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welcome again So 3 20 We'll get it right this time Jazz hands Feels he heard it somewhere. Chances are that summer is here, James. Hope you're having a good weekend so far. You, uh, relaxing, staying safe and getting entangled in any problem braving the thunderstorms. Yeah, I, uh, around where I am was driving around, and I saw this thunderstorm coming in and looked like something out of a movie. Because to the south, there were these cell towers and hills and that was totally covered in darkness and then to the right, it was still dust. You know, love this time of year. Pretty great. Pretty grand. This is caused by five G and Ken Caldeira and, uh oh, yeah. And Jubilee Gates. Who, you know, just take my word. Yes. Eat seeding viruses and thunderstorms and whatever. Probably gonna brave a shit storm of ah, of comments on this. But look, I threw the guy to bone. I say, look, if you can prove that Bill Gates is Jewish, I'll believe everything connected to this conspiracy theory. Very simple. Just go prove Biggles. Bill Gates of Jewish got a good lead price of it. Can Volcano, man? I mean, come on. Like hot on the Think this. Yeah. This guy named Ken Volcano is seeding clouds with, uh, with viruses and trying to destroy the white race. Yeah, sounds sounds about right. So, yeah, I wanted to tell this this little anecdote about Bubba Watson because we talked about NASCAR on the midweek show. Definitely. If you're not a subscriber, definitely. Sign up. Bubba Watson is the only black NASCAR guy in guy, and he's a mulatto. Like he's not even full black Ondas Dad is nowhere to be found. Who's white? Um, because when you look at his mom, it's like, Oh, my God, but yeah, this guy I was I was listening to ah, you know, a menagerie of Sirius XM's channels this morning as I was going to the store and, um, I put on, you know, just dropped in to CNN to see if they're saying dropped into Fox News, trapped in MSNBC and even on CNN. They were covering Trump's West Point graduation speech, and I just caught snippets of it until I realized that it was on every fucking channel and it was just like, You know, you guys historians will look back at you one day and study the accomplishments that you've made him like Jesus Christ. I skip the next channel and it's like going all the way back to World War Two, where we flushed out the evil, terrorist wicked enemy from their whole. And I'm like, Alright, change the fucking channel And it's still trump on MSNBC like still Trump Causal flip between the three and Onley Every once in a while will you get the cars for kids commercial playing on all three channels at the same time? It's the most incredible thing, but sometimes you'll hit it. But they all play that car's for kids. Of course, commercial city kids need to go to summer camp. The Orthodox. That's right. Yeah, people might not know about the cars for kids commercial, but it's the cars for kids. Um, it's this commercial that used to have a really annoying singsong, uh, little jingle that went with it that you couldn't stand. It was awful. Now they've switched to just ah, very plain toned. If you want to donate your car, you can get tax dollars for cars for kids dot com, and it's all the money essentially goes to Hebrew schools. Um, they played on Fox News. They play it on basically every channel it's on. I know it's on Rush Limbaugh's on all of the syndicated radio stations, but anyway, so I ended up on Bloomberg. Oh, God! And Bloomberg was talking about I thought was going to get some economic news. But instead it was they were actually talking about NASCAR Bubba Watson, and they played the audio of Bubba telling those stories those lies about his interactions with the police that we relate on our midweek show. And when you hear Bubba himself do those bits, it's so much more even more obvious that it's a lie. And the he even did bits that he just like, You know, the story just keeps expanding in terms of its scope, in terms of its ah lack of integrity. Like he even goes to the point where he says he was tackled by a German shepherd and he could feel the hot breath of the term. The evil German shepherd on his face breathing at him inches from his face. You know his life is in the hands of this German shepherd. And then he just keeps telling story after story after story about how he's been victimized by the police. And they pivot back to this this Jew pundit from Bloomberg, whoever's on on Saturday morning, and he says, Now is the time that we really need to listen to stories like this and understand that our whiteness has never experienced anything like this before. And it is time that we really take a deep understanding in here what these people are saying. So it's like, OK, so I have to listen to all these black lies about this right? Black lives Matter is really what this is all about. You have to listen to all the stories that have never happened about this guy's entanglements with the cops. And anyway, if I can find the audio for for that segment, it's pretty funny because he covered some. Actually, I'm kind of mad cause the stories that Bubba told in that audio clip were even more just like wild and totally out of control. The German shepherd is sort of just the tip. Um, but yeah. Anyway, it's good to tell the story about how when he was being trained for NASCAR by white supremacists, they tricked him and put him in the pedal powered, brain bashing car where the accelerator bashed his brain. Well, the thing that the thing that was particularly enraging about the segment was the Jew pundit said, Ah, I don't know how to pronounce this guy's last name, but his name's Ray Ciarelli. Mamma Mia Church! Really? I don't have to pronounce his name, But he is, I guess, a NASCAR driver who on Friday, when the league or the organization announced no more Confederate flags, he said, Yeah, I'm out. You're gonna take down that flag. I'm out, man. I was like, All right, cool, nice. This guy, this guy's actually doing the bit. And the Jew pundit on Bloomberg. He had the nerve. He had the balls. The chutzpah to say, Well, Ray hasn't won a race or he hasn't placed in the top 10 in the last three years, and I wanted to grab the fucking radio. Be like, Listen, you filthy, lying Jew, Bubba Watson has never won a race, and you're going to say this guy isn't police in the top 10 in the last three years. It's like, OK, so what? I mean, you know how many guys are out on the field, but you're just gonna lie and say, Oh, yeah, Bubba. But bubbles doing great, right? Bubbles do not. Now, public doesn't win any race. But I'm gonna hold true to my prediction that they're going to let Bubble win or Bubba is going to do is going to start doing very, very well. And it's be because, you know, they're not do anything to his car, that I don't have to boost his car. Somebody was suggesting, though they they tune his car in a different way. It's like knows those things air checked pretty well. They'll just let it win. Why I do all these like, you know, clandestine engine modifications when you can just, like, have cut white drivers just like let Bubba have the fucking flag, you know? Yeah, and they drivers will know even if they don't want to go along with it, you'll know that the the optics, as will be presented in the media of like passing him on the last lap or something. Yeah, there's there's not gonna be desirable conversations you wanna have. So I hope, I hope, as as somebody as they open up the lane for bubble to start climbing the leaderboard. You know, in the Inter the end of the race, I hope I hope there's somebody out there who just, like, smashes that guy into a fucking wallets like not he. It's not that he doesn't even know what the shot is, but it's that they would just be like and I'm not. I'm not playing this game where we all let the black I win. Like, let's make this sport actually fucking means something. Car 14 comes raring around that corner are 88 right on the flank. Yeah. Yeah, well, we'll see, but ah, but I want to that anecdote because I heard it this morning. And it's just the levels of where this is gone in the demoralization that they do it. Just one example And people are listening to this and Ah, yeah, of course. But But what we're gonna talk about today is is gonna be pretty pretty interesting. I mean, it za discussion that people in our circles and in just, you know, the right sphere of politics. The white sphere of politics have typically, about sort of what kind of a strategy Trump might try to employ. He's very boxed in. We're going to talk about that. But in the second half, we're gonna talk about, um, Roy Cohn. We're gonna do quite quite the deep dive connecting a lot of dots from Finkelstein to Roy Cohn. Jeffrey Epstein to a lot of, ah, very interesting characters. And actually, a lot of things we talk about in the first half here will, um, connect the dots on what we talk about in the second and short of sort of show that Trump really isn't an outsider at all. He's he's a very deep insider. In fact, he's so deep inside that Ah, in this thing in sort of the thing, you know, the current of corruption that they that that has always been there. It's been in this country for a very long time. They didn't want somebody from that world coming out and actually running for president. But he did, and that's one of the reasons they don't like him. But he's not an outsider. Let's let's be clear about that. We're also gonna talk about this thing called. What is it, James? Qualified. Prosecution. Qualified immunity, right? I keep fucking it up. I'll get it right sometime, I guess. But yeah, we're gonna talk about that and the whole, like, defund the police movement and why that's not gonna happen. So let's start with this. This is the This is sort of what got me kicked off here, which is this this article in Voxware They they talk about, they keep trotting out this whole story line, which is been it's an older Republican trope, but it checks out. It's, um it's that into the articles over what Republicans get wrong about Trump in Mitt Romney's 2012 run. And I'm just gonna read some quotes from this, which is that it was the lefts in the media's treatment of Romney that numbed the electorate to riel valid concerns about character. Four years later, writes Tim Alberta, Politico's chief correspondent, the mistreatment of this man, Mitt Romney, the demonization of him on a personal level by opponents in both parties will be studied for decades to come. All those stereotypes Democrats fabricated to assail Mitt Romney helped inculcated Trump against similar charges, writes Noah Rothman writes and commentary. In this sense, the Obama's themselves helped clear the way for Trump. Of course, there's some of this is true, and some of this is not true. But okay, I'll continue here with this. Which is that what they say, which is more closer to the truth, is that the GOP took advantage of the Democratic embrace of civil rights under Lyndon Johnson was all part of the plan to become the party of resentful whites, beginning with what Richard Nixon called the Southern strategy. Enter Arthur Finkelstein and this DNC strategy on white people continuing through Ronald Reagan's attacks on welfare queens and H. W. Bush's infamous Willie Horton ad is all Arthur Finkelstein. And serving is the fuel for the entire tea party movement. In the anti Obama backlash over time, whites with high levels of prejudice and racial resentment sorted themselves into the GOP, creating a critical mass of voters open to an even more racially aggressive style of politics. So was it whites who sorted themselves into the GOP, or were they attracted to it by sort of tongue in cheek? Ah, like I don't know overtures to white nationalism. Willie Horton, ad welfare Queens. Ah, filthy liberals flooding your cities with Grandpa. I mean, were they attracted to that where they attracted to that? Because it was really or because they were sort of lead there. And then they go on and say, Trump, is the bill for this particular devil's bargain coming? Do a Republican primary Electric that preferred Trump's overt racism to the more coded racial appeals of Republicans passed. It's like, This is why you see some animus directed at Arthur Finkelstein because they said, All right, this is political dark arts. You're going to get white people to show up to vote for somebody because they think they're going to get something transactional e out of that candidate. But ultimately, in the end, they don't. How are you gonna wind this down? And how they wound it down was literally the opposite of what everyone was requesting, which was we're just gonna go even harder on this, and they did it in 2016. And now they have an even bigger problem, which is what brings us to where we are today with the white demoralization. But I mean this idea that Mitt Romney Ah, these attacks on Mitt Romney calling Mitt Romney and Nazi and everything else it's like, Yeah, I mean, it might have helped things along the way. It was kind of like this narrative of, Well, if they're gonna call Mitt Romney and not see if they're gonna call these people racist in whatever it's like, we might as well, just like the that matters will just not, you know, talking sort of, uh, coded language anymore. Let's just go. You know, Mexicans, rapists, right? Yeah, Or there's an element of that to where people would say their response to that from conservatives would then be, Well, we're not Racists, you know. Let's clear that up first of all, so we shouldn't be concerned when the left of the media calls us racist. Let's just do our thing. But under Neath, all of that was the demand and box wants to pathologize this as being unique to whites without a racially prejudiced or resentful or or defective in some way hateful. But white people have wanted representation for a long time. We've always wanted representation. It's natural to want that, and through the sixties and seventies people felt like they were inching closer to getting it. And they were hearing things from Nixon and from H W. In response to the civil rights movement, which had immediately preceded that they thought they were going to get their guy in office to to fight back on some of this. This, ah, rapid advancement of civil rights and and upending of racial relations in the US So it's not abnormal. It's not weird, and it's not wrong for whites to have have fallen for this. It's like blaming the cat for batting the catnip around and rolling in. It's like, What did you expect? Your giving people a taste of what they want? And then they want more right, and they're going to be attracted to something. They feel Israel, which is why Trump is just it's It's the natural progression of how this has been working. They act mad about it, but here's how it works to their advantage, right, because prior to Trump, you know the the plan with in Republican Party politics of Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan and that sort of ilk was we need to start attracting more. We need to pivot off of this sort of low key. Um, you know, we're gonna sort of hint at we we think we should close the borders and law and Order and all this stuff, but we're gonna talk about free enterprise zones. We're gonna start pivoting toward attracting brown voters. It was about getting that Hispanics into the party. There wasn't necessarily about blacks. Actually, their focus was Hispanics. And where Trump has made the focus about blacks. But they wanted that to be sort of a slow transition where they just started omitting the language that they had used in elections previous. Start omitting these things. I mean, Finkelstein was gonna be dead in 2017. All of his disciples were going to be on the same playbook in terms of getting off of this sort of stuff. But Trump sort of diving right into it in appealing to these interests actually does them a big favour, because he he was able to illustrate how how whites would actually walk this sort of thing and create this situation where it's something that they can point to look how racist Trump is. Look how racist the people who support him are. There is your scapegoat now go after it. Instead, they could say, Oh, the GOP's racist, The GOP ears is Nazis. And so you know, some. I guess some people in the left bought into this notion that that Mitt Romney is is somehow a secret SS officer or something. But most people don't buy into that shit. They know that it's political rhetoric, whereas Trump has a to least in the beginning gave life to that. I think now most leftists also realized that he is just It's sort of just a shell. It's not real. The white supremacy doesn't actually exist. It's not there. But he's sort of done them a favour in the sense that he has opened this up so wide. And now the other side can slap it down, which is what you see going on. And it's this intervention. Ah, with white demoralization to say were This is over like this This era of political dialectic is over, and nobody is going to be taking the side of whites anymore because when you do that, you start giving people an idea that they should actually get something that they want in this country, and we've actually decided, at least for the last five or six decades, at least since the mid 19 sixties, and when they assassinated Kennedy were just done with this. We're gonna We're gonna be done with this all together in the DNC. It's sort of this. We're talking about this before. It's like one man's ah, collapse is another man's sort of just deconstruction of the apparatus that was in place to keep white people controlled. They don't have to do the DNC when white people are a plurality, and so that's what you see this trending into. So the big question is then, as we sort of pivot into some of this other prep that we have here is is what will trump strategy be in 2016? Right, Because is he going to go back to the old playbook and do the Mexicans rapists? And here's all the things I'm going to do. I mean, this is well trodden ground. I mean, we sort of understand what's going on, but what he's doing is he's sort of doing a hybrid where he gets the playbook, hits the playbook out, he gets the people out, but what you're ultimately going to see is something totally castrated, and it could lead. It could lead to his loss because, honestly, the only thing that this guy could win with this time around is going back to that same rhetoric. And the argument could be made that even if he did that, even if he doubled down on the rhetoric from 2016 and went even harder, it met might not even be possible for him to win because of demographics and just about everything else. And now, with the black lives matter stuff, the total electrification of the other side against him so and the demoralization of the whites that saw nothing going on in their cities for weeks as this was allowed toe happen. Unmitigated. Sure, yeah, I think we're going to get. And what we're seeing shaping up here is the same style of 2016. That is the name calling the the based tweets right, the being really aggressive on Twitter, just the kind of Trumpian style, but without the substance to it without the feeling that OK, if this guy wins, something real is going to happen. He's going to do things for me, and he's not even engaging in the racial rhetoric anymore. It's it's kind of the petty, you know, cattiness without the racial ization to it. In fact, the rationalization going on is pro black, which we'll get to, but and yet you're seeing him flirt with it sometimes, right? And this is why they're