Morty Freedman

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Morty Freedman was a Jewish attorney, garment manufacturer, and well-known figure in Jewish advocacy. At the time of the John F Kennedy Assassination, multiple floors in the Dal-Tex Building, co-owned by a Jew, David Weisblat, a major financial backer of the ADL, housed offices that used the Morty Freedman's telephone number. Morty Freedman was affiliated with the Dallas Uranium & Oil Company, which also had offices in the Dal-Tex Building. Abe Zapruder, a Jewish dress manufacturer, was one of Morty Freedman's business partners in the Dal-Tex Building. Note that Abe Zapruder filmed the John F Kennedy Assassination, creating the famous Zapruder Film, which he later auctioned off at a handsome price to Charles Douglas Jackson, former OSS Psychological War Department man whose CIA connections have now been proven.

One of the Key Players In Understanding The Assassination Of John F Kennedy: Morty Freedman