October 20 1998 SOCCCD Meeting Attended By Marcia Milchiker

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At this meeting of the SOCCCD, Steve Frogue was re-elected in a 4:3 vote. At this meeting, ADL Agents were trying to intimidate the 40 members of the public who spoke on Steve Frogue's behalf, photographing everyone who attended the meeting. James Scott took the floor and stated "This is thought control," in response to the ADL's campaign against [[Steve Frogue.
Dorothy Fortune spoke on Steve Frogue's behalf, accusing ADL member Marcia Milchiker of "playing the religion card for political gain."

Marcia Milchiker began kvetching so hard that she could no longer form proper sentences, and was asked by other members of the board of trustees to cut her remarks short, because her ranting had become so disjointed.