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Jewish Organized Crime is the foundation of Jewish global power. Jewish Organized Crime figures such as Meyer Lansky of the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate shaped the modern US Government by hand-picking key staff for law enforcement and intelligence agencies, such as the FBI, CIA, and OSS. Jewish Organized Crime, in addition to funding Jewish groups, especially the ADL, also controls the vast majority of Campaign Contributions, political party nominations, and political appointments in the USA.

Originally, Jewish Organized Crime got its start in simple rackets, such as gathering up rotten meat from dumpsters and from butchers who were discarding meat they could not longer sell, and then processing it in tenements into outputs like sausages, and then selling the (often deadly) sausages, whose rancidity was hidden by heavy amounts of flavoring and spices, to poor white and black families in US cities. These rotten meat peddling rackets would also specifically target young white children on their way home from school, knowing that they would lack the judgement not to trust the Jewish peddlers when the children were presented to buy a sausage for a much lower than normal price. Many white school children died of food poisoning, and, especially in New York City, the Jew poison meat peddlers faced increasingly hostile Goyim.
The real bloom of Jewish Organized Crime came with Prohibition, which Jews had anticipated and pushed for, having out-of-country alcohol producing Jews who had plans ready to implement with existing Jewish Organized Crime groups in the United States. Bootlegging almost immediately became a Jew-dominated affair, and, to lessen negative reactions from the Goyim, extensive networks of lower-ranking Front Goyim were propped up in the Jew-dominated News Media, which at the time consisted mostly of influential Newspapers that had been bought by Jews (Jews started buying up as many influential newspapers as the could starting in the 1890s, according to Henry Ford, in his book, "The International Jew", where he argued that Jews felt they needed to dominate the media in order to manipulate the Goyim's perception of Jews).
Eventually, several powerful Jewish figures emerged in Jewish Organized Crime, with the most powerful being a primary funder of the ADL, Meyer Lansky who controlled the rapidly-growing Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate. Meyer Lansky was able to dominate most of Jewish Organized Crime's competitors, in arrangements where what had been Goy-controlled organized crime syndicates and local Goyish gangs became Front Goyim, and when need be, Fall Goyim, for the Jewish Organized Crime figures, like Meyer Lansky, to whom those Front Goyim reported and paid tribute. The Jew-dominated media, at the same time, began making celebrities of many of the Front Goyim, and emphasizing the Irish, and especially Italian nature of the Front Goyim and their fellow Goyish mobsters who reported to and paid tribute to Jewish Organized Crime. Jewish Organized Crime was not reported, and the ADL enforced the gag rule in the media regarding reporting on Jewish domination of US organized crime on the few independent newspapers with influence that the Jews had not yet bought up or driven out of business. When Hollywood and television became popular, the romanticized myth of Italian domination of organized crime was reinforced with television shows and movies portraying Italian Mafia as the overlords of organized crime. To this day, television and Hollywood portray organized crime as an racially Italian affair.

  • In the 1960s, all first responder communications in the US was provided by Motorola,
Henry Kravis is the co-founder of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

David Steiner was too publicly linked to Jewish Organized Crime to continue to serve as president of AIPAC, was hired to the Port Authority, where he has been for over a decade now.

Resorts International was an outgrowth of the Mary Carter Paint Company, the Meyer Lansky company set up by Allan Dulles with protection run by the CIA (!!!read "The New Jerusalem" by Michael Collins Piper to expand on this)
After the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate's Front Goy Politician, Fulgencio Batista, was overthrown by Fidel Castro in Cuba, Jewish Organized Crime had to find a new place to run its gambling operations, which had previously been centered in Cuba. Jewish Organized Crime's Meyer Lansky regional head in Chicago, Seymour Weiss sent Front Goyim in the US Italian Mafia to build up Las Vegas to replace Cuba as Jewish Organized Crime's center for gambling operations. This was largely funded by the Teamsters' Pension Fund, organized by Front Goy Jimmy Hoffa, a Front Goy for Seymour Weiss's Chicago outfit.
* Resorts International, when it went by the name [[Mary Carter Paint Company]], was part of a merger with Crosby-Miller, which had been acquired by three time governor of New York, Thomas Dewey.