still, it's just it's so funny because his flirting with it as little as he does the only great Twitter moment. It's not even great Twitter moment, but the only time he's really done this in the last few weeks has been with that that you know, you loot, we shoot tweet. And this has given credence to get those every day in 2016. That was, like a maybe even multiple times a day in 2060. I do want to say one thing, though, is that this demoralization of whites that we're seeing right now This was all there in in 2016. All of that was was there. The difference was you had one guy who was coming out in saying these things multiple times a day, while the GOP, who people had gotten very tired of chastised trump for saying these things, you had Jeff Sessions coming out and being the first guy to support Trump. And he was a guy that was known for for the immigration restriction stuff. But it wasn't until after 2016 when Trump got elected, that you started to get Republicans and some pundits sort of mouthing the talking points that Trump did for a while. But going back to 2016 the only pundit that was actually that came out and supported the president supported Trump as the candidate was Rush Limbaugh. Very early on in trust, Rush Limbaugh was sort of mouthing Trump's very similar rhetoric. But almost all of the other pundits, if we recall Mark 11 0 good, Sean Hannity. All of these guys were all part of sort of this casual, never trump to, I don't know. I don't know. This is this is kind of a different. This isn't what the Republican Party is all about. Bubba, Bubba, Bubba. They try them for a while. But now it's like without anybody at the top to to sort of push back on the demoralization of whites that they're doing. It just allows these people to be crushed because they have no, they have nobody out there saying anything for them now I've said a couple times that I think that in some ways, in the long run, it feels bad now. But in the long run, I think it's better because then people don't put their hope in their trust in a fake, empty thing, which is what that Wasit was never going to deliver on any of those things from 2016. It felt good, right? We all remember how it felt to hear somebody push back on this stuff night after night at these rallies, but we didn't know that it was what it waas. We didn't know what was going on at that time. And so now we're back to where we were before and you have a guy who is is not, is not interested in going back to this because they don't. This is not what they want to do. It, yeah, winding it down and they'll give you dribs and drives here. They're like last night that top of Drudge was White House eyes. Travel from Mexico, a source of violence despite like, you know, sort of teasing you just a little bit. Here's some racism years. There's some racism you know, bread trail for you to follow, but it's not. It's not anything like it was the first time around, and it's not believable this time around, either. Like it well, I saw that illegal immigration, right? The borders is supposed to be closed, right? James? Illegal immigration has increased 40% since they started reopening all these businesses. So if immigrant Amy, I hate even making these arguments because they're so obvious to us. But if immigration was a ah, a priority of this guy and this e o that was supposed to stop, all of that were in place, and we were to believe that this was a serious thing. How is immigration increasing by 40% when things are reopening? It's like, What's the excuse like right? I mean, what's the excuse from from the side that is still out there on Twitter telling Donald, you know, he needs to expand the ban. It's like, Why does Trump need to be told thes things? But you know it, you know he knows. But but But he thinks that he can cargo cold the 2016 energy back into existence, and that's what you're seeing shaping up is a cargo cold candidacy where Don was he's hired back. Jason Miller, right? Ah, fresh after you know. Congratulations. Raising one parent to another. Congratulations. Ah, Boris Epstein is his new strategic advisor for coalitions. Forceps, signs. Family fled Russia to escape 80 Semitism. We got Jason Miller back. Boris back, Flint tape Russia to escape anti Semitism. Or did he escape Russia to start filling up America and start moving the project over here? Because that's sort of what it feels like to further sem it ism. Sure, Yes. Yeah, And I mean the role of extra just, you know, flip like he's bringing all the guys back on board. Bill Stepien, Justin Clark Lewandowski and David Bossie. David Urban, Susie Wild. Like all of these people that were involved in 2016 campaign there, they're bringing their being brought back around. And so he listened to the quotes from inside the Trump campaign. In the motivation for this isn't because of their talent, it's not because these air like the best people available. Maybe they are. Maybe these are the only people that are willing to work with this. What is sure to be a a Ah an upward battle campaign. But he says quote, it's the camaraderie that Donald Mrs says the former campaign official. He had a small group of people with unquestionable loyalty, and he wants that back again. I want I want to say one thing about Corey Lewandowski, and it's It's We've touched on a lot of this stuff in various deep dives and we, you know, we we thought, Who is it? Amanda, who is the woman that he liked bumped into, And Causal, that doesn't really matter. I think people know the bright born Yeah, yeah, well, Corey Lewandowski and everybody thought he how great he is. Well, one of the reasons why he is back on the campaign and one of the reasons that they've gotten the The Old gang back together again, is I don't know if you know this or not. But Corey Lewandowski, in good old George Byrne bum our partners at a strategy firm called Avenue Strategies. Um, and Corey is's pretty tight with Paul Manafort, and if you've listened to some of the deep dives we've done in the last 8 to 12 weeks or so, you'll understand how all these guys are very tightly interwoven George Birnbaum is the ah right hand man of Arthur Finkelstein. And he is an Israeli Jew, Um, who has been in the United States. But he works campaigns all over the world. He was one of the ah, well, I mean anywhere that Finkelstein went burn, bomb, went and burned. Bomb was one of the guys that architected Viktor Orban's campaign. So the fact that George Birnbaum and Corey Lewandowski both work and Avenue Strategies together, and that's where Corey went when he left the Trump campaign. I mean, it's kind of just like Okay, all right. It's like, What? What else do I need to know here? So, yeah, they look like twins to I mean, they have a very uncanny resemblance to ask you both. Like bald with those long heads. Yes, it could be twins. But Lewandowski is is a central part of central player in this reshaping of the Trump 2020 campaign vision and strategy and message because they know that just, you know, assembling, assembling the pieces doesn't do you any good without a message or a purpose to vote. So they're pressing the reset button inside the Trump campaign and of course they're doing. You know, when you see headlines like the latest swing state polls or look good for Biden, Trump's re election is approaching the danger zone. Box news opinion. Trump sinking in pools, voters air, tired of his failures and angry tweets. When you see that on a daily basis, all right, we need to, uh, recapture, Get this, Get this vessel back under control here. And so they let let me insert the typical of the much needed in before on the polling to before people. So you guys believe in polls. Now it's like we'll go look at the swing state polling guy. Look where he is. Ask Borzoi about how things were going, um, in how he thinks things will go in the state of Michigan. Like Ask him about that because there's just no way we're talking about the son J and J. How I figure which pundit. Whoa, it was the guy filling in for Rush, Limbaugh said. I'm calling it. I'm hosting Rush Limbaugh today from the red state of Pennsylvania, and it's just like, oh, really? I mean, it was it was red until they redistricted everything, and now it's gonna be a lot different. And the fact that the idea that Trump is gonna win Pennsylvania again um I mean, he's in danger in Ohio. Florida. I mean, Texas, like, what's the now Texas? The thing that the Democrats always say that they have on lock down and then until they don't. But but Florida Florida is the one where all of the refugees from Puerto Rico who are eligible to vote because they are US citizens ostensibly, um, s O I mean, how many how many refugees came in from Puerto Rico and it never went back? The Po Ricans, like 2400 like it's like, Oh, my God. So yeah, and you know how many boomers bit the dust due to Corona virus in flower Tire? I mean, you know, it's it's kind of like, this is what I'm talking about is, even if Trump went hand, even if he doubled down and you sort of made everyone forget that he was ever president and he was a brand new guy on the scene, Um, even if you've rekindled all the excitement from 2016 you have these factors going on, um, in all of these places that are must wins. And, ah, you know, many Minnesota was supposed to be the reach state. I mean, not after George Floyd, not after that, became the hot zone. And anybody think that that's Ah, that's, you know, just totally a coincidence that that that's the center of the BLM bit. It's It's like, of course, not in like Wisconsin. They didn't get what they wanted. You think they're going to go for Trump again? No. And what? What? What states do you flip? If you start losing those others? This is why Trump. I think it was before Corona Virus. I don't remember when What is. It was down into Mexico, like the New Mexico strategy of the Trump campaign. It's like, Wow, just running out of states, running out of states, running out of rhetoric and running out of people who are gonna fall for the bullshit again and again. Again. Yeah, barnstorming the great American Southwest. Yeah. No, the, uh And the other thing, too, is that they've updated their methodology since 2016. The reason that many of the 2016 polls were inaccurate is they were assuming racial turnouts similar to the past two presidential elections being 2008 and 2012. They were surprised by the level of white turnout in 2016. This is the reason Trump was ableto win. These swing states was whites that had not been politically active, becoming politicized and turning up for Trump. And as we've talked about many times, these are the people most likely to have retreated back to to becoming Democrats again or just being a political again. And now these polls have been updated to to take that into account for the most part. So yeah, the the idea that polls are just president putting opinion polls were just totally fake. It's like sure, you know, you have pollsters that have agendas, but that's not the case for all of them. And when you're seeing the same thing from 789 polling firms, it's like, all right, this is Ah, this is a pretty, pretty well established, well established finding here. But this is why they're smashing the reset button. And they had this urgency. Urgent All hands on deck meeting last week, action on Thursday, where Lewandowski is 2nd 1 like I feel like we talked about this two weeks ago were like Lundowski had to fly home because of the polling. He was out, I think, in New Mexico. And he had to fly home because of the polling. And now they've done this again because nothing is improved, right? What do they think was gonna happen? Do they think the arm flailing Bible photo up in front of ST John's shirts was gonna was gonna miraculously turn the polls around? Do they think like Luton Shoot was gonna make a big difference? It's like, Yeah, they got a call. These guys back again to go. It's it's the only thing. The only solution that this campaign has is to return to what they've done before. And they're just going to try to play some game. Or it's about, you know, America coming back and renewal, recovery, restoring, rebuilding Got hard to do when, Ah, when there are 50 million unemployed people and there doesn't seem to be any sign of that turning around. Yeah, there there's using the great American come back and this is again part of this appeal to blacks, right? Because they they've jettisoned all language relating to freedom or opportunity because as they found blacks don't conceptualize that, um and so they and the reason they justify this right? The good strategy here, like you just mentioned, would be just, you know, dust out the rhetoric from 2016. Talk about Mexicans being rapists, law and order in the city's using an iron fist to crush in Race writes. That kind of thing would be immensely popular. But, ah, you have these Trump advisers saying, Well, you know, we can't do that because the messaging that works for the Red Hat Maga base doesn't resonate with independents. Actually, yeah, did. It did in 2016. It resonated with whites and the independence. They mean whites, that's really who independence are. Mostly it resonated because you were you were galvanizing whites. You were creating a ran a candidate that whites, regardless of their partisan affiliation, largely think Trump had had some of the largest crossover of Democrat whites of any candidate ever. So you ran a almost third position. It's white candidate, and it worked. But no, you're trying to see the idea in people's minds that that simply doesn't work. It's impossible. And instead we're doing restore, recover, rebuild which jazz you'll never guess which candidate did the same thing in 2012. That's right. Mitterrand. Americans come back to you. Yeah, like we've said to Is that when given what we know about Arthur Finkelstein and George Birnbaum and Benjamin Netanyahu's vested interest in Mitt Romney is a political candidate, Um, in so much so that Finkel Finkelstein, one of Finkelstein's big failures, was that he convinced Israeli politicians in Netanyahu's circle and Netanyahu himself that, ah, that Romney was gonna win. Trump was going to run in 2012. Trump is teased around a number of times, but it was Romney's turn right? They didn't wanna have to get entangled with that whole machine and caused a lot of problems. But, you know, Netanyahu thought Romney's gonna win. So Romney was supposed to get in and make all of the things happen that Trump has made happen. There is really gonna be not much difference, right? That was That was the plan. But he lost, and much to the surprise and shock of Benjamin Netanyahu. And so when you hear Trump go out and say, and we all remember this from 2016 that Mitt Romney choked like a dog he wasn't saying that as necessarily is an insult to Romney in the same way that the base sort of understood it, Which is like mocking this, you know, this Willard Mitt Romney character? You know, this this dumb Republican establishment guy. It's like, Go. This guy was supposed to get in and deliver for Israel, and he couldn't fucking do it because he wasn't willing to do the Finkel think. But he did a little bit. That's the problem. These guys think that Oh, yea, like we're gonna go back to do this other thing. It's like, Why don't you try this strategy? I'm not saying that is a good thing. I think you should just do it un ironically like if this is what you believe, then you should be the candidate. If you don't believe in this, then you shouldn't be using political dark arts to get there and take advantage and manipulate people. But Mitt Romney wasn't even willing to do that because he's a fucking pussy. He couldn't get the job done. Trump said, You know, I know how to play the game. I'm gonna come in. I'm going to do this. I'm gonna get thes thes white people really riled up in support of me. And look, I did it. Met you. Choked like a dog. That's what that meant. It didn't have anything to do with, like, you know, I'm you know, that there's any real difference between these guys. It would be like two guys on the same baseball team and one guy strikes out in the next guy hits a home run. I mean, that's basically what happened. Yeah, yeah or yeah. I mean, that's exactly right. Well, Trump, you know, you can only imagine where Trump would be if he had lost. Would he be out on the streets doing doing the marching? Them It rather take a little selfies. I saw that. And Mitt Mitt still somehow has not managed to get a haircut. The mean dude looks like he looks like the gay Mormon Polly Walnuts with a mask. He's had a hair like out beside like yeah, Like like sprouting Mormon. Alfalfa. Weird. Weird. Looked to him. Yeah, I want to talk about Trump. Donald didn't do nothing. This is good. This is Ah, This is probably of all of the different fixtures and little highlights of Trump's big black pivot. To black voters, this is probably the best. It's the most embarrassing. Which makes it the best for Trump. This Juneteenth rally they were planning to do in Tulsa at the site of the fake is faking gay massacre, which tedious, covered last fall. I think this thing they call the Tulsa race, yeah, yeah, which in reality was a bunch of it was a black guy. Ah, sold sexually assaulted a white girl and then the whites were angry about it. And then the armed blacks showed up to free the guy and they started popping off Whites on got pushed back and, you know, so be it. But you should listen to the tedious episode where they go through it, go through the eyewitness testimony. It's actually very good, and they were doing this on Juneteenth. They're planning to do it. Trump was, which is this holiday, this new holiday that I had never heard of until like last year. But now is apparently this big like holy day in America. There's a day that slaves were freed in Texas in 18 65 but over the course of 48 hours and jazz This is remarkable. A remarkable life cycle for this, this fake up here. The Trump campaign went from pitching this idea and praising it as a great hallmark in Trump's civil rights legacy. To taking flak for it and then doing a complete 1 80 claiming that they never did that, that they didn't do nothing. It's great. It's That's incredible. Ah, eso It's TDs. 5 11 Anti citation remarks. Yes, I believe that's the correct one. Yeah, we was Wall Street. Kang's Tulsa riot revisionism. Yeah, that's the one. That's the one you should dial in indefinitely. Check out. That was October 28th 2019. Um, this whole thing with Juneteenth, though, and trump in scheduling the rally in Ah, in Tulsa. Um, it does you know, it does lend credence to the notion that again, this is something that you can't apply the absolutism to. It's not always this and never that, um but that there is some credence to the fact that this guy doesn't know what he's doing all of the time. Now they're trying different strategies here. And the strategy obviously was. We're gonna have this rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth to appeal to black people, Anybody I don't know. I got some creating a straw man here, but it's probably a strawman that is the avatar of a riel sort of sentiment that's out there for the people who thought that Trump was gonna go to Tulsa on Juneteenth and do he was doing it to troll the blacks or do something like to make blacks feel bad. And, no, that's not what this was. This was gonna be a heartfelt ah appeal to black people in Tulsa on Juneteenth, And it turned out to it backfired because of the blowback that he got from it. And it's it's it's, you know, his whole plan was No, no, this