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welcome to FTN 3 21 Jazz hands with Feels joined by James Alsa for you got a very full show today Back to a little bit of a break. And it works out like this because, you know, if your pay Chad, you listen to part one of our Jefferson Deep dive and part two will be coming up this week. And what that ends up doing is we don't get to react to the news except for like, once a week, back to the old school days. Really reacting to a lot of news today. We're gonna be reacting to Jews reacting Teoh, our analysis of America's founding. We have gotten a reaction, and it has resulted in I didn't do a word count on this thing. But quite a sizable reaction, let's say from two Israeli Jews. So we'll talk about that today. Talk about Dacko inside with the cops in Atlanta. Uh, got a bunch of other stuff without section 2 30 they're pushing in the middle of all this thing, and then, uh, what else? We get some confirmation buys on the Kobe crash yet again. No, no. Again. Yeah, we get to keep keep digging into that. We dip it into that well on confirmation bias better and better each time. Some very damning new reports coming out, which I I saw the headline, and it's not a side it would have normally visited cause I was. It's on the equivalent of like Atlanta Blackstar or something like a hip hop news site. But I saw that headline smashed and boy, it's exactly it's just it confirms our initial suspicion. So W NTSB vindicated once again. Yes, we'll get to that in the second hour s so I'm very proud of myself. I made some of the very best ribs. It's summertime now, a lot of grilling. I always talk about. We want to grill, right? It's just I just want a grill, That's it. And, dude, I made the best ribs in my life. I saw the picture of the pic du but three hours of smoking, two hours of braising in apple juice and brown sugar and then another hour of smoking and like painting on barbecue sauce, and I swear to God do These things were just fucking so legitimate. Wood smoked would smoked so good. And ah, I didn't realise that you can do leftover ribs, but yet you can, I guess, Like upto three or four days and then used popping back in the oven for, you know, 6 16 Definitely not 6 16 but 33 25 or something like that, But oh, my God. So good. And I'm just I'm just, like, ready to go. It's It's the one. It's the one, I guess. Did black people give us ribs? I don't think so. I think you know, we did the ribs, and then they added the sugar. And, you know, you get this dichotomy of Carolina vinegar based versus, like, black, deeps out black, sugary barbecue, but ah, yeah, like the spicy, spicy ribs. Jones so is good. It was really good. Yeah, it looks like it. Yeah, doing the rub is, I think, very underrated. Putting the rub on the meat before for smoking or braising whatever you're gonna do with it. Ah, really Good way. Or, you know, people do marinades. Marinades. Very common. I like to do marinades, but this key. My secret I found for marinating is to include a little bit of pineapple juice because pineapple juice, as you may know, is a natural meat tenderizer. And so not only does it soften your meat, but it helps the flavor of the marinade saturate deeper in Yeah, the acidity of the city Nature, nature of the Pinal. That's why used like orange juice on, ah, orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice. You're gonna make like carne asada do like, you know, because we still we take the recipes. That's fine. I doing better. I think my carne asada tastes better than any Mexicans. Carne asada. Um, but I do drop, but no, it's like a lot of it's a lot of, uh, lemon juice, lime juice, tomatoes, chipotle a powder. All this shit goes into that. But but yeah, the ribs. You got to do heavy, heavy duty rub, and you can make that like that's That's almost like an art form. Doing the rub mind. You asked me like that where I got the rub, and my answer was, well, it was like six different rubs, like, sort of mix together, but like picking the things that I like the most about each and, it turned out, turned out really good. Ah, the other key with rubs to is that they say that you should do the rub and then put it in the fridge for 24 hours and then bring it out, bring it up to room temp and then smoke it. So rubs almost work like marinades. You can do it like right before, but 24 hours is good. And then the braising bit that I was doing with the apple juice and the brown sugar for two hours at a low temp in the middle of the smoking, that is, that can be done almost in place of a marinade. But some people still do marinates depends on what you want to dio. But when you get that crispy exterior with that smoke flavor like Oh my God, so good, so good. Yeah, oh, yeah, and that's what you're chasing, too. I mean, and it's a balance with that as well, because if you put too much sugar in in the saw, if you have used to sugary a sauce, it'll just caramelize in a way that's, you know, undesirable. Well, you know you all want the caramelized onion flavor to it, but ah, but you don't want it to be like if it's birth like you had one where you burned the skin before, right where you burn that sugar layer. That's the worst. It's like black and sugar. Yeah, you cross the boundary from hot stuff into just nasty, disgusting black stuff. And it's gross. Yeah, I don't want the Blackstone a lot of problems with black stuff we're having here. But you want to get to a problem, though, Like, you know, your ribs air. Good. Where When you're trying to lift them with the tongs, You know, I don't know, like, 2\/3 into the process, and they're just, like, falling apart. And you have to do, like, Long tong grab on the whole thing, because just so good at that point. But, yeah, we have a lot of problems of black stuff, got problems with brown stuff, got problems with the whites, not doing what they need to dio um, you had DACA this decision from the Supreme Court was rejected, um, by the Supreme Court. They rejected Trump's attempt to end the DACA program. Um, I was listening to tedious on Friday, and so many of these things I wouldn't have remembered either if I hadn't gone back toe. Look at it. So, you know, spend Spen could be forgiven for this because I was sort of fuzzy on this too, because when he brought up the, uh oh, I thought is suspend thought that that Trump never ended, aka which would be a reasonable assumption to make that Trump never did something, cause it's usually you're usually right. If that's your you start out with that assumption, but it effectively, you're correct, right? And he thought that, ah, that this state was the state attorneys general who had gotten into the mix and threatened to do something. Now the now I remember from looking back into this now I recall So Trump did end DACA by executive Fiat by executive order. He did do that pretty early on. Um and it set up this all these injunction. So Michael's right. Either all these injunctions and the injunctions that came in were varied from Trump cannot end aka eso. He cannot end this to some courts were who were ordering that he must restart the program right away and continue, which is just I mean, for those of you, Andrea Rhinelander. I mean, those who were not around for when when Dacko was implemented. You have to remember that jacket was implemented by Obama as a reaction to a failed gang of eight gang of ah gang of Ah, ladybug, Your truck Gang of ladybugs. Ah, Lindsey Graham Ladybugs. Gang of eight ladybugs. Yeah, I mean, dude, it was It was it was something ridiculous toward the, uh I think it was. Well, it was toward the end of Obama's first term, as I recall, where they tried to do this grand immigration compromise. And of course, any time these people to get together and attempt an immigration compromise, what it really means is we've noted on this program many, many other times when we went back to the Gang of Seven or gang of whoever, that, uh, sort of started up in, what, 2007 toward the end of the Bush administration, where basically what they do is they get together in these committees, they figure out how to do a massive blanket amnesty now, but then they'll be measures that air sort of bones meant to be thrown chucked to the conservatives about, you know, like, Oh, but we're gonna We're gonna require employment, verification and all this other other stuff. You know that Rush Limbaugh will go out and defend That comes later, right, comes after the amnesty and can easily be knocked down. And so they couldn't even agree on anything in this Obama era gang of eight ladybugs and Lindsey Graham later books, and they instead. So it's like, Oh, well, which is all orchestrated. It's like, Oh, well, I guess Obama their leaves Obama no other choice but to do this via executive Fiat, which is what the DACA program waas. It was the whim of the Obama administration, and in that executive order that Obama issued creating DACA, it said that it could be removed. It could be removed at any time because they understood the legally tenuous nature of Dhaka and it was only legally tenuous because of the makeup of the country, the attitudes of the country in 2012 that they could not quite get away with this. Yet they can get away with it now, where you have a Supreme Court with Roberts calling it arbitrary and capricious that Donald Trump, How dare Donald Trump do an executive order to remove this program? That was nothing more than an executive Fiat from Obama eight years ago in 2012. And so that's where we are with this now. But send jog my memory because I remember Trump Initiative the end of DACA. Then there were all these injunctions micros right about that. And then it was this political leverage that Donald Trump kept playing around with, which was always faking Gaia's. We know now. It was always just we're just gonna run out the clock, just like all these, you know, con fabs on immigration, gang of eight ladybugs that they've done many, many times before and not ever go anywhere knowing that the court is ultimately gonna uphold it, and then it. Then the play is shrug. Oh, well, this is law now. Can't Can't. And that'll be the Republican bit. Now the Supreme Court upheld this. It is law. No question on the merits of the argument. Whatever. But there was a moment in time to remember this James win. All of these state attorneys General, we're kind of like no fuck this were actually going to, ah, do amicus briefs and sue on this in bubble bubble blower and actually get big and in knock down Trump's leverage and actually force this issue. There was a lot of talk, a lot of bluster, and it ultimately never went any there anywhere. And so here we are. So it's like, Well, you and I remember at the time to in 2017 would have been it must have been early, 2018 maybe early, early, 2017. Ah, where there was this proposed deal, right? And the leverage that Trump had was Dhaka. And in return, the discussion was, How big is the wall going to be? Is going to be 50 billion or $100 billion? Remember that? And deportations, a massive new funding for ice immigration Shut down! This This was the deal that Trump was going to sign and people at the time, you know, there was some debate about whether or not Trump should go along with that and revisiting that now, I was actually thinking about this this morning, thinking back to the discussions we were having the time like should Trump take this? Should he not take this deal. Can you get better knowing what we now know? I was against the for the record. I was against taking any of these things, but there was debate. You're right now. There was a debate on on this and it was also about the well. People were like pro merit based immigration for a while because they didn't understand what merit based men. And that was part of I think, one of the iterations I can't remember. But we wonder why he didn't force the issue. Why? Because at the time, taking the deal was the cock position, right? Taking the deal and allowing any ground to be given was the cock position. And some that are, you know, tangentially close to our milieu are advocating for that. I think you and I both we weren't doing the show together at the time. But we both have the same position on that, which is no demand more. But now we know why he never did. Knowing what we know now about Trump, we know that that was never an option. Well, asking for more and running this was never gonna be enough. There's nothing and given what we know now and really knew then because I've always made this argument which is proved to me that you're not a dreamer, Right? Because all DACA is is something that says if you were in the country prior to such and such a date, doesn't matter. Could be yesterday. It doesn't matter if they said the date was June Firsts of 2020. If you were here prior to that date than you can receive this special status granted by the pen of Barack Obama so prove that you're not a dreamer, right? So anybody any of Eritrean, any Cambodian, any fucking jerk off budget like whoever Because we know Page, it's come across the southern border, and they really passes Mexicans really well. Um, and but But they can be a dreamer, too, because the Dak dak is not does not apply to Latin American countries on Lee. It can't that this They would never uphold something like that because they don't want to even touch this idea of, ah, of of race based legislation. But it applies to anyone who is not an American citizen, so it DACA puts everyone on the planet on the fucking planet on a pathway to citizenship. And so this this idea that you can trade that as leverage. It's insane. It's absolutely insane. There's literally nothing that I would take in exchange for blanket, infinite, indefinite out into the future and forever embassy. Now there's a certain point where that gets ridiculous where you know, Oh, you were here like some somebody who's like somebody who is older than the date that they put into question comes into the country. Oh, you're a dreamer And you weren't even alive on that date, for sure. But the problem is, it doesn't even matter. It's true. Well, that's really looking at it that way. But, I mean, when you look at Dhaka, I think I believe this came into effect at either 2011 or 2013 and the the date or the age they put on it at the time was 26. So if you're 26 years old in 2011 you're 36 years old now. So you have people that are now in their mid to late thirties that our qualifying for DACA and as this, and by the nature of an undocumented arrival, there's not gonna be any paperwork. So you can say that. You know, Madre and Padre hauled me across the Rio Grande in an inner tube when I was 13 and there's no way to prove that or to disprove it. So yeah, everybody in the world is it really? Yeah. And so deck is the adult Children of unaccompanied minors is essentially or however this goes, whatever. Oh, yeah, these air, the Children, those dapa Well, dapa is the parents. The doctor is the Children of people who were brought here through no fault of their own. Remember this this this language, their no fault of their own over and over and over. Well, they got rid of that's the crazy thing is the reason why we we plan trusted somewhat on the Supreme Court aspect of this at least is because they did strike down dapa. But that's because those people already had a vehicle to stay in the country. It was the Dhaka's that they cared about more Dapa zits, like dealing tapas, have been deported. And that was also the other thing. It's like even if the Supreme Court rules that the program like this isn't a reason, I guess. Ah, you. Why it doesn't really matter. If the Supreme Court on Thursday had said, Yeah, Donald Trump can end aka Cool. He could do that. He can legitimately, And it is legitimate to get rid of Donald Trump or to get rid of Barack Obama's, um, program, his executive order. You think Donald Trump's actually gonna deport any of these stackers? No. And that What's what's interesting about that is that goes into the argument that Roberts makes is that he says, that Trump did not consider how important this program waas to those with DACA status like this is now a legal argument by swing Vote Roberts that the Trump administration did not consider in their decision the importance of the program to the people who are here illegally, Trump admitted, did not consider the illegal law and how it was helping the illegal people who were here, and therefore it cannot be removed because he didn't consider those things. So yeah, it's like the scale of justice on one hand. On one side you have the the will of white America that elected this guy who had promised to send back every illegal alien and then on the left. You have, like, brown tears and which, which matters more. Roberts. Well, we know the answer. Yeah, this when This When we all got excited for Trump in 2016 and got got excited for this. We said, even at the time, that if you don't fire off all of these things that you say you're going to do and expand on them in rapid succession, this whole thing is lost. I said that in 2016 and that's not a rat con. We all said this, that Yeah, this is good. Glad to hear this guy is saying this. If he doesn't do these things and follow through on them, if he even run eggs on one of these things, it's gonna become a problem. You have to repeal DACA just Aziz. It's just a important that you deport the DACA recipients, all of them all illegals, all people who are in the country and in closed the gate to immigration. And you have to go down the list because, you know, they say 650,000. I love how the media stool, but the gall, the chutzpah to print that Oh, it affect this This is such a joyous day for the 650,000 like the number hasn't fucking changed. Well, because they're counting. They're pretending the law only applies to those who are here after this date and no more. When in reality and we've done, we've done. I don't remember the episode number, but we've done probably an entire episode on what the real number is. What what sorts of laws thes people break back when we were still in this mode of If we just convince, you know, enough people that these people don't belong here ice will mobilize into action. But the copes, the copes air hot and heavy, right? I mean, the copes air hot, heavy. And people are looking at this to like Clarence Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch and Kavanagh all dissented from the decision. Ah, because they could, because they have the political protection of of Roberts to do this. But Cavanagh passed up on the opportunity to join the the opinion of the dissenters. And he said that he never said whether he believed the Obama program was lawful. Never says it. Cabin out doesn't even weigh in on whether or not it's lawful he just goes along with the arbitrary and capricious Roberts. You know, I care about my legacy and everything else kind of it that they're doing in just doing what Jewish donors tell them and also what the Jewish federal Federalist Society that brought all of these people onto the court has been farming for 30 years now. So you have these world disciples of disciples of Ah, What's the guys name? Frank Meyer. Fred Meyer. Frank Myers. Yeah, yeah, I know. And that's and you gotta give Kavanaugh some slack. I mean, all of his black female law clerks air out of the BLM protest, he has nobody to write his his ah, joining opinion. So, yeah, this is just what you got to deal with. But ah, yeah, I mean, this is the thing is, we look at this, you know, in a two year span, a three year span, but zoom out to a 10 year span from 2010 through 2020. And what if the courts done what have the president's done specifically on DACA and DAPA? You make a good point that that conservatives now, except this is the new status quo. Because Obama the Obama administration. They do DACA and dapa Okay, DAPA struck down. But dapa or excuse me DACA is allowed to stand and DACA is is really The reason it's it's allowed to stand is because it is the most effective and best optics for them of all of these different entry points of which they