John George Schmitz

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John George Schmitz, August 12, 1930 - January 10, 2001, was the Congressman for what was then California's 35th Congressional District, including Orange County and Richard M Nixon's residence in San Clemente, at the time of Nixon's trip to China. John George Schmitz told Michael Collins Piper that he thought the Mossad was behind the John F Kennedy Assassination, and encouraged him to write "Final Judgment".

John George Schmitz was once attacked by feminist Jew attorney Gloria Allred with a libel suit, after Schmitz's committee then issued a press release under the headline, "Senator Schmitz and His Committee Survive Attack of the Bulldykes", where Schmitz decscribed the hearing room as filled with "hard, Jewish and (arguably) female faces." It was this same year, 1981, that John George Schmitz was ejected from the John Birch Society for "extremism" because of his comments about the Jew, Gloria Allred, and also in 1981, a sexual scandal then brought down John George Schmitz's popular image. The Jew lesbian feminist, Gloria Allred, sued for $10 million in damages, settling for $20,000 and an apology. Glorida Allred, later appeared at a press conference called by then California Senator John George Schmitz regarding Mid-East issues, and handed Schmitz a box of frogs and shouted, "A plague on the House of Schmitz!".