is I'm trying to do a good thing for blacks here. Don't you see? And there the pushback, which just, like go where you're not going to do that like you're not gonna go make a mockery of this. And we don't want you going in there and being being the avatar for this thing. And it's kind of funny that he thought that this was a good idea that this is gonna be something that was gonna turn out. I actually wish that it had succeeded James. I wish that he had gone to the rally and done Juneteenth. Because I'm you know, quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing about people still, you know, ah, clamoring for Donald to do something and please listen to me and were trying to warn you, and it's kind of funny. I mean, it's sort of already in this state of affairs. Has led to a lot of those people, sort of to abandon that position. It's like, Well, where do you go now? Already go. I mean, we've been here, we've been keeping the light on, so you know, it's and we all did this at one point. But no, it's it's been over for a long time. So Trump, pivoting to do this and then backing off it to me is evidence that it's they don't quite think everything that they do through, And that's why you see a lot of what's going on now. You can apply this as the rule, though, that they don't know anything. They have no idea what they're doing because they definitely know what they're fucking doing. But they're trying different strategy exist. They don't have to pivot off. This is something new, right? Where they where they do these hard core appeals to blacks and they're going to figure out a way that that I think ah isn't isn't doesn't get as much pushback. They're just going to get more creative with it. But yeah. I mean, this is if you're someone in the Republican Party who came up in the trump sort of wave of 2016. I mean, look what's happening now. How many people are gonna go out there and say, Oh, well, this is just what he has to do, James. He he has to embrace blacks in order for us to get deportations and an EO on birthright citizenship. I mean, this is just what he has to do. This is the new paranormal, right? It's the blacks and Mexicans to hate each other, man. Right? And this is just to own, like, the Hispanics or something. Yeah, the idea that he has to do this. That's funny, because George Bush didn't have to do this. Mitt Romney didn't have to do this. This pivot to blacks is is totally unprecedented among modern Republicans, And you can you get the feeling that they're still groping their way through this. This is the groper war of them trying to find a black strategy and deciding it's like, OK, obviously we need to be very ham fisted with these people because, you know, the nuance is not something that's gonna gonna go well for us, but like, how nakedly ham fisted can we be before it just gets pathetic and this was a little bit too much of the latter. But yeah, I like this idea. And it's just so great the pivot, because on Thursday you had Kayleigh McEnany saying that Juneteenth is very meaningful for Trump. He really cares about it a lot. The African community is very near and dear to his heart and Katrina Pierson saying that as the party of Lincoln Party, Lincoln Republicans are proud of the history of Juneteenth and then all the blowback. And then, by Friday, you have ah Trump. Between this interview with Harris Falconer, he's asked whether he chose the location. The date on purpose President says no. Think about it is a celebration, my rallies to celebrate its Oh my God and ah! Talks about how they've never had a vacancy and then he says, Yeah, it was an accident. We didn't do nothing. What do you mean? Wow, Great. Yeah, great. Yeah, it is. So So, I mean, this is this is what they're planning to do. Um, it's pretty obvious. And and so where does this go from here? I suspect that this is that we know from past experience. We know from studying polling. And we know from the direction that people have gone, that this is not going to succeed like this strategy. And so the question is, at what point does can trump even do this? At what point? During the next, I don't know. Five months. Does he realize that this is not working, that his polling, you know that his his approval rating is, what, 39%? It's still hovering around that number somewhere. Then he just says, you know, he does what he did in 2016 and say says, Fuck it. And I'm just gonna go hard on this stuff. Um, because, you know, essentially, he's gonna run a Mitt Romney campaign in 2020. It's gonna be it's gonna be Mitt Romney 2020. It's exactly what Mitt would be doing and, um, you know, a twat Point does. Does he stopper? Does he just you realize because he's boxed in and they know that they're It's not even that he's boxed in because that that language sort of leaves one to conclude that he would do something else if he didn't have all these strictures in place. And I don't think that's true. We know that that's not true. We've proven that that's not true. But they if he can't if he can't win doing the Mitt Romney bid, I mean, does he actually resign? Does he actually is part of it is just handing this off, and we don't know. I mean, it seems kind of shocking to to consider that for a second. But, um, all this talk from Democrats about oh, if he loses, he's not going to relinquish the presidency. It's like, Well, if he goes into this thing at 39% and he's underwater by double digits in every single swing state and it's an unwinnable election, there's not gonna be this. Oh, he loses. He loses by 100 electoral votes and then somehow clings to the presidency and does some crazy shit No, that's gonna quit before those numbers or even tallied up. Yeah, I did. You're gonna have DHL trucks up with The West Wing on November 5th if things keep going like this, right? And the other aspects here, too, is that, you know, in theory he would have the ability to pivot back into 2016 based racism base electrification. But he doesn't have that card anymore, because And you made a very good point earlier, these Republicans that were soft on him came alongside, and they rallied around him. And there was party unity for for actually, most of his presidency, relative party unity. But they hold the cards now, and they have the ability to pull support from him to throw him aside to distance themselves from him at any point and for in just erode his credibility with the middle class upper middle class. You know, GOP types that weren't really sure about Trump the first time around which there were actually plenty of those people. And you're seeing that process suburban Netflix and chill white people who just have been gorging themselves on this. Ah, this ah, suitcase handled lip propaganda. That's been on the television people, people deeply concerned about respectability and and what the neighbor will think if they put up the art sign yet that that class and so you're seeing this happen increasingly right? You have Lisa Murkowski saying she's not sure if she'll vote for Donald. You have Mitt Romney, um, indicating that, you know, actually saying he's not going to. But there was something from McCain's wife, where she was saying that she would vote for Biden if it weren't for her son. Running for office is a Republican. So you have these these people that that ah you know, made their amends publicly with Donald for a while. Yeah, they're breaking off. And this never Trump is into the 2016. Never. Trump gave credence to the idea of Trump as, ah, riel guy as a serious guy because all the right people hated him. Bill Kristol and Ben Shapiro and all these Jews hated Trump. Um, but it's not gonna work anymore, right? It's like the people that those people now as they break from Trump, they're going to be pulling those white votes a few white votes that he needs to get across the finish line exactly. And they're also collapsing the extremes on both sides. We've seen this phenomenon happen with Ilhan, Omar and AOC Mean, where's all the rhetoric from AOC even in the midst of BLM? I mean, I'm sure they've made statements. But where? Where? The leaders of the revolution. Right. We talked about this on on jazz and Jesse that, you know, just a much on the other side, like leftist figure out many decades ago that the whole system is fucked and that they're never going to get their communism and Marxism and that it was just a vehicle for Jewish hostile Jewish merger and acquisition and then ultimately, takeover of the United States. And so they realized that they were just a means to an end. They weren't the end. And so this collapse of extremes on both sides is something that you're seeing happen here because, you know, abolish ice went nowhere. They still want the means to remove people if they need to. I mean, this this this idea that you can have, um, essentially a ah Jewish hard power or so you can have Jewish soft power without hard power somewhere is, is just doesn't make any sense, he of Biden walking a cautious line as he opposes defunding the police, even Bernie Sanders on the defund movement. Police departments need toe well, pay professionals. So it's it's, you know, he pushes even Bernie Sanders. And I know he's not the real deal for these people. I mean, a lot of the people have figured out the Bernie Breaux's have just been collapsing into a pile of rainbow colored goo. But it's it's to fund the police moving like it's all done. And this idea that they're that they're going to, um, get rid of all these police and create a national police force. I mean, all of these localities, especially in in New York and Washington State and Oregon and California and everything else they want their state police. They want their local police. That's what gives thes mayors and so on. It's over with power they don't want. They don't want to have to be encumbered by something else. And that's why Jacob Frey Jewish Um, mayor of Minneapolis. He has been increasing the police budget year over year year over year over year. So it's like the Jewish hipster antifa in the mayor's mansion in Minneapolis. He's actually been increasing the police budget because they view like you can't have these liberal left wearing your allow utopian enclaves without some sort of law enforcement. That's why they're trying to wind down Chazz. There they're, ah, they're negotiating with Chazz to get to get rid of these these auto zones. Um, because this isn't what they want either. And they can't. You know, these cities don't become places where big corporate entities and Jews want to invest in live in if there are a lot of criminal issues. This is why de Blasio is allowed to sort of operate with impunity with the police because of all the Jews that live in New York City. And they want thes cities to be free from this from both sides. And I think a lot of these people are under the wrong impression the mistaken impression that the revolution is coming and the system is doing the same thing to them that it does to us with. One difference is that those people think that they're winning because the system won't throw them into jail for 400 years and do other things, so they think that it's coming, but it's not coming. They will entertain the autonomous zones for a while, but they actually don't. I want that to continue. There is not going to be a revolution with free healthcare and free food and free housing, like none of those things are coming. And the sooner that the people on that side realize what's going on and what they're in opposition, what they should be in opposition to and instead of being handmaidens of, is the better, the faster we're gonna all get to a better place. Um, where we can sort of move forward from all this? Yeah, And Chazz is funny to thing in Seattle that Ah, I'm seeing people nationally reacting to this. Like, can you believe that they would seize this Tarrant or like what? Think about the business. Is there a man I've been? I spent a good amount of time on Capitol Hill specifically in that area, and it's a bar district and these air bars that are closed down right now, so there's actually very little business activity going on that's being impeded. So it's all a larb, right? It's all alarm and the and the people that are saying like, this is this isn't Can't believe lives on this. No, it's This is these air streets that were relatively unoccupied anyways, right now with Corona virus, as soon as you get to a point where they need to open these things back up. Yeah, you're gonna see Chazz cleared it right out. So yeah, and and, you know, defund the police again. It's this idea. And I saw this article a few days ago. I saw another one that came up this morning on my phone Living Apple news, notification, app, certification, Uh, where people saying. But Camden did this man Camden. Where is he? Did it? When was the last nonfiction book you've read, James? Oh, she stepped into it. Yeah, I saw somebody employees that rhetoric on Twitter against some shit live. And, um, got that person. Ah, that should live. Got owned pretty hard. They weren't expecting it. I mean, what? They walked right into it. They said the people who don't read and understand what's going on in history. These are the people who we should just not care about the most. And this person was like, Well, I'm a white nationalist Andi. I read all the time. What? What's the last non fiction book you've read? And it started this conversation with this person. They got kind of pissed. They didn't answer the question and the guy just responded back and listed off all the nonfiction books he read. It was just great, Like the guy got so fucking pissed. But yeah, it's it's ah, it's a great own but yeah, this this this police sort of this idea of disbandment, of de funding. There are no examples anywhere where a police department, it's Oh, this, like this is the sort of the Tom a tree like that Washington Post article we talked about. It's like, Oh, wow, 1000 people have been killed by the police in the last year. When is this going to end? And they just don't tell you that you had a lot of those people. If not all of the people that have gotten killed we're in the process of either killing officers themselves or they were brandishing a weapon. Dude, memory hole stuff Last night there was there last night or the day before San Luis Obispo, California was totally locked down because some insane. Mexican just like some totally insane Mexican just started going out. Ah, and Ah, he I think he he Let's see California man wanted in attack on law enforcement dead and shoot out after manhunt to hear about this, though. Mason Liro, could you? How could they? Okay, the closest this man. Yeah, we have f y I. This is from San Luis Obispo. We have had four law enforcement officers shot by a lone gunman active shooter in the last 36 hours. This dude is on the loose for 36 hours. Mexican and his dad and his dad, Of course. Jose Lira is like, Yeah, he's crazy. He's been homeless since he was 17. In and out of jails and mental health facilities. I sleep with a gun loaded under my bed in under my pillow last night. I am afraid of him through, and it's just like, Okay, so that go. Good job, Dad. Good. Dad pops like for ah, you know, looking after your son. How did he end up homeless at age 17? Probably cause, you know, you were kicking back a couple mode a lows and your son was just out. I don't know. Doing whatever just didn't give a shit. This is low or the high time preference parenting that you But but yeah, yeah. I mean, the idea that they're going to disband these police departments, they just haven't done it. What they do is they take the ones that are extremely corrupt. They fire everybody, clean house and start over. And it's kind of funny that crime actually goes down in some of those places because part of the corruption as we're gonna find out in part two of this show Ah, is law enforcement doing the bidding of, you know, working hand in hand with the criminal underworld in those cities? You know, part of the corruption is not prosecuting crime, not doing anything about the crime. And, um, you know, it's it's kind of funny how all this works, but it's this defund. The police department really just means drain the police swamp, and that's what they're going to do. They're going to use is an excuse. And in some cases, that's good. In some cases, it's it's not so good. Um, but but yeah, like there's no police like, you know, Minneapolis. So what is that their City Council voted unanimously unanimously to get rid of the entire police force. I mean, the idea that there's go, Yeah, you're gonna wake up one day, and there's not gonna be any cops anywhere. You can drive 85 miles an hour down Interstate 35. Like, just not gonna happen. It's not happening. So no. Now, in the case of Camden, what they did is they moved it from city control to county control. And, you know, imagine my shock. Camden County, 20% black, less corrupt, that can actually fight crime. Camden itself, 50% black and that she's had all the corruption problem. So, yeah, funny how you shift that control and supervision and and things start to clean up, but yeah, police reform is, and we talked about this yesterday. Police reform is actually very similar in terms of public support to gun reform. In that if you ask people okay, should we reform the police? Sure. Should we do gun reform? You're gonna get a lot of people 70 80% saying, yeah, we should reform that. And then you dig into the specifics and you ask them. All right. Handgun ban. Where do you stand on that? You get like, 80 90% opposed. Same thing is true with police reform where you ask people like, Okay, should we do de escalation training gats pretty popular body cameras? Yeah, it's pretty popular. Then you ask them should be cut funding, not eliminate funding, mind you, but cut funding for police departments and you get 85% opposed Republicans, Democrats, adults, independence, everybody right there between between 85 87% opposed. So it's like even if there were the public sentiment for it, which there's not you have, the elites don't want that they don't want they don't want to turn the city's over into anarchy. I mean, that is just so outside of what benefits them it Ah, it wouldn't make sense. But what they do want to do is start busting these unions and making officers susceptible both to criminal and civil litigation. And that's what we see going on right now with union busting. The reason the unions are important is not only because unions are able to get lawyers for officers when they're faced with misconduct investigations. That's true, but the police unions engage in collective bargaining with these cities and counties and states. And there are layers of protection built into these contracts for officers, things like raises, overtime, pay, salaries, obviously those air in it, but also how a misconduct investigation will proceed, the types of discipline available to departments, redress of grievances. And in in many states, 16 states have something called a law enforcement officers bill of rights, which gives them them rights, you know, to protect themselves from specific protections from prosecution and an investigation. So, yeah, these are the kind of deals they want to Ah, they want to bust up and take away. And, of course, we all have our criticisms of law enforcement will have negative experiences with law enforcement. We don't like something many of the actions of law enforcement in the context of political set, absolutely. But the point of all of this is jazz, I believe, to to further disillusioned whites to further