have many because not only are dak is are they Children, right? These are the Children who were brought here through no fault of their own. But most of these people, as originally defined, are now old enough and have been old enough to start having anchor babies. So these people are are doubly protected. And then the people who were protected by dapa abuelita Well, she has, ah grand Acre baby so she can migrate And yeah, it's all chained my grave. But when was the last time? I bet if you did one of those Google searches on on use of the word chain migration, you've just seen it just disappear from the rhetoric. No one's talking about chain migration at all. Nothing. They used to 2017 all the time they'd say this stuff but there there was some Dacca copes as well. Ah, the guy's and tedious played the Limbach Hope. But, um, that is one that caller who called into limbo, who said, This is 40 chest and you say, Well, now it doesn't say that, Ah, that it can't be done. So here here's the cope ruling. Upholding Trump's action would set off a panic among DACA recipients and would have led to intense pressure on moderate Republican senators to find some other way to offer relief. Right, so this is this is Robert's doing Donald a favor. He's doing nationalism a favor. American nationalism wouldn't want tohave toe. Have a Dacca fight in the middle of an election year when all of these moderate Republican senators are on the chopping block. That would be a bad thing to do. We wouldn't want that to happen. So they're doing this as a favor to American nationalist so we can put off the fight until another day, right? So the high court decision averts that kind of political scramble in the coming months. Butts not extinguish the future of the Dreamers is a political issue. This is a reason to have. This is something the hang your copes on for another decade. James. Given the pathways the court action leaves opened, ending back in the future, it offers no long term guarantee that the program will remain in place. Well, isn't that nice? So you give these Dhaka's a a false sense of anxiety so that they stay politically engaged. And then you give whites a false sense of hope so that they stay politically engaged. And then people will cling to the stack a thing forever. No, it's blanket amnesty. They're here to stay, and everybody on the planet is on a pathway to citizenship. The end. That's it. That's it. Because this is another. And this is where Son was talking about where ah Trump Trump's administration went in front of the Supreme Court and made bad arguments. Yeah, they fucked up DACA. They bungled the citizenship question and it was all done on purpose. I mean, the arguments that were being made to this effect and that's why these state attorneys general never got into the fight because they would be, would require what 30 states attorneys general to go out and make bad arguments like all simultaneously, while everybody screaming like No, there's a much easier argument to make on this, but they just go there and they make a bad argument. And the Supreme Court's like, well, your arguments in complete. Therefore, we're not going to Ah, we're not going to rule in your favor. Um, it's just silly, but yeah, these are the copes. And this is the dichotomy. Yeah, I I just don't understand. I mean, there are some people who I'm sure will be saying that this is not a big deal, because this is just, you know, this is one loss among many winds, right? This loss will get drowned out in the sea of winds that we're having a guy. So let's move. Let's move on to the next win. We're going to go pursue like Bannon, right? Bannon will tell you to stop white splaining and the smooth on the next wind for conservative Glor. Gee of color is the conservative clergy of color. This triple C? Um, yeah, I was going to say Oh, yeah, well, it's like the guy that called into Limbaugh from tedious. That was like he's like So rush were based on my calculations were we're not losing here, So he was so sure of himself. That guy was, like, so confident that rush. What are you stupid and trump in in this tomorrow? Are you stupid Rush? Look, it's gonna happen in limbo. Was like, Well, I never quite thought of it that way. That's a great That's a great cope that I can hang. Ah, nice little hook knows that I can hang my koban. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. You know, it's just it's so hilarious. What jazz you more like? More like Rush. Yeah, like shuffling papers in the background. Your folks. So they so the Supreme Court. So the courts crushed Trump on DACA, but crushed trumpets like my, you know, what was Trump's reaction is is, you know, he says, so it's like a shotgun blast to the face. It's like, but you're not gonna do anything about it. So then you have the sanctuary ruling will just fly through these because we got a lot of other stuff to talk about today. But you have the sanctuary ruling essentially in California. There is a 2017 California law on the sanctuary city stuff. Supreme came out and said, yet no sanctuary cities totally legitimate So it's like blanket amnesty and executive Fiat. Totally fine. Um, if states want to decide to have their own immigration policy absent federal ah policy, it's like all of a sudden states rights and local rights like matter the most. This is the first time in what, 275 years that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of this kind of stuff. But no, they're going to when the question is on race and then LGBT q p Um, I wrote a nice article. I guess now would be a good time to talk about this. It makes so we fascination dot com has now become dissident Meg. Um, where it's you know, it's up off the ground were writing. Alex has had a good piece on there so far. Um, James has written some stuff. I wrote some things in the reaction to the ah, the Supreme Court ruling on LGBT Q P issues. So go check that out. Dissident hyphen meg dot com. Um, there's gonna be a lot more to come there. It's ah, sort of a soft, soft launch of that, but ah yeah, we got content flowing there and and Ah, yes. Oh, And if you go to fashion the nation dot com, it'll just resolve to dissident hyphen mags. So no need to even worry. You don't even need to change your bookmark. It will just take you right there. That nice how that works. So, um yeah, yeah, Go ahead, James. Sorry. No, just yeah, I agree. It's very It's a very nice looking site. I would like to interject that I agree with you, sir, and for the record, for the record, I agree. Yeah, you know, of course, were to break into the hyphen market the hotly contested market for the best news site with it with a hyphen. And so, yeah, we're were no players in that market. You definitely don't go to dissident. No hyphen mag dot com, like Jessie went there, and it's like I don't even know what it is. It's a gay. It's like, really gay stuff. And just get this. I don't think this is the right one. Was like, No, it's not safe. Haven, um but yeah. Ah, well, I think when we were originally looking at it with one that's now the gay site was available to purchase and in 24 hours it was gone and so sick. All right, cool. Now I get to do the hyphen. I wanted to do life. So everybody, everybody loves the heart. It relieves the hyphen. So Oh, another cool thing about this inmate. Um, So episodes for this show will always be posted on the right stuff. We're not gonna clog up the arteries of a second sight with with posts from the show. But that is where are clips? Go. Um, so these, like, nice little bite size takes from the show that you can share with people there there. We also have a section for deep dives. So deep dives, all the deep dives that we dio, um, will be there in one place, which is something we never really had before. So we have placed organized the deep dives, James videos from bit shoot are there as well, James Tube. You can check that out. And then articles that for now, just just were writing. But we might We might have some others right as well, so Ah, but yeah, it's ah, kind of relaxed. It's Ah, It's a Joe Rogan style website for right now. So it's, um that's that's pretty much where it be and what it do. But yeah, definitely check out the article that I wrote called Kavanagh. This ruling is great victory for LGBT Q piece because he actually said that. And you know, we did. We did the whole bit on the federal society we did the whole bit on. You know, it's kind of funny that, you know, the conservative Cope is that all justices moderate over time? Don't you know it's equal? Is that true of liberal justices Set true of Jewish Josh Livers? Liberal justices? Not really. In fact, they all know everybody moves in. One direction is what happens. Um, it's like if If if. If Elena Kegan and Sotomayor and Breyer and Ginsburg are they moderating over time and becoming more conservative? No, they're not. They're moving. Everybody's moving in the same direction. And all of these justices believe in Even the ones in the nominally on the right, ostensibly on the right. Believe in this notion that we should just update all these old statutes for the modern era. And that's what Cavanaugh has done. That's what all of these products of the Jewish Federalist Society have done, and they're going to continue to do this. And but it's led to some dismay, hasn't it, James? People are, uh, starting to jump ship from Q and on. Um, you have Did you see these quotes from Cuban on the's air? Great. This is like feelings from a couple of years ago. At this point, you see these quotes? Oh, this guy talking about how Trump is now a top down swamp leader? Yeah, it's Ah, I'm on the very verge of completely back black pilling on the entire que movement with what I'm seeing from Trump Day in and day Out. Every single data point I see from the right now points it to all being a hug alien Pied Piper operation designed to pacify everyone until it's too late to actually organize it. Ineffective resistance. Do any of the societal trends and government policy were being passed on a daily basis? Yeah, that's what it is, guy. That's what a lot of this stuff is. The only positive here is that will probably be exactly as effective as every other executive order and accomplished precisely nothing. I think this is the reaction to the ah to the racist police bit. But But, yeah, it's like, you know, 20. Yeah, he continues. Meanwhile, over get her tweets from POTUS, going Law and Order and shoving Charlie Kirk's ghostwritten pos and our Faces Day in and day out. Oh, but Holocaust museums got billions of taxpayer dollars, and now systemic racism is acknowledging the highest halls of power, as if it were thing that actually exists. The setting the precedent for administrations for years to come. Wow, Yeah, it's 2018 was supposed to be glorious. Sessions was useless. So Huber and Horowitz raise a sleeper. It's like, Yeah, I mean, I'm glad all these chickens are coming home to roost, though. Ah, that these people are. Actually, it gives you a little bit of hope that even the Q fags fell for this. But the problem is, it's like, All right, guy, you have started to see what this is for, Riel. Finally, the trick is what am I just say James, stop falling for next trick because these guys, it's like maybe this is their moment, right? Everybody has their moment. I already had the moment that led up to being willing to accept Trump right people normal. Mainstream conservatives supported Trump because they had been disappointed, by the way have to be principled in our conservatism, like all that died and then they got Trump. And now Trump has failed and failed spectacularly. I've said this many times and I'll say it again. I'm glad that Trump didn't do half measures. The Jewish donors don't want that Anyway. They're not gonna want half measures. White nationalism, the regular want half measure, half measures, civic nationalism. They don't want half measures, strictures on immigration. They don't want any of these things. I'm glad that it's been expect such a spectacular failure that even these people are now seeing it for what it is, because otherwise, if they had a bunch of things to hang a bunch of hooked noses toe hang their coats on, this would keep going and going and going. And I've said this before. I'm not trying to give these people ideas, but Bolshevik Jewish, uh, power is clearly winning here at this point, but they would have been better off to moderate some of this stuff, but the fact that they're shutting it down just shut the whole thing down. There's not gonna be a single pundit out there advocating for these things. They're not gonna tolerate looking the other way on white nationalist talking points. They're not going to tolerate looking the other way when somebody says something quasi anti Semitic, which is any criticism of Israel whatsoever. If you're not fully on board with the program, you're a problem. They have to cut this stuff off so hard. But they would have been smarter to do this in a moderate, slow sort of way so that you would attract more of these people who bought into this stuff for the longest period of time to continue planned, trusting on it. But no, the fact that you even have these people sort of at the very bottom of this whole thing starting to realize what's going on and that this is all bullshit. It's like, Yeah, it's Ah, that's not Goto. Ultimately, for them in the long run, they should have sort of kind of kept some semblance of a game going to keep these people to sleep. No. Do you remember 4008 through 2010 when there were still some people who were trying to do Bush revisionism and say it like talking about how die hard Republicans that would tell you will you know, George Bush was actually actually pretty good president, you know, here, the things he did that I'm getting that same feeling now that that that is actually where many of the people that are still like, very passionate about Trump. It's on that same tier of believability because you would get people who were GOP apparatchiks or invested in the party saying that, and it would fall on deaf ears for everybody wherever. But even people that would that had supported Bush in 4004 because they were white and the Republicans, and that's what they did. It fell on deaf ears after seeing C eight years of Bush. That's where people I think a lot of people are out with. Trump it out, too, is there's a so few accomplishments. So few things have gone right that there's nothing they can sell to people anymore. Nothing they can sell to people and not even the court right. I mean, not even the judicial nominations, what's was the last, and I think they've wanted in many ways to take this away. They've taken away the trump economy. They've taken away lowest black unemployment. They've put blacks in the streets as sort of calling Trump's bluff, knowing that he is not going to do anything. He can't do anything. He won't do anything about it watching the country burn. And then, while the country's burning issue all of these rulings on Sanctuary cities care. I mean, they're hitting all of the stuff. Immigration, nativism, sanctuary rulings. They're basically saying, Yeah, these things that you thought were unconstitutional Yeah, now they're totally legitimate law, and we're gonna uphold them and, ah, you know, and the LGBT Q B bit it's I mean, the gravity of this thing is just unbelievable. In terms of these people, essentially can never be fired from a job, because if you fire one of these people from a job for any reason whatsoever, it's gonna be because there are homosexual or a tranny or whatever or some kind of a sick person. They can never be fired, right, And I'm not gonna take the side of big business and corporate America's. They want to hire these people. They have no reason to ever want to fire them, but this is going to be used further, is a bludgeon against many organizations. And so, yeah, like thes thes Christian evangelicals and whatever. Who thought that this was gonna be, um, you know, some sort of will work against this stuff. No, these air Trump Justices who who ruled for this in the in the short list from Trump the next round of justices, because what did he tweet out like? This is a shotgun blast to the face. Worse, this reaction, these horrible and politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court, our shotgun blasts into the face of people that are proud to call themselves Republicans and conservatives. We need more justices, or we will lose our Second Amendment and everything else. Vote Trump 2020. And I guess he tweeted about some short list he has. It's like, well, Trump, But these people that you picked to put on the court what is what is the metric on this 10 12th Amendment cases that the court voted not to hear right like this? Quote unquote conservative court voted not to rule on cases that would have defended gun owner's rights. The court declined to consider cases that might expand the rights of gun owners, another hot button issue for voters in an election year. So they decided to rule on these in the way that they did and decided not to hear the case is that would have expanded rights of gun owners. That, to me, is the definition of arbitrary and capricious. Robertson is an arbitrary and capricious go a puppet sitting on top of the goi sand Hedren that is very quickly becoming not so gentile. They would love to have that cause sometime within our lifetimes. That court will be entirely Jewish. Just wait, just wait and chuck shoma Oh, God, I cried tears of joy, he said from the Senate. For these wonderful dak kids in the families have a huge bird and lifted off the shoulders. They don't have to worry about being deported. Have to be worried about being deported anyway. And by the way, Chuck Schumer. He's part of the kosher dialectic. Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump pretend not to like each other. Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump are both from New York. See, Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump are both from the same political milieu Chuck Schumer's we pointed out last weekend on the show was very good friends with Roy Cohn. So this is all part of the same old fucking story. So I t is Enjoy. It's like, Shut the fuck up! Oh, my God. Let me Oh, yea, xaz. Listen to this fucking Jew. The hoods of this un ironic Chuck Schumer. Let me say, in these very difficult times, the Supreme Court provided a bright ray of sunshine this week like, uh, yeah, did. I mean, it's not lost on anybody that from 1996 to 2010 Trump donated $9000 directly to Chuck Schumer's campaigns. So, yeah, it's he doesn't even have to donate anything. I mean, Chuck Schumer's gonna have to have that money there all the time. But, of course, that Donald Trump is, ah, supportive of of everything that Chuck Schumer believes in and Chuck Schumer believes, and everything that Donald Trump believes it. I mean, this is this is a thing that these people have to get through their heads, and the sooner they do, the better this this whole, the whole Rush Limbaugh trope about. We don't have an alternative for crop way don't have another choice in this election. As bad as that may be, I mean, he even admits that there is nothing good coming from the courts. There's nothing good coming from any of this, and I brought were Stroll left without an alternative Merrill Random Mouth Sounds and it's just it's just bad. But but no, no. Addressing of why the court declined to bring up cases to expand the rights of gun owners. But But they expect you to not know that so that Trump can go out and tweet that in order to and he density does the bit right. One more election, right? James? Just one more on that next. That's the thing that Rush says in that same audio clip. He's like, Oh, we have to elect Trump one more time so he can keep shipping away, tripping, aware the stuff K's He's really been chipping away at it. Rush. Oh yeah, There with his hammer and chisel. Just go into town. Yeah, I mean, the Supreme Court correct somebody in the comments made. Correct me. If I'm wrong, I'm fully anticipating a swamp creature. Well, actually here, but I don't think they have decided a major secondment case in 12 years because Heller vs D. C was 2008. That's the last major second in the case. I can remember, uh, being, you know, really pivotal, pivotal case. So it's like, What if they've been doing this entire time? And this is the time, by the way, that they've had a either a, a centrist or a conservative majority for the last 12 years on the court. And there's been no progress made on Second Amendment rights. In fact, it seems like the Supreme Court is just there as this fall back in people's minds, as as a there there, the entity that will push the pendulum back the other way. But they never do really and like the pendulum is pushed to the left all the time. And then maybe sometimes, Supreme Court. We'll throw you a bone here. They're like Heller, but I was 12 years ago. And so it's like the look at the march of progress here. Look at the direction this is going more generally and how Havel getting all of these nominees on the court Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch Cavanaugh like how is any of this been helpful and it really hasn't well and people might not understand why. But then you understand what the Federalist Society is, its origins and it all comes into focus. Well, it's It's more broadly, even just the principle of the Josh Josh principle of tikkun olam healing the world right? And they do this by two or three steps forward and one step back to simulate that there's some sort of win going on, right? They'll throw you a bone. When? When When conservatives get to a point when Rush Limbaugh and others get to the point where they say, Oh, I can't take this anymore, I'm done, I'm finished. That's when they start to mount sort of a conservative revival and that you get some some wins and they give you a Donald and they give you whatever. I don't know what they're going to do because they don't I don't think they want tohave in a nationwide Republican win, and they can't anymore, you know, demographically, numerically impossible. But they're gonna They will do that if this thing gets bad enough. But the people that are still out there plan trusting, it's just it just incredible. I mean, there's nobody Nobody in any of these pundits seats has your back, right? I mean, with the black escalations going on in Juneteenth and everything on Friday and Ah, yeah, What I think Iranian news cupped by this. Ah, by this trump rally that's supposed to take place, we record FTN Saturday afternoon. Saturday night? Um, so I guess I guess that's happening tonight in Tulsa. So by the time the show goes up, will probably already know. I mean, there've been some clashes there, so, uh, I mean mildew. Tariq, Tariq Nasheed, Have you seen some of the escalations? The pre escalations? Yeah, well, I've seen the clashes going on. I mean, what I was going to say is the reason why this is my take on This is the reason why Trump is so hell bent on having this rally in Tulsa and why he wanted to do it on Juneteenth and then moved it to the next day is because he has been trying to bait his supporters in two clashes with BLM and Antifa since the beginning of his administration. He's done it all along. He wants these people to get into fights. He wants people potentially maybe even to get hurt or killed. And then he's not going to stand by a single one of these people. And the idea like because having a Juneteenth rally, it's kind of like, Wow, you really think this is You're gonna be how you appeal to blacks like you're gonna be, like the Juneteenth president or something, the Republican Party party of Lincoln or whatever the hell it is. But I know what I think it is is he wants these speed. He wants these people desperately to clash with those because he knows what's gonna happen when they get run through the justice system. And he doesn't. He's not gonna do anything. Not a stand by those people side Nothing. No, you might get a law and order tweet, but there will be absolutely no defense for these people. And the Clash, I mean, yeah, we're doing this on Saturday, so you can't predict definitively whether or not there will be one. But I will say we have the news that Saturday Later on Saturday, there is a demonstration of at least 200 black gun owners will be doing a second Amendment walk armed it. Ah, they're planning to bring rifles, Pistols, shotguns To demand that white society white police officers treat them fairly. This organizer, Omar Chapman, says I've been displeased with every encounter with police I've had. They should engage us as they would everyone else you have that if Tariq machine tweeting every black person in or near Tulsa should be in full alert tomorrow. Watch your surroundings. There will be deputized. White supremacists were working with law enforcement there. They will be given a green light to harm you. Protect yourselves, by all means. So this certainly has the makings in advance of a of ah, bloodbath. Really, it does. It doesn't stay away. And so yeah. I mean, this is the culminating moment. Oh, yeah, definitely. Stay away. If if you're planning on going to this rally, he fucking don't go. I mean, this is this is, like, the dumbest shit ever, and it has nothing to do. Ah, well, Corona I mean, you know, there whether the second spike is Amimour riel, I don't know, um, to me, I My my take on the second spike of corona viruses that that these riots have gotten have gone somewhat further than I think that the establishment wanted. And they're trying to figure out a way to dial this back without being the bad guy, because nobody's gonna come and put cops in the streets in National Guard in the streets to terrain this in, even if it gets out of control. But they can do it under under health reasons. But maybe the second spikes, really, I don't I don't know, don't really care. But what I do know is that you know that a lot of the concern about Juneteenth and Trump having this rally there it's It's like, Well, maybe the real concern should be that Donald Trump is encouraging these people toe, have a clash and And look, if the president was gonna back his people up, then this would be a totally different scenario. But the people that are like that believe that Trump is gonna have their battle. Who believes this is totally a strawman? But this notion that Oh yea, this is good. This is for Donald. Trump is being a leader. He's easy. He's confronting this head on. It's like, No, he's He's doing the bit where he started to fight, runs out the back and then actually doesn't even flee the scene. He just stands there and talks about, you know how Ah, people could have done a better job of, like, not letting this get out of control. So it's it's yet, and he's never gonna be there for any of the people. Nothing? Yeah, no. Did he grabs the barstool and beats you over the head with it while you're fighting the guy. He picked a fight with us. Yeah, Well, speaking of Juneteenth, this is a new national conservative. Holiday isn't a jazz. I mean, you talk about pundits not having your back. Pundits definitely have somebody's back. Daily caller coming out celebrating the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth for those that were plans resting on hard core Our guys. Series Guy, Daily caller. They also ran a piece. Here are 10 white people who destroyed communities after George Floyd's death. It's like, Yeah, this is This is where we're at with conservative media now, but Juneteenth one upside, maybe, for people out there listening. Maybe you got work off. You did. If you work for Nike or the NFL or Twitter or Adobe MasterCard, Lift Postmates, Quicken Loans Square Uber Best Buy Target JC Penney or the New York Times Washington Post Inbox media all gave their employees a paid holiday yesterday is that this is the new American holiday. This is an important holiday. And dude, get this GM It took a break from making their inefficient ventilators. Teoh have an eight minute and 46 2nd moment of silence. Eight minutes for the time that George Floyd was under Derrick show opens neck, so Oh, my God. Yeah. Dude, I I hope Well, I guess I was gonna say I hope somebody because I'm imagining all these people were being in a facility somewhere, but they're all at home. I hope most people just like what? I'm you, I don't know, Took a shit or something, like during that time or whatever, but yeah, like, how could you imagine how uncomfortable that would be if you were standing in an office somewhere and had to stand there for eight minutes and 46 seconds? You know, you wouldn't be standing. Family would be on your knee. On your knees. Yeah. Shining somebody shoes with shoe brush as the tears flow. Oh, my God, do you hear about this with this evangelical church? Oh, with what's his name? Dan. Cathy? Yeah. Wow. Wow. Yeah, yeah. Shine of the shoes of luck. Ray. Christian, right? Christian rapper? Yeah, I wanted to say this to Well, this is the CEO of Is Dan Cathy, the CEO of Ah, What is it? The chick fil a chick chick like I s So this is I wanted to say this too, because this is I was saying about this is listening to tedious. So this is a little bit of rehash the tedious, but, um, yeah, this this concept of apologizing to blacks and in genuflecting to blacks or will like whatever you wanna call. Ah, this this prostrating before black people in black bodies and even the pope remember, With the refugees, the pope was like shining their shoes or washed away of washing their feet. Remember washing the feet of the refugees in Europe? Oh, yeah. Yeah. So you know, if there was one thing that Donald Trump did right or at least one thing that he was taught by the Jews because we talked about this in the Roy Cohn story is never to apologise, right? Because in their system, right juice juice never apologize. You never apologise. Never apologize, because the moment you apologize, especially if you're a why it's It's something that only applies to whites because nobody else is apologizing. It just lights that do the apologising. You get eaten alive. And so they are leading these because it's this. These people are not racist like these. The all of these, like these conservative groups that whatever, they're not racist but by apologizing by shining shoes and doing all the shit, what they're doing in the minds of a black person is admitting their fessing up to this Mim, that this is a white supremacist society and blacks then get this confirmation bias from these whites doing this bit as an admission of being subservient number one, but also that yeah, white supremacy is a real thing. We're sorry for it. They're making these people apologize for something that does not exist in order for them to mount even greater political power and control over them. And so this this push by Dan Cathy to you know, sometimes we just need to find a shoe to shine. Even if the tennis shoe. Whatever he says, Got to get the shoe brush out and start shining the shoes. Nepal, like the level of subservience and gravel ing that's being done. I mean, this is just absolutely insane. And they know they know if white people do the opposite of this, never apologize. Fuck you. We've We've spent trillions of dollars in 155 years trying to give black people a better life. It was a poison pill from the very beginning. It was never gonna work out. The founding Fathers even knew it was never gonna work out. They don't have the fucking balls to get rid of it when they should have, and they let it culminate into what it is today because of all this can kicking down the road. And, uh, yeah, we're left with this problem. Now that isn't going to be solved. And let's have it out. Let's have it be done with Let's have it finished once and for all. But no, what we have now is just this gonna be this continue and this isn't going to solve the problem. It's actually gonna make it much worse. I mean, what does all the problem is a white strike. What does solve the problems? Was cops walking off the job? Because that is actually getting eliciting a very negative reaction from the system. Go out and apologize. It's not a revolutionary act. You might so just go commit suicide. Dan Cathy, you might as well just go out in front of your congregation and take so low cups and put Kool Aid from where drink the Kool Aid comes from and poison everybody's glass and fucking all go out in one big fucking kaboom you might as well do. That would actually be the more humane thing to do than telling people to do what you're doing. Fuck chick fil a And it's so funny how you know, it's like they won't even like they said. They won't even have him in New York because they're still perceived as racist and all this stuff it's like, Wow! But yet of these air, it's a great way to put it. James Thes air. This is modern day lynching of whites, right? You know, juice. These Jews from Russia talk about oh being programmed. Oh, God. I escaped the programs of Russia and Baba Baba. It's like this is a program. All of this is a program. This is a national program. This is this is a national program. This is a national, not two minutes of Hey, this is this is just this is going to be the eternity of hate that we're entering now the eternity of anti white hate and because there's no signs of them letting off the gas like there was, there was in 2014 and 2015 there realized like, Oh, crap, we really pissed off a lot of white people. We need to dial this back because it's getting out of control and they did for a few years. But what we're entering into now, I'm not seeing those same signs that they are. They are going to bring this back. They probably will eventually maybe, but ah, but as it stands now, we've We've been living through, what, 34 weeks of straight escalation. And I want to say if anybody deserves an apology in this country, it's white people. If anybody deserves their shoes, their shoes to be shined, maybe with shoe polish, pick your color for the shoe polish Anybody deserves choose to be shite. It's whites. I found this account on Instagram a couple days ago. White like it's a W L M movement. I think it is. White lives matter movement, and they're doing a very good job of posting in highlighting these stories of black on white crime that you have never heard of. And you've heard the story about Trayvon, Martin, you know about Michael Brown? You know about George Fentanyl Flight, You know about all these people, but you don't know the names of people like Reese Bowman and people have probably heard this story before. But this was the eight month old white baby that was smothered by a black by an African by an animal at a day care facility. Smothered. Who said, I'm sick of this little bitch and the father of this of this child. The family had to flee the state because they just couldn't deal with the memory of of living there anymore. If anybody deserves an apology for what has been done to our society, it's us. It's us. We deserve reparations because you have heard George Floyd's name. You have heard Trayvon Martin's Day. You know, the names of all of these animals. These animals that would kill you would rape your family, would destroy your civilised civilization, would burn your town down if given a chance. You know about them, and your kids are being taught their heroes. But you do not know the names of the thousands because there are thousands of times more white victims of interracial violence than the white on black. Everybody knows that you don't know their names, and that's a problem. So we demand an apology. We deserve an apology, and we did. We need separation. It's what we need. Frankly, that's what we need, because at this point, man like it just it pisses you off after after dealing with it for too long after after seeing the hoodwinking, if you're in a dire civilization going on in real time and future generations being taught to hate themselves because of people like Dan Cathy. Because of these white celebrities that are pushing these means about about white guilt and how whites bear responsibility for this white supremacist superstructure we live in, we need to atone for white supremacy. There isn't a white supremacy. We've talked about this many times. The idea of any. You know, the idea of us being a white supremacist nation when there are no institutions, nobody with institutional power that will take the side of whites. It reveals it to be a total light. And I guess the best example of somebody with institutional power you have, you would say, Well, they're people in the media, man Tuck Carlson and Matt Gates They're taking the side of Of what? No, they're not. No, they're nomad Gates doesn't make it. Says his bit in Congress where he he totally owns this Black congressmen know he retreats to the position and reinforces the position that the only people who are entitled to be concerned about their Children are people with nonwhite Children. Fuck Matt Gates, Fuck Matt Gates and fuck Tucker Carlson. Thank fuck Mac Cates and his hot takes podcast that nobody fucking listen well. And e, we got to be honest. We got to rip the band Aid off to with Tucker for not challenging that Tucker for going on and doing his dopey face and and, you know, talking about how great and brave it is for Mac aids have his his questionably adopted, a weirdly aged you know, wacky son that he has No, you know, it's there's nobody that's taking your side and we deserve an apology. So yeah, a little bit of a derailment, but way deserve an apology. And and that's the thing. It's like thes thes people. I mean, I think I'm confident in the long run that we're going to overcome this thing Now. I you know, I don't want to be accused of oh Jazz and says We're gonna win tomorrow because that's how that's how that, like that gets interpreted. But all of the things that are being done to us right now, we're keeping track. We're monitoring the situation. We're seeing what's going on, and everybody that's being subjected to this is, you know, arbitrary and capricious. This again, this is lynching of whites. This is white programming. We deserve far more than just an apology. But that would be a nice start. It would be a very tight I. I'll even not take the apology. Just get the fuck out of my country. Get the fuck out of our countries Across this planet. You go. You know Jews, What Jews want to work with black so much Why don't you go there? What should go there? Maybe we should have put Israel in wherever it was gonna be. Madagascar, where the fuck women may have been a better place to start. But no, it's like, No, we're not. We're not doing this. And so yeah, we're we're sort of biding our time. We're putting up with it now, and it's like what Mike said If there wasn't the Leviathan of the Jewish drawer landlord that we have in charge of America with all the ah, with all the paedo ring rent, boys. Ah, who are standing in the way This would all this would all be come tumbling down in about five minutes. So yeah, well, and you see that? You know, whites are finding ways to work around this system, right? Because I think that's a very good point that people are only afraid of the state power people because you think back to the time when there would be these rallies and things. People were not afraid to mix it up with Andy, for they were not afraid. If ah, black lives matter or, you know, if you had a group of whites in a group of black to one of these protests. They're often wouldn't be a conflict or wouldn't be a violent conflict. Or if there was, the whites would win. But what happened between 2015 and now is the state inserted themselves in this situation and definitively took the side of BLM of the anarchists of the Communists of you know, they're Jewish handlers, so on and so forth. And so now whites are recognizing that this is not a situation that they can win in. And you see the most effective means of protest are things like what's going on in Atlanta, where people that are are members of that state apparatus or simply opting out. Dude, I I had heard this mean about the police strike in Atlanta, but it's so much more than that. I think