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Gerard David Schine (G David Schine) the son of Junius Myer Schine, was part of the Schine Family of Jewish Organized Crime in Chicago. G David Schine was a homosexual attorney who helped his lover,Roy Cohn, ensure that Senator Joseph McCarthy became controlled opposition by acting as the assistant to Joseph McCarthy's Court Jew, Roy Cohn, during a time when Jewish spies were constituting almost 90% of the spies for the Soviet Union against the US Government. This period could have been a major threat to Jewish Organized Crime and Jewish organizations like the ADL if the Jewish origins of Communism and the Jewish nature of spying for the Soviet Union was revealed, hence, controlled oppositions, in the form of the House Committee On Un-American Activities was formed to White Wash the issue, in much the same way that the Warren Commission did to hide the Israeli role in the John F Kennedy Assassination.

The Ambassador Hotel allowed Jewish Mobster, Mickey Cohen, to run a gambling operation out of it... which is odd, because Junius Myer Schine was a close personal friend of J Edgar Hoover
Junius Myer Schine was a close personal friend of J Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI. Junius Myer Schine owned the Miami Beach Gulf Stream Hotel, where J Edgar Hoover, and his lover, Clyde Tolson, would vacation over Christmas, FOR FREE.
At this time, they appeared on the cover together of Charles Douglas Jackson's Time Life Magazine, with their picture next to the title, "McCarthy and His Men".
Gerard David Schine was Roy Cohn's gay lover, even though Roy Cohn would not admit that he was gay until shortly before he died of AIDS