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10 June, 1923 - November 5, 1991 . Robert Maxwell's real name was Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch, or Hyman Binyamin Hoch, for short, but operated his businesses under the assumed name of Ian Robert Maxwell, or just Robert Maxwell for short.

Father of Ghislaine Maxwell, who got Jeffrey Epstein into the international arms dealing trade, specifically trafficking weapons to Iran towards the end of the Iran-Contra affair. Convicted spy against the USA, Mossad agent, Ari Ben-Menashe, confirmed in the Manashe Interview With Zev Shalev that Robert Maxwell met and brought Jeffrey Epstein into operations with the Mossad after meeting with him in the UK.

Robert Maxwell coordinated with other Israeli Intelligence agents to entrap Mordechai Vanunu, the nuclear technician who confirmed the existence of the illegal rogue nuclear program of Israel, into a Honey Pot in Italy, after which he was imprisoned in Israel. Robert Maxwell helped Israel crack down on media personalities and journalists who questioned Israel.

He was also a media mogul in Great Britain, where he was financed to take over much of the British media, which he turned into outlets for pro Israeli propaganda.

It is admitted by some of the head spies of Israel, that Robert Maxwell was a spy for Israel.

When he died, his body was not buried in Great Britain, where he was a media mogul but rather, brought for burial to Tel Aviv, Israel. At the funeral were the last five former Israeli prime ministers, and heads of Mossad. At the funeral, one of the heads of Israel said that Robert Maxwell "did more for Israel than we can even say". His daughter, Ghislaine Maxwell is right at the nexus of the blackmail/sex tape Epstein Spy Ring. At the funeral in Tel Aviv, Israel, Robert Maxwell was eulogized by Yitzhak Shamir, the Prime Minister of Israel.

At times, Rupert Murdoch, and Robert Maxwell would butt heads, both of them being media moguls, with Murdoch being the more successful of the two moguls. Despite this, when Robert Maxwell died, shortly after Maxwell's death, Murdoch left a meeting with a journalist, asking, "Who killed Maxwell?!", to which he journalist responded that he didn't know, so Murdoch got up and left; Murdoch was fond of Maxwell, despite them being rival media moguls, they had both loyally served Israel.

Stole hundreds of millions of dollars from British pension funds as part of his white collar crime.

Robert Maxwell stole the PROMIS Software, from the United States Department of Defense. The PROMIS Software became the precursor to Pegasus Spyware, software currently used by the Israelis to spy on people. Ryan Dawson ranks Robert Maxwell as one of the top 10 most damaging spies against the US in history.