drive whites out of any position of power in society, including within police forces and to ah to turn these these law enforcement offices into something that is even more explicitly anti white and were white men don't feel like they have a place. Yeah, it's. And what's also gonna happen is you're gonna end up with these police officers in these inner city, ah, departments moving out who want to actually enforce the law and don't want to put up with the bullshit is that they're just not going to serve these. Ah, these areas that would benefit from actual police enforcement, law enforcement. Right. And they're gonna end up in in small town, um, smaller towns and smaller locations that don't necessarily have these problems. You know, small town cops and just you know what? Why would I want to work my way up the ranks for that big city detective job? It's just gonna be a shit show. And I'm gonna you know, my I'm gonna put my life at risk, and there's gonna be nobody to back me up. Like what? Why the fuck would I do that? And so yeah, there. So it's gonna present a new problem for somebody like Jacob Frey, Which is how do you How do you maintain some semblance of order? Because they can't have they were they want maintained disorder, right? That's that's ultimately what they want to achieve. But How do you do that with it? Police forced its 80% black with no body cams, and they're not actually enforcing anything and in yet, I mean, it's it's gonna be It's gonna be pretty rough. So what it's gonna end up happening is, um, you know, maybe one upside from this is that thes thes neighborhoods are gonna segregate Even mawr. Um, I think you're gonna have even more white flight out of these cities. Um, you're gonna have people moving to other parts of the country, which may, even in the long run, serve a phenomenon that we've talked about before. That was something that we thought initially was a good thing, but ultimately has turned out to be a very bad thing For with Trump's, um, tax tax bill with the ability to deduct state income taxes and mortgage interest above a certain amount, it's called that has also caused white flight um, the policies of Jacob Frey and in people like Gavin Newsom and and others have caused people to leave. I mean, look at the look at Boise, Idaho. Go look at the property. The mean property values for a place like Boise, Idaho, the last decade. People are leaving. What that's doing is it's re shuffling people with bad opinions and people with the sort of race, anti racist views and whatever. Who just don't like high taxes. Now, moving into these places in gay ing up places like, Well, that's been gate up for a while. Boulder, Colorado. But when you talk about a Grand Junction, Colorado, you talk about these places, you know. It's almost like and the Jewish media tells people were to go to How many articles have you seen? The top 100 places, the idyllic places to live in America. It's like here. Here's a list of 100 white towns that were with low taxes that would love for you to come. Gave them up, like have at it. So yeah, yeah, that's no reason to get anti racism marches and quarterly in Idaho, which happened last week. Yeah, and, ah, the other effect. There is, of course, driving whites that are from those areas that are lower income into debt, slavery and renting and not being able to buy a house. But yeah, absolutely. So I think you know, with these these officers Yeah, they're going to start asking themselves the question like, Is this even worth it on? And they're gonna conclude? No. And you saw this in Buffalo with the 100 riot cops quitting in protest over the treatment of their their comrade there. And you saw it in Florida to just yesterday 10 their entire I think it was their entire ah, swat team resigned. Said we're not gonna do this anymore because, like it's just not worth the risk. And one of these things they want to change. One of these protections they want to remove from officers is qualified immunity now qualified immunity doesn't just apply to cops. This is applies to E. M. T s firefighters. Really? A variety of public service and governmental employees and qualified immunity is what protects a government employee in this case, a law enforcement officer from civil litigation. If they believe they were doing the right thing, if they were acting in the course of their duty, they were following orders. They believed they were doing the proper thing. Turns out they weren't there protected from a civil suit. And the point is, of course, to not have officers, not havi MTs is constantly second guessing themselves and and making these legalistic calculations in their mind at every second, which would just be stressful and prevent them from really doing their jobs. So this enhances very empty. This enhances your Good Samaritan protections Basically qualified in this contact. Qualified immunity obviously means not absolute. There are a few standards that have been established in Supreme Court case law that have to be met for a party in a lawsuit to claim qualified immunity. They have to show that their position's responsibilities had a sensitive function that requires absolute immunity in this case, and the official must demonstrate he was doing his protected function when performing the act in question. So it's not only a protection from like having to pay damages. This is a protection from being sued at all you enter. This is your defense, and often more often than not, the case will be dismissed. This has been granted in hundreds of appeals cases in the last few years, but I don't know jazz protecting good, decent public servants, doing their jobs and good faith from malicious litigation. Sounds like an example of virulent anti Semitism and Jewish exclusion needs to be smashed. Yeah, this is something that they've done for a while now, in a community in a world where we don't have Jewish lawyers around every corner. In a world where we don't have a Jewish tort system that we have to tango with, um, in every situation, then you. I mean, if you have a white community, um, high trust white community, then you don't even need qualified immunity. But they're they're removing it to make these people susceptible to what is coming, which is massive amounts of litigation. And so it's like we're not going to get rid of the police, and we're gonna look like we're standing strong on law and order. But we're really doing is just gonna open those people up to all kinds of financial pain. And, ah, you know, this is one of the reasons why they want to bust up these thes police unions. And it's like, All right, well, we can have these inner cities go back to the way they were in the 19 sixties and seventies. I mean, you didn't walk around, um, you know, a Q street in D. C. In the 19 seventies, you Duncan definitely didn't You definitely weren't, um, north of the park. Ah, in the 19 seventies in New York. I mean, you just did not do that. You probably not normal, you know, north of the park today. But back then, as these air No, like very, very much. No go zones. Um so you know, that's that's where they want to go with this and and, of course, always in every case, it's like, how can we look like we're delivering something that is for the public good while running the knife through the public hundreds of thousands of times? And that's when this is really all about and you'll get people well. But what if the policeman does do something that I don't like? I want it. I want the right to sue them for all they're worth. It's OK, all right? Yeah. And you get you get the atomized Americans who think that, you know, I I deserve to to stand up and have my voice heard. If I feel like one little hair on my head has been touched, Um, and it's gonna be non whites to do it right. They'll in am imagine, you know, with coupled with. Ah, I forget where they were talking about this. Somebody was talking about this. But essentially, you can no longer make arguments in the court on this On the basis. Ah, if it's if your argument is deemed racist, I forget with us was. But this is coming too. So they're going to remove qualified immunity. Tell White Officer that he did something to Black Guy That black I totally made up. Never happened because they can't have body cameras. And then the defense of that police officer can't make any arguments that involve, you know, that may be construed as involving race. So if you say yeah, that that black person is lying, it's like, all right, you're races. Goodbye. You're done. You're finished. 400 year prison sentence. So well. And that's the other thing they're trying to do to with this. Ah, this and their seeding. All of these ideas. And you can tell, Of course, public polling in this on issues like this is a is an exit survey for Jewish media manipulation. That's all it is. It's a It's a weathervane of how well they have done at at brainwashing people essentially, and this is one of the ideas they're seating is is an early warning system for problematic officers. And do that early warning system is gonna be that Peter Griffin paint sample like, Oh, you're a white guy. Okay, that's a That's a problem now, I mean, unless it is, you see, it's either that, like you take the knee. If you're like I got to take the knee or you're gone, you gotta do BLM or you're gone. So yeah, these are the things they're trying to to introduce here. And rest assured, though the Senate Republicans are on the case, quote most in our conference. Don't want to go a Sfar ascending qualified immunity. But I'm not ruling it out. I want to see if we can get a few others interested in looking at that as well, because I think it be the one thing that would show that in our conference we mean business. We're not. We're serious guys, we're not racist, said Senator Mike Braun from North Dakota. Oh, yeah, I'm sure there's there's a clamour in North Dakota. Was he in was because Mike Brown is the senator from Indiana was seen he in North Dakota when he said this or something. So I must have mixed him up. But no one of these red state guys. Yeah, he's another one. Red Saeko Because the other ones in North Dakota and South Dakota and Iowa, it's always the same thing. And remember, like we were told that Mike Brown was based like Micron, you know? And I think, as I recall, it was like Mike Brown is the best of the worst in the primary. It's like, Well, why in the state of Indiana that has no danger of ever becoming blue anytime in the next 40 years? Why, why is this the best? Well, because Jews run politics in the system is immune to subversion, and this is what you get. And so, of course, Mike Braun, in an estate where almost everybody in that state, unanimously outside of Indianapolis, would be in full support of. We're not getting rid of qualified immunity. Fuck you, Senator could say that, and people would be people be happy about. He had a lot of pushback, but people would love that. But instead Mike Brown, sick man. I'm not ruling out that we might actually have to get rid of this, you know, because all my Jewish donors, you know, they definitely want to be able to sue for whatever reason and get a big pay day. And, you know that, in turn, becomes a big payday for me, And I want to run for re election in four years from now when he's up again, so yeah, yeah, yeah. So I was thinking I was thinking Kevin Cramer got a mixed up. Yeah, yeah. What's the difference? Kevin Cramer. Chuck Grassley. You know, Joni Ernst. Like so? Yeah, Chuck Bron, you know, And what it is we're gonna find out here in part two. You sort of have to wonder. It's like, What's going on? Mike Brown? What's Ah, you know what's what's going on with you guy, buddy? Air. You stuffed animals in your office there, Mike? Uh, a little a little black me and somebody's a little black book, so Yeah, so that's where it is. Um, guy. Anything else? That's it. That's right. Yet we're gonna come right back with some very interesting, very interesting information. Very interesting. Very notes. It's this This, like, blew my mind. I had to go back and look at this a couple times and it's zip, but no more shit. 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You'll find pieces from Pat Buchanan, Matt Tidy, Philip Giraldi, Eric Striker, Greg Conte and many more, including us. So stop wasting your time trying to drink from the firehose and check out truth to power news dot com And now back to fashion a Nation Heard Onley in the TRS radio network. Welcome back Way mentioned getting in the show. Do a little bit of a deep diving thing here in the second hour, but it connects very well with the with everything we're talking about there in the first hour and, ah, Jazz. You stumbled on some research here and did some research that it's pretty remarkable blowing the doors off of, ah story about blowing wooden doors. Story about Roy Cohn. But it doesn't just stop with Roy Cohn does it. This involves the Rosenbergs and and the Finkel think, and Epstein and all of the above, its all tied in very nicely. And I've been wanting to do Roy Cohn for a while. I was saying this to spend the other day like he was telling me the, you know, the stuff that we've been doing with with the fake nationalism and, um but also these deep dives into Trump have been really great. Knows I gotta worry, guy. This is like half a percent of all of the stack that I have. Um, and I have my little Portuguese friend to thankful for a lot of this. Definitely thank him for Finkelstein, but he's written me a couple of emails, and I'm like, bro like, this is this stuff is incredible, but yeah, I wanted to Roy Cohn for a while, and, um I just looking for opportunities to do, do this stuff. And so Roy Cohn. So I don't want people to get confused about what we've been doing with fake nationalism versus a lot of the deep dives on the unlike Finkel, think and all that stuff, um, is because the fake nationals and stuff has been something we've been doing specifically during the paywall show. Second half, typically, just going through these, um, these candidates, one by one, these people who have made it into power, part of this operation to get as many of these jig Nat guys in power so that Israel could get what it wants on the world stage and that there's no real objection. Now I know that, you know, people have touched on the fact that Viktor Orban and and others have been not not so genuine. But I don't think anybody has done it and quite in the way we have, and certainly not with Finkelstein, and talking about the actual political strategy was just like, yeah, these guys got a lot of Jews around him. This probably isn't good, but we've different drug dove way down into the details and and and also understood that you know it's part of the kosher dialectic, right? You can't you can't call out like, I think a lot of things that have been said before. It's like Donald Trump is not genuine or Viktor Orban's not genuine. But, ah, this this the left is is without any sort of repute. So that's the problem is that it's It's on both sides, and we've talked about how that's been done. But the thing that kinda made this oppression was the fact that June 19th is June 19th. Juneteenth. I don't know when June 10 it is. I think it's a span of June 13th through the 19th cause we don't really know what black people mean when they say Juneteenth. It's just one of the teen deaths. So is it June 19th? Is that what it is? It is so interesting. Well, that's the date that, um, Eisenhower and the U. S. Federal government executed Jew Communist Jews Julius and Ethel Rosenberg on June 19th 1953 eso 67 years ago eyes when that happened, and in a very timely release, Ah, guy by the name of Ivy Miro Poll. Who is what is he, the grandson of Julius and Ethel, rules. Rosenberg is releasing a documentary, a bio pic biopic Bio pic. Let's just say biopic I like that better of, Ah Trump Mentor Roy Cohn Bully Coward Victim course. He's a victim, always a victim, right? These fuckin June is the last thing. It's always victim. This story of Roy Cohn by Ivy Miro poll explores the friendship between President Trump and political fixer Roy Cohn. Of course, Ivy Mirapaul being a Jew in being the grandson of Communist Jews is only telling, going to tell you one side of the story. He's gonna just tell you, you know, the things that he thinks damage trump without, you know, sort of ah, telling you too much and you start to figure out how the whole system is constructed. Don't want to do that, Ivy. I want to go down that road. But it will be released on the 67th anniversary of their deaths at Sing Sing Prison. Up there on the Hudson River, the movie is essentially a Jew Bowl takedown of Jig Nats, Roy Cohn, Donald Trump and Roger Stone. It explains how Trump fell in love with cones. Belief that you should never admit that you're wrong. Oh, wow. Never apologize. It's like, yeah, what guy does that? Jews have been doing it for millennia. It delves into cones, closeted sexuality despite him being a rabid anti homosexuality activists just like Arthur Finkelstein. Oh, by the way, they knew each other. They knew each other very well, right? Roy Cohn and Arthur Finkelstein. We'll get into all that intimate relations, intimate relationships. But this is This is the length and breadth of the movie. And they're gonna talk about how you know Senator Joe McCarthy was the grand inquisitor. He's brought back this inquisition of of Jews bringing back painful memories in Spain. 500 years prayer prior. And so it's gonna center around. Wow, just wow ing Roy Cohn and you know him, him being a gay while also advocating for anti gay things And, oh, Donald Trump bad and racist And, oh, by the way, this Jew, you know, led to the execution of my grandparent's. And this is what happens when that's what it's gonna be. Let's tell you what all this stuff is about. Are you gonna watch the documentary, James? I might I might actually watch it just to see Yeah, I might. I don't know. I Yeah, biopics. I don't know what it's when something is described as a biopic. It's like, All right, that's already a little bit too pretentious. It's a movie. I think I'm gonna watch it just to see the length and breadth of the Jewish lives. So that comes out on Juneteenth. Ah, while apple TV Well, apple TV will be giving away Selma faux free on Juneteenth. Um, I'll be watching bully Coward. The question that story for the question will be whether you can find it through the like, When you go on Amazon prime, you have to wade through the banner about black lives matter and black suffering pain and hope. And it's like, No, I don't wanna watch Selma. No, I don't want to watch you these other films. