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Jim Garrison prosecuted Clay Shaw for his involvement in the John F Kennedy Assassination.

Jim Garrison was the first to pinpoint Clay Shaw's role in the John F Kennedy Assassination.

Evidence that Jim Garrison knew of the Mossad's involvement in the John F Kennedy Assassination:
After the fourth edition of "Final Judgment" was released, its author, Michael Collins Piper found, via respected JFK assassination researcher, A J Weberman's website, weberman.com, evidence that Jim Garrison had known that the Mossad was connected to the John F Kennedy Assassination. According to A J Weberman, Jim Garrison had attempted to publish a fictional book in the 1970s in which the John F Kennedy Assassination was, in the fictional plot, a conspiracy with the Israeli Mossad at its center. A J Weberman wrote that Jim Garrison was not able to find a publisher willing to publish the novel he described. Jim Garrison's family, after his death, has yet to publish this novel, if it does exist, or confirm or deny that it does or ever existed.