most people knew we had a majority of Atlanta police officers that's scheduled to work in two of the city. Six zones did not report for work on Friday. A majority of officers not showing up July 18th Onley. One officer showed up to work in a precinct in which several dozen are assigned. Nice evening of July 19th last night every single officer failed to report for duty in zone five. Yeah, they're not a single cop show panicking down there. And I want, like, white people, white white people like white liberals, white liberals in these cities doing whatever they're doing. They can only they only air there. They only exist in these urban environments because of the police keeping some semblance of order. That's the only way a city like Atlanta can work. It's the only way a city like Chicago, even in Chicago, sort of teeters on the edge with how maney, you know how many shootings and black. I mean, a lot of people flee these places after a while were fleeing them. Now, um, they've seen this with with people ah, looking at homes in other in other, smaller US cities because people don't want to have anything to do with this. And I think, as we pointed out on the show, I think that's also part of the plan is that they want more white flight. They want more people fleeing into, ah, the hinterlands. But at a certain point, these cities don't really work. If there's no police force, white liberals leave and then they become no go zones. Anybody who ah you know, looks back at history in sees what Washington d c was like in the 19 seventies and 19 eighties. Mean other than the highly ah, highly secure, highly policed areas around the capital of the White House and, um, a few other monuments and basically that the mall, the entire fucking city was a note. A black no goes Oh, I mean, nobody went out and it was with, like, hardcore police. It's just Yeah, this whole thing is is incredible. And I and I fully support these officers walking out, and you see them giving the $500 bonus and in sort of these, you know, the panic interviews that they're giving and the the, uh what is it contradiction of? Oh, these people have a duty to do, you know, they say they took an oath to uphold the city and protect the law to shut the fuck up. But these guys leave well, and it's like I think the time for that bloviation has passed and credit where it's due. These policing you guys are not falling for it either. Ah, this guy Jason Singer, who's the president of International Brotherhood of Police Officers down in Atlanta said that many he knows many people that are calling out quitting, transferring to other jurisdictions. Get me the fuck out of here. I'm going to Marietta. Um, and it's the third day. And so now we're coming into the fourth day now, Saturday night of low staffing officers not showing up. And it actually that this strike seems to be catching on because the thought was that this would be one or two days, and then it would be over. But you're seeing more and more cops just not showing up, so yeah, yeah, I mean, this is if you're if you're one of the guys down there, I mean, yeah, you got to stand strong here. And meanwhile in Georgia, of course, that because that's where this took place. What do you have your Republican governorship doing, right? Jazz? Would you? Would you think I mean the time for the time for these scenarios. It's It's so passe at this point. But there was a time when Republicans would have been at least saying the right things about law and justice and law and order, and defending our officers backing the blue, but instead in Georgia you have this. Ah, Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan. Chuck Duncan proposing new hate crime legislation Now is the time, because Georgia, as he notes, is one of only four states across the nation without a hate crime law on the books. There have been pushes for the state to change that in recent weeks. Jeff Duncan, rock rib Republican, says the bill would allow communities to seek a hate crimes charge from a grand jury. If local prosecutors don't, he says, Quote, as a man of faith, I believe we are called to treat others as we want to be treated, but also stand up for the vulnerable to comfort the afflicted and welcome the ostracised. Don't consent. I believe this legislation answers that call, and I will work hand in hand with legislators in both parties. A lot of out of a ensure we get this over the finish line. Very interesting that when it's two white guys that take the law into their own hands, as is allowed in Georgia Lot to perform a citizen's arrest like this, this is the hate crime. But Republican Jeff Duncan wants to make it easier for communities, not not communities but communities. Yeah, to protect, longer enhances great, great it goes on. He says. It would create a separate offence, a criminal offence for biased bias. Motivated intimidation for alleged hate crimes. So intimidation based on bias is calling on lawmakers to protect broad categories from bias crimes, including people victimized because of their culture. Exercising the First Amendment worship free speech being part of the free press assembly or petition of government. So it's like the if you like, mock a journalist on Twitter. That's bias based intimidation now, Yeah. Hey, crowd. Well, any any interaction with whites is intimidating for blacks. So just talking to a black person is a hate crime, right? Like a rusher shining their shoes, which will probably scuff their Nikes anyway. And then that's a crime, too. So it's just it's just the whole thing never ends and it goes on and do. Yeah, yeah, we can't check. Just check the box. We can't tolerate hate so on and so forth. Ah, the legislation would mandate officers submit reports in cases of hate crimes to ensure accurate tracking of data data, which will then be handed over to the A t l. And it would also provide an avenue. Get this for victims of bias to seek civil penalties and recover damages. Because it's not enough that you're able to lynch a white person in the media, get them fired from their job, get them d homed. But you need to be able to sue them for all they're worth as well. So, yeah, this is what your Republican governorship is doing down there. Georgia. Great job. Yeah, literally a program. And these guys, they're gonna be part of it. And, you know, for doing this, he'll be taken care of for life. Like he doesn't have to worry about any of these things happening to him, or we'll see how this works out. He gives them what they want, he retires, and then they'll find some reason why he has to be lynched next. And that's gonna be the remove his portrait from the capital, right? Well, no, I mean, they'll actually be out in front of his house with, uh, with, like, torches and everything. That's what I'm saying. It's like these people think that they're going to be Oh, well, if I capitulate to this and then the least take care of me. And I don't have to worry about myself. It's like, Yeah, well, once you've given them the leverage, then they can just do whatever the fuck they want to you. And they will. They will. Absolutely will. So, yeah, I mean, I want to talk about this before you run out of time in the first half, because this is this idea of a black Gollum is something that has been going on for quite some time, and we're not gonna dive into the whole history. But I want to pull back this article that is newer than DACA This flash back to 2013 that Nelson Mandela was trained by Massad. And this has been a thing that has been going on all the time. And so when Mike talks about what we're seeing right now being a cultural revolution, this is Jewish Bolshevism rearing its head. Yeah, that is what this is. I mean, you see, you see jig Nats standing down in the midst of all this and returning to what, uh, was there before and you have this advanced this burning and tearing down of all of the cultural icons of white Western civilization, but they've done this before. They did this in South Africa. They did this in Rhodesia, and Nelson Mandela was trained by Mossad. This was, Ah, part of this release from Israel's state archives. Back in 2013 they published a 50 year old letter from the Mossad spy agency claiming it unknowingly offer unknowingly offered paramilitary training to young Nelson Mandela, along with documents illustrating the Jewish state sympathy for the anti apartheid struggle in the 19 sixties. The newly published Israeli documents, released weeks after Mandela's death, is so that he can't say anything about them. Um, because that's the thing is like Israel wants to be able to say that they had no idea that they were helping out Mandela, but they wait until he dies so that he can't say you know who I was. You knew exactly who I was, which, um so this is when all this was going on. Ah, lovable highlight Israeli officials voices against apartheid and their attempts to rally. Then this is about political. This about sort of PR to, and you'll see why the documents highlight Israeli officials, voices against apartheid in their attempts to rally international pressure on South African government to stop the 1964 Rivonia trial in which Mandela would be sentenced to life in prison. But perhaps most startling is that the memo, first reported by Haaretz, claims Mandela received pill paramilitary training from Israeli handlers in Ethiopia in 1962 without them realizing he wants, they knew exactly fucking so, the realize said. The release of the documents on the archive's website appears to be This is the Israeli Archives website appears to be aimed at blunting criticism of those of the close reliance Israel later developed with South Africa's apartheid rulers. Now we explain what was going on there, and you'll see how Jewish this is. So after the 1973 Mideast war, when dozens of African countries broke diplomatic ties with Israel, the Jewish state formed close military ties with South Africa's apartheid government. Right, this is This has to do with Israel obtaining nuclear weapons, and they get all these all this stolen from the United States. Oh, they need a lot of yellow cake, right? And so after the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel was short of uranium, of which South ever had large reserves. Israel also needed hard currency. It got both by selling conventional weapons and by sharing nuclear know how with South Africa in converting some of its yellow cake. Ah, into weapons grade plutonium. It's funny, you know, and back to the future we have, Ah, who is the the Libyans? Maybe it should have been the Israeli terrorists in their little Volkswagen van, but we can't do that. Spielberg Canyon So the Israeli South Africa alliance was close and strategic. In 1987 Israel adopted its own version of sanctions against South Africa. But it didn't let those affect the existing arms contracts with South Africa. Of course not where. Hundreds of millions of dollars. So in a secret deal, South Africa lifted safeguards on 450 tons of yellowcake sold to Israel. Israel, in return for Israel, try Thiam to be used as a nuclear weapons booster. Israel also bailed out South African politician whose bankruptcy would have scoop erred the deal. Israeli relations in post apartheid South Africa remained cool. The South African government is a fervent supporter of the Palestinian cause. Now it is But earlier this month, Netanyahu was conspicuously absent from Mandela's funeral. Now so the whole he was attending. Both scenarios in Nigeria busy at down there. Ah, with with er, um, and people convert Butcher my pronunciation of that if they want. But yeah, this this whole thing is kind of funny will turn about Mandela here in a second, which is the point of me bringing this up. But they released. They'll admit that they trained Mandela in order to put the narrative out there, that they weren't working directly with the apartheid government to obtain all this yellow cake for their nuclear program and in turn, helping out South Africa during the apartheid so they can play both. So they admit that they're playing both sides. But then there are also like, Yeah, we trained Mandela, though, So we were really trying to help out the good guys, but we didn't know who he was. So this gives this this gives blacks in South Africa who are anti Israel, who are pro Palestinian, their against all of this stuff. Um, this gives them a little bit of clearance because if they find out that Mandela and all these other black leaders across America. They're all Jewish puppets. These people are already, you know, getting with Ice Cube in his tweets and everything. It's like they're teetering on the edge of sort of realizing this. And blacks have known this for years. Blacks have them this stuff for years. And, ah, it's working with apartheid. South Africa's yet another reason for them not to trust Israelis. But that's what they did. But according to the top secret Mandela memo, a man named David Mob sorry, who came from Rhodesia, met with officials several months later at the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia expressing interest in the tactics of the high Ghana, the pre Israel Jewish Resistance Movement against British rulers. Haaretz quoted the letters saying Is, you may recall, Three months ago we discussed the case of a trainee who arrived at the Israeli Embassy in Ethiopia. By the way, he just knew to go there for the training. He was interested in all this stuff, right? Ah, the after mentioned received training from Ethiopians, a code name for Mossad agents, according to Haaretz. So Ethiopians are the real Massad now in judo, sabotage and weaponry, and it added that the man had shown interest in the methods of Hogan. Oh, yeah, we talked about that. It went on. This is This is hilarious. He greeted our men with Shalom, was familiar with the problems of jewelry and of Israel and gave the impression of being an intellectual. Gave the impression not actually the staff tried to make him a Zionist. In conversations with him, he expressed socialist worldviews and a times create the impression that he leaned toward communism. So it's like, Yeah, they were trying to Yeah, it's like they act as though Mandela showed up at their doorstep begging for help, and they obliged and gave him up. And they tried the serum tour of Zionism. It's like it's like the whole thing is just so fucking obvious when you see it and it's like, Yeah, they're gonna train Mandela, unbeknownst to South African apartheid government who never probably would have worked with them if they knew what was actually going on unless the same sort of Peter Ring methods of Control were in place back then, we don't really know. It's probably worthwhile for another deep dive to figure this out. I mean, suffice it to say if they're using this method of control in America, they're using it all over the place. But but yeah. I mean, you have this. Yeah, and I'm sure that, like any, any African could have just walked into the Ethiopian Embassy. And so, yes, I would look to the true ning on weaponry and judo, and they were just like, signing up for it, right? It's all right. Well, that's what we do here. You know, time to get you suited up for the for the guns class. It's like, Well, I think it's just silly. I mean, they they went out. They found someone who could be a revolutionary leader, someone that they could prop up someone that they could give training to someone that they could use is a bludgeon against South African government while they're extracting 450 tons of yellow cake uranium from that government. And then what? 50 years later, now they released documents that show like, Oh, yeah, we were really helping the black guy. And ah, you know, nobody's gonna question are duplicity on the uranium stuff, cause, like, is, you know, that would be anti Semitism and, ah, if you do? That's a problem. But ah, you know, we totally didn't know who this guy was. So, you know, black skin get too upset. And Baba Mama, But it's just like the same old story over and over and over again, right? Like, yeah, yeah, but you go be like Israel. Why did you help Mandela like No, no, no. We hope the South Africans. Yeah. Then you're like Israel. Why did you help South Africa like No, no, no. We help Mandela. Yeah. Yeah. And according so that the documents also includes some other interesting stuff. Oh, So Israel maintained a strong interest in Mandela's well being after his arrest. Of course they did. And throughout the Rivonia trial, where he was convicted of sabotage and sentenced to life in prison should have gotten the death penalty. And according to the archives, Israel also had an interest in the case because about 1\/3 of the defendants in that trial were Jewish. And Israel feared the case would spread anti Semitism in South Africa. One later dated April 21st 1964 written by Israel Harrell, an Israeli diplomat in South Africa at the time called for rallying international opinion to prevent the Rivonia defendants from sieving receiving death sentences. And this is this would have been exactly, what, 10 years after Julius and ah, Ethel Rosenberg. So yeah, they don't want to see this. I don't want to see Part two Part two of this thing. So he also suggested that an economic boycott of South Africa be considered. Of course he did. Perhaps the economic value of the boycott is little, but it's psychological. A publicity value is high, which is why they have anti BDS legislation. The you could say the same thing about that. The economic value of a boycott of Israel will be little. But the psychological and publicity value of a boycott of Israel be high, which is why it is a felony, one that strongly affects public opinion. And that is that is the way that maybe should be continued in addition to all the rest of the means to force South Africa, too, to retreat from its racist policy, this Jew wrote a Foreign Ministry document dated May 18th 1964 discusses efforts to recruit Jewish philosopher Martin Buber boob er, Buber, Whatever Bealer and Israeli author hime huzzahs high. Emma's as to sign a declaration in support of the Rivonia defendants. So they're only interested in this because they're Jewish defendants who are participating in the sabotage with Mandela, who But we don't totally, totally don't know who Mandela is, right? Ellen Leal, who served as the Israel ambassador to South Africa in the early 19 nineties after Mandela's release from prison, said Israel's courtship of African leaders in the sixties is well known. He said the young Jewish state was in search of allies. Also, there was a policy that Israel will be the light of nations. No, you have a very important lighting, the way of the world. Well, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, though, denies all of this. They have to maintain credibility, right while blacks are still anti Semitic, this is another project of the Jews is to make blacks very Zionists. They want them to be Zionist Ah, an official organs and they'll fall for the routine that as we're gonna find out in part two of this program that has ony and others try where it's like no cool, you could be nationalist to let me show you exactly how to be nationalist because then there's no duplicity. It's like they're gonna do out of blacks. They're gonna make blacks think they're getting their own sort of like black Zionism. But it's really just gonna be in support of Israel, and a lot of them are going to fall for it cause they're going to silence the other voices, like Farrakhan and everybody else. So Nelson Mandela Foundation, ah questions theatre count big questions. While confirming that Mandela toured African countries that year and even received military training in Ethiopia, it said there was no evidence that he had any contact with Israelis whatsoever. Um, senior researcher at the Mandela Foundation, said that he traveled. Ethiopia interviewed the surviving men who assisted in Mandela's training. No evidence emerged of an Israeli connection that said, Yeah, they have to play this game Because if if if black power around the world found out that all of its powerful were just