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, if you can find it. Sure to be a good watch. Yes. So just so people understand who Julius and Ethel Rosenberg weren't around. We're not doing a deep dive on them, but we're sort of explaining why this this became such a big deal. So they were convicted of for those of you out real around letter. They were convicted of espionage against the U. S. In 1951 convicted co conspirators were sentenced to prison, including Ethel's brother, David Greenglass, who made a plea agreement and testified, um, against her own his own sister, Harry Gold, Morton's So Bell. And then one guy who wasn't Jewish. But he might as well have been Klaus fucks Fuchs. I know it's Fuchs, but we're just going to say Chuck fucks, this is just check fucks. Um, wasn't Jewish. Ah was raised in a Lutheran family who actually quit the Lutheran church in 1933 because it supported the N S d a. P any became a Quaker instead and went on to help smuggle Jews out of Germany during the war. Right. Nice Enormous efforts were undertaken by Jews to stop these executions. There was a big clamp campaign for clemency. Um, a campaign was started to prevent the couple's execution. Of course there was Jewish American 1951. I mean, all these Jewish refugees, they were there to make sure there was a campaign to stop this execution. Between the trial and the executions, there were widespread protests and claims of anti Semitism. Oh God, the charges of anti Semitism were widely believed abroad, but not among the majority in the United States. You know. So, Americans. Ah, you know, this is why 1965 was only a decade and 1\/2 away. This had to be a problem that they got resolved at a time when American fears about communism or high the Rosenbergs did not receive support from main steam. Mainstream Jewish organizations. The American Civil Liberties Union didn't even acknowledge any violations of civil civil liberties in the case yet because they didn't want to get wrapped up in this whole thing. You had people that were playing both sides, and they didn't want to be seen defending people in in connect jewelry to this in any more ways than it already. Waas um Across the world, especially in western European capitals, there were numerous protests with picketing and demonstrations in favor of the Rosenbergs, along with editorials in otherwise pro American newspapers. In a plea for clemency from Pope Pious now Pope pious. This is the same pope who is accused of collaborating with the Nazis, Um, during the ah during world War two. And so now he is here to make good and plea for first President Truman. Very Jewish president. We're gonna do a deep dive on him at some point. Um, yeah. I mean, he's not, like, ethnically Jewish, but he gave Jews a lot of what they wanted. Um, and you know, they pleaded with Truman throughout the end of his his presidency to part in the Rosenbergs, including Albert Einstein pleading with Truman to part in them an all black labor union. The Gollum's just go back and back and back down. The James All Black Labor Union International Short Longshoreman's Association stopped working for a day in protest off Thetis. It's just a me. Yeah, I'm sure if you would act asked for those acts supposed acts to those blacks, they would have been really concerned about anti Semitism and was really, really indignant about the civil rights infringement on behalf of the Rosenbergs. Yeah, they would. Oh, yeah, I'm sure. And it's just it's so it's always the same thing over and over again. And so then you have Pope Pious again appealing to Dwight Eisenhower when he took office in January of 1953. And by February, Eisenhower had refused. He said, You know, I'm I'm just We're not gonna We're not gonna given to this bullshit. And so ah, because it was it was Jake that time back then, Jake, that's Ah, we're sending back then. The execution was scheduled for 11 p.m. On June 19th during the Jewish Sabbath. Oh, God, which begins and ends around sunset. Rosenberg attorney Emanuel Hirsch Block asked for more time filing a complaint that execution on the Sabbath offended the defendant's Jewish heritage. Rhoda lacks. An attorney on the Rosenbergs defense team also made this argument well. That defense strategy backfired because Judge Kaufman, German Judge Kaufman, this is back when America was, you know, doing things the way that things should be done. Who also stated his concerns about executing the Rosenbergs on the Jewish Sabbath. Rescheduled the execution for three hours earlier, before Sunset and the Sabbath and the regular execution times at Sing Sing so they by complaining about the Sabbath, they actually shaved three hours off their lives. Funny, but yeah, that's ah, that's almost a relic of, like medieval law and order. That's something you would here out of Eastern Europe. Uh, yeah, and ah, I don't know. I didn't know that getting do you have to have then a Shabbos goy to, like, throw the light switch or throw the execution switch in this case like they do for turning on their electron ICS and and their light lights during Sabbath Get a good way to do it? I guess so. I don't know. I don't know. Yeah, I don't know how that works. I mean, everything I know about the electric chair I take from the Green Mile, which is just in a horrifically anti white pot Tom Hanks movie um Julius died after the first electric shock. Although Ethel's execution did not go so smoothly. In fact, it was more of a show after she was given with the normal course of let three electric shocks attendants removed the strapping, Another equipment only toe. Have doctors determined that Ethel's heart was still bleeding and her head was still smoking. Eso yeah, not not so Not so good and not so nice. Way to end. Funeral services were held in Brooklyn on June 21st. Ah, they were buried at the cemetery in Pine Lawn, New York, The Times reported that 500 people attended and some 10,000 people stood outside. Mr Block, the same guy who was arguing for the Jewish Sabbath bit delivered one of the main, or rations, bitterly exclaiming that America was quote living under the heel of a military dictator garbed in civilian attire. The Rosenbergs were sweet, tender, intelligent, and the course they took was one of courage and heroism. This is what Jews think about you and your country. Now that's a Sfar as I'll go in diving into the kosher dialect because that's what people did back then. But they did the good Jews versus bad Jews bit as we're about to find out, because people you know there, I'm sure there are some people that you know genuinely believe the Communism was a Jewish issue. But they were ignoring or maybe didn't see because of the lack of available information. What was pushing a lot of this from the other side? I mean, this is this is the whole crux of the cold wear, isn't it, James? And this is almost like not having the form or updated right in terms of identifying communism as exclusively Jewish and Jews being exclusively communist. They either didn't realize or were complicit. In some cases, regular people. Of course, this information would be very hard to find for them. But the political actors that were involved in this process were either unaware or covering it up or going along with it willingly in the shift and in the Jewish power structure. I'm not just being communists because they weren't exclusively communist that weren't exclusively Bolshevik. No, this was the This was when they were realizing that wasn't going to work. They needed to be playing both sides. Well, they realized that much earlier. But this is when they were really, really advancing their power within within the capitalist side of it in the United States. Well, yeah and shameful Plug for the deep dive that we're gonna be doing on Wednesday night with ah, Borzoi. It's gonna be a two part series. Another founding father will tell you who it is until we release it. But it's gonna be very spicy. And it is. It shows how the kosher dialectic was forming even back then. Even back then, um around Ah, around. Well, I won't tell you when it is I want to be a surprise is really good s Oh, yeah, it's been It's been there all along And now now, but don't project what it is today on what it was then It's a much earlier for much more rudimentary, and but it was still there. Nonetheless, they were this playing this feature of playing both sides has been there for a long time, and it's the same thing. I mean, you know that. I'm sure there are people back in the 19 fifties when this trial was going on that were attacking the right while promoting communism, sort of unwittingly supporting Jewish interests at the same time. So is it was all this sort of the same sort of thing, and so Jews were taking advantage of both sides. More news at 11 right? Ah, but jig Nat Roy Cohn is the guy who did this. He was the guy who they credit with leading to the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Why? Because Roy Cohn, at age 27 27 just a young gay lawyer who was appointed by an older gay FBI man named J. Edgar Hoover. He met him in 1952 when he was even younger. I think he was 23 years old when he met J. Edgar Hoover. It's like I really you think that's the first sign that right? Cohen met dead Gruber? Really, Guys, do you think that's what's going on? Um, but that's not the whole story. During that meeting, as described by Bobby and J. Edgar, the historic face off between the headache, uh, Kennedy's and J. Edgar Hoover that transformed America, Hoover expressed admiration for Cones aggressive and manipulative tactics and told Cohn to call me directly whenever he had information worth sharing from that point. Owen, Cohn and Hoover traded favors effusive compliments, gifts, UM, probably blood plasm, elaborate private dinners. It quickly became Roy and Anger. Hirsch also describes Hoover is cones soon to be consigliere a Mamma Mia. Hoover's recommendation to Cone would become a deciding factor in the appointment as Senator Joe McCarthy's general counsel at age 27 right? It's like, Yeah, Roy Cohn made his qualified man for the job, I'm sure Yeah. Roy Cohn made his name is prosecutor for Senator Joe McCarthy and Traa in the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg through his father you know, people say, Oh, well, his dad was a New York State Supreme Court justice and came from an extremely wealthy family. This is surely how the connections right? Well, we'll tell you how the connection was made. It's not. It's not just it's not just that these guys knew each other. It's not just that these guys were homosexual and, um, probably both involved in some, uh, sorted disgusting way. There's another go between and it goes back to an even earlier. Um, sort of Ah, how do we say Political, criminal alliance and sort of structure. But let's talk about this here, um, with McCarthy, because I don't know how many people, or at least for a while, you know McCarthy because he in a very similar way to trump he was. He was loathed by both sides of the kosher dialectic because of how hard he went and because of how hard he went on communism. And he went so hard on the Communism. A lot of people thought, Oh, yeah, this guy's ah is ah, brooding anti Semite. And he's just out to get the Jews right, James? Um I mean, I I sort of had I had this opinion. I don't remember the last time. I really even thought much about Joe McCarthy. But, ah, you know, the the the reality of McCarthy is much different from what we're told to believe, isn't it? I mean, I'm sure there are people who disagreed with the tactics that were taken by Cone and McCarthy. Um, and certainly there are. I mean, it ended up. Did I put the Rosenbergs in the electric chair? But, um, yeah. I mean, what what was your opinion on McCarthy? Like, when did you first? Because you hear it in Republican politics like, Oh, that's McCarthyism. Like thes McCarthy ite politics. And we can't go back to that sort of inquisition style of rhetoric. Yeah, well, the way that it always worked or that it worked for me anyways was that you would hear about it in school as this horrible dark time in American history where where Jews were being targeted for no reason at all and being accused of espionage and crimes and treason. And this is virulent Amin so on and so forth. It wasn't that heavy handed, but that's basically what you're supposed to take away from it. And then you hear Republicans and Republicans have, actually, as of late, taking this up not so much in the last year or two, but in the last decade, they would take this up as an own on the Democrats, right? They would say that you know, these Democrat witch hunts. It's feeling a lot like McCarthyism, which is evil, right, guys? And so then you're your direct And you hate, of course, into these Republican suck these air the same. Never trump types that that we talked about it in the first hour. And so then you reflexively are like, All right, well, let's look at McCarthy. Did put these Jews in the electric chair. He he prosecuted communist. He was rooting out communist influence. Therefore, he must be a good guy. All right, so I'm reflexively going to defend McCarthy to to own, you know, the own these people who? Yeah, I know. Suck. I'm not gonna look into McCarthy too much. And of course, you know there's reason for that. Well, can't look into what if McCarthy was just a was just a stupid neo con who was preventing ah, leftist in America from bringing around, you know, universal healthcare and, ah, train, transportation and everything. He was just an idiot rightists to got in the way of all that, right? I mean, that's That's the other the flipside of of getting involved in the kosher dialectic signal. The reality is McCarthy was Zionist TechNet. He was also a homosexual, and his two biggest defenders were a guy by the name of Ralph Day Tola Don Oh Toledano, a journalist in support of Jew in Rabbi Benjamin Jolts Schultz, was opposed to both Nazis and communism, founding the American Jewish League against communism, the A. J. L. A. C. In 1948. Both Toledano and Schultz have numerous defenses of McCarthy against acquisitions of anti Semitism. McCarthy's admiration for Rabbi Schultz was reciprocal, of course it was, and he was the keynote speaker at an April 1955 dinner and Schultz his honor. At that dinner, McCarthy delivered a very philo Semitic speech riveted upon the ideological yawning gap between Jews is champions of liberty whom Communists were determined to destroy hence the eternal hostility between Judaism and communism. My God do This is just rich. McCarthy McCarthy noted that Rabbi Schultz and the A G l A C quote managed to explosive the malicious myth that persons of the Jewish faith and Communists have something in common. It's just Oh, just incredible. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, dude. And then he says, Jewish people are congenital enemies of communism. Those of the Jewish faith are historically champions of liberty. They are traditionally jealous, guardians of an individual's freedom, political, economic and social. These things communism is determined to destroy and remember, to the persons of the Jewish faith have by forces of circumstances a vested invested interest in tolerance, right? Yeah. Oh, my God. It's just incredible. Yeah, I mean, and you could maybe somebody wants to art. And maybe so There's some, like, McCarthy plan Trustor out there. Who wants to argue that Oh, this is the way to do it. He had to say this. I mean, in front of the, uh, it's like just stop it to stop it. We have sworn testimony talking about McCarthy being a homosexual and the fact that McCarthy is very closely J. Edgar Hoover, who is very close with Roy Cohn, who is rare coast with Arthur Finkelstein. I mean, all of this is there are homosexuals. It's like I mean, what do you know? And then then we haven't even gotten to everything else. Sort of teasing this out, cause I'm sure there are people are like but, dude, you're not telling the story. Oh, just wait. Just wait, though they would have loved for Julius and Ethel for that to be Smith instead of Rosenberg. Yeah, you know, for this very these to be whites. Yeah. This is a very unfortunate relationship for them that they did not want Teoh. They really did not want to expose any further relationship between Jews and coming well, but part of it also in these people, don't I have a problem with going at each other's throats, Especially when they look at the Communist chooses as people who were going to upset what they were trying to do? They certainly didn't. All of the Jews in America who had been in the country for already what 200 years at that point had built up massive amounts of wealth, um, and had maintained significant control over American society and were growing in power. And the last thing they wanted was a J left Communist Revolution. where a lot of that stuff would be shattered because they've seen that happen before and they don't they don't want that. And so they want that shut down. And there are. This is Edit Essence part of the faction, and now they've disbanded a lot of some of these arguments, and they've united and in a more meaningful way. But this this factionalization still exist to a certain extent, but they use the factionalization to continue to do DNC on whites to it's it's done in a way that that really works out kind of well for them in all sites. But back to Roy Cohn. So Roy Cohn succeeds Getting Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, um executed and continues this campaign against communism. And he while while working in the government, he attempted, of course, attempted to blackmail the Army in return for preferential treatment for committee consultant and cones. Rumored lovler lover dated Shine and left the government in a cloud of scandal. So he returns to New York City to live with his mother and practice law. Um, he was indicted four times from the mid sixties and early seventies for stocks swindling, obstructing justice, perjury, bribery, conspiracy, extortion, blackmail, filing false reports. Sounds like a white justice system at work to meet James in three times he was acquitted. Maybe not so much at work. Well, the justice system was prosecuting him. But you know, the judges, they really weren't. And that's where one of the famous cone lines come from. Which is, I don't know. Well, I don't want to know what the law is. I just want to know who the judges and this line has been. You know, ah, reserve remanufactured, reprinted over and over. And it's like, Don't tell me the law, Tell me the judge and that sort of becomes talking point. But he was acquitted in the fourth time, ended in mistrial, which gave Cone this sneering, sinister sheen of invulnerability. He was the prototypical Teflon Donald Trump prototypical guy, and it's funny because he comes ends up being Trump's mentor. Ah, the more unscrupulous he became, the more his practice grew. He was the man to see if you wanted to beat the white system, right? But here we go. Do this picture of cone in the office like these air all frogs like these air all proto Pepe's and it kind of just Roman doesn't did it. Just it's It's Cone sitting on a child's trampoline because that's what that is with a fucking walrus. Spined him. It was the avenues hand. Look at the picture. We don't do video, but look at a picture, James. You people confined this picture. If you look at online, who's in that picture? Who is that? Fucking that, uh, startled John in a in a green carpet with, like, a bunch of pep A frogs and, ah, they're all over the place, and ah, yeah, I mean, cones aides were all young gay men is Roger Stone Later recalled himself. Cone believed gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around, though it just wasn't discussed. Like God, this is weird. Dude, doesn't This doesn't like when I saw this picture and I put all that together. You're still sitting there like thunderstruck, aren't you? Well, I've just like I don't want to know what's behind that door, you know, nobody will know behind that door. I don't want to know what's on those tapes in that box of records there, but yeah, his I mean, and he's got that. He has that, like, sold well. It's his gazes Solis, for for a few reasons. This is like the soulless gaze that only a gay Jew puppet master can really, really have. And, ah, yeah, this, like line of kids toys and the carpet is like this bright green, which you could say, Oh, it's the seventies man. Come on, It's like, No, this is like designed to look like a kid's room. And I don't I don't know. And this is what's going on. This is this office and he's got one of those big old TV's like who? Remember, I remember seeing TV's like this at Grandma's house, though. Like Forget Roy Cohn and all this, like one of those big like TV. And like the wooden case with the real nice built in speakers on either sides. It was a nice TV, but yeah, where you had to Ah, if you walked in front of it or around it, you'd lose reception. