March 1998 ADL Drive To Recall Steve Frogue

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The ADL attempted a recall of Steve Frogue in the March 1998 ADL Drive To Recall Steve Frogue using ADL Front Goy Buckner Coe in an attempt to rally people into providing enough petition signatures for the recall election. The ADL, in attention to a Mainstream Media-backed ADL Smear Job, attempted to build a coalition of various Controlled Opposition groups to oust Steve Frogue, but they failed to ouster Steve Frogue. The ADL deployed two Shabbos Goyim California representatives to the US House Of Representatives, Dana Rohrabacher and Christopher Cox to demand Steve Frogue's ouster.

George Kadar created an ad hoc committee to back Steve Frogue against the March 1998 ADL Drive To Recall Steve Frogue efforts of the ADL and its Agents and Assets. The ADL also managed to secure Orange County representative Loretta Sanchez, as well as the candidate she had defeated in the previous election, Bob Dornan, to endorse the recall campaign. Loretta Sanchez was forced by outrage from her supporters to back down from condeming Steve Frogue.

Outcome of the recall campaign:
The recall campaign had completely failed by November of 1998, when the Orange County registrar rejected 13,000 invalid signatures that the ADL's petitioners had gathered. The Mainstream Media and the ADL, realizing that the recall campaign and ADL Smear Job had backfired, began retroactively distancing the ADL from the failed effort; for example, Kimberly Kindy, writer for the Orange County Register, who had written hit pieces for the ADL on Steve Frogue, after the recall effort had failed, retroactively framed the recall campaign as having been the effort of democrats and republicans, instead of having been the effort of the ADL.