The Mafia Killed JFK

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The Mafia Killed JFK is an example of a Kosher John F Kennedy Assassination Theory.
"The Mafia Killed JFK" is one of the Limited Hangout conspiracy theories deployed by ADL/CIA-related Disinformation Agents and propped up by the Mainstream Media. Organized crime, specifically Jewish Organized Crime, the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate was involved in the John F Kennedy Assassination, but largely on behalf of Israel.
Authors who push "The Mafia Killed JFK":

Michael Collins Piper, in Final Judgment, page 50, wrote:

"... Lansky was "the chairman of the board" of organized crime. All of the Mafia figures that had been repeatedly implicated in the JFK assassination were, in fact, Lansky's [Front Goy For Jewish Organized Crime|front men]]—his subordinates, his underlings. In short, if "the Mafia" had a hand in the killing of JFK, then Lansky had to have been one of the key players. Yet, as I quickly began to see in reviewing many of the works which allege that "The Mafia Killed JFK," Lansky's preeminent role was being ignored or otherwise under-played. I was aware of Lansky's close ties to Israel."