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, but this Yeah, this is just really bad. And I was reading I don't remember where. It's not in the prep, but, um, the look that Roy Cohn has someone I think in sworn testimony anonymously said the most striking thing about Roy Cohn or his but were his pale blue eyes. But the most unsettling thing were was how they seemed to protrude out of the sides of his head. They're kind of they're they're kind of far apart. He looks he looks kind of weird. But anyway, uh, Cohn's office was filled with a menagerie of stuffed animals and walls lined with photos of him with J. Edgar Hoover, Joe McCarthy and Donald Trump, just like he's sitting there on this little trampling with like a young Donald Trump. Um, Trump became a protege of Roy Cohn after meeting him in 1973. It was Cohn who Trot Trump to counterpunch viciously deny everything stiff your creditors, manipulate the tabloids. As Donald Trump would later tell the story. He ran into Cone for the first time at Le Club, a members only night spot in Manhattan in the East fifties, where models and fashionistas in Euro trash went to be seen. The government has just filed suit against our company, Trump explained, saying that we discriminated against blacks. What do you think I should dio Cohn says, Tell them to go to hell and fight the thing in court. Let them prove that you discriminated. Cone shot back. The trumps would soon retain ConEd. Represent them. So Cone was his lawyer for the whenever they were, you know, they were allegedly, and probably this was true. But apparently what happened with this was whatever they would get an applicant at one of these apartment buildings. Somebody who is taking the applications was writing a little tiny little letter c on the applications to indicate colored um, S O. I mean, but you know it Z You know Frank Trump and our friend Fred Trump, Chuck Trump, truck Trump and Donald. Um, you know, we've done the deep dive on those guys to before. It's like, Well, I'm you know, I'm sure this was a common practice all over Jewish, New York and Jewish owned greedy Jewish landlords. It's just that Trump and ah, in Fred in, you know, the trumps were called out for it. That's the thing. It's like it even more honest of Konitz at McDonald. Everybody does this, Donald. We don't know if he did actually say he probably said, Donald, everybody does this make him make improve that you discriminated and I'll represent you get the right judge and we'll be fine. But yeah, or Donald. Really? You're using. You're creating a paper record of this. I mean, come on. Like we've been doing this for a long time. We know how to do this a little bit better than you do. You? And the other thing, too, is that now white society whites are blamed for this evil white supremacy and renting discrimination. Right? When in reality, I mean, the trumps were one of the very few gentile families involved in this business at the time, right? Yeah. And it's always the things that we we was discriminated against in the housing industry. It cycle. Who's doing that, though? Let's talk about that. So to the extent it's even real, right? Right. Um, no, it's I think it's riel, Um, to to a certain extent, I mean, you once once thes greedy Jewish landlords get subsidies and get covered by the government, then, yeah, they have more leeway. But when when? Back in the 19 fifties, when it was really just a cash business, and, you know, they had to make a profit and do well. They couldn't and they didn't have help from the government. Um, to the extent that they do today, they had to, Ah, they had to play play these games. Now they don't really have to do anymore. But Kohn was a close friend and confident of Arthur Finkelstein, both of whom served as advisers to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Amazing. And this is this little nugget I forgot, um, from the Finkelstein deep dive. But apparently Bill Clinton used to call Finkelstein self loathing, which in sort of Jewish Jewish vernacular, is a phrase that is used by Jews against Jews. So it's kind of funny that Bill Clinton is taking that shot. I wonder it was it was it Dickie Morris who told Bill Clinton to do that against his fellow political consultant? You know, Dick Morris? Ah, sucking on toes of prostitutes while he's on the phone in the White House. Yeah, right. Um, do you don't know that story out? It's disgusting. Oh, yeah, Look it up. That's why that's like Dick Morris isn't on TV anymore, cause Dick Morris's eyes another self loathing Jew Baskets say I haven't seen that guy since, like of the Obama era, O bro, like when he would come on TV and he would be on Ah, he would be on Hannity and he's just, like just a disgusting, filthy animal of a person. And then that, then that accent. Oh my God, it's bad eso But the GOP is literally full of homosexuals. Right you have Roy Cohn, Arthur Finkelstein. Ah, Joe McCarthy, Marv Lieberman. Who? Marv Liebman, who was a co founder of the National Review. David Brock before he switched and went on the other side. Ken Mehlman, Karl Rove's dad was a fag. I didn't know that at all, did you? No idea. Just like, not surprised And, of course, Karl Rove. All of these people are interconnected because Lee Atwater who? If you're familiar in the D C area, there's a string of restaurants called Red Hot Blue Um, which is owned by the at What was the restaurant started by the Atwater family? It's basically like, ah, by boomers. For boomers, it's really not the best barbecue, but it's a place that people enjoy going that's owned by the Atwater's and Atwater and Charlie Black and Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Like all these guys, all work worked in various forms as political fixers. Roy Cohn is just another iteration. And so the fact that Karl Rove's dad, um, this is where Karl Rove got his start with with Lee Atwater. So it's It's just it's all just one big, incestuous ah homosexual pit in Karl Rove. I mean, I don't know, bro. He's just like the bear in the room, I suppose. But Khan introduces Trump to Rupert Murdoch a few D a few days few years later, which is the beginning of a long, close knit relationship between the two. Murdoch, of course, was a client of Roy Cohn's, and Cone repeatedly pressured Ronald Reagan to further Murdoch interests. Kohn was closely associated with numerous celebrities, famous politicians and political operatives, including Mayor of New York, Abraham Beame and then Assemblyman from Brooklyn and future Senator Chuck Shoma. So it Yeah, it's a coaster sandwich for you, but behind the scenes, it's just like these people are all one big, happy family. Um, apparently Justin Trudeau's mother, Margaret, attended Cohn's birthday party in 1979 and knocked over his birthday cake. So, yeah, that's based Yeah, Base. Wow. Um, Cohn's powerful friends in the media, a group that also included a bro's in foal executive editor at The New York Times. William Safire to set sound. Ah, familiar to you, James Longtime New York Times columnist. New York Magazine Editor George Socolovsky UH Who is the New York Herald Tribune, NBC, ABC SOCOLOVSKY ran the American Jewish League against Communism with Cone for several years, right? So who is the guy who started that Rabbi Benny Schultz? Now it's been taken up by George Sokoloski. Who was he ran the American Jewish League for Against Communism while also being a major media guy, Right? Um, and ah, he was later given a Medal of honor after Socolovsky um, Cone was also close with. You'll never guess William F. Buckley of the National View. So he's close with Liebman and Buckley and ah, yeah, The National Review often attacked cones political enemies, including Manhattan D a. Robert Morgenthau in their columns, using Cone as an anonymous source. Just ever. Yeah, yeah, that's great. And then and then Sokolski running the American Jewish League against Communism gave William F. Buckley a metal from the Jewish League against communism in 1966. Along with Louis Rosen is steel. Um, yeah, and then Buckley later got a loan from Oh my gosh. Cone was influencing some bank and was able to pull some strings and get William F. Buckley a loan $65,000 to buy a luxury boat. But yacht itself. Bath Royko It's so funny how William F. Buckley and the whole Buckley ICT sort of Brooks Brothers Navy blue suit, gold button boat, shoe wearing khaki pant wherein, like Republican College Republic like this whole look, is from William F. Buckley. And he's just like a Jew puppet, like even the boat. That growth that goes with boat shoes came from alone that he probably would have not. Well, he would have gotten it, but in a much higher co cost. But look what he had to do to get that boat. It's just like sellout. Sell out his own people. Now you mentioned Lew Rosen Steel will be talking about him. It's a part that I left out and, ah, foreshadowed a little bit. We're gonna talk about that more. But Cohn also introduced Trump to Roger Stone. That's how they met Alan Dershowitz was a client of Roy Cohn's. Cohen was also a central figure at Studio 50 fours orgy and drug scene. Cone once admitted, and here's where we so it all together. So you guys ready for this? Some of you priority know where I'm going, but maybe a lot of people don't. Cone once admitted to former and wybie NYPD Detective James Rosenstein Rothstein Jesus Rothstein that he was part of a rather elaborate sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. Cohn told Rothstein that this operation was being carried out as a means of taking out politicians with communist leanings. Wow, what do you think we're going? James? Yeah, so it's so it's OK. I mean, look okay, prostitutes. But it's OK because its anti communist right, That was the excuse that was used in the beginning anyway. Um, But before we get to their with Cohn, let's we're gonna do a little bit of ah flashback here. And, um, I got to give some credit. Gotta hand out some Kerr at it to Whitney Web of minute mint press news. She's done some excellent digging on this. A lot of this stuff was out there but she has sort of pieced a lot of this together in a way that you can sort of understand cause I think a lot of people look at Epstein as this Ah, maybe standalone phenomenon that maybe there wasn't much before him. He's the guy along with other Jews who figured out how to do do the blackmail operation. And you know he's dead now, and that operation has been handed off to somebody. But they're actually several. It orations of this very same operation in Epstein was just the guy who happened to inherit it from Kohn, who happened to inherit it from Lew Rosen Steel And Everybody's Got a Matter, right? James? You know Trump Scott Cohn Cohn has Rosen Steel. You know, it just goes on and on and on. Wexner has Epstein. The cone was Ah, Cone was mentored by this Jewish Mafia figure named Lew Rosen Steel, who was an associate of Meyer Lansky. He's familiar with Lansky. Everybody's familiar with the prohibition era, but Rosen Steel was a liquor magnate who was very interconnected with the FBI in the Jewish mafia, and apparently and I don't know this, but in a totally coincidental meeting in the French Riviera in 1922 I guess. Rosen Steel Because these people like, Why else would they come together in the French Riviera, James and talk to each other about things like this? But Rosen Steel happened to bump into Winston Churchill in the French affair in 1922 um, and Churchill told him to prepare for the end of Prohibition. Bootlegging is going to come to an end, old friend, you know it's timeto time to get out of that business and get legal. So what is? Rosenstiel Dio goes back to the U. S. He goes the Lehman Brothers no longer in existence, but it was big back then. It's been around for a while. They financed Rosen Steel's purchase of all the shutter distilleries in the United States in advance. At a time when Prohibition was still in place. People didn't think alcohol was coming back. So, you know, rock bottom prices for all these distilleries and ah you know, then wave Magic star of David and ah, that ban on alcohol was lifted, right? And, uh, and he became overnight went from bootlegger who was never gonna really be prosecuted to a guy who's just Ah, I'm just in the liquor business. I'm I'm a legitimate businessman. Who What? Why would you question me? I'm a contributing member society. I don't have to Loyalties. I only have one loyalty. Sure. So right. And that's I'm sure he just had a really convincing presentation. He made the Lehman Brothers. Mr. Rosen Steel came in and really sold them on. The idea of lending in the money for these distiller is a very hard, very hard, difficult sell. Oh, yeah, they probably were. Yeah. I mean, G it would be great if we could lend somebody some money to buy these distilleries that we know we're going to be. Ah, big big boom in, ah, couple years. So yeah, it's kind of funny how that works, But somehow, James, um, Rosen Steel somehow cultivated close ties with J. Edgar Hoover. Somehow. How did that happen? Well, even made Hoover's number two guy Lewis Nichols a kapo of this liquor empire because it be like that. And how does weird get to go to France? Bump in the Winston Churchill on holiday go toe to go to Washington, D c bump into J. Edgar Hoover Weird connection bump into J. Edgar Hoover and then take J. Edgar Hoover's number two guy at the FBI Lewis Nichols, and make him the kapo of your liquor empire. Your ill gotten liquor empire, Josh Liquor empire. I mean, you know what I say interconnected. I mean, very interconnected. And how did Rosen Steel cultivate these close ties with whoever you think they like the same whisky James Or maybe the same color dresses? I don't know. Yeah, well, according to Whitney, Web admitted press news, Lansky was credited with obtaining compromising photos of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover sometime in the 19 forties, which showed Hoover quote in some kind of gay situation kind of fag situation, according to a former Lansky associate, Faggot Energy at Yahoo USCIS Alien in Philadelphia also said that Lansky had often claimed I fixed that son of a bitch. The photo showed Hoover engaged in sexual activity with his longtime friend, FBI Director Clyde Tolson. At some point, these voters fell into the hands of CIA counter Intelligence chief James J. Angleton, who later showed the photos to several other CIA officials, including John Whites and Gordon Novell. Angleton was in charge of the CIA's relationship with FBI and Mossad until he left the agency in 1972. So it's kind of funny. You know, you have J. Edgar Hoover in charge of the FBI from what, 1924 to 1972. You have Angleton in charge of the sea? A. For for decades. He's the guy who is in charge of the connection with Mossad. And, you know, somehow these photos of J. Edgar Hoover land in his lap. And, ah, you know, it's kind of like the FBI's merger and acquisition with the Jewish Mafia, like right at that very moment. Isn't that credible? Yeah, I guess. I guess. Ah, Hoover and Rosenfield like the same position on the pew. Jesus Christ. Eso Yeah, it was Hoover who introduced Roy Cohn to Rosen Steel. Right? We have that connection now. This is how Roy Cohn Rosen still met each other. Or maybe not. We don't really know how this introduction occurred or even how it happened, but it's ultimately how Cone gets the job with McCarthy. I find it more likely that Cone, because of his young age, um, maybe it is true that he was some some in some way connected to whoever. I mean, you know, the tedious guys told that story about that, That that guy who answered Lindsey Graham's, um, ladybug add, um and, uh, yeah, lady, just a lady. But he's gonna go catch a lie. Ladybugs. Um, it's just so disgusting. But we don't know. He could have you Could have in groups. Could have been. Could've been groups. But, you know, I just find it weird. It's like tickles. Tickles the old noggin when I hear what Jesus. Well, but But that that Roy Cohn would come to Rosen steal from Hoover. But, you know, it's like whether you want to debate whether it was the homosexuality or the Jewishness. I don't know which one is gonna win out there, which how that happened. But in any event, these air how these guys are connected in rows and steel becomes the mentor of Roy Cohn, right? Um and now this is important. Later, but Rosen Steel wired all of his offices and homes for sound. Everything was bugged and where we heard that before, sounds familiar. That's so familiar. Rosen Steel was married five times and was bisexual, so Wow, Another gay Jew. Thes things are we're sort of all just below the surface where most people suspected, right? So you have to think back to this time. Most people didn't realize that this was going on, but his fourth wife, Rosen, steals fourth wife came out and spilled the beans on all this stuff during divorce proceedings in sworn testimony in the 19 seventies, 30 years, 20 years after all this stuff happened, Ah, Susan Kaufman, his fourth wife, testified that Rosen Steel hosted parties with boy prostitutes that her husband had hired for the enjoyment of certain guests, which included important government officials and other prominent figures. Not only did roads and steal organized the parties, but he also made sure their venues were bugged with microphones that recorded the antics of his high profile guests. These audio recordings were then kept for the purpose of blackmail again, according to Kauffman sworn testimony. Aspects of her testimony were later corroborated by two separate witnesses who were unknown to Kaufman. So full corroboration on all of the stuff, right? James mean, yeah, yeah, and yeah, and this is this is the model and and so I mean the idea that this was something new. Aziz. You know, we learned similar things about Jeffrey Epstein, right, that not only his mansion in New York was wired for sound, and there were videos and and the hard drives discovered by the NYPD to see the DVDs with names written on them. All of these different files that were found and not only that facility being bugged, but also Little ST James and his mansion on the island and the facilities on the island being being wired for sound and recording. And, of course, when he's when he's arrested and in custody and you have the movers coming in and clearing the places out, you only wonder what was what was hidden then. But these are things that we knew about Epstein in the 21st century. Media environment. These stories came out the way they did through social media, but back in the seventies and back in the forties and fifties and sixties, when this was going on, there was going to be no way for this to come out unless you bye bye, by chance, the it was reported in divorce proceedings. So it's yet it's actually incredibly faithful that that Susan Kaufman testified what she did because if she didn't, this evidence would have been destroyed, and you would have heard about it. And they learned their lesson to in a way because Rosen Steel was ah, homosexual himself. And, um, Roy Cohn was gay and involved in drugs. And