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Louis Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation Of Islam, a black organization run by blacks, in the interest of blacks, and not on the of black organizing groups which are fronts for the Jewish Hijacking Of Black Organizing.
From from a Nation Of Islam Research Group website,

"Today the Black man and woman can continue to turn the pages of history back and back and back to find Jewish people in a constant state of war with Black progress. Garvey, at least, had some measure of freedom to leave us a powerful example of a Black self-help movement. A few years before, he might have been a sharecropper financially indebted to the local Jewish merchants, who siphoned or stole all the wealth from the Black laborers of the cotton South. A generation before, he might have been sold at slave auctions that were so crammed with Jewish buyers and sellers that slave sales had to be postponed on Jewish holidays. Back then, Jews did not call Black self-help advocates “anti-Semites”—they called them “runaways.” And many a self-emancipating “runaway” was recaptured and returned to enslavement by one of the thousands of reward-seeking Jewish peddlers trolling the highways and byways of America. Before that, Garvey might have found himself on the Jesus of Lubek, the ship of the notorious slave trader Sir John Hawkins, who we now know was commissioned by Jews, supplied with African human cargo by Jews, and guided across the Atlantic by Jewish pilots, his African captives sold to Jewish buyers in the Caribbean."