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Meyer Lansky was an agent of the Zionist Lobby in the United States, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), head of Murder Inc (Murder Incorporated), and boss of the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate.
Meyer Lansky blackmailed J Edgar Hoover with a Front Goy For Jewish Organized Crime of his, Frank Costello, with evidence of a homosexual affair with Clyde Tolson to develop Hoover into an Asset for Israel and Jewish Organized Crime.

Meyer Lansky and the John F Kennedy Assassination: Michael Collins Piper, in Final Judgment, page 50, wrote:

"... Lansky was "the chairman of the board" of organized crime. All of the Mafia figures that had been repeatedly implicated in the JFK assassination were, in fact, Lansky's [Front Goy For Jewish Organized Crime|front men]]—his subordinates, his underlings. In short, if "the Mafia" had a hand in the killing of JFK, then Lansky had to have been one of the key players. Yet, as I quickly began to see in reviewing many of the works which allege that "The Mafia Killed JFK," Lansky's preeminent role was being ignored or otherwise under-played. I was aware of Lansky's close ties to Israel."

One of the Key Players In Understanding The Assassination Of John F Kennedy: Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky's Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate's Junius Myer Schine was a close personal friend of J Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI. Junius Myer Schine owned the Miami Beach Gulf Stream Hotel, where J Edgar Hoover, and his lover, Clyde Tolson, would vacation over Christmas, FOR FREE.

  • Lyndon Johnson's adviser was Bobby Baker, who was investigated for bribery, and for arranging sexual favors for Congressmen in exchange for votes for government contracts.
Because the conspiracy involving Bobby Baker and Lyndon Johnson to defraud the taxpayer and arrange Asset Development of politicians involved so many prominent people, the investigation was limited, and inquiries into Lyndon Johnson were dropped in 1963, and Bobby Baker was charged with tax evasion.

Resorts International was an outgrowth of the Mary Carter Paint Company, the Meyer Lansky company set up by Allan Dulles with protection run by the CIA (!!!read "The New Jerusalem" by Michael Collins Piper to expand on this)
After the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate's Front Goy Politician, Fulgencio Batista, was overthrown by Fidel Castro in Cuba, Jewish Organized Crime had to find a new place to run its gambling operations, which had previously been centered in Cuba. Jewish Organized Crime's Meyer Lansky's regional head in Chicago, Seymour Weiss sent Front Goyim in the US Italian Mafia to build up Las Vegas to replace Cuba as Jewish Organized Crime's center for gambling operations. This was largely funded by the Teamsters' Pension Fund, organized by Front Goy Jimmy Hoffa, a Front Goy for Seymour Weiss's Chicago outfit.
* Resorts International, when it went by the name [[Mary Carter Paint Company]], was part of a merger with Crosby-Miller, which had been acquired by three time governor of New York, Thomas Dewey.