in studio 54 me. Will you look at Roy Cohn? Especially later in his life? I mean, you know, he died of AIDS. Of course, Spoiler Alert Guy dies of AIDS. But he looked me in the drug abuse, too. And you know Epstein. Really? To the extent that Epstein was into drugs and into those sorts of things, I don't know, it sounds like Epstein probably was not even a homosexual. They realized that, Yeah, I like this model of like, gay, Jew, drug consuming Jew like doesn't really work out that well. It can lead to problems especially, you know, getting married like you have to keep me getting married to keep up the appearance, that you're not a homosexual. And sooner or later, one of those wives is just like, yeah, not this is like, fucked up. And I don't like this anymore, right? So instead you get a wife like Gillian Maxwell that's, you know, an ardent Zionist and Massad asset herself, right? That solves that squares that circle very neatly for it does. And now, by sheer coincidence alone, James. Totally coincidental. Rosen steals associates of the 19 seventies and eighties and cones associates of the 19 seventies and eighties. Um, began popping up again in the media following the arrest of In Death of Jeffrey Epstein is the same people so more from Whitney. Web ITM Interest News One of the blackmail parties Susan Kaufman attended with her then husband, Lew Rosen Steel, was hosted by Cohn in 1958 at Manhattan's Plaza Hotel suite to 33. Kaufman What, Having a room 1 12 up in the Holiday Inn right? But this is like the Jew version. It's sweet to 33 at the Plaza Hotel, Common described cones sweet as a beautiful sweet, all done in light gay blue. She described being introduced to Hoover, who was dressed in drag by Cone, who told her that Hoover's name was marry in a fit of barely concealed. Laughed, Kaufman testified, That's your FBI head for 50 fucking years, America Kaufman. You think it's a serious, serious country sending a real serious cat boy. Kaufman testified that young boys were present in. Kaufman claimed that Cone, Hoover and her ex husband engaged in sexual activity with these miners, needed a life streaming live from the state. They might have live streamed 16 hour, 16 hour Plaza Hotel suite to 33 Mary and Mary Boy Party New York. New York Attorney John Clots, tasked with investigating Cone for a case well after Kaufman's testimony, also found evidence of the Blue Suite at the Plaza Hotel and its role in a sexual extortion ring. After combing through local government documents, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Roy Cohn was providing protection. This is what he learned from clots and digging into this stuff. Roy Cohn was providing the protection. There were a bunch of pedophiles involved. That's where Cohn got his power from the black blackmail. Excuse me. Perhaps the most damning confirmation of cones activities in Suite 2 33 come from statements made by Cone himself to James are Rothstein, who is the NYPD's X human trafficking and vice related crimes division. Rothstein later told John DeCamp, a former Nebraska state senator who investigated a government connected child sex ring in Omaha, among other investigators, that Cone had admitted to being part of a sexual blackmail operation targeting politicians with child prostitutes. During a sit down interview with the former detective, Rothstein told to camp the following about cone cones job was to run. The little boys say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman who did not want to go along with the program cones job was set them up, Then they would go along. Cone told me that himself. So, yeah, it's like all spelled out black and white. It isn't a guessing game. And you know, Epstein didn't build any of this himself, did he? This is all done for him. And Cone didn't build any of it for himself. It was all done for him by Lou Rosenstein. Brought it. Was that Rosen Steel? Jesus Christ. Just think the one fucking name, But yeah, and it goes back. I mean, this is not new. I mean, the only the new part of it in terms of this kind of method, entrapment is the Elektronik capability that revolutionized the ability for Jewish blackmail. Right? Imagine a world without photographs without the ability to record. God damn it, Thomas Edison, Why did you have to be such a such a raging anti Semite? And then and then decide like you're going to just invent all these things that you know Jews use? This is this is the kind of stuff that makes me want to be a Luddite. Like I'll just go beyond our disco. Be Amish now. No, no, you know, because I don't have to worry about being bugged or whatever, you know. But the fact that ah, a government, a society that ostensibly is supposed to serve me and serve us can be so easily compromised by this It's just Yeah, this is this is not working out. Yeah, and it's also disturbing to find Think about the fact that there are this many people that would be susceptible to this, that there are so many people who are attracted to power and find themselves in positions of power that can Then they are weak or sick. It's really their sick enough to be to be attracted to this, to have ah child put in front of them and think I yes, you know this is what I want sexually, and I mean because this wouldn't happen if these people didn't have these sick appetites in the first place. I'm not trying to do not blame the, uh, Jews involved here, obviously, but it's disturbing to think about how just how depraved these people must be. Well, the soul notion of you know, these evil Nazis doing psychological studies of Jews in the Holocaust and something these people have been doing cycle ogg deep psychological abuse studies on on white people for millennia. And then they take those weaknesses not just with whites but all human nature. It's a sliding scale. Depends on sort of what race ethnicity you're talking about. But they find these commonalities, and then they find ways to use them. They're doing with blacks right now. I'm not saying like, you know, blacks are great or I want them in my country, but they've turned blacks into a column by studying the very same things in figuring out what makes them take and then turn those things against them. And they've they've done this with, you know, they've done this with with white politicians suitcase. They had to figure out how to undermine and subvert and bring down this power structure. And they they have successfully done that. And that's one of the reasons why it's evolved beyond Rosen Steel and Cone in an even Epstein. And you know this idea that people have to look at this and think of it in terms of and I and I use this probably a very poor metaphor on on the midweek show. But this is just scratching the surface, right? Like thes when they talk about this. Ah, this this pedophile ring in Omaha on the 19 seventies. I mean, it's just this is happening in every major city, this une union between organized crime in the government, to the point where they're almost indistinguishable from one another, like when you hear boomers se some boomers say, make a remark that, you know the government is just a form of organized crime. They're not rot like they're not wrong. Especially when you look at how deeply interwoven all this has become, because the deep state calling it the deep state is just, you know, I think I understand why why they do it. But this idea that you're going to drain the swamp. It's it's I don't think people realize how deeply intertwined all of this is in in that, you know, these people that got caught and that became a problem they're learning from. And they're moving, moving on from so back to Roy Cohn. And this is more from Whitney Web. Um, so she says, Roy Cohn was only a to B. O every time with that among cones friends, we're top media personalities like Bob Wall Toes, former CIA director Sin Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan of this important media mogul, Rupert Murdoch and Mort Zuckerman. Numerous celebrities like Alan Dershowitz already talked about this. We're gonna have to cover this other part on another deep dive. But there's also this interconnectedness with the Catholic Church. So based in trad and right, Ah, Theodore McCarrick. All of these thes guys Father Ritter Ah, Cardinal Spellman. We're all tied in very closely with Roy Cohn. And so a lot of the sexual abuse that was going on in the Catholic Church that was a farm for these pedophile rings. Where do you think these this was coming from? Like where do you think all this happened? So you have the Catholic Church at that time, intertwined with leading juror Jewish organizations like Bonai, Bruhth and the World Josh Congress. Many of the same names that surround Cone until his death in the late 19 eighties and later came to surround Jeffrey Epstein were the names appearing in Epstein's now infamous Little Black Book, which is a very ancient black book. And it's not just Epstein's. Yeah, it's a Black Cube book. It's like Cube of Saturn, I think. Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, and that's the thing, too, is you. Look at that Epstein book and I remember when this came out and was leaked, flipping through that, looking at the pdf of this Ah, lot of these names were people that that I didn't recognize right that were and that when you look into them, you know, these people were active in the seventies and the eighties and nineties, and you think, OK, well, what's going on here? Why are these people why would he need contact with these people if they're not really relevant players anymore? But they were, and these were These were contacts that have been passed down to him that they had leverage on their entire lives. So yeah, this is I mean, it's really insidious. And the distractions that surround Epstein, right, that Oh, he was. He was the pedophile fixer for Bill Clinton, and the Democrats were running this pedophile ring, and it's like, No, no, they were caught up in it, just like the Republicans were. That's Finkel. Think these, these liberals and their child better. It's a command. Do just shut up. Just just call them Josh. Ah, more on more from Whitney Web. The fact that Cone, Per Rothstein's recollection, stated Now this is gonna confirm some earlier things that we said, like, How can you guys say that Senator McCarthy is gay without running a level? We'll tell you stated that the child sex blackmail ring was part of the government sponsored anti communist crusade suggests that elements of the government, including Hoover's FBI, may have been connected at a much broader level than Hoover's own personal involvement. As the FBI coordinated closely with F with McCarthy and Cohn for most of the Red Scare. It is also noting that among Hoover's many secret blackmail files was a sizable dossier on McCarthy, the contents of which strongly suggested that he himself was interested in underage girls, but also in in Boys as well. According to journalist and author David Talbot. Uh, Hoover's file on McCarthy was filled with disturbing stories about McCarthy's habit of drunkenly groping young girl's breasts and buttocks. The stories were so widespread that became common knowledge idea out of the it is unknown how long the sex sex ring at Plaza Hotel continued in, whether continued after cones, death from AIDS in 1986. Well, we have a little bit of him. It is worth noting that Donald Trump purchased the Plaza Hotel in 1988. It would later be reported and confirmed by then attendees that Trump used to host parties and suites at the Plaza Hotel when he owned it, where young women and girls were introduced to older, richer men and illegal drugs and young women were passed around and used Wow, Okay, I'm sure I'm sure based Donald Trump was, you know, just think about how he's gonna build the wall and not doing anything like this at all. Right, James? So no, Yeah, yeah. I wonder how many coats of paint sweet to 33 needed to rehab that. Then there's Iran Contra. Oh, sorry, sorry. I mean, go ahead. Then there's Iran Contra, which again is another rabbit hole you condone Talk about for hours, but just neatly summarised. You can say a lot of people think Iran Contra was just a couple of Reagan officials and their counterparts intelligence in the Jewish Mafia that were involved in funneling money to the Central American Contra Perelman paramilitary groups. Right? That's what most people think well belong in the short of it is, they were also trafficking minors for sexual exploitation and use in sexual blackmail rings. Because when you set up all these sexual blackmail rings all over the entire well white world, I suppose to entrap people and control the government. I mean, setting these things up is very expensive and time consuming, and you need a constant flow of, you know, people who are young. And so whether it's the Catholic Church or Central America or, you know, um, the fall of the Soviet Union and, you know, trafficking Eastern European women all over the world for this kind of stuff. I mean, it's just bad, like when you look into, ah, the human trafficking that goes on. I mean, a lot of it is it's women out of Eastern Europe. And where do you think these women have gone? All right. And it's like, you know, it's I don't want to go this far, but well, maybe I shouldn't say Well, but go ahead. Well, but I mean, there's there's good historical precedent. I think I know where you're going to go with that. But, ah, you know, thrown three of three, right? But now, um, there is historical precedent for this and four Eastern European women being taking his slaves into into Jewish schemes. Ah, when you look at the history of the European slave trade that was going on in the Ottoman Empire, the top slaveholders in the Ottoman Empire were Jews, and they would take almost exclusively women taken from Europe, many of the Eastern European but many of them, not many of them from Ireland, many Italians taken as sex slaves by wealthy Jews in the Ottoman Empire. That was the top form of slavery these people were engaged in. So if he lest you think this is a recent development or a new trick they've devised this has been a part of what they've been doing for millennia since In this case, since the 14 hundreds they've been involved in that they probably doing been doing it for Melania to, um if we think so. Uh, yeah, that's that's kind of where I was going, but yes, So this is this is something that people don't understand these air, these air paedo rings within Peter rings within Peter that go on that they have been going on for a long time. And And, um, you know, when you have m s 13 coming into a lot of these schools now to recruit prostitutes and everything else, it's just it's just another ah market. It's just another emerging market for for pulling this stuff in. And it's when you realize this is this is the structure within your country and this is what has been done. It's just it's mind boggling. And so, um and don't get me wrong. Like the people that want to stop Trump like the Clintons and everything else. It's just another. It's just another brand name that's out there. It's like Pepsi vs Coke. This is the end of the day. It's still the same awful brown bubbly liquid. I mean that you're going to get. And that's what they that's what they want to do, is to the end of Roy Cohn. And this is where we sort of tie a lot of these things together, as if they haven't already been tied together very well already. Um, and again, you know, ah, Whitney Web has has done some pretty amazing work on this stuff. So by the end of 1985 Cone was pale, frail and gaunt is right. It was a maze of red lines. His mind wandered often in his voice waiver to the point of a whisper. He could use one hand. He had to use one hand to stop the other from shaking. Man, this guy's a fuckin walking pile of shit. His physical diminishment ran parallel to his legal jeopardy, gutting him of the wherewithal to mount the kind of fight for which he had been so vaunted. Per, for this is the fall of Roy Cohn, the IRA. And then they're just like the fall of Jeffrey Epstein. The Ire s mobilized to seize the town house in his cottage in Green, which Greenwich, Connecticut, filing for $7 million in back taxes. The New York State Bar, um, came out and did three years of disbarment proceedings that culminated in accusations of dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation. Um, they wanted to, ah, get rid of his his ability to practice law and, of course, Donald Trump, along with New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, New York personality bobble Walters and attorney Alan Dershowitz is long, along with Conservative column columnist William Safire and William F. Buckley and others testified on Roy Cohn's behalf as a character witness. But he was disbarred anyway, but they all showed up in his trial to testify on his behalf. It's like, Well, what most people would just want to be would see this going on and be like, Yo, guy, I'm gonna stand clear of the blast radius. Well, this is going on like but no, they're right there in the room singing the praises of Roy Cohn in trying to tell the court, End the jury. What a great guy he is. What a real serious guy. Roy Cohn is Over here, you know all these parties that he's been thorough. It's like what would compel people to do that right? It's like huh? Unless they feared for themselves or those they were connected with Rex facing. Ah, yeah, You know, facing the wrath of Cone. If they did not, you can You can imagine there were calls being made and and even if there weren't calls being made, people knew what was going on here. People knew the leverage he had and knew this this had to be protected and they did not want to risk being destroyed themselves. I mean, just staying clear of the blast radius. Sort of ironic. You have to get get right up in there in the blast radius, unless you're gonna be really wiped out. If you've been common, if you've been compromised by one of these pedal rings, you have to dive on every fucking Jewish grenade that there is. And that's that's what they make you do. And so his conduct road cones conduct horny to the top appellate court in the state was unethical, unprofessional and partly represent particular up partly particularly reprehensible in public. Blah, blah, blah. He called those who had made the decision a bunch of cheap politicians, a bunch of yo yo's a bunch of nobody's, Cohn said he couldn't care less. Doesn't bother me in the least. But he cared a great deal. It bothered him a lot, he told his law partner, Thomas Bolan, and he cried. Thomas Boland, by the way, is connected with all these people to, UM, he knew what was coming. He wrote a will and tried to finish it, but fumbled pitifully with a bottle of pills. Cone asked one last favor of Trump. Could you please Donald, Give me a hotel room for my lover who was dying of AIDS. Now, of course, here part that I'm leaving out. He's dying of AIDS. Cone is dying of AIDS. His lover is dying of AIDS. Cone is telling everybody that he Scott liver cancer. Everybody's again. Okay, Fag. Sure. Um, a room was found in the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, four cones gay lover dying of AIDS. And then months went by and ah, Cone. Trump sent Cone the bill, and then another Cone refused to pay a cent. Donald, it's Donald's making cone pay for the It's like you know the favors. Can you get me a hotel room? You know, it's like for free or something income. Trump sends them the bill. It almost makes you want to just, you know, kind of like for a second sort of imbibe in the 