Lyndon Johnson

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Lyndon Baines Johnson, or LBJ, was born August 27, 1908. He was President after John F Kennedy was killed, having been JFK's Vice President.
Lyndon Johnson established the Warren Commission, with Executive Order 11130. Lyndon Johnson did this at the behest of James Jesus Angleton and his handlers in the ADL. was a White Wash designed to take the task of investigation out of the hands of anyone who might actually do a proper investigation into the John F Kennedy Assassination and place it into the hands of people who would ensure those responsible would never be exposed to public scrutiny,continuing one of the largest Coverups in history to the applause of a Jew-controlled Mainstream Media.

Because the conspiracy involving Bobby Baker and Lyndon Johnson to defraud the taxpayer and arrange Asset Development of politicians involved so many prominent people, the investigation was limited, and inquiries into Lyndon Johnson were dropped in 1963, and Bobby Baker was charged with tax evasion.