Ghislaine Maxwell

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Ghislaine Maxwell, born December 25, 1961, the daughter of Robert Maxwell, was the head of the Epstein Spy Ring, working with Jeffrey Epstein. She provided Jeffrey Epstein with social contact to the elites of Great Britain and the United States, such as the Clintons, whom she was often photographed with. She was the chief recruiter and groomer of underage girls for Epstein, as well as the primary fixer for luring members of the elite into sexual relations with these children, in elaborate Honey Pot schemes that resulted in leverage over many members of the elite and powerful. She was both the brains and manager of the spy ring. The Jewish-controlled mainstream media never mentions that her father was one of the biggest spies for Israel in history. The New Yorker made reference to Ghislaine Maxwell's use of hateful slurs against white women during the Epstein Spy Ring. During the Epstein Spy Ring's Mossad operations, Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly referred to non-Jewish victims as Shiksa and Shikselba, the former for victims who were of age, and the latter for victims who were under age. Ghislaine Maxwell would also say things such as, "These girls were trash", referring often to 12, 14 and 15 year victims used in the Epstein Spy Ring Honey Pots. Ghislaine Maxwell accompanied Jeffrey Epstein, on an invitation to attend Chelsea Clinton's 2010 wedding.