., had themselves neck deep in the Niger Forgeries...

Picture of one of the forged documents

(Text on screen:) Time Magazine "Probing the Mess" (December 22, 1986) (http://content.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19861222,00.html)

..., which acted as a central lie in the pre-war propaganda of weapons of mass destruction...

Text on screen: "Yellow Cake Uranium"

...,used as a pretext to wage war on Iraq.
It is crucial for people to understand this, because one of the reasons they reject Conspiracy Theories about 9-11 or about Iraq, is because they just can't fathom that it could be done. They assume, wrongly, that the Media would say something. Millions protested the war before the invasion...

pictures of people at protests against the Iraq War

..., and received virtually no converge. That bubble has to be popped.
The Iran-Contra scandal has since been admitted to...

Picture on screen: Time Magazine, with Fall Goy, Oliver North's picture with cover story title, "PROBING THE MESS"

..., however, many of the people involved did not get in any real trouble...

New York Times cover page, "Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Averting a Weinberger Trial; Prosecutor Assails 'Cover Up'

...they were simply given Presidential Pardons either by George Bush Sr

On Screen: Bush Pardoned: Caspar Weinberger Elliot Abrams Robert McFarlane and Clair George... also the CIA's Alan Fruers and Duane Clarridge

or Bill Clinton. And the Commission chosen to investigate the affair was actually chosen to cover it up. This pattern of crime and damage control continues.
Take Brent Scowcroft, on the Tower Commission to investigate illegal arms sales, later chairman of the American-Turkish Council, and involved in illegal arms trades himself.
When patriots expose how blatantly obvious it is that there is a Cover Up, regardless of how much evidence they have, the criminal's last refuge is to hide behind the stigma associated with Conspiracy. They want to ignore history in favor of belief based on authority. It is crucial for one to understand the National Security State and its capacities before we talk about 9-11 and the lies about Preemptive Wars.

On Screen: The Contra White Wash

The lead investigator into Iran-Contra gave most of the key suspects Immunity was Lee hamilton. Lee Hamilton was later chosen to be part of the 9-11 Commission. The 9-11 Commission was a complete farce, and a total Whitewash... but we'll be digging into this bunch later... Let's just say Lee Hamilton had experience covering for the National Security State. 00:05:54:00

On Screen: Because of Lee Hamilton's immunities, the following crooks walked: Oliver North (later CEO of Guardian Technologies International), John Poindexter (later Senior Vice President at Syntek Technologies)

He didn't lose any sleep over over helping the Neocons where Cold Warrior meets Zionist fanatic.
On the House Select Committee To investigate The Illegal Arms Trade with Iran was the ranking Republican, Dick Cheney, later made Secretary Of Defense after the US Senate refused to confirm John Tower of the Tower Commission Whitewash.

!!!(George Bush Sr attempted to appoint... )???
On screen, picture of 9 people, with caption: "Also Henry Kissinger and George Mitchelle"
!!!(...to the Secretary Of Defense position)???t

Dick Cheney, of course, would serve as Vice President for George Bush Sr's son, George W Bush, president during 9-11. These crooks continued to work in government, regardless of what administration was in charge. And, if you're still under the delusion that the left or right still matter, you won't be by the end of this film.

On Screen: The 9-11 Commission will be addressed in greater detail in the 911 section of this film.

The CIA and the Mossad have conducted countless Covert Operations and False Flags... Too many to name... (Dawson shows the) 'CIA's Best Hits' (on screen):

The Gehlen Organization, Operation Gladio, MK-Ultra, Operation Chaos, Operation Bluebird, Operation Ajax, Operation Condor, Operation PBSuccess, Operation DBAchilles, Operation Pheonix, Operation Paperclip, Operation IAFeature, Operation Artichoke, Operation Mockingbird

Heads of State Have been assassinated...
Puppets have been installed...

On Screen 00:06:46:00: President of Ecuador Jaime Roldos - killed by the CIA in 1981,

The National Security State's personal interests are thinly cloaked

On Screen 00:06:46:00: CIA assassination of President of Panama, Omar Torrijos (1981)

under the Guise Of Fighting Communism,

On Screen 00:06:55:00: President Salvador Allende of Chile, Sep 11th military coup was supported by the CIA

or now, Terrorism, but rest assured...

On Screen 00:06:59:00 President of Guatemala Jacobo Arbenz kill ed by CIA 1954

...the invasion of Afghanistan had nothing to do with looking for Osama Bin Laden, or 9-11, and...

On Screen 00:07:03:00 Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi CIA installed Shah of Iran,

... invading Iraq, even less. Invading Iraq under such a pretext, even if one swallowed the the official version (of events), would be as silly as invading Mexico after Pearl Harbor. Of course, one would think differently after watching the mass Media...


On screen: A screenshot of Fox News with bottom caption, "Fox News Alert: REPORT: 500 CHEMICAL WEAPONS HAVE BEEN FOUND IN Iraq"...
Ryan Dawson comes back at 00:07:20:09 with comment superimposed over picture of "Pure Lies"

... in the run up to the Iraq War. The press is nothing more than a PR machine for the Pentagon. They acted as nothing but talking heads for Pentagon talking points. The state-run Media if it reports a scandal at all, reports a filtered version of it.... and the state-run education... well, we are lucky if our kids can speak their own native language.

Video rolls of John F Kennedy motorcade as the John F Kenendy Assassination happens

State deception and conspiracy isn't rare, it's normal.... Blindly believing your TV is irresponsible, and it's stupid. There is nothing cookey or funny about Covert Warfare and assassinations. It deserves open scrutiny and sincere investigation. 00:07:59:28

At end of footage John F Kennedy Assassination Footage, Ryan Dawson highlights the figure of a person in the bottom right, with comment, "Wanna know who that was? Wanna know who else knew who that was? And who knew he knew and blackmailedh him?...... See my film, "The Kennedy Murders and Cover Ups" (2012) "

To pretend that America's foreign policy is based on benevolence is outstandingly ignorant. To deny the actuality of Covert Actions and massive Deception is equally asinine. There are way too many counter-examples of successful conspiracies...

Picture of the Watergate Hotel

and hoaxes...

picture of "Y2K" on screen

For example, man-made global warming hype has been based on

Picture of the Hockey Stick Global Warming Curve followed by a picture of (at 00:08:26:19) a sportscar covered in freeze.... followed by (at 00:08:28:18) picture making fun of the media and global warming

Y2K as a covert ops hoax, as well as man-made global warming hype has been based on politics, not science. But look at how uniformly the Media, Academia, and the government work together on the myth....

video of reinactment of the Abraham Lincoln Assassination

... We're not just talking about hiding assassinations. The US has been able to kill millions using covert warfare. See here, John Stockwell talk about the CIA's secret wars on the third world. The following is a clip is a clip showing John Stockwell, former CIA station chief. (lecture given in October 1987). John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief.

"We launched the largest -- this is something that Jimmy Carter did, Admiral Turner brags about it --... The operation in Afghanistan... the biggest single operation I'm told in the history of the CIA's secret wars. And, sure enough, very quickly, we produced the Golden Crescent, which is still the largest source of Heroin, perhaps in the world today. Trying to summarize this third world war, that the CIA, the US National Security Complex, with the US Military interwoven in it, in many different ways... has been waging... Let me just put it this way... the best heads that I coordinate with studying this thing, we count, at least, minimum figure, six million people who've been killed in this long 40 year war that we've waged against the third world."

Iran-Contra took the Kissinger Model to new heights. Never before had the military and intelligence agencies sought so many private sector sources of finance...

Picture of Bank Of Credit And Commerce Internationa

..., to such a degree.... and in keeping with the Distancing Factor...

Picture of soldier guarding a Poppey Field

... of the old British system of Privateering, combined with the global arms industry market, the US had no shortage of willing partners to needlessly kill for profit. Dawson states that the only common interest was profit. The fact that it was done showed a step in the magnitude and capacity for multinational covert activities, completely divorced from moral limits, completely divorced from common interest, other than profit.
Iran-Contra was a conspiracy. ..

Pictureo of Yitzhak Rabin on screen

...John Pointdexter was convicted of Conspiracy...

Picture of John Poindexter

but the conviction was later overturned because of 'Immunity'.

(pictures follow of:)
- Yitzhak Rabin - Frank Carlucci, Secretary Of Defense - George Schultz, Secretary of State - Shimon Peres - Yitzhak Shamir - Anastasio Somoza - Benjamin Netanyahu - David Kimche

.. Here we have massive, geopolitical, covert operation, done by a faction within the America government, and concentrated in the office of the Vice President, and the Department Of Defense, working jointly with a faction in Israel, to illegally sell weapons and drugs, in order to secure profits, to pay off the Contras to fight against the Santonistas (picture of shown). And the entire time this was happening, the Israelis were spying on the United States and stealing nuclear secrets. It wasn't until after Iran-Contra was busted, that Jonathan Pollard was also ousted as a spy for Israel and thrown in jail. Later, in the buildup to 911, once again...

Pictures shown of:
- Robert Gates - Dick Cheney - William Kristol

..., we have a Cabal within the US concentrated within the office of the Vice President and the Department Of Defense, working with Israel, to set up this event, and again, the entire time Israel (picture of William Kristol shown) and if that isn't enough the men who were chosen to Whitewash the investigation into Iran-Contra were chosen...

pictures shown of: - Lee Hamilton - !!!Who is picture labled 'satan'?

..., again to Whitewash the investigation into 911. That is why I'm bringing up Iran-Contra and Israel. <blockquote Text on Screen: "An Israeli Connection (MIC's #1 cash cow)"


Picture of Colin Powell holding vile

The war in Iraq wasn't based on mistaken intelligence, it was based on lies...

Cartoon picture of Mobile Weapons Labs


Picture of the Saddam Hussein Killed Babies In Incubators Girl

..., known deceptions... However, if a person relies only on television that Iraq did not have WMDs and there never was any evidence for that claim.... That the US had no real interest in liberating the Kurds or allowing a legitimate democracy... that they planned perpetual war from the start, and that permanent bases were always part of the agenda... and that intelligence agencies intentionally fostered religious in-fighting, even going as far as posing to be one faction while murdering another, to set off cycles of revenge killings... Then they are always going to be in the dark, because this is not going to be on television
The media doesn't report it....

00:12:5300: On Screen: Picture shown of article from May 13, 2008: "Pentagon Media Analysts Appeared On Major Networks Or Were Quoted More than 4,500 times."

...The Media is owned by the Pentagon, and both have Overlapping Boards Of Directorates, it is one large corporation; they lie!

00:13:05:00 On screen: People involved in Iran-Contra were also part of the Continuity Of Government (an emergency back up government that became a shadow government (Project 908)).

Text on Screen: People involved in Iran-Contra were also part of Continuity Of Government, an emergency backup government that became a shadow government. The Iran-Contra operation was run out of the Office of the Vice President by former CIA Director, George Bush Sr. George Bush Sr was the Director, when the CIA was preparing intelligence cells in Pakistan and Afghanistan and to fight a Proxy War with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan... Call them modern Privateers...
On Screen: Video documentary segment:

In the early 1980s, Bin Laden worked with operatives from US intelligence, the Pakistani military, and Arab states. They ran a wide-ranging, covert network that recruited and financed Muslim fighters to battle to Soviet army

These units were used again to finance 9-11 Hijackers, who where on the protection, of top officials, Chertoff and Porter Goss, who intentionally stifled FBI...

On Screen: (picture of John O'Neil with red 'x'through it (!!!Why the Red X???)

...attempts to investigate members of these cells. ..., thus ensuring 911's success...

On Screen: (picture of Anthony Shaffer, in army uniform).

The question is, did the Privateers double cross the US in a form of blow back, or was it jointly planned?...

Picture on screen of men doing Muskateers' "all for one" hand pile: !!!Ask Dawson who is in this picture

It was planned AND assisted. Not only were the bag men...

!!!Ask Dawson who the people in the picture are, and if they are the bag men.

..., who financed the operation protected; the hijackers themselves were protected, relocated two steps ahead of the FBI...

00:14:20:00 On Screen (!!!Grab a screenshot) of the picture of the hijackers, !!!Ask Dawson to identify them each...

..., thanks to the Israelis' phone taps and monitoring...

00:14:23:00 (!!! grab screenshot of) Picture of a wiretap system

..., of both the federal agents and the hijackers themselves. 00:14:26:00
(!!!ask Dawson where to find) Fox News clip: from video fox news excerpt with journalist [[Carl Cameron] narrating:

"Some American terrorism investigators fear certain suspects in the September 11th attacks may have managed to stay ahead of them, by knowing when and whom investigators were calling on the telephone... "

Carl Cameron on screen, recording on location somewhere:

"... and what troubles investigators most, particularly in New York in the counter-terrorism investigation of the World Trade Center attack, is that on a number of casessuspects they had wanted to wiretap and surveil immediately changed their telecommunications processes; they started acting much differently as soon as those supposedly secret wire taps went into place.

They also monitored the airports and planes...

picture with "ICTS International N V" (!!!Ask Dawson about this)

those were needed to explain and justify the event...

15:07: !!!grab picture AND !!!ask Dawson about the picture "left side WTC6, wind going the other way"

The assured damage was done by bombs...

0015:1000: Picture of craters where founations of WTC towers used to be... !!!grab picture AND !!!ask Dawson about picture captioned "that's not from falling debris, that's from bombs"

..., within the buildings. As you will see later, bombs, and bombers were found on 911...

00:15:13:00 On Screen: (!!!grab picture AND !!!ask Dawson about) A picture appears, captioned "The lobby, busted windows and panels 96 floors; "The lobby's busted panels and windows 96 floors below the plane's impact"

... The bombers were released, and the steel from the buildings quickly destroyed, shipped off to China and India."

1521: !!!grab screenshot of article from BBC News "September 11 steel recycled..."

There is no way this was done simply as a 'double-cross'. No one but the government itself would have the means to do something...

15:30: picture of text "Colonel Robert K Marr was confused by the drills. He asked "Is this Real World or Exercise?"

... like run a drill of the exact scenario of 911, on 911...

On screen: Newspaper with story in large print, "NORAD had drills eerily like Sept. 11 - Pentagon, Trade Center among imagined targets" !!!Ask Dawson which newspaper this was

..., to ensure that interceptors would be too far away and confused to stop the planes.

15:37: !!!grab picture and !!!ask Dawson which paper/date is the picture of the article headlined "NORAD had drills eerily like Sept. 11; Pentagon, Trade Center among imagined targets"

15:38: !!!grab audio... 9-11 Air Traffic Controller Conversation - Confused By NORAD Drill:

Person 1: 'Boston sent a team{inaudible to me}' We have a problem here, we have a hijacked aircraft... ... headed towards New York, and we need you guys uhh, someone, to scramble some F-16s or something up there to help us out.

Appeared on screen during audio clip:

00:15:43:00 (!!!grab screenshot of) On Screen: Article shown: "War games on 9/11 Paralyzed Attempts to Intercept Planes" ---... also, at 00:15:45:04, !!!Dawson, who is in the picture?

response from ____ (see last image mentioned above):

Person 2: "Is this Real World, or exercise?"

counter-response from ___ (name from image mentioned above):

Person 1: "No, this is not an exercise..."

15:56: !!!grab pic: On Screen: picture of Dick Cheney and King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz

Dick Cheney, Vice President and husband of president of Lockheed Martin, and the leader of Project 908, purposely held back defense, until it was too late to act....

00:16:06:00 On Screen (!!!grab screenshot of) ABC News Dec 19 (2002?) titled "FBI calls off Terror Investigations"., where Ryan Dawson highlists the passage, "Official told to 'back off' on Saudis before September 11

... Osama Bin Laden did not have the authority or power...

00:16:10:00 On Screen (!!!grab screenshot of) 'Archive' article by Gred Palast and David Pallister from the Guardian "FBI claims Bin Laden inquiry was frustrated; Officials told to 'back off' on Saudis before September 11"

... to force the FBI Agents off of his trail. Bin Laden didn't have the means to set up a False Flag, and steal Anthrax from within American labs, and take credit for it with his hijackers and associate it to Iraq...

Picture on screen showing "Israel with US Media" inserting "Anthrax lies" between two circles, on lablbed Al Qaeda and the other Iraq

16:20: !!!grab image "Israel with US media"

... to falsely lead America into believing Iraq and Al Qaeda were together, and start a war there to bog down American forces... the US and Israel did that all on their own.

16:32: !!!grab picture of Bin Laden with caption, "Trained by the CIA, Funded by the American taxpayer"

... The US government provided the protection, Pakistan the money, Israel the bombs (and 9-11 Hijacker Cell Leaders), and...

(!!!grab image at 16:39) with capttion, "and cell leaders"...

16:44: !!!grab screenshot of hijackers

... and Saudi Arabia provided some bodies, Useful Idiots who were guided by Mossad...

!!!grab highlight of screenshot showing Mossad operatives within hijackers

... WITHIN the hijackers' cells, a lot like the Oklahoma city...

16:48: !!!grab picture of hawk eye of Ryder truck and !!!ask Dawson the significance of the picture

... bombing, where the FBI's Co-Intel Pro were actually directing...

16:52: !!!grab picture of person and !!!ask Dawson who it is

... the racist groups, and practically creating the terrorism themselves...

16:58: Picture of Judith Miller with caption, "Judith Miller tried to connect that (OKC Bombing) to the Iraqis too"

..., needing to be embedded in a group, merely so that there would be some form of Patsy to blame it on.

00:17:04:00 !!!grab this video and !!!ask Dawson where it is from... video with'live' logo in top left with narration... OKC Bombing coverage:

"... One explosion caused... it appears now we are learning about the succession... or what some would obviously hope would be a succession of explosions... the first bomb in the succession did go off, it caused the hole in the building you see there... the second explosive was found and diffused... the third explosive was found, and they're working on that right now as we speak, I understand. Both the second and third explosives, if you can imagine this, were larger than the first.

17:34: white text on black screen appears "Strange suicidings and "missing" video footage plague the OKC Bombing and 911 Bombings.

17:38: from recording (!!!grab): Scott Horton, Jesse Trentadue 2010 interview:

"and he killed himself in prison too.... just like he tried to say about your brother. the brother: "and I have an eyewitness named '!!!Alvin Gillis Baker', and a month before the trial was to start in 2000, they found him hanging in his cell too... all three: (!!!lookup these names) Guthrie, my brother and Baker supposedly committed suicide by hanging themselves in federal custody. 18:00 host: You know,the last time we spoke you mentioned that the [[!!!Expert Sent By Government To Examine XPERSONX Suicide In Custody Tapes|expert, you know, who was sent by the government, to examine the video tapes of what happened on the cell block that night was ordered not to discuss what was on the tapes, and then later himself was found dead.

00:18:13:00 video clip (with caption 'via phone, Mike Arnett, Attorney' )
00:18:15:00: audio which transitions to video of reporters with audio:

" The justice department is reporting that a second explosive device has been found in the AP Murrah Building in downtown Oklahoma... Mike your still on with us, aren't you?...
Mike Arnett: "Yes, I am, and I'd like to tell you, that in addition to that, in fact, what we were told at the scene a few minutes ago was that in fact, two different explosive devices were found, in addition to the one that went off (female reporter interjects: "so a total of three, right?")
Mike Arnett: A total of three... "

18:37: another news video clip (breaking news 9):

"...now confirmed through federal authorities that a second bomb has been found inside that federal building in Oklahoma City. It was an explosion at nine O'Clock this morning, and that did that, blowing off that entire north face of that building, again, you're looking at the north face there. A second bomb was found on the east side of that building..."

eagle eye video of north face of building with commentator:
!!!Ask Dawson who these two people are talking!

First man: "Now, another thing is that there were video tapes that were seen by the Los Angeles Times and NBC News 4 In Oklahoma City, and I think I sent you that audio clip, right?... (guest responds, "right") where you were going use that to prove to a judge that these tapes have been seen, the LA times saw them, and they show McVeigh sit in the truck, according to news 4, in, ummm, Oklahoma City... and it's John Doe Two that gets out of the truck, opens the back, light the fuse, and then they run away. John Doe Two that doesn't exist!
(19:35) guest repeats back: "yeah, that doesn't exist... and I have a tape, uhh, I have a fight now, with the FBI, over those tapes... I asked for the tapes, taken on the morning of the 19th, from the cameras located on the Morrah building, and from the buildings showing the access to the Morrah building. They produce tapes from the buildings around the Morrah building, bust strangely, between 8:52 (AM) and 9:02 (AM), on the morning of April 19, 1995, , these cameras, at different locations, go blank, at different times, as the vehicle passes (host interjects, "amazing...")... but the ones they never produced were the tapes from the cameras present on the Morrah building, which were recorded OFF location, so they WEREN'T damaged in the blast... and so I now have a motion in front of the federal just here in Salt Lake City to make em turn over those tapes... and those are the tapes, reenactment that you had sent me. (me: he means that the tape that says 'dramatization' before is a reenactment of the actual tapes). That's where I think these tapes, that the other people saw, came from... from the cameras mounted on the exterior wall of the Morrah building. (20:37), host interjects "All right now.... uh, go ahead" (guest stopped the interjection) (20:38): guest, "And it gets even more incredible, I mean, one of the things I have, is I have affidavits from the people who knew how the surveillance system works inside the Morrah building, and that's including one from an Oklahoma City police officer who was on scene immediately after the blast trying to find survivors and rescue them... and they're ordered out of the building, and the FBI takes the cameras down. 21:00 Host: "And I guess you're saying, I guess, one of these bomb scares was about getting RID of the security cameras." 21:06 Guest responds "It was, FBI Cover Up Of Cointel-Pro At OKC Bombing|they went in IMMEDIATELY, and took the cameras down off the building]]... now WHY, minutes after the blast, when people are searching frantically through the rubble, trying to rescue the people and save lives, would the FBI FBI Cover Up Of Cointel-Pro At OKC Bombing|order the rescuers out, and then remove the cameras!?]]

News video clip 'VNN Live: From KTWV Breaking News, Oklahoma City Explosion:

Journalist says, "I just took a look down the street at Morrah buildingagain, I see another bomb truck going, so, apparently, they are going to try to get out that third bomb that's been talked about, so a lot of activity around Morrah building, security concerns that another one might go off.
video with Infowars logo at bottom right, but it is Infowars re-playing something fro ma news clip:
"Fortunately it didn't, because the second device they found, we understand, was even more powerful than the first. They then found a third device... and you can see the look on this woman's face, the fear that she might have to go through the same thing again. They then found a third device, which was also larger than the first..."

Both the 1993 World Trade Center Bombings as well as the 777 Bombings In London went more of the 'drill as cover' route, whereas the Oklahoma City Bombing and the bombings of the World Trade Center on 9/11 were more of the provocateur'ing variety... where a rather benign but legit terrorist group covertly receives state assistance, and yet 100% of the blame in the aftermath. ...

!!!grab picture of "The Real Targets": picture of two collapsing towers, one labled "US Constitution", the other labled, "US Bill Of Rights"

...The targets of 9/11 were not random symbols of freedom; the specific section of the Pentagon that was struck was the financial wing, in the Naval Intelligence, investigating missing Trillions, as was the securities and exchange commission housed in WTC #7, which mysteriously 'blew up', and even the specific floors of WTC towers 1 and 2, which were hit, were not random.
The majority of the victims who died in those towers, who were also told to go back to work, that nothing was wrong, and not to exit the building...

On Screen: "Kroll, The Risk Consulting Company"

..., were working for Cantor And Fitzgerald Eurobrokers (now BCG Brokers Incorporated) and Marsh And McLennan Companies (MMC as logo), all massive insurance and re-insurance...

00:23:06:00 Picture of Article By Dave Thomas, September 10, 2004 "9/11 Impact On [[MMC|Marsh & McLennan Cos. Nothing Short of Devestation -- Marsh & McLennan Companies Chairman and CEO, Jeff Greenberg, remembers all too well those images of Sept 11, 2001. Greenberg knew something had gone terribly wrong in New York City that Tuesday morning. He recently chatted in an email interview with "Insurance Journal" about that day, how Marsh families were impacted, and how the company has rebounded despite the terrible losses, as the third anniversary of the attacks approached."

... companies, were not coincidental. The current chairman and CEO of MMC is Paul Brimmer...

Picture of Paul Brimmer, laughing, receiving a medal from George W Bush

..., former employee of Henry Kissinger, who became the head of the !!!Coalition Provisional Authority sent into Iraq... The mistakes he made there, or perhaps intentional devastation, are too numerous to name....

Paul Brimmer sitting in front of coalition forces in Iraq

By the time he left his post, a good 8.8 billion dollars of money had disappeared...

Article clipping from February 1, 2005 from Catholic.org: "US lost track of some nine billion dollars meant for Iraq's Reconstruction (According to Time).

... Hitting the Pentagon, as well as both WTCs,, at speeds between 400 and 500 mph took pinpoint accuracy, to hit those floors, in that section.... the towers especially, which are barely wider than a plane. Simultaneous to the strikes, [[bombs went off on the appropriate floors, as well as below.
The explosives trapped people above, ensuring the majority of them would die, and be unable to escape the building... and the bombs placed below, were the coup de'gras that brought the entire structure down. 24:15: Video footage of George W Bush on White House lawn,

"...He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high point, uhh, a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping "


pictures of people start, !!!ask Dawson to identify the people in the pictures at 00:24:27:00 and 00:24:29:01

Within the hijacker cells were leaders who were not idiots, but operatives guiding the attack. These men used fake passports and planted evidence after the attacks to create a paper trail...

24:36 !!!grab picture and !!!ask Dawson about picture "Bernard Kerik Is Sent To Jail-- Bernard Kerik, the cop who was given Al Suqami's passport "found" near ground zero. Is now in jail for fraud"

... in the direction that they wanted: Mohamed Atta...

(!!!grab pic at 24:41)

..., or the man claiming to be him, was certainly one of these operatives, and never boarded his final flight.

24:45 !!!grab and !!!ask Dawson about this picture, is it Mohamed Atta?

audio plays of news commentator,

"Seven people are in custody at two New York airports tonight. Reportedly, they produced pilot licenses which appeared to be counterfeit... There is now no service out of New York airports. "
with screen text:

Just a moment, you say!...

screen text: "all of them were released"

... Wouldn't this be in the Media!? [[Bombs in 911, Israeli Mossad Agents spying on the hijackers... and the fed helping the hijackers!? Money from Pakistan!? Surely the news media would uncover this, right?...

25:13 !!!grab picture from BBC: "47 story Salomon Brothers building close to the World Trade Cenre has also collapsed. (WTC 7 is still there).

... More like cover it up, than uncover it! One must understand that the TV Media is state-run. They lied, uniformly, to create a war with Iraq...

screenshot Fox News, January 12, 2005: "Report: 500 Chemical Weapons Have Been Found In Iraq"... again, another screenshot but of this on the Fox News ticker at 00:25:30:29

... And 9/11 was not just about starting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq ; those wars are part of a larger plan for a new century...

Picture of PNAC website

..., we'll be diving in to that later. 9/11 is about hiding trillions in unexplained funds...

On Screen: "Now, Center for a New American Security"

...How can this be covered up by the press?...

screenshot of "Pentagon Audit: Cannot account for 25% of what it spends."

00:25:49:21: Palestnians caged in, 00:25:51:20: Picture of an old crying Palestinian woman being dragged off by the IDF, 00:25:54:09: Picture of Palestinian kid watching his home being crushed by heavy IDF construction equipment, 00:25:56:15: Picture of a Palestinian kid crying in front of a torn down apartment building, 00:25:58:29: Picture of the IDF Arrest Of Santa Claus for celebrating Christian holidays in public in Palestine, 00:26:02:08: Picture of young Palestinian women being beaten with a club by a Jew soldier

... 2,900 Americans were attacked and killed that day. Well, I have a news flash for you: Israel attacks and illegally occupies people, every day, and that's not on the news either. In fact, with the same mentality as a rapist, they blame the victims...

!!!grab picture of Santa being arrested

... Before discussing 9/11 further, I think it's crucial to get around this media issue. In order to understand the events of 911...

Video of Ryan Dawson holding his book, "Welcome To The USSA"

..., you'll have to come to terms with...

Picture with caption "All Roads (of the 9-11 Attacks) Lead To Israel" with images showing burning WTC and faces of the members of PNAC and a map of Iraq... followed by
screen text: "What is the US's "REAL policy in the Middle East?"

... our mass Media, and their undeniable complacency and willingness to lie to the public. What you won't see in the US Media:
The following was removed from Fox's website after pressure from the ADL: Fox News: "Yanked Fox News Carl Cameron Report Showing 9-11 Hijackers Were Being Tipped Off:

Newsroom reporter (Brit Hume?) asks: "Carl, what about this question of advanced knowledge of what was gonna happen on 911... How clear are investigators that some Israeli agents may have known something?"
Carl Cameron (Foxs News on site reporter in Washington): "Well, it's very explosive information, obviously, and there's a great deal of evidence that they say they have collected... none of it necessarily conclusive... It's more when they put it all together... A bigger question is, they say,How could they not have known?...almost a direct quote."

I'm going to show you some clips of the truck bombings, in case you forgot, or never saw them, or don't believe me. And also pay attention to these live reports about live explosions at the base, the lobby, the basement of the building. These are reports from eyewitnesses, survivors, firemen, police, and the FBI. This would all get a nice Chertoff Whitewashing, and be replaced by pancake theories, on one extreme, and Disinformation, ranging from everything from Bavarian Death Cults...

picture of Alex Jones, with caption from Ryan Dawson, "If you're not going to talk about Israel, then you're not really talking about 911

... to space aliens on the other.
27:14: video: survivor says,

"Hey, I'm okay, alright?"
Next guy, " Hey you want to call your mother or something? "
, explosion(s) is/are heard.
27:22-27:27: firemen talking ( can't understand)... "Get Back!!!"
... First guy talks again, "Don't worry about it, need to make calls now?"

CNN HLN logo in bottom right corner, replaying "Amateur Video By Dr. Mark Heath", man says

"We just heard another explosion... they're handing out gloves and masks."


!!!grab screenshot about NBC's Pat Dawson,

audio, with video soon to follow of same audio, playing,

"NBC's Pat Dawson is close to the scene of that attack, Pat..." Pat Dawson responds (!!!grab video): "Just moments ago, I spoke to the chief of safety for the NY City Fire Department {{{!!!get that chief of safety's name}}}... he received word of the possibility of a secondary device, that is another bomb going off. He tried to get his men out as quickly as he could... But he said there was another explosion which took place, and then an hour after the first hit here, or the first crash that took place, he said, uhh, there was another explosion that took place in one of the towers here... According to the his theory, he thinks there were actually devices that were planted in the building... the second device, he thinks, he speculates, was probably planted in the building."

28:20: MSNBC video (Get female, blonde, reporter's !!!name):

"But as soon as I got outside, I heard actually another explosion, and another rumble. Then a [[!!!get name of fire marshal}fire marshal came in]] and said that we had to leave, cause if there was a third explosion, this building might not last."

video clip (!!!get info from Dawson on what station/when this aired... Caption news report, Two hijacked planes crash into the World Trade Centre and one into the Pentagon): journalist:

"... and you were working there ..."
bald man (!!!get name))): "Yes, I was right there... I was in the ba... I down in the basement... I came down, all of a sudden the elevator blew up (someone in background says, "Back up!"), smoke, I dragged a guy out, his skin was hanging off, and I dragged him out, and I helped him out to the ambulance."
reporter, "Thank you"

28:46: video clip (!!!get info on clip from Dawson):

man with (Australian?) accent, something like, "...saw an airliner go into one of those towers, then... no, ahh, an hour later than that... we had that BIG explosion... from much much lower... I don't know what on earth caused that."

28:57: CNN (!!!figure out which journalist, figure out when aired):

"We're heard reports of secondary explosions, after the airplane impacted... whether in fact, there wasn't something else at the base of the towers, that, in fact, was the coup de gras to bring them to the ground."

