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Jim McGreevey was the governor of New Jersey, from 2002 to 2004.
Alan Marcus said of governor Jim McGreevey:

"From day one of the McGreevey administration, everything became a fix again. You couldn't discuss a policy issue with them. They were only interested in who the contributor was and who they had to take care of".

Jim McGreevey became committed to the homosexual affair, and, when Golan Cipel needed a work visa to come to the United States, Charles Kushner sponsored him.
Charles Kushner started over 100 companies, some of them specifically for new projects, so that if the scandal or bribery relating to one of the companies went public, he could just shut that company down. Charles Kushner, he needed to make political contributions to get something in return for one of his projects or companies, would make political contributions in other peoples' names, without telling them he had done so, to get around limits placed on individual contributions to politicians and their campaigns.
Such illegal methods allowed Charles Kushner to push lots of money to politicians such as Bill Bradley, John Corzine, Robert Torricelli, and Jim McGreevey.
Jim McGreevey was also named as the recipient of bribes in the form of political contributions from a fundraiser who wanted the government to give him better prices in real estate deals with the state.
  • Jim McGreevey faced no consequences for the homosexual affair in which he appointed a foreign national, Golan Cipel, to the head of New Jersey Homeland Security or the large corruption scandals he was revealed to be involved in; instead, the media hailed him as a hero when he framed things as him just having been a closet homosexual who mustered the courage to come out of the closet.
  • Charles Kushner was convicted of felonies for crimes including false tax reports, false campaign finance reports, and witness tampering, while Jim McGreevey walked free.