Steven Hoffenberg

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The chairman of Tower Financial Corporation, a debt collection agency, he hired Jeffrey Epstein to a position on the company in 1987. Douglas Leese introduced Steven Hoffenberg to Jeffrey Epstein in the 1980s. This lead to the largest Ponzi scheme in history, at the time, in which the two of them, with Jeffrey Epstein as the mastermind, carried out the Tower Financial Ponzi Scheme, which was, at the time, the largest Ponzi Scheme in US history. Steve Hoffenberg went to jail for eighteen years, but the Maxwells called in all their connection to prevent Epstein from facing any consequences, despite Epstein having been the brain of the operation. The cover run for Epstein was so bad, that by mid trial, they stopped using Epstein's name, and the court began referring to the perpetrators as "Hoffenberg and his co-conspirators, and others", so that Epstein's name would stop being brought up.