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Honey Pots, also referred to as honey traps, or honey pot traps, are a form of entrapment for blackmail.
Up until the 2000s, Jewish groups like the Mossad and ADL as well as their proxies around the world would create [[Asset]s using Homosexual Honey Pots, because back then, exposure of a public figure, especially at least as far back as the 1960s, being exposed as a homosexual was enough to destroy a public figure. However, with the development of advanced stages of degeneracy, even homosexuality has become widely-accepted in many Host Peoples, leading to the need to seek out pedophiless to become Assets. Pedophilia has become one of the last unacceptable activities, and today, Pedophilia, child molestation, is one of the few things that can, by itself, destroy a public figure. Hence, Assets like J Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI, if in the positions today which they occupied in the 1960s,, as exposure as a homosexual would not be enough to bring them down as a public figure, and we have had since the 1990s the explosion of Pedophilia among the Shabbos Goyim in positions of power, as Jews know that with the evidence they have from sexual blackmail rings involving Jew-trafficked Goyish children, such as the pedophile tapes produced for the ADL and Mossad by the Epstein Spy Ring and the Israeli Child Rape And Murder Ring In Brazil are as strong today for maintaining Asset compliance as the explicit homosexual sexual photos of J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson were in the 1960s.
Example: An intelligence agent hires an underage prostitute to approach a man whom the intelligence agency hopes to develop into an Asset, lie to him about her age, and then record a sexual encounter between the two. The footage, most of the time recorded without the knowledge of the mark, is then available to the intelligence agency for use in developing the mark into an asset for the intelligence agency. Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, working in the Epstein Spy Ring, worked mostly using honey pots to develop and control asset s for the intelligence agency of the country that they served, Israel.

Usually someone trying to entrap somebody in a honey pot makes contact with the mark, and establishes an innocent-seeming relationship for a while, and becomes a closer acquaintance, or even friend, of the mark, before they try to entrap them with the honey pot. The material for blackmail resultant from honey pot is used later, as leverage, to control the asset; if the asset doesn't allow itself to be controlled, the tapes come out and a scandal ensues, most of the time destroying the life/wealth/power of the asset that would not obey.

First known use of the term: French women working for intelligence agencies developed sexual relationships with members of the Axis powers stationed in France during the Second World War, and forwarded whatever information they could gather from pillow talk with the men to their handlers. Honey pots today are more used for blackmail, to control the asset, rather than as purely intelligence-gathering operations.