John F Kennedy Assassination

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(This page is not yet the best place to start when learning about the John F Kennedy Assassination, as it is still being worked on offline. For now, start at Israels Central Role In The John F Kennedy Assassination and Key Players In Understanding The Assassination Of John F Kennedy)

The assassination of John F Kennedy took place in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, at 12:30 p.m., after Israel and its proxy forces, including the ADL in the United States, and around the world, and including the Israel, and its Jewish intelligence agency, the Mossad, a number of international Jewish Organized Crime syndicates, such as the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate, Jewish-infiltrated intelligence agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, along with other proxy forces, came together to plan, carry out, and cover-up the assassination the then President of the United States.


John F Kennedy was traveling through Texas for campaign fundraising, and he was lured to Dallas by the city's Jew-dominated Citizens Council, who sponsored his visit for non-political (fundraising) purposes, allowing them to control the planning of the trip. The Citizens Council, dominated by powerful Jews such as Julius Schepps and Sam Bloom, who between them, had Bronfman Family, ADL, and Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate connections, arranged for John F Kennedy's motorcade to take an unsafe route, which required the motorcade to travel at low speed through an ideal sniper kill-zone, even though this was heavily objected to by JFK personal security confidant, Jerry Bruno. Sam Bloom, over the Secret Service's objections, published, repeatedly, in Dallas newspapers, a map of the route John F Kennedy's motorcade was to travel.

After Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, Sam Bloom persuaded Elgin Crull, Dallas' city manager, to pressure Jesse Curry, the Dallas Police Chief, into taking several actions that would facilitate the murder and silencing of Lee Harvey Oswald. Sam Bloom, via Elgin Crull, had Jesse Curry (1) ensure that Lee Harvey Oswald was accessible to the press and, (2) moved Lee Harvey Oswald publicly from the Dallas police station to the city jail. Without these Sam Bloom-orded changes, Jack Ruby would not have been able to silence Lee Harvey Oswald. Several sources, including the Dallas FBI Agent, James Hosty, who confirmed that Sam Bloom and his backers were the forces behind the changes that made Lee Harvey Oswald accessible to Jack Ruby. Sam Bloom's name, address and telephone number were found a slip of paper in Jack Ruby's home when it was raided after Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald.

Mickey Cohen was the only prisoner EVER bailed out of Alcatraz and his bond was signed by Chief Justice Earl Warren... who was later made the face of the Warren Commission, which 'investigated' the John F Kennedy Assassination.
Albert E Jenner was an anti-John F Kennedy corporate lawyer for Henry Crown of Chicago's Crown Family.