Channel 2 Breaking News (eye-symbol2) "live Chopper (eye-symbol)2":

Studio: "Do we have Jim Smith available on microphone from chopper 2?
Chopper (Jim): "Yes, I am here Michael,"
Female gasps, "Oh My gosh!"
Studio: "Jim, tell us what's happening out there"
Jim: "We just witnessed some kind of secondary, follow-up explosion on the WTC number 2, the one that is on the south that is difficult to make out")

NBC4, Caption: one the phone Gen Norman Schwarzkopf, NBC news Analyst (with NBC News host, !!!Get name of reporter: studio:

"As effective as a bomb being dropped, there, in effect, there were two bombs going off, commercial airliners flown into those two buildings, and they came down, we presume, because of the initial explosion, there may have been secondary explosions that were detonated in the building by these terrorists."

MSNBC, on the phone , Rick Sanchez, NBC reporter:

"That was put up, about a block and a half away from the site, of where the explosion was. That area, uhh, has just been evacuated, because police have found, what they describe as a suspicious device. Now they fear that it could be something that could lead to another explosion. Obviously there's a real sort of caution here, on the part of the police. I spoke with some police officials moments ago, Chris, and they told me that they have reason to believe, that one of the explosions at the WTC, aside from the one that may have been caused by the impact of the plane with the building, may have been caused by a can that was parked in the building that may have had some sort of explosive device in it. So their fear is that there may have been explosive devices and they're in the building, or in the adjacent area."

(inside logo at bottom left of screen)(guy in a light blue coloared shirt with light brown hair with bangs down his forehead (!!!Get Name):

"I think a bomb went off in the lobby, first, then a plane hit the building, then another plane hit the other building... and, when I was coming through the doors on the other side of the Trade Center, something in there blew the lobby up or something, caus it blew the glass out of the doors, knocked us all down, and I got a smoke and everything on me. I just feel shook up, caus I got blasted, you know, so... (left arm shaking)."

(live, new station?): female Asian reporter with red jacket and black shirt (!!!Get names of reporter and interviewees):

"The ladies that are with me were in the World Trade Center, in the first building, and escaped through lobby, where they report, they believe, there was a bomb in the lobb."
00:31:11:00: black woman being interviewed in white shirt, mask down: "Even the turn style was burned, and was sticking up, and they just told us to run!"
00:31:15:00: (black woman further from Asian reporter): "As we were coming out, past the lobby, there was no lobby, so I believe , the bomb hit the lobby first, and in a couple of seconds then the first plane hit."

ABC logo on bottom right, white woman with southern accent being interviewed in white shirt, white sweater (!!!get name of interviewer and interviewee):

"... and, all of a sudden it sounded like... and I don't know where the subway is... it sounded like a subway collision, a bomb, it sounded like a bomb... it was this pounding, 'boom, boom, boom', and I literally thought the subway had exploded and all the cars (inaudible) land on top of it... it was so loud."

31:38 ABC's George Stephanopoulus:

"I was actually in the subway headed toward the World Trade Center, right around Franklin Street, and after the first explosion, the subway started to fill with smoke, the subway cars started to fill with smoke, and the subways actually stopped."

31:49: (caption Stephen Newman, World Trade Center Eyewitness) ABC

"...was that he was in the lobby of World Trade Center 1 when the plane, the first plane hit, and when the debris started coming down, he went back to go back into the building to protect himself, and was in the revolving doors, going back in off West Street, when he looked up, and a fire ball came flying out and blew out all the windows and threw him onto the street."

32:15: black man with glasses (!!!get name and name of interviwer):

"Once the plane hit the top, then thats when the bombs going off on the first floor. It's like the planes actually hittin', hittin' the first floor, and you were hearing 'boom, boom, boom, boom, boom'."

audio (!!!where is the audio from???)

"Explosion that was in the World Trade Center at around 8:46AM in the morning. Umm, the explosion came from first, umm, I believe, we believe that it came from the mechanical room, and then, uhh, we heard a series of explosions, that sounded up on the above levels of the building, and we then realized that there was something wrong, and that there was a major problem"

Firemen being interviewed, at first the black and then the blonde (!!!get names of interviewer and interviewees):

interviewer: "What happened?"
black fireman: "There was an explosion, it was in the lobby, and a third explosion, the whole lobby collapsed on us,
interviewer: " You're kidding me? What was it like?"
black fireman: "horrible, it was horrible, the whole building just collapsed on us, inside the lobby"
interviewer: "Was there a secondary explosion?"
black fireman: "yes, it was"
interviewer: "That was the plane? (probably?... inaudible)"
black fireman: "It was definitely a secondary explosion... We was inside waiting to go upstairs, and on our way upstairs, the whole fuckin' thing blew... and it just collapsed on everybody inside the lobby "
interviewer: "So how much of the first tower coming down... secondary explosi..."
black fireman: "I don't know about the first one, but I know the second one... it was terrible... and there was a third one too, after that one. "
interviewer: "And there was an explosion after that?" 00:33:27:17
black fireman: "That's right. Everybody was inside the building, waitn' to go upstairs... and it just... let loose... everything just let loose inside the building"
Interviewer: "So, what you're telling me is that the plane, or whatever, hit the building, and then a secondary explosion..."
black fireman: "It was like three explosions after that. We came in after the fire... We came in when the fire was going on already. We was in the staging area, inside the building.... waitin' to go upstairs... Then this big explosion... the whole lobby collapsed on the lobby inside...
White Fireman, brown hair: "Right in front of our eyes. Just... It was so surreal... it was like a movie set."
Intereviewer: "... There were second and third explosions too, right?
White Fireman, brown hair: "We were in the building for the third one... collapse... I was on this (inaudible) for the other one.
blonde fireman: "(inaudible)... it couldn't be no worse than this... Couldn't be nothin' no more worse than this... "
black fireman: "We're in the building, trying to help people, and there are exlosions on the inside of the building. I don't think it can get any worse than this."

00:34:18:00 USA Today (screen text: Jack Kelley):

Journalist: "Joining me today is Jack Kelley, now he is a foreign correspondent, he has some information about these attacks. Jack, what can you tell us happened, first in New York?"
34:28: Jack Kelley: "Umm, apparently, what appears to happen is at the same time the two planes hit the building, that there, that the FBI most likely thinks that there was a car or truck, packed with explosives, underneath the building, which also exploded at the same time, and brought both of them down journalist: "Now that's the first time we're hearing that, so two planes, and explosives that were in the building, is that correct?" Jack Kelley: "That is the working theory at this point, that is still unconfirmed, that is what the FBI is going on, at this point."

34:55: John Miller (ABC):

"The New York City Police department has a report that the FBI is responding to New Jersey, because a truck, reportadly, uhh, loaded with explosives has reportedly been stopped by authorities on the road there, and the men with that truck have been detained. And members of the joint terrorist task force, according to the New York officials, are responding to question those people... Ummm, I want to underline that all the phone lines to police headquarters and to the FBI, uhhh, from here, seem to be disabled..."

Live: breaking news (eye2): Building south of Canal Street evacuated:

"They stopped the truck, they found an entire truck full of explosives, and they arrested them, those two men, and their explosives, are in police custody tonight, and another tragedy has been averted"

00:35:36:00 !!!grab screenshot of screen: Explosives found under the GW bridge.

!!!Figure out which news channel this is, when it was aired, and name of reporter... symbol in bottom right is unclear:

"... still alive in the rubble, in and around the World Trade Center, and word tonight that two suspects are in FBI custody, after a truckload of explosives was discovered around the George Washington Bridge... uhh, that bridge links New York to New Jersey over the Hudson River... Whether the discovery of those explosives has anything to do with other events today is unclear, but the FBI has two suspects in hand... said the truckload of explosives... said enough explosives were in the truck to do great damage to the George Washington Bridge... but they arrested the two suspects and they are questioning them as we speak."...

Had been on screen during last video clip at 00:36:00 (text says "both Israeli": the two Israelis in custody in jump suits, one orange, one red (front), !!!ask Dawson their names and where that picture is from.

CBS 2 Newsroom (!!!Get names of Newsroom anchor's (Tod's) and Marsh's full name):

Newsroom: "... George Washington Bridge, Marsha..."
Marsha (on street, live): "Well, you know Tod, it is really an amazing thing... Most of New York City's Rescue Operations, and their police and fire departments have been concentrating their actions down in lower Manhattan, where the planes, two planes, hit the two towers of the World Trade Center, but some very intelligent and aggressive cops also stopped another terrorist attack from happening on the George Washington Bridge... CBS 2 has learned exclusively that two men are in custody tonight, after being arrested at the George Washington Bridge with an ENTIRE truckload of explosives..."

36:47: There were at least two, possible 3 vans...

36:50: Dawson's text on screen:
- 1 Van stopped East Rutherford (Route 3) 5 ISRAELIS
Lied to police, filmed first plane, worked for Mossad, tried to blame Palestinians
-2 Van spotted in Liberty State Park 2 ISRAELIS (!!!Dancing Israelis?) lied to winess, had fake press passes -3 Van stopped near GW bridge 2 ISRAELIS
It was packed with explosives
arrests were reported and not followed up on
-4 -Van diversion or set up, reporting is sketchy

... stopped by police on 911, and another fourth van spotted by a journalist. One had five individuals and traces of explosives...

Haaretz English addition online article: "5 Israelis detained for 'puzzling behavior after WTC tragedy" by Yossi Melman (Friday October 05, 2001)

... another had ]] two individuals, and was packed with explosives...

!!!Ask Dawson to Identify the two: screenshot of the two israelis in orange jump suits in chairs

... a third man got away...

Jerusalem Post, Internet Edition: Wednesday September 12, 2001: "(08:45) Car bomb found on George Washington Bridge -- American security services overnight stopped a car bomb on the George Washington Bridge connecting New York and New Jersey. The van, packed with explosives, was stopped on an approach ramp to the bridge."

... and a fourth was possible a diversion. The first van had been spotted earlier in Liberty State Park...

!!!grab screenshot: Paulo Limo, staff writer (!!!publication?): Wednesday, September 12, 2001: "Five men detained as suspected conspirators"

... by a witness (!!!get name of witness))), celebrating and filming... 00:37:12:00

Picture of the Dancing Israelis appearing on Israeli TV after being released from US custody to freedom in Israel

... the World Trade Center attack. Because of the time stamp of the BOLO (Be On the Look Out) ( !!!ask Dawson which time-stamped-BOLO he is talking about), as well as reports from...

ABCNEWS.com article: "The White Van: Were Israelis detained on Sept 11 Spies?"

... the New York Times and Fox, we know these men had been filming the entire event, which shows prior knowledge. Because of the matching license plates... 00:37:25:00
ABC News article with quote from eye witnes Maria !!!(Last Name):

Picture of ABC /6/21/2002 article: piece as evidence of witness, "The men were taking video or photos of themselves with the World Trade Center burning in the background, she said. What struck Maria were the expressions on the men's faces. "They were like happy, you know... The didn't look shocked to me. I thought it was very strange," she said. She found teh behavior so suspicious that she wrote down the license plate number of the van and called the police. Before long, the FBI was also on the scene, and a statewide bulletin was issued on the van."

... we know that this is the same van, later pulled over on Route 3...

Picture of map with highlights and text "Towards the Lincoln Tunnel", showing the two locations at which the same Mossad Van, Mossand 9-11 Explosives Vehicle 3, was spotted

... in East Rutherford, by police. It had five individuals (text on screen, "With traces of explosives")... Now, either the witness from Liberty State Park had not seen two of the men...

00:37:38:00-00:37:40:00 !!!ask Dawson the significance of this video segment

37:40: !!!Ask Dawson names of men in the photo, Mossad Agents In 9-11 Explosives Vehicle 3?

... or the three she did see had picked up two more. They were all Israelis, and had taken pictures of themselves...

picture of article: "New York Times, November 21, 2001: "The five aroused attention in New Jersey after people noticed them going to unusualy lengths to photgraph the World Trade Center ruins and making light of the situation. One photograph developed by the FBI showed Sivan Kurzberg holding a lighted lighter in the foreground, with the smoldering wreckage in the background, said Steven Noah Gordon, a lawyer for the five"

... flicking lighters with the burning World Trade Center in the background. The second plane had not even hit, and many assumed the first was a bizarre accident, but not these excited Israelis; THEY KNEW... 00:37:55:00

!!!ask Dawson about this video (is it a repeat of previous ca. 2 second clip from 37:38)?

... The van was traced back by its logo... 00:37:58:00

!!!ask Dawson where clip from article comes from, "...Moreover, one man carried two passports and another had fresh pictures of the men standing with the smoldering wreckage of the World Trade Center in the background."

...Urban Moving Systems" to a Front for the Israeli Mossad, Israel's CIA... 00:38:02:00

(!!!ask Dawson when/where following was published): Forward: "In fact, he said, the nature of the investigation changed after the names of the two of the five Israelis showed up on a CIA-FBI database of foreign intelligence operatives, he said. At that point, he said, the bureau took control of the investigation and launched a Foreign Counterintelligence.


...Two of the five men arrested names popped up on the CFI (Counter-intelligence -Foreign) and FBI's databases, as known Israeli agents...

(screen text: You don't launch C.F.I over "via violations", {{{which is all (!!!confirm with Dawson) they were ostensibly charged with}}})

They had over 4,700 dollars stuffed inside a sock...


!!!find date/place of publication of The Forward article: "Americans Probing Reports of Israeli Espionage" by Marc Perelman, Forward Staff -- Despite angry denials by Israel and its American supporters, resports that Israel..."

...and highlighted maps of New York and New Jersey. This event, damning as it is, has had a Lewinsky-style distraction effect...

38:20: !!!find original place of publication : "Five men detained as suspected conspirators, Wednesday, September 12, 2001, By PAULO LIMA, Staff Writer: About eight hours after terrorists struct Manhattan's tallest skyscrapers, police in Bergen County detained five men who they said were found carrying maps linking them to the blasts. The five men, who were..."

...pulling attention away from the far more damning van stopped near the George Washington Bridge, PACKED WITH EXPLOSIVES! Aside from eyewitnesses, the van bombs and arrests were reported by ABC News, CBS, CNN, Haaretz, Jersalem Post, Fox News, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the police themselves...

Picture of man wearing "JOINT TERRORISM TASK FORCE" jacket

..., Army radio...

FoxNews.com article: "Police Seize Rental Truck With TNT Traces"

..., several New Jersey papers, and so forth (!!!get hard evidence of each report if not otherwise linked in wiki library)...

"CNN.com/TRANSCRIPTS: CNN LIVE EVENT/SPECIAL: A Number Of Men Arrested With Explosives On Jersey Turnpike: Aired September 11, 2001 - 23:28 ET: BILL HEMMER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Thank you. Again, our apologies to our viewers about five minutes ago, but we do have an established connection now with CNN's Deborah Feverick. The reports we're getting now, two or three men arrested on the New Jersey..."

00:38:51:06: text on screen: "Officer John Noble records (from police transmissions): "After the collapses I remember reports of a... white van filled with explosives in the Jersey City/Hoboken area" with screen text from Dawson, "more on that later".

38:51: !!!ask Dawson where this is from: "Only 10 percent to 15 percent of the Journal's 1.8 million subscribers didn't get their papers on Wednesday. Unfortunately, most of the missed papers were where the news struck closest to home. A delivery truck carrying about 60,000 papers bound for Manhattan from the South Brunswick printing plant got caught in a roadblock at the George Washington Bridge. A van suspected of carrying explosives had been stopped -- and the entire inbound bridge lanes were closed, trapping the Journal delivery truck for several hours. But the subscribers who got their Journal Wednesday morning proved quite appreciative in e-mails and phone calls. (ASNE talking about Wall Street Journal delivery de(l)ay"

... Urban Moving Systems was only one of several Fronts working that day which also had had prior access to the towers. These are not the only two mysterious set of vans stopped on 9/11... There was a third truck...

!!!ask what Dawson means here: screen text with black background: "I believe this Mural story has been tampered with"

...which was obviously a diversion, on King Street...

!!!ask Dawson what those foreign characters are

...which actually depicted a mural of a plane slamming into the World Trade Center....

Picture of map with text at bottom: "Between 6th and 7th on King Street, Near the Holland Tunnel"

...and those two individuals were arrested. Obviously this was a diversion to pull police in that direction...

!!!grab shot of map, ask Dawson what '1', '2', and '3' represent

...because no one would drive around in a truck, with a painting of 9/11 on it, on 9/11, unless they were purposely trying to attract the attention of the police, to pull them in a certain direction.
Log of police transmissions is displayed on screen

police scanner transcription -
"CPD - Ch. 018 - Radio (Ch. W) LT Police
from page 148 of 1593 (in pdf pages)
MALES C: Attention all 880(?) police unites. Stand by for the (Inaudible) the Holland Tunnel. (01:18:57)
MALE D: (Inaudible) copy.
MALE C: (Inaudible) from the Holland Tunnel exit, a tan Ford alpha van. New York tags. delta (Inaudible), November 8970, Information has it this van was seen with possible terrorists in it, with explosives. That's from the Holland Tunnel desk, (Inaudible), 32nd. It's heading eastbound towards Le Harve(?) at this time, but they haven't caught it yet, and it may be coming towards this way. (01:19:25)"

Police audio recording plays,

!!!Get name: Police Officer: "... with a mural painted of an airplane diving into New York City and exploding. No one is in the truck. The truck is in between 6th Street and 7th on King Street. "
Dispatcher: " (inaudible) a bomb squad there (inaudible)
Police Officer: "Airplane diving into New York, blowing up. Two men got out of the truck, ran away from it. We got those two (inaudible).
Dispatcher: "Good"
Police Officer: " (inaudible) on those two guys over there! You all right over there, (inaudible)?
Another Police Officer: " (inaudible). Both suspects (inaudible). We have those suspects (inaudle) van (inaudible)"

There was also an emergency 911 telephone call reporting that Palestinian bomb makers in a white van were headed for the Holland Tunnel...

... Unless they had a flag or something, I'm not sure how the caller would be able to tell if they were Palestinian or not. The caller, using poor English, said, "I see them at the airport, mixing something, and they were dressed like Shieks, dressed like an Arab.

screen text: "How would they know they're Palestinian? How fitting this would be with the dancing tape" (played on news on repeat, videos of Palestinians dancing)

This would have fit well with propaganda aired later in the day...

screen text: "Why was there even a need to go specifcally to Palestinian areas and try to film a reaction?"

... of dancing Palestinians celebrating the attacks on 911...

Article featuring a picture of a Palestinian woman (!!!Ask Dawson where article is from): "Unidentified man shoves food in this woman's face. This Palestinian woman says she was shocked to seein what context their rejoicing was shown. The full story, as yet unreported in America, is really startling. The people who pulled off this public relations stunt know all too well the power TV pictures have. As reported in Spiegel, "Politmagazin", panorama reported ten days after the original airing of the video clips the fact that manipulations took place. Annette Krueger Spitta explains "that is explosive material". A Full viewing of the video tape reveals the games the video crew played. They wanted video of celebrating Palestinians and that is what they orchestrated in front of the camera. The full video clearly sshows a few Palestinians jubilant with many more pedestrians, indifferent to their "performances", hurriny past. The Palestinian woman who was offered cake says she abhors the acts in New York and Washington. The video clips the crew produced are intended for one purpose: to deceive Americans into further support for Israel..."
Text on screen from Dawson later, "As reported in Spiegel, "Politmagazin" panorama reported ten days after the original airing of the video clips the fact that manipulations took place"

..., which turned out to be a false tape...

Article on screen: "Americans Probing Reports of Israeli Espionage, By Marc Perelman, FORWARD STAFF -- Despite angry denials by Israel and its American supporters, reports that Israel..."

... Of course the only people driving around in vans for intelligence agencies who actually were celebrating the attacks who were caught dancing were Israelis... and the first words out of the driver's mouth were, "We're Israelis, we're not your problem; Palestinians are the problem."

quote from article (!!!which?), "The plate number was traced to a van owned by a company called Urban Moving. Around 4 pm, on Sept 11, the van was spotted on a service road off Route 3, near New Jersey's Giant's Stadium. A police officer pulled the van over, finding five men, between 22 and 27 years old, in the vehicle. The men were taken out of the van at gunpoint and handcuffed by the police.
The arresting officers said they saw a lot that aroused their suspicion about the men. One of the passengers had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock. Another was carrying two foreign passpowers. A box cutter was found in the van. But, perhaps the biggest surprise for the officers came when the five men identified themselves as Israeli citizens.
We Are Not Your Problem,
According to the police report, one of the passengers told the officers they had been on the West Side Highway in Manhattan during the incident -- referring to the World Trade Center attack. The driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers, We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem. The other passengers were his brother, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari."

Apparently, this idiot hadn't put it together that the plan hadn't worked out as smoothly as they had hoped. Yaron Shmuel lied to police about where they were at the time of the World Trade Center attacks...

text on screen: "Yaron Shmuel lied to the police, saying at the time of the World Trade Center attacks, they were on the West Side Highway in New York

... We know he is one of the original three Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari, and Yaron Shmuel of the five that were arrested, because he admits it later on an Israeli talk show, that he was there taking pictures of the event.

screentext: Sivan Kurzberg and Paul Kurzberg
Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari


Text on screen: I found this interesting

Audio begins 00:41:12:02

"Yeah, dis is the best. Yeah, fuck'n beat the shit of of'em... You Palestinians! Put 'em up! Put 'em up!... Lieutenant, we have both terrorists...


Text on screen: A setup that fell apart after the Israelis were busted in the same type of van twice.... The names of two of the five Israelis appeared on a FBI-CIA database of foreign intelligence operatives for the Mossad


On Screen: RFK's murder was also blamed on a Palestinian...
( note from the transcriber of this documentary, see https://MemoryHole.info/Robert_Kennedy_Assassination )


picture on screen !!!Glenn Ford???

Glenn Ford, also spotted in another van with two other individuals...

Article on screen (!!!Ask Dawson from Where): " "The athletic, military age duo were clicking away with two very expensive-looking cameras" -- Informed that I was a reporter, the taller, more gregarious one laughed giddily and exlaimed, Yes, we are reporters, too! He opened an attache case to display two laminated New Jersey press cards that looked just like mine - except they were the wrong color. He cheerfully admitted the press cards were phony. They are easy to make, he said, still laughing.
Their new-smelling car was parked nearby; it was the only vehicle in the lot, since the young man had clearly arrived before the police sealed the entrances to the park. When we were done gawking at the awful hole in the skyline accross the river, the visitors allowed me to hitch a short ride home. As the day unfolded, news reports told of other, small groups of Israelis positioned at vantage points on the Jersey side of the Hudson. Some behaved shamelessly, loudly welcome the new era in which, everything has changed. "

...speaking Hebrew and taking pictures of the towers. The van must have been in the park before or just as the towers were hit, because the park was closed... 00:41:45:14

article clipping, " ...free, he frothed. And free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things.
"Washington was claiming revenge as the motive for crimes that it had long been planning to commit."
The corporate media began to speak of America as the New Rome - which was, tellingly, the same way Osama Bin Laden started referring to the United States. But, in Washinton's version, there was no fall at the end of hte empire - non end at all, only a final equilibrium with the US at the top."

...after the first tower was hit... it was one of the only vehicles remaining in the park... 00:41:50:18

article clipping !!!ask from where... " Yes, everything has changed, said the Israeli, looking not at all displeased. He turned to resume taking photos of the great smoking space that had been the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and of the huge, low cloud that drifted across New York Bay to Brooklyn.
My fellow witnesses to the collapse of the second tower were already positioned at the riverbank when I arrived at the scene on foot after having rushed past police who blocked all vehicular enstrance to the park. The athletic, military age duo were clicking away with two very expensive-looking cameras. The spoke excitely to each other in Hebrew - a langauge I instantly recognized from my two decades as a Manhattanite - but clumsily claimed to be Polish when asked where they were from. I pretended to believe they were visitors from Poland."

...The two men lied and said they were Polish.
41:52: The Israelis arrested on 911, who were driving around in vans that were a Front for the Mossad, were detained and interrogated. They all failed their polygraph tests... however they were released by Michael Chertoff, and deported back to Israel, and left alone.

(!!!grab screenshot here... !!!Dominik Suter?)

The owner of the Urban Moving Systems Warehouse, Dominik Suter (pronounced Suitor), along with his wife, fled back to Israel. The FBI raided the complex, and confiscated over a dozen computer hard drives. This is a man who got a half million dollar loan... 00:42:23:09

screenshot of loan info for Dominik Suter

..., just prior to 911, only for that year. And the FBI...

info on Dominik Suter on screen:
" Dominik SuterSuter, Dominik
28 Harlow Crescent Rd. Fair Lawn NJ 07410
312 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07302
15000 Dickens Ste 11 Sherman Oaks, CA
DoB: 1970, SSAN-No. 129-78-0926
Levinson, Ornit alais Suter, Ornit
28 Harlow Crescent Rd., Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
312 Pavona Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07302
15000 Dickens Ste 11, Sherman Oaks, CA
DoB: 1970, SSAN-No. 122-78-0232
Ob das eine oder zwei verschiedene Personen sind, ist unklar.
(Trancriber translation of last line: "Whether or not those are one or two different people is unclear")
(Source: FBI Suspect List, 22.05.2002)

... listed him as an official suspect of 911, and he remains a suspect. We got these leaked from CryptToMe...

!!!ask for better image... This screenshot of "FBI Suspect List" is too blury to transcribe

... We also have copies of the Polish and Italian transcripts...

!!!ask for better image... This screenshot of "FBI Suspect List" is too blury to transcribe

...but you definitely wouldn't have heard this on the Mainstream Media. He was allowed to return to Israel, and they have no interest in letting him go, and the press isn't going to push for it. The FBI classified what they confiscated from the hard drives, and more than likely is sitting on the infamous (!!!Ask about the S Drive) 'S Drive', to protect itself from any Freedom Of Information Act inquiries. From looking into Dominik Suter's financial records, we learned that, not only did the Mossad get him the loans for Urban Moving Systems, but also Aerotrucks (!!!spelling?), all of which were involved in the 9-11 Attacks .

DHS logo

The creation of the Department Of Homeland Security, briefly called the Office of Homeland Security... 00:43:20:12

screenshot of alert levels

..., an executive post (that) 9/11 spawned before the Homeland Security Act passed later... 00:43:24:15

Parody picture of the "Homeland Security Panic Advisory"

..., to make it officially and legally more legitament... 00:43:28:05

Screen Text: "They actually used to issue color-coded warnings like that, treating the US Public like a bunch of 4th graders"

..., and change its name, quietly incorporated FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, under its wing...


screenshot of FEMA website

... FEMA was responsible for the 9-11 Cleanup. Oddly, they were positioned in New York September 10, the night before the attacks.
00:43:43:06 video clip with "Attack On America" caption, with undertitle of "Tom Kenney for FEMA's FEMA Urban Search And Rescue, Wednesday, September 12, 2001", video audio transcript:

Tom Kenney: "To be honest with you, we arrived on late Monday night, and went into action on Tuesday morning. And, not until today did we get a full opportunity to work the entire site, other than the spot at (sounds like) Church a day (!!!ask Dawson what he said?) to which we were deployed


Test on screen: "Flashback"

00:44:00:25 documentary, with narrator saying

"Ronald Reagan was elected to the Presidency. He installed Louis Giuffrida as head of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Louis Giuffrida, Oliver North, and George Bush Sr, began to turn FEMA into an instrument of domestic anti-terrorism

Jim Hirschberg of the National Security Archives speaks (sounds like as part of previous documentary)

"We're dealing with a group of people in the Ronald Reagan Administration who equated Political Dissent with Treason. This group cannot differentiate between emergency procedures, which I think everyone agrees are necessary and Suppressing Political Dissent. And, with Oliver North and John Poindexter, and (!!!FIRST NAME) Casey, you had a group of people who saw Americans who disagreed with them as the enemy."

00:44:40:24 FEMA, along with BPAT (!!!is that supposed to be BPAT?) gave some wonderfully silly...

'Offical' illustration of Pancake Explanation

...cartoon explanations for how the towers collapsed. This administration seems to love cartoons... 00:44:49:24

Screenshot of propaganda material from PNAC offshoots of fanciful mobile weapons labs for Saddam Hussein

BPAT (!!!find out what BPAT is) and FEMA, of course, worked before... 00:44:53:07

Cartoon illustration of Osama Bin Ladens Mountain Fortress

..., on the Oklahoma City Bombing Cover Up. 00:44:55:14

Picture of OKC Bombing Ryder Truck at Gruber-Bragg US Army Base with caption "Why did the US Army in Gruber-Bragg have a Ryder Truck?

... Managing emergencies meant controlling the crime scenes...

Screen Text: "The Giant Core Columns are Missing from FEMA's silly cartoon explanations"

Their powers would grow, ignoring Habius Corpus and the US Constitution....

Screenshot of Pancake Explanation picture

... They seem more interested in building prisons than in aiding victims of disaster.... 00:45:09:22

Screenshot of schematic of WTC towers (with core columns added in by someone exposing Pancake Explanation)

... Apparently aiding disasters is a security issue. They quickly had all of the steal from the buildings shipped off to China.
Future head of the Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, who at the time ran the Department of Justice's (DOJ)'s Criminal Investigations Division (CID), had dozens of the Israelis arrested on 9/11, including those filming and celebrating the attacks, driving around in vehicles that came from a Front for the Mossad...

Article Screenshot: "Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel. According to Ma'ariv, Netanyahu said Israel is "Benefiting from attack" as it 'swung American public opinion.' By Haaretz Service and Reuters. Tags: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Terrorism, 9/11. The Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv on Wednesday reported that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan University that the September 11 terror attacks had been beneficial for Israel"

..., deported back to Israel for simple VISA violations. Michael Chertoff was a co-author of the US Patriot Act... 00:45:44:12

screenshot of George W Bush signing the Patriot Act

..., totalitarian legislation... 00:45:47:26

screenshot of DHS podium with two men behind it

..., pushed through Congress under the threat of Anthrax. Michael Chertoff... 00:45:50:22

!screenshot of Michael Chertoff picture with US/Israeli flags behind him

... was the product of a hardliner Zionist family, born in Palestine, now Israel... 00:45:57:27

screenshot of ???!!!Ask???

..., was a participant in the intelligence operation, Magic Carpet... 00:46:01:01

!!!grab screenshot of two men at DHS table signing something

... his father was a Zionist Rabbi, as was his uncle... and his wife...

picture of Michael Chertoffs Wife

... is a leader in the ADL.

picture of Michael Chertoff with ADL logo poster behind him

His first cousin...

picture of Benjamin Chertoff

..., also the son of a Rabbi, is Benjamin Chertoff. Benjamin Chertoff was the editor of Popular Mechanics...

picture of Popular Mechanics Cover page "Debunking 9/11 LIES; Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up To The Hard Facts"

..., the main neocon go-to source to explain 9/11's goofy physics and promote the pancake propaganda...

picture of Popular Mechanics Cover page "Inside The New Area 51"

... FEMA itself had no explanation for World Trace Center 7...

picture of WTC 7

..., a 42 story building

00:46:29:03 through 00:46:34:00, video plays: video of WTC 7 collapsing

that CNN and the BBC both reported collapsed before it fell.
"BBC World Video Update" segment plays with caption "TERRORISM ATTACKS IN US; [[Planes That Hit The WTC Towers|Hijacked planes have crashed into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon:

News Narrator:

"We'll leave it there for the moment. We've got some news coming in, actually. That the Solomon Brothers Building in New York, right in the heart of Manhattan, has also collapsed. Many are saying it's the worst attack on the country since Pearl Harbor. A huge operation is underway to find survivors from the wreckage of both towers of the World Trade Center in New York. They collapsed, after hi-jacked airliners, with passengers on board, were flown into them. The 47-story Solomon Brothers Building, situated very close to the World Trade Center, has also just collapsed. Now, more on the latest building collapse in New York. You might ave heard a few moments ago, I was talking about the Solomon Brothers Building collapsing... and indeed it has. Apparently that's only a few hundred yards away from where the World Trade Center towers were. And, it seems, this was not the result of a new attack... it was because the building had been weakened during this morning's attacks. We'll probably find out more about that now from our correspondent, Jane Stanley.
Jane, what more can you tell us about the Solomon Brothers Building and it's collapse. Well, only, really, what you already know... Details are very, very, sketchy... (the Solomon Brothers Building is still standing behind her, by her left shoulder, as she reports this on live video)


Screenshot of Jane Stanley's live correspondence on BBC World, with the Solomon Brothers Building still standing in the background, visible over her left shoulder. (BBC caption at bottom of screen reads, "The 47 story Solomon Brothers Building close to the World Trade Centre has also collapsed

Sketchy indeed!... way to jump the script guys! The 9-11 Commission's...

picture of the book, "The 9/11 Commission Report", authorized edition

... method of dealing with it was to simply not deal with it; they simply didn't address it in the report. A skyscraper housing offices for the CIA, and more importantly, the Securities And Exchange Commission, investigating [[Billions Of Dollars In Corporate Fraud Being Investigated By Offices In WTC 7|tens of billions of dollars corporate fraud...

