US Italian Mafia

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The US Italian Mafia, or simply, the Mafia, is the image of organized crime presented to the average American by the Jew-controlled entertainment industry and the Jew-controlled news media, such that Jewish Organized Crime is not a point of public attention. The US Italian Mafia is today almost entirely a network of Front Goyim and Fall Goyim for Jewish Organized Crime.

In the period stretching from the 1920s until the mid 1950s, the US Italian Mafia was quickly reduced to a system of almost exclusively Front Goyim and Fall Goyim after Meyer Lansky was able to dominate most of Jewish Organized Crime's competitors, in arrangements where what had been Goy-controlled organized crime syndicates and local Goyish gangs became Front Goyim, and when need be, Fall Goyim, for the Jewish Organized Crime figures, like Meyer Lansky, to whom those Front Goyim reported and paid tribute. The Jew-dominated media, at the same time, began making celebrities of many of the Front Goyim, and emphasizing the Irish, and especially Italian nature of the Front Goyim and their fellow Goyish mobsters who reported to and paid tribute to Jewish Organized Crime. Jewish Organized Crime was not reported, and the ADL enforced the gag rule in the media regarding reporting on Jewish domination of US organized crime on the few independent newspapers with influence that the Jews had not yet bought up or driven out of business. When Hollywood and television became popular, the romanticized myth of Italian domination of organized crime was reinforced with television shows and movies portraying Italian Mafia as the overlords of organized crime. To this day, television and Hollywood portray organized crime as an racially Italian affair.