Mossad Blackmail Ring

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The following are examples of Mossad Blackmail Ring operations: The NXIVM Cult Blackmail Ring, the Epstein Spy Ring, . It is standard procedure for intelligence agencies, such as the Mossad or the CIA to use middle men, so they have plausible . Mossad needs front men and front organizations to own property or do any of the supporting things needed to run a successful blackmail ring, so they use fronts. The NXIVM cult, and its members were a front for gathering sexual blackmail, as were Epstein and his co-conspirators and their sex parties at Jeffrey Epstein 's properties a front for gathering sexual blackmail. The purpose of these rings is to gain leverage over opinion leaders, celebrities, politicians, powerful people at strategic corporations, regulators, etc, such that Israel's interests can be served. The blackmailed will be given funding, favoritism, and not have their scandalous behavior exposed, so long as they do things such as: ensure their country votes in favor of Israel on certain matters in the UN Security Council, ensure their legislature hands over generous aid packages to Israel every year, ensure that their country goes to war with or sanctions countries that Israel wishes to destabilize, etc.