Jewish puppets, this whole thing would just fall apart, and that's why they have such stringent controls on speech. Yeah, I'm sure he just received training from Ethiopians. Only at the Israeli Embassy it was contact list. Military training. Yeah, well, but see that's the thing is because Ethiopian was a code name for Massad. These people aren't aren't lying, so yeah, he got training from Ethiopians, right? Not Massad. Ethiopians sick. Well, the Ethiopians arm Assad. But my fellow Ethiopian, But But yeah, You see how this works? Even going back to the 19 sixties, You see how this stuff works? We found out all the stuff that we that we learned with Roy Cohn last weekend. It's a is it Is it not painfully obvious yet what's going on, how people see what's happening and in all of the things that are going on in this country right now, the things that we're watching our cities burn, all that truth is gonna come out. We don't know what we have an idea. We have a vague idea of what it is. I mean, we can say that it's this cause, but we're gonna find out. We're gonna know exactly the origin off All of all of this stuff. It's, you know, they did green revolutions in the Middle East, and now they're doing brown revolutions in America. That's exactly what this is. And ah, you know what? We don't know what the what the ultimate end is. We don't know where it's going to be drawing to a close, but they seem to be pushing this very hard. They want This is another realignment that they're pushing. And now, 10 or 15 years from now, they're gonna look back at this and say, Oh, look, this is a revolution from the people The people demanded this and white people capitulated. And then we had social change is if those things just grew out of nothing. And this is up from nothing grassroots, as if Nelson Mandela grew up from nothing and wishes grassroots. And then apartheid fell right? Just This is just an uprising from blacks and nothing more. And blacks took back their freedom and wave magic wand. And, yeah, well, and they're already seating this idea in the media. I've seen some statements from people and CEOs and other saying that that the country, it's just changed, things are just so different now. We can't do things the way we used to do it. It just addressing this very nebulous idea that there's been a social change and and people are just different and and that is why things need to be different. That is why these statues need to come down. That's why we need to do lynch and burn and literally lynch and topple every statue in America and and replace whites with blacks and fire any white person that doesn't love what's going on. Because it's just different. It's just get with the times. May on things have changed, man. And they're never going to Yeah, they don't want to talk very much about about why this is being led, how this is being led, the mechanics of how this is being led and and this social changes being fomented and being enforced. Really. I mean, they also don't want to talk about the fact that that ah, this changes back stopped by the power of the state because that that reveals it to be to be a light reveals that just to be a work right, the power of the state is on your side. Right Then then what? White supremacist government is there to fight against, just like ah to wreak trick ead McGee, Medic. Whatever his name is. Ah, yeah, like this. I told you. I mean, we said this. We said this a while ago that when the Justice Department put out these, um, these guys sort of look like quasi military, more like militia. They look indistinguishable from the protesters that were on the cat the steps of the Michigan capital. And then he tweets that they're going to be a bunch of deputized white supremacists who will be working with law enforcement. This is all part of the This is all part of the mean. They want you to believe the government is actually white supremacists and that is its. It's resisting this and it as it gives way. It sort of synthesizes this victory as thes white political pundits who have been implicitly at a minimum pro white for decades. Now all of a sudden are giving way. It lends this fake and gay Bolshevik Jewish black Gollum revolution. Ah, some credence. Like a look. The revolution is achieving its goals when in reality, blacks, you're just ponds for Jewish power, and it's gonna be a matter of time. But like black starting convenience for Jews, Justus, Muchas whites are and so you know when we're gone. If it assuming it gets to that point, your next they're going to do the same shit to you. They're gonna build you up, and then they're gonna fucking destroy you. And ah, they're gonna use They're gonna use a lot of the same arguments to I mean, because if you if you remove this, if you remove this sort of, like cone of context denial I mean, you know, this is sort of a basic bitch argument, but the things that blacks are demanding compared to the poverty that is in the rest of the world, usually self imposed poverty but poverty and the rest of the world. I mean, the the rest of the world looks at thes except in white, other white European countries. There is the world looks at what blacks are doing in American Be like bro. Like, why would you fuck up all this good stuff that you have there? Like, why would you act like a fool with the police? Like you get free shit from the government? Like, why would you fuck that up like you, you stupid I'm living on, like, $5 a month down here and whatever fucking shit hole rice patty that I live in. And these, you know, it's like, but But that context is totally denied in order to pretend like this is some sort of any people in these other countries probably are like not knowing much about the political situation. Or just like, man, why are these white people like fuckin Barthes y Pippo fucking all these people up? And it's like because Jews, that's why cause we're not actually in charge of anything. This is all this is all hyper real. It is. It really is hyper real. The people think that they're getting a revolution, and they're not. They're just being used as ponds to deliver a mawr. Ah, more significant stranglehold on the power structure that Jews have. So it's not static people that think that Oh, they already have everything. It's like, No, they don't. They wouldn't be pushing for more. They already had had everything. We're gonna have more after this, just like they had mawr after 1965 just like they had mawr after 1945 just like they had mawr after Ah, the Balfour declaration. I mean, it just never ends like it's always going to be a push until it stopped. And it has to be stopped. So speaking of stopping the fact, the fact that well, just one quick thing is the fact that you and I and everybody out there listening are still alive and not in a prison camp is evidence. They don't have everything they want. Don't get much. We know what they want. Don't get my ideas. Well, yeah, but we know what the ultimate We know what we know what they're shot is here, right? And so it's everything. There's everything that they say has been done to them is what they plan to do to you and that everything they're doing now to the statues, the lynchings, hanging them from utility pulls, burning them alive, you think? Do you think they're gonna stop with symbols of witness? Or is that gonna continue one to those that embody it? Yeah, Yeah, I would say that it's too soon for them to do that right now. I think if you actually if they hung a police officer in reality, a white police officer, I think this would this this this tinderbox would probably implode. They're gonna have to wait a little bit longer to do something like that. But there will be a time when you look back on this time and say, Oh, yeah, all of that stuff down an effigy that was just practice round. Um, because they're gonna want to do it for real in the in. The pity of these revolutionaries thes black, right, These black photo revolutionaries, because blacks can't do anything without the Jews like, let's be honest, I know this is Mike. Mike has made this point. I know it's an older Mikey knock talking point, but it but it But it checks out like that. None of what blacks are doing right now. Burning now, like we said, like if it wasn't for state power, all of this would be put to bed in 24 hours. Done finished over. But they can't do anything without Jews. And so think about that blacks, when Jews decided to abandon you, Just remember, you know, it's like you're riding a bicycle, like with training wheels right now, and someday the training wheels are gonna fall, and then you're you know, you're gonna try to blame Whitey for sticking the pipe in the front spokes, but it's ah, you know, that's not gonna work. So anyway, we're going to break. We have a huge takedown of has ony and some other Jew Oh, fear have re that we're gonna due in part to its well, some other stuff. But yeah, no, it's great. I love I love the confirmation. So without further ado, we'll be right back on it. You're listening to the show that changed your weekend forever. Fash The Nation Predominance Control authority, hegemony. 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And as you know, we talk a lot of a big nationalism of the show. We have been doing serious on that and jazz. I think, uh, I think we have some more fake nationalism to talk about in a more more America centric. We've talked about the European fake nationalism, but you found an article this week that Ah, that is pretty deep into the fake nationalism, does it not? Yeah. I wanted to actually give a shout out here to the grub report, because if I become my quickly my main source or news on a lot of things and they should be for you too, So shut out to the girl report. I happen to be there on Thursday night doing prep on a myriad of other topics that we're planning to talk about on the weekend show. And ah, I just happen to see in the top right hand corner of drugs report about this this new article that had been put out by your Amazonian Oh, fear have re who were to Israeli Jews to Zionist Israeli Jews, uh, who are meddling in American politics. And I and I thought how appropriate. This was because their article was published on the 18th of June. So what was that? Frat Thursday? Thursday afternoon, this massive essay was published entitled American Nationalists. Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Party provides a blueprint for conservatives today just like Oh my God! Wow! Because they couldn't have known that we were dropping the Jefferson deep dive on Thursday morning, the morning that the the afternoon of which this article came out. And so we're kind of halfway in between Jefferson. We just got a funny part, is gonna come out this week and came out last week. But they wouldn't have known this and and the fact that they have mounted this 10,000 word essay 20,000 word essay, its its immense I mean, Mikey, knock use likes to use the word turgid. This is the epitome of turgid, um, wrote for those out. For those of you out, real Rhinelander means swollen and distended. This is swollen and distended, and it would be one thing of or coming from Americans writing this white Americans. But the's thing these two ah, these two thes suit Jews is to Chuck's are anything but white, and they're anything but American and the fact that they are mounting this defense of the American founding fathers in the time that they at the moment that they are and that they've chosen. Alexander Hamilton is the avatar for this defense of the American founding in the American Founding Fathers. It's just insane, and it has to be. And I don't think this is delusional to say. I think we knew this moment was coming the moment we delved into the history of America's founding and began to dispassionately reexamine a lot of our own origin story. I think that it was. It's been a topic that people are happy that we did. But also on top of that, we have been going into this from a very open minded perspective. We're not apply or not. We're not getting Huck hung up on a lot of the propaganda that has been used to sort of keep people stuck. We're not sticking to one side of one thing and defending the other. We're not lights, which bringing this stuff and the purpose of undertaking these things is to look at it dispassionately. Look at it for what it is. Chart a better course aligned to the outcomes of this truth based objective analysis and look forward instead of backwards And what you're Amazonian Oh, fear have re Who are two Israeli Jews, by the way, I'll just put it out there over him. Oh, fear have re is the vice president of the feared or Hertzel Institute in Jerusalem. Uh, he is one of the founders, along with your, um, has ony of the Shell M center, which is a Zionist research institute. And they're both members of Israel's Council on Higher Education. So why the fuck are they writing a website called America the American Conservative Talking about what American nationalists should be doing with, Ah, I guess, the America's founding. It's kind of funny that they've picked Alexander Levin as they're Ah, they're avatar for federalism and it being the blueprint that conservatives should look to today. Um, but I don't think it's delusional. Toe. Look at this is a response to what we're doing. Because as we are talking to people about what the founding of America actually meant, what the purpose of the Constitution actually was and how some of the men who participated in that founding moment, though they may have been genuine, and their intentions may have been pure, were taken advantage of even by some of the early infiltration and early strictures of manipulation that were present. That we have evidence that we've pointed to that were there since America's founding and have gotten led astray by this. And so here we have two Israeli Jews writing this article about America's founding. Why you should care about it and why the man who is the figurehead of American nationalism at its core is Alexander Hamilton. You can't make this stuff up, and it came out Thursday night. And so I want to thank the drug report for not only running that article in making me aware of it, because I am not someone who traffics. Ah, the American conservative website, But I would not have known about this, probably would not have heard about this, but but here it is in all of its glory. For starters, they deploy or they deploy the word nationalist 125 times nationalists 42 times and nationalism 21 times throughout the essay. And if you read this thing, which I I recommend that you do but take some aspirin and Advil with you because this is just talk about whiplash, intellectual, pseudo intellectual whiplash that they, these Jews, take you for a ride on. It's pretty incredible. And the reason why I mentioned the word count on Nationalist and nationalists and whatever they basically tell this contorted and twisted and pseudo intellectual story of America's founding, where you're supposed to take one side over the other and they apply the word nationalist where they think you should. There things that you should really care about a lot and then anti nationalists in things that you should a shoe for whatever reason. And they've done this DNC with American history, it's it's really made for pseudo intellectuals. He knows that he's lying. Both of them know that they're lying. And if you've been paying any attention to what we've been saying in our deep dives on America's founding, as well as the phenomenon of contemporary fake nationalism and where trees oni and hey Avery or firmly entrenched, you would immediately see the truths that has, onIy is intentionally omitting and other elements about which they're both intentionally misleading you. I mean, you read this thing from our perspective, and it you just laugh out loud every paragraph. James. Did you make it through the whole essay? By the way, it's really an undertaking, but well, it's it's pretty. It's It's funny because his own e. Of course, you'll remember that he's tried this interference in American elections a few months ago, almost a year ago. Now, actually, with the the what was it American conservatism or nationalist? Conservative? National conservatism was the conference they tried to do, where they brought out talker and some, you know, some HPD people and and tried to kind of feel their way around how to present how to stand up this kosher, safe, pressure release valve, right for people who like the who are for people who nationalism appeals to all right, they realize that returning back to our values conservatism is not going to be an effective way to keep these people in the fight trapped in the Finkelstein kosher sandwich. And so they tried this and it really fell flat when they tried it last time. So I think what they're doing here is they're looking to two other icons of Americana, America's founding, to try to, you know, give, Basically, give this thing a shot of Narcan. Bring it back to life. But ah yeah, it's It's of course, it's just so fitting they would choose Hamilton and how perfect at how perfect and icon to choose. Yeah, and I think it it really is a direct reaction to the work that we've been doing because this propagandize histrionics about what we thought we were, which is a nation founded by us and for us invested in the national, the national interests of the people who built what was once a great nation, from raw, untamed wilderness into what it was for a brief period of time. They want you not only to believe in that narrative, because the true narrative that we've talked about is that the people who built the nation, the people who tamed the raw wilderness were people like us the yeoman, the Agrarians, Ah, the Scots, Irish, the people in the hinterlands, not the Puritans, not the people in the coasts, not the mercantile lists. Not the money lenders, not the creditors who were constantly trying to screw the people in the back country of the people that had no say in throwing aside the articles of confederation the people who had no say in any of the decisions that were made by Alexander Hamilton and some of these others, and they zero in on this America founding as it's it's it's, I think it's a reaction test because the articles just bleeds of No, you must care about this. And there's nationalism to be found here and here it is. And we're going to omit things and manipulate things and twist things in pit founders against each other in a way over a fake battle. It is like applying Think will think to the American founding so that you get deeply invested in one side of it or the other, because part of this also is that has onIy knows that that some will readily adopt and regurgitate everything that he says in the article as this outsiders perspective on American history. But these are Americans, right? James? It's like his own is an American nationalist. He's a serious guy, right? He doesn't care about he doesn't care about sex. So these air these these are the true dupes, the people who read this article and then go out fourth and carry on the implicit Zionism in in what has Any is doing, but has only also knows this is part of the Jewish trick. Azzoni also knows that there will be people who don't like his own E because he's Jewish. And then we'll take the opposite position of wetter whatever he's saying. And he's counting on this. He's counting on you read this essay and then carry the flag of Thomas Jefferson instead. Instead, right, and it and be against Alexander Hamilton. And what this is done is he is revising the history, as it was written, to make it seem as though Alexander Hamilton and in all the things that the Federalist did were were somehow this, like proto American nationalism that was not just ethno nationalist but believed in having a Christian nation. Um, it's amazing the lengths to which this guy goes now we're not gonna break down all of this, but we're gonna break down the key positions of it. But But what has Oniy has done is he's doing DNC on the founding father so that he can do DNC on whites now for people to get really invested