00:48:08:23 (through 00:48:27:28), video plays of WTC 7 collapsing while Ryan Dawson narrates (logo for NY 1 Channel appears on left side of screen)

..., going up in smoke... this isn't something you just ignore and skip. It looked rather stupid without Flight 93 reaching its final destination, or building 7, but they had to do it anyway. There have been whistle-blowers, of course, even from within FEMA; (!!!get names of photographers) photographers who are now in exile... but who do they turn to?... 00:48:27:28

end NY 1 Channel video of WTC 7 collapsing that began playing in background during narration at 00:48:08:23

...They can't go to the government with it...

Screenshot of a bunch of television channel screenshots laid out next to each other

... and they certainly cannot go to the Mainstream Media with it.... So if you're asking, "Why don't more people come forward?"...

Screen text: Same as the hype for Iraq... No matter what you knew, you could scream until you are blue in the face... it wouldn't be on TV.

... How exactly would you like them to do that?... Go to who?... and say what?...

Screenshot of Jet Fuel depot

Jet Fuel, also known as Kerosene, didn't weaken or melt any of the steel...

In background, while Ryan Dawson narratives: video of people trying to get fresh air and look for rescue from the hole made by one of the airliners, on the side of one of the World Trade Center Towers

yet the mass media claim...

picture depicts columns of World Trade Center buckling from heat

... that rocket fuel or Jet Fuel got the temperatures high enough to weaken steel on the trusses...

Picture with caption "A 9/11 Story Problem: "But... Even if there was a "Pile Driver"... Which 20 story building hits the ground first when dropped?" "

..., and have floors collapse, one by one, like pancakes on top of each other, apparently with no resistance, at free fall speeds, as well... But, here we have a woman...

Picture of woman standing in the opening created by airline impact in side of a World Trade Center tower

00:49:04:17 ..., standing in a hole next to the trusses... she's not burned; she's got a towel, or some papers, or a rag, or something she was waving around...

Text on Screen: "This woman isn't burning in fires hot enough to weaken steel, her shirt and hair must be made of the same fibers as the magic passports".

... Apparently her hair, and clothing, and the paper, or the towel that she had in her hand must have been made of the same magic fibers...

Picture of person standing in hole made by airline impact in side of a tower, with caption "Here is another person"

... as the passports that didn't burn.

Screen text of "She wasn't the only one", followed by another picture of another person in hole in one of the towers.


until 00:49:45:12: Video plays of people appearing in the holes in the sides of the towers before collapse, hoping for rescue that never came (these victims all died, Gaelic grieving music plays while we observe a moment of silence for the fallen)

00:49:45:12 Also, in Washington DC...

00:49:45:25 picture of Pentagon damage.

..., even though in New York, Jet Fuel could leave molten steel...

picture of crane picking up molten steel at WTC site

..., and metal in the basements of the building, and weaken the trusses to the degree to drop all their weight... the same Jet Fuel...

another picture of damage to the Pentagon from 9-11 Attacks

..., from the same type of airplane couldn't even burn wooden stools, plastic computers and paper books...

picture of un-burned highly flammable objects not at all burned in area of building damaged by 9-11 Attacks at Pentagon

...; that must be it; things made of paper like passports and books don't burn in fire, but metals DO... Welcome to bizzaro-world physics...

Picture of a cubed earth

... But most people will say what they're paid to...

cartoon with man standing in front of 'politicized science' section in book store

..., or whatever advances their career... Of course people have similar conclusions when they begin from a false premise...

Picture mocking Al Gore as he stands in a cartoonish Photo-Shopped picture in front of a sign that says "Church of Climatology"

..., and tons of...

some picture of something that looks like a cult. !!!Ask Dawson what the pictures is of

... misinformation. A lot of engineers...

Picture of Core Columns of one of the World Trade Center being constructed

... and scientists parroted the official explanation, or faith-based pancake claims...

Text on screen: "The results established that this type of assembly was capable of sustaining a large gravity load, without collapsing, for a substantial period of time relative to the duration of the fires in any given location on September 11th" - NIST

... and nineteen guys led by a guy in a cave on a defibrillator... Science is politicized...

Picture of a planet-sized Al Gore breathing fire onto the earth

...They got a lot of scientists...

picture involving a cow poking fun of the NEA and man-made global warming theories that blame cows for global warming

..., at least according to the gerry-mandered statistics...

Text on screen: "They actually blamed the cow poop for a while, as if it was a game to see how close they could get to saying it's bullshit"

..., to promote the myth of global warming as well.

Video clip from the History Channel showing money being printed

The immediate effect of 9/11, aside from hiding [[trillions in missing funds...

picture on screen of Westfield Group board of directors: "Westfield: About Westfield Group: Board of Directors: The Westfield Group board is common to each of Westfield Holdings Limited and the responsible entities of Westfield Trust and Westfield America Trust (the Westfield Group Board): Frank P Lowy AC Chairman Frank Lowy is executive Chairman and co-founder of the Westfield Group. He is the founder and Chairman of the Lowy Institute For International Policy and chairman of Football Federation Australia Limited. Mr Lowy is Chairman of the Westfield Group Nomination Committee.

..., and allowing a couple of New York billionaires...

on screen: picture of Silverstein Properties, showing the executive team: Larry Silverstein (President and CEO), Roger Silverstein (Senior Vice President), and Lisa Silverstein (senior Vice President)

... to collect billions on insurance...

On Screen: Newspaper clipping, "Silverstein Was Calling Lawyer To Get Double Insurance On WTC On The Evening Of 9/11

..., and helping the sale of feel-good nationalistic symbols to slap on the back of SUVs...

Picture of Michael Chertoff grinning

... was to create a massive Security State, and usher in the age...

video of George W Bush with Michael Cherfoff behind him with Dawson narrating over it

... of preemptive, overt war. 51:13:

Screen Text: Number of Iraqis slaughtered in US War And Occupation Of Iraq: "1,421,933".
Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And Occupation Of Iraq: 4,754
Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan: 2,301
Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan: #1,139,944,689,193

The death toll and the price tag of 911 would pale in comparison to what was coming...

pictures of !!!Ask Dawson to help identify faces

...the imperialist Neocons had their... 00:51:19:29

Picture of First World Trade Center tower collapsing

... desired Pearl Harbor] to use as...

Screen text: "REBUILDING AMERICA'S DEFENSES; Strategy, Forces, and Resources For a New Century"

... psychological clout...

Picture of rural whites holding "We support Bush" sign

... and emotional blackmail...

picture of a white man with stars and stripes bandanna holding "Go USA" and "Get A BRAIN! MORANS" signs

... They would evoke and associate 911 and terrorism...

Picture of paper entitled "A Necessary War; Unless Saddam Hussein is removed, the War On Terror will fail"

... to their enemies to create Perpetual War...

picture of a paper entitled "How To Attack Iraq"

..., and rush through draconian legislation...

Picture of George W Bush grinning wide while signing a documenting on top of a desk bearing the sign, "PROTECTING THE HOMELAND", most likely signing into law the Department Of Homeland Security

... It is a general historical truth...

picture of email from Gary Schmitt with the subject line displaying Iraq's Attempts to Acquire Uranium from Niger

... that lies lead to other lies, so it is always a good place to start in any investigation into deception...

picture on screen of PNAC website: "Project For The New American Century: Iraq/Middle East: Iraq-Al Quaeda Connection: Project Memorandum, William Kristol, December 12, 2002"

..., to ask the second question after, "Who benefits from the lies?...

Picture of article from Haaretz and Reuters, April 16, 2008: "Report: Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel"

... and that is: "Who is compounding the lies, and who is continuing the narrative?"...

pictures of (!!!Ask Dawson who) at 00:51:48:17 and a picture of another man, (!!!Ask Dawson who) at 00:51:50:11)

...When they are one and the same as those who benefit...

Picture of Bill Kristol smiling while appearing on Fox News Sunday.

..., then you have yourself some suspects... and in the case of government deception...

!!!ask Dawson who the two people in the picture are.

..., the next question to ask is:...

Picture of the 9-11 Commission Report receiving a rubber stamp star of David approval

... "Who is, and had the power to cover it up?"...
!!!ask who the people in the pictures at 00:52:01:28, 00:52:02:06, 00:52:02:25 ... And we'll be looking at...

Picture of Jim Thompson with caption "Jim Thompson: 9-11 Commission Republican Member"

... all of the above...

!!!Ask Dawson who the picture is of at 00:52:04:14, 00:52:05:03, 00:52:05:10

..., starting with some of the liars.

picture of Bill Kristol

Phase 1 of 9/11 was complete, phases 2, 3, and 4 would be the Patriot Act, Anthrax...

picture with words "Antrax Attacks"

..., and war...

screen capture of Fox News Correspondent, with explosions in background, with caption of, "Jennifer Eccleston, MISS SHOCK AND AWE"

... So when you find people lying about all of the above:...

text on screen: "PNAC did it all in one sentence: "That Iraq would have a hand in teh September 11 attacks or the subsequent Anthrax onslaught or both should come as no surprise. Since..."

... Anthrax, 911, and targets for war, then that needs to be exposed, loud and clear....

Screenshot: "The Weekly Standard", www.weeklystandard.com: Mohamed Atta Was Here... And met with Saddam Hussein's man in Prague... PRAGUE - Mohamed Atta, the leader of the September 11 hijackers, visited Prague..."

... First they associated Iraq to 911, via a fictitious meeting, and this lie would grow to associate...

picture of an article: "Hijacker given Anthrax flask by Iraqi agent - SATURDAY OCTOBER 27, 2001 - BY DANIEL MCGRORY - INTELLIGENCE agents from Prague to Swansea are uncovering a trail of clues that point to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq having a hand in Al-Qaeda's terrorist missions"

... both with Anthrax attacks... and that lie would grow into a general lie about biological and chemical weapons...

Picture of article: "NEWS - Brits 45 mins from doom - 25 Sep 2002"

..., mobile labs, etc... and eventually into an even more general lie about weapons of mass destruction, and before you knew it, we were at war, again! 00:52:46:04

Text on screen: "War by Deception"

War is by deception... The source of these lies...

Picture from an article (!!!Ask Dawson which): "The claim, according to Israeli security sources, is that Atta was handed a vacuum flask of Antrhax by his Iraqi contact. From Prague, it is believe Atta flew to Newark. From New Jersey, letters laced with anthrax were sent to broadcasters and politicians in New York, Washington, and Florida. Czech officials have been to Washington to reveal all they know, but they can't question the Iraqi envoy because Mr al-Ani was deported from Prague in April for "activities incompatible with his status as a diplomat"

... were Israeli intelligence and a Zionist Cabal nestled inside the Bush administration...

picture of shadowy figures in front of Israeli flag overlaid on top of DHS logo

...We'll be going over the PNAC Cabal in more detail later, but first we'll be looking at just some of the lies coming from a couple of PNAC goons, Garry Schmidt and William Kristol...

Picture: Left, Gary Schmitt, right William Kristol

...Watch how the master liars weave one deception into the next.

William Kristol and Garry Schmidt both wrote pieces called "Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection", trying to link Iraq to Al Qaeda....


Screenshot of PNAC website, "December 12, 2002 - MEMORANDUM TO: OPINION LEADERS - FROM: WILLIAM KRISTOL - SUBJECT: Iraq - al Qaeda Connection - This mornin's front page article in The Washington Post..."

... Gary Schmidt referred to Fred Barnes from The Weekly Standard, saying that the Czechs had given him a photograph...

picture of email: "FROM: GARY SCHMITT - SUBJECT: Iraq - Al Qaeda Connection - In Making the case for removing Saddam Hussein from power, the Bush..."

... of Atta meeting in Prague, with Iraqi officials. They kept repeating this line again about the Prague meeting between Mohamed Atta and Iraqis. Fred Barnes wrote a piece called, ""Mohamed Atta Was Here", in which he accused the meeting of happening and having photographic evidence for it...

picture of Fred Barnes

... as well as alluding that the Iraqis might have passed...

Picture of Fred Barnes' Mohamed Atta Was Here article, dated August 6, 2003 (!!!TRANSCRIBE)

... biological and chemical or even nuclear weapons to Al Qaeda. Of course, no such photo existed, because Atta was never there...

picture of an article with a picture of Saddam Hussein in the middle of it

... And the Iraqis had no biological or chemical weapons to give. But this Zionist Cabal would not be the only one to try and make these claims...

Picture of an article, "Behind the Headlines - By Justin Raimondo - July 26, 2002 - 'I HAVE IN MY HANDS A LIST'- New documentary evidence points to an Israeli connection to 9/11

... The Israelis will also do so, which we will cover later. It is clear that Israel Firsters within in the US falsely linked Iraq to the 9-11 attacks.

Picture !!!ASK Dawson who is being presented the medal by George W Bush

...This would be done so again in the letters for the Anthrax attacks, which were also initially blamed on Al Qaeda...

Picture of article - "9/11: WHAT DID ISRAEL KNOW? - and when did they tell us? - Israel had foreknowledge of 9/11 - that was Carl Cameron's explosive contention, made last year in a blockbuster series of reports on Fox News exposing an Israeli spy ring in the U.S. New evidence confirms his story - and points to a rather ominous conclusion... Reporting the round-up and deportation of scores of Israeli agents - masquerading as "art students"- Cameron noted last December that several were..."

..., which read "death to America" and "death to Israel". I think you can start to see the clear picture coming around here....

text on screen: "These names Ring a bell?"

... This isn't simply a case of the Israelis...

text on screen: Hanan Serfati (Israeli money man)

... using a crisis to their advantage... 54:22: Israeli Mossad agents were living next door to Mohamed Atta...


text on screen: Abdussattar Shaik - GID agent working with the FBI to house hijackers

..., who knew very well what was about to happen....

text on screen: Sergei Davidenko - Front company for Agents with fake IDs accessing the Trade Centers


text on screen: Khaled Odtallah = WTC's team handler and honey trap to acquire false license for the Fall Guys


Photo on screen of Khaled Odtallah with text, "He was set free just hours after being sentenced.... eye witness murdered the day before her trial..."


text on screen: "...Sakhera Hammad - Ring a bell?... Not if you get your news from the TV... Stay tuned!"

The military-industrial complex is multi-national...

picture on screen of Crony Capitalism taking the place of Civil Service

..., regional Privateer cells comprise an international ring of Rent-A-Terrorists for the continuity of government...

Text on screen: "The Military-Industrial Complex is multi national. Regional Privateer cells compromise an international ring of Rent-A-Terrorists for the C.O.G. - This is where the missing money is.

..., and this is where the missing money is. Key players...

On Screen: picture of Senator Joe Lieberman laughing

... in the US had legislation pre-written, ready to push through Congress...

picture on screen: Senator Joe Lieberman with three other Jews, all in religious garb

... the moment after the crisis began....

Picture on screen: Supreme Court, with five of the nine Supreme Court Justices labeled as "For Bush"

Dawson: "As soon as puppet Bush...

Pictures of George W Bush: 00:55:18:03 shows bush with hand on heart in front of Israeli flag, 00:55:18:13 shows him with Kippa on, touching the Wailing Wall, 00:55:19:12 shows picture of him speaking at an AIPAC conference

... was appointed into office, his handlers and he went to work implementing their...

video: shows US military vehicle hitting an IED... video ends at 00:55:22:20

... long pushed-for plans for war in Iraq. War was a foregone conclusion....

picture on screen: Cover of Ryan Dawson's book, "Welcome To The USSA; Corruption in the government and media"

... I pointed out in my book that Bush and Blair...

Picture on screen: Tony Blair and George W Bush shaking hands at the UN

... bombed Baghdad...

on screen: Article: "Raid shows Bush-Blair bond on Iraq - The bombing of Baghdad - The rules of engagement get tougher, and the controversy intensifies"

just twenty-seven days after Bush was sworn-in to office...

Article on screen "Allied planes bomb Baghdad - British jets join US strike on radar bases - Bush and Blair join forces within weeks of president taking office - Julian Borger and Richard Norton Taylor - Saturday 17 February 2001"


Picture of Barrack Obama laughing

It only took Obama a mere three days to bomb Pakistan.

article on screen: "The Sunday Times - January 23, 2009 - President Obama 'orders Pakistan drone attacks'"


Picture shifts from George W Bush with "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner behind him to Barrack Obama with same banner behind him on the aircraft carrier

The only thing changing between Bush and Obama's imperialism was a logo and a brand name. For many Americans...

Article on screen: "Obama, Nobel peace prize in hand, bombs Yemen with cruise missiles"

..., political tribalism enjoys the same level of excuse-making...

pictures on screen at 00:55:47:19 of Barrack Obama in front of Israeli flag, and at 00:55:48:04, there is a picture of Barrack Obama at the Wailing Wall with a Kippa on

... and delusional loyalty as a religious cult...

00:55:50:10 picture of Obama supporters in ecstasy at a rally,
and another picture at
00:55:52:13 of a woman who looks like she is having a religious experience

... Every crime that one team does, is suddenly okay...

00:55:54:19 Pictures of young white girls screaming at an Obama rally

... once it's their team doing it, even though it's the same crime. 00:55:58:01

article on screen: "CNN Politics - Obama approves Afghanistan troop increase"

... In psychological terms, this type of behavior is called 'being an idiot'.

On screen: Hippy in a diaper with Obama logo painted on his chest playing the flute in the street while standing on one foot

... It is easy to lie to an idiot...

White children with Obama shirts on holding up arms and cheering at an Obama rally

..., thus, idiots choose liars for leaders....

Picture on Screen: Barrack Obama, George W Bush, and Bill Clinton standing together in the White House

... It becomes a cycle of choosing between two evils...

Picture of a Sturmabteiling member holding a DNC flag with caption "IT'S NOT FASCISM WHEN WE DO IT"

..., because you know there are too many idiots...

Picture of a bunch of white people excited to see Sarah Palin

..., to stray away from the path...

Picture on Screen: Barrack Obama, George W Bush, and Bill Clinton standing together in the White House

... set before them by television...

Picture of kids crying and reaching out at a political rally

... Not only is war by deception...

On Screen: Picture of George W Bush and Tony Blair

..., war-mongering uses deception as well....

Joe Biden and Barrack Obama standing together

... However, idiots cannot retain information long enough to remember the lies...

On Screen: picture of a fat white guy on a couch holding a beer

... So by the next election, they repeat the process.

On screen: Picture of the Uniparty logo, hybrid donkey/elephant

Video begins of George W Bush speaking, with caption "W in 2000":

"Maybe I'm missing something, here --- I mean, gonna have kind of a 'nation building core' from America?... Absolutely not! Our military is meant to fight and win wars!... That's what it's meant to do! And, when it gets overextended, morale drops. But, I'm going to be judicious as to how I use the military. It needs to be in our vital interest, the mission needs to be clear, and the Exit Strategy obvious."

video of Barrack Obama speaking during campaign, dated October 27, 2007

"I will promise you this... that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I have become president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home, I will bring an end to this war... You can take that to the bank!

The only thing that went to the bank was trillions of our dollars....

On Screen: Picture of firemen spraying dollar bills out of a hose onto a burning Bank Of America building

... Idiots are confused when their candidate does the same things as the last guy. When confronted by the obvious, they will quickly get frustrated an angry.... 00:57:24:15

Text on screen "(Unconscious Incompetence) + (Cognitive Dissonance) = (Belief That Either Of The Two Kosher Buns Will Serve Your Interests/ political-tribalist)

... They will make excuses...

on screen: Picture of Barrack Obama hugging a Jew in front of the AIPAC podium at a conference

..., no matter how retarded, to defend their brand... because admitting that they were wrong would also be admitting that they were an idiot...

on screen: article "OBAMA STEPS UP AMERICA'S COVERT WAR AGAINST IRAN - Posted on May 25th, 2010"

... And idiots rarely can acknowledge that they are an idiot....

on screen: picture of a man labeled "IDIOT" and word bubble from his mouth, "No Planes On 9-11... Missile Hit The Pentagon... Because I saw Loose Change... I don't need evidence"

video (00:57:37:00-00:57:46:26) begins:

video of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein

... Wars of choice don't just come out of the blue. The public must be primed with propaganda. Even idiots need a pretext, some slogan to memorize, so they can pull out if questioned...

text on screen: "We Gotta get "them" over there before they get us here"

... Resource wars always need some ideological quote (!!!recommend to Dawson to replace 'quote' with 'slogan') to mask their naked imperialism." 57:56: Dawson: "War Profiteers can make money off any war...

On screen: Picture of Iraq on map

..., so why specifically attack Iraq? War To Protect The Petroleum Underpinning Of The US Dollar, | Some will say it was for oil]]... The problem with that is it's ignoring many facts. It wasn't Exxon-Mobile creating myths about Niger, it wasn't Chevron-Texaco saying Iraq got Anthrax from 911 hijackers... It was the ISRAELI SECURITY FORCES...

Article on screen: " "The Independent Friday, 10/26/01" and "The London Times 10/27/01" -- they may be plotting to bomb it -- Yesterday the German newspaper Bild suggested a more sinister motive for their meetings. The claim, according to Israeli Security Sources, is that Atta was handed a vaccuum flask of Anthrax by his Iraqi contact. From Prague, it is believed Atta flew to Newark. From New Jersey, letters laced with anthrax were sent to broadcasters and politicians in New York, Washington, and Florida. Czech officials have been to Washington to receal all they know, but they can't question the Iraqi envoy because Mr. Al-Ani was deported from Prague in April for "activities incompatible with his status as a diplomat". "

... It wasn't BP meeting with Israeli generals to discuss the war, it was the OSP (Office Of Special Planning)...

Picture of Douglas Feith

.... It wasn't big oil screaming about weapons of mass destruction...

!!!Who is this a picture of?

..., it was PNAC, Iraq was a threat to ISRAEL, not America...

Picture of a document with ABC logo with enlarged text for section, "... procure enriched uranium for the purpose of developing nuclear weapons..."

...And each pre-war lie was a PNAC talking point, going as far back as the 90s...

On Screen: Picture of January 26 1998 PNAC Letter To Then President Bill Clinton,
" The Horable William J. Clinton,
President of the United States
Dear Mr. President,
We are writing to you because we are convinced that current American policy toward Iraq is not succeeding, and that we may soon face a threat in the Middle East more serious than any we have known since the end of the Cold War. In your upcoming State Of The Union Address, you have an opportunity to chaart a clear and determined course for meeting this threat. We urge you to seize that opportunity, and to enunciate the new strategy that would secure the interests of the US and our friends and allies around the world. That strategy should aim, above all, at the removal of Saddam Hussein 's regime from power. We stand ready to offer our full support in this difficult but necessary endeavor.
The policy of "Containment" of Saddam Hussein has been steadily eroding over the past several months. As recent events have demonstrated, we can no longer depend on our partners in the Gulf War Coalition to continue to uphold the sanctions or to punish Saddam when he blocks or evades UN inspectors. Our ability to ensure that Saddam Hussein is not producing Weapons Of Mass Destruction, therefore, has substantially diminished. Even if ful inspections were eventually to resume, which now seems highly unlikely, experience has shown that it is difficult, if not impossible, to monitor Iraq's chemical and biuological weapons productions. The lengthy period during which the inspectors will have been unable to enter many Iraqi facilities has made it even less likely that they will be able to uncover all of Saddam's secrets. As a result, in the non-too-distant future, we will be unable to determine with any reasonable level of confidence whether Iraq does or does not possess such weapons.
Such uncertainly will, by itself, have a seriously destabalising effect on the entire Middle East. It hardly needs to be added that if... "

... PNAC's script for war was verbatim the rhetoric used by the Bush administration to usher in a war with Iraq. What was PNAC? PNAC was the Project for a New American Century, a Neoconservative Think Tank comprised of Zionists with prominent positions in the Media and government...

screenshot of PNAC website, Publications and Reports section


Video (which began at 00:58:51:27 and ends at 00:59:24:01) of someone scrolling through PNAC web publications (!!!Ask for a transcript of these... hard to read)

...They published a large work of lies, but because of the Pentagon-Press relationship, their deceptions got to be front and center on the news channels.
scrolling resumes 00:59:32:00-00:59:36:07, and again at 00:59:43:27-00:59:44:28
And with the clout 9/11 being used as an emotional club to beat down dissenting voices, they got their way. This was a war, for and by, Israeli interests. The rationals for the wars would flip-flop several times... but each pre-invasion lie had its roots with the PNAC Cabal. These very same people, working for an Israeli group, IASPS (.org) (The Institute For Advanced Strategic And Political Studies)...

Screenshot of top of IASPS website, IASPS.org

... authored a paper called "A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing The Realm", written by Richard Perle which claimed that the road to Damascus ran through Baghdad. They also wrote in 2000, prior to 911, a report called "The Afghan Vortex "...

Screenshot of IASPS Research Paper in Strategy, "The Afghan Vortex"

..., which called for war in Afghanistan... This was all prior to 911, and before the 'Hunting Osama Bin Laden Rationale For Wars In The Middle East'.

Parody Picture of George W Bush with his arm around the shoulder of Osama Bin Laden

Video of George W Bush speaking in 2004 (C-SPAN, probably election debate)

" Of course we're after Saddam Hussein... I mean Bin Laden... he's isolated..."

Video of George W Bush speaking at a later date at a White House Press Conference

"Again, I don't know where he is... I uhhh... I repeat what I said, I truly am not that concerned about him"


text on screen: "You never were"

Video of Congressman Ron Paul speaking on the House Floor (C-SPAN coverage, 2003)

"Pakistan's on our side... Afghanistan is half and half... but right on that border is Osama Bin Laden, most likely... and he's probably in Pakistan!"

Video plays in background of Douglas Feith

Dawson narrates over video. MSNBC coverage, Morning Joe, Decision 08, ""WAR & DECISION": THE IRAQ WAR FROM INSIDE THE PENTAGON"

Douglas Feith, of all the Neocons, is probably the dumbest person, in the bunch, which is saying a lot... Douglas Feith is on his own level... lower than Bush, lower than Rumsfeld... He gets his own category of stupid. 01:00:28:20
Video plays of Lawrence Wilkerson at a conference

"Undersecretary of Defense, Douglas Feith... Umm, who most of you probably know Tommy Frank said was the stupidest blankidy-blank man in the world. He was... let me testify to that... he was... Seldom in my life have I met... a dumber man."


on screen: a really stupid-looking Douglas Feith picture.

Some have expressed the notion...

picture with caption "OIL, IRAQ, AND THE FUTURE OF THE DOLLAR - PETRODOLLAR WARFARE - William R. Clark"
(transcriber's note:
This is War To Protect The Petroleum Underpinning Of The US Dollar Misdirection, similar to Noam Chomsky's War To Get More Oil For The US Misdirection))

... that Iraq was attacked suddenly for threatening to break the petrodollar monopoly...

picture of Saddam Hussein


Picture representing Oil For Food Program

... Iraq was placed on the misnamed Oil For Food Program

Video plays of Iraqi woman with a starving baby

Video plays of Madaline Albright being interviewed on may 12, 1998

Interviewer: "We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima... And, you know, is the price worth it?"
Madeline Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice. But, the price... We think the price is worth it"


Screenshot of document:
"Starving Iraq: one humanitarian disaster we can stop - Campaign Against Sanction on Iraq -
March, 1999
- "the toughest, most comprehensive sanctions in history"
James Rubin, US Department of State spokesman, daily press briefing, December 1, 1997
- "We are in the process of destroying an entire society. It is as simple and terrifying as that. It is illegal and immoral."
Denis Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary-General and Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, The Independent, Octover 15, 1998 "

... 'Oil for not enough food' would have been more accurate. However, the calls for attacking Iraq lasted through three presidents, and, before that, Iraq was at war with Iran, who Israel supported...

Picture of route taken for Israeli airstrikes on Osirak Nuclear Research Facility

... and Israel bombed Iraq's alleged reactors themselves... Iraq was a threat to Israel...

Article on screen by Donald Neff, "Israel Bombs Iraq's Osirak Nuclear Research Facility -- It was 14 years ago, on June 7, 1981, that 16 US-made Israeli warplanes bombed and destroyed Iraq's Osirak Nuclear Research Facility near Baghdad, more than 600 miles from Israel's borders. Prime Minister Menachim Begin claimed the reactor was about to go into operation and was a threat to Israel because it could produce nuclear weapons. Begin's claims were contradicted by a number of experts, but there was considerable circumstantial evidence that Iraq indeed hoped eventually to develop a nuclear weapon. However, Israel's critics pointed out that Iraq was a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allowed international inspections of the nuclear facility, while Israel itself refused to sign the treaty, refused inspections of its nuclear facility, and was widely believed to have a large nuclear arsenal."

... And, Israel Firsters tried to manipulate President Clinton into war, as well. Bill Clinton finally attacked Iraq, as well as Afghanistan and Sudan...

Article: "Clinton bombing of Iraq far exceeded Bush's in run up to war; Bush 'spikes of activity' questioned -- RAW STORY -- The US-led coalition in Iraq dropped far more bombs during the sunset of Bill Clinton's presidency than under president George W Bush in the run-up to war in Iraq, Raw Sotry has found.
Between 1999 and 2001, the US and British-led air forces in Iraq dropped 1.3 million pounds of bombs in response to purported violations of the no-fly zones and anti-aircraft fire from Saddam Hussein.
The details of the bombings, provided to parliament in February 2002, maredly revise a painted by critics of the Bush..."

..., during his [[impeachment proceedings. This war-mongering actually helped rather than hurt his chances for getting him off the hook...

Article from CNN --"BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS -- Transcript: President Clinton explains Iraq strike -- December 16, 1998 --
Earlier today, I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British foces. Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten it's neighbors.
Their purpose is to protect the national interest of the United States, and indeed the interests of people throughout the Middle East and around the world.
Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas, or biological weapons''.

