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FTN 312
Jazzhands: We've talk a lot about this. We're going to be going back to the well a lot on this. This whole Trump-Israel Collusion, and all these points you can go off from and look into other things... It's such a rich field... It needs to b e talked about now. It's the middle of May. We don't know what the election is going to be like. We don't really give a fuck what the election looks like. We can talk maybe about the outcomes and how that will portend for us. Like I've always said, I'm glad that we actually went through this... I'm glad that this happened... and for a lot of reasons I'm not going to belabor here. If Trump had lost in 2016, then we would have been playing this game of Republicans out of power the entire time, and America First (and still thinking that Trump, in the opposition, was still genuine)... It would just be four more years of pretending... not knowing... really, until you saw the transactions take place. Now we know where we are. If you haven't listened to our deep dives on the Trump Israel collusion so far... they're going to be many of them. People have been cataloging them. These deep dives are being logged at Memoryhole.info, it's like a wikipedia a lot of people have been talking about. Our stuff has also been posted to the Grug Report. Shout out to the Grug Report https://grugreport.com .
James: Excellent site!
Jazzhands: Shout out to https://TruthToPowerNews.com , has been posting pretty much everything that we've put up... Because we're posting clips out there, basically of all the takes of what we've done. That's a good place to get them and then you can reference them. You don't have to be like, Here, take this three hour podcast and tell me what you think of it... it like, here's the subject specific content that deals with a particular subject... and, it's pretty good. But, you've got to get up to date on this, right? You got to get up to date... This is is FTN 309, from 50 minutes onward, we talk about, really the groundwork of the ground 0 of the Trump-Israel Collusion, and then FTN 311, which was last weekend's show; it was a smorgesborg of joggers and Bikes, with the entire second half dedicated to a Tour de France of new details on Israel's involvement with Trump in 2016, so you can go down the rabbit hole on that. You have the homosexual Jewish architect of the modern American Kosher Sandwich, Arthur Finkelstein, which also happens to be Larry Fink's full name, before he dropped the' 'elstein' from that, so I would not be surprised if those guys were in some way related ... But, you got to update your Firmware, James, right? If your firmware's not up to date, then shit start to get stale, they start to get kinda buggy, shit breaks down if you're running previous firmware versions... I mean, you gotta update your firmware. You don't want to have these, sort of, archaic takes... 'cause, it was fun; we all went through it. A lot of us got fooled by this.... These people are smart, and they know what they're doing... and, the purpose is not to get fooled, AGAIN. So, you have to realize that a lot of this stuff that's out there is not real... especially if it's in the realm of electoral politics... if it's on that stage, it's probably Fake And Gay.
James: And, there's probably nothing in it, for you, either... And this transcends US electoral politics... I know people will focus and maybe, dishonestly... and (say:) you know, it's just the US two party system, but look at these other great systems, that allow people, true nationalists to rise to power... But, then you start looking at who those people are, and the origins of their movements -- and this not to say that everyone that is involved in this is a bad actor... that's another Lightswitch take -- what, you're telling me that everyone who believed in Boris Johnson or Bolsonaro is a shill? You're crazy!.
