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Jeffrey Epstein set up Liquid Funding Ltd, creating SIVs as a way of helping Bear Sterns pull off a Ponzi Scheme. Epstein was the chairman of Liquid Funding Ltd. . Jeffrey Epstein had a relationship with Bear Sterns through Alan Greenberg (Ace Greenberg) going back to at least as far as 1981, when the Mossad agent was 'hired' to Bear Sterns, and thus given a cover job to create the illusion that Epstein's money was earned (they had to make a good cover to explain the hundreds of millions of dollars in Mossad Slush Fund money Epstein was moving around for the Mossad and people like Les Wexner. Jeffrey Epstein set up Liquid Funding Ltd in Bermuda to hide toxic assets for Bear Sterns, while Bear Sterns created Bear Sterns Ireland. Jeffrey Epstein, through Les Wexner, contributed 40% of the funding. The other 60% of the financing for Liquid funding came from wealthy Jews. Liquid Funding Ltd and Bear Sterns, through Bear Sterns Ireland, begin issuing Commercial Paper. The toxic assets which Liquid Funding Ltd sold off for Bear Sterns wound up in Money Markets, including Dreyfus Money Market, Frank Russel Investment, and J.P Morgan Money Market Funds. Liquid Funding Ltd existed to move around toxic assets from Bear Sterns, so that Bear Sterns could have clean balance sheets for the Rating Agencies at the first of each month. Bear Sterns was selling lots of toxic CDOs. The CDO securities, when not hidden in Liquid Funding Ltd's books, were sold with Bear Sternss AAA rating to third parties who did not understand how risky the securities were, because Jeffrey Epstein and others, including executives at Bear Sterns, for whom Jeffrey Epstein was hiding toxic assets for through Liquid Funding Ltd, were bribing the Rating Agencies give give the junk-grade CDOs a AAA (nearly zero default risk) debt rating. So these garbage securities were created by people at investment banks like Bear Sterns and Goldman Sachs, who sold them, who thus had no risk when the securities they created collapsed, making it a Ponzi Scheme.

James E. Staley, an employee of JPMorgan Chase, physically visited Jeffrey Epstein while Epstein was supposed to be in prison, when he was on work released, and James E. Staley visits the Florida Rape Mansion; interestingly enough, in 2011, Liquid Funding Ltd] reemerges for JPMorgan Chase (!!!ask Dawson for details on this James E. Staley thing.