Congressman Ron Paul saw it differently than the Neocons, and he said back in 1998 (video of Ron Paul addressing the press begins):

Ron Paul: "I have a prepared statement for tomorrow. And, in that statement I talk about a much more act that the president committed than anything that we've generally talked about... and that was the illegal bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan... 200 million dollars were spent for that, without Congressional approval... Not only do I think its annoying, I think it's illegal, I think it's unconstitutional... I think it's an act of war... And I think it's much worse than anything that we have considered under the impeachment... There's been a lot of talk about the Constitution in the last several weeks, the last several months... A lot of people holding up the constitution... But I'd like them to read the Constitution - everybody here in this Congress - to read the Constitution about committing acts of war. This, to me, is an outrage, and we shouldn't be participating in it. We should not permit our President to do this... There's no threat. We're going to do more harm by doing this!"
Female Reporters: "Congressman, if Congress were given an opportunity to vote on on whether we should bomb Iraq, would you go along with that, as long as it goes through the procedures?"
Ron Paul responds, "No, i would strongly oppose it, because they are not a threat to our National Security. Iraq has a third rate army... they have no ability to wage war... our policies are deliberately destroying the country... They can't feed their children... They're not allowed to have medication... There was a story in today's paper, where one of our private charity groups was being fined because they were trying to get medicine in to the Iraqi people... SO, for us to unleash bombs on Iraq, at this particular time, to kill more innocent people, for narrow political reasons... No, there is absolutely no need to cause more bombing... because of an very... overall, flawed foreign policy...
Reporter, "How are you going to vote on impeachment?"
Ron Paul, "I'll vote for impeachment"
Reporter, "For all four articles?"
Ron Paul, "Yes, unenthusiastic... because I think the charges are way too mild and not touching the issues I would like to touch. I mean that's what we should be addressing... I wish the Congress would address the unconstitutionality of presidents waging war... that to me is a lot more serious... that, to me, is a lot more serious than Monika Lewinsky, let me tell you.... It has nothing to do with national security. Matter of fact, our National Security is more jeopardized, by permitting this to happen... Because, we're liable to start a war... We're liable to have our military men killed... We're liable to have more attacks on us, by terrorists."

Hours after the verdict cleared BIll Clinton, he ended the bombings, but the Neocons did not end their push for war.

Article from The Guardian:
"guardian.co.uk -- Clinton cleared by Congress -- February 12, 1999"

Here's another paper PNAC is titled How to Attack Iraq PNAC Paper (!!!Put transcript in linked page) . I'm Not Kidding.... This is published on PNAC's official website as well as The Weekly Standard, run by PNAC's co founders Robert Kagan, and Bill Kristol. How to Attack Iraq.. You can't make this stuff up...

Text on Screen: "How to attack anyone? Just like about them, because proof is not required, not in a post 9/11 world"

... CIA director, George Tenet said last January that Iraq already had the technical expertise to produce biological weapons in a matter of weeks --lie-- And, according to former UN Weapons inspector Scott Ritter, Saddam Hussein needs only six months without inspectors looking over his shoulder to build those weapons and deploy them on missiles capable of reaching Israel and other targets in the Middle East. There may have been some deal making Blackmail there with Scott Ritter to get him to say that...

Picture of Scott Ritter

..., considering he said the exact opposite things later, after he went to court and was cleared of what he was accused of. But we'll leave that alone...

Screen text: "Compromised people are elevated in positions because they are pliable to "key masters"

Yes, Saddam did have missiles that could reach Israel. That much was true...

Article by John Diamond and Bill Nichols from USA Today:
"UN restricts inspectors' use of intelligence reports -- WASHINGTON-- UN inspectors who begin hunting for banned weapons in Iraq Wednesday may already have hurt their effectiveness by limiting use of intelligence information for fear Iraq will accuse them of spying, US officials and Iraq experts say." with photo captioned, "UN weapons inspector Dimitre Pricos shows his group's equipment during a briefing Tuesday, in Baghdad, Iraq"

... Israel also has missiles that could reach Iraq. The inspectors were removed after they were caught doubling a spy through the CIA...

Article by Martin McLaughlin on January 7, 1999:
"United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq served as a cover for US intelligence-gathering, including efforts to track the movements of Saddam Hussein and other key Iraqi officials, according to reports published Wednesday by the Boston Globe and Washington Post.

..., which is another fact that Scott Ritter pointed out:

Scott Ritter in video: "All of the Iraqi obstruction between 1996 and 1998 had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, it had everything to do with protecting themselves from a CIA that was actively using the weapons inspection process to spy of Saddam Hussein. So I think what the American people need to know is that this was never about weapons. This has always been about getting Saddam Hussein. And even in the most recent spin up of this whole weapons issue, the Bush administration knew that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and yet they continue to use the inspection process is a vehicle to achieve the ultimate gold objective of Regime Change

Back to the PNAC authors... Paul Wolfowitz made a statement before the US House National Security Committee, which called for a war with Iraq...

On screen: "Foreign Affairs -- March/April 1999 -- Volume 78, Number 2 -- Letters to the Editor" with picture of Paul Wolfowitz with word bubble, "I never said that"

He also wrote a letter in 1999 claiming that the blood lust for Iraq wasn't partisan, because a couple of Democrats -- you may recognize them--, Joseph Lieberman and John Kerry also agreed with their position. Wow, that is interesting!...

Time Magazine cover page with picture of Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, , with giant letters for word, "Chutzpah!"

... A vice presidential and a presidential hopeful just so happened to be those two Democrats. Well, Paul Wolfowitz was right about something; it was not partisan... because both parties are one party on foreign affairs and both parties wanted war.
Here's another one from the Zionist Think Tank, written by Robert Kagan, the co founder of PNAC, titled "Saddam's Impending Victory" (!!!put transcript in internal link). It goes on to make comparisons to Hitler in the first few sentences... they love creating new Hitlers. It also talks about weapons of mass destruction and says that the lid is about to come off. Remember, this is in 1998. The lid is about to come off. The paper refers to Saddam's palaces as the so called palaces...

Picture of one of Saddam Husseins Palaces

..., as if they were something else, and hiding something, like the weapons of mass destruction it mentions probably a dozen times... Does that sound familiar?... It ought to, because it's the exact same lie that Judith Miller wrote in The New York Times...


picture of Judith Miller with Iraq burning in the background

..., December 20th, 2001:

on screen, Article, New York Times, December 20, 2001 -- "A NATION CHALLENGED: SECRET SITES; Iraqi Tells of Renovations at Sites For Chemical and Nuclear Arms -- An Iraqi defector who described himself as a civil engineer said he personally worked on renovations of secret facilities for biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons in underground wells, private villas, and under the Saddam Hussein Hospital in Baghdad as recently as a year ago.

... She said that she heard about secret weapons of mass destruction labs hidden underneath the palaces of Saddam. She bolsters her report by citing first Paul Wolfowitz (and Ahmed Chalabi... as "sources on Iraq")... and then Richard Perle. And she even went as far as trying to rope in Syria...

text on screen: "I think quoting Perle, an arms dealer to Israel, and PNAC member, has no conflict at all. -J. Miller, Neocon Idiot

... to the weapons of mass destruction myth, by sourcing Israeli intelligence. You know how that happens?.... That's because the OSP in the DOD, with Richard Perle...

Top half of flow chart of Cabal carrying out PNAC's plans in the US government, followed by bottom half of this Cabal at 01:08:46:01

... is actually a mirror group for the Israeli Cabal in the Knesset. They're all saying the same BS, and she is just a Media whore mouthpiece for this Neocon propaganda about Iraq. To recap, she retold in older PNAC lie...

text on screen, "After getting out of Jail, Miller was hired by Fox News

..., and then added that Syria was involved in it, and sourced and quoted Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Israel...

Article from Huffinton Post, October 20, 2008, "Judith Miller Joins Fox News, Fox News says "She Has A Very Impressive Record"

...PNAC's co founder Robert Kagan continues (Ryan Dawson narrates Kagan's writings):

Robert Kagan : "... For Saddam, whose conventional military strength had been decimated in 1991, and cannot be restored for many years, Weapons of mass destruction provided the quickest, surest and, indeed, the only route back to strategic dominance in the Middle East, as Rolf Ekeus, the former head of UNSCOM, the UN's weapons monitoring operation, said last year, "Weapons of mass destruction make the difference between Iraq's being a regional power and a major international power". Finding and destroying Saddam's ability to produce weapons of mass destruction, therefore, was an essential part of guaranteeing that Saddam could not again threaten neighboring states..."

with screen text starting at 01:09:41:02:
"Remember, the only WMDs Saddam Hussein ever had came from the US and his weapons and program has been disamred since 1995"

(Ryan Dawson clears throat and fills in what Robert Kagan] meant by neighboring states)... ahem, Israel! (Ryan Dawson continues narrating Kagan's writings):

"... The UN's effort to rid Iraq of such weapons capabilities was supposed to put the lid on Saddam's grand strategic ambitions. Today, the lid is about to come off. Saddam Hussein, week, isolated, and impoverished as he is, has decided to take his big gamble. The crisis he set off last October when he blocked UN inspectors, came to a head last week, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz told UNSCOM chief Richard Butler that a number of sites in Iraq, the so called presidential palaces, would remain off limits for two or more months, at least. Saddam Hussein also issued an ultimatum last week, calling for the UN to wrap up its inspections by May and lift the sanctions. "

He was certain of it! He said Saddam was sure to do this in a matter of months, if we didn't invade Iraq. Of course, years went by, nothing happened. But the same excuse and lies about urgency were reused anyway.

text on screen: "Remember the sanctions [[Saddam Hussein}Saddam]] wanted lifted were killing hundreds of thousands of people. How is THAT not mass destruction?"

As if all this hasn't been bad enough, Robert Kagan wrote another piece called "Speaking of Iraq"

Picture of "January 27 1998 Speaking of Iraq Article By Robert Kagan" in The Washington Times

(!!!get text for that paper), which reiterated the same rhetoric about weapons of mass destruction, Gotta have regime change, etc, etc. To give a quick quote, he said (Ryan Dawson narrates article by Robert Kagan:

" The only acceptable strategy is one that eliminates the possibility that Iraq will be able to use, or threaten to use, weapons of mass destruction, in the near term. This means a willingness to undertake military action as diplomacy is clearly failing. In the long run, it means removing Saddam Hussein and his regime from power. That now needs to be the aim of American foreign policy.

Well, I think we know whose foreign policy that was really the aim of (shows flag of Israel on screen). Next, we have a paper written by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, the two co founders of PNAC... it's titled "Bombing Iraq Isn't Enough" (!!!get text of that article)
Douglas Feith, working under the Zionist madman, The Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle, ran a special office in the Department of Defense called the Office Of Special Plans. Oh, he was special, all right... The OSP had a mirror group in Israel, and both met with Israeli generals. Douglas Feith's special Cabal did a lot worse than cherry pick intelligence; they flat out fabricated it.

Video from (earlier played?) documentary: Narrator:
"Feith used his Pentagon office to produce alternative intelligence reports that link Saddam to Al Qaeda, then passed them on to the White House. Some of it, like a report that 9-11 Hijacker Mohamed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in Prague, has been widely discredited. "


Journalist, "The reasons people were told we were going to war in Iraq was because an imminent attack with weapons of mass destruction was about to happen. "
Douglas Feith replies, "I don't believe anybody in the US Government said that"
Journalist, " uh, this is Donald Rumsfeld: Iraq poses a serious and mounting threat to our country."

Journalist quoting Donald Rumsfeld in previous video fades into video of the actual speech given by Donald Rumsfeld in front of the US Congress

"No, terrorists state, poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people in the stability of the world and the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Now video of George W Bush giving a speech in front of Army soldiers

"The Iraqi regime is a threat to any American."

Dick Cheney giving a speech in front of a VFW audience

"There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt that he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us. "

Douglas Feith's office took PNAC's old lies, as well as their new lies...

Article on screen Saddam Wins Again Article By Robert Kagan

..., and presented them as intelligence...

on screen: October 12 2002 From Truth To Deception Washington Post Article By William Kristol (!!!get full article)

...These were not mistakes, they were deceptions... PNAC wrote the script...

On screen, photos of "The Real Evil Doers": Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Ariel Sharon, George W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Tom Delay, Rudy Giulani, Condelesia Rice, George Bush Sr, (!!! something about Osama Bin Laden), Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, Karl Rove, Jerry Falwell, Joe Lieberman, Henry Kissinger, Elliot Abrams, David Frum, Pat Robertson, Hillary Clinton, Jack Abramoff, Ehud Olmert, Bill OReilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity

...To understand why I drive home the point that PNAC was the central hub for creating the case for war in Iraq, just have a look at some of their policy papers. These quotes are in their own words from their own website. And the authors, who also wrote Israeli policy papers stating the same things, wrote exactly what became the free invasion rhetoric to invade Iraq.

On Screen: pictures of 8 men, with caption, "Israelis: Scooter Libby, David Frum, Richard Perle, Michael Ladeen, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Paul Wolfowitz, Keith Weissman -- They can write a paper stating what they are going to do, get caught spying on the US through AIPAC, their largest lobbying group, then get caught feeding fabricated information about Iraq through the OSP to the government which was used as the pretext to go to war and still if anyone points at the elephant in the room, the foreign spy ring in the US, they are called Anti-Semitic. Well, it is not Anti-Semitic to tell the truth. Zionists hijacked our government and lied us into war. (www.anti-neocons.com/anti-neocons)"

(exhibit 1): The PNAC letter to President Bill Clinton: in 1998, Paul Wolfowitz wrote, (Ryan Dawson narrates):

" The policy of containment of Saddam Hussein has been steadily eroding over the past several months. As recent events have demonstrated, we can no longer depend on our partners in the Gulf War coalition to continue to uphold sanctions or punish Saddam when he blocks or evades UN Inspections. Our ability to ensure that Saddam Hussein is not producing weapons of mass destruction, therefore, has substantially diminished. Even if full inspections were eventually to resume, which now seems highly unlikely, experiences shown that is difficult, if not impossible, to monitor Iraq's chemical and biological production. The lengthy period during which the inspectors have been unable to enter many Iraqi facilities has made it even less likely that they will be able to uncover all of Saddam's secrets. As a result of the not too distant future..."
Ryan Dawson adds, "Remember that inspectors were renived by the US after being caught doubling as CIA Agents."

Remember, this is 1998...' In the not too distant future '.

"..., we will be unable to determine, with any reasonable level of confidence, whether Iraq does or does not possess such weapons."

Notice how he assumes that he has them, and that they're secret, and that you're just unable to find them, now.

Picture of man pushing boulder, labled "Burdon Of Proof", up a hill

He's starting with a conclusion, and supporting it with Scare Tactics. Sound familiar?... Is that not verbatim What was used as propaganda in 2002 and three as a pretext to invade Iraq? They even used the same catchphrases...

on screen: "Members who singed this letter", (January 26 1998 PNAC Letter To Then President Bill Clinton:
Elliot Abrams, Richard L. Armitage, William J. Bennett, Jeffrey Bergner, John Bolton, Paula Bolton, Paula Dobriansky, Francis Fukuyama, Robert Kagan, Zalmay Khalilzad, William Kristol, Richard Perle, Peter W. Rodman, Donald Rumsfeld, William Schneider Jr, Vin Weber, Paul Wolfowitz, R James Woolsey, Robert B. Zoellick"

...weapons of mass destruction?.. Because it's not like the US has or sells any of those... (on screen), but our mass destruction isn't terrorism, it's Collatoral Damage), and...

Text on Screen: "Avoiding Inspections"

avoiding inspectors.
...Of course, Paul Wolfowitz never offered any evidence for the claims he was making, and he would flip flopped his rationales for war in Iraq, so long as a war in Iraq happened... and when he was finally cornered in question about it, his only way out, of course, was to evoke 9/11, and hope that by repeating 9/11 enough times, it would be enough emotional smoke in the room from the worm away and not have to answer. (July 29, 2003 video, in which Senator Lincoln Chafee (Republican, Rhode Island) questions Paul Wolfowitz follows: July 29 2003 Hearing Where Lincoln Chafee Questions Paul Wolfowitz

"Thank you, Mr Chairman. Welcome, gentlemen. As you can see, a lot of the questions here relate relate to the high cost of the war, not only in resources, but in human lives, of course. And I'd like to get it the key question of what we're really doing there. And of course, in the months leading up to the war, there was a steady drumbeat of weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, and Secretary Wolfowitz, in your almost hour long testimony here, this morning, once, only once, did you mention weapons of mass destruction, and that was an Ad Lib... I don't think it's in any of your written testimony. And so, we're seeing shifting justifications, I think, for what we're doing there. At a hearing in May, I asked the Secretary Wolfowitz another question... A lot of your answer dealt with that it will help with the peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. And now there's been allegations that this will help with our war on terrorism. We just haven't seen the proof off any linkage between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. And now, today, it's the testimonies over and over again about what a despicable tyrant said and Hussein is who brutalized his people. But at the same time, in Liberia, Charles Taylor has been indicted, and, according to the prosecutor, he's responsible for the killing, raping and maiming of 500,000 people. And the arrest warrant, issued by the U. N backcourt in Sierra Leone, charged table with unlawful killing, sexual and physical violence, use of child labor and child soldiers looting, burning, and the murder of UN Peacekeepers. And it also, uh, alleges that Taylor had a close alliance of the notorious murderess Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone. There RUF was infamous for dismembering its victims, having a cut hand unit, to chop off limbs, and a burn house unit to torch houses of suspected opponents. And Taylor once had his 13 year old daughter publicly flogged for misbehaving in school. At the same time, Human Rights Watch is saying that Charles Taylor is one of the single greatest causes of spreading wars in West Africa. And so all the testimony this morning and indeed the, uh, the submission of the op eds. Is about what a tyrant Saddam Hussein is who brutalizes people. But we're doing nothing in Liberia. So it comes back to, uh, to the questions of the unified message coming from the administration as to what we're doing there. And, uh, and why we didn't wait for the United Nations Security Council to do their inspections. Now we're in this, uh, this endeavor. Huge costs not only in resource is but in lives. So I'll ask the question Secretary Wolfowitz... give you a chance. What are we doing there?

Paul Wolfowitz responds to Senator Lincoln Chafee

"Senator Shafee, what we have done there is to remove a regime, that was a threat to the United States. We've said all along if you go back to Secretary Powell's presentation the United Nations, all three of those concerns were stated very clearly: the concern about weapons of mass destruction, concern about Saddam's links to terrorism, which are there not as clear as the case "...
screen text: "All 3 were stated; all three were also false; No proof was given for any of them" "

Senator Lincoln Chafee interrupts Paul Wolfowitz

"... Secretary... Just to interrupt... Uh, I'm a cynic. So when you make these assertions, give some proof... a threat to United States... How?!"

Paul Wolfowitz responds

" I suggest.. go back and read... And if... if you want to give me an hour, we can have a different kind of hearing.... But if you go back and read Secretary Powell's testimony, it is very clear. And it is the concern that the combination of a fictitious meeting|weapons of mass destruction and terrorists..."

(Ryan Dawson pauses the hearing video, and interjects) ...Okay, he didn't ask what the claims were... He asked, What's the proof for those claims? We all know what Powell said. We all know what the claims were.... Powell restated, the stuff that you said, and you're a liar. Where's the proof for weapons of mass destruction and links to terrorism? All, Paul Wolfowitz can do is say, Well, [[Colin Powell] said it, too, And, of course, 9/11 9/11 9/11 (video resumes)

"...(... weapons of mass destruction and terrorists) poses a kind of threat, which, maybe 10 years ago, we would have thought we could live with, and I would have said, 10 years ago, my whole view about Iraq would have been very different. 10 years ago, I would have said, 'Iraq, as terrible as it is, is a problem for the Iraqi people... I said all along, I believe we should have given those people more help in getting rid of that tyrant. But September 11 put it in a different light, and taking on that tyrant forcefully, meant, in fact, if anything, that we had to take that threat more seriously. So all three of those concerns are stated in Secretary Powell's testimony. I talked about the mistreatment of the people..."

Senator Lincoln Chafee interrupts again,

"No... Could I interrupt, one more time? Let me interrupt, because my time is limited, unfortunately. You just said, that this is... that 10 years ago, you wouldn't have agreed to a Regime Change. However, in 1998, you, as a member of the New American century, sent a letter, to president Clinton.

(Paul Wolofwitz tries to take control of the discussion)


Senator Lincoln Chafee takes control of the discussion again

"No, wait a sec, you were saying we're seeing it in the light of September 11th... That's just not true. You've been advocating for Regime Change all through the late 1990s, and in this letter..."

Paul Wolfowitz tries to regain control of the conversation,

"Can I explain there's a very clear difference..."

Senator Lincoln Chafee continues over Paul Wolfowitz "..., (you wrote) "The strategy should aim, above all..." -- this is 1998 --. "The strategy should aim above all at the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime from power". You signed that letter."

Paul Wolfowitz responds,

"Senator, there's a very big difference... I was very clear.... I don't know if it's in that letter, but elsewhere... I never thought before September 11th that we should use tens of thousands of American troops to do the job for the Iraqis ...

(Ryan Dawson screen text: "Because you thought it would be a cake walk!).

... I never thought we should go to Baghdad, even at the end of the Gulf War, when I thought we should have done some other things we didn't do. I thought up until September 11th, that our job was to help the Iraqi people... I think the mistake we made in 1991 was, they rose up against Saddam, they got no help from us... September 11th change the stakes, in my view, for United States and made it a different matter, in terms of using American troops. The the end is the same, but you're not distinguishing the means, and the means are absolutely crucial. Putting American troops lives at stake is something that we do when our security is threatened. Our security was threatened. The troops out there, I think, understand that it is threatened. I think they understand that they're part of fighting the War On Terrorism, as we go on today, and that is important."
(Ryan Dawson adds screen text: Iraq had nothing to do with 911

Senator Lincoln Chafee interjects,

"I'll just finish up by saying, I really resent when witnesses talking... that this is in the light of September 11th... when the evidence is to the contrary, the steady..."

Paul Wolfowitz tries to take control of the conversation,

"Senator, you're misrepresenting what I said in that letter!

Senator Lincoln Chafee powers through Paul Wolfowitz's interjection,

"... Yes, you have, over and over again through the late 1990s, urged Regime Change in Iraq."

Paul Wolfowitz responds,

"Can I try again then?... Since you're... I believe you're not representing my views properly.... It is true; I thought, from the end of the Gulf War up until September 11th of 2001, that it was important for the United States to help Iraqis get rid of that regime, and that is a policy of Regime Change. But, I did not believe that it was either necessary or justified, to use large scale American military forces to do that job. At the end of the Gulf War, all it would have taken was a minimum application of US air power and some of the artillery that were sitting on the South Bank of the Euphrates River. September 11th changed the stakes for us, in my view, dramatically. And it changed the whole way of looking at an uncertain but still disturbing threat of the combination of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism."

Senator Lincoln Chafee makes an ending remark, as his time to question Paul Wolfowitz was ending,

"Well, I wish we had more time."

text on screen: yet it sounds just like 2003

I want to take a wild guess at what the content says???. Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan continue, (Ryan Dawson reads from "January 30 1998 New York Times Bombing Iraq Isnt Enough Article)

"Saddam Hussein must go. This imperative may seem too simple for some experts, or too daunting for the Clinton administration.

(screen text: "why so much drive in 1998?"

But, if the United States is committed, as the president said in his State of the Union message...

Screen text: "1998 was the year of the Monica Lewinsky scandal... The day before the impeachment vote, Clinton bombed Iraq... (then) His impeachment was not confirmed by the Senate... An hour after the voting results, he ended the bombings.

..., to ensuring that the Iraqi leader never again uses weapons of mass destruction.... The only way to achieve that goal is to remove Mr Hussein and his regime from power. Any policy short of that will fail. Mr. Hussein has obviously thought through this scenario, and he likes his chances. That is why he provoked the present crisis...

On Screen: Article (!!!from where) with text:
The people of Serbia, Kosovo, the Sudan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are not the only or most obvious victims of Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky. The day before the House impeachment vote, Clinton bombed Iraq, delaying the impeachment vote. He continued the bombing throughout all the days of the impeachment vote. Only an hour or two after the House impeachment vote ended, Clinton ended the bombing, saying, We have achieved our objectives." Of...
with comment from Ryan Dawson: At least Bill Clinton was with a woman -- Bush chose a Gigolo, J. D. G.

..., fully aware that it could lead to American bombing strikes. He has survived them before, and he is confident that he can survive them again. They will not succeed in forcing him to abandon his efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction. The only way...

Video of Bill Kristol getting hit with something like a rotten tomato or egg

... to remove the threat of those weapons is to removed him. That means using air power and ground forces and finishing the task left undone in 1991."

But wait, there's more! PNAC cranked out this one on July 30th, 2001... just a month and 12 days before the September 11th attacks. It has a big, fat picture of Osama bin Laden's face on it. Again, this information was juxtaposed with a bunch of rhetoric about Saddam Hussein... what they wrote,(Ryan Dawson resumes reading)

"For bin Laden sleepers -- agents already outside of Afghanistan awaiting the right moment to strike an American target-- the situation is probably a little better."

screen text: "In the not too distant future, bin Laden may as well rightfull proclaim that he, as much as Saddam Hussein, exposed America's writ and most terrifying principles -- liberal, secular democracy -- as finished in the Arab world."

The lies about Iraq and 9 11 are all inside PNAC's papers. The authors are the same people (Neocons) involved in Israeli Spy Rings and Israeli arms sales, and at least two of them, John Lehman

pictures of John Lehmen, and, at 01:24:44:04, James R. Thompson,

and James R. Thompson, were on the 9-11 Commission. From the prewar hype to the cover up, they were involved every step of the way.

Screen text: "They knew what was coming"

Four months before the 9 11 attacks, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and Paul Wolfowitz were discussing with the Turkish ambassador about how to divide up Iraq...

article clipping from EDMONDS (!!!Ask Dawson from where): "They had arrangements with various companies, some of them members of the American Turkish Council. They had arrangments with Kissinger's group, with Northrop Grumman, with former secretary of state James Baker's group, and also with former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft.
The monitoring of the Turks picked up contacts with Feith, Wolfowitz, and Perle in the summer of 2001, four months before 9/11. They were discussing with the Turkish ambassador in Washington an arrangement whereby the US would invade Iraq and divide the country. The UK would take the south, the rest would go to the US. They were nogotiating what Turkey required in exchange for allowing an attack from Turkish soil. The Turks were very supportive, but wanted a three-part division of Iraq to include their own occupation of the Kurdish region. The three Defense Department officials said that would be more than they could agree to, but they continued daily communications to the ambassidor and his defense attache in an attempt to convince them to help. "

..., and asked what Turkey would need in exchange for allowing the US to hit the North through their airspace. And the Turks got it in the form of a $9 billion aid package awarded to Turkey and Israel...

article clipping (!!!from where?):
"The Administration justifies the military aid package as providing vitally needed equipment, supplies, and training for our partners and allies in operations in Iraq and the ongoing [[War On Terror|war against terrorism. The urgent need for money for the war effort is expediting the passage of the supplemental and, as a result, individualized requests will not be subjected to the same level of scrutiny and debate as comparable requests in the regular appropriations bills. For this reason, only funded neds that must be met immediately - and relate directly to the war on Iraq - should be included. While much of the money requested in the war (unreadable) supplemental fits this criteria, the urgency of several of the individual requests is not readily apparent. (unreadable) requests should go the regular appropriations process.
Key aid provisions in the supplemental include the following:

  • For Turkey: $1 billion in economic aid, part of which may be used for up to $8.5 billion in loan guarantees, to be available through fiscal year 2005"

..., which was lumped on erroneously to the defense budget bill at large...

Article clipping (!!!ask from where)
Full Committee Unanimously Reports Wartime Supplemental
Bill Reported out on 59-0 Vote, Bill Expected on the House Floor as Early as Thursday
Chairman's Mark: $77.9 billion
President's Request: $74.7 billion
The Chairman's Mark largely tracks the President's request. The additional Congressional notification and accountability provisions mirror precedents and procedures from 1991 Desert Storm supplemental. The Administration is given the needed flexibility to allocate funds based on a dynamic combat environment and Congress is given sufficient accountability over the expenditures of taxpayer's dollars.
Major Amendments Adopted in Full Committee:
(Young): Adds $3.178 billion for reimbursement grants to US flag carriers based on the pro-rata share of expenses incurred related to aviation security as regards to paid or collected passenger security fees and air carrier security fees. Reimbursements cover the time period from..."

... Congress appropriated the money, but then unconstitutionally, the Defense Department allocated it out... to itself, of course.

text on screen: Feith and Wolfowitz were on the payroll for Northrop Grumman, Perle was lock in with Boeing through Trireme

Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz were on the payroll of Northrop Grumman... Richard Perle, the defense for policy chairman, was locked in with Boeing through Trireme and also Hollinger...

!!!Ask Dawson to explain this relationship map with Boeing, UACC, and Blackwater

... Richard Perle and Douglas Feith also set up a little go between in Turkey...

!!!Ask Dawson to explain this chalkboard lesson screenshot (right hand of chalkboard at 01:25:52:04)

to act as a middleman, selling arms there where they had sent the newly acquired cash via aid, aka ear-marked recycled military spending. Anyone refusing to acknowledge that the Iraq war was planned and sold to us by this Cabal of dual citizen Israelis...


!!!ASK Dawson to identify the 5 faces here

... must be a fool. They wrote verbatim the prewar hype, five years before the war...

Screen text: "The Major Media Cheered for War
Antiwar.com Told the Truth"

... These same people later faked evidence for their deceptions and used moles in the media to repeat...

!!!Ask Dawson to identify the people in these pictures
at 01:26:16:25, Bill OReilly and John Bolton appear together on Fox News

... the garbage that they had already been writing in the PNAC Papers.

Life Magazine photo of Dick Cheney and !!!WHO??? holding sign, "Florida! Florida! Florida!"

But until born again Zionist, George W Bush...

Wolf Blitzer picture

..., no one was stupid enough to listen to it. 200 Spies were busted in the largest spy ring ever conducted on US soil...

article clipping from Ben Fenton in Washington, March 7, 2002
" US arrests 200 young Israelis in spying investigation
Up to 200 young Israelis, some of them former members of military intelligence units, have been arrested in America in the past year, a leaked government report disclosed yesterday. Some had used cover stories to gain access to sensitive government buildings and the homes of American officials. The report said the actions of some of the Israelis, most of whom had outstayed tourist visas, may well be an organized intelligence-gathering activity. None of the Israelis, about 140 of whom are believed to have been..."

... Months after 9 11, Israel was caught spying again on the United States, through Department of Defense employee, Lawrence Franklin...

article clipping:
" Behind The Headlines
AIPAC Spy Next Exposed
by Justin Raimondo, August 06, 2005
The other shoe has finally dropped in the case of the spy scandal involving the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). In additions to five espionage-related charges filed against former Pentagon Analyst, Larry Franklin, two counts of conspiracy to communicate Classified Information to a foreign power have been lodged against former AIPAC foreign policy director, Steve Rosen, and a single count of conspiracy against Rosen's assistant, former AIPAC Iran specialist, Keither Weissman. The latest indictment [.pdf] reads like a spy thriller, ad, while some of the elements..."

..., who worked out of an office which met with Israeli generals, and was run by Douglas Feith, another PNAC author. Douglas Feith is a profiteer whose company Feith And Zell, -- he's partners with an Israeli settler, Mark Zell -- ...

'KQED 9 photo, with captions for a flow chart:
The Pentagon/US Government --> Marc Zell --> Potential Contractors

... the law firm that got the delegate reconstruction contracts in Iraq.

Picture of a pile of money


Picture of Karen Kwtatkowski

Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwtatkowski explains how military officers' opinions were dismissed or even punished by the civilian Cabal brought in by the American Enterprise Institute,the parent group PNAC... (from American Conservative Magazine, january 19, 2004), she said,

January 19 2004 Karen Kwtatkowski Open Door Policy Article For American Conservative Magazine, which appears now on screen, the first part not narrated:
"Lt. Col. Karen Kwtatkowski, a former Pentagon insider, concludes er observations on the run-up to the Iraq War in this last of a three-part serries
As of the winder of 2002 approached, I was increasingly amazed at the success of the propaganda campaign being waged by President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Neoconservative mouthpieces at the Washington Times and Wall Street Journal. I speculated about the neccessity, but unlikelihood of a Phil-Dick-style minority report on the grandiose Feith-Wolfowitz-Rumsfeld-Cheney vision of some future Middle East where peace, love, and democracy are brought about by Preemptive War and Military Occupation.
In December, I requested an acceleration of my retirement after just 20 years on duty and exactly the required three years of time-in-grade as a lieutenant colonel. I felt fortunate not to have being (sic) fired or court-martialed due to my Politically Incorrect ways in the previous two years as a real conservative in a Neoconservative Office Of The Secretary Of Defense. "
The following is part of the article, narrated by Ryan Dawson "But, in fact, my outspokenness was probably never noticed because civilian professional and military officers were largely invisible. We were easily replaceable, indispensable... not part of the team brought in by the American Enterprise Institute, the Center For Security Policy and the Washington Institute for Near East Affairs. In early winter, an incident occurred that was seared into my memory. A coworker and I were suddenly directed to go down to the mall entrance to pick up some Israeli generals. Post 9/11 rules require one escort for every three visitors, and there were six or seven of them waiting...

screen text: "Why are there 6 or 7 Israeli Generals meeting with Douglas Feith?"

