Gambino Family

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This shows that Donald Trump largely did business with fellow Front Goyim, such as the Gambino Family, whose handler/Court Jew for the ADL/Jewish Organized Crime was also Roy Cohn
Bob LiButti was caught on tape, in a probe, referring to John Gotti as his boss, and was banned from all of New Jersey's (Atlantic City's) casinos.
- three Ferrari sports cars,
- three Rolls Royce luxury cars
- Two Bentley luxury cars
- and a Mercedes
but when approached by law enforcement, Trump claimed not to recognize Bob LiButti's name, and later said he hardly knew him
Vince McMahon came up with Wrestle-Mania, which was the first major Pay Per View operation; it was profitable, and became an annual event.
Donald Trump helped Vince McMahon by bringing Wrestle-Mania 4 and 5 to Atlantic City in 1988 and 1989.
* At Wrestle-Mania 4, Bob LiButti was in the front row, in the seat next to Donald Trump (later, Donald Trump would claim he had hardly known Bob LiButti, at first saying to law enforcement that he didn't recognize the name).