in America's founding, and not just get really invested in America's founding but also get invested in America's founding, Um, and behind Hamiltonian ism end in Hamilton himself because they know Hamilton. I was, at the very least, if not a genetic Jew, raised as a Jew, and that's why they're rallying around Hamilton. That's why they're doing this in the correct position is what we've done is to take a look at this work, take a look at not their work, but our work dispassionately not get hung up on our prior's examine it for what it was. Look at what the influences were and move forward and stop getting hung up on these things in the past. But Khazzani works from this false premise that really entrenches the Jewish world view that he has, and he brings out features of the story he was just amplify and suppressing in emitting those that he finds inconvenient to really create this weird. This weird, I don't know, almost almost Aziz, though he's like projecting the political paradigm of today on the founders back then and then gives you reasons for why Hamilton was a based ethno nationalist that you should get behind all of the all of its program. And what's funny is they don't really address the fact that all of those programs, because they do, they get fully behind Marbury versus Madison, which is amazing. Just amazing sight to behold on. Why, why you should support Marbury versus Madison Judicial Review in the Constitution. But they get behind all this stuff, and I don't understand what the But I understand what the point of it is other than to further confuse further derail and get people often to some other. If if you really wanna have, like, I am setting sort of the AM net fakeness and gayness aside, um, if you really want to have an American country that is ethno nationalist, this is not how you go about it, right? And well, this is Oh, yeah, I was going to say I think the reason they're doing this part of the reason is we got polling come out cash four or five months ago showing that a record level of young people are disinvested in America. And this for the first time, young American whites are no longer field attachment to America. No longer feel invested in being an American. There was more polling that came out from Gallup just this week, showing that the minority of white Americans now say they're extremely proud to be an American. So people's interest in Americanism white people's interest in Americanism is is falling. People are losing the ah, the illusion mint is falling from people's eyes, right? So people are disinvesting themselves mentally from America. So they know this has been happening for a long time, that whites no longer really place a lot of value in this American patriotism history thing. It's dying out generationally and has ony and the nationalist conservatives. They know this, and they're attempting to to again push people back into investment in Americana, etcetera but also being being anti Hamilton pro. Jefferson has been something that, to the extent people talk about America's founding and conservatives have talked about America's founding, it has usually been Jefferson being the water of the Tree of Liberty, pro libertarian, big, small, small government, free market capitalist guy and Hamilton. There's been this this vague dislike of Hamilton that a lot of people and in conservatism have had because he was a federalist. He wanted bigger government and things like that, so as conservatism. And this is happening with with Tucker and a lot of the rhetoric. That's mainly really the rhetoric that's coming out of our milieu, of the nationalist side of things. What we're doing, breaking people from this illusion, that small government is a good thing. And so you have conservatives now, and this has been happening in in the right wing media for a few years now. People are embracing big government, right? People saying, Well, reconsidering their previous position on big government and part of that reconsideration. People are saying, Yeah, I want law and order. I want, you know, Trump to do something about the economy, things like this. But part of part of that is it. Like it feels edgy and it feels cool. If you're conservative to say, Yeah, maybe big Government actually is good in this or that instance. And so they're ascribing that also to American history, right? And they're they're leading conservatives, too, to approach Hamel. Tony in is, um, with that same inquisitive this with this in curiosity or big government or federalism in this case in order to reinvest people in that dichotomy. And so I think you know we look at the trajectory of American whites, and I think it explains why why has only would be doing this doubling down on the founding we had doubling down on the founding. And but But it's more so that if you listen to our deep dive on Alexander Hamilton called American Mephisto Ofili's and you read his essay that he's written here, then you understand very quickly by the based on the things that he omits from his essay is the thing that he wants you not to notice. And as we've talked about, at least in the first half of Jefferson and in American coup data and in American Memphis, Toffoli's this financial interests foreign financial interest in methods of foreign financial control in the early American founding and how that unfolded. He doesn't want you to notice that at all. He talks very little about Hamilton's bank. He talks very little about public debt. He addresses it. He sort of skates by it. But when you boil it all down, what you're left with, especially again, and I returned to the deployment of the word nationalist, it's used, you know, you put like too much salt on food, and then it ruins it. He has ruined like he's ruined the word I don't even want to use like Natalie is something else. Nationalists as I'm I don't even like this word anymore because he's he's road it. Nationalist nationalist National ism Grand Total of ah, Hunt almost 200 times throughout the essay. It's just insane when you read it and we're going to read some of the passengers here, you'll see what I mean. But when you boil it all down, the take away mid wits air supposed to get from this is Alexander Hamilton. Hardcore revolutionary American nationalist Thomas Jefferson Confederation A List Open borders, Globalist. I mean, he literally says thes things in the essay Federalism Good anti federalism, Bad on off, off on And it just keeps going. And you have Azzoni and, uh, every misers calm. Every which is the Slavic word for Ju have re just every every single time has onis obtrusive and transparently foreign inter interpretation of America's founding seeks to further confuse people that are still clinging to a past that never existed, derailing further critical analysis, interacting yet another false dichotomy intended for whites to become more deeply entrenched. That's the purpose of this. Mid wits now care about the founding. They get really invested in what they think is nationalism because to Jews on American conservatives say that it is, and they get really lost in this. But just listen to this because this is This is amazing. I mean, just the article headline alone. Hamilton's Federalist Party provides a blueprint or conservative conservatives today, so he starts by saying America produced great homegrown nationalist political tradition. Yeah, right. Like Alexander Hamilton is homegrown Joel, just like those oni also not homegrown and every not also also not home grown and, indeed, a ruling nationalist party, the Federalist Party, which advanced a set of principles and policies that were obviously nationalist and, in fact conserve as a model and an inspiration to nationalist today, Jesus Christ. It's like 55 of those in one sentence. Our purpose in this essay is to re acquaint readers with America's founding Nationalists will retell the story of the nationalist side of the American founding and then just describe the principles that made the Federalist Party one of the most important and successful nationalist movements in history and a relevant model for Americans and other nationalists today it just over. It's already ruined. Yeah, just Oh, man, that's terrible. Yeah, So he says, the Nationalist Party in American politics was born out of these experiences, with much of its leadership consisting of soldiers, businessmen and lawyers. He's saying that the Federalist, it's like no one merchants in merchants and money lenders and creditors who had witnessed firsthand the inability of the American national government, the American national government to act as a decisive fashion in a decisive fashion in matters of four diplomacy and finance. A little bit of truth there can't. We can't act in a decisive fashion on finance or war, which is funny. And he talks about the Treaty of Paris in Alexander Hamilton, Young protege, calling for a new American constitution and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Uh, he says, the Nationalists urged a unification of the American nation under a government with the authority to conduct national finances in diplomatic military affairs. But they found themselves opposed by a largely anti nationalist or confederation. A lists that majority which regarded proposals to establish a national government possessing significant coercive powers. A standing national army, national taxes a national bank as betrayals of the ideas of the revolution. Well, see, this is where this is just goes way off the rails. All of these 13 colonies were their own nations. So well, I mean, why is it that Jews keep insisting on setting up like the you and setting up on the United States? It's like, Well, each of these places is its own nation. So it's not anti nationalists to be pro Pennsylvania or pro Virginia or pro Georgia. Because these state governments which, as we point out in our deep dives, were the state legislator laters were the place where these agrarian yeoman, working class Scots Irish had the most political power, and Hamilton wanted to take that away. He wanted it to be taken away. And so again, you don't want to get lost in the federalist versus anti federalist whole point of view. But this notion that it was nationalists vs like people who just didn't want to go along with the plan because reasons it's just insane. He key goes on. Although the divide between nationalists and confederation a lists confederation ists, I guess, is the new word seemed at first to be a disagreement over practical proposals about how best to govern post revolutionary America. It quickly became clear that the argument was far deeper than that. In fact, both sides in the argument were inspired by competing visions of American identity and citizenship, which drove the formation of the two clearly opposed political parties. It's like no, like I'm gonna I don't want to bang the table cause I'll probably screw up my USB cable again But I want to bang the table, be like No, no, no, no, Like we just spent a fucking our in the deep dive talking about the formation of the political parties, what became was the difference between the financial interests of the country, which these these people, the people that didn't get a say so in the Constitution. The people that didn't get a say so in any of the Jay Treaty and all the things that came that were bad and that they kept getting screwed. I mean, we talked about this in the deep Diamond. Highly, I don't rehash all that here, but the Hamiltonian government was about setting up a national court system so that foreign creditors could come in and claim debts on these yeoman working class Scots Irish, not all of them Scots, Irish, but all these people out in the hinterlands. They wanted a national system so that the state courts couldn't screw over these foreign creditors anymore. They wanted a military so that they could put down uprisings like Shay's Rebellion, which, uh, which which has only just glosses over as, like, something that Oh, yeah, we had to put this. We had to put this down, you know, And we don't wanna put private money on this anymore. It has to be something else. It's like and then and then on top of that, the bank, the public debt. On top of all this, it's It's like, you know, these people did not want that. They wanted to be sovereign in their own states. And they treat that like, Oh, they just want to be rugged, individual libertarian like Ron Paul libertarians. That's not what they were at all. And I hate this fucking projected projection that people do on this stuff. It's like no, the people the people that Jefferson was trying to represent for a period of time until he completely cooked I'm gonna ruin the deep diver spoiler alert. But till he completely cocked and capitulated, he was not the leader, that those people needed the same people right now who are getting programmed and who are being lynched in the media who have never had a voice in the country. It's always been a lead interest of which Alexander Hamilton waas one. These people have never had a choice. They've never had a voice. And where they have the most political power was within their state governments in those state governments which are larger and more expansive than most nations in fucking Europe. Even somehow that's anti nationalists toe wanna have power closer to home. And that's the thing that has oniy in this other guy. Don't even talk about. Is that okay? You're advocating for the system, that one. And here we are today, like connect those dots for me because all of this today, when they stand up from Marbury versus Madison and all this other bullshit, it's like that's where we are today. It's like it's so amazing that they can write 1500 words on why Marbury versus Madison is a good thing. The same day that the Supreme Court upholds DACA in fag rights and everything else. It's just amazing to me that they could do this, but I guess, but they cope and they say, Well, how could the Federalist ever envision that the court system would have been anything other than Anglo American traditionalists? James. Well, because that's not what Alexander Hamilton Waas. So I don't know where you begin well, and they knew pretty early on with how Marbury versus Madison worked out that oh wow, we have given the court's way more power than than the people ever intended to give the courts right, that the courts took upon themselves the ability to overrule and to determine for the people what was actually constitutional, which again the Constitution being written without much input from regular regular Americans at the time was, ah, you know, skewed from the start. And the other thing, too, is that the articles of confederation, they're acting as if it forbade any cooperation between states, which is not at all the case. It did not authorize a national bank. Yeah, that's true. But it didn't didn't prohibit states from working together. States could work together any in working, it could collaborate on matters that would be beneficial to all of their people, Right? That's the thing is the people had more of a voice in the direction of their state government with their states, states did and the United States Constitution. Not only did it obviously remove some direct authority from people just by nature of establishing a national government, which, of course, you know the average person will have less of a voice When you have a national government, that's obviously the case, but it's structurally. It was done in such a way that those people were were prevented from having a voice in its writing and in its ratification. So, yeah, I mean, the idea that it's it's either like, you know, some Walter Block type future where every individual a sovereign, her own homestead. Yeah, you know, that's not not what the articles of Confederation did. It's a strawman. It's a total strawman. And look, I understand the arguments of white nations uniting together to defeat a massive Jewish leviathan like look, I get that argument. I get the whole argument on the you and everything else. But what if that were true? If it's better for them to have people divided up into little groups. They would have done that with the nation's two, but instead they control these need. They don't wanna have all these different nations out there that they have to wrangle and contend with. It's it's much easier in one top down sort of federal structure now. It depends on who controls that, whether that's good or bad. But we've had 275 years of fucking bad, okay, so this is not turning out very well. But it's disingenuous to argue that the reason for the formation of the early political parties were competing visions on American identity and citizenship. That's just an outright lie because he later goes on to make the case that federalists were Anglo American, traditional ethno nationalists and the Democratic Republicans were just open borders. Who wanted to have the world flooded with, or the United States flooded with Africans and whatever else, like the levels of projection of contemporary politics on the path. But they count on that right. These Air Jews writing this about our history, it's not their history, it's our history doesn't belong to them in my opinion. They shouldn't be talking about this at all. It doesn't concern them. I mean, look what happens when we start talking about Israeli history. They get very upset. But what happens when when you know you start Fact checking. Ah, Polish history in the 19 forties. People start getting very upset about that, and you know a lot of talk about it. Well, I don't think Jews should be talking about our history. This is not their history, right? And so he keeps going on. And this is where he does the ethno nationalism bit nationalist and conservative, The federalists admired British constitutional structures, including the British traditional, the British tradition blah blah, blah, blah, blah of common. Just find the constitutional. No, I mean that common law is the antithesis of Constitution. That's the whole point of common law is you don't have a Constitution that's a stupid it's done. It's it's totally it's absolutely retarded. And he says, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they were, in other words, he just makes this up. Anglo American traditionalists who regarded national identity is rooted in the particular traditions of a people and expected newcomers to adopt these okay, Then why did Cromwell let the Jews back in? If these air Anglo American traditionalists fucking guy. But no, it's like he wants you to come away with mid wits to come away with bro. They were ethno nationalists, just like you and me, right? Looks like it's like, No. Yeah, and it's It's more DNC to to divide like it's This is like an Anglo superiority thing that they're doing it because they emphasize Anglo multiple times here, angle of Protestantism to to suggest then that the Germans that were part of America's founding we're not real Americans, the Scots Irish, not real Americans. It's just is tiresome. It is, yeah, and what we'll get to the where he accuses Jefferson of being an open borders globalist and which is which is funny, too, because, well, we'll explain it when we get there. So, um, let's see anti federalist, the So let's see. Ah, that's sort of boring. Like I I chop this up, but it's fine. Hamilton's initiative toe hold a constitutional convention was unconstitutional, so he met. We talked about Shay's rebellion already, Um, but I'll say this anyway, he says. But the need for it was dramatically demonstrated in the fall and winter of 17 86 when the state's found themselves unable to raise an army to meet Shay's rebellion. Ah, and organized in organized insurrection in Massachusetts that had to be put down by privately funded troops. Period. Paragraph, End of story Doesn't explain Chase Rebellion doesn't talk about what it is. He moves past it without any further explanation. Because Massachusetts, which was a Federalist stronghold, Federalist Nationalist stronghold, was putting people into fucking debtor's prison and rural lights, had a negative reaction to this