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President who was killed in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, in an assignation plot devised and organized by the Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence services (see John F Kennedy Assassination). In a series of letters with the Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who stepped down as a way to buy time for the Dimona Nuclear Site nuclear program, and then Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, JFK tried to get the Israelis to submit to nuclear inspections so he could prove that Israel was developing a nuclear bomb with stolen weapons grade uranium from the NUMEC Facility As President, he worked with the Attorney General, his little brother, Robert Kennedy, to force members of the AZC (now called AIPAC)) to register as a lobby for a foreign government.

The Warren Commission, established by Executive Order 11130 by Lyndon Johnson, was a White Wash designed to take the task of investigation out of the hands who might actually do a proper investigation into JFK's assignation and place it into the hands of people who would ensure those responsible would never be exposed to public scrutiny.
Pressure created by the public after the release of the Zapruder Film caused the House Select Committee On Assassinations to look into the John F Kennedy Assassination. The committee determined, based on acoustic evidence, that there were multiple shooters, as well as a conspiracy to kill JFK. This laid the loner theories about Lee Harvey Oswald to rest.