Front Goy Politician For Jewish Legislation

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When Jews want to use their Assets, Agents, and Jew-controlled lobbies to push through legislation or get a judicial ruling on something very unpopular with the Goyim in a host nation, then they will often seek out a Front Goy Politician For Jewish Legislation.

Example: Jewish groups in the United States had been fighting the 1924 immigration act passed by the Congress which kept the demographic makeup of the country from being changed by immigration. Their chance came to open the United States to mass-immigration by ethnicities not traditionally common in the United States with the Hart-Celler Immigration Act Of 1965, which all of the Jewish groups, including the ADL, in the United States backed. The Front Goy to be the face of the bill, and to sell the unpopular legislation to the American public, was Senator Philip Hart. The legislation fulfilled the Jewish agenda of making the United States diverse, or unstable, with a lack of social cohesion, making it easier for Jews to continue their takeover of businesses and key institutions in the country. The first name on the Act is Hart, the name of a Catholic Front Goy, obfuscating the Jewish nature of the proposed bill that became law. This co-sponsorship of the bill that he provided the Jew, Senator Emanuel Celler, lessened the chance of the bill, or the subsequent Minoritization, a form of Genocide according to article II of UN General Assembly Resolution 260, of the population of the country, of being perceived as having been done to further Jewish interests.