...The Navy lieutenant commander and I hustled down... before we could apologize for the delay, the leader of the pack surged ahead, his colleagues in close formation, leaving us the double time behind the group as they sped to the undersecretary Feith's office, on the fourth floor. Two thoughts crossed our minds: are we following close enough to get credit for escorting them, and do they really know where they are going? We did get credit, amd they did know. Once in Feith's waiting room, the leader continued at speed to Feith's closed door. An alert secretary saw this coming and I had leapt from her desk to block the door. Mr. Feith has a visitor. It will only be a few more minutes. The leader craned his neck to look around teh secretary's head as he demanded, Who is in there with him?
This minor crisis of curiosity past, I noticed the security sing-in roster. Our habit, up until a few weeks before this incident, was not to sign in senior visitors like ambassadors. But about once a year, the security inspectors send out a warning letter that they were coming to inscpect records. As a result, sign-in rosters were laid out, visible and used. I knew this because in the previous two weeks I watched this explanation being awkwardly presented to several North African ambassadors as they signed in for the first time and wondered why and why now. Given all this and seeing the sign-in roster, I asked the secretary, Do you want these guys to sign in? She raised her hands, both palms toward me, and waved frantically as she shook her head. No, no, no, it is not necessary, not at all. Her body language told me I had committed a faux pas for even asking the question. My fellow escort and I chatted on the way back to our office about how the generals knew where they were going. Most foreign visitors to the five-sided asylum don't, and how the generals didn't have to sign in. I felt a bit dirtied by the whole thing and couldn't stop comparing that experience to the grace and gentility of the Morroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian..."


article exerpt on screen:
"The Israelis were visiting the DOD without having to sign in and going straight to Feith's office where the secretive OSP was headed. The same office Lawrence (Larry) Franklin worked for who was sentenced to 12 years in jail for spying for AIPAC, the thug-like Israeli lobby, who we have learned Rep Jane Harman (D-Calif) used AIPAC to help bribe her position as the highest ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committe. And whose aid has been suspended thus far for leaking the National Intelligence Estimate On Iraq to the New York Times, the same paper Libby leaked classified information to through Judith Miller? Of Course, another Israeli Firster, Nancy Pelosi is set to replace harman and she has already stated she would block attempts to impeach Bush."

The Israelis were visiting the Department of Defense, without having to sign in and going straight to Feith's office...

Article on screen: "Prewar Intelligence Unit at Pentagon Is Criticized"

..., where the secretive Office Of Special Plans was headed... the same office Larry Franklin worked for, who was sentenced to 12 years in jail for spying for AIPAC, the Israeli lobby. Why were Israeli generals visiting a secretive group under the office of the Clean Break Authors and PNAC Authors, where an Israeli spy was also caught, red handed... and none of it ever made the news media?... In fact, normal intelligence channels weren't even aware that Feith's secret office existed.
Video from C-SPAN 3, the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, subject: "Pre-Iraq War Intelligence", with Walter Jones, Republican from North Carolina

"I'm not saying you did not do your duty, please understand. But my point is, as a congressman, who trusted what I was being told -- I'm not on the Intelligence Committee Senator Dorgan, but I am on the House Armed Services Committee -- and I was being told this information, and I wish I'd had the wisdom then that I might have now... I would have known what to ask... But I think many of my colleagues, they did not have the the experience on the intelligence Committee. We just pretty much accepted. So where along the way, How did these people, so early on, get so much power, that they had more influence... and those in the administration... to make decisions than you, the professionals?

Lawrence Wilkerson, the Chief Of Staff To Former Secretary Of State, Colin Powell (2001-2005), responds to Walter Jones,

"Um, let me try to answer your first... Let me say, right off the bat, I'm glad to see you here."

Walter Jones responds,

"Thank you, sir. "

Lawrence Wilkerson continues,

"As a Republican, I'm somewhat embarrassed by the fact that you're the only member of my party here. "

Walter Jones interjects,

"I agree!"

Lawrence Wilkerson continues,

"... But I understand it. Um, I answer you with two words.... Let me put the article in there, and make it three. The Vice president.

Someone Jewish-looking taps another guy on the right shoulder, and says to him,

"Go ahead"

Guy who got tapped on the shoulder, Wayne White, Former State Department Principal Iraq Analyst from 2003-2005, speaks,

"I'd have to interject something similar to what I said to Senator Feinstein... To a lot of the analysts working these issues, we weren't aware of what was going on up there. Whether it was a vice president, or somebody else... to give you an illustration... I didn't even know about the existence of Feith office, in the Pentagon, until maybe 6, 7 months before the war. And the way I found out about existence of Mr. Feith's office, because somebody who worked on terrorism, in our bureau, showed me a product produced by that office, which, as I recall, was two pages long, and it was the evidence linking Iraq with terrorism... And the person was giving it to me, effectively, as comic relief, saying, Can you believe what's on this paper?!?!... It was as if I had gotten my morning traffic someday -- because there's a lot of junk and intelligence that the analyst knows that has to be sifted out to get to the real kernels --... and it looked like an unsorted pile of junk on. This is one reason the Feith office, which does relate to the Secretary Of Defense and then to others, becomes extremely important. -- I didn't go into it, in my... what I read here -- it's in my written testimony --. Those kinds of nodes and officers must be completely eliminated, because people aren't even aware of them, there aren't standard communications between them and the rest of the intelligence community, and more importantly, there has been no vetting of their personnel, you know, whatsoever for professionalism, for experience in that field. That office, basically with writing intelligence, which was getting far more attention than a lot of what !!!Carl WHO??? and I were working on, and yet it had none of the professional standards, you know, they didn't apply to the rest of the intelligence community. And it was so low profile, if you didn't know what was going on behind the scenes, to many of us, it was utterly invisible, until the last last moment. "

Another man, Paul Pillar, former CIA Iraq Intelligence Coordinator from 2000-2005, speaks,

"Uhh, Congressman Jones, if I could extend what Wayne White mentioned with regard to the detached nature of some of what was going on in the Office Of The Secretary Of Defence and the Office of Vice President, Um, what what this little group under Mr Feith was doing, in trying to come up with all the scraps trying to show a link with Al Qaeda... They did put together a briefing, which was briefed out at Langley to Mr Tennant and to members of the Counter-terrorist Center. Again, I wasn't working on counter-terrorism at the time... I didn't receive the briefing...but it wasn't the whole briefing, as we later learned that they provided now at the White House. And the way I and others found out about this was in a hearing of the Senate Select Committee On Intelligence... closed hearing... in which one of Senator Feinstein's colleagues had before him the version of the briefing slides that he was given... And my colleague, who was then deputy chief of the Counter-terrorist Center, had the version that he was given. And the version that came to the intelligence community was missing a couple of slides that were devoted to criticizing the community for how they were missing this big link between Saddam and Al Qaeda, and here's what the intelligence community is doing wrong and why their analysis on this is so poor... This was never briefed to Mr Tenet or the Counter-terrorist Center. It was briefed down at the White House, and only thanks to one of the numbers of the Senate Intelligence Committee did we ever find out about it. But if I could just add one more, and, I would disagree with my friend Carl Ford on this, that group wasn't established because the intelligence community wasn't doing its job... It was doing its job rather intensively and devoting a great deal of effort, particularly the Counter-terrorist Center -- again, I wasn't in at the time --to this whole issue of Iraq and Al Qaeda, because they were asked so many questions, again and again and again, again and again. So they wrote a bunch of papers. It wasn't that they didn't do the good analysis or come up with a specific evidence... It's that the policy makers, these particular ones, in the Office of Secretary Defense, didn't like the answer, and the answer was, there's no alliance. And that was a very well documented answer. And there was a lot of other information that pointed in the opposite direction from all these scraps that Mr. Feith's office put together... And we later read about in The Weekly Standard, evidence that showed, for example, that there was not training going on, that there were not contacts between Iraq and just about any Islamists you could come up with in Afghanistan. That was all the other side that was ignored."


On Screen: Cover Page of "Rebuilding America's Defenses; Strategy, Forces, and Resources For a New Century

Now this one takes the cake. It was written by Paul Wolfowitz, the The Kagan's and Lewis Libby. -- If you're only going to read one PNAC Paper, let it be this one ---... and the rest of the Cabal signed off on it. It's called "Rebuilding America's Defenses; Strategy, Forces, and Resources for a new century". It's probably PNAC's most infamous paper...

Screen Text: "Libby defended Israeli criminals on Interpol's most wanted list"

... It rehashes the same junk that's in all the other papers and then adds that the psychotic policies that they're advocating probably won't be possible...

On screen: Text from Rebuilding Americas Defenses PNAC Paper:
" Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary chance, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor. Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and..."

..., short of some sort of catastrophe or crisis...

Picture of second plane hitting the WTC Twin Towers

... However, the insanity of that hypothetical pales in comparison to...

Picture of a garage door with two stars of David and "Kill Arabs" on it

... the Nazi-like eugenics that they also promoted... It actually proposes implementing racially specific bioweapons...

excerpt from Rebuilding Americas Defenses PNAC Paper:
"And [[Richard Perles Call To Genocide Non-Jews With Race-Specific Biological Weapons|advanced forms of biological warfare that can "target" specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the real of terror to a politically useful tool. This is merely a glimpse of the possibilities inherent in the process of transformation, not a precise prediction. Whatever the shape and direction of this reveolution in..."

... to get rid of unwanted people...

text on screen: Richard Perle actually wrote a book about that as well.

...This is the mindset of these Zionists. Not only did they think of that, they actually thought it would be okay to publish that... They don't worry or care, because they know the press is not going to call them out on it...

On screen: September 28 1998 A Way To Oust Saddam Weekly Standard Article By Robert Kagan

... Of all the PNAC Papers, this is probably the most infamous one (!!!Which paper?)...

screenshot of some PNAC Papers on the PNAC Website

... I believe a disproportionate amount of attention has been pegged on this paper, because of the line, and calling for a new Pearl Harbor-like event act as a catalyst for their imperial escapades. However, I can't read this one to you because it's too long...

On screeen: top of A Necesary War PNAC Paper By Reuel Marc Gerecht

... I think you really need to read this entire document, if you haven't already, because that line just doesn't do it justice there so many disgusting things in this report...

on screen: top of September 11 2005 Haw The Iraq War Made Us Safter PNAC Paper By Gary Schmitt... and another PNAC Paper trying to justify the disasterous war in Iraq at 01:36:18:16

..., and above you can see some more things I didn't have time to get into... It was just... There's over 52 more papers they published about war with Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, your entire foreign policy for the Middle East. And we've been following it to the "T". And it's all deception. -- It's all lies --. And yet, with all the Neocons' fanfare...

..., they just couldn't get the wars they wanted until after 9 11 And after that, they associated those lies to their original lies, and finally, they could push forward with their dreams of bloody empire.
Douglas Feith on video with (TPM) at bottom left corner:

"I think the president made the right decision, given what he knew."

However, Israeli Firsters were unable to get their war until they could create the myth of Saddam's men meeting with Al Qaeda, using moles in the media to repeat the garbage of their own publications, which is exactly what they did...

on screen: "Perry Mikesell, Don C Wiley, David Kelly, Vladimir Pasechnik, and Bruce Ivins were all suicided over the lies about Antrhax and bio-weapons"

... Not only that, but they compounded on that lie by adding that at this meeting they also got anthrax from the Iraqis and they blame that on Al Qaeda as well, all of which turned out to be lies.
Karl Rove once professed that it didn't matter what reality was, because they could make reality, and that's exactly what they did...

On screen: Picture of "Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand"
and at 01:37:42:26:
Article on 'Message Force Multiplier' Scandal: Networks Assailed For 'Defening Silen'

and what they re phrased as Message Force Multipliers... An old tactic barred from Nazi propaganda about repeating a lie enough times until the most prejudice or insecure among the populist start to believe it. If they can get five or six people to repeat the same lines in different places in the press, regardless of how lacking in evidence the claims are, it will create the perception that everybody is saying 'x' so 'X' must be true. This lemming effect works particularly well with scare tactics, and it is used over and over by the mass media, as a form of deception or distraction. Here is who all kept repeating the 'Iraq is with Al Qaeda lie', as well as the compounding lives that they emerged with it once again... not a shred of evidence to back any of this up. Pure scare tactics. Same as the Iran is going to build a nuclear bomb propaganda 

01:38:38:17 Senator Carl Levin on video from CNN footage of "PENTAGON PLOY? - Al Qaeda Connection"

"Intelligence relating to the the Iraq Al Qaeda Relationship was manipulated, by high ranking officials, in the Department of Defense to support the administration's decision to invade Iraq when the intelligence assessments of the professional analysts of the intelligence community did not provide the desired, compelling case."

These monstrous lies were told by embedded Zionist journalists, who worked with the administration's PNAC members. For example, lie that the lead hijacker of 9 11, Mohamed Atta met with agents of Saddam was repeated by William Safire...

May 9 2002 Mr Atta Goes To Prauge New York Times Article By William Safire
" In pro football, an adept offensive lineman tricks his opponent in what is called a misdirection play. He blocks his man toward the center; as the defender pushes back hard, the misdirecting lineman gives way, seemingly overcome by the counter-charge -- as his running back scoots through the hole near the center left by the defender.
A misdirection play is under way in teh CIA's all-out attempt to discredit an account of a suspicious meeting in Praugue a year ago. Mohamed Atta, destined to be the leading Sept. 11 suicide hijackers, was reported last fall by Czech intelligence to have met at least once with Saddam Hussein's espionage chief in the Iraqi Embassy -- Ahmed Al-Ani, a spymaster whom the Czechs were keeping under tight surveillance.
If the report proves accurate, a connection would exist between Al Qaeda's murder of 3,000 Americans and Iraq's Saddam. That would clearly be a casus belli, calling for our immediate military response, separate from the need to stop a demonstrated mass killer from acquiring nuclear and germ weapons. Accordingly, high CIA and Justice officials -- worried about exposure of the agency's inability to conduct covert operations -- desperately want Atta's Saddam connection to be disbeleived"

Note, Gary Schimitt had written [[Oct 19 2001 Weekly Standard Article By Gary Schmitt, which was similar

..., of The New York Times, may 9th 2002 which came from PNAC's Gary Schmitt, who wrote in 2001 for The Weekly Standard, an outfit run by PNAC's co-founders Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan. The story was leaked to Rutgers, September 18th 2001, just a week after 9-11 Attacks.... and the same days, the First Anthrax Mailing.

Picture of the Mohamed Atta US Visa:

Wow! They knew about the lead hijacker, as well as a meeting that never took place, within seven days. They probably wanted to follow up on this sooner than they did, adding the Anthrax part of the lie (to the story), assuming the first letter would be opened in just a couple of days... But the mail didn't work like that...

Article: "Iraq dossier 'solid' - Downing Street"
then at 01:39:49:13, the article, "A piece of plagiarism"?
then at 01:39:51:07, the article "Plagiarism: British Intelligence Iraq Dossier Relied On Recycled Academic Articles"

... reminds me of the BBC reported plagiarize from a college student in California... This Mohamed Atta met with Iraqi intelligence lie was repeated by Vice President Dick Cheney...

Picture tracking propagation of Disinformation About A Meeting In Prauge Linking Iraq To Al Qaeda

..., December 9th, 2001, on National television... He later denied it, despite his being on tape saying it.
Video of a CNBC Exclusive, with caption "CIA LEAK INVESTIGATION" being aired on MSNBC... (The "CAPITOL REPORT" - CNBC, June 19, 2004) June 19 2004 Dick Cheney Denial Of Having Repeated PNAC Lies Linking Iraq To Al Qaeda:

Female journalist: "You have said in the past that it was, quote, pretty well confirmed. Dick Cheney: "No, I never said that." Female journalist: "Okay..." Dick Cheney: "I never said that!" Female journalist: "I think that is..." Dick Cheney: "That's absolutely not... what I said... was..."

Video clip of Dick Cheney on "Meet The Press - NBC" from December 9, 2001: December 9 2001 Dick Cheney Repeats PNAC Lies Linking Iraq To Al Qaeda:

"Uhh, it has been pretty well confirmed that he did go to Prague and he did meet with a senior official of the Iraqi intelligence service... in Czechoslovakia. Last..."

He also, ignorantly, called the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia. One would think that if they had a report from a country, that they were at least knew the proper name for that country.... But he didn't... (Ryan Dawson replays Dick Cheney calling the Czech Republic Czechoslovakia: 01:40:31:08

...in Czechoslovakia..."

What's sad is that Dick Cheney is considered to be one of the smarter ones, and he is, for a Neocon. I mean, the competition isn't fierce... Gary Schmitt ofPNAC wrote, 01:40:46:06
(Ryan Dawson reads from article entitled "Why Iraq PNAC Paper By Gary Schmitt:

"Shortly before getting on a plane to fly to New Jersey from Europe, in June, 2000, Mohamed Atta, the lead hijacker of the first jet airliner to slam into the World Trade Center, and, apparently, the lead conspirator in the attacks of September 11th, met with a senior Iraqi intelligence official. This was no chance encounter rather than take a flight from Germany, where he had been living, Atta to travel to Prague, almost certainly for the purpose of meeting there, with Iraqi intelligence operative, Ahmed Samir Ahani...

This was a complete lie, designed to connect Al Qaeda to Iraq...

BBC Article "Antrax may be linked to Bin Laden"

..., and, thus Iraq to the 9-11 Attacks. It was false. Yet all the corporate news networks repeated it anyway, because it had been in The New York Times. The source of the Times report were members of the Iraqi National Congress...

Three pictures with captions:
Top picture: Picture of Statue of Saddam Hussein being torn down in iraq, showing how small the crowd for the photo op was... With three tanks encircling the statue park, a mechanized vehicle with cable pulling the statue down, and a tiny crow of people gathered around the falling statue. Top picture caption: "Does the scene at right look like the fall of the Berlin Wall? The area circled in red is where US Marines, the Press, and a small number of IOraqis gathered to pull down the statue of Saddam Hussein. No more than 150 were involved. The plaza was empyty and sealed off by the Marines. It all occured just opposite the Palestine Hotel where the international media are based. This was a carefully staged media event. The pro-American Iraqis involved were members of Ahmed Chalabi's Free Iraqi Forces Militia, recently flown into Iraq by the Pentagon. Chalabi is a Washington favorite to head the new government. The toppling of the statue was prmoted as a massive uprising... does this event look massive to you? "
Bottom pictures:
Bottom left: Picture of [[Ahmed] Chalabi]] with caption: "Chalabi and his Free Iraqi Forces militia are flown into southern city of Nasiriyah by the Pentagon on Sunday, April 6th."
Bottom right: Picture of one of the militia men shown in bottom left photo landing with Ahmed Chalabi with caption: "Same militia member greets US marines in center of Bagdhad moments before Saddam statue is pulled down on April 7th."

..., such as Ahmed Chalabi (who you saw in the staged statue toppling), a man convicted of bank fraud who was later installed in the new government of Iraq, and whom Paul Wolfowitz had personally suggested should lead the INC back in the 1990s...

Article from Jerusalem Associated Press:
"General: Israelis exaggerated Iraq threat
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli intelligence overplayed the threat posed by Iraq and reinforced the US and British assessment that Saddam Hussein had large amounts of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, a retired Israeli general said Thursday.
The Israeli assessment may have been colored by politics, including a desire to see the Iraqi leader toppled, said Schlomo Brom, who was a senior Israeli military intelligence officer and is now a researcher with Israel's top strategic think tank.
Brom stopped short of accusing Israeli intelligence officials of intentionally misleading Britain and the United States.
His assertations could, hoever, undermine the reputation of the Israeli intelligence service, one of the most respected in the world..."

..., when he wrote then President Clinton about Regime Change...

August 7 2003 Pentagon Office Home To Neo-Con Network Inter Press Service Article by Jim Lobe
"WASHINGTON -- An Ad Hoc office under US Undersecretary Douglas Feith appears to have acted as the key base for an informal network of mostly neo-conservative political appointees that circumvented normal inter-agency channels to lead the push for war in Iraq.
The [[OSP| Office Of Special Plans (OSP), which worked alongside the Near East And South Asia Bureaa in Feith's domain, was originall created by Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz to review raw information collected by the official US Intelligence agencies for connections between Iraqi Presidnet Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda.
Retired intelligence officials from the State Department, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have long charged that the two offices exaggerated and manipulated intelligence about Iraq before passing it along to the White House.
But key personnel who worked in both the NESA and OSP were part of a broader network of neo-conservative ideologues and activists who worked with other Bush political appointees scattered around the national security bureaucracy to move the country to war, according to retired Lt Col Karen Kwiatkowsky, who was assigned to NESA from May 2002 through Febraury 2003

... The Neocons in the Pentagon simply ignored actual intelligence from the US abundance of agencies...

July 17 2003 The Spies Who Pushed For War Guardian Article By Julian Borger
"Julian Borger reports on the shadow rightwing intelligence network set up in Washington to second-guess the CIA and deliver a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force.
As the CIA Director, George Tenet, arrived at the Senate yesterday to give secret testimony on the Niger uranium affair, it was becoming increasingly clear in Washington that the scandal was only a small, well-documented sympton of a complete breakdown in US intelligence that helped steer America into war.
It represents the Bush administration's second catastrophic intelligence failure. But the CIA and FBI's inability to prevent the September 11 attacks was largely due to internal institutional weaknesses.
This time the implications are far more damaging for the White House, which stands accused of politicising and contaminating its own source of ..."

... and invented their own...

Serving Two Flags CounterPunch Special Report Article By Stephen Green article on screen

They simply planted their own propaganda into the INC, which was picked up by willing journalists such as Judith Miller and William Safire, who repeated it in The New York Times. Thus, the Neocons could create the perception they wanted, by parroting the press...


Picture: Triangle 'Lie Flow Chart':, labled "A Lie Triangle"
Pentagon-->INC-->Press-->Pentagon (flows in circle)

..., who was pushing the Pentagon's own propaganda.
Of course, the prince of darkness was a Message Force Multiplier. December 28, 2001, in an op ed in the New York Times, Richard Perle wrote,

From December 28 2001 New York Times Article By Richard Perle:
"We must strike Iraq. Evidence of a meeting in Prague between a senior Iraqi intelligence agent and Mohamed Atta, the September 11th ringleader, is convincing."

Another PNAC troll, Paul Wolfowitz, added, (on February 23, 2002) 01:42:38:18

Quote from Feb 23 2002 San Franciscio Cronicle Article By Paul Wolfowitz:
Like the meeting of Mohamed Atta with Iraqi officials in Prague, I think the premise of a policy has to be. We can't afford to wait for proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

(Ryan Dawson adds that the quote from [[Paul Wolfowitz, above, was...) on February 23rd, 2002, in the San Francisco Chronicle. Richard Perle was the chairman of the Defense Policy Board in the DOD...

Picture of Richard Perle with caption:
"The Prince of Darkness, Dick Perle: Top Neocon
Chiarman of the DOD's Defense Policy Board
Arms advisor, lobbiest, and spy for israel
Much more on this key player later"

... And involved in too many other criminal activities to get into just yet. Paul Wolfowitz was the Deputy Secretary Of Defense...

Picture of Paul Wolfowitz with caption:
"Paul Wolfowitz: Comb Licker
Deputy Secretary Of Defense
Head of World Bank
Name something nasty... he's part of it: PNAC, CFR, AEI, Team B, AIHS, DPB, Trilateral Commission, etc."

... and later the head of the World Bank, and also involved in too many crimes to get into just yet...

text on screen: "Prior to 911 they were going on radio stations and jokingly saying, "Stay out of tall buildings" !!!Get names/dates for those shows, and does !!!they refer to Wolfowitz and Perle?

... They can get away with it... It's like they want to be caught...

Picture of Paul Wolfowitz holding up the 9-11 Commission Report, laughing

...They're laughing at you.... Also working at The New York Times with William Safire was Judith Miller. She made up the lie about Iraq's aluminum tubes allegedly being used a centrifuges in a nuclear reactor...

Picture of aluminum tubes with what appear to be inspectors

... never mind the fact that that wouldn't physically work anyway...

text on screen: " DOE " No successful centerfuge cascade has ever been built using rotor tubes of the size and the material that Iraq was attempting to procure, because the tube walls (3.3mm) were three times too thick and the tube diameter (81mm) was too small for favorable use. Anodized tubes are "Not consistent" with a uranium centrifuge because the coating can produce adverse reactions with uranium gas." "

..., if it was true... That doesn't seem to matter... I already explained to you earlier, that these people aren't very bright... but they don't worry about that, you see... They know that it doesn't really matter how bad their lies are; they're going to be accepted anyway because their entire role is to just facilitate some sort of pretext for war. She was also the journalist that spread a story saying that Saddam had hidden weapons under his palaces or in mobile trucks. It was a bunch of hot air, literally. The mobile trucks, which came from the UK, and were sold to Iraq, were in fact, balloons.

June 8 2003 Blow To Blair Over Mobile Labs Observer Artible By Peter Beaumont And Antony Barnett
"Blow to Blair over 'mobile labs'
Saddam's trucks were for balloons, not germs
Peter Beaumont and Antony Barnett
Tony Blair faces a fresh crisis over iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, as evidence, emerges that two vehicles that he has repeatedly claimed to be Iraqi mobile biological warfare production labs are nothing of the sort.
The Intelligence agency, M16, British defence officers and technical experts from teh Porton Down microbiological research establishment have been ordered to conduct an urgent review of the mobile facilities, following US analysis which casts serious doubt on whether they really are germ labs. The British review comes amid widespread doubts expressed by scientiest on both sides of the Atlantic that the trucks could have been used to make biological weapons.
Instead, The Observer has established that it is increasingly likely the units were designed to be used for hydrogen production to fill artillary balloons, part of a system originally sold to Saddam by Britain in 1987.
The British review folows access by UK officials to the vehicles which were discovered by US troops in April and May...
!!!Get full transcription of article later... it goes on to show there was zero evidence they could have been used to develop WMDs

The US and the UK knew that, but they didn't care...
9 11 was the new Pearl Harbor event the Neocons yearned for, and it was 9/11 that acted as a catalyst for both war and sweeping pre written legislation to create a security panic state and strip away civil liberties and constitutional rights, for the sake of the Military-Industrial Complex. It is very important to look at the events before, during and after 9-11 Attacks...

Fox News map displaying "Israeli Organized Crime in Nevada, Canada, Florida, and New York.

... in order to understand it. It is also important to look at who was chosen to investigate it.
Two huge bills were created in passed, which have forever changed America, the Patriot Act and the Law That Creation The Department of Homeland Security. The Congress passed these monsters, while it was under the duress

Screen text: "Release the Israeli spies and truck bombers" with picture of Michael Chertoff

of an anthrax attack.

On screen:
The Anthrax:
Al Qaeda NO
Iraq NO
Ayaad Assaad NO
Steven Hatfill NO
Bruce Ivins NO
Mossad, !!!Zack???, Camel Club YES

The note sent with the anthrax read...

01:45:01:20: One of the Antrax LetterS notes:
01:45:03:02: The Envelope Of the Anthrax Letter Sent to Senator Leahy

..., Death to America - Death to Israel, automatically associating Israel's enemies with America's enemies... Because the Attackers had written 9-11 and praise Allah on the notes and mailed them from the same locations as the hijacker cells in the US, the anthrax attack was initially blamed on Al Qaeda. The mainstream press never asked for evidence of the claims being made...

August 2 2008 FBI Was Told To Blame Anthrax Scare On Al Qaeda By White House Official Daily News Article By James Gordon Meek:
By James Gordon Meek -- Daily News WASHINGTON BUREAU
Saturday August 2nd, 2008
"WASHINGTON - In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 Anthrax Attacks, White House officials repeatedly pressed FBI director Robert Mueller to prove it was a second-wave assault by Al Qaeda, but investigators ruled that out, the Daily News has learned.
After the Oct 5, 2001 death from Anthrax exposure of Sun photo editor Robert Stevens, Mueller was beaten up during Presidnet Bush's morning intelligence briefings for not producing proof the killer spores were the handwork of terrorist mastermind Osama Bin laden, according..."

... They just repeated them, obediently and blindly...

November 9 2001 Athrax Probe Hampered By FBI Blunders New York Times Article
"Agests unprepared for complexities of case -- The FBI's inquiry into the anthrax attacks has stumled in several key areas and may have missed opportunities to gather valuable evidence as criminal investigators have been unable to fully and quickly grasp the scientific complexities of the case...."

... Some were even dumb enough to take the Israelis at their word...

Picture of the USS Liberty

..., as if Israel has never lied to the United States, and would have no motive to implicate two enemies with such a tale.
The London Times reported that Iraqis were seen passing anthrax to Al Qaeda...

October 27 2001 Hijacker Given Anthrax Flask By Iraqi Agent London Times Article By Daniel McGrory
"INTELLIGENCE agents from Prauge to Swansea are uncovering a trail of clues that point to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq having a hand in Al Qaeda's terrorist missions.
Iraqi ministers have spent the week protesting Baghdad's...

... their sources where Israeli intelligence... Here we can see the beginnings of a set up; with this lie... They connected 9-11 Attacks to Iraq, yet there was no meeting in Prague... There were no Iraqis passing Anthrax to 9-11 Hijackers...

Screen text: Notice how this lie from Israel built upon the previous lie from PNAC, about the fictional meeting, by adding an Anthrax exchange to it.

... There were no Iraqis even talking toe 9-11 Hijackers... Next, Iraq was accused of making biological weapons, including anthrax, in mobile weapons labs. This lie came from Judith Miller, who wrote about it in The New York Times...

Diagram on screen:
A Box labled PNAC containing William Kristol and Gary Schmitt
has a word bubble coming out of it with text, "Al Qaeda met Iraqis", connected to a
word bubble with text, "Yeah, and they gave them Anthrax too", coming from
A box labled Israeli Security forces in Newspapers
bottoms text: "Mesage: Iraq was part of 9-11 Attacks. Let's go to war. We don't need evidence. Just trust us. Scare tactics are fine."

... Judith Miller, the girlfriend of the lawyer for the Mossad, Lewis Libby.
Here's a woman who tried to blame both the 1993 World Trade Center attack as well as OKC Bombing on Iraqis. She claimed that Iraq was using mobile weapons labs to hide their biological weapons of mass destruction, and was capable of producing anthrax. Remember, Miller was also the journalist who got a hoax letter of anthrax. It's interesting, because the postmark on these letters, which had identical notes, as the real anthrax letters were sent before there was reporting about them... as they had not been received yet. So why would War-mongering Judith Miller and Fox News be sent pretend attacks?... And yet real anthrax was sent others who opposed the Patriot Act and the war...

screen text:
Judith Miller

bottom text: "Interesting because these were sent post parked by the real attackers BEFORE there was reporting on the antrhax. Thus why send Judith Miller and Fox News a pretend attack? Yet, they sent real Anthrax to others who were less pro Israel... and anti Iraq War...

