June 1998 SOCCCD Meeting Attended By Michael Collins Piper

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June 1998 SOCCCD Meeting Attended By Michael Collins Piper took place after the ADL's failed attempt to ouster Steve Frogue from the SOCCCD with the March 1998 ADL Drive To Recall Steve Frogue.

The SOCCCD meeting was protected by armed guards, and hundreds of people attended.
Michael Collins Piper reported that Bob Ourlian, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times, was overheard telling a female Jewish reporter from a Jewish community publication "Don't try to argue with this guy. He's very articulate and knows what he's talking about".
Roy Bauer was on the grounds handing out a pamphlet called "Just Who Is Michael Collins Piper?". The pamphlet listed supposed offences against the Jewish people, including the charge of [[Holocaust Denial}"Holocaust revisionism"]]. The ADL employed its usual ADL Non-Debate Policy, with ADL member and SOCCCD board member Marcia Milchiker not attending this meeting.
One of the terrorist arms of the ADL, the JDL, led by Irv Rubin, was present to present a Hecklers Veto to block Michael Collins Piper from addressing the SOCCCD board, but he and two fellow Jewish terrorists were ejected from the meeting after being disruptive.