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George Bush Sr was the DCI, Director of the CIA brought Saudi Arabia into the Israeli-US nexus as Ryan Dawson Describes: (from Duke-Dawson Episode 2)

"... George Bush Senior, who was the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) at the time, decides,' we're going to break up OPEC... who has the largest oil reserves?... Saidi Arabia? '... and they brought Saudi Arabia into the fray of the Israeli-US nexus that had already existed since the assignation of Kennedy... so you have this trio of Wahhabis, and Zionists, from Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Israel... that worked at the formation of Al Qaeda later, in 1980, when they pushed them into Afghanistan to fight the Soviets... and they were laundering money through BCCI, which fell apart in 1993, so they went right back to Riggs Bank, which is the traditional way that the CIA used to move money around... and then, of course, there was the booming narcotics business, which is... they sell narcotics, but the sale of illegal drugs is more of a way of explaining how terrorists get so many fancy toys... ' ahhh, they just sold all this heroin... that's how they got all these stingers and TOW missiles and so on...'