The formula is simple.
(1) state that Al Qaeda attacked us with Anthrax (Lie)
(2) state that Iraq has biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, including anthrax. (Lie)
(3) state that Al Qaeda met with Iraq (lie)
(4) state that Iraq gave anthrax to Al Qaeda. (lie)
All of these statements are lies, but it leaves the public with the conclusion that Iraq and Al Qaeda were working together.


Now did Osama Bin Laden set all that up?... No, no, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Two word bubbles from 01:46:14:15 are connected intersect to create new word bubble,
"Iraq has movile weapons labs with Antrax", connected to a box labled "Judith Miller/William Safire and New York Times"

Later, Neocons involved in the American Turkish Council and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee were fingered in illegal black market weapons trades, including nuclear material...

Screen Text:
"Later Neocons involved with the ATC and AIPAC were fingered in illegal blackmarket weapons trades including nuclear material. Every step has been taken to silence investigation, information, and legal action. AIPAC was also caught spying on the US. One of its moles, Larry Franklin was involved with the Niger Forgeries, a bit of nuclear WMD propagnda which fit nicely with Miller's tube myth . Lawrence Franklin worked for Douglas Feith, a dual citizen with Israel who met with uncleared Israeli generals in his office in the build up to the war, and is partners with an Israeli settler, Marc Zell."

... Sibel Edmonds, a translator for the FBI, had the state secrets privilege enacted on her as a gag order. Every step has been taken to silence, investigation, information and legal action into these crimes....

Magazine cover from The American Conservative, titled "Who's Afraid of Sibel Edmonds"?

AIPAC was also caught spying on the United States... again. One of its moles, Larry Franklin, who was sentenced to 12 years in jail...


October 20 2005 Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved By Justin Raimondo

..., was involved with in the Niger Forgeries, a bit of nuclear weapons propaganda...

on screen: Niger Forgeries Documents

..., which fit nicely with Judith Miller's tubes myth.
Video of George W Bush addressing the Media,

"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of Uranium from Africa.

If you don't know already... if you've been living in a cave or getting all of your news from TV. The's forgers were so sloppy that they didn't even fake the right name on the documents...

Picture of one of the Niger Forgeries Documents with wrong name on it as signatory

... and ignorantly used the name of a former foreign minister who had not been in power for more than a decade. It would be the equivalent of trying to pass off a modern document today, and signing it Ronald Reagan, which is not even possible. This bogus information was used anyway, despite it being immediately debunked by the CIA... They knew it wasn't true. The CIA is evil, but they're not stupid. But it didn't matter, and they knew it wasn't gonna matter. The press never took the 20 seconds or so that I just did to explain this. With the exception of Bill Moyers on PBS.
Transcribers note: Former President of Niger, Tandja Mamadou was one of the forged signatures, . The other forged signature was from Allele Habibou, a former foreign minister of Nigeria who had been out of power since 1989, and the Niger Forgeries Document document he supposidly signed was from October 10, 2000
Transcriber's addition from conversation with Ryan Dawson:
Names of the people who carried out the forgeries were:
Italian Cop named Rocco Martini, gets recruited by
Antonio Nucera, a former intelligence agent and police man
In addition to the forging of signatures and alternation of old documents, somewhere in tehis chain of leaking and disinformation spreading, they also used an outdated Nigerian military seal. Rocco Martini gets put in contact with Laura Montini, an intel officer for Italy's SISMI, who works in a Nigerian embassy , and she started passing out documents about sales of Uranium to Iraq, which were used by one of the people in this chain to create the Niger Forgeries Documents... and they started shopping around for any European intelligence agencies to take the bait on this bogus information... they got sloppier and sloppier with how they passed the documents, to the point that they faxed them from Niger phone numbers, presumably so that British and French intelligence would catch it... The British did catch it, and passted it to Michael Ladeen and OSP guys which was then pushed just like the Disinformation About A Meeting In Prauge Linking Iraq To Al Qaeda

Picture of Niger Forgeries Documents
and another document at 01:49:28:06
and more documents at 01:49:31:27
Again at 01:49:38:25

All in one, you see the imperialist, intentional deception, and sloppiness, with the Media as yes man partnership. They can't claim incompetence, when they're the ones faking documents, and the Media can't claim ignorance, when they will not report on the matter, even after the fact... They lied to you, together. The mass media is just the pro war PR machine for the Pentagon.
Feith's office was passing classified information to Israel, through AIPAC...

!!!Ask Dawson for high quality image of this ZOG chart

... employees Keither Weissman and Steve Rosen; the man passing the documents, Lawrence Franklin, was sentenced, but the people receiving the information didn't get in any trouble after threatening to narc on everyone else who was involved, which included the majority of the Bush administration. Douglas Feith, with Richard Perle, set up something called IAI International Advisors Incorporated, in Turkey, to act as a miniature ATC (American Turkish Council)...

September 17 2002 Letters To Department of Inspector General From AHI Article:
"September 17, 2002 -- (202)-785-8430
Letter To Department Of Defense Inspector General And General Counsel Request Inquiry Into Conflict Of Interest At Defense
WASHINGTON, DC -- On September 6, 2002, the American Hellenic Institute (AHI) sent letters to the Department Of Defense (DOD) inspector general Joseph E Schmitz and Gernal Counsel William J Haynes requesting an inquiry into a conflict of interest by two high ranking Defense Department officials, namely, Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Police and Richard Perle, chairman of the Defense Policy Board, becauase of their past dealings with Turkey. Mr Feith was a registered foreign agent for Turkey, and Mr. Perle was a consultant for Turkish interests. The issue was raised in a joint letter of September 4, 2002, to Presidnet George W Bush. The letters to Messrs, Schmitz, and Haynes, written on behalf of the signatories to the join letter of September 4 to Presidnet Bush, state:

"There are two high-ranking Defense Department officials with an aparent conflict of interest regarding US relations with Turkey. Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, is a former registered foreign agent for Turkey from 1989 to 1994. Mr Feith was principal for International Advisors Inc (IAI). As such, he received $60,000 annually and his law firm Feith And Zell received many hundreds of thousands of dollars from IAI. He was previously a special assistant to Richard Perle at the Defense Department.
Richard Perle, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, is the non-paid chairman of the Defense Policy Board. Mr. Perle resigned from the Reagan Asministration in 1987 before the end of the Cold War and went to Turkey and negotiated an $800,000..."


... Douglas Feith was the sole shareholder... it is essentially just another bubble to profiteer through. It's odd how the US wrongly points its finger at Iraq, and even Iran, accusing him of building nuclear weapons, and yet the rial criminals trading nuclear secrets, and possibly nuclear material, are right here in our own government. Our under secretary of state and former ambassador to Turkey, Marc Grossman, is implicated in just such a crime. And even though he had been caught red handed, with these dealings with the Turks and the Israelis...

"British Media Confirms FBI whistleblower Edmonds's account of secret file"
Published Sunday January 20, 2008
The Sunday Times has obtained a document that confirms that a file, which the FBI denied existed, could contain information about American officials stealing nuclear secrets for Turkish and Israeli spies, who would then sell the secrets to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Earlier, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, 37, approached the Times about explosive communications she discovered between high-up American officials and Turkish and..."

..., nothing could be done about it...

Article From Tuesday, September 19, 2006:
"Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, and Marc Grossman
Richard Perle and Doug Feith are the 'stars' of Kill The Messenger
In May 2006, Phil Giraldi wrote an article about Sibel's case which Sibel described as:

a fantastic short piece by [[Phil Giraldi; it sums up the case very well, considering the length... as far as published articles go, this one nails it 100%

Here's a snippet from Phil Giraldi's article:

Someone has to be in the middle (of the Turkish, Israeli, American military/economic machine) to keep the happy affair going, so enter the Neocons, intent on securing Israel against all corners and also keen to turn a...


... because the whistle blowers were gagged... To quote an old right up from By Justin Raimondo , one of the best muckrakers out there, (Ryan Dawson reads the quote).

"The darkest secrets of 9/11 are buried at the end of the trail laid out in Edmons's testimony. As Luke Ryland, the world's foremost expert on the Edmonds case, writes: <blockquote The Times article then notes something that I reported 18 months ago. Immediately after 911, the FBI arrested a bunch of people suspected of being involved with the attacks, including four associates of key targets of FBI counter-intelligence operations. SIbel heard the targets tell Marc Grossman, we need to get them out of the US because we can't afford them to spill the beans. Marc Grossman duly facilitated their released from jail on. The suspects immediately left the country without further investigation or interrogation.
Let me repeat that for emphasis: THe #3 guy at the State Dept facilitated the immedate release of 911 suspects at the request of targets of the FBI's investigation


That's the number three man at the State Department, facilitating the immediate release of 9 11 suspects have the request targets of the FBI's investigation. He sourcing The Sunday Times, the same paper that Mordechai Vanunu turned to, to break the story about Israel's secret nuclear arsenal. Unfortunately, the newly landed in jail for that.
It would be Marc Grossman, who warned his associates to stay away from Brewster Jennings And Associates, a front for the CIA...

November 26 2005 Outing Brewster Jennigs Article By Gordon Prather
"According to Bob Woodward, we're not to worrk:

When the story comes out I'm quite confident we're going to find out that it started kind of as gossip, as chatter. And that somebody learned that Joe Wilson's wife had worked at the CIA and helped him get this job going to Niger to see if there was an Iraq/Niger uranium deal. And, there's a lot of innocent actions in all of this.

Oh Yeah? Well, let's scroll back to the New York Times column by Nicolas Kristof of June 12, 2003, that triggered panic among the neo-crazies:

Officials now claim that the CIA inexplicably did not report back to the White House with this envoy's findings and...

..., particularly the wing that Valerie Plame was working for...

Leak Of CIA Officers Leaves Trail Of Damage Article By Warren P Strobel
"WASHINGTON -- It's just a 12-letter name -- Valerie Plame - but the leak by Bush Administration officials of that CIA officer's identity may have damaged US national security to a much greater extend than generally realized, cureent and former agency officials say.
Plame, the wife of former ambassador and Bush critic Joseph Wilson was a member of a small elite-within-an-elite (can't read) CIA] employee operating under nonoffical cover, in her case, as an energy analyst, with little or no protection from the US government if she got caught. Training agents such as Plame, 40, costs millions of dollars and requires the time-consuming establishment of elaborate fictions, called "legends", including in this case the creation of a CIA front company that helped lend plausibility to her trips overseas. Compounding the damage, the front company, Brewster Jennings And Associaties, whose name has been reported previously, apparently also was used by other CIA officers whose..."

..., which worked on tracking nuclear weapons proliferation.

01:51:53:17 Valerie Plame Picture
01:51:55:15 Robert Novak
01:51:57:08 Lewis Libby walking with !!!whom???
01:52:13:06 Picture of CIA emblem covered in blood

This became more public knowledge when Robert Novak and Lewis Libby told the world to stay away from Brewster Jennings And Associates, by ousting Valerie Plame as a covert agent. By ousting her, it was easy to deduce that the company she worked for must have been a front, and thus all of the CIA agents working for that were gone...

Picture of a political cartoon making fun of Meida focus on Iran for suspicion of nuclear weapons with Mordechai Vanunu pointing to a row of Israeli nuclear bombs

... They're pointing the finger at Iraq and Iran. But we know which country in the Middle East secretly has nukes. We know what Cabal within the United States is selling this information on the black market...
..., and it's in our own government. It's Douglas Feith and Richard Perle and Marc Grossman, and the same PNAC Zionist traitors that led to the war in Iraq, helped cover up Niger Forgeries, ousted Valerie Plame and Blackmailed politicians for their own financial interests... and who were in buyers for these nuclear secrets? General Mahmoud Ahmed,

Picture of General Mamoud Ahmed

..., the same man who wired $100,000 to 91-1 Hijacker Mohamed Atta...

Screen Text: "The Pakistani operation was led by General Mahmoud Ahmad, then ISI chief. Intercepted communications showed Ahmad and his colleagues stationed in Washinton were in contact with attaches in the Turkish embassy. Intelligence analysts say that members of the ISI were close to Al Qaeda before and after 9/11. Indeed, Ahmad was accused of sanctioning a $100,000 wire payment to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 Hijackers, immediately before the attacks. The results of the espionage were almost certainly passed to Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani nuclear scientist.

..., who, I've just explained, was an Israeli agent... and from the general would pass on the A Q Khan...

Time Magazine cover with photo of Abdul Qadeer Khan with title "The Merchant Of Menace]]

..., and, from there, to all the black markets... I assume to the highest bidders. (Dawson shows a picture implying Kim Jong Il... Not only were they selling nuclear secrets, they were also selling Hooking Points...

Picture (!!!Ask Dawson about it) of a Sprint document)

..., soft spots for blackmail, to manipulate US officials...

Picture of a jigolo in his underwar, George W Bush's Jeff Gannon
01:53:11:22 !!!who is this photo
Dick Cheney in provecetive clothing?

Sibel Edmonds made valid complaints about a colleague who was leaking information illegally. 


Excerpt from an article in The Sunday Times from January 6, 2008:
Edmonds was later to see the scope of the Pakistani connections when it was revealed that one of her fellow translators at the FBI was the daughter of a Pakistani embassy official who for Ahmad. The translator was given Top Secret Clearence despite protests from FBI investigators.

Sibel Edmonds gets gagged and released from her position, but the woman she complained about turns out to be the daughter... (note from transcriber: , Sible Edmunds also went public with the fact that a dual citizen coworker in the FBI tried to recruit her to be an Asset for the Mossad, and that when she when she reported this to the regional director for the FBI, he asked, And you didn't accept?)

Whos Afraid Of Siblem Edmonds Article By Sibel Edmonds And Philip Giraldi
Sibel Edmonds has a story to tell. She went to work as a Turkish and Farsi translator for the FBI five days after 9/11. Part of her job was to translate and transcribe recordings of conversations between suspected Turkish intelligence agents and their American contacts. She was fired from the FBI in April 2002 after she raised concerns in her section was a member of a Turkish organization that was under investigation for bribing senior government officials and members of Congress, drug trafficking, illegal weapons sales, money laundering, and nuclear proliferation. She appealed her termination, but was more alarmed that no effort was being made to address the corruption that she had been monitoring. A Department of Justice inspector general's report called Sibel Edmonds's allegations credible, serrious, and warrant[ing]] a thorough and careful review by the FBI. Ranking Senate Judiciary Committee members Patrick Lahey..."

... of an official who worked for the general. What happened to the other leakers? Robert Novak would die...

CNN Article Columnist Robert Novak Dies At 78
"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Conservative columnist and former CNN Crossfire co-host Robert Novak has died after a yearlong battle with cancer, his family said Tuesday.

... Lewis Libby would have a trial be convicted, found guilty...

on screen: Marchy 6 2007 Libby Guilty Of Lying In CIA Leak Case Article By Neil A Lewis
01:53:34:00 CNN Bush Commutes Libbys Prison Sentence Article

... and then George W Bush just commuted his sentence anyway. It's a little ironic that Lewis Libby gets his sentence commuted by George W Bush when Lewis Libby was the lawyer for the Mossad agent Marc Rich...

Scooter Libby Arranged Marc Richs Pardon By Bill Clinton Article

..., who got a pardon from President Clinton for his role in Iran-Contra and illegal money laundering and not paying his taxes...

The Real Reason Bill Clinton Pardoned Marc Rich Article By Joe Conason
"During Eric Holder's confirmation hearing, Arlen Specter scolded the attorney general-designate, but no one mentioned Israeli Pressure"

... You know, I could really come full circle here with Marc Rich's partner, Pincus Green, in the DynCorp Sex Scandal by just don't have enough time to get into all that haven't take a hold separate movie...

"Marc Rich is a Mossad agent who was too many crimes to list. Marc Rich was charged on September 19, 1983, by a US Federal Grand Jury on more than fifty counts of wire fraud, racketeering, tradining with the enemy and evading more than $48 million in income taxes. The Mass Media only reported his tax evasion.
Rich made a fortune by illegally trading with countries like Russia and Iran which had embargoes placed on them, while the US and Europe were containing the USSR, the Israelis were secretly trading with them at lucrative prices in exchange for jewish immigrants and Nuclear technology. Rich made tens of millions helping the Oligarchs loot Russia. Too understand ow in detail I suggest getting the book "Godfather of the Kremlin," By Paul Klebnikov (who was killed). During the embargo against Russia after they invaded Afghistan, Rich sold wheat to Russian KGB who in turn distributed it for their own profits, which gained Rich some nast allies. In a nut shell, when Russian state run companies like metals, oil, and timber privitized they were not auctioned off to the highest bidder or to whoever could run them the best as was the plan. Instead, Russian bureaucrats inside the Soviet government were bribed (and blackmailed) into making deals with nasty Zionists who they ahd made arrangements with. Yelson was hospitalized and Yegor Gaidar, the PM brought in all his crooked friends. The Russian Israelis then gobbled up assets at basement prices and then re-sold them to third parties for their actual worth. They made enormous profits. They kept what they wanted and Russia had a new class of billionaires, the Oligarchs..."

... Sibel Edmonds's three hour interview report in a (!!!SIF???) facility for the 911 commission was redacted, and I'd say about 98% of it completely censored. She may as well have been talking to the wall, because none of that information was shared.... They just wanted to know what she knew...

Video ends of Dawson video scrolling through Transcription Of February 11 2004 Interview Of Sibel Edmonds

... Oddly, a male hooker, Jeff Gannon, who Karl Rove brought in, who was pretending to be part of a fake news agency, Talon News... made references to internal government memos about the Vallery Plame Affair, before they went public...

CNN.com 16 Words And Counting Jeff Gannon Article By Nicholas D Kristof
"After I wrote a month ago about the Niger uranium hoax in the state of the union address, a senior white house official chided me gently and explained that there was more to the story that I didn't know.
Yep. And now it's coming out. Based on conversations with people in the intelligence community, this picture is emerging: the Whtie House, eager to spice up the State of the Union address, recklessly resurrected the discredited Niger tidbit. The Central Intelligence Agency objected, and then ti and the National Security Council negotiated a new wording attributing it all to the Brits...."

... This is a male hooker spending the night at the White House. I wonder how he got access to that information...

Actual picture of George W Bush kissing Jeff Gannon

..., and where was the (Pakistani) ISI's general on 9/11?... He was having breakfast at Capitol Hill with the director of the CIA, Porter Gauss, and also Bob Graham, from Florida, the senator for the Senate Intelligence Committee...

9-11 Who Knew Article on screen

... Around the same time, Osama Bin Laden's brother was...

Picture of George W Bush with !!!WHO???

... having breakfast with George W Bush's father to discuss business deals. George Bush Jr was in Florida reading a book to some kids. Apparently this book had a little television inside of it, which magically had first plane hitting the towers on it, because George W Bush claimed, not once, but twice, that he saw the first plane hit. That was impossible because coverage of the first plane hitting didn't air on the day of 9-11, and came after when they found the French filmmakers who caught the attack, serendipitously.
Audio plays of George W Bush talking Recordings Of George W Bush Claiming He Saw First Plane Hit WTC On 9-11:

"My chief of staff... Well, first of all, when we walked in the classroom... I had seen this plane fly into the first building... there was a TV set on... and, you know, I thought was pilot error."

It's almost as if he had rehearsed what to say, and then royally messed it up... 01:55:43:13
George W Bush video plays of him speaking: Recordings Of George W Bush Claiming He Saw First Plane Hit WTC On 9-11:

"... was sittin' outside the classroom, waiting to go in. And I saw an airplane hit the tower... the TV was obviously on..., and I I used to fly myself. And, I said, now there's one terrible pilot."
Why didn't the Secret Service react after the second plane hit to get the president out of his publicly announced location, if they were so worried about terrorism? And, where was Mr Dick?... Dick Cheney was in a PEOC bunker, making damn sure the next plane had its target. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta recounts, (video of Norman Mineta, the Transportation Secretary, speaking on C-SPAN footage),

"During the time that the airplane coming in to the Pentagon... There was a young man who would come in and say to the vice president, The plane is 50 miles out, Plane is 30 miles out. And when he got down to, the planes 10 miles out, Um, the young man also said to the vice president, Do the orders still stand? And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary? At the time, I didn't know what all that meant."

Another man, Lee Hamilton, interrupts, asking a question,

"And the flight you're referring to is the..."

Norman Mineta completes his sentence for him, answering the question,

"... The flight that came into the Pentagon."

Did Cheney order a stand down or shoot down? Considering that he tries to lie about his whereabouts, and the little fact that the Pentagon was hit, shows that the order wasn't a shoot down, and the young man wouldn't be questioning the orders, or quoting the miles, either, if it were. By default, the orders are to stand down until the proper authorities say to shoot down. Thus, the man was asking, are the orders to still standby for orders to shoot? Because the plane is really close?
The 9-11 Cover Up, or commission, claimed that Dick Cheney didn't arrive at the Presidential Emergency Office Center until 9:58 a.m. They can't take a later time stamped than that, because we have a photograph of all of them, at 09:59 when the first World Trade Center was collapsing. This is a half hour after Norman Mineta overheard the conversation about the plane being 50 miles out. This would place Dick Cheney there, after the Pentagon had been struck, and Mossad Assets In White House Claim Miles Out Conversation Was About Flight 93 they will claim the conversation about 50 miles out, 10 miles out was about Flight 93]]...

Flight 93 flight path map followed by
Magic Bullet diagram from John F Kennedy Assassination with front person labled "Collally" and back person labled "Kennedy"

..., not Flight 77. There's a big problem with that. If they were talking about Flight 93, Flight 93 was never 50 miles away, much less 10 miles out. Flight 93 went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, which is a hell of a lot further than 10 miles from DC.

Map showing that Flight 93 went down about 200 miles from Washington DC

Norman Mineta arrived at 09:20, and Dick Cheney and Condalisa Reiss were already there. Richard Clarke, the terrorism Czar, stated in his book, "Against All Enemies", that he arrived at 09:03, just as the second plane had hit the World Trade Center, and shortly after, certainly before 09:58, went into the Presidential Emergency Office Center (PEOC)...

Picture of PEOC

..., to find that Cheney and Rice were already there, and recalls that later Norman Mineta arrived at around 09:20, because they were looking for him. That means that Dick Cheney was there between 09:03 and 09:20...

Picture of Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice with a Jewish looking woman looking worried off to the right in the PEOC

..., if not earlier. White House photographer David Bohrer...

Picture of David Bohrer

... would tell Peter Jennings at ABC News, that shortly after 09:00 Secret Service came to Dick Cheney's office, and said, sir, you have to come with us...

ABC artticle on screen

... and Dick Cheney himself said on Meet the Press...

Transcript of Dick Cheney on Meet The Press

... on September 16th, 2001, when I arrived there (PEOC), in short order, we had word the Pentagon had been hit, says three eye witnesses, plus Dick Cheney himself, confirming that Dick Cheney was there, before the Pentagon was hit. Of course, the White House photographer and the vice president gave these accounts before the Norman Mineta testimony to the 9-11 commission. Also, Condoleeza Rice, in the commission, claimed that she arrived there shortly after Dick Cheney... It would be an extremely narrow window for Rice to arrive after Cheney after 09:58, and, yet, all of them are there for the photograph at 09:59 of the World Trade Center collapsing...

May 16 2002 Bush Was Warned Bin Laden Want To Hijack Planes By David E Sanger

... There is no way she had all those conversations with !!!Clark??? and the !!!principles???] within those seconds. Dick Cheney and Lee Hamilton are liars... No shock there... and the 9-11 Commission would delete Norman Mineta's testimony from their video archives... However, we recorded it from C-SPAN.

It wasn't just moles in the State Department and DOD, impeding the FBI's investigation into !!!9-11 Suspects???... The FBI (itself) was impeding the FBI's investigation into 9-11... It's a stretch, but one could still claim that maybe they were just trying to cover up for their embarrassing failure and screw ups to save face...

Anthrax Samples Destroyed Article:
Last month, after consulting with the FBI, Iowa State University in Ames destroyed Anthrax spores collected over more than seven decades and kept in more than 100 vials. A variant of the so-called Ames Strain had been implicated in the death of a Florida man from inhalational Anthrax, and the university was nervous about security.
But scientiests in and out of government say the rush to destroy the spores may have eliminated crucial evidence about the Anthrax in the letters sent to Congress and the media..."

..., except that there is absolutely no rationalization in the world to explain why the FBI went Ames Iowa and destroyed all the Ames Antrhrax samples.
I'll let you hear the words of Francis Boyle from an interview on boiling frogs... (Francis Boyle) is the man who drafted the US Biological Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989...

On screen: The US Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act Of 1989

..., Harvard law professor, etc, etc.. and I have never talked to this man, but he is coming up with the same conclusion. (plays audio of Francis Boyle ).

"... Get an updated list from the from the CIA.. Um, and he said...

Screen Text: "This is Boyle talking about his conversations with !!!Marion Bowman??? about the Anthrax
02:01:12:12 picture of !!!USAMRIID??? building
02:01:14:14 picture of September 30 2008 The Anthrax Case Reopens Article By Bill Simprich
02:01:30:09 August 19 2008 FBI Admits It Destroyed Killer Anthrax In 2001 AP Article By Lara Jakes Jordan and Seth Borenstein 02:01:39:01 Screen Text: "What was the excuse for that (FBI Ordering Of The Destruction Of Ames Anthrax Evicence)
02:01:48:02 Picture of !!!WHO???
02:01:51:09 Picture of !!!WHO??? IN front of !!!What Document???
02:01:55:09 Picture of USAMRIID building again
02:02:04:01 Picture of US Army Dugwar Proving Ground
02:02:08:20 Screen text: "The government LIE? Imagine my lack of shock."
02:02:14:16 Screen text: "US Department Of Justice, 11/2004, Inspector General review for the FBI's handling of intelligence information related to the September 11th attacks. p132-166 & 182-4, 201
02:02:22:01 Text on screen text on screen underlined ""...it did not associate Moussaoui with anything." 02:02:47:03 March 3 2003 FBI Still Unprepared Article By Jake Tapper with underlined text, "(the agency)... has promoted the agents who bungled the Moussaoui case" 02:03:03:05 picture of !!!what? 02:03:12:19 picture of !!!Bowman ??? 02:03:15:21 pictureo of !!!whom??? (implied behind 9-11)

..., Well, we were working with people at Fort Dietrich on this matter, and I said, Well, Fort Dietrich could very well be be the problem here, not the solution... Soon thereafter, within a few weeks, the FBI authorized the destruction of the United States government's collection of Ames Strain Anthrax maintained out in the Aimes Iowa, and that I was originally hired here to teach criminal law... that clearly was an obstruction of justice, ...You would be able to take those Ames Iowa strains and reconstruct, who know, precisely who was involved in this, um, this attack. So it became very clear to me that the FBI, right from the get go, was involved in a in a Cover Up here of who really was behind the Anthrax Attacks. And, basically, the FBI has been lying about it and covering it up. I don't believe Ivins did it; even the people who work with him don't believe he did it, (inaudible). And by the way, I should also point out (that) Bowman was the same FBI guy who sabotaged the request by the FBI Agents in Minneapolis, Raleigh, and the rest of them to get a subpoena into Moussaouis computer. He was the exact same guy, and Bowman had been ordered by someone to sabotage that subpoena into Moussaouis computer. The argument, that the FISA court... (that) there wasn't enough evidence... that is total baloney; if you study everything about Moussaoui. There was more than enough evidence for the FISA Court to issue a FISA Warrant into his into his computer later on. Then Bowman was promoted and given an award... If if we find out who is really behind the Anthrax Attacks, perhaps we'll find out who really was behind 9-11.

The Anthrax is key. This connected Iraq to Al Qaeda, and it's the reason many well-intentioned Americans signed up to fight Iraq, believing that they attacked America. ((Ryan Dawson now plays a montage of video of the Media saying Anthrax)

Media chatter: ANTHRAX, anthrax, anthrax, anthrax, anthrax complex and rapid contract. ANTHRAX ANTHRAX ANTHRAX BACTERIUM bacterium An investigation. An investigation of anthrax exposure test with, In fact, they're here for export contracts for the trains. ANTHRAX RAIN ANTHRAX hoax anthrax hoaxes stations. ANTHRAX ANTHRAX Traces of anthrax skin anthrax after 10 years and let's face it and inhaled anthrax inhaled anthrax inhalation, anthrax inhalation and exhalation inhalation. Anthrax in the mail infractions tainted letters, stated letters and letters, letters, regular presence and drag. No president and executive branch also has not. In fact, he does not have anthrax. No anthrax Omaha With anthrax, mass spreading. Anthrax ANTHRAX DEADLY ANTHRAX, Anthrax Fighting drug antibiotics out of antibiotic anthrax vaccine. SMALLPOX VACCINE That's right, he said. SMALLPOX. SMALLPOX vaccine That's right, he said. SMALLPOX ANTHRAX CURE

This was the ammo the US used to frighten its own Congress and scare the United Nations. One must remember, at this time the Mass Media had the public whipped up into a frenzy, scrambling for duct tape, and storing food supplies... the press made it in attack seemed imminent, and the sloganeering for the jack off missile Johnny's became, We've got to get them over there before they get us here. Secretary of State Colin Powell made his case to the UN, while holding up a mock vial of Anthrax.
video begins of documentary segment, opening with Colin Powell addressing the UN:

Colin Powell: "We also have satellite photos that indicate that banned materials have recently been moved from a number of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction facilities... Ladies and gentlemen, these are sophisticated facilities. For example, they can produce Anthrax and botulinum toxin. In fact, they can produce enough dry biological agent in a single month to kill thousands upon thousands of people. Dry agents of this type is the most lethal form for human beings.... What we're giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence "
Documentary Narrator begins commenting: "For more than an hour, Secretary Powell displays photos, holds up a chemical vial that suggests Anthrax, shows slides... all to make dozens of claims about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction.
Colin Powell: "I am no expert on centrifuge tubes, but just, as an old army trooper, I could tell you a couple of things."
Carl Ford, Assistant Secretary Of State, Intelligence from 2001-2003 begins speaking: "Every single thing we knew was thrown into that speech. This is all we got, and we're making these firm judgments."
Colin Powell speaking resumes: "One of the most worrisome things that emerges from the thick intelligence file we have on Iraq's biological weapons, is the existence of mobile production facilities used to make biological agents. (Dawson adds caption... "They had to use a cartoon because there weren't any real photos")
02:06:10:28 Narrator resumes: "He makes a dramatic accusation, Saddam has bioweapons labs mounted on trucks that would be almost impossible to find ".
Colin Powell resumes speaking "We have first hand descriptions..." David Kay, chief CIA weapons inspector from 2003-2004: "In fact, Secretary Powell was not told that one of the sources he was given as a source of this information and indeed been flagged by the Defense Intelligence Agency as a liar and fabricator."
Colin Powell speaking resumes: "...to find even one of these 18... Narrator resumes: "Powell was also not told that the prime source, an Iraqi defector code named Curveball, had never been debriefed by the CIA.
Larry Johnson, former State Department Counter-Terrorism, 1985-1993 : "Maybe the name of the agent wasn't alarming enough... Maybe it should have been screw up or, you know, a lying sack of manure, something like that. But you know, to know to know that you're giving the president a ticket to go to war based upon one source... at that point, you want to drag the source and talk to him yourself. "
David Kay speaks again : "Curveball is a case of utter irresponsibility and a good example of how decayed the intelligence process has become."
Narrator resumes: "The day before Powell's speech, a CIA skeptic, had warned about the defector's reputation as a liar. In an email reply, his superior acknowledges the problem, but adds, This war is going to happen regardless. The powers that be probably aren't terribly interested in whether Curveball knows what he's talking about. "
Colin Powell resumes speaking: " The United States will not, and can not..."
Narrator: "Powell was not told about the email"
Colin Powell resumes: "Leaving Saddam Hussein in possession of weapons of mass destruction for a few more months or years is not an option, not in a post September 11th world.
Narrator: "The speech would turn out to be riddled with misleading allegations, but at the time the press plays it as an overwhelming success.
Unidentified speaker: "He had walked into my office, musing, and he said words to the effect of I wonder how we'll all feel If we put half a 1,000,000 troops into Iraq and march from one corner of the country to the other and find nothing,
Narrator: " I will forever be known as the one who made the case, Colin Powell now says, I have to live with that.
text on screen: "Who was "Curve Ball"?... "Curve Ball" was none other than Rafid Ahmed Alwan"
Unidentified speaker: "I look back on it, and I still say, this was the lowest point in my life. I wish that I had not been involved in it."
Narrator: "March 19th 2003, the aerial bombardment of Iraq begins. It is the first Preemptive War on this scale in US History."

