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The Iran-Contra affair was carried out by officials in the US ZOG, including officials of the US COG, the CIA, parts of the DEA, multiple US state governments, with the Mossad directing all of the players.

  • William Barr, the son of Donald Barr, is the Attorney General for Donald Trump was one of the cleanup crew after the scandal broke in the Media.
  • The scandal had its beginnings with Israel illegally selling weapons to Iran, which was under weapons embargo, and, as Iran appeared to be in danger of losing the war, Israel ordered their Assets and Agents in the US to bring the United States to help with the arming of Iran, which led to the need for the US ZOG to seek funding for the affair, which largely wound up coming from the importation of narcotics into the United States.
The Israelis were supporting a specific faction in Iran that they had hoped to use after the war to bring Iran back under the control of a ZOG, and the arms that Israel had brought to Iran made the conflict last eight years, whereas the conflict probably would have lasted only a few years without the Iran-Contra scandal bringing so many arms into the conflict.
*ISIS beheaded an American journalist on film in the 2010s, just as the Contras had in the 1980s.

See also the Tower Commission. See also Israeli Dominance Of The Narcotics Trade and Israeli Dominance Of The International Black Market For Arms Trading