Jazzhands: It's definitely not the people... like, the people are the ones getting taking advantage of... but if you see and individual who has risen to the top and who the media is promoting, that's usually a big red flag, and you now have the tools to find out, well, who are their consultants, where did this person come from? What was the origin of this person? You have to look... look, if somebody comes out, and says, We have to close our borders, and make America a white country again... even if they don't say 'white', it will be implicit... that feels good!... we know what that feels like, we've been there... that was like Trump coming out of nowhere and saying what no America politician was willing to say... and the media was promoting him, and the excuse the media gave, was, well, we're going to promote him because he's soo bad, that people will reject him... But no, the media knew this was going to be a popular message. And, that's actually one of the things... you know, the Finkelstein Kosher Sandwich recipe to pit Republicans against Democrats and liberals vs conservatives, and nazis vs socialists... and all this... the typical kosher sandwich... Trump and Netanyahu... well, especially Netanyahu... But, Orban and these guys were allowed to break frame, a little bit... Trump became popular, Orban became popular because they were allowed to break the Finkelstein frame, for a second, and talk about the problems in the country... Right, Trump made the media the enemy of the people, right? He said The Media is the enemy of the People He didn't necessarily attack liberals... he didn't use the Ronald Reagan rhetoric... he started to adopt the socialist rhetoric... but that's a Finkel Fink thing... but Trump was allowed to break frame a little bit, and, remember, some of the more based rhetoric in the speeches about globalists, and financial interests, and the American people, America First... he was allowed to imbibe somewhat in those themes, to grease the skids, to get people going, and, that's sort of what they followed with Orban too... It's, Let's stoke these sentiments, and then when you have Anti-Semitism...... and what else growing out of it... then they can say, the ADL can say, Oh god, we have this horrible problem with anti-semitism... it just works, no matter what you do... you just stack up these liberal taboos, and then you knock then down. And then you stack them up, and then you stack up the nazis, and then you knock them down... I mean, they play the game over and over again, and people have to stop being played like a fiddle... At the end of the day, the goal is to stop getting tricked... The best thing that you can do -- People are always wondering what are we going to do... how are we going to fight back, and push back --... just don't play the fucking game... don't play the fucking game! Don't get tricked! And, I know it's easy to say, because we all go tricked... and I know there's gonna be one guy who says, I didn't get tricked... I knew all along... There's always the guy that Retcons.... we get that guy.. we love that guy, we know that guy... everybody does that sort of thing.. It's like, I knew from the very beginning!... it's like... sure... but, this is the thing that people have to do; they have to not get tricked... and we wouldn't be telling you this, if we didn't get tricked... we know what it's like to feel like this, and so... You got to put this stuff out there, so, that... when somebody gets excited for next populist, nationalist candidate, you can be like, no, this is the birth of Arthur Finkelstein, and his Kosher Sandwich Recipe... here, look at the consultants on his campaign... those guys trained with this guy... they know what they're doing... this is the connection... what's the first place that they visited, right? Bolsonaro... first place he goes is Israel, right... His first international Trip... Israel!... right?
James: And, there's no shame in getting ticked here... The shame is when you are tricked, and then you recognize that you've been tricked, and then you, to protect vanity, self-image, brand on the internet, or something... then you insist that you were not actually tricked... everything is not a trick... this IS REAL... and we can win if we just do it a little bit differently next time, and that's how you are kept on the plantation, so to speak... And, they know what's popular, not just in America. Right? People in the US have sort of an America-centric look at politics, much more so than people in Europe and elsewhere. But, when you look at Bolsonaro, Borris Johnson, Obran, all accross the world... you can see that these people all rose to power or became popular by responding to something going on in their country that no one else had addressed up until then. With Trump, and Orban, it was immigration... with Bolsonaro, it was crime, to a large degree... this giu was going to be tought on crime, and start putting drug dealers in jail, and in prison, and killing them, and throwing them out of helicopters, and etc... So, they know what people want... Right? This, this, Finkelstein and his diciples... and he's willing to use those impulses to get their guys into power, and then not deliver on those things people want. None of these people, Orbanm Bolsonaro... they're not living up to what their supporters have asked them for... They're doing the bidding of those that put them in power; the consultants, the Finkelsteins, the Birnbaums...
Jazzhands: And people have to understand that this is not the strategy that will be here forever. People have to understand that these things evolve over time. This evolved, starting in the 1960s, when WASP power in the United States was fully subverted, and being dismantled, you had 20 year old Arthur Finkelstein pioneering this new politically method of how to pit right against left, and, on the left, you had people playing the same game... People need to understand this isn't just Arthur Finkelstein and his diciples running an op on the Republican party --that is what it was -- but you have to have someone else to tango... it takes two to tango... So, you have people on the left, playing the game of calling people on the right the nazis, the anti-semites, the woman-haters, the massagenists, the biggots... all of these things to get the left electrified and excited for Next Candidate... so a lot of this, starving the American worker, and destroying manufacturing is about getting left wig people, base of support, working class, excited about destroying the republican