Interestingly, the bogus speech Colin Powell was suckered into delivering was originally written up by Dick Cheney's chief of staff of Vallery Plame Scandal fame...

Picture on screen of Lewis Liebowitz

..., and a convicted criminal, Lewis Liebowitz. The speech was rewritten by George Tenet...

Picture of George Tenet getting a medal from George W Bush

..., which is about like crawling out of the pot and into the kettle. These Neocons assured Colin Powell of its sources and evidence to back up the claims and Powell, in one evening, ruined any credibility he may have had by trusting them. The Anthrax attack and its associated claims that led to a war, were not an act done in a bubble...

picture of a van !!!Ask dawson

... It was a carefully calculated event. It was not just some lone nut trying to profit. The war, The Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security all greatly relied on this event. The History Channel will now admit that the Anthrax was US made and came from inside (the US). History Channel Video plays:

Narrator: "... within weeks, five would be dead, and thousands of others exposed to one of the deadliest bacteria known to man". Unidentified man speaks: "There are very few people who have the bench skills to make a product this good."
Narrator: "Federal investigators discovered clues to the perpetrator's identity encoded in the bacterium itself.
Woman speaks: "There are 89 different types of Anthrax. But each one has its own kind of trail. This one led directly back to our own Defense establishment."
Narrator: "Was the US government hiding a terrorist inside America's biodefense community. Some say yes, and that the official government investigation was a sham."
Unidentified woman speaks: "The only people who know anything about the subject are also the suspects."
Unidentified man: "They protected this individual."
Unidentified woman: "What we're dealing with here is an inside job with a real insider who has secrets that nobody wants to get out. It's gonna be too humiliating, too embarrassing.
Narrator: "All the spores were sent for immediate forensic testing. By the 10th of October, the analysis of the spores was complete. The results were horrifying. The bacterium that killed Robert Stephens and eventually infected seven of his colleagues was identified as the Ames strain, a strain long favored by and under the near total control of a US bio defense program"


text on screen: "Since the second release of this film, it is now widely accepted, finally, who didn't send the Anthrax, however, the man it was solely blamed on, could not possible have done it, not alone, if at all (Transcriber note: See Lee Harvey Oswald)

02:11:16:20 In August 2008, finally, a member of the Mass Media, Keith Olbermann, admits and clarifies for the public that the Anthrax was not from Al Qaeda.

"Good evening. This is Friday, August 1st (2008), 95 days until the 2008 presidential election. To that topic presently; first, if reporting by the Los Angeles Times today is even remotely accurate, the questions about the Anthrax Attacks, which terrified this nation late in 2001 would seem tonight you have boiled down to three.... First was the Anthrax sent by just one employee of our own government or more than one employee of our own government? (two) Was it in confidence or cover up? And third, How if there was evidence of something askew at our biological warfare lab in Maryland, as early as December 2001... Why did national news organizations in this country received supposedly reliable leaks from the Bush administration that the Anthrax had originated in Iraq? Our fifth story in the countdown, there is finally a suspect in the anthrax attacks. He worked for [[[!!!WHICH|the government's anthrax lab]], and unfortunately, he's dead, as of this past Tuesday. His name was Dr Bruce E Ivins. The Los Angeles Times, reporting this morning, NBC News confirming tonight, that the Justice Department was preparing to file criminal charges against him for the 2001 Anthrax Attacks."


text on screen: "More on the Anthrax case and an animated timeline are extras on the DVD or on warbydeception...(Transcriber's note: Don't go there. Some Jew bough the URL when Dawson let his lease on it lapse, and they turned it into a porn site)...com"

Did someone know ahead of time where they were?

text on screen: YES

The case of the Israeli art students living next door to hijackers is infamous.

August 31 2005 New Rport Connects The Dots Behind The Headlines Justin Raimondo Article and December 17 2001 9-11 - What Was Israels Role Behind The Headlines Justin Raimondo Article and text on screen: "What did Israel Know before 911? ... What was Israel DOING before 911?


On screen: Picture with text overlayed "Urban Moving Systems - $500,00 loan? - One year only.


picture on screen: information about Dominik Suter and related parties with aliases

Video segment plays of a Fox News report segment with text over-laid "Yanked Fox News Report", Ryan Dawson also over-laid text saying "Story also covered first by "Insight Magazine" in December, 2001":

"And, what troubles investigators most, particularly in New York in the counter-terrorism investigation of the World Trade Center attack, is that, in a number of cases, suspects that they had sought to wiretap and surveil, immediately changed their telecommunications processes... They started acting much differently, as soon as those supposedly secret wiretaps went into place."

Different segment of "Yanked Fox News Report" plays:

"...But the complaint about this system, is that the wiretap computer programs made by Converse, have, in effect, a back door, through which wiretaps themselves can be intercepted by unauthorized parties... Adding to the suspicions is the fact that, in Israel, Converse works closely with the Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed for up to 50% of its research and development costs, by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. But, investigators within the DEA, INS, and FBI have all told Fox News, that to pursue our even suggest, Israeli spying through Converse is considered career suicide."


text on screen: "Then we bust 3 more spy rings. AIPAC's spying faces a Media Black Out, and no trial. Jim McGreevey's spy is distracted (from) completely by the "gay" angel. And another spy is found in the Department Of The Navy. No News."

The Israeli Mossad gets caught filming the 911 event, and working for a front company just three miles away from the set of Hijackers in New Jersey. In Florida, it's even worse, for the Israelis (were) living next door to said hijackers literally next door to them...

text on screen: "Truck bombs"

Then, the official story starts getting really goofy...

text on screen: "4 passports are recovered"

...We have reports of one of the hijackers' passports magically flying...
02:14:36:19 <blockquote picture on screen of article Passport Of Suspected Hijacker Found In Debris AP Article By Larry Neumeister
"NEW YORK -- The passport of a suspected hijacker was discovered near the ruins of the World Trade Center, authorities said Saturday as exhausted rescue workers clawed through the wreckage, searching unsuccessfully for signs of life.
FBI Assistant Director Barry Mawn did not disclose the name on the passport or the other details, but the discovery prompted an intensive search for evidence blocks from the towers that were brought down in Tuesday's terrorist attacks by two hijacked planes...

... down near ground zero, and being found un-burned.

on screen: picture of !!!Satam Al Suqami Passort From Flight 11

Apparently, we have fire hot enough to weaken steel, and make buildings collapse, but not hot enough to burn...

one screen: an article titled "Recovery Continues; No New Survivors", with a passage highlighted, "The FBI has been conducting a block-by-block "grid search" through lower Manhattan, looking for the voice and flight data recorders of the two aircraft flown into the twin towers. Investigators discovered the passport of Satam Al Suqami, one of the terrorists aborad American Airlines Flight 11." with bottom text of "ABCnews reports the passport found from flight 11"

... a paper passport. Robert Mueller...

on screen: article titled "FBI Denies Mix-Up of 9/11 Terrorists - Posted June 11, 2003"

..., the former director of the FBI, finally told CNN in September of 2002, that, quote, there was no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers....

on screen: picture, with text "FBI director Mueller acknowledged in 2002 that there was no legal proof to prove the identities of the hijackers. Yet the bureau insists it correctly has identified them"

There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding Mohamed Atta. He's the lead hijacker, dubbed so by the Mass Media. He was the one used to link Iraq to Anthrax, unfairly. And then this guy takes a bag with him, on his final attack, with all the plans in it..

Picture on screen: Mohamed Atta with Ziad Al-Jarrah

... and all the names of all the hijackers, on this final fight, which, if discovered, would ruin the entire thing.

Text on screen: "!!!Another mysterious video tape with no audio???"Mohamd Attah

He !!!Mossad Agent Art Students???lived next door to Israeli spies'', and he was spotted on the casinos ships of Jack Abramoff, a Zionist lobbyist, on September 5th, just six days before the attack.

August 19 2005 Pentagon Probes Able Danger Claims Fox News Article
"WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon is taking a hard look at the issue of whether a military intelligence group called Able Danger had information that the lead hijacker of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks was in the United States more than a year before...Defense Department officials are going through 200,000 documents to see what information they had about terrorist Mohamed Atta, and three of his co-conspirators, and what was done with that information. Some intelligence analysts involved in Able Danger claim attempts were made to give the information to the FBI, but the transfer never occurred. At least one analyst, Lt Col Tony Shaffer claims that the Sept 11 commission probing intelligence failures arounf the terror attacks was told of Able Danger's finding, but the commission denies that enough...
" Quote from Tony Shaffer to Fox News: "I was directed several times to ignore Atta, to the point where he had to remind me the was a general, and i was not... and I would essentially be fired"

That's all interesting. That's not all. He also had Star Trek Teleportation Powers, apparently, because the guy can be in Florida at five o'clock and yet be on a flight to Baltimore at three o'clock, and somehow get back and be drinking in the bar...

On screen:
As mentioned earlier, 3:58, Al Shehhi makes a wire transfer to Atta's account
4:56 Al Shehhi is on video in Deerfield Beach withdrawing from an ATM.
Atta and Shehhi are seen together drinking at Shuckums, which is in Hollywood, Florida
None of the reports claim Atta was drinking alone, and his bill for 3 hours of drinking came to 40 dollars, which left at 3:15.
In order for these guys to be together in the same place, assuming that drinking and driving is not an issue, minimal 2:30 in the afternoon and leave right away for the airport for Atta to get on his flight, to drink for morning not night. And the bar isn't even open at such a time. Plus reported as "Last Friday Night"
Well later we have Atta and Al-oman seen together in Maine on Sept 10. They went to two ATMS that night... picture of them at an ATM"

... Now give you a link that seeking green the details here.
Fox News In Which Tony Shaffer And His Burned Book Are Discussed video segment:

"... doing some follow up on what we knew about Mohamed Atta leading up to 9-11 That's right, some witnesses. Apparently, there was a redacted form of what people in the intelligence community knew regarding that man right there, Mohamed Atta and in the Able Danger Program. And apparently the report had been redacted. All the names had been blacked out well, Foxnews.com got a clean copy and called a number of the witnesses-- Five in all. All of them said that we told investigators one thing, and none of those things actually showed up in the 9 11 commission.. and, in fact, the investigators from the Department of Defense were a little agitated and seemed aggressive
so why wouldn't that show up in that report? Well, these five witnesses claimed that the Defense Department was worried about taking some of the blame for 9-11. But here's what I don't understand -- Why wouldn't they put in the report these findings? Because maybe that would look at least like they were kind of following the trail of Mohamed Atta, instead of just having this, this whole situation happen. At least it gives the American public the image that at least we're kind of on to him. I don't know which one's worse.
But, were we on to him, and did we have a picture of him? And did we know that... Did we know him by name? And the name at that point was !!!Mohamed El Side???. And if we did know him, why didn't we stop him... that's the problem.
But look any worse than in August, Bin Laden determined to attack in the US, that looks bad. There was so many mistakes. There was so many times we had a chance to get bin Laden. You go back and back and back. But for some reason the Defense Department put their line in the sand and said these five people that brought up the fact that we were tracking a cell that included Mohamed Atta in it leading up to 9-11 was redacted, not included in that Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer would not stand for this... He said it was called Operation Able Danger and we were tracking Mohamed Atta and these... When he was interviewed by !!!Phil Zellkow???, who ended up joining the State Department, he said, You know, Tony, this is an important part of the story will make sure it's in the 9 11 report and it wasn't... there was no follow up, and Colonel Shaffer would not be corralled. Now, I don't understand how this lead toe Operation Dark Heart Book By Tony Shaffer, or the purchases of 9500 books by the Defense Department that were hencely destroyed..."
that were written by Schaffer.
His new book.
They burned 'em...
Bottom text by Dawson: "And forced changes in the re-write" 02:18:18:01

Another segment of video from Fox News Report About People Who Spoke To Fox News But Who Refuse To Give Their Names: <blokcquote> "Well, what's going on... some people who agreed to speak to FoxNews.com did so without giving their names because they fear repercussions. I mean, come on, what kind of repercussions could could there? I believe that they fear repercussions. What I'm saying is, why should they be put in that position where they would actually fear that will be all on the same team here?... I think."

02:18:39:23 <blockquote text on screen: Hijackers - Was the FBI sent on a Wild Good Chase?


Text on screen:
"Initial Hijackers Become New Hijackers Mohamed Atta ------- Mohamed Atta (transcriber now !!!Mohamed El Side???.
Adnan Bukhari - / - Waleed Alshehri
Ameer Bukhari - / - wail Alshehri
Abdul Alomari - / - Abdulaziz Alomari
Amer Kamfar - / - Satam Al Suqami"


on screen: picture of two men from (January 18, 200 at 12:34:36) with text "Ali Al-Jarrah, a Mossad spy for 25 years is Ziad Al-Jarrah's first cousin", with an arrow pointing to the man in the white outfit labling him Ziad Al-Jarrah, sitting next to Mohamed Atta

Ali Al-Jarrah, a Mossad spy for 25 years, is is Ziad Al-Jarrah's first cousin. He was busted and a spy ring in Lebanon. ...

Lebanese In Shock Over Arrest Of An Accused Spy New York Times Article followed by
Picture of !!!Ziad Al-Jarrah or Ali Al-Jarrah???'s passport photo with screen text:"!!!Ziad Al-Jarrah or Ali Al-Jarrah???'s passport was found/planted from Flight 93
picture of that passport photo with top left side of head burned away
Passport Of Suspective Hijacker Found In Debris AP Article By Larry Neumeister

!!!Ziad Al-Jarrah or Ali Al-Jarrah???'s passport was found/planted from Flight 93. 

There have been several Osama Bin Laden Tapes to hit the news, as well as Al Qaeda Tapes, and these things are fake. They seem to pop up regularly. When George W Bush was up for re election.
CNN video segment

" "This will assure his followers that (a) he's alive and, well, he's still in the game and his followers, Rick just haven't seen him. And when they do, it's likely to invigorate the movement. He's still very much the inspiration for Al Qaeda."
"How do we know that this thing is legit?
Well, you know, this is being flagged by Al Sahab, which is Al Qaeda's media arm. And every other video or audio message that's come out that's been flagged by Al Sahab has been legit, Rick. So we expect that this one will be, too.


Picture of what appears to be Osama Bin Laden on the right, and on the left, someone apparently posing as him in a grainy picture

One of the Osama Bin Laden Tapes was so bad...

begin playing in background as Dawson speaks at 02:20:13:02 - 02:20:17:24
Video plays of the March 2006 The Road To Guantanamo video side by side with CNN report of on "New Bin Laden Tape

..., that it actually took footage from a film made in 2006 called The Road to Guantanamo...

December 2007 Report Bin Laden Already Dead Article From Foxnews.com

..., and passed it off like it was original footage. It's made it on all the networks... after these debungles, they go to voice only tapes, but those get debunked as well...

Swiss Scientists 95 Percent Sure That Bin Laden Recording Was Fake Guardian Article

... But one would think anything supposedly from Osama Bin Laden would be under the microscope more than anything else and have more scrutiny than anything else...

Picture of !!!Adam Pearlman role playing "!!!Adam Gadahn"

... And, yet, Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, are on the news multiple times, as known fakes.
first video clip in a series from another documentary.

Adam Gadahn, the so called American Al Qaeda, who proclaimed himself the Media Maven, if you will for Al Qaeda, and was helping to produce a lot of these so-called Al Qaeda Videos that were all over the Internet, that made Al Qaeda really bad, and made the Muslims look bad.

second video clip of Adam Gadahn dressing up as the bad guy, as opening clip in a series of clips from another documentary:

Adam Gadahn: "Should you fail to comply in full, we will deem it sufficient justification to continue to fight and kill Americans"

02:21:12:09 third video clip, with narrator explaining that Adam Gadahn is really a Jew named Adam Pearlman:

"We come to find out that Adam Gadahn's real name was Adam Pearlman, and not only was he, in fact, Jewish, he was the grandson of a member of the board of the Anti Defamation League. And, if you've been following the history off the Anti Defamation League, you will find out they've been very much involved in covertly supporting a lot of these so called American Nazi movements... In fact, all the way back just about the time of World War Two, there was this scandal where the head of the American Nazi Party, which had a total membership like six (led by ADL Asset Fritz Kuhn), and they were getting all this this press, was arrested for embezzling from his sponsors, which turned out to be the ADL. So that kind of blew up in their faces. So anyway, we have Adam Pearlman...

Jewishworld.jpost.com ADL Youtube Launch Partnership To Fight Video Abuse

..., and he's been going around saying, I'm Al Qaeda. I'm Al Qaeda. See, I got a turban on my head. I'm a terrible Muslim. Gotta hate me, Gotta be afraid of me... And of course, everybody's laughing at him now...

CNN.com American Al Qaeda Member Acknowledges Jewish Ancestry Article

..., because we all know who he is. OK, so they have brought in the understudy... And there is a new American Al Qaeda named Joseph Al Khatab (real name Joseph Cohen... ohhh big scary name... And they got a picture of him out there where he's holding all these guns and knives, and he's dressed up like a wanna be Rambo... And he's scowling at the camera and he supposedly has this website with things, like pictures of the Statue of Liberty, with an axe buried in the back of the head. I mean, very heavy handed, very over the top. "

Picture of statue of Liberty with axe in the back

Fox News video segment:

"There was also a link to a puppet show mocking Danny Pearl's beheading. Take a look... Oh, that's aweful"


picture on screen: two men holding a sign that says "DEATH TO ALL JUICE"

segment four of the series of (this time audio, not video) clips from that other documentary <blokcquote> "You know, just looking more like a movie prop than anything else here.

Pictue of a man in Arab clothes with sign "Throw the Jew down the well!"

So, uh, as it turns out, this is another fake! His real name is Joseph Cohen!"

Video segment from Fox News

"He's a 39 year old New York City taxi driver, as you mentioned. He called himself Yousef Al Khattad, but he was born Joseph Cohen, here in America... he is a Jew

segment five of the series of (this time again, just audio) from that other documentary

"... and he is another manufactured front, to try and convince Americans that Al Qaeda is actually here in the United States. This is why we've got to be doing this..., doing surveillance on the American people and reading their email, listen to phone calls and all the stuff because you never know...

Picture of Fake Al Qaeda Article From WhatReallyHappened.com

... when we're going to get into a situation with the American Al Qaeda and its all Front. It's a fake."

A video clip with a narrator with a British accent:

"He was not their commander. There is also no evidence that bin Laden used the term Al Qaeda to refer to the name of a group, until after September the 11th, when he realized that this was the term the Americans have given him.

News anchor begins speaking:

" There was constant discussion about him hiding out in caves... And, I think, many times the American people have a perception that it's a little hole dug out of a side of a mountain.
Oh, no, This is it. This is a fortress. Yes, a complex multi tiered... bedrooms and offices on the top. As you can see, Secret exits on the side in the end, on the bottom, cut deep to avoid thermal detection, a ventilation system to allow people to breathe and to carry on... the entrances large enough to drive trucks and even tanks, even computer systems and telephone systems. It's a very sophisticated operation.

Picture of a PNAC Drawings Of Osama Bin Laden Underground Fortresses

Donald Rumsfeld: "Oh, you bet.. this is serious business.. and there's not one of those. There are many of those. " "

"Oh, I think we've seen this cartoon rhetoric before...

PNAC Drawing Of Saddam Mobile Weapons Lab

... There weren't many of those. There weren't any of those
Now Mohamed Atta and !!!Abdul Alomari??? went out of their way...

Pictures of !!!WHO at: 02:24:48:03 , 02:24:50:16 , 02:24:51:19 , 02:24:52:14 , 02:24:53:07

... to get on camera on September 10th, the night before the attack... they went to two different ATMs...

Pictures of Mohamed Atta and !!!Abdul Alomari??? at the ATMs on Sept 10

..., which we have pictures off, a gas station, and a Walmart...

Pictures of Mohamed Atta and !!!Abdul Alomari??? at various businesses on Sept 10

... And then, of course, there on camera at the airport in Maine...

Picture of Mohamed Atta and !!!Abdul Alomari??? at the airport in Maine

... There's a big problem with this, though... !!!Abdul Alomari??? isn't dead!

Picture of !!!Abdul Alomari??? followed by pictures cycling of !!!Abdul Alomari???

... The name mix ups aside, whose face is on the ATM photo, and just who the hell is in the video in Maine? I don't buy the FBI's mix up excuse at all.

Picture of !!!Abdul Alomari??? at one of the ATMs on September 10 2001


!!!Who is this "Not talking about this guy either"

What are the odds of a man from Saudi Arabia who had been to America, and reported his passport stolen...

Screen text: "They may want to check the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and the base in Pensacola

... Who just so happen to have the exact same name and birthday as a proposed 9-11 hijacker?...

Text, "The FBI has said that the identities of some of its list of 19 hijackers behind last week's devestating attacks are in doubt. It believes that some of the hijackers used false identities, possibly even names of people who are still alive, which could significantly complicate the manhunt"

... It is much more probable that the Israelis stole a passport...

On screen, siloutte with name Michael Calmanovic under it,

... and the !!!Abdul Alomari??? hijacker...

Picture of a man with text Ophir Baer

... was just using a stolen identity...

On screen, siloutte with name Legurn Yeehai

..., as were many of them....

September 21 2001 FBI Probes Hijackers Identities BBC Article

You can chalk one up the coincidence, but seven... No.
There are seven living hijackers...

September 23 2001 Hijack Suspects Alive And Well BBC Article

... and one who died before the event...

Picture of !!!9-11 Hijackers (7 who were still alive after 9-11 Attacks and 1 who died before the event) with names (from top left to bottom right):
Waleed Alshehri, Wail Alsheri, Salem Alhazmi, Abdulaziz Alomari , Khalid Almihdhar, Saeed Alghamdi, Ahmed Alnami, Marwan Alshehhi

... That's eight out of 19 who could not have possibly participated in it. And yet the very Fraudulent Osama Bin Laden Confession Tapes...

Bin Laden Names Hijackers On Tape CBS Report

... give praise to people who weren't even involved. I'm gonna agree with Seymour Hersh's investigation in The New Yorker. Whatever trail was left, was left deliberately for the FBI to find...

What Went Wrong Article By Seymour Hersh with underlined passage:
"Many of the investigators believe that some of the initial clues that were uncovered about the terrorists' identities and preparations, such as flight manuals, were meant to be found. A former high-level intelligence official told me, Whatever trail was left was left deliberately -- for the FBI to chase.

... He was told, by a senior military officer, because of the visas and other documentation needed to infiltrate team members into the United States, a major intelligence service might also have been involved. Yeah, you think?

What Went Wrong Article By Seymour Hersh with underlined passage:
"In interviews over the past two weeks, a number of intelligence officials have raised questions about Osama Bin Laden's capabilities. This guy sits in a cave in Afghanistan and he's running this operation?, one CIA officer told me that because of the visas and other documentation needed to infiltrate team members into the United States, [[Mossad|a major foreign intelligence service might have also been involved. To get somebody to fly... "


CNN video footage:) - Mike Boettcher, CNN National Correspondent:

"We would like to correct a report that appeared on CNN last night. Based on information from multiple law enforcement sources, CNN reported that Adnan Bukhari and a brother, Amari, of Vero Beach, Florida, were suspected to be two of the pilots who crashed into the World Trade Center. Today, CNN learned that Adnan Bukhari is still in Florida, where he was questioned yesterday by the FBI, and after taking a lie detector test, today he was cleared of involvement in Tuesday's airliner attacks.

Text on screen, "he is !!!Amari Bukhari???'s neighbor, by the way"

We are sorry for the misinformation."

CNN video footage:) - Mike Boettcher, CNN National Correspondent continues:

"Through his attorney, Bukhari says he is not connected at all with this, that he is helping authorities, and that any documents that they found with his name, means his identity was stolen. He says !!!Ameer Bukhari???, who he says , is not his brother, died in a small plane crash last year."

The living !!!Abdul Alomari, who is the FBI's current, and second, pick, reported that his passport had been stolen. This is worse than the Niger Forgeries, and, yet, where was the Media?...

Picture of !!Abdul Alomaris Passport???

... So they have an un-burned passport... IDs left behind at strip clubs, and then a list, with all the names on it, is conveniently left in a bag there, for everybody to know...

Hijacker Visa Found In Flight 93 Wreckage CNN Report

... And then that list is all goofed up. Some of the names on there were wrong....

Screen text "Paper Passports Survive the crashes but 4 Black Boxes do not?! Give me a break...

... It gets even more interesting, when the [[Live News Coverage That Reported Vehicle Bombs On 9-11]live reports report truck bombings]], as well as arrests. And then this suddenly disappears from the Media, and the American conscience....

Video of Fox News Dancing Palestinian Footage Aired After 9-11 Attacks which ends at 02:27:52:16

... Instead, we're fed images of dancing Palestinians.

Screen Text: "Funny how Palestinians are on every channel dancing when this was a false pre-packaged tape. And yet Arrested Israelis who were in NEW YORK dancing and filming the event were NOT reported on any channel. "
With text later of "And the Pali(stinian00 clip was an older video reacting to a different event

It's funny how we're fed images of dancing Palestinians|Palestinians were featured dancing on every single channel, when this was a false, prepackaged tape. Yet the Israelis, who actually were dancing on 911, never see air time.
The Dancing Israelis, who were working from Mossad Front Company, Urban Moving Systems, get caught, in a van, with traces of explosives. They were filming the 9-11 Attacks in New York...

September 14 2001 Fox News Report]
"The New York Times reported Thursday (September 14 2001) that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards"

..., with the planes crashing into the buildings, before it happened. So they just decided to set up a film on that particular day...

Picture of two of the Dancing Israelis (!!!WHO) in court) from -!!!Mossand 9-11 Explosives Vehicle 4
!!!Identify face shots at 02:28:26:20 , 02:28:31:21

..., driving around in a van that had traces of explosives, and there were nearly $5000 stuffed in their sock... And they're just strolling through, you know, set up in the park, put up a camera... Let's point it, the World Trade Center, for no particular reason, just in case something happens.... And then, of course, 9/11 happens... They're There..., that's not reported.

!!!What is this video of people in front of a police car? Which van is shown in that video?

The truck bombs were never followed up on, and the massive Spy Ring is never aired...

Channel 5 logo screenshot "News Report: A Card bomb has exploded outside the US State Department according to reports" (!!!Disinformation to cause confusion about actual Mossad bomb vans?)

... How did the Israelis know what was going to happen? What happened to the truck bombers? Why were the reports of the truck bombs never brought up again?.. And the investigations into the Spy rings never got airtime?

Screen text: "And just what was on [[the 12 hard drives confiscated from the UMS by the FBI?

Why is that? Well, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the US Media to do an in depth report about it. Anything that can involve Israel is off limits. They won't even report on a 40 year, very open, very verifiable military occupation of racial colonization and ethnic cleansing that could make conquistadors blush (Screen text: "What you won't see in the US Media".

Video begins of Palestinians being genocided by Jews. Video is set to Last of the Mohecans sound track, with no narration until 02:30:16:24.

Video of Donald Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein

02:29:35:21 Narration begins (female voice, British accent):

"Home to 15 people, 11 of them children."

02:30:35:22 - Video of Palestinians being genocided by Jews ends


Picture of !!!WHO Six men

With all the obvious mistakes about the hijackers' identities, the phony Bin Laden tapes...

Screen Text: "They physically found a 7.5 inch VHS tape in Jalalabad, where Osama Bin Laden confessed to the 9-11 Attacks. Riiight"

..., the physics of the building, the lies about the Anthrax, the lies about weapons of mass destruction... The way the whole narrative was woven together with 9-11, you'd think somebody should be explaining this? There ought to be in an investigation into this.

Video of Larry Silverstein talking silently in background

Well, there was, a(n) investigation into it, sort of. There was supposed to be from the 9-11 Commission. It wasn't something the Bush administration wanted... Bush was adamant about blocking the formation of a commission to investigate 9-11 Attacks....

Bush Opposes 9-11 Query Panel Article By Febe Brush

... Why would the president of the United States not want 9/11 to be investigated? He battled with Tom Daschle, majority leader of the Senate...

January 29 2002 Bush Asks Daschle To Limit Sept 11 Probes CNN Article

..., and an Anthrax Target, about who would conduct the investigation. It was until more than a year later that he conditionally permitted it...

Bush Backs Independent 9-11 Probe Article

... The conditions were that the Bush administration selected the commission heads...

Congress OKs 9-11 Special Commission CNN Article

..., who then selected and controlled the commission. It's a little bit like hiring Dracula to guard the blood bank. It would be like hiring Bernie Madoff to investigate fraud. You might as well have a former head of the CIA, (Allan Dulles) investigate the Kennedy assassination...

Picture of Allan Dulles

... or have Boris Yeltsin investigate Boris Berezovsky...

Yeltsin Fire Lead Investigators Tracking Berezovsky In The Vlad Listyev Murder

... Wait... those last two actually did happen.
Bush's first pick to chair the 9-11 Commission was Henry Kissinger, upon the advice of Karl Rove... Henry Kissinger, a crook with a rap sheet so long, and involved in disastrous covert operations, and lies, that no one could take him seriously. He resigned, not because of that, but because he didn't want to disclose his clients...

Picture of Salem Bin Laden of Jeddah Saudi Arabia, one of Henry Kissinger's clients

... because of the obvious conflicts of interest and the utterly negative credibility, Kissinger finally removed himself...

November 29 2002 Critics Mock Choice Of Kissinger For Inquiry Article and at 02:32:29:09, November 30 2002 Mark Shields The Strange Choice Of Henry Kissinger Article

... from the position. That didn't stop his less well known business partner from making the cut...

December 13 2002 Kissinger Resigns As Head Of 9-11 Commission CNN Article

...James R. Thompson (Henry Kissinger's business partner.
An interesting phenomena occurred on 9-11, where individuals using the Israeli-based instant messenger service...

Whose face is circled !!! in this picture implying he got an Odigo Warning Message About 9-11

..., Odigo, were warned about 9-11 before the attack...

Odigo Says Workers Were Warned Of Attack Haaretz Article By Yuval Dror
"Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11, predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.
Micha Macover, CEO of the company, said the two workers received the messages and immediately after the terror attack informed the company's management, which immediately contacted the Israeli security services, which brought in the FBI."

... at least two individuals came forward about the warnings they had received. Certainly, Osama Bin Laden wasn't warning these American Jews to avoid the towers... someone else had prior knowledge. Hollinger Incorporated, and Hollinger Digital...

Screen text: "Comverse took a 12.4% stake in Odigo in 2001... as of 2002, they own all of it

..., own !!!Onset Tech???, which cooperates with the messenger software of Odigo, as well as Converse. When you pull up the board of directors for Hollinger, you'll find some nefarious characters: Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle and James R Thompson from the 9-11 Commission, with Thompson on the 9-11 Commision, you can be damn sure they didn't look into Odigo...

Picture of James R Thompson, left, with Angelo Fosco, one of the Front Men for Jewish Organized Crime

... It was Hollinger-owned papers, also, that spread the bogus rumor about 4000 Jews not showing up to work on the day of 9-11...

September 12 2001 Thousands Of Israelis Missing Near WTC And Pentagon Jerusalem Post Article "The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack..."

