St. Joe Minerals Corp Insider Trading Scheme

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The St. Joe Minerals Corp Insider Trading Scheme the Bronfman Family, especially Edgar Bronfman Sr to Jeffrey Epstein.

Edgar Bronfman Sr worked together in the hostile takeover, working with Bear Sterns, for this St. Joe Minerals Corp; they set up three companies Transatlantic Financial Company S.A., Nayrit Investments S.A., and Finvest Panama to act as cover for the hostile takeover and to hide the insider trading from regulatory agencies. At the time, St. Joe Minerals Corp produced the majority of Zinc that in the United States. Together, on the day before the offer for the hostile takeover of the target company, Jeffrey Epstein and Edgar Bronfman Sr had over 1055 stock options and 3000 shares that were traded in the insider trading scheme. Epstein provided the loan for the insider trading to his fellow conspirators. However, just with the Tower Financial Ponzi Scheme, Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to shift all of the to a fall guy, Giuseppe B. Tome. Very little is know about Giuseppe B. Tome, other than he was the fall guy for the St. Joe Minerals Corp Insider Trading Scheme, the same way as Steven Hoffenberg was the fall guy for the Tower Financial Ponzi Scheme For more financial crimes that Jeffrey Epstein was central to, see: Tower Financial Ponzi Scheme, Liquid Funding Ltd.