2016. So but we all know we all know what the shot is. Well, that's that's so great. Cone going into his grave, following the advice he gave Donald, which is to never pay back your creditor. Yeah. Oh, yeah, absolutely. So a month later, Cone dies of AIDS. Um, presumably is friended to a crowd of some 400 people assembled for his memorial service, a town hall, Tom Bolin and other former mayors and burrow bigwigs. Business Bill businessman Bill Food Gezi. It's Verghese, Republican Senator Chick Hecht and Rupert Murdoch and Roger Stone and Trump. And they all remembered him. His loyal. Although Trump stood in the back of the room, he did tell a ah, writer Tim O'Brien In 2005 Roy was brutal. It was a very loyal guy. Keep brutalized for you. Jesus, right, So more dots to connect here, this is just buckle up. The best is yet to come. So, uh, Roy Cohn had a secretary named Christine Seymour. She worked in Cohn's office is a switchboard operator. Um, you know, unplugging and plugging in light switch brains that we're calling it a talk to Roy Cohn, um, connecting calls of people like Nancy Reagan, Gloria Vanderbilt mobsters, Gambino in fat, Tony Salerno. She listen in to all of them, Susan Bell cones, longtime secretary recalled recently, according to Seymour's notes Cones frequent calls to Nancy Reagan and former CIA director Bill Casey, who Roy called almost daily during Reagan's first election. Will it Now here's the important piece here. Who the fuck is Bill Casey? Why do I care? Well, Bill Casey, alongside Young Bill bagpipe and bar in the 19 seventies, stonewalled the Congressional Pike Committee in Church Committee, which were investigating the C I A. Beginning in the 1975. Among the things they were tasked with was investigating the CIA is love traps or sexual blackmail operations used to lure foreign diplomats and bug departments, complete with recording equipment in two way mirrors like like this one is a Bill Maher is doing. He's stonewalling these committees from trying to investigate these things in the 19 seventies as we find out about Roy Cohn and Lew Rosen Steel on all these. All this testimony was coming in the light at the very same time, and Bill Bar worked for the law firm that defended Jeffrey Epstein is hanging out with the Alan Dershowitz and all the same people. It's like one big cess pool, Donald Trump says. Drain the swamp, and he fills it up Even higher. Bar would later become George Bush's attorney general, rising to that POTUS yet again under Trump bars. Father and we talked about this before, worked for the precursor to the C I. A. The Office of Strategic Services, Theo SS. Now we didn't know about this. He recruited young Jeffrey Epstein, then a high school dropout, to teach it the elite Dalton School from which F scene was later fired. Now we did know about that. But what we didn't know is that when Epstein was fired from the Dalton School, Donald Bar published a well hold on. So he was hired into this. He was hired into the CIA after the Dalton School, so that that parts clear. But we didn't know this. A year prior to hiring Epstein, Donald Bar Jewish Donald Bar published a science fiction fantasy novel about sex slavery, notably the same year Donald Bar hired Epstein. His son was working for the CIA. A bill bar refused calls to recuse himself from the Epstein case, even though he worked the same law firm that represented Epstein the past. I mean, dude, it's just Yeah, yeah, I mean, what what really can you say about it other than like, if you think there's a connection and this is the funny thing people, people will have this conspiratorial urge and this feeling that all is not right with what they're being told. And there must be more to it, right? But they're they're directed into things like Can the Volcano Man, Bill Gates. So is fighting is in setting five G towers on fire, and instead it's It's like this and it's like, you know, I know people. They probably five G is cause it's like I what? I talk about this. No, you want to find something, really something that explains so much about the world around you. These are the connections that are real, that are legitimate, that are proven, and that makes sense. And you don't have to concoct some theory about like aluminum. That carries viruses. Being being sent through cam trails like this is all right here. Yeah, it's in history. It's all right, Shia. Right at you. But now listen to this. Everybody knows what What is one of the big critiques from the left against Reagan? Um, there are many of them, but one of them is eights, right that a breggen while woke blacks will say that Reagan created AIDS and all those other fucking shit, which is kind of another one of these dumb conspiracies. It's like another one of these things that they just they put out there. And they want people to, like, gobble up because it's just not really, but, you know, he was He was not He, you know, he would was known for not being a big fan of the aid stuff. But Reagan, whose influence over her husband was well known and someone we know now was always on the phone with Roy Cohn. Ah, it was largely his death from AIDS that led Nancy Reagan to quote, encouraged her husband to seek more funding for AIDS research. Prior to Cone's death, Nancy and her husband secured his spot in an exclusive experimental AIDS treatment program, despite the Reagan administration's well documented non response to the AIDS crisis of the air. But they respond when it's Roy Cohn, right? No, sure, as he's telling a little bit too close to home as he's telling everybody that it's fucking liver cancer. It's like Oakland Nancy, I got to tell you, I got out so it's so bad. After Cohn died in his law firm does dissolve. Now. This is where it gets spooked. A Seymour left the city and moved to Florida, where in hurl in the early nineties, she started writing a book called Surviving Roy. Cohn, which was based on the notes of the Eaves dropped calls. On the morning of May 5th, 1994 the New York Post ran a column with the headlines Savvy Chris Talking about Christine Seymour spills the beans on Roy Cohn, listing the secrets she would expose, for example, how a porno flick was filmed in the office and business was conducted while someone else was being whipped. How Senator Joe McCarthy hid the fact that he was, in fact, a homosexual. Chris taped the conversations, she wrote. She kept a log three spiral notebook a day of transactions. The column noted that Seymour monitored every call in or out new everything. Everyone knew where all the bodies were buried. The story ricocheted throughout the city, New York, and Cohn's former law partners and staffers received phone calls from several anxious clients worried that their secrets would be revealed. Well, they didn't have to worry because five months later, on October 20th 1994 Seymour was driving her blue two door You go, Oh God! On a highway in Florida at dusk when she collided head on with a tractor trailer and was instantly killed. She was 46 years old in the book was never published. So yeah, spooky same tractor that that traffic and was driving rolled over on himself. I wonder what's must event. Yeah. Seymour's collaborator on the book and author and literary agent named Jeffrey Schmidt, was at home on Long Island when he got the call from Seymour's mother, Adele, who lived in nearby Shoreham. As he recalled recently on hearing the news of Seymour's death, he panicked well, he was right to panic. He took the box of notebooks and burned them. All the tapes have disappeared as well. And I'm sure Jeffrey Smith got the low. Got to live. Yet all of it's gone. Totally gone. Um, so a couple of things, just some loose ends to tie up here. Cone made Trump sister a judge. Do you know that Maryanne Trump Barry who? If you Google her images just like just Donald Trump with a perm, Um, that really seriously served on federal Pierce Court for decades until stepping down. But you know who Cone convinced to make her a judge, Not just Ronald Reagan, but Bill Clinton. It's like, Wow, Like both sides, it's kind funny. Bipartisanship. Yeah, how bipartisan Roy Cohn got the White House to give her the judgeship, Seymour writes. Roy was out and the call came in to tell her she got it. I took the call and called her to tell her. 10 minutes later, Donald Trump calls and says, Thank you. So, yeah, last phone call was to Donald Trump. Um, apparently was the last one he spoke to on the phone. This is important because you'll see why Seymour noted that Trump could be two faced and described how he had once heard from an assistant that a lawyer working for Cone, wanted to leave his firm and immediately told Cohen about the treachery. Trump did things like that, always Roy's line on him. He pisses ice water. It appears that Trump was aware of her eavesdropping. Seamer claims that Trump told Cone that he was. She was listening to the calls. Seymour's jottings also suggests that she had eavesdropped on the call between Cohn and his doctor in 1984. Ah, when Cohn was told that he had been diagnosed with AIDS. A poignant note records that when he got the news, Coenen responded. Should I commit suicide now or later? Back in the good old pre prep days, right? Yeah, exactly. According to see more, Trump abandoned Cone when he found out Cohn was HIV positive. They were so close they talked at least several times a week. And as soon as he found out, he took all the cases away from Roy except for one, and got new lawyers. Now, when I first read this, I was immediately drawn to O know Donald Trump doesn't like thanks, that's why this is. But no, that's not why, because I think Trump believed that this that the whole blackmail shit was over because the idea that Trump has gone through this unscathed and that, you know, there's look, people have said that there's blackmail on Trump. We don't have proof or evidence of that. So I'm telling you right now, aside from everything else we've told you in this deep dive is's verifiable, like this is speculative. But just take it from this perspective. Do you think Trump became tight with Cone and got deeply involved with him and is showing up testifying on his behalf and doing all the shit, bending over backwards for code? No matter what, and then all of a sudden he finds out Cone is like dying of HIV, and then he's like, All right, okay, I'm done like it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But the Epstein stuff sort of is the continuation of all this and, you know, we don't know. We don't know who Trump knew in the 19 eighties, so it's kind of tough. Somebody else could have to do all that research, but it's it's kind of like, Well, that's That's why Trump abandoned Konitz, not cause he's like he has a problem with gays. It's like he just doesn't want to have. It's like this, these tired of this guy. He's tired of this guy constantly reminding him like You better do what I want or else bubble of Love it. Yeah, I don't really know what Trump's like. Pure motivations are, but it's from a very long time. He's been very file a Semitic, and I just don't care what the reason is anymore. It's like he hasn't he hasn't followed through on on any of the things that he's wanted to do. I mean, his whole life has. He's been deeply intertwined with this circle. So why why would we have any reason to believe you know otherwise? So, yeah, or that it was out of personal spite. I mean, it might have been out of self interest to He knew that, you know, his Roy's aids addled brain was not up to the task of doing the all the litigation defense against discrimination lawsuits and everything that Trump needed done. And I mean, there are plenty of explanations for it, but a dislike or hatred or disgust with the gay lifestyle that's not one of them. I mean, Trump had always been surrounded with gays. Trump is always friendly. It's not like Trump didn't know that he was gay before he got AIDS, Right? So it's like, OK, this this is gonna be the turning point The moment, right? That. Ah, that you believe the guy? Yeah. I don't think so. Yeah. So here's where we sort of close closed the loop on a lot of this stuff and there's so many things like left on undiscussed and a lot of questions that we don't know the answer to. But Jeffrey Epstein was recruited like we said after his firing from the Dalton School by Alan Greenberg, who is a close friend of Cone, and he went to go work for Bear Stearns. Um, this from Whitney Web after leaving Bear Stearns and working as a financial bounty hunter for clients that are said to have included the Iran Contra linked arms dealer Adnan Cokie like Okay, Wow, Jamal's dad. Yeah, right. Um, Epstein would come into contact with Leslie Wexner, billionaire close to the Meyer Lansky linked Bronfman family who himself was tied to members of organized crime syndicates once represented by Cone. The same year that Wexner would begin his decades long association with Epstein, another Cone friend with ties to the Reagan White House and the Trump family. Ron Louder. Who've we talked about? He's like Super Jew. This is like the super's Io Jew Ron Louder. He's the guy that owns earthy heir to the Estee. Louder, Um, Fortune would provide Epstein with an Austrian passport containing Epstein's picture but a false name. Louder. Wexner and the Bronfmans are members of an elite organization known as the mega group Mega, which also included other Meyer Lansky connected philanthropists like hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt. In addition, the role of the state of Israel, Mossad and several global pro Israel lobby organizations are all tied to this network of sexual blackmail operations. And Jeffrey Epstein. All of this has taken pay the place with the full knowledge and blessing of top figures in the world of philanthropy and the U. S. Government and intelligence communities with great influence over several presidential administrations, particularly since the rise of Ronald Reagan, including through Donald Trump. And I would argue going all the way back to Nixon and the kickoff was Theus assassination of JFK and LBJ, giving them giving Shalom a whatever the fuck he wants. And then things took off in very rapid succession. From there, I mean, going, you know, it's all connected. Everything. World War Two. Like all of this, the Holocaust narrative, like all this stuff, is all interwoven and all wrapped up. And you want to talk about what American culture is. This is what has made American culture is toxic. It is, is it is today and why it's so difficult to get untangled from this. I mean, the idea that some politicians gonna come and save us, that's gonna come in and swoop in, and all of a sudden buck this system, it's like everybody that rises up into this system is compromised in some way in these concentric pedophiles circles that continue to exist. I mean, the black rubber boats and all the things that went down to that island, and they had all the drone footage of people like clearing stuff up and just all that all that stuff all that work just disappearing. And Jeffrey Epstein's house on the island, James or anything away. Well, somebody inherited all that right. It's got didn't go to a landfill Yeah, it's It's been put back in service somewhere. The question is, by whom and and where. And so that's I mean, you see this evolution and this understanding this history, understanding who Trump has been linked to, who he's worked intimately with and and who has really closest confidants and allies have been throughout his entire history in New York and politics in business. It just totally blows up that idea that this was a radical departure from status quo, that this was a rejection. I mean, it was people voted for a rejection of status quo because that's what they thought Donald was. But he was not the outsider coming in from from far outside this system coming in to shake it up and destroy it. He was a just a behind the scenes player in this. He was not a not a political guy. Ah, but he was linked to those who were. He was linked and intimately related with these guys who were in the CIA A with the FBI, with all of their fixers. He was part of this network. And so he himself had not been a candidate before, Sure, but he was coming out of the same milieu as the people that were controlling those candidates controlling those politicians, and and so I mean, yeah, he looks to expect any departure or crushing of that system from him. We can look back now and see it was never in the cards. It was never going to happen. That's why I said at the very beginning, I mean the idea that the notion that Donald Trump was a political outsider, no, he's like the deepest, most strict definition of political insider that there could possibly be. These are the people that have controlled all of this. And Trump, you know, he's a wealthy, realistic. I mean, remember all the stories about Trump trying to get getting get in with people in the club in the fifties. He didn't drink. No, I fit in. How do I fit in with this stuff is so I find a lot of that stuff to be concocted by Trump himself in the art of the deal, the art of the steal from the art of the Shula Meal because that's what he really is. I mean, it really is the artificial meal he is, and so he you know that thing notion that he's this guy up from nothing like has to tell the story. They all tell this story because they all want you to think that they they were able to succeed against all odds against this system on. But they made it in America, and it's like, What is this? And who is involved? Because they slowly cleaned all this stuff up. This is why all politicians, pundits, they're all on message. They're all saying the same thing. Anybody who tries to come in, I mean, look what they did when we say the system has an immunity to subversion, look what they did. AOC. If even if that even if you believe that that was a real thing, I think that that was actually at a move that was authentic, that they managed to shut down because the authenticity comes from it being on and then being off just immediately wasn't something that got dialed back slowly brought down. And you have these thes active threats of prosecution against them. But that's what happens when the system, when some sort of foreign body comes in and tries to change the dynamic of the system that. Shut it down. Um, so, yeah, that's that's where we are. We'll leave it right there, but yeah. I mean, there there are a 1,000,000 different little areas that you could have gone down. We'll have to come back on Iran Contra sometime. We'll have to come back on the Cardinal Spellman stuff sometime because it's I saw that and I was just like, Oh, fuck. It just goes and goes and goes. And I wanted to tell sort of a concise story so that when this cone biopic comes out, um, I havent watch. I'm actually gonna commit to watch is like what? People know how it goes. It gives you an idea. So you have if you happen to see it. And, uh, you know, now you have the whole back story. Actually, no, I think so. Anyway, hope everybody enjoys the rest of their weekend. Very big need dive coming up on the midweek show with Borzoi James myself. It's gonna be huge. Hope you guys enjoy it. We'll see you guys later. You mean we have grown tired of your greed in the darkness Always creeping, moving on nations while we're sleeping? No, the kettle lithe well, by that time heating the ovens of all spits in restless dreams I want t o extreme stone, right? Six more poisoning young minds with way, Teoh like Cruz. Were you raised right on you The way to the volcano Goddess Way,