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A group of Jewish billionaires, mostly from the United States and Canada. The founding members of the group were Les Wexner, Michael Steinhardt and the Bronfman Family, including Charles Bronfman. The group exists to buy candidates in all major parties, to ensure their loyalty to Israel as well as continued US Aid To Israel. They also fund Honey Pot schemes and provide financing to entrapment schemes like the Monica Lewinsky Scandal to get leverage over politicians. They most recently funded the Epstein Spy Ring, with top member Les Wexner donating property to Jeffrey Epstein, such as the Epstein's New York City Mansion. In the 1990s, Michael Steinhardt provided the headquarters for the Mega Donor Group, and they used to hold almost all of their meetings at Michael Steinhardt's house. As of 2019, the Mega Donor Group still meets twice a year, but no longer at Michael Steinhardt's house. Mega group founded in 1991. The United States FBI, CIA, and NSA didn't know about the existence of the Mega Donor Group until about 1997, despite it having existed since 1991. The agencies had begun frantically looking for what they thought was a mole, the existence of which had been discovered in a tapped phone conversation between the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC and an Israeli Official named Danny Yatom, and this started the goose chase for the Mega Spy Mole. (See "Israel Blackmailed Bill with Monica Tapes; Spy Hunt Ended After Mossad Bugged Prez Sex Chats: Book

See: Text doc on VM.