...this served to obfuscate the very real forewarnings from Odigo...

"This (Misdirection From Hollinger About 4000 Jews Not Showing Up On 9-11 To Distract From Odigo Texts) is always a focal point for Israel-911 debunkers"

..., by masking it as pointless anti Jewish rhetoric. Hollinger would later be used by (!!!Richarrd???) Perle, to bolster his Iraq war investments...

!!!What is this picture representing?

... And then it had a large scandal, with Conrad Black, of which Thompson was also a part of. He ended up not doing much on the commission, at all, for a year...

Conflict Of Interest On Sept 11 Panel Article By Jaime Holguin "6 of 10 Panel members allegedly have ties to airline industry"

...but not to be outdone by that audacious selection... the commissioners of the Bush administration (one-upped) topped itself in see-through corruption, by choosing Iran-Contra's Tower Commission chairman who worked with Dick Cheney, to co-chair the 9-11 Commission as well. I guess if you do well with one Whitewash, then why not another one?

!!!Ask What this is. too blury to read

Lee Hamilton was also sitting on advisory boards for the CIA... but, don't worry, they could still go lower much, much lower... Even worse than Lee Hamilton becoming the co chairman...

The Commission "The Uncensored History Of The 9/11 Investigation (by) Philip Shenon

..., was placing a Zionist warmonger, Philip Zelikow who was plucked right out of George W Bush's own National Security Council, to be the executive director for the 9-11 Commission. Philip Zelikow would have total control over hiring the 9-11 Commissioners' staff, and set up a tight filtering system over information sharing...

The Aspen Institute

... and that (information filtering) right through himself or Lee Hamilton. One of his first actions was to hired Michael Hurley...

Screen text: "Another Chicago boy in the CIA, formerly in the DEA, and oversaw the Pan Am 103 Drug Smuggling Operation

..., a current officer in the CIA, to investigate... the CIA. He (Philip Zelikow) also echoed the Neocons' propaganda about Iraq and 911...

January 2001 Staffers Appaled At Zelikow's Rewrite of 9-11 Commission Statement To Imply Connections Between Iraq And Al Qaeda Article !!!too blurry to read, get better picture

... How pathetic for the 9-11 Commission's executive director to parrot the baseless Iraq did 911' deceptions. It wasn't new for Philip Zelikow... It was an opportunity to promote his worldview. In their book on the Israeli lobby, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt exposed Philip Zelikow for calling for war with Iraq to protect Israeli interests...

!!!too blurry to read

... in speeches that he gave to universities. Philip Zelikow would later admit as much with a so what attitude...

Iraq Was Invaded To Protect Israel - US Official - Article by Emad Mekay

... Apparently he forgot the 9-11 Commission was to investigate an attack on America, and not to be a tool for Israeli interests. No one was really looking into 9-11... they were looking into how to use it. There was one dissenter in Philip Zelikow' way, a staff member that slipped through the cracks, Donna Lessman breaking Philip Zelikow's Filter Protocol, Donna Lessman dug into the direct 9/11 connections with the government of Saudi Arabia. <br /. 02:35:57:19
Philip Zelikow fired her, and had her findings deleted from the 9-11 Commission's report.... 28 pages redacted. Perhaps she asked, how a Saudi !!!GID??? agent...

Text on screen: Picture of Abdussattar Shaikh with his name on super-imposed over picture

..., working with the FBI, was providing housing, and actually living with 9-11 Hijackers.

on screen: Picture of faces of two men, with text next to them: "Useful Idiots: Nawaf Alhazml Khalid Almlhdhar </blockqupte> 02:36:17:00
audio plays:

" National security whistle blowers tried to testify before the commission, but were either not asked to testify, or their testimony was only barely acknowledged or, worse yet, completely omitted from the record.

Philip Zelikow was later revealed to be the real author of The Bush Doctrine, the justification of Preemptive War...

Shenon - Zelikow Designed Bush Administrations Preemptive War Doctrine in 2002 Article

..., which has led to the deaths of more than a 1,000,000 people, so far.
audio plays:

" Zelikow was the author of the very important document, issued by the White House in September 2002, that really turned military doctrine on its head, and said that the United States could become involved in Preemptive War, or Preemptive Defense, that we could attack a nation that didn't pose an immediate military threat to this country. And obviously, in September 2002, it sure appeared to that document was being written with one target in mind: Iraq. Now, as I say, the the author of the document, at the time, was anonymous. We didn't know that Philip Zelikow had written this thing... And, that becomes known, I think, widely on the staff, only in the final months of the 9-11 Commission investigation... and it appeared to pose yet another conflict of interest for Zelikow."

Thomas Kean, the other co-chairman of the 9-11 Commission, was there about as often as Barrack Obama went to the Senate. He was too busy, engaged in his own personal Profiteering racket...

Screen Text: "Using Drew University as a medium to feed fat contracts to Aramark of which he is a director"

He said he could only commit one day a week to the 9-11 Commission, and would only appear in the press if it was with Lee Hamilton. Apparently investigating 9/11 was not important enough for him to postpone his other affairs...

Screen text: "University presidents often do this. They treat the school as an investrment vehicle into corporate interests... and then sit as an active employee of those same corporations... and then sit as an active employee of those same corporations"

And this allowed Lee Hamilton and Zelikow even more control over the operation.   Like James Thompson, Thomas Kean was too involved with his own scandals. What excellent choices for investigators... It's not like 3000 people were killed...


screen text: "Kean was part of Bell Atlantic, United Health Care, Beneficial Corporation, Fiduciary Trust Comapny International, and Aramark"

Thomas Kean, later promoted -- and was greatly impressed with -- the comic book version of the 9-11 Report...

Comic Book Version Of The 9-11 Commission Report Cover shown on screen with text on screen: "WTC 7 not in the comic"

..., which reduced it down to about 161 picture pages. And, he's currently still going around the country, hacking this junk into school systems to get elementary school kids, even, to learn about 9-11.
video segment:

"When you hear about the idea of the 9-11 Commission Report, as essentially a comic book, your first reaction is, What, are you crazy? "

video segment:

"It's accurate... I mean, the graphic version is accurate. That's what happened!"

How could they compromise the integrity of the investigation further?... What could make it even less objective?...

Picture of Fred Fielding

... Fred Fielding, a current lawyer for "Z", better known as Blackwater, the private mercenary firm currently on trial for murder and rape.... This bastard actually counter-sued the families of the contractors, victims hung from a bridge in Fallujah, to block them from gaining access...

Blackwater Heavies Sue Families Of Slain Employees For 10 Million In Brutal Attempt To Suppress Their Story Article

... into the (information about) the circumstances surrounding the event. The details of what really happened are uncovered in Jeremy Scahill's book "Blackwater Rises, The Mercenary State."

Blackwater Rises Book displayed


Chalkboard Video 02:39:07:10 - 02:39:35:24

 !!!Ask for high resolution picture of that chalkboard

Fred Fielding wasn't the only important investigator working with Blackwater; The inspector general who was supposed to let the other shoe drop on Hollinger and Richard Perle, also found employment at Blackwater, as a senior executive... you need to see the DVD extra to unravel that mess... Fred Fielding was from George W Bush's White House counsel (lawyer)... But don't worry, he was compromised further than that. He was a lawyer for a very high level man in the Bush administration... you may have heard of them... his name is George W Bush...

Fred Fielding To Handle Legal Fights With Congress As Bushs New Lawyer Article

... It's bad enough that George W Bush refused to be interviewed by the 9-11 Commission without Dick Chaney, but he also had his lawyer there, and on the side of the investigators.
C-SPAN footage:

" Reporter: "Mr. President, why are you and the vice president insisting on appearing together before the 9-11 Commission?"
George W Bush: "Because, that commission, the 9-11 Commission, wants to ask these questions... That's why we're meeting, and I look forward to meeting with them, and answering your questions. "
Reporter: "I asked the question as to why you're appearing together rather than separately, which was their request."
George W Bush: "Because it's a good chance for both of us to answer questions that the 9-11 Commission is looking forward to asking us... And I'm looking forward to answering them. Let's see..." (calls on another reporter)
Reporter: "Don't you think that the families deserve to have a transcript, or to be able to see..."
George W Bush (interrupting the reporter): " Adam, you asked me that question yesterday, I got the same answer. Yeah (calls on another reporter)

A video clip plays with caption, "9/11 Deal: Not Good Enough!", with Wolf Blitzer speaking to a guest:

" Wolf Blitzer: "... One of those four that gets to see these documents. Would that change your opinion?"
Max Cleland: "No, they don't want any more eyeballs to see their documents than they could possibly get away with. It's a scam. It's absolutely disgusting... The president has said, only a minority of the commission can see a minority, the documents, and then they have to clear what they're going to say to the rest of the commission with the White House." "


text on screen:
Richard Ben-Veniste represents Boeing and United Airlines
Tim Roemer represents Boeing and Lockheed Martin
James Gorelick is a director of United Technologies
John Lehman has large investments in Ball Corp, which has US Military Contracts
Fred Fielding lobbies for United Airlines
James Thompson lobbies for American Airlines and invests in Boeing as well

These blatant conflicts of interest should have been all over the news, like a Tiger Woods sex scandal, but they were too busy promoting other things. The 9-11 Commission was a Cover Up. It was a total joke of farce...

Picture of Laci Peterson with text, "Laci Peterson Case In 2022 Vs OJ Simpson

... why not allow PNAC members to do the investigation... (actually,) they did...

Picture of !!!9-11 Commission??? With !!!John Lehman???'s face circled

...John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy, in 1987, while Jonathan Pollard was spying for Israel, through Naval Intelligence...

Picture of Jonathan Pollard in the back of a law enforcement vehicle

..., was also chosen to join the 9-11 conmen, [[PNAC Signatures On The Letter To To Bill Clinton|and he was a PNAC signature]]...

Picture showing PNAC Signatures On The Letter To To Bill Clinton to include John Lehman

... PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, was a Neoconservative Think Tank from the American Enterprise Institute; it's members comprise Department of Defense officials and Media. They pulled together over(ly) Israeli-centric plans from Oded Yinon...

A Strategy For Israel From 1982 By Odid Yinon displayed on website

..., and IASPA's Clean Break Papers...

A Clean Break A New Strategy For Securing The Realm on screen, one of the Clean Break Papers

..., to create their magnum opus, "Rebuilding America's Defenses Strategy, Forces, and Resources For A New Century". There's been a lot of focus on lines from that particular document, but this narrow scope is over-shadowed... there are other important works, particularly on Afghanistan...

April 2000 The Afghan Vortex IASPA Paper By Ellie Krakowski
02:41:53:10 Iraqs Attempts To Acquire Uranium From Niger Email By Gary Schmitt
02:41:56:25 Why Iraq Article By Gary Schmitt
02:42:00:03 A Necessary War Article
02:42:02:28 Iraq Al Qaeda Connection Email By Gary Schmitt
02:42:06:08 Saddam Bin Laden Connection Email By Gary Schmitt
02:42:09:15 Mohamed Atta Was Here Weekly Standard Article By Fred Barnes
02:42:13:22 How To Attack Iraq Article
02:42:19:29 Speaking Of Iraq Article
02:42:23:17 Bombing Iraq Isnt Enough Article By William Kristol And Robert Kagan
02:42:26:22 Saddams Impending Victory Article By Robert Kagan
02:42:30:06 A Way To Oust Saddam Weekly Standard Article By Robert Kagan
02:42:33:19 The Comming War With Saddam Article By Stephen Hayes
02:42:36:26 August 21 2002 Memorandum To Opinion Leaders Article By William Kristol
02:42:40:07 July 21 2002 Iraq The Day After Article By Robert Kagan
02:42:43:10 Remember The Bush Doctrine Article

... and Iraq. I can't go over all of them -- I have in previous films--, but here's an overview (Transcriber Note: See blockquote above for a bunch of materials referenced on screen through 02:42:43:10)
This is what the live factory cranked out. Of course, these are also the men who lied about Prague, Mohamed Atta, and Anthrax.
The 9-11 Commission was an extension of the PNAC narrative of deception. Their report ignored the existence of Core Columns in the twin towers. The information on Saudi Arabia was redacted, and the info on Israel didn't even make it that far. Perhaps, the most shocking and awful, was their investigation into the World Trade Center Building 7... they didn't even do one. They spent $12 million to tell you nothing...
...Real American Patriots have investigated it on their own, for free. And trust me, it's an uphill battle against Disinformation and ridicule...

Senior Military Intelligence Law Enforcement And Government Officials Question The 9-11 Commission Report Article

... Doesn't matter how many people say what (missing word?)... it's based on evidence...

Picture of Larry Silverstein in front of WTC site with caption "I made 7 billion on insurance"

... That's all we need... The were reports of truck bombs and secondary explosions...

!!!Ask Dawson about this picture, what is it

..., and when looking back at the whole picture of the Anthrax to blame it on Iraq, the Patriot Act, and everything else that fits in, it becomes clear that they're lying about the towers as well...

More Unusual Market Activity Reported Before Attacks Reuters Article

... And a lot of people knew it was going to happen too... There were massive profits made...

Screen Text: "War is immoral. It's not something to simply "list" with the economy as top complaints for the administration..." Followed by screen text: "Covering Up Trillions"

...The crisis allowed for trillions of dollars to become unaccounted for...

April 14 2009 The Ugly Secret Of Pentagon 9-11 Review By Jerry Mazza
"The ugly secret of Pentagon 9/11 -- By Jerry Mazza -- Online Journal Associate Editor
April 14, 2009 -- Severe Visibility a film by [[Paul Cross]
9/11 films have bencome a genree, whether non-fiction or fictionalized accounts of the..."

..., and the data that was housed that could track the massive corporate fraud was physically destroyed by the (destruction of the) section of the Pentagon that was hit, as well as Building seven in New York.

!!!What is this?

Video plays from CBS News, with caption, "PENTAGON AUDIT" September 10 2001 CBS News Footage Covering Missing Trillions From DOD:

" Narrator: "...for the Pentagon. When it's own, auditors admit, the military cannot account for 25% of what it already spends. "
Cuts to Donald Rumsfeld speaking: "According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions."
Narrator: "2.3 trillion, with a T... That's $8000 for every man, woman and child in America." "

Yet, how do you prosecute the government? Obviously, they don't investigate themselves...

screen text: "Citigroup and Goldman Sachs both gave 3 times as much to Obama than McCain. Goldman Sachs was Obama's second highest donor. Citigroup his 7th, and JPMorgan Chase his 6th.

... The inspector general of the Defense Department is just part of the military industrial complex, and the 9-11 Commission was itself composed of PNAC members, War Profiteers and criminals of prior Cover Ups.
Clip plays of January 17 1961 Dwight Eisenhowers Farewell Address:

" In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persists. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

We can't rely on these investigations. And, Where is our Media?!...

Picture on screen: Cow with choice of left or right entrances to a slaughter house, with caption, "The illussion... of free choice"

... It would be easy for the Mass Media to explain this in a day. But again, these companies are just an extension of the corporatocracy at large. And yet we've had waves and waves, thousands, perhaps millions, of citizens in America who have been reporting about the lies surrounding the war in Iraq, as well as 911... independently on their own, often, for free. There are thousands of bloggers and websites, and it seems like the only way around this is the Web. But that is rapidly changing too... the ADL has already gone on a purging spree on YouTube....

Video ends of news stories playing in background with Dawson caption, "MSM is theree to lie and distract"

... My account was completely deleted... not just my videos, my entire account, and all my videos were removed...

Screenshot of Ryan Dawsons !!!DATE??? Youtube Account Deletion Notification One Hour After Releasing War By Deception The First Time with caption "No mention of what guideline was broken"

... No explanation was given...

Anti-Defamation League Joins YouTube To FIght Online Hate Article
with Dawson added text, "We all know that "hate" means anything against the Zionist policy of Israel... And you can say whatever you want about Muslims, Christians, Athiests, America, Iran, Chuck Norris, Bush, Obama, whatever, just not Israel or anything non-kooky about 911 or the wars. Why??" Followed by more screen text, "Not just a video, my whole account was deleted and ALL of my videos"

... "War By Deception", 2008 (edition, the first edition of this documentary), wasn't up for even an hour.
It is very important to realize that none of this would be possible, if schools, and the Media, especially the Media, would just explain what is happening, rather than lying to you. Mass Media outlets... --that's the televised media. You know them as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox --... are owned by media conglomerates. That is, they each answer to a parent company...

Screen Text: "Parent companies control the propaganda on TV and Cinema as well as in written mediums. For example: CNN News, Time Magazine, and WB pictures are all part of the same Media Conglomorate"

... ABC, for example, is owned by The Walt Disney Corporation... NBC by GE and Microsoft... CNN By AOL Time Warner, CBS by Viacom, Fox News, if you even want that to count, by the Rupert Murdoch Corporation.

Screen text: "News reports get dictated from the top down and avoid issues such as Israel, Niger, AIPAC, the OSP, NAU, CFR, TLC, BIS, MEGA, PNAC, !!!WHIG, MIC, IASPA, AEI, !!!DPB, ATC, Bilderberg, and, of course, 911, and anything about the lies behind the wars."

News reports get dictated from the top down, and avoid issues such as, Israel, the Niger Forgeries, AIPAC spy rings, Office of Special Plans, North American Union, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bank of International Settlements, MEGA, Project for a New American Century, White House Iraq Group, Military Industrial Complex, IASPA's American Enterprise Institute, to (((!!! ask Dawson about DPB: Defense Policy Boards, Misgivings), American Turkish Council, Bilderberg Group, and anything to Do with 911, and Anything to Do the Lies About the Iraq War, Post and pre Invasion...
Mass Media Conglomerates are part of the military industrial complex. If you look at their board of directorates, they have overlapping membership with the largest aerospace companies, and key multinational defense industries. All, which profit handsomely from the budget of the Defense Department... Government employees, as well as these board directorates members, all profit through privately held equity firms...

Text On screen of Private Equity Firms: "Carlyle, Triremme, etc."

..., which engage in Insider Trading, and a variety of immoral corporate Profiteering, usually through war.
America spends more of its tax money on defense than the rest of the world put together. Over 52% of our discretionary taxes are spent on offense, which they called defense, but it's more than that. America borrows money from the Federal Reserve, money printed out of thin air, new money, and uses that to pay for defense. The greater portion of our taxes, plus borrowed money, which causes massive Inflation, all goes into the pockets of these war pigs in the military industrial complex. And, it's not just the Department of Defense, it's several departments... It's the Department of Defense. It's the Department of State... The Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy. They're all tied to the MIC... It is the greatest umbrella corporation in the world, and has to be stopped.
Video of older man speaking:

" The military changing is the military industrial complex. The devotion off massive resources to the military, has unintended consequences that we refuse to to acknowledge... that we are now spending close to a trillion dollars a year.... That's 1000 billion, on our military establishment... This is not the defense appropriation that is published... That's that's simply the annual appropriation of the Department of Defense... It doesn't include the money spent on nuclear weapons... That's in the Department of Energy. It doesn't include the money spent on veterans affairs... that's in the Department of Veterans Affairs, including treating our wounded from Iraq. It doesn't include Foreign Military Aid... That's in the State Department. It doesn't include the actual defense in the country... That's the Department of Homeland Security, since after 911, we discovered the Department of Defense has nothing to do with defense of the country... it's it's busying itself with warfare and outer space or some other lucrative, if useless, way to spend money. It all adds up to an unbelievable amount that is, over time, not sustainable. It reminds us of a famous remark by Herbert Stein when he was chairman of the Council Of Economic Advisers in Richard Nixon's administration. He rather famously said, things that can't go one forever, don't. These things can't go on forever, and they're not going to. That is, the American Empire could come to an end before this film is over. If just one little thing happened. If Saudi Arabia decided that it wanted to be paid for its oil in euros instead of dollars, why should we be concerned about imperialism and militarism? It's a suicide pact. That's the way empires end..."

The US is always at war, or part of some conflict. And it doesn't matter if you rename a war a police action, or whatever... it's a war...

Screen Text: "The point of war is not to win, but to prolong. In order to operate the MIC needs conflicts. Perpetual War is their openly stated goal."

... The point of war, for the US, is not to win, but to prolong... In order to operate, the MIC needs conflicts; Perpetual War is there openly stated goal. Perpetual war means [[How ZOG Pays Off Its Shabbos Goyim With Perpetual War Profiteering And At The Same Time Keeps Military Overseas To Spread ZOG|perpetual profits...

On screen: Montage of a bunch of different companies that Ryan Dawson ascribes membership in the MIC to.

... Ultimately...

On screen during period ending in 02:50:42:11
02:50:26:25 Map of oil reserves in the Middle East
02:50:32:09 Map of Russia and China
02:50:33:26 Picture of Uncle Sam strowing money at feet of a banker with sign "Lost Millions Of Homes" while a family huddles in a card board box with sign "Lost Our Home"
02:50:35:07 Picture of Henry Kissinger
02:50:35:21 picture of !!!Whom???
02:50:36:12 picture of !!!Whom???
02:50:37:00 picture of !!!Whom???
02:50:37:13 picture of !!!whom???
02:50:38:05 picture of !!!whom???
02:50:38:25 picture of !!!whom???
02:50:39:05 02:50:39:19 Picture of George Bush Sr
02:50:39:25 02:50:40:12 02:50:41:02 Picture of !!!what???

..., they aim to monopolize vital resources, destroy potential economic or military rivals, devalue currencies to wipe out the middle class, and rule with impunity as corporate oligarchs, in a globalized Shadow Government.
Sorry for the black screen, but I have to censor the war images from Iraq and Afghanistan for YouTube. Which is unfortunate, because I believe it's really important for people to see the faces of war and to see the true horror of war, to understand it on an emotional level, because there's too much detachment, too much Cognitive Dissonance.

Video of one of the two burning WTC Twin Towers plays, with some victims leaping from the buildings, and then one of the towers collapsing. 02:51:05:23 - 02:51:29:24

With the profitable Cold War over, and !!!hundreds of billions in security fraud, and !!!a network of mediums to obfuscate off-the-books financing, for covert and illegal operations, under investigation, an event was needed to cover the old crimes and create the atmosphere for new ones. This wasn't for America, or solely by American elements... It was multinational. Showing that 9/11 was done, and why it was done, and who covered it up, isn't the same as how it was done.

Text on screen: "Of the 1275 deaths in the WTC North Tower, 942 were Marsh And McLennan Cos Inc, or Cantor Fitzgerald, employees. The plane flew right into Marsh And McLennan's floors 93-98."

We've seen airplanes and Truck Bombs. But what about the other explosions higher up in the towers? If bombs were inside, how could they be set in there, with so many employees working in the towers?...

Screen Text: "In the WTC South Tower, 270 of the 490 deaths were from Euro Brokers Inc and Aon Corp (a leading global reinsurance intermediary)

... and who did it?... you can forget about security... that's a non issue. But, exactly how and where could one place charges without anyone noticing? (is a good place to start figuring out who did it). A good place to start would be |the men arrested for fake IDs...

02:51:58:27 !!!Who is this (one of the men with fake ID?)
02:52:00:29 !!!Who is this (one of the men with fake ID?)
02:52:03:24 !!!Who is this (one of the men with fake ID?)
02:52:08:12 !!!Who is this (one of the men with fake ID?)

... that granted them access to the towers to fix sprinkler systems, upgrade Internet cables, move out furniture, and work on chronically broken elevators... especially when the Israeli-owned company they claim to work for had no authenticity...

The address of the "company" turned out to be an apartment building on "an" (!!!owned by an???) Israeli. SImilar plot as address of Israeli Josie Hadas for the renting of the 1993 World Trade Center Truck Bomb(s?) in the 1993 botched Mossad & FBI Useful Idiot Patsy truck bombing

... Movers bring the goods, elevator and cable mechanics set him in place, maintenance shuts down the fire prevention system... a quick, three step plan.

02:52:18:26 - 02:52:50:08, video plays of people at the base of the WTC Twin Towers

Clip plays:

" Journalist: "Any sense, (inaudible)... have you heard anything, even anecdotally, from the cops, about how many people managed to get out of the building before they collapsed?"
Respondent: "No, absolutely not, But there's also... I don't know if it was the case now, but I do know that one of the of the towers had a major elevator that went all the way to the top, that was malfunctioning, and has been malfunctioning, for at least a month.... They've been having a lot of trouble with that." "

The [[!!!Get Details About The Elevator Shaft mentioned after 02:52:30:12|details of that story, and my investigation into it, are on my website...

Picture of sign "TOP OF THE WORLD Observation Deck World Trade Center Open Daily 9:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M."

... Aside from the mysterious elevator workers, of the oddly, chronically broken elevators, and the Israeli movers, contraced by Zim Shipping Company, itself partly Israeli state owned, which broke a $50,000 lease in the World Trade Center, to relocate to Virginia, a week before 911...

Picture on screen of a website with text, "Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co Inc, Lake Wright Executive Center, Norfolk, Virginia... Developed by Gee's Group"

..., Who else had suspicious access to the towers?
In 2002, In Obtaining Fake IDs|a simple case of fraud, over fake IDs, in Tennessee...

02:53:07:20 - 02:53:27:06 video plays of footage from on on top of a sky scraper

..., led to the arrest of [[!!!WHO {{{Mohammad Fares, Abdel Messin Hamad, Mustafa Abu Shaheen and Omar Kayata, and[[Khalid Chautala?}}}]]|six Middle Eastern men]], and revealed damning information about 911... about !!!men claiming to have done work in the basement of the towers with !!!fake passes. The key witness, herself an accomplice in the ID fraud, was killed, a day before her trial date. Katherine Smith...

text on screen: "burned so badly, her arms had fallen off"

... the Department of Motor Vehicles employee, had been working with Khalid Odalla...

picture of Khalid Odalla

..., from Jerusalem, to provide Tennessee Licenses, which do not require Social Security Numbers, for five other men...

Febraury 18 2002 Memphis Fraud Case Is Long On Clues But Short On Clues NYT Article By Michael Moss
"By Michael Moss -- Memphis, Feb 17 -- Just past midnight, the car Katherine Smith was driving on a country highway north of the Mississippi border burst into flames, killing Ms Smith, a 49-year-old state employee, and deepening the mystery in a federal fraud case.
Ms Smith had been accused of illegally providing driver's licenses to men with Middle Eastern ties, and law enforcement officials are investigation the Feb 10 crash as a possible homicide. She was to appear in court the next..."

... The FBI, working on a tip, arrested of Khalid Odalla outside the DMV, after he purchased the IDs from Smith. They have been monitoring Katherine Smith's house. She had also bought her car from Khalid Odalla... one she would be found dead inside of later. The following group: Mohammad Fares, Abdel Messin Hamad, Mustafa Abu Shaheen and Omar Kayata, were all arrested, as they were also waiting outside for Khalid Chautala to return from the DMV... The underlings told investigators that Khalid Chautala or Soccer Hamad, the cousin of Abdel Messin Hamad, could get the IDs.
Oddly, the two ringleaders would be released, while the underlings had the book thrown at them. Soccer Hamad, who had shared a residence with Atala Kahlid, was arrested and on his person, he had a fast granting him entry into the six underground levels of World Trade Center one... It was dated September 5th, 2001... Atala Kahlid, Khalid Odala had also driven a truck from New York to Tennessee on 911... Ahmad claim that he had been doing work on the sprinkler systems for a couple of days, and that is why he had a pass. The problem with that, As Allen Hicks, the spokesperson of the Port Authority of New York, pointed out, the New York Port Authority handles its own work on such systems, and no one there had contracted Hamad.
Hamad gave police a card for Magic Heating And Plumbing. He also had a card, at the time of his arrest. In court, his father produced a letter signed by Sergey Davidenko, for Denko Mechanical verifying both, verifying both Sahero Mohamed and his cousin's employment, Sergey Davidenko told The New York Times that Ahmad had been working in the World Trade Center for him, for a couple of days. The problem is, there was no Magic Heating And Plumbing, or Denko Mechanical.
There was an obsolete business license for Denko, and the address for the office was simply Sergey Davidenko's residential address, quite similar to the elevator operators fiasco.
One woman, who may have been able to shed light on the entire matter was, Katherine Smith. But the day before her trial, she had a car accident, and died. Actually, her body had been burned inside her car, but the gas tank failed to ignite. Witnesses had seen Smith ablaze in her car, and investigators found gasoline in her clothing. FBI agent, Susan Nash, said that Smith had been murdered. The unresolved questions about 9/11 and Katherine Smith's death had nothing outside of the circumstantial to do with the trial over fake IDs, however.
Hamad wass released on a $250,000 bail. What kind of truck driver repairman has that kind of money? Notallah, the middleman, was released hours after being sentenced. Why was Khalid released? And why wasn't there a follow up investigation into Denko Mechanical?
All of this should have, and could have, been in more press. But aside from the tight control over the broadcast news by the Pentagon, in the immediate post 9/11 atmosphere, it was sacrilegious to question anything... The press creates the narrative, no matter how silly, by repetition... and (more) repetition.
The news is highly filtered and controlled. These people are normally just talking bobble heads, reading teleprompters and sticking to daily talking points, issued from the top down... B repeating uniforms catchphrases, simultaneously, across the media spectrum, they create a Lemming effect. But ABC and NBC, CBS and Fox don't really differ usually have the same exact stories, often in the same order, with the same catchphrases. They are trying to lead you to think the way they're told to tell you to think.
It pays to lie. William Kristol, despite being wrong about everything, gets a job of The New York Times. Judith Miller, despite having gone to jail for 85 days for some of her lies, gets hired by Fox News. And Paul Wolfowitz, the idiot who said that Iraq's oil revenue would pay for the costs of the war, within two years, gets rewarded for that economic blunder by being appointed head of the World Bank. The following FBI (and CIA) agents who screwed up or covered up investigations into anthrax and into the 9 11 hijackers got promotions.
List of agents on screen:

Marion Bowman, David Frasca, Barbara Bodine, Dina Cors]], Michael Maltbie, Richard Blee, Pasquale D'amuro, Melek Dickerson

We are being manipulated by a tiny minority, in a global game of theft and murder of our fellow man. We, all of us, are being robbed daily by the military central banking financial system. We don't have to live this way... and we don't need are resource is allocated by central supercomputer or any other glorified high tech communism. That is not a solution, and it is not realistic.
One massive contributor to the debt for defense racket that allows us to take place on the scale that it does is central banking on a Fiat money system. The other main method of manipulation is mass media. We've got to end the Fed and aband the daily deceptions of the mainstream media, and slowly, this is happening and has been happening... For one of the first times in history, we have a way of fighting back. The Web has allowed us to break the media monopoly. We're seeing anti Fed rallies, books and films, when this was nearly impossible before... There is a niche for anti war info, to counter propaganda. Now is the time to end the cycle. Everything stems from alternative media. Every year we grow, the problems in government and banking won't be fixed until we take back the Media. This is why it is vital to keep the Web free and open. It's also crucial to support alternative media websites. These people are not paid, and they face a lot of flack. Just ignore the kooks. We are winning this struggle. End the deceptions, and in the wars. Thank you for watching my film.
A thank you to everyone who is helping support me, by sharing this film, and a handful of you who sent some donations so that it was possible to make this film. No more wars for deception! No more Zionist Neocon plans. Don't listen to them about Iran.
Let's see what was on the hard drives confiscated from urban moving systems. Let's release the tapes of the Israelis celebrating, with the towers burning in the background. Let's see what was redacted from the 911 report, removed to protect the money coming from Saudi Arabia. Let's see all of it. Let's have a real investigation into 911. I'm pretty damn sure what the results would be, but I would like to have a official investigation rather than just me doing it. I want heads to roll.
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Audio plays of radio traffic:

Female: "First year NYU medical student... He was down there, trying to help people. "
Male: "..."
(another two minutes of radio traffic illustrating plight and heroism of those trying to help people in the burning towers)

Music plays til the film roll ends.