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Born Jon Stevens Corzine on January 1, 1947, Jim Corzine was governor of New Jersey from 2006 until 2006, after having been a US Senator from New Jersey from 2001 until 2006.

  • Jim Corzine started in 1976 as a bond trader at Goldman Sachs.
  • In 1980, Jim Corzine became a partner and got on the management committee in 1984.
  • Jim Corzine was CFO of Goldman Sachs from 1991 until 1994, and was a senior partner from 1994 until 1999, making 400 million dollars in options when the firm went public after he left.
  • Starting in 1995, Jim Corzine attended the Bilderberg Group meetings, becoming a member of the group's steering committee.
  • In 2000, he won the election to US Senate for New Jersey as a Democrat, despite having run 30 points below his opponent in the poles, winning the primary by 16 points and then winning the general election.
  • In the US Senate, Jim Corzine pushed for gun control, same-sex marriage, and affirmative action.
  • Jim Corzine was on Committees for Banking, Intelligence, Budget, Foreign Relations, Environment, and Energy and Natural Resources.
  • In 2005, Jim Corzine won the New Jersey governor's election, but lost the governor's seat to Chris Christie in 2009.
  • Jim Corzine began an affair with Carla Katz, the President of a chapter of the Communications Workers Of America in 2000.
  • From 2010 to 2011, Jim Corzine served as the CEO of MF Global, which he ran into bankruptcy, after he used customer funds to pay creditors for losing bets on European sovereign debt.
  • Jim Corzine was a business partner of later convicted-felon, Charles Kushner, in an attempt the buy the New Jersey Nets basketball team. The then governor Jim McGreevey refused to subsidize the purchase of the team.
Charles Kushner became enraged and began trying to bring down governor Jim McGreevey, to whom he had already given 1.5 million dollars in political contributions.
Jim McGreevey became committed to the homosexual affair, and, when Golan Cipel needed a work visa to come to the United States, Charles Kushner sponsored him.