party, because they're the big business...... they play the game on both sides and it's gone on for a very long time, and so, you have Finkelstein -- we talked about this on the weekend, it's the gourmet kosher sandwich recipe -- and he had been studying big political trends for a long time... He was a pollster, this was his thing, looking at data, and he realized that things came down to a few key concerns that people cared about the most... usually the things that are not getting solved... in fact, they're the problems that get worse... it's like here, the typical Jewish trick of, Ahh, we've identified a problem with the heroin epidemic; let's throw fentonyl into the mix... oh we have the perfect people to make sure that this happens down there in Mexico, to produce the product, and we'll blame it all on China, and act like China is killing those white Americans that we want to die anyway! And so, this is the same game, over and over again... And, even back then in the 1960s, Finkelstein noticed that it was drugs, crime, and race, and you can think of all of the games that they play with those issues and then never solve anything, and stoke these divisions. And, he said that these issues are designed the most political division, to seperate these parties as far apart as possible, because... you know how you'll hear conservatives talk about, Well, Ronald Reagan used to go in the back room with these democrats and Tip Oneil and work out deals with them, and America was a much better place back then because blah blah blah.... Well, because the Finkel Fink hadn't really taken full hold yet... This didn't just start with Orban. This didn't just start in the 1980s, 1990s... this goes all the way back to William F Buckley, the remaking of the republican party, Nixon, Reagan, all through up to the current day... and so, they play this game all the time, and it's been something that they've done... Going back to what I was saying before: this is an evolutionary strategy. Jews themselves are a evolutionary strategy... they've evolved over time to survive. This is a political strategy that will evolve over time to survive. That's why you see people like Orban, people like Bolsonaro, people like Trump starting to break the Finkel Fink frame because it's evidence that it's not working anymore. You can't just going out, election after election, and saying ,ahh, it's an ultra liberal vs a nazi again!... They cannot keep doing this. People have gotten tired, right? What's the thing, James?... Well, everybody's a nazi at the end of the day. You keep calling white people nazis long enough, it's just like... We're just nazis, proud to be a nazi... welcome, here we are... everybody's who's white is a white supremacist at the end of the day. So, the Finkel Fink thing is starting to wear pretty thin, and they're having to test out new strategies. SO, where does this go? We don't know, but it seems to be evolving, doesn't it? A little bit...
James: Sure, and it also becomes this pendulum swinging back and forth. People have the belief that, Well, liberals will go too crazy, and then people will want conservatives. And then conservatives will go crazy, and.. back and forth... and, that's not really how that pendulum functions. But, people... There is a radicalization tendency... And people will become increasingly desperate when they're presented the same choice over and over... When they get another Bush... When they get another Clinton, so on and so forth. People will start demanding something that feels more genuine. And, this is part of why Trump was able to eviscerate Jeb Bush like he did in the primaries. Not only was he featured in the media... and he seemed legitimate, and he seemed like a reprieve, someone who would take a hammer to conservatism... someone who would take a hammer to business as usual politics. And, this is also why you saw Bernie with a great deal of appeal, and AOC, and justice dems... because people on the left were seeking out something that was more real and more genuine... And, sure enough --as we talked about a few episodes back-- when we went through Justice Dems, and how they operate... this is an organization, and a movement, that does not have a place for whites...that has been essentially just another arm of brown democrat politics, neoliberalism, and the ADL, literally! And, so, yeah. You'll be given the pretense of what you want from time to time... In order to keep things interesting, and to keep people engaged. And this is why Coca Cola will change their label every few years, or why a car company will redesign their model every few years, to keep people thinking, wow, this is new and interesting, and I need to get this! Same thing happens with electoral politics, same thing happens with real conservatives and real hardcore leftists on the left.
Jazzhands: The new nose is the same as the old nose! And, the bigger the beak, the bigger the sneak, every time! And, it goes on and on like this... And, what you pointed out, too... Is that they've gone from pitting just one monolithic right wing party and one mostly monolithic... --there are division, but they're not visible to most people... let's do the Nuance that way-- They pit those two seemingly monolithic chunks against each other, especially when the country was mostly white. But, now, as the country is becoming more multicultural, they can throw different ingredients... different racial ingredients into the mix on both sides, and create adversity within the parties themselves. And, so, in essence, what's been done, is had a subdivision within the party to have this miniature Kosher Dialectics going on, because there's no danger now, for insurgency. They can do a subdivision within the party, and have these Kosher Dialectics within the democratic party and within the republican party... because they don't have to worry about someone coming in and rising to the top and breaking that whole frame; Look at how many people ran in the democratic primary this time around! A lot of it was the fuck Bernie, but a lot of it is just to throw all these choices at people, and have their eyes cross, and have it be kind of all the same; it gives the illusion of choice, but there's not really a choice. It's all in the cards, everybody knows whats gonna happen in the end, and that's pretty much where we are. And, so, like I said, all the way back to Buckley, Nixon, Reagan, Bushes, Trump, Orban. It's not just that... people have to understand; this current runs very deep within the republican party. Finkelstein was