and had to be suppressed with private money. And Hamilton didn't like this. He wanted a nationalist army. Right? I'm gonna keep using his own is where he wanted a nationalist army to suppress them further, tax them more and screw them over in a nationalist court system. So this is what has. Oniy doesn't tell you. It's like Shay's rebellion. Yeah, if they did not let elites did not like what happened with Shay's rebellion because they saw that people were getting fucking pissed at being screwed and thrown into debtors prison in states that had a legislature that backed thes people's up beat people up. You didn't get a Shay's rebellion because the state wasn't putting people into prison for being in debt to fucking foreign creditors. So, yeah, it's just yeah, it's And that's one of the That's one of the reasons one of the many reasons that many people fled Britain at the time was they didn't like the practice of of debtors, prisons. This was, of course, common practice. You know, you want to talk about an Anglo American tradition, debtors prisons would be right up there at the top. But people yes. Oh, so one of the very founding American ideals, if you will, amongst the people at least was. To get rid of that was to stop letting powerful credit people get hooked on credit and then letting finance put them in prison, make them turn them essentially into slaves because they'd be forced to work in these debtors prisons. So, yeah, I mean, that's that's your American Anglo founding right there. We'll listen to the excuse making that he does for throwing out the articles, he says. The nationalist success at the convention and in the subsequent ratifying conventions of the states amounted to what has rightly been called the second American Revolution. Oh, right. The 1st 1 was when these people fought for their freedom and got it and got a government that they wanted. The 2nd 1 was when the elites decided that that first government didn't work and then railroaded through something new with the Bill of Rights. Two years later is an afterthought. Listen what he says, a Siris of unconstitutional. But democratic and peaceful political maneuvers led to the overthrow of the decentralized, an anti nationalist American constitution of 17 77 into its replacement by the new Nationalist Constitution of 17 87. So, of course, this enabled Hamilton to get his bank and his court system, and then that was it. Then juice switch sides, as we pointed out in part one of the Jefferson Deep dive in, solidified behind the Democratic Republican Party in the aftermath of the French Revolution to start meddling on the other side. And they started playing both sides but has oniy axes, though. Okay, we can overthrow a former white government of working class people that wasn't anti nationalist. Who's 13 nations working together, each one of them different. If you actually look back into American history, and understand these original 30. I mean, everything sort of blends together today, Dr. You know, on the interstate, across state lines, into one place and into another. These places back then were diverse, different, very different places from one another. You can have a quote that he uses from Patrick Henry where Henry says, Well, if Virginia, you know, doesn't want something And then the other 12 colonies voice something on Virginia, why would we want something? You know, why would we want to participate in something? Ah, you know, under the yoke of people who have no connection to us and I get the sentiment of like, well, whites need to stand together. But people didn't understand this at this time. And maybe they should have, but the idea that Oh, yeah? What? You know, it would have been better for whites to stand together. Therefore, Hamiltonian is, um it's like guy. Get the fuck out. This is the light switch, Brain. Yeah, the lights. We This is light switch history here in the either Either everyone is totally atomized or all right together under one yoke. And you can I mean e so they will see the idea that if America had were May, if the articles of confederation had remained in place and there had been limited cooperation between the states or cooperation between the states. But not this this constitutional system that we have now they will see the idea that eventually it would have led toe war, and eventually it would have led to the states fighting a war, going on, conquering each other and future proud. And you know, this national disunity. So it's better that this this was put in place the way it was, but one I see no evidence of that. There's no evidence that this necessarily would have happened. You have to prove that to me. And secondly, are we living in a system that has a lot of national unity right now? The only were in, and I hate the like Civil were in a civil war mean because, you know, that's kind of in perfect, its fourth generational warfare. We are civil war, right? Yeah, it's an imperfect description, but But it does apply in many ways. This is it, you know. The civil war, though, is the system and the state in these powerful institutions against the white citizenry. That's the real civil war that's going on. But you know, so instead you get the conflict, but you get it spread out over the across the entire nation with no real escape. And so people who are talking and saying well, you know, moved to Idaho moved to Montana. It's like I understand that and there are many practical, short term reasons for why that might might be a good idea. But if you had a Confederate a confederation system, that would actually mean something. Because as it stands now, you could move to Idaho. You could move to South Dakota. But that scotus decision about DACA that's Kotis decision about LGBT Q p writes that applies no matter what state you're in. Yeah, it applies no matter what state you're in. And also this whole confederation was was predicated on the notion that it was even predicated with the convention. Right with this constitutional convention of 7 87 was predicated on the notion that if somebody if one of these, this is how they allayed the concerns of Patrick Henry. Oh, if you don't like it, you can leave right? And that was true up until the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln was again. Now use can't leave and just killed What? 600,000 white men? Ah, for I don't know, to prove a point for black people or something. I mean, it's, you know, we're gonna touch on the Civil War in touch on Lincoln. But but, yeah, it's the whole system is predicated on the being able to leave, like I don't like what's going on here. So I'm going to go and do something else, and I don't think there's anything atomized about that at all. If Pennsylvania wants to say, you know what, This doesn't work for me, and I'm going to go somewhere else. I'm going to be my own thing. You guys can do you. You guys can keep doing fact, but they couldn't have that disparity. They couldn't have the contrast they had in any of these states. You know, throughout the early history of the Supreme Court, tried to sue for various things in the time and time again. The Supreme Court, after Marbury versus Madison, said, No, you can't do that, you know, like we talked about on the deep dive with the with the banks. Um, you had the state of Maryland? Ah, basically setting up laws. Ah, causing problems for Hamilton's bank. And, ah, you know, the Supreme Court came and said, No, that's a national bank. You can't do anything with that. That's national law. Fuck you, Maryland. And very quickly. Within just a couple years after they had ratified this Constitution, it's already just out the window. This notion that any of these places was gonna be ableto uphold its own. And so you've always been under the yoke of financial control. Financial leverage. So the people in these places could never get what they wanted. And as long as they had some frontier to push into, you always had sort of this feeling of freedom in America for people to sort of escape. That's why you know, the expansion of the country was really driven by people trying to escape the shitty system on the coast, right? I mean, that's really what it was. It's like everybody is fleeing from this and there's free land, of course, but people wanted to get out of these cities. People did not want to stay. Yeah, and in many ways, the control I mean, is things were different situations were different, but but especially that New England sector, right? I mean, the Anglo area, You're not angry? The Anglo American foundation of the country. You know, that was something that many people were escaping from. Then they saw I get propped up over here and I'm like, well, better move west of the Mississippi because if I stay here, I'm going to be in a state that is essentially run by the Mercantile elite. I'm not going to have the ability to to start a life for myself, right of these other, these other things that people wanted to escape the tyranny in many ways of great Britain at the time that they were not being afforded that right in in the Eastern Seaboard, away the time. So, yeah, they went west. And, ah, you know that regionalism again. The erasure of differences between states is something that you know in our lifetimes. States are all generally the same in terms of legal structures and things. But there's always aiming at the time. It's all the same. It's it's like, yeah, right. It's always the same. And so yeah, I mean, going on just to listen to the cognitive dissonance on this Jefferson, Madison and others, including many former opponents of the nationalist constitutions, yell obnoxious. This gets, after a while, assembled what became, But it's a Jewish lesson, right? This is Jewish. This is just repeating, repeating this over and over and over again until people just lap it up mid wits. Lap it up. Assembled what became the Democratic Republican Party, which supported state's rights over the power of the national government? Let's see again, it's this. It's this stupid sort of use of the word. It's like, Well, they supported the national rights of the States so they didn't want a national government, you know, just like I nobody wants. Nobody would want to live under a world government where I have to share political power with, like what a 1,000,000,000 Indians like Page. It's like, No, why would you want that? Nobody wants, um S O state courts over national jurisdiction again. We explain that in the deep dive, the reason why Hamilton wanted a powerful national court system was so that the state courts couldn't defend the people who had power in those states which were the yeoman farmers, right? We talked about this. Then he says, The D establishment of religion. So wait, the Republican Democrat of Republican Party. I'm not trying to plan trust on them or defend them. But if there was no call for the D establishment of religion, they in fact, that's why Jews flocked to the Democratic Republican Party to support Jefferson was because he espoused freedom of religion. Oh, but you see why later? Because his own E tries to make the case that the Founding Fathers, at least the Federalist founding fathers, were ethno religious nationalists. And that's what we have to get behind today. Um, Judeo Christian values does not mentioned one time in this article. It's so funny. How that works, um Jefferson in the Democratic Republican Party were also for the expansion of slavery, a foreign policy, favorable defense, France and while opposing the federalist parties, nationalist and economic and immigration policies. Their nationalist economic and immigration policy will talk about immigration a second. But what has Oniy calls economic nationalism in this document is the debt financed economy set up by Hamilton. It is the publicly funded debt that is economic nationalism, but of course it is. That's the only way it works for Jews. Yeah, well, in the foreign policy favorable for France, they were France's puppet man. Yeah, well, you can ask the white Haitians how that turned out Not to give too much away for the deep dive, but the idea that Jefferson was in the pocket of the French things might have been better off had he been and in some way. But ah, of course. The corollary to that is Hamilton, who was basically, I mean, they want They were, you know, being in people's pockets. They were basically intending to give Great Britain willing to give Great Britain and the Mercantile elites the transnational Mercantile elites of the time. Whatever they wanted. Many of these people that were in Hamilton's milieu were just plotted counting down the days until the U. S territories could be returned to British Control s Oh, yeah, I mean the idea of foreign meddling at the time. It's like you're not gonna talk at all about the British meddling has ony and who those meddlers were? No, I didn't think so, No, because they already had control the British government. That's why Hamilton wanted to set up a government just like Britain in America because it was one that they had financial leverage over to control. This is why it was done. I mean, we in before all of these arguments in our deep dives, which is so great because you would expect if we had a deep dive that came out and totally skewered Hamilton, that we would come out with one that just props up Jefferson. But that's not what we did it all. It's like, you know, his whole light switch strategy here isn't gonna work because we take down Jefferson too, but for different reasons than he does so. But listen to this. This is totally based. Nationalist Marbury versus Madison, right? However, the political, the decline of the Federalist Party did not mean the end of American nationalists political ideals wielding the doctrine that the Supreme Court was responsible for interpreting the constitution, which it never was, and later the resulting power of judicial review. These federalist judges continue to protect the Nationalist constitution of 17 87 in so many of their ideas had been adopted, whether completely or partially, even by their Jeffersonian opponents. Now that's true because Jefferson allowed Marbury versus Madison toe happen. He allowed it to happen. He facilitated it. So, yeah, this this whole thing is thumb. So they closed the south. Facing the new Nationalist Constitution was a restoration of Anglo American political inheritance that Washington and many of his supporters and officers had in fact been fighting to preserve during the War of Independence. It's like, Wow, they were fighting to preserve the Anglo American political. Why didn't they write that down? Do what I want. And they write it down because they you know, people. This is the thing that people get hung up on its that they think that this is what these people actually believe. But when we've read quotes from Washington, what's the quote from Washington on bigotry? I mean, just like it never ends. It's Ah, yeah. This whole idea is predicated on white nationalism by omission, right? Yes, it really is. No, they That's exactly what they do. I'm trying to find this this quote because I had this actually at the top of the stack. Oh, yeah. Washington quote. Yes. Here it is. Beautiful. This is great. This is great. Ah, hold on. I gotta admit, I gotta get this. Because where do you see that? For? Happily, the government of the United States gives no big gives to bigotry, no sanction to persecution. No assistance requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it all occasions there effectual support George Washington in his 17 90 letter to the Touro Synagogue in the Jewish community of Newport. Bigotry. No sanction T Washington, American nationalist Anglo F, though, And Atle just get the fuck out of here with this shit. But, um, these air has onis nationalist Hamiltonian principles, a distinct American nation of British heritage. Of course, he can say that because that was never really and it's never going to come true now. American constitutional continuity with the British Constitution. So we're going to continue doing what Britain did, which was just basically collapsed into a pile of rubble under Jewish control. The Supreme Court, the Supreme Court responsible for interpreting the Constitution. So we're going to have a sand Hedren, and it's going to decide to be the final arbiter of every law that the ah legislation legislature of the people is going to pass right. San Hedren, top authority in the country. Economic nationalism, which is Hamilton Ian's Bank Nationalist Immigration policy. We're gonna get to that in a second alliance with Britain. Alliance between religion and state, which is really weird and then opposition to slavery. Well, slavery was brought to the United States by Jews. So that's your problem. Listen to what he says about Hamilton, the Scottish nationalist. A similar nationalist view is evident in Hamilton's writings as early as his constant Continental ist essays of 17 81 and certainly so in the Federer federalists were Hamilton, to refers to quote the affinity of language and manners in the familiar habits of intercourse that characterize Americans. Hamilton Air. Hamilton's nationalism was likewise rooted in a culture one chooses to adopt for he himself a relative newcomer to America, having been born to a Scottish father and 1\/2 French mother in the Caribbean island of Nevis. Having arrived in the country Onley in 17 72. Thus the affinity and even mawr of the familiar habits to which he was referring. We're to him not native or local, but acquired an Anglo American, one Scottish father Yeah, right Yeah, it will. In a way, his own is actually not wrong about the US receiving a British style constitution because the British Constitution is, of course, common law where law can be changed very easily. And what is effectively the quote the Constitution is ever set in stone. That's what the U. S. Ended up receiving through the judiciary as well, basically, is that Ah, the Constitution can be reinterpreted at any time by the cry turkey. And so things like the civil rights law, civil rights, Amendments of Rights Act can effectively now supersede constitutional law in importance because of Supreme Court rulings. So I mean, yeah, it's like That's that is what we received, thanks to thanks to the Hamilton Ian's in effect, and not just that Hamilton is an outsider, and he just sort of adopted all of these traits. And, you know, the argument that that ah, that his only makes about immigration is that they that Jefferson was open border globalist guy and federalists were not. But the reality is that Jefferson wanted what, five years of citizenship and, ah, the federalist. Did the 19 years of citizenship bit under the alien and sedition acts Ah, and whatever. But the idea that that it was basically federalists Onley wanted white Britons, white Protestant, Britain's in the country and that Jefferson wanted to open the floodgates to the world. It's like Go. Jefferson wanted more people from Europe. There was that the This is what has only never recognizes Nobody. Nobody in this original sort of Kadre of men who founded the country had any consideration of bringing anybody into the country from any other countries other than European countries. There was not going to be a discussion about people coming from Eritrea or from God knows where. It just was not really reality. And Jeffrey, this this whole notion that Jefferson wanted open borders in order to make him sort of some sort of, I don't know, crazy Open borders fanatic. I mean, Jefferson had a lot of failings as we talk about in the deep dive in again. I hate to even say this because it sounds like I'm defending Jefferson, and this is this is also the insidious purpose of what has Oniy is doing. But I just want to say he makes this argument seem as though federalists, government based anti Federalist Government is basically Nancy Pelosi, and that's not what these like. He makes it sound like, Oh, they're just They're for open Borders even goes as far as to blame Jefferson. I'll get into this in a second. I don't want a spoiler alert this too much, but I will just say the argument was over mawr, Europeans, or, I guess, like fewer Europeans. But there was never there was never anti. There was never any legislation from the Federalist government that said, We're not going to do it. Immigration, except if they're from Britain, may just not what they did. It's not reality free white men of good moral character. They wanted white people in the country. And if you're an American nationalist and you're somebody who thinks that American nationalism is a great vehicle for white nationalism, then why wouldn't you support if the people that that supported Jefferson, Scots, Irish, the Agrarians, the yeoman, the people who had been screwed by creditors in Europe and who are looking to come to America for a new life I'm in support of those immigrants? If you and I'm pro immigration for Europeans, we say this all the time, I wouldn't want no immigration to the United States. I would want immigration from European countries only and be very scrutinizing over the people that came in white Europeans. That's it. And this, you know, you're building your in the process of building a new country in the late 18th century, and the idea is like You're just gonna like you make up this lie about what the Federalist actually wanted. They were all open tomb or immigration. It just depended on who and from where and how much. It's a matter of control. It's not this light switch. Brain of Federalists only wanted whites, and Jefferson wanted the world. That's not reality. That's not true. And so it's a fake and gay thing to get you to support Hamilton and economic nationalism and some other bullshit. It's just not reality. Yeah, it's it reminds me of the other trick that I don't know if his only himself has done it, but people from that milieu have done it. When you talk about a future where you would have a whites only immigration policy, they'll say, Well, guy, that's nice. But ah, you know, most Europeans are Socialists and liberals and would be Democrats. So oh, I would you ever want to do that? Would not just get things right back where they are and it's it's It's an esoteric trick. You know, you don't see it as much anymore because that conversation isn't being had as much. But it's Ah, it's definitely something they've tried. So they they thrive. And they need to redefine the terms of the immigration debate and make the parameters not only constrained in a way that favors them but make the parameters fake basically instead of two fake positions, both of which ah, you know, have problems or are benefiting them and then make you fight it out over those two as it's not reality. Yeah, it is. And that he does more with the fake stuff, too, and he's not wrong about this. But then he goes to create set up the false dichotomy. Jefferson is now a hero to a large section of conservatives who idolise him, especially for his opposition to strong national government. No Azzoni. We just oppose you and I'm not a Jeffersonian. We totally pillory the guy. But this this notion that Jefferson is the hero for a large section of conservatives. It's like, Well, yeah, I mean, because that's what he said. And people don't like the government that they have now because it's become Look, look how easily it was manipulated and controlled. But look, even Jefferson, who probably didn't know it at the time and if he did, didn't know much about it. I mean, as we pointed out, you know, the Democratic Republicans were totally swarmed by Jews in the election of 1800. So it's it's kind of funny how he does this. But he says it is therefore sometimes hard to grasp today the ferocity with which the nationalist conservatives load their opponent, whom they saw as representing everything they a port rationalism as opposed to traditionalism. States rights in the philosophy of the individual, is opposed to the building up of the American nation agrarian ism as opposed to urban and commercial future. Right? That's the like. That's the dichotomy. It's like either farming or why or why don't you guys just want to do in urban and commercial future guys like, and then the twin evils of atheism and slavery just I just know my good, because the people that they had no interest. It's like, Well, why wasn't Why didn't they in slavery? Then why didn't they deal with the poison pill right at the beginning? They they all wanted to get rid of this thing. They just didn't. They just Nobody had the fucking political will to do it. But the idea that only one side supported it and that one side wanted urban and commercial future. Nobody wanted a fucking urban and commercial future except the people who put Hamilton and Power the money lenders, the creditors, the Merkin toe lists. But it's funny. James. He mentions some summit aeration of nationalism, like 200 times in the essay, not one mention of money lenders, not one mention of merchant interest. Nothing at thing. But he does, quote Gertrude Himmelfarb, Jewish historian who told us 20 years ago, half jokingly that the absence of Jefferson from the American Constitutional Convention was the clearest sign of Providence intervening in American history. There's much to be said for this view. It's like, Well, as we pointed out, they sent Jefferson to France during this whole little episode. So it's kind of funny that Himmelfarb is tipping their old Ah tipping the old little small hat, let you know that Ah, yeah. It's like, Oh, how fortuitous that Jefferson wasn't there during the convention to meddle in what we succeeded in putting in place. Right? Because if they hadn't dumb the national courts or the National bank again, it's like, Why couldn't the weather would just give the people what they want? What these people get a say so in what they wanna have, and then we'll fight it out. If we have a war between 13 states, so be it. Let's have it out. But instead, what you've got was just one side destroying the other. And here we are today. I mean, you can't argue with the fact that it took us to where we are now. But this is the funniest part, though, where he says this Jeffersonian Jefferson did 9 11 According to his own e. This Jefferson intellectual hegemony encouraged regime change adventures in distant lands, right? So Iraq, Afghanistan, that was the Jeffersonian intellectual hegemony, right, James? Recklessly indiscriminate immigration and trade policies. So Jefferson is to blame for Nancy Pelosi and everything in all the Jewish interference we have now the elimination of even the slightest echo of religious observance from public life. Oh, Jefferson is the one who remove public pet prayer from scratch Ice. That's like, Yeah, yeah, it's Jefferson, not people like Mikey Weinstein that are suing the military for allowing religious expression. Right. And that's the other thing is, too, is that it has oniy. He's again. This is just so classic. This is a an updated example of Finkel. Think where he's blaming all of these ills that you identify on some dead old white guy. Yeah, right. Conservatives the problem. Isn't people like me probably that my tribe? The problem is, ah, this this dead old white guy who who many of you, you know, may may look up to is some kind of inspect. Whatever it's, it's just so classic lift. Lift up the Jewish founding father and blame everything on the white guy. Oh, he also blames quote the growing hatred toward the country's Anglo American constitutional and cultural inheritance. On Jefferson intellectual hegemony. Yeah, is Jefferson intellectual hegemony just like code for Jewish power? Because, ah, it's starting to sound that way a easily it's eso. Look, if you just replace Jefferson intellectual hegemony with Jewish power, Jewish power encourage regime change in the Middle East. It created recklessly indiscriminate immigration and trade policies. Jewish power eliminated the slightest echo of religious observance from public American life. Jewish power created a growing hatred toward the country's Anglo American constitutional in cultural inheritance. Wow, Right today, nationalists air rediscovering the worth of federalist ideas off a foreign policy based on national interest. Wow, Zionists interests, Right. So we have foreign policy that's based on Zionism. See, in this entire thing, he doesn't critique any of the things that he should be critiquing. But this is this is just how they play the game, right? And this is why this is why you, when you design something to divide whites into camps and then get really worked up over inherent and inherently Jewish interpretation of American history that isn't riel and then devote enormous amounts of time and energy to debating these issues in an unknown us versus them dialectic when the only really us versus them is Jews and gentiles, right? Like I get it. People don't like deconstruction because they're so used to having something built up in favor of a false premise. Here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, mostly gentlemen, in this audience, I know there's some ladies out there, but this is yet another thing. This is how they do it. They build something up in favor of false premise. I don't like deconstruction, man. Well, that's because a lot of the things that have been constructed for you to believe in are fake and gay, and they have to be knocked down, Right? Donald Trump was something that was built up for you to believe in and look how it turned out. Viktor Orban was built up for you to believe in, and it has to be torn down. A lot of America's founding was built up in a way to make you think like you got something out of the deal. Yet there's not a court or a government who is willing to defend any of those rights, right? That's why the Ma Constitution has become a joke. Now it's like it's a joke to everybody. Nobody believes in this nobody. And the sum total of the reaction to this is can be summed up with Rush Limbaugh, saying We have no other alternative. It's let's if that's the case, that the whole thing has already lost, right? This is done with American history in the 20th century, and it's now being done by his own e. So the bottom line is, the answer is no. Has oniy. You're Jewish and you are not a party to discourse on this subject, period. End of story, right? That's the only answer to this is stay out of our affairs will analyze and discuss our own history. You focus on your history. You don't come into our history and talk about cause No. We just got a 10,000 word essay on how Alexander Levine is an American nationalist and this is a blueprint for America. It's like the the blueprint got us to where we are now. Yeah, and somebody like his only doing this. It's so on its face, disingenuous to he wants to wax poetically about these horrible wars that America has fought that are really Jefferson's fault. Your M who was the keynote speaker at your American Conservatism Nationalist conference last year? Oh, yeah, it was John Bolton. So, uh, yeah, l out was Was Hamilton pulling his strings to your am? Yeah, so just, you know, be prepared for this kind of stuff. You're going to see this stuff up, pop up, and I say that to be you know, like I said at the beginning, when I tell people to be prepared for this kind of stuff, I know that our guys are not going to read his own E and take him at face value, which is why I set up the dichotomy at the beginning. The key here is not to take the other side as well. It's not to become a pro Jefferson nationalists. That's not the purpose. Um, Jefferson, as we pointed out in the Deep, I've had an opportunity to stand up for the people who have continued to get screwed in this country from the very beginning and did not Okay, so yeah, like the people who are like us, the people who were around back then, they've been getting screwed. They have not had a leader stand up for them. And the leader that has oniy wants you to put full faith and credit. Keret it into is Alexander Hamilton, which is just funny. It's funny. I mean, you think that if he if he chose, I don't know Washington or something. But no, it's it's It's kind of right on the nose, isn't it, James? Big, old, You know the top of the top of the article. Top of the essay. Just big old like huge Ah, portrait of Alexander Hamilton. It's like, Oh, yeah, it's like no Goy. The rial nationalists is the Joe has been there since the very beginning that say, you should get behind what I do like, you know, it's not as if has only had a shortage of space in this article. He definitely went on for a long time. There's not a single mention of white slavery, not a single mention of impress mint, Right? You want to talk about foreign Wars and you could say, Well, Jefferson, the Barbary Pirates man, it's like, Yeah, that was a war, though, that was designed to stop American whites from being enslaved. So it's like what? I mean, what do you want me to do with that? You know, is that sure? There you could say there are problems with sending our navy overseas so on and so forth. But, you know, it's like the wars that Jefferson did fight. Um, I think There's certainly more defensible in the words that your buddy John Bolton went out and fought. Did the word debt is mentioned one time in the entire article debt? The word credit is mentioned two times debt in credit, but no bro. Economic nationalism. Yeah, thing is, too. If he's going to lie to you about the British Constitution, concede he. At no point does he clarify that, like what the British constitutional system is that it's a living constitution, that it's a series of laws. They don't have a Constitution in the way that we dio. If he's not gonna make that explicitly clear to you, it is instead going to just talk about British constitutionalism. It's like there's something There's something disingenuous here. Ah, and it's worth looking into or what? You know, maybe you're getting worked. If you're reading this and believing it and you are getting worked, so don't believe it. No, they don't believe it. The only thing you can do is say Shut the fuck up, you filthy, lying Jew! And stay out of our politics. You are not white. You are not American. You do not belong here. You, you in your organizations are deeply rooted in Zionism and in Israeli politics and origins. You do not belong here. You do not have a right to talk about our politics. There's no discussion to be had with no fear. Have free or your arm has onIy there's not And And if you believe what they're telling you about Rock Rubio, Alexander Hamilton, Anglo American nationalist, your M you wouldn't qualify to be a part of the conversation, much less age citizen in the country, assuming we're taking you at face value. So if what you doing? All right. So stop talking. Stop telling us what to dio. Yeah, this is all this is all just Yeah, but But I love the reaction, though, because if there wasn't a reason to prop this up, they would just let these arguments that people have been making stand They would let the fact that Americans are like you said, according to polling, you know, just sort of not not seeing a whole big old reason to be that patriotic anymore. There is no spirit of 17. 76 is actually I looked this up the other day, so I know it off the top of my head. It's actually the spirit of 5000 536 which is the Hebrew year of 17 76. That's really what it is. So, yeah, it's going. It's more spirit of 14. 92. Yeah, yeah, normally have more 14 92 although 14 92 It's kind of funny, the cause and effect all this stuff has, but yeah, I mean, not that I would have wanted the Spaniards to keep like the Jews in Spain, but like that kicked the beehive in. It's led to have the problems that we've had today, but and 11 final thing that I was going to say and I was sort of griping around for this earlier is that they're doing this. They're saying this in response to the phenomenon that's occurring in the American right, where the libertarianism with a small government, the veneration for free markets that has fallen apart. Nobody believes that anymore. And so, as people are warming to the idea of a big, powerful government that works for them, this is why has only is now putting Hamilton in front of you as someone that should be looked to as a model because he wasn't like those fuddy duddy neo con, you know, silly old style conservatives that believed in free markets and small government. He's he's a riel. He's the real deal, you know, he's willing to use the state power for the benefit of his people. Look, isn't is great. And and so you know, as just another and of their shipments while the part they build a new one. Yeah, just it's just another dead end. I mean, look, And it's not even to say that like, Oh, yeah, we need, you know, we need 13 small governments around the country. It's like, No, I mean, what if you had What if you had 13 colonies that all had fascist governments or all authoritarian governments? Imagine what that would look. It doesn't matter. It's it's. But this idea that we you have to get deeply invested in the guy that that, you know, wanted to stand up a federal government for all the wrong reasons. It's just another derailment. It's like we're looking forward. Your, um we're not looking backward. We're not looking into. Your dialectics should be disregarded at face value because you're the person proposing them and that's you know, that's what we call drug brain. But I don't want to hear from your arm, has ony about anything. I don't really want to hear him at all. And that's it. I don't This is the thing. I mean, I'm serious, like, especially because of the the hypocrisy of the meddling in American elections that the media has run with its I don't want nobody. I mean, they do, though they meddled in our elections. But the reason why that rhetoric works is because people, because true nationalists do not think that there should be a foreign government meddling in. When you find out that it was really Israelis and not Russians, that's why they had to tell you it's Russians people would care about. But it was, well, they wouldn't get very intense Semetic of that if they find out that it's Israel. But this is there's a good reason for why we don't want meddling in the election, why we don't want meddling in our politics. Thes are outsiders and and actually this dichotomy that they've set up about, you know, the nationalist immigration policies and whatever. If they knew if they saw widow fear have re in your own persona we're doing here. Thing is, these are people that will be who have been excluded by both sides. They're taking. Yes. Yeah, at least in public. Hamel. Hamilton might have taken some correspondence with him, but yeah. Yeah, well, that ended up being the entire second half s. Oh, I don't know. All right, girl. So we'll save this other stuff that we had for some of their time, because it's not gonna go away, So we're gonna get out of here. Uh, look forward to part two of the Jefferson Deep dive coming this week, Which, if you watch, if you listen, all of them. I was measuring our deep dives in in terms of like, how far you could drive across the country and I think were if you started and I don't know, on either coast, you can make it almost halfway across the country with these American deep in. And if you add up all our deep dives together, you probably drive from Key West to Anchorage, Alaska. Are we that far along? Yeah. Maybe that's like 60. Basically driving. I don't They were that far. That would be more game. Yeah, While listening while listening to the real story about Hamilton and Jefferson. You could do what so many of those Yale and farmers wish they could do, which is escaped one of the coast and go right to the heart. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So? So definitely check that stuff out way deal with a lot of these arguments, and then you'll see why I like you. Listen to those. This is the feeling that you get. If you listen to those podcasts, you understand them. You will read an article like Arizonans and just laugh about which is what I it's just It's just too much. But anyway, we will get you guys. Uh, well, next weekend for more news. But now, way, way, way, way."}],"