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Jerry Bruno was President John F Kennedy's veteran advance security adviser. Prior to the John F Kennedy Assassination on November 22, 1963, Sam Bloom, representing the Jew-dominated Dallas elite came to loggerheads with Jerry Bruno regarding the route John F Kennedy's motorcade would travel, and Sam Bloom, executive of the host committee, won the debate. Because the Jew-dominated host committee, the Citizens Council, designated JFK's visit to Dallas to be for non-political activities, the Democratic National Committee had to cede planning of the tour to the Jew-dominated host committee. Jerry Bruno wanted the president to speak at the Women's Building, but the Jew-dominated Citizens Council demanded that JFK speak at the Trade Mart. By forcing John F Kennedy to speak at the Trade Mart, the Jews in charge of the host committee scheduled John F Kennedy's motorcade to travel the "dog-leg" turn, an ideal sniper "kill zone" on Elm Street overlooked by the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD). It was from the TSBD it later was claimed in the Warren Commission Report that the alleged assassin, TSBD employee Lee Harvey Oswald, as a lone wolf nut, supposidly fired his rifle resulting in the death of John F Kennedy. The "dog-leg turn" area was also within optimal range of the "Grassy Knoll" and the nearby Dal-Tex Building, where assassination researcher ballistics experts believe actual snipers for Israel were located.

Had JFK's advance man, Jerry Bruno, won the argument against the Jewish host committee, the John F Kennedy motorcade would have remained two blocks farther from the TSBD, traveling at a faster speed, staying out of the sniper kill zone. Bruno repeatedly advised against speaking at Trade Mart, and when the Citizens Council won the argument, Jerry Bruno commented,

"this was one of the few fights like this that I had lost. On